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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 28, 2019 1:07am-1:40am PDT

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now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn say noo ul, no
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you can hear the fear there. breaking news. you heard students running from high school football game after gunshots rang out. one girl was shot in the hand. >> it happened on valley view road. just arrived at the scene live with the latest. >> good evening. i just spoke with the police. they confirmed they are investigating a shootinimsne fe. we don't know the injuries. and a search for a suspect is under way. behind me is the across the street from the high school. it is blocked off as police investigate. now we know earlier there was a football game at the high school. the school appears to be clear
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now. we don't know if the victims we game. they were transported to the hospital again. we don't know what the injuries are. this also comes after a football game. cancelled due to an unknown threat. again they believe that there are only two victims. and a search for a suspect is ongoing. as you can see morning side drive is blocked off. police say it's an active scene. and will remain active for a few hours. avoid the area. we'll keep you updated online and on air. all right. thank you. also breaking a small plane crashed on highway 99 tonight. as bad as this tlooks the pilot a 59 year-old man.inor from santa cruz. crash the
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plane burst into flames. >> the federal aviation administration ordered inspections of more boeing planes because of structural cracks. the 737 next generation plane. these are not the max jets these are other planes. cracks were found in the pickle fork. attacking the body to the wing structure. as the max planes we main grounded after two deadly crashes. >> details on the whom died while sky diving. she was visiting from colombia. and a very experienced sky diver. yesterday she collided with a big rig on highway 99 and died at the scene. the sure why she went that far downwind. >> once you get your license. 25 jumps.
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the wind discretion is up to you. it was factor but it was her decision. >> in the last four years accident six people died in jumping that originated from that center. >> about to be caught by surprise. when they get to their cars. new parking restrictions are in effect. new toll way areas and increased fines for parking in residential areas. we saw cars getting towed tonight. parking fines for those with permits are now $225. we'll have more on the out come of the game. >> the preserve is closed to the public while the city makes sure the area is af after a big fire. when the wind caused a flare up. and back out again today from keeping from taking off again. the fire started after the two
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power poles were cut down. federal investigators say a two week examination of the burned out wreckage of the scuba diving boat hasn't revealed the cause of the fire. the investigation is far from over. 34 people died when the boat burst month. month. mon 150 bus rides cancelled in the past week. drivers aren't showed up for work because of a labor dispute. some drivers are tired of volunteering for over time and no longer doing so. >> new at eleven. arizona state university newspaper was first to report the resignation of the u.s. special envoy for ukraine. his name was mentioned in the histleblower complaint that is investigation. >> a rattled washington still reeling from the whistleblower complaint that is triggered an
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impeachment inquiry into president trump. >> the president engaged in serious acts of wrong going. >> issuing subpoenas on friday for secretary o of state as well as five officials ip colluding u.s. special envoy for ukraine. who confirms has just resigned. >> house democrats map out a potential path toward impeachment. >> this is a kor up. >> president trump spent the day with top aids. carving out a strategy for the upcoming battle. republicans coming to his defense. taking issue with the credibility. >> the fact he was not a witness to any of it. >> according to the transcripts the president urged the president to investigate his potential 2020 rival joe ben nop o igce officialot seat. facing tough questions from lawmakers on the handling of the complaint. >> this appears to be the first
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intelligence community whistleblower complaint that has ever been with held from congress. >> it is a fact as far as i'm concerned unprecedented. >> the whistleblower said several white house officials were disturbed by the call. raising their concern they witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain. the inspector general will meet with the house intelligence committee next friday. he was the one who conducted the preliminary information and determined the whistleblower complaint was credible. democrats leading the investigation will work throughout the two week recess to issue more subpoenas. and request documents and testimony. ide joe wife made a fund raising swing in san francisco. several people attended the event. >> we spoke to bay area residents undecided the majority
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who attened are leaning towards biden. hoping to hear more passion in the months to come. >> tag teaming biden in las vegas. his wife here in the bay area. >> media was not allowed to record inside. she showed up to hear her speak about how persistent can be and proposed to her five times. when it came to speaking ability the whistleblower complaint. that didn't happen. >> we're educating ourselves. it's more of a trump issue. >> in las vegas biden did address the complaint. that launched the impeachment inquiry. >> it will be decided the decision of the congress to make. >> voters of different ages who top choice is biden had ideas to make him a hot ticket. >> i would love to see joe
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biden. warren ticket. >> what does biden have to say or do to win your vote. >> a bit is passion. >> presidential hopefuls keep hit the bay area to win votes and get money. and hope california can open some space for them to have offices and kamala will open in oakland. we'll cover that. >> quality of life one of the focuses in building a better bay area. including good food. this month several well known san francisco restaurants announce they're closing their doors. we look at exactly why this is happening. >> after 26 years, the iconic sign coming down. it's just the latest san francisco restaurant to close its doors. >> pete's tavern. mission pie. the list goes on. >> another one.
