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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 19, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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finally something more powerful than the funk. tide s remov even week-old sweat odor. it's got to be tide good mor good morning, america. as we come on the air that dangerous storm nestor moving into the florida panhandle. severe weather overnight. possible tornadoes. one overturning this rv. pounding rain and whipping winds and surging surf. florida and the southeast bracing for the worst. we're on the ground asestor takes aim at the gulf coast. tension in syria. families fleeing for their lives. the injured rushed to hospitals. a humanitarian crisis in the making after a flare-up with kurdish forces. >> sometimes you have to go through some pain before you can get a good solution but the kurds are very happy about it. >> will the cease-fire hold? desperate search.
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a possible new clue in the search for a missing 3-year-old. the release of this surveillance video. officials says it shows the suspected kidnapper and a key witness they're trying to track down. heroic coach. the video you have to see. the dramatic moments as a coach disarms a student taking his shotgun. the two embracing. >> the longest fraction of a second of my life. >> see what happens next. duchesses speaking out. kate giving her first tv news interview since joining the royal family sharing the importance of her latest trip with prince william as meghan makes headlines of her own. how she's opening up about the emotional struggle of dealing with intense public and media scrutiny. good morning, and let's get straight to the breaking news, the dangerous storm, nestor, moving into the florida
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panhandle this morning. >> the effects of the storm being felt already across the region. hundreds of miles away from the center of the storm, look at this video, a driver seeing flying debris and in tampa in the surrounding area a suspected tornado flipping an rv. >> here's a look at the radar now. nestor expected to tear through the panhandle this morning before moving right through the southeastern u.s. with high winds and heavy rain. we have team coverage. rob marciano is tracking the storm but first let's go to abc's victor oquendo who is in the thick of it in panama city beach, victor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the rain has not stopped coming down here in panama city beach. take a look at what the wind is doing to the suffrf. waves are crashing into the shore as tropical storm nestor barrels down. nestor barrelling into florida. several tornados sending debris
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through the area. this church was flattened, exposing the pews inside. the strong winds flipping over the semi truck and knocking over power lines. this rv, tossed on its side. the storm whipping up gusty winds and dangerous storm surge. streets flooded in the panhandle, water reaching these businesses. coming one year after category 5 hurricane michael struck the same part of the florida panhandle making landfall in mexico beach. this is what mexico beach looks like now as many are still struggling to recover from the devastation. we spoke with gale evans living in this trailer after losing her home. do you feel safe in that with the storm coming? >> depends on the wind loads. if the wind is significant i'll have to leave. >> reporter: while nestor may be hundreds of miles away, new orleans isn't taking any chances. fearing strongs winds, officials are set to demolish two cranes today at the site of last week's
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deadly collapse at the hard rock cafe. we're bracing for these conditions throughout the day as nestor continues pushing inland and dropping a lot more rain. dan. >> a lott more to come, victor, thank you very much. let's dig in on the exact track of the storm. rob, of course, is covering that angle in state college, pennsylvania, this morning. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. such a huge area of the southeast impacted by nestor. it's a mess down there. this late in the season storms can get hybrid-like. that's what we've seen with this. the center is still 70 miles southwest of apalachicola but most of the heavy weather is lopsided to the east side of this. that's where we've had most of the action overnight and will continue to have and where we have the most wind shear so tornado watches in effect. several reports of tornadoes this morning and this is in effect until at least noon, in through gainesville, may be extended northward. this area very susceptible to storm surge so warnings are posted. three to five feet anywhere from apalachicola, cedar key and tampa bay as you have that southwest fetch as surge continues.
