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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 21, 2019 7:00am-8:56am PDT

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>> google him. >> okay. i will. >> jimmy g., if you're watching, good morning, america. and as we join you this monday morning, oh, well, severe weather overnight for millions. trail of destruction. powerful twisters pummeling texas. >> we have a tornado. >> damaging homes and businesses flattening this home depot. chaos on the highways. >> it is right in front of us. >> flipping cars, downing power lines. leaving more than 100,000 in the dark. we're tracking the latest. where the storms are headed this morning. about-face. president trump backs down from his plan to host that major international summit at his own resort as his acting chief of staff tries to take back what he admitted on camera that there was a quid pro quo with ukraine. royal revelation. the duke and duchess exclusive interview opening up like never before. the pressures prince harry feels to protect his family.
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>> this is me not wanting a repeat of the past. i will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum. >> his incredibly candid comments about his relationship meghan sharing hthe spotlight. >> my british friends said to me, i'm sure he's great, but you shouldn't do it because the british tabloids will destroy your life. new surveillance video shows the heroic moment a high school football coach disarmed a student with a loaded shotgun. what happened next was remarkable. super bowl champ tom brady. the tv show cameo that now has the superstar quarterback playing defense. making a splash. the san francisco 49ers sliding to victory with a game-winning sack turning the bad weather into a big win and an epic sunday fun day. thanks for starting a new week with us.
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i'll just get it out of the way. >> go ahead. >> who dat. who dat. saints win again. >> a lot of good mondays. >> a lot of great mondays. >> great mondays for all of us, george. >> there you have it, but we do have a lot of news. >> we do. take a look at what happened in dallas overnight. hit so hard by that tornad demolished and from illinois to texas they are bracing for another possible tornado threat this morning. marcus moore is in texas for us this morning. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: well, robin, good morning. it was a rough one here. you can see what this powerful storm did to this van. it weighs several thousand pounds. tossed around. there are trees that have been snapped here and the roof of that home just behind us, the roof torn away and this morning, more than 160,000 customers are without power. >> we have a tornado. >> reporter: overnight, tornadoes striking north texas. >> oh, my god. >> this is a tornado touching down right now.
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>> upward motion, strong upward motion. >> lots of debris flying. >> reporter: the twisters destroying homes and businesses tearing apart everything in their path. >> i mean, it's really a war zone. i don't know a better way to call it. >> i got in my bathtub and put pillows and a mattress over me and just held on. >> reporter: downed power lines and massive trees now uprooted. multiple reports of people hurt in their homes from broken glass. >> they got trapped people inside. >> i think they've got multiple victims here. >> reporter: a possible tornado flattening this home depot. residents forced into the streets checking on their neighbors and calling loved ones. >> we've had tornado warnings all around us. this is the first one that i've ever seen hit in dallas. >> reporter: the cars in the shopping center wrecked and tossed around. this video showing the aftermath of one of the twisters on a popular highway in dallas. debris and this jackknifed truck blocking lanes. the owner of this video telling
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us what it was like to witness that terrifying twister. >> i tweeted and it was like i think i just almost drove into a tornado. i froze because there was nowhere i could go. >> reporter: now that the sun is coming up, we're getting a scope of the destruction, widespread here in this part of north texas. many schools have been cancelled because of the damage. robin? >> we're thinking of everybody down that way. thank you so much. let's bring in ginger who is tracking where that storm is headed next. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, robin. the threat is now for a few states. you can see the long line of storms from illinois right through memphis down into louisiana. so it's this morning. often we talk about severe storms in the afternoon. this is kind of the second severe storm season that kind of happens and moves into dixie alley in the fall, early winter, and it's happening this morning. tornado warnings have been popping even north of memphis but i want to focus on the state of mississippi because you are going to see late morning that line of severe storms come through and some specific things happening even into the western panhandle of florida. but, again, mississippi, the whole state in the severe risk
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today so we thought we would focus on it. bring it out. the whole state turns yellow because you're in the convection. what does that mean? in the next couple of hours you will end up seeing the potential for this not only damaging winds you see in the line but isolated tornadoes so know this. late morning into the early afternoon, the state of mississippi, including green land which is in a severe thunderstorm watch right now has the possibility of seeing these severe storms. i don't know if i made that clear. i want to make sure everybody knows, george. >> ginger, thanks very much. we want to go to washington where the white house is in cleanup mode as president trump reverses his decision to award the g7 summit to his own hotel. and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney tries to take back his admission that military aid to ukraine was tied to political investigations sought by president trump. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has all the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: the white house is in serious damage control. on the g7, i can't remember the last time we saw a backtrack
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from president trump like we've seen on this one. this was his idea from the start and now he is backing down in the face of bipartisan backlash. overnight, president trump fuming about the fallout over his plan to hold the g7 summit at his florida resort. the president saying on twitter he was forced to rescind the idea because of do nothing democrat/fake news anger. an almost unheard of reversal, the president blaming it on, quote, irrational hostility. leaders from around the world, their staff and security, thousands of guests paying to stay at the trump family's 800-acre property which has struggled financially. it sparked immediate backlash. not just from ethics watchdogs and democrats who signaled they would investigate but even the white house counsel's office privately expressed reservations as did some republicans. >> it shouldn't have been done in the first place. i know he loves his properties and he loves having people to his properties and he loves showing off those properties, i just w aunforced err.