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the owner of the indian restaurant chain announced after 15 years he's shutting down the original location. >> it was a combination. it was a perfect storm that hit us. >> the rise in food deliver are. companies like uber and door dash changed eating habits but restaurant profit. >> it will be giving up 25% of the prices. to the delivery company. >> san francisco chef closed two restaurants this year. he penned this essay saying customers want instagramable food delivered to their food. >> the association has been looking into the trend. based on numbers, wer 32closings.>>t' not delivery.
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that hurt restaurants. but rising rent cost and labor requirements for small businesses. >> the laws are good intentioned. but don't realize what a devastating impact it will have on neighborhoods. the restaurants actually add e vibrant si. >> recently a group of owners went to the supervisors about this issue and look at budget for small businesses and consider finding ways to subsidize the high costs for the businesses. >> we want to hear about some of your favorite memories. a lot of the viewers have shared stories. you can go to facebook. >> the biggest latin band in the world right here. that story coming excted annouef a lot of fans disappointed
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tonight. >> here's a look at what's coming up tonight after the news.
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no small flavors. no small potatoes. the lead singer of baya metallic hasone backo reb. says james has reentered a treatment program for an addiction. something he struggled on and off with for years. they are postponing the tour in australia and new zealand. >> they are grammy award winning chart topping and heart stopping. the south bay was taken over by a latin rock legends. live in san jose. outside the center and it was sold out tonight. >> yeah, good evening. it was a good show. everybody is hung are. you were mentioning they won multiple awards and sold 40
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million albums. to this crowd, they need to introduction. >> from the moment they hit the stage, they had the crowd on its feet. even outside they were already singing and dancing. even in our news room. also a big fan kept the dance party going. the mexican pop rock band has been around since 1986. and the fans are loyal and dedicated. >> this band is one of the most popular in mexico. just like td rolling stones. but the latin stones. >> we have seen them three times. we came out again. we have a good time. they get me going. >> i went to the first concert here. in 1992. i went with my husband and now bringing my son.
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>> the band has never shied away from politics. they urged their audience to vote for those who support the community. >> they stand for dreamers. which is something great for us. >> they will be playing again here tomorrow. you can bet many of the fans will be back and touring all over the u.s. for the year. >> thank you. looked like fun. >> people having a good time. >> if you think that was good. you should see her when the temperatures drop. >> no dance moves. >> friday night. >> okay. let's move on to the weather. ti essence. let's look at the time lapse from the cam. the marine layer just rushing back. it is deep tonight. close to 3,000 feet. which is why this morning it was
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drizzling and cooler this afternoon. as a matter of fact let's look at live doppler. we have quite a bit of cloud cover. everyone reporting clouds except for the travis air force base. that colloid cover will fill in towards morning. there is a cold system that dropped down from can canada producing snow showers and rain showers out there. it is heading down in our direction. that will drive the temperatures down even more. and kick up the winds tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s 60s. tomorrow it is going to be a very windy day. take a look at the winds. first thing in the morpg at 8:00 a.m. it will be gusty along the coastline. 25 miles per hour. winds will be increasing going into 2:00 p.m. close to 40 miles per hour. near the coastline. and even yowi need to pack on the layers. jacket or sweater. to keep you warm. live look from the exploratory.
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it's breezy outside. back towards san francisco. cloudy and cool patchy drizzle. below average tomorrow. isolated showers possible in the hills sunday. tonight we have a lot of cloud cover. tomorrow morning the clouds here get swept away. by the wind. look at happens in the mountains. they'll see snow showers tomorrow afternoon. heading south of there. if you were traveling, make sure you're prepared for winter driving conditions. above 6,000 feet we expect three to six inches. 12 for the high peeks. chill in the air mid-40s to 50s. it will be windy. for the afternoon cooler an average. 69 san mateo. 7-day forecast. cool and bluster the next couple days. crisp monday and then we'll turn
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things around go with a warmer pattern beginning tuesday. continuing right on through thursday. with mid-80s mid-60s. along the coast. >> no dance moving for me here. >> no cabbage patch. a floss. >> give the people what they want. friday night. >> larry is doing it for you. >> i try. >> listen to that. su this is the chevy silverado, with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? hop in. an chnologyh up t15wsenhanced vie prettswt. that'sool. where'd the trailer go? or, get a total value of ninety seven sixty on this silverado all star without optional tech package or enhanced invisible view.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. what a voice. that famous being sung by a woman down on her luck. this was shot inside a l.a.
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subway. >> a police officer just captivated by the performance took this video. and posted it online. and people say she's also a great violinist. >> she should be getting paid. >> wonderful. >> no singing here. >> thankfully. you want to dance? go for it. >> the only move is this to this and to the camera. the second year in a row. clenched a spot in the wild fixfinity internet and mobile, each for $30 a month. that equals awesome wifi from america's best internet provider and the best lte on the go.