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the forecast track, landfall later on today whatever is left and turning into an extra tropical storm as it goes through georgia and the carolinas tomorrow and then eventually out to sea but impacts much of the east coast throughout the rest of the weekend. we'll talk more about that in detail in just a few minutes. guys, back up to you. >> thank you. now to the crisis in syria. the question at this hour, will turkey's tenuous pause in its offensive hold? james longman is in northern iraq with the very latest on that cease-fire and the growing humanitarian crisis at the border there. james, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. yeah, donald trump has been touting his success but we've seen images of men, women and children injured in kurdish areas. kurdish forces are saying turkey has not stopped their attacks. turkey says the fighting in northern syria has stopped. these kurdish civilians tell a different story. president trump downplaying
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reports of violence after speaking with turkey's president. >> there was some sniper fire this morning. there was mortar fire this morning that was eliminated quickly and they're back to the full pause. sometimes you have to go through some pain before you can get a good solution. the kurds are very happy about it. >> reporter: there's no evidence of that. the majority leader is saying withdrawing troops is a grave mistake. the u.s./turkey brokered deal orders kurdish forces to pull out by tuesday. [ speaking foreign language ] the turkish president warning if not they'll face a new and more determined offensive. the deal gives turkey a stretch of the border roughly 20 miles into syria, home to thousands of kurds but the kurds longtime allies of the u.s. say they won't surrender their land calling it ethnic cleansing. hundreds have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. there's a lot of anger against the united states in this camp. just a few days ago these people were at home in syria. they only feel they're here because of america.
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this man and his family escaped three days ago and on trump he's clear. [ speaking foreign language ] "the man who leaves his supporters is a traitor." well, the u.s./turkish brokered deal gives turkey the right to monitor its own safe zone but the kurds say that's not good enough. they want international observers in northern syria to keep the peace. eva. >> james longman in iraq. the impeachment showdown as the trump campaign doubles down on mick mulvaney's comments from his press conference. david wright is at the white house with the story. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, eva. this morning the white house is regrouping after a difficult week on multiple fronts. there was blistering criticism this week over the president's syria policy, controversy over the decision to host next year's g7 summit at the president's own golf resort and finally damage control after the acting chief of staff seemed to confess that there was a quid pro quo with
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ukraine. that's the new t-shirt being sold by the trump campaign featuring the president's pompadour right there over the "o." it's a phrase that stood out in acting chief of staff mick mulvaney's press briefing this week in which mulvaney for the first time acknowledged the administration withheld military aid to ukraine in part to pressure them to investigate corruption. >> you just described is a quid pro quo. it is funding will not flow unless the investigation until the democratic server happens as well. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. and i have news for everybody. get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> reporter: mulvaney has since tried to walk his comments back insisting there was no quid pro quo over investigating joe biden and that he never meant to suggest otheise. abc news has learned that the u.s. ambassador to the eu was
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asked about mulvaney's comments during his nine-hour testimony thursday to impeachment investigators. sources say ambassador gordon s arrangement mulvaney described, if it's indeed accurate, would be improper. on friday, president trump himself was asked about it. he hastily changed the subject. >> mr. president, do you want to clarify what mick mulvaney said yesterday? was he -- >> i think he clarified it. and i do have to say this, we, yesterday, had a tremendous day in texas. we opened a louis vuitton plant. one of the great brands of the world. >> reporter: trump immediately went on to talk about his ribbon cutting at a louis vuitton factory in texas but the democrats are not over it when it comes to mulvaney's initial comments. house speaker nancy pelosi told cnn she considered it to be a confession and said she saw it as an example of the trump white house trying to make lawlessness normal and even make lawlessness
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a virtue. the white house or the mulvaney comments have certainly added fuel to the fire as far as democrats are concerned. both the white house counsel and the department of justice have distanced themselves from mulvaney's initial remarks and the president not in a hurry to clarify them, eva. >> mulvaney's comments about ukraine came as he was defending the decision to hold next summer's g7 at the president's own golf course. the house is now taking action on that. >> reporter: that's right. house democrats now plan to hold hearings on that whether it might violate the emoluments clause, the prohibition against the president profiting from his office. they're also likely to hold a vote condemning the move but that resolution would likely be nonbinding, eva. >> david wright for us at the white house. over to you, dan. >> thank you, david, thank you, eva. one more political note. tulsi gabbard firing back after hillary clinton seemed to call the congresswoman from hawaii a favorite of the russians. clinton naming no names but
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saying she thinks the russians have got their eyes on somebody currently in the democratic primary and grooming her to be a third party candidate. clinton's team making it clear later she was talking about congresswoman gabbard. gabbard called clinton, i'm quoting, the queen of warmongers and the embodiment of corruption. turning now to boeing facing a new investigation. the jetmaker's ceo agreeing to testify after concern about the 737 max. abc's stephanie ramos is joining us now with the details. >> the faa is demanding answers from boeing after they waited months to disclose internal messages between test pilots who were working in the 737 max flight simulator. in these messages the pilots seem alarmed and indicated there were problems with the flight control system known as the mcas. two years later that same system
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was linked to two 737 max crashes in indonesia and ethiopia. since then it's been grounded but most messages were sent during 2016 during the certification process for the 737 max. boeing hasn't explained why it waited months before turning over the document to the faa. >> stephanie, lawmakers have a lot of questions about those messages and the timing of when they are released. now boeing's ceo expected to testify on capitol hill. >> absolutely. the faa is demanding an immediate explanation from the ceo of boeing. he is expected to testify on capitol hill in less than two weeks to answer questions about these messages. boeing says mullenburg called to respond to the concerns raised and told the administrator that they are taking every step possible to safely return the max to service. >> all right, stephanie ramos, thank you. >> thanks. in california two men returning from a dive trip had to be rescued off the coast of newport beach after their boat went up in flames.