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>> reporter: aides insisted the president would not profit saying he was simply being a showman. >> at the end of the day, you know, he still considers himself to be in the hospitality business. he wanted to put on a show. >> reporter: the president already facing multiple lawsuits accusing him of using his office for personal gain by taking payments from foreign officials and the u.s. government at properties like the trump international hotel just blocks from the white house. the president's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney also backpedaling on his admission last week that there was, indeed, a quid pro quo in the president's phone call with ukraine now at the center of democrats' impeachment inquiry. >> i have news for everybody, get over it. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> reporter: in a head-spinning explanation on fox mulvaney denied ever saying there was a quid pro quo, even though he acknowledged exactly that in that white house press conference last week. >> so i recognize that folks, that i didn't speak clearly maybe on thursday, folks misinterpreted what i said. i never said there was a quid pro quo because there isn't.
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>>e ituse is now seahia new lot. president trump said that camp david is a possibility. but just a few days ago in that press conference, mick mulvaney blasted camp david as a complete disaster for past summits were there, so, george, we are back to mixed messaging this morning. >> that's for sure. as you pointed out the president blamed democrats and the media for his reversal, but it was actually pressure from republicans that forced this decision. >> reporter: exactly. we've learned over the weekend mulvaney held a meeting at camp david with republicans. surely the president saw the headlines from this weekend that were basically saying the republicans are tired of having to defend him over this decision, george. >> he sure does, cecilia. thanks very much. it will be another busy week. officials across the administration scheduled to
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testify starting tuesday with ambassador william taylor, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine who texted it would be crazy to tie military aid to trump's political investigation. wednesday, a top state rtment official also deals with ukraine, phillip reeker, and friday laura cooper who heads up ukraine policy at the pentagon. not to the latest on the crisis in syria and that cease-fire. the clock is running out with both sides, the turks and the kurds, accusing each other of violating the deal. i want to show you images just coming in this morning. the kurds seen here in the streets throwing objects at u.s. troops as they withdraw. chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has more. she's there in washington for us. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the pentagon now preparing options for president trump on whether to leave several hundred american troops in syria as the bulk of those u.s. forces are being redeployed to iraq and the criticism of the president's actions intensifies. overnight, reports of clashes between kurdish and turkish
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troops in northern syria as just hours rema but just moments ago, the secretary of defense confirming they are considering leaving more u.s. troops in the country. >> we have troops in towns in south -- in northeast syria that are located next to the oil fields. the purpose is to deny access, specifically revenue, to isis and any other groups that may want to seek that revenue to enable their own maligned activities. there has been a discussion about possibly doing it. there's been no decision with regard to numbers or anything like that. my job, the military's job is to prepare options and then present them to the president and let him decide. >> reporter: but over the weekend, kurdish military leaders said its troops were in a defensive position calling into question the effectiveness of the cease-fire, but secretary of state mike pompeo defending the deal. >> the turks said they got
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everything they wanted. >> yeah, i was there. it sure didn't feel that way when we were negotiating. ward-fought negotiation. >> reporter: but with more than 200 killed, the kurds now fearful of ethnic cleansing as turkish forces move in. secretary pompeo saying these concerns have been addressed with turkey. >> we were very clear and the vice president could not have been more clear when we were speaking with president erdogan. in that turkish-controlled space that there wouldn't be attacks on minorities, that this was about getting a cease-fire, a secure area and that this, in fact, will save lives. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official tells abc that from the moment president trump insisted on pulling out americans from syria, some military leaders have tried to convince the white house that some u.s. forces should remain or the likelihood that isis returns is even greater. t.j. >> all right, martha, thank you so much this morning.