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business in seattle because they're battling tampa bay to host the wild card. making a case for manager of the year. top seven. down 2-1 with a man on. going opposite field. 36th of the year. adding to the career high. bottom nine now. onto close it. tieing run on third two outs. just knocks it past. we're tied at three. moments later, crawford doubles to left. long races home. scoring the winning run. the a's still popping the champagne. they clench a wild card spot. they are tied with the rays for home field for wednesday. giants and dodgers. the award for most inspirational giant. steve kerr celebrating his 54th birthday watching his favorite team the dodgers. they came out on fire. bellinger bashes his 47th of the
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year. 10. very next pitch. seager taking out of the yard. a two run 5-0. he goes two innings. >> the bears are back in the national spotlight. ranked 15th in the nation. and trying to go 5-0 for the second time since 2007. cal taking on arizona state. douns 7-0 in the first. dropping a dime to clark. tieing it 579. just before the half, bad news for the bears. he's on the run. lands directly on the right shoulder. take a look. oh man. watch his teammate try to pat him on the shoulder. wants no part of it. he doesn't return. the third touch down gives arizona lead
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final chance. back up quarterback on fourth down. dwrab grabbed and that's it. bears lose. seeing their first loss of the year. >> after the big win in arkansas. san jose state trying to keep it going against air force. the opening kick off and marched down the field. parker with a touch down. spar tans have the lead. after that, all air force. they score 41 of the next 44 and win it. the sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. >> a's keeping the drama has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers
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why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an inst geim we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. it's friday night. time to go. >> thanks for joining us. anthony anderson.
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♪ ♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ shine every day and night [cheers and applause] ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever >> tamron: hi! hi, hello, welcome! hello, hello. ll sir. welcome to our house.
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[cheers and applause] have a we have a powerful show for you today. i mean, it is something. today, please. [laughter] i feel like i'm going to church. but the church say amen. today is all about mental health and masculinity. best-selling author and host of the number one nationally syndicated radio show, "the breakfast club," charlamagne tha god will be here with us. [applause] off air, he's on a mission to change the conversation around therapy, mental health men, for every man in your life, it's important for you to watch this conversation. in joining us, speaking of the conversation, is "cyber hall" be fr calor ka,and waa
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bc.s, omansas missri. hey, tam fam. here's a shocking story that caught my attention. kia role from orlando, florida, she, right there, was arrested. she was charged with battery because she kicked someone at school. kia is six years old. she was handcuffed, fingerprinted, and a mug shot taken. let me say this one more time. she is six years old. kia's grandmother, marilyn kirkland is in "cyber hall." ms. kirkland, than me. >> tamron: a i mentioned, kyle was arrested. who called you with this
1:38 am
information? >> one of the school representatives called me. they put me in touch with an officer turner. he was the one that told me i needed to go down to the juvenile center because kia had been arrested. >> she was at the juvenile center, not a phone call for you to go to the school to maybe take her home. she had already been transported from school to a detention center. >> yes. when i told them i wanted my granddaughter and i asked them to bring her to me, they told me she was doing the process of being fingerprinted. so i would have to wait. when they told me she was in the process of being fingerprinted, that's when everything hit me like a ton of bricks, i could not wrap my head around it. >> tamron: when they told you that she was there because she kicked somebody in school, obviously, we don't want anyone hit or bullied in school, did
1:39 am
you ask them, why not call me? why not let me come up there to bring her home and perhapswi th? [applause] >> the officer had called me and he told me, he said that she was charged with battery. i asked him, did the school tell you she has a medical conviction and she throws these tantrums when she is sleep deprived? he said to me, he also has the same medical condition and does not behave the way she does. so it wasn't even a discussion at that point as to whether or not i could deal with it or get her, but she wasnds being proce. >> tamron: when she saw you, whenever i've been in trouble, let me tell you, when i see my mom and i'm afraid, i burst into tears. it's like safety. when she saw you...
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>> when i got there, they said she was being fingerprinted and i burst into tears. at that point, several of the employees at the center began crying. when they brought her to me, she was shaking like a leaf. her eyes were red and all she kept telling me was "grandma, i was so afraid. i told them to call you. i told them to call you to come for me." she was repeating it over and over and she was really shaking like a leaf. >> tamron: my goodness. the officer involved in this, as i understand, has been taken off the job the scolou >> yes. >> tamron: but what about the school? have they apologized to you? what have they set about this? >> the school hasn't reached out
1:41 am
to me with any apology. i haven't even gotten an explanation from the school. >> tamron: is she in that school, are you removing her from that school? >> we will be. she's not, she's been home with me because she's been having nightmares. she even started wetting the bed, which she had not been doing prior to this. but the real reason i want to remove her from that school, kaia told me when the officer told her to turn around and he handcuffed her and told her he was taking her away, she turned around and asked the school staff, she begged him, can someone go with me please? i'm afraid to go. and nobody from the school went with her. i thought that was really, really terrible. >> tamron: i know you are speaking out because he don't want this to happen to any other child. by the numbers, in 2014, when arnie duncan, education secretary, he revealed that
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black students make up 18% of


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