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the men say they smelled smoke and then within minutes the boat was engulfed in flames. the divers grabbed their cell phones and wallets and abandoned ship on a dinghy until they were rescued. the charred remains towed ashore. the owner joking the boat was named uno mas, which means one more which is no mas. a jury has found an indiana woman accused of hitting and killing three three while they were boarding their school bus guilty. alyssa shepherd killed olivia stall and her twin 6-year-old brothers mason and xavier while they were crossing the street towards their bus in october of 2018. a third child was also hit and injured. shepherd faces up to 21 1/2 years in prison. breaking brexit news from the uk. is a wrench being thrown into a possible deal for the brits to pull out of the european union? abc's julia macfarlane is right outside parliament in london with the latest. julia, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
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parliament is sitting today. the first saturday of work for lawmakers since britain was in a state of war. such is the gravity of today's business in the house of commons. prime minister boris johnson's first three months of leadership have been far from smooth but he landed an important victory when he persuaded the eu to renegotiate that brexit deal. something his critics said he was unlikely to achieve. now as lawmakers prepare to vote on that deal it could be his biggest moment yet. after suffering acute losses in parliament and a slap down from the supreme court ruling that the suspension of parliament was unlawful, if the vote is blocked johnson could find himself in that nightmare scenario he has dreaded, which is to delay brexit a third time asking the eu for another extension. if, however, his deal does pass, it will pave the way for the uk to finally depart the eu on that halloween deadline, a remarkable achievement in this most divided
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of parliaments putting johnson in a formidable position ahead of a general election that everyone expects very soon. whit. >> and the entire world watching those developments closely. thank you. now to a new development in the case of a missing alabama girl. police releasing video taken moments before she disappeared. abc's kaylee hartung joins us with details. kaylee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. this video is chilling to see. just on the edge of the frame of a surveillance camera you'll see kamille mckinley and a friend running around a playground as children do. then a kidnapping in progress. for the first time authorities releasing surveillance video showing the moment before 3-year-old kamille mckinley was kidnapped in birmingham last weekend. police say she and another child are seen playing. as a man approaches and walks away. >> we want to see if he has additional information. >> reporter: police believe that witness who is not considered a suspect may hold key information
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about this second man who police believe is the kidnapper. seen here leading the children away. kamille hasn't been seen since. >> to have a child of tender age, 3 years old that's been missing a week. if someone has her, are they taking care of her? >> reporter: a surveillance image released days ago showing this blue suv speeding away led police to take two people into custody. they are being held on unrelated charges. for 39-year-old patrick stallworth, those charges are child pornography. kamille known as cupcake was attending a birthday party in a public housing community. >> i want to beg and i'll do anything to have my baby back. >> reporter: last seen wearing a pink t-shirt with leopard print minnie mouse design. leopard print shorts and white and blue hair bows. she's believed to be in extreme danger. >> if you can hear me, we need your help. we really want to see this child back safely. >> reporter: police are asking for the community's help and
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need to identify that key witness and they need volunteers. they're doing a grid search of an area in birmingham where they believe at least one of those men freak wnquenfrequents. two children on that video. well, that was the last time that kamille was seen. the other little girl is home safe. >> horrifying situation. thank you very much. let's switch gears and turn to weather. rob marciano, he joins us from state college, pennsylvania, having all the fun out there this morning. hey, rob. >> good morning, again, eva. we continue our tour with espn's "college gameday." let update you with what's going on with nestor. the center of this thing, still about 60, 70 miles off the coastline. all the heavy weather. bright reds in the satellite imagery showing tampa, ft. myers, orlando getting crushed with the heavy rain. we have tropical storm warnings for impacts from walton county line through panama city, apalachicola and storm surge