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we do want to turn now to an accident that has left three soldiers dead and three more injured. this happened in georgia during a training exercise. they were in a bradley fighting vehicle, an armored transport vehicle, that rolled over into the water. stephanie ramos is at ft. stewart, georgia, with the latest. good morning to you, stephanie. >> reporter: t.j., good morning. officials say three soldiers died and three were injured as they were riding in that bradley fighting vehicle and it rolled over into water early sunday morning here at ft. stewart in georgia. no other vehicles were involved and it's still unclear if the vehicle was going over a bridge at the time of the accident. the commanding general of the 3rd infantry division says this is a heartbreaking day. we are extremely saddened by the loss of three dogface soldiers and injuries to three more. our hearts and prayers go out to all the families affected. all six soldiers are part of the 1st armored brigade combat team, investigators will likely look at fatigue, the terrain and the vehicle itself as possible
7:13 am
factors into this deadly accident, t.j. >> and, stephanie, three injured. what do we know about the severity of their injuries? >> reporter: that's right t.j. two out of the three soldiers injured have been released from the hospital. the third soldier has been transported to a hospital offpostbut is expected to okay. they'll release the names of those who were killed once their families have been notified. >> stephanie ramos for us, thank you so much. >> george. now to a new lead in the search for that missing 3-year-old girl in alabama. police sharing surveillance footage of a suspect in the disappearance of kamille "cupcake" mckinney. steve osunsami has the story. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. one of the men seen on the surveillance video they're sharing is someone they know. the sechtieshis ma and neighboring states for
7:14 am
3-year-old kamille mckinney. the child seen here in pigtails went missing from outside a birthday party more than a week ago. police are asking for as many eyes as possible on this surveillance video. police say it shows a kidnapping suspect walking away with the missing 3-year-old and another child. but the person police are hoping to speak with is this man, seen walking past the children moments before the suspect walks off with the kids. they're hoping that this person who is not a person of interest in the investigation, saw or remembers anything that might be helpful to police. >> we want to talk to him. we want to see if he has additional information. if he has something more for us or if he saw something that night that may be critical to this investigation. >> reporter: fbi agents are helping and over the weekend authorities called on volunteers who searched on foot, hoping to find the girl. >> let's come together, birmingham, let's come togetherc
7:15 am
united states, and pray and trust and believe for the best. >> reporter: police have arrested two people on unrelated charges, one of them child pornography. robin. okay, steve, thank you. now to those new images of felicity huffman behind bar, a first glimpse of the actress since she began her 14-day prison sentence in that college admissions scandal. eva pilgrim is here with that. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we've never seen felicity huffman like this before as a federal inmate in a prison jumpsuit. this morning, a first look at actress felicity huffman as she enters her final week behind bars. in this video, you see the "despeousewir in a green jumpsuit and white hat sporting her glasses. huffman's husband, william h. macy and her daughter arriving to visit her for family day. huffman walking in a parking lot outside passing security guards on her way to meet them. >> dublin is almost a camp. it is a place where minimum security prisoners enjoy the luxury of being minimum security prisoners. >> reporter: huffman reported to
7:16 am
the federal prison in dublin, california, last tuesday starting a 14-day sentence for her role in the "varsity blues" college admissions scandal. what is she doing to pass her time? she's allowed to work on pre-approved hobby crafts such as crochet, origami or scrapbooking. on the prison menu, bran flakes for breakfast, breaded fish sandwiches for lunch and salisbury steak for dinner. >> i said a lot of things i shouldn't have. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in may the "desperate housewives" star pled guilty to paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct her daughter's s.a.t. answers. the star also now working on repairing the relationship with that daughter, the same one who came to visit her saturday. huffman has said her daughter knew absolutely nothing about her mother's actions. and three more parents involved in the scandal are expected to take plea deals. this as federal prosecutors said additional charges are possible against defendants who have opted against a plea bargain.g happs
7:17 am
