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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the tropical storm threatening the gulf. the new system taking aim at the coast with heavy rain and coastal flooding. the state of emergency in new orleans, where the hard rock hotel collapsed under construction. concerns high winds could wreak even more havoc. overseas tonight, cease fire confusion in syria. reports of turkish forces attacking kurdish targets. thousands trying to escape the combat zone, as one of the president's closest allies calls the decision to withdraw u.s. forces a, quote, grave mistake. white house damage control. 24 hours after acting chief of staff mick mulvaney's stunning admission to a quid pro quo with ukraine, today the west wing trying to change the subject. but house speaker nancy pelosi calling it a confession.
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deadly plane crash. the passenger jet shooting off the runway. 42 people onboard, including a high school swim team. narco shootout. the massive gun battle between police and drug cartel suspects. authorities trying to capture the son of convicted drug lord el chapo. why police say they were forced to let him go. the new clue in the search for a kidnapped 3-year old girl taken on her birthday. this new surveillance showing her before she vanished and a possible witness. also tonight, duchess meghan's surprisingly candid admission, sharing her struggle about living in the public eye as a royal and a new mother. and floating into history. an out of this world milestone. nasa's first all-female spacewalk. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this friday night. i'm tom llamas. david is on assignment tonight. we begin with the tropical threat bearing down on the gulf coast at this hour.
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tropical storm nestor moving quickly now. winds picking up as it approaches the coast. a state of emergency in new orleans. officials concerned that winds could affect two damaged cranes at a hotel collapse site. victor oquendo starting us off in mexico beach, florida, where they're bracing for the storm. >> reporter: tonight, all eyes on tropical storm nestor, now barreling toward the gulf coast. >> a stronger tropical storm here hitting the area. >> reporter: this after category-5 hurricane michael struck the same part of the florida panhandle, making landfall in mexico beach just one year ago. this is what mexico beach looks like now. many here still struggling to get back on their feet. we met gale evans, living in this trailer after losing her home. do you feel safe in that with the storm coming? >> depends on the wind loads. if the wind is significant i'll have to leave. >> reporter: and in new orleans, where the hard rock hotel
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the,ears tt guinwinds there could cause two damaged cranes to collapse. >> the wind has always been a concern of ours, regardless of any tropical storm or not. >> reporter: officials planning to use explosives to bring down the cranes tomorrow. here in mexico beach, the damage and devastation from hurricane michael is still everywhere you look. now much of the florida panhandle bracing for nestor's landfall. with it, high winds, heavy rain and a possible life threatening storm surge. >> so many concerned about those in temporary housing. victor, thank you. meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all. he's in state college, p.a., tonight. and, rob, time out nestor for us, and there's two major factors you're worried about? >> reporter: the storm surge is going to be a big player. and the winds, now clocked at 60 miles per hour. most of the heavy weather, to the east of the center. you see how lopsided the
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satellite imagery is. 250 miles from panama city. moving quickly in that direction. and storm surge warnings, all the way down to clearwater beach. we expect landfall somewhere around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. somewhere near mexico beach. the impacts going far inland. and morphing to a tropical storm tomorrow, to georgia and the carolinas on sunday. the next 18 hours across much of florida, tom, will be rough. >> all right, we'll stay tracking that storm throughout the weekend. rob, thank you. we want to move on now to the crisis in syria, and questions about whether a five-day cease-fire is actually holding. president erdogan agreeing with mike pence to stop its assault on the kurds. by tuesday night, all kurdish forces are supposed to pull back from their positions in northern syria. but is that likely to happen? abc's james longman with the reality check in the region tonight. >> reporter: a cease-fire hanging in the balance tonight. while turkey says it's stopped its assault, kurdish forces claim some fighting continues. president trump today downplaying that report after a call with turkey's president. >> there was some sniper fire