7:18 am
warnings all the way down into the tampa bay area. georgia, atlanta, getting heavier rain. severe storms on the eastern flank so all of florida and the coastlines of georgia and the carolinas could see some tornadoes spin up as well and during the day tomorrow gets up into virginia and the delmarva, even as it gets off the coastline, maybe skimming parts of the northeast coastlines of new jersey, long island and parts of massachusetts as well. rainfall could be heavy, two to three to four to five inches. don't expect a lot of inland flooding. some rain across the southeast would be welcome. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. check out the view from the sutro tower camera. gorgeous out there with the clouds. we have a weak frontal band pushing through the bay area today increasing clouds. the possibility of a few rain drops, the winds pick up. sunday, though, sunny, slalt
7:19 am
warmer, a lot warmer next week. 70 in fremont. look for low 70s in the north bay. palo alto upper 60s to near 70. and the accuweather seven-day forecast slightlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy >> nestor certainly bringing some dangerous weather to the southeast but thankfully nothing like what was a year ago nearly today, hurricane michael coming into that area so we are certainly happy about that. we are happy to be in happy valley where temperatures are right around the freezing mark. you can probably see my breath. you might be hearing the kids about 200 yards from us. we're going into that mishegas, so we'll see you and hopefully hear you. >> rob, i love you and i would never correct you on anything meteorological. it's mishegas from somebody who had a bar mitzvah. my yiddish game is tight. >> send me the spelling on that. >> i love it. i never thought i'd be speaking yiddish.
7:20 am
robert, love you so much. thank you very much. we'll have much more with him and all the folks, fans in happy valley soon. rob was covering, of course, what's happening here on earth. janai is here with a historic moment in space. >> space and astronauts this morning. two nasa astronauts took one giant leap for women in space. jessica meir and christina koch became the first all female space team to take a walk and spent 7 hours and 17 minutes in outer space replacing a controller that helps distribute power to the space station's batteries. and the importance of this moment, not lost on those female astronauts. >> there's been a long line of female scientists, explorers, engineers, and astronauts. we have followed in their footsteps to get us where we are today. >> i want to congratulate of you.
7:21 am
you're both brave, brilliant women and you represent this country so well and our country is very proud of you. >> you see there president trump called to congratulate the astronauts when they were back on the international space station calling them brave and brilliant and we'll call this one of the herstory books. >> i keep saying #herstory. >> they got suits that fit. part of the delay. >> i hope they're getting equal pay. >> you and me both. >> and all the women in america, right? >> yes. coming up, the video you have to see this morning. a hero coach disarming a student who brought a shotgun to school is caught on camera. plus the wild shootout. police trying to catch the son of a notorious criminal. why they called off their mission. two duchesses opening up in new interviews. what kate and meghan are opening up about. "good morning america" is sponsored by subaru. love, it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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7:28 am
today at 11:00 a.m. they march from there to lake merritt for a rally. they say kaiser has been avoiding hierpg mental health works resulting in longer wait times for those needing care. and to lisa. from the roof camera, the clouds march in from the north. as a result cool in parts of the south and east bay where we've been clear. mid-40s. 60 in san francisco. the east bay hills camera. mostly cloudy sky today. as a weak front pushes threw maybe giving drizzle and mist breezy winds, 60s coast low 70s inland. >> thanks, lisa. thanks for joining us. the news continues now with good morning america.
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start spreading the news. i wish i could sing that but you don't want me to do that. the new york yankees -- >> i didn't want whit to either. >> it wasn't me. >> the purpose of this is we're celebrating the yankees are still alive after their do or die win against the houston astros in game five of the american league championship series friday night. one loss away from elimination. they took an early lead with d.j. lemahieu and aaron hicks hitting two first inning home runs. yankees winning 4-1. astros leading 3-2. game six is tonight in houston. >> got to win on the road. >> they do.