>> we'll see you. >> thank you, eva. folks, did you know there was actually another team that played yesterday besides the saints? >> really? >> there were other teams that played, robin. >> all right. >> including the packers and aaron rodgers had himself a day. >> oh, he did. >> a record day. the green bay packers star, he made his 350th career passing touchdown and he becomes the ninth player in nfl history to reach that milestone but he has done it in only 172 career games so he is the fastest to ever get to 350 touchdown passes. >> respect, respect. very much so and look at this, what a d.ok ahe leatthr win. a shutout win actually on a messy, messy day. had a little slip and slide. it's football. at the end of the day, it is just a game and let's have a little fun. that's how they celebrate a shutout win. that defense is playing really well, and the weather did not cooperate too well in some games yesterday. >> defense, saints' defense is
7:18 am
really good too. >> everything goes back to the saints. >> and give us our time. give us our moment. we have a lot more coming up this morning including an interview with prince harry and duchess meghan from a new documentary. harry opens up about his relationship with prince william and takes us behind the scenes of archie's first big trip. also that new surveillance footage showing a high school coach disarming a student at school, and the truly remarkable moment that happened after. but first let's go back to ginger. ginger. >> i have images from wyoming. this is interstate 25, multiple accidents reported. you can see the slideoff, the semis on the side there. it was closed down for a time. that's the northbound lanes. this is interstate 80, very slippery in park city, utah, so, yes, the cold is there and that usually means hefty winds and fire danger in california. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, the select cities sponsored by subaru.
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it's a busy monday. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. s a busy monday. we'll be right back.
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good morning. it's 7:23. pg&e is warning four north bay counties of a new round of possible power shut offs. the utility is looking at marin, solano and napa counties to see how warm and windy it gets by midweek. they say by this point, there's a quote reasonable chance they can cut power for those areas on wednesday evening into mid thursday. elizabeth enreskez is agreeing to plead guilty in the college admission scandal. prosecutors say they bragged about get iting away with cheatg to get their daughter into georgetown.
7:24 am
i wanted to start you u off with beautiful look at the bay bridge but now i want to take you to an ib just reported. we have a two car krsh block in the center divide and left lane. northbound 880 pass of davis and san lan dro. also this morning, we are following another crash. a motorcycle lane splitting. the motorcyclist is okay, but you can expect a slowdown northbound 680.
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and we're looking at our tam cam. it's gorgeous out there. not a cloud in the sky. we are on the way to a very sun filled day. temperatures now u in the 40s to mid-50s on this monday morning. later on today, you'll seatons of sunshine and the it's warm for october. 74 in the city today.78 in oakl
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so enjoy. more gma
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test-driving and car-buying experience the way it should be. carmax. back here on "gma," the duke and duchess of sussex on their trip to africa. the couple making a lot of headlines while they were there getting candid. it's all in a brand-new documentary and we're going to have much more on that in just a few moments. >> that is coming up. also this morning, we're tracking that severe weather overnight. for millions we saw those powerful twisters tear through texas leaving more than 100,000 in the dark. parts of texas bracing for more tornado threats this morning and right now in new orleans, you see those controlled explosions that took down two construction cranes at the site of the partially collapsed hard rock hotel. three workers were killed. dozens injured in that building's collapse and ten of the people injured have filed a lawsuit against companies involved in the construction. how about tennis legend billie jean king? 39 grand slam titles taking to the ice for the first time.
7:31 am
can she do it? can she do it?n e >> yes, she did. she had never been on the ice before. she's never even picked up a hockey stick before. >> nestled it right in there. >> i know, right in there. that challenge and she won a free airline ticket. >> just what she needs. >> never put anything past that legend. we'll start -- continue this half hour with that documentary giving us an extraordinary look into the lives of the duke and duchess of sussex going behind the scenes on their recent trip to africa. amy is here and it was truly rare access that was given. >> it certainly was, robin. good morning. good morning, everyone. they may be one of the most high-profile families in the world, but as robin just said, the royals are traditionally private. their public lives carefully scripted, but there was no script for this documentary for harry and meghan, and that resulted in a very intimate look that we rarely get to see of members of the royal family. >> it's -- it's hard.