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this morning. there was mortar fire this morning. that was eliminated quickly, and they're back to the full pause. >> reporter: but the kurds claims a hospital was targeted in this key border town. >> sometimes you have to go through some pain before you can get a good solution, but the kurds are very happy about it. >> reporter: but they're not happy about it. and tonight, everyone senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is saying, withdrawing u.s. forces from syria is a grave mistake. the u.s.-brokered deal forces the kurdish forces to pull out of their positions by tuesday. today the turkish president warning if not, they'll face a new and more determined offensive. the deal allows turkey to carve out a stretch of the border roughly 20 miles into syria. home to thousands of kurds. the kurds, longtime partners of the u.s., say they won't surrender their land, calling it ethnic cleansing. hundreds have been killed and hundreds of thousands uprooted. many flooding into refugee camps like this one in iraq. there's a lot of anger against the united states in this camp. just a few days ago these people
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were at home in syria. they only feel they're here because of america. this man escaped two days ago with his family, and on trump, he's clear. the man who leaves his supporters is a traitor. and he's only looking for his benefit." >> strong tensions there. james joins us now from northern iraq. james, the big question now, how likely is it that the cease-fire can hold? >> reporter: tom, more violence is certainly possible because the two sides don't have the same idea on where the kurds must withdraw to. kurdish forces believe it's a far more limited pullback, while the turks expect something far more broader. that's why we're learning the kurds want international observers to help police it. >> james longman with that new reporting. james, thank you. now to the deadly plane crash in alaska. only the second death in a crash on a u.s. carrier in a decade. the plane overshooting the runway, coming to a stop just short of the bay. 42 people were onboard,
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including a high school swim team. two people were critically injured and one of the injured has now died. here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, investigators scrambling to the scene to determine why this alaska airlines plane flying from anchorage crashed upon landing at a rural airport in unalaska. the twin turbo prop running off the runway at roughly 5:40 p.m., stopping just short of plunging into icy waters of the aleutian islands. authorities confirming 38-year-old david allen ottoman was killed. ten other passengers injured, one critically. you can see the front of the plane hanging over the rocks. 39 passengers and three crew in total onboard, including a high school swim team. they remain on the island and are shaken up but safe. tom, the ntsb will be investigating. a variety of factors, including we thinker and pilot error,
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including a tail wind. tom? >> thank you. and new messages between boeing test pilots suggest the company may have been aware of problems with its 737 max jets before two fatal crashes. the company has turned those text messages over to the department of transportation. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: those newly revealed messages between boeing 737 max test pilots shows that even they were surprised at how the automated system dramatically took control of the aircraft. it's running rampant in the sim on me, one pilot referencing the flight simulator. the plane is trimming itself like crazy. the 2016 messages sent two years before the flight control system called mcas was linked to crashes in indonesia and ethiopia, killing 346 people. >> the test pilot seemed to indicate that they thought that the simulator was causing a problem in activating this mcas system when it shouldn't have been. in reality, it was the airplane that was doing it. >> reporter: tonight, the faa administrator is demanding an immediate explanation from the
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ceo of boeing. the company only alerted the department of transportation just last night. boeing says their ceo has called the faa. he is scheduled to testify on capitol hill later this month where he'll certainly face questions about all of this. tom? >> al ex thank you. on to washington and the white house on the offensive tonig tonight, undercutting the president's chief defense that there was no quid pro quo. mick mulvaney acknowledging that military aid to ukraine was linked in part to investigation of democrats. mulvaney then tried to take it back. house speaker nancy pelosi today calling it a confession. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: it may have been the defining moment of the impeachment inquiry, but when the president was asked today about his acting chief of staff's blunt admission of a quid pro quo, he quickly changed the subject. m psideey sd yesterday? >> i think he clarified it.
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and i do have to say this -- we yesterday had a tremendous day in texas. we opened a louis vuitton plant. >> reporter: acting chief of staff mick mulvaney is now denying that he said the president withheld military aid from ukraine in part to pressure them to investigate democrats. but he did say that, and he said it on live tv. >> did he also mention to me in the past that the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely, no question about that. >> reporter: so the demand for an investigation into the democrats was part of the reason that he ordered to withhold funding to ukraine. >> the -- the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation. and that is absolutely appropriate. >> reporter: withholding the funding? >> yeah. which -- which ultimately then flowed. >> reporter: but to be clear, what you described is a quid pro quo. it is, funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happens as well.