7:31 am
that's going to be tricky. >> or if you're an astros fan, lose. >> i'm sure there's tons of people in houston are like, what, we're cheering for houston. >> exactly. >> you want my analysis? >> no, we don't. >> let's move along. we turn to the other stories we're following this morning. happening right now, nestor, very dangerous storm taking aim at the gulf coast. the storm making its move into florida with several reported tornadoes overnight. one overturning this rv. the storm is expected to bring pounding rain, gusty winds and dangerous storm surge for parts of the southeast. and drone delivery. google's wing aviation has begun delivering packages for walgreens and fedex in a small virginia town. the service is now in the test phase with the hopes of then getting faa approval to expand. for now the small packages are being delivered to homes within a 12-mile radius. >> yeah, so how small do the packages have to be? you can't be dropping bags of kitty litter. >> a couch. >> a couch would definitely be out. maybe kitty litter. we do want to transition. we've got incredible new video
7:32 am
of a hero coach disarming a student with a shotgun. marci gonzalez is in los angeles with more about how this all played out. marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. whit, you talked to that coach shortly after that close call at parkrose high school but now we're seeing, not only the courage in his reaction but his compassion. this morning new video shows the tense moments a portland high school football coach disarmed a student roaming the campus with a loaded shotgun. the powerful surveillance footage obtained by abc's station k2 shows coach keanon lowe tossing the gun's slip into the hallway and walking out of the classroom one hand on the gun, the other on the student. lowe handing that shotgun off and hugging the 18-year-old. you see him talking with angel granados-diaz he slowly backs them away and students running out, rowe holding
7:33 am
grandnados-diaz until police closed in. >> i need a rifle operator to start heading towards parkrose. >> once we heard there was a gun everybody started panicking more, people crying and shaking. >> reporter: following this shooting scare in may, police and students praised lowe as a hero. >> he put his life at danger for us. >> reporter: the former star play for the oregon ducks then talking with "good morning america" about those nerve-racking moments. >> i lunged for the gun and we both had the gun. we had four hands on the gun and, you know, students are running out of the back of the classroom. you know, and i'm just trying to make sure that the end of the gun isn't pointing towards where the students are running. >> reporter: lowe crediting his instincts for his courageous response that many believe may have prevented another school tragedy. >> for me there was no time for fear or even to think. everything happened so fast and it was the longest fraction of a second of my life. >> an attorney for that student says he didn't intend to hurt anyone but himself that day. granados-diaz has now pleaded guilty to two charges for
7:34 am
bringing that loaded gun to school as a part of the plea deal. he'll now spend three years on probation and receive mental health treatment. whit. >> all right, marci gonzalez, thank you. i remember talking to that coach and had such a big heart. because he really had a lot of concern for the student, you see in the video. that embrace afterwards really incredible. >> the compassion he showed. >> incredible mix of action and compassion. we move on to a wild firefight all caught on camera between police in mexico and suspected members of the massive sinaloa drug cartel. it all happened when police moved in to arrest the son of the notorious drug kingpin el chapo. this morning, in the wake of the chaos and carnage unleashed in the mexican city of culiacan the family attorney of el chapo is speaking out. [ speaking foreign language ] saying the family apologizes to the people of culiacan and will take care of the injured.
7:35 am
this weekend extraordinary gun battle in the streets of kuliacan as they arrested ovidio guzman lopez, son of the notorious joaquin "el chapo" guzman. masked members of the narco militia fighting back setting cars on fire sending families desperately running for cover. >> they are freaking out, civilians are freaking out. classes have been canceled. >> reporter: last year i traveled to the city which is a stronghold for the sinaloa drug cartel. they allowed us in to see a heroin lab. so this is a kilo of heroin. and an operation where they packed drugs into the doors of a car that was headed up into america. it may have been these very same men involved in this week's shootout. eight people were killed. more than 20 others injured. the situation so out of control that authorities made the
7:36 am
extraordinary move of releasing ovidio guzman lopez and calling off the operation. the president of mexico coming out and saying the capture of one criminal cannot be worth more than the lives of people. an extraordinary move letting ovidio lopez go, wanted on extradition charges from the u.s. where his dad is serving life in prison on multiple, multiple charges. >> go ahead. >> it's incredible, i mean, the access that they gave you? i think in some ways they wanteded to prove even though el chapo is in prison they're still up and running. >> thanks for your reporting. giving us insight on what is going on across the border. back to rob in pennsylvania who is following the weather and big day in football, rob. good morning once again. >> good morning to you, whit. we are in happy valley, state college, pennsylvania on the campus of penn state university. where the one-loss wolverines
7:37 am
come to face off on the undefeated penn state nitti lions. [ cheers ] they are dressed in white. it is a whiteout tonight on abc. it is going to be epic so espn "college gameday" is here to celebrate what's going to be a huge big ten rivalry. all right, let's go -- it's cold. can you see my breath? is it cold out here right now? it's cold. frost and freeze warnings here and across much of the east coast. temperatures in the 30s and 40s so this is going to kind of kill the growing season for a lot of folks. a pretty strong system coming into the pacific northwest. they're starting already. that's what's happening here at happy valley. time for a look at your local forecast. good saturday morning from the east bay hills camera, very vieshlt sight this morning as the sun comes up mixed in with clouds. this afternoon lots of 60s,
7:38 am
mostly cloudy, clearing late in the day and tomorrow we're maria taylor coming up in the next segment. breaking down today's games. all good games across the nation. >> who wants a stickky? all right. here you go, guys. we'll bring some back for you. toss it back to you guys. there you go, creamery. >> you get a sticky. you get a sticky. >> there's no way to get as excited as for free food. thanks, rob. coming up on "good morning america" a tale of two duchesses. just hours after hearing from meghan, kate sits down for her first tv interview since becoming duchess. what a time to be alive. hearing from meghan, kate sits down for her first tv interview since becoming duchess. just hou meghan, kate sits down for her first tv interview since becoming duchess. u, when it comes to your money?
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maxx life at t.j.maxx. ♪ ♪ ♪ the calming scent of lavender by downy infusions calm. laundry isn't done until it's done with downy. back now with the royals and kate middleton giving her first tv news interview during a special trip to pakistan with prince william. she's opening up hours after we hear from meghan. in a rare moment the duchess of cambridge speaking out, giving her first tv news interview since joining the royal family
7:43 am
eight years ago. duchess kate speaking exclusively with cnn, while she and prince william wrap up their royal tour in pakistan. >> it's been fantastic. we've seen a lot of pakistan. >> the duchess fighting for children, the royal couple visiting the s.o.s. children's village. >> so many vulnerable women here and they've used their positivity and the support that the village here provides them, really, to support and protect the next generation. >> prince william taking the opportunity to retrace his mother's steps. the royal couple visiting the very same hospital where princess diana famously cradled this terminally ill child with cancer in 1996. kate's unprecedented interview comes after the duchess of sussex opened up exclusively about being a new mom in the wake of the intense scrutiny she's faced since joining the royal family. >> we're really vulnerable and so that was made really
7:44 am
challenging. and then when you have a newborn, you know -- >> it's a long time ago, but i remember. >> and especially as a woman, it's a lot. so you add this on top of just trying to be a new mom or trying to be a newlywed, it's -- you know, i guess also thank you for asking. because not many people have asked if i'm okay. but it's a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. >> and your heart sort of breaks for her as you watch that. you see how vulnerable she really is. you can see much more with harry meghan and the abc television event airing wednesday at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> incredible to see a member of the royal family -- wasn't so much her words, it was the way in which she uttered them that displayed vulerability. we have a lot more coming up. getting ready for a big college
7:45 am
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welcome back to "gma." we are back with a big match-up in college football, the marquee game, penn state versus michigan. rob is in state college, pennsylvania with espn's maria taylor, already a big crowd out there getting fired up, rob. what's happening? >> oh, well, they come out to see maria and the rest of the "college gameday." when i'm with maria, i get to stand up straight and tall. >> with my boots on. >> rather statuesque. that is frost. not snow. >> i thought it was snow. i only get my weather reports from rob now so i wait for my text messages telling me how many layers i need to wear. >> you are layered up properly this week. we are here for like the third or fourth year in a row.