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>> we do -- we do that -- we do that all the time with foreign policy. >> reporter: today nancy pelosi was blunt -- what he said was, of course, a confession. house republican leader kevin mccarthy, however, said he accepts mulvaney's denial of his own words. >> i take mick mulvaney at his word for clarification. >> jonathan karl joins us now from the white house. jon, house leader kevin mccar think there defending mulvaney's walk-back. but today, a different comment from another republican congressman. >> reporter: congressman francis rooney, a republican from the state of florida said he was shocked by mulvaney's comments and skeptical of his attempts to take them back. saying, it's not an etch-a-sketch. and he also said he does not rule out supporting the impeachment inquiry. >> jonathan karl for us tonight. jon, thank you. and now to the deadly gun battle in mexico over an attempt to arrest the son of el chapo,
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turned streets into a war zone. vehicles set on fire to keep the authorities out. the police eventually letting el chapo's son go. and tonight, mexico's president is defending that decision. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: this is the deadly and chaotic gun battle erupting in the mexican city of culiacan after the mexican government says the national guard and army attempted to arrest el chapo's son, ovidio guzman lopez. authorities say a heavily armed drug cartel ambushed the military and police. spraying them with bullets. this journalist filming as deafening gunfire rings out around him, taking cover behind his news van. masked gunmen paralyzing the city, lighting cars on fire to keep police back. women and children running for cover. the situation so out of control, authorities retreated and suspended the operation. at least eight killed. nearly two dozen wounded. guzman's father el chapo is serving life in prison in the
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u.s. for a number of criminal charges. tonight, mexico's president is defending the decision to call off the raid, saying too many innocent people were at risk. tom? >> stephanie ramos for us. stephanie, thank you. back here in the states, new developments in the desperate search for a little girl who vanished during a birthday party in alabama. she disappeared saturday night. police have released new surveillance video, asking for help in identifying a possible witness. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: the surveillance video birmingham police are sharing tonight shows the kidnapping in progress last saturday evening. 3-year-old kamille mckinney is seen with another child at the playground outside a birthday party, when a man walks by. look again, this is the man police need to find tonight. >> i'll do anything to have my baby back. >> reporter: authorities underline that he is not at all a suspect, but instead a possible witness to this. a second man, who is a suspect,
5:44 pm
and leads the children away. one child made it home that night. the other, who her family calls cupcake, is still missing. >> we want to see if he has additional information, if he has something more for us. >> reporter: surveillance video recorded this blue suv speeding away, and it led police to these two people, who were questioned and have not been accused in the child's disappearance. both were arrested on unrelated charges. for 39-year-old patrick stallworth, those charges are child pornography. authorities are planning a to hold a search over the weekend and are asking tonight for volunteers. tom? >> steve osunsami with that new surveillance video. steve, thank you. we want to turn now to politics and a stunning attack from hillary clinton. saying she thinks the russians have got their eye on somebody currently in the democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate. mentioning no names, but her team making it clear she was talking about congressman tulsi
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gabbard. gabbard fired back on twitter, calling clinton the queen of war-mongers and the embodiment of corruption. and at a charity dinner last night former defense secretary james mattis having some fun, saying he's not offended after the president called him the world's most overrated general. >> i'm honored to be considered that by donald trump, because he also called meryl streep an overrated actress. so i guess i'm the meryl streep of generals. [ laughter ] and you have to admit, between me and meryl, at least we've had some victories. >> mattis resigned in december as the defense secretary over the president's plan to withdraw troops from syria. still ahead on "world news tonight" this friday, the disturbing video. a man seen dropping a body into a dumpster. police looking for the suspect. tossing the body of a woman stuffed into a suitcase. duchess meghan's candid admission, sharing her struggle about living in the public e as a royal and a new mother.
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and nasa's first all-female spacewalk. the two astronauts floating into history with america watching. stay with us. history with america watching. stay with us.