7:49 am
what makes happy valley special and this penn state team. >> this team right now, first of all have been a top 15 team for a long time but now could be a top four team but the reason why it's special we came this week is, look, everybody is wearing white. it's a whiteout. it's a unique atmosphere you don't get a lot. there are two games i love, lsu at night in baton rouge and happy valley at night. looks like an avalanche, like a snowstorm and turbulence and the crowd is going wild and michigan and penn state hate each other so it's going to be great. >> we were in death valley last week, lsu so back-to-back, the best of the best here and penn state now favored by about a touchdown. >> yes. >> who do you think is going to win? >> i really feel like it's penn state's game to lose honestly so defense is playing lights out right now. we're so used to seeing saquon barkley and quarterbacks like trace mcsorley have been the story line but now it's about their defense and no one has scored more than 17 points on them so far this season so i
7:50 am
think it'll be one of those things where they're able to shut michigan down offensively. >> their defense swarms as does the wolverines. celebrity guest pickers every week. we have a special one. can you announce it, please? >> lara spencer. >> come on, lara from the "gma" family. graduated here. check this out. just a few weeks ago she kicked a field goal. >> did she make it? >> in times square? >> yes. >> listen, listen. we keep record of every single pick that our celebrity pickers make. she's going to pick ten games and let you know how she ranks i think matthew mcconaughey is winning. made the picks in texas. i hope she does well enough. >> lara is pretty savvy as you are. espn "college gameday" 9:00 a.m. eastern time with maria and the entire gang. looking forward to that. staying warm in happy valley. back to you guys. >> this is a great pair. you guys should have your own show. >> yes. >> i love you guys. and, rob, maria, rob will never give me the forecast when i ask him.
7:51 am
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playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. ♪ you got the right stuff "good morning america" sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> the whole gang. >> yeah. >> is that debarge? who sings that song? you don't know? >> new kids on the block. >> new kids on the block. >> i knew that one. back now with the "play of the day" and one army nurse who proves that decades after serving she is still battlefield tough. check this out. before her honor flight in phoenix, 84-year-old lieutenant colonel maggie desanti challenged a tsa agent to ten push-ups. we should add she did this with a leg injury. incredible. she had such a huge smile on her face.
7:56 am
while they both lived up to the challenge how did the tsa agent feel about it. >> i may need a nurse. i got the video. it's going on facebook. i got the video. all right. >> and this morning's inspiration, 84. >> that's incredible. great moment. >> she is incredible. i'm sorry to all the debarge fans out there. the latest on the dangerous storm moving into the southeast. >> all news. >> all morning glow good morning i'm liz kreutz happening today if you need something for you and the family to do, two of san francisco's most popular museums are completely free. if you live in any nine bay area counties stopdy the deyoung or legionen honor museum and pay nothing. they'll do this every saturday
7:57 am
for the time being. special exhibits cost extra. but all you need is an id for proof of residency. >> also happening this weekend. it's a bit of choreography on the immuneny line. dancer performing live for ride frers south of market to knowy valley. the j church line has full dance routines for staps on the route, inspired by the architecture and history of the area. it's free with your immuneny ticket but you do need to register for the tour. and what better way to kick-off fall than this weekend's art and kump kin actively in half moon bay. the on monday any weighed a california record, 2175-pound pumpkin for the world championship weigh off. check it out orp watch the carvers and the par parade. it's free and runs 9:00 to 5:00 today tomorrow on main streets. now a check of the weather with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we are looking at cloud cover. it's been quiet while you are sleeping and temperatures right now, well on the cool side because it has been clear.
7:58 am
but san francisco a little wind there, 60 degrees 45 in half balloon moon bay. check out the roof camera. partly cloudy conditions looking at numbers in the mid-40s. up in petaluma, 5 a in concord. so the golden gate bridge sew who showing what we feature today more cloud cover, a possible shower and cooler temperatures today. that all switches for the second half of your weekend. so mid-and upper 60s mainly around the bay. late day sun on the way. with low 70s in our warmest locations. >> thanks, lisa up next breaking news a vote on brexit and rare saturday session with what it means for britain and lawmakers. abc this is hamish. he's a bit more brave. ♪ oh. look. ♪ ♪
7:59 am
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walgreens. be a flu fighter. get your free flu shot today at your neighborhood walgreens. >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 morpgs. >> goerpg, thanks for joining on this saturday, october 19ing. i'm liz kreutz. if you've been outside this morning you know it's cloudy and chilly. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is leahy lisa averagen >> the cloud discover cover steadily advancing through the morning. all because of the system up north. we'll say the tail end swing threw the north increasing clouds and breeze and possibility of rain drops. in the upper 40s in san jose process but look how much warm ner san francisco. mount tam, you see a little bit of the trees blowing there. upper elevation wind gusts tp at the surface the winds increase throughout the day.


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