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that's financial wellness. talk to a financial advisor or start your plan now at prudential. back now with duchess meghan's back now with duchess meghan's life as a new royal and a new mother.mother her struggle living constantly in the public eye, she says it's taken a toll. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, the duchess of sussex in a candid and emotional interview, telling tom bradby of britain's itv that life in the glaring spotlight has not been easy for her. >> you add this on top of just trying to be a new mom or trying to be a newlywed and it's -- yeah, well, i guess and also thank you for asking for because not many people will have asked if i'm okay. but it's -- it's a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. >> and the answer is, would it be fair to say, not really okay? as in, it's really been a struggle? >> yes. >> reporter: her husband, prince
5:49 pm
harry, also speaking candidly about the painful memories surrounding his mother, princess diana, who the paparazzi relentlessly pursued. >> every single time i see a camera, every single time i hear a click, every single time i see a flash, it takes me straight back. it's the worst reminder of her life as opposed to the best. >> reporter: tom, harry and meghan were in africa shining a light on causes that are important to them, doing what the prince describes as continuing the work his mother started 22 years ago. tom? >> gio benitez from london tonight. gio, thank you. and the special "harry and meghan, an african journey" airs on wednesday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. when we come back, the major headline about zantac. and what happened when lady gaga got back up after falling off the stage? stay with us. and what happened when lady gaga got back up after falling off the stage? stay with us.
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drug. >>and lady gaga bouncing back. she was dancing with a fan during her concert in las vegas when they both fell off the stage. you see it right there. lady gaga getting right back up, consoling the fan. when we come back, the two american astronauts spacewalking into history. it's "america strong". and here's what's coming up tonight on a special "20/20." >> dorothy stratten. beautiful. >> the sexy girl next door sought after by every man in the world. and then bang. >> the death of a playmate. "20/20," tonight on abc. ten. >> sought after by every man in the world. and then bang. >> the death of a playmate. "20/20," tonight on abc. (woman) data scientists. we keep companies ready for what's next. we do things like protect their data. (woman) with security built right into their business. we virtualize their operations with software-based
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finall finally tonight, one giant leap for two nasa astronauts. the first all-female spacewalk. and possible future astronauts watching from back here on earth. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, one giant leap for women in space. >> hello, united states. >> reporter: astronauts jessica meir and christina koch venturing outside the international space station and into history. the first all-female spacewalk. >> oh, wow, the baja peninsula. >> nice. >> wow. >> wow. >> reporter: meir and koch spending more than seven hours working in outer space, replacing a controller that helps distribute power to the space station's batteries. the milestone was supposed to happen in march, but nasa only had one suit configured for a spacewalk that was the right size. >> this is president donald trump.
5:58 pm
do you hear me? >> reporter: the president calling to congratulate. >> you're very brave, brilliant women. >> reporter: meir today recognizing her place in history. >> there has been a long line of female scientists, explorers, engineers, and astronauts, and we have followed in their footsteps to get us where we are today. >> reporter: back on earth, the girls in this classroom were watching in awe. >> it's really cool seeing someone with the same gender as me being out there in space and, like, doing something so great. >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> so great is right. thanks so much for watching tonight. i'm tom llamas. "gma" first thing in the morning. and i'll see you right back here as always on sunday. good night. ack here on sunday. good night.
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a power pole is at the center of some serious problems. the hazards residents say are being created by wildlife and the demands they're making. >>nels aut a by fodarerod ithe noirth bay. what we learned from investigators. it was a massive quake. how the ridgecrest earthquake from july might have woken up a sleeping giant. increased vegetation management, all these things, will help. >> pg&e gets called on the carpet for last week's power shutoffs as top executives try to explain what happened and why we should plan on more planned shutoffs. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. they demanded top officials answer questions at an emergency hearing this afternoon about last week's historic blackouts. >> dan noyes was there and joins us live tonight with the latest.
6:00 pm
dan? >> reporter: dan and kristen, pg&e got an earful from the pec members and the public. the hearing wrapped up here just about a half hour ago. now, these are the top officials. many of them have just arrived, just been on the job a few months. but the puc wants answers about last month's blackouts that affect 700,000 customers. the commission president has the strongest words for pg&e, other commissioners taking her lead. >> i'm hearing we're gonna, we're planning, we're going to have a playbook by the end of the year. this isn't hard. this is not hard. you've been in the business 41 years. you guys failed on so many levels on pretty simple stuff. >> seeing a path to getting to the point where these widespread events are not necessary is, i think, where we all need to be. so how are we going to get there? >> probably a ten-year


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