7:32 am
i don't think anybody could understand that. >> reporter: duchess meghan in her own words opening up to itv's tom bradby about the struggles she faces from the press and the public while living in the spotlight. >> but in all fairness i had no idea, which probably sounds difficult to understand here, but when i -- when i first met my now-husband, my friends were really happy because i was so happy, but my british friends said to me, i'm sure he's great, but you shouldn't do it because the british tabloids will destroy your life. and i very naively. i'm american. we don't have that there. what are you talking about? that doesn't make any sense. i'm not in tabloids and i didn't get it. so it's -- it's been complicated. >> reporter: the complicated life she describes, the highs and lows of the past two years, marrying into the british royal
7:33 am
family and becoming a new mom while dealing with the intense scrutiny of the media. >> look, any woman when -- especially when they're pregnant, you're really vulnerable and so that was made really challenging and then when you have a newborn, you know. >> that is a long time ago but i remember. >> and especially as a woman it's really -- it's a lot, so you add this on top of just trying to be a new mom or trying to be a newlywed, it's -- yeah, well, i guess and also thank you for asking because not many have asked if i'm okay, but it's -- it's a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. >> reporter: in the documentary, bradby says he saw a couple under extreme pressure who seem at times to be buckling beneath it. >> you know, i've said for a long time to h -- that's what i call him -- it's not enough to
7:34 am
just survive something, right? like that's not the point of life. you've got to thrive. you've got to feel happy and i think i really tried to adopt this british sensibility of a stiff upper lip. >> it has its advantages. >> i really tried. but i think that what that ds inrnallys obably really damaging and the biggest thing that i know is that i never thought that this would be easy, but i thought it would be fair and that's the part that's hd don't knst as it comes. >> reporter: the documentary was under way at the same time that harry and meghan announced legal action against a british tabloid over privacy concerns. prince harry revealed the pressures he feels to shield his family from the same public glare his mother princess diana lived with over two decades ago.
7:35 am
>> i will always protect my family and now i have a family to protect, so everything that -- everything that she went through and what happened to her is incredibly raw every single day and that's not me being paranoid. that's just me not wanting a repeat of the past. i will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum. >> reporter: harry also revealing the state of his relationship with brother prince william amid rumors of a royal rift. >> there's been a lot of talk about rifts with your brother. how much of that is true? >> you know, stuff -- stuff happens but, look, we're brothers. we'll always be brothers and we're certainly on different paths at the moment but i will always be there for him as i know he will be there for me. i love him dearly and the majority of stuff is created out of nothing, but, you know, as i said, as brothers, you have good days. you have bad days. >> and guess what, the tabloids
7:36 am
have seized on that last comment by prince harry describing an apparent change in dynamic between him and prince william and i'll read you some of the headlines. "the sun" leads with, "bad blood brothers." "the mirror" saying, "prince harry confirms rift with brother william saying they have bad days." "the daily express." prince harry, "i'm on a different path than william," so exactly what they were trying to point to and say, hey, guys, give us a break. it's snowballed today -- >> if you hear him, his complete statement, it's anything but what those -- >> taken out of context and make it into something it never was intended to be. >> exactly. are you going to be back? >> i will, there's more to come on the royals. >> all right. also, we have an abc television event, "harry and meghan: an african journey" wednesday night, 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central on abc. t.j.? we want to turn to stunning surveillance video you just have to see. this shows a hero high school
7:37 am
football coach, now, you see in the video him disarm a student with a shotgun. but even more remarkable in this video is what he does after he gets the gun out of that kid's hands. gio benitez here with more on this. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: hey, t.j., good morning. this is not how anyone expected this incident to end. our abc affiliate katu obtaining the surveillance video and i want you to watch it. it quickly goes from very scary to incredibly moving. newly released surveillance video showing the dramatic moment a quick-thinking portland high school football coach disarmed a student with a loaded shotgun. >> possibly going to be an active shooter at parkrose high school, need more cars. >> reporter: a potential tragedy avoided. the coach walking out of the classroom with the would-be assailant. handing the gun off to a teacher. watch as the footage then reveals this moving moment. coach keanon lowe hugging angel granados-diaz. the school now safe while lowe talks to the troubled student who police say intended to harm
7:38 am
himself. other students rushing out. actihooter and in stody one the western side of the building. >> reporter: police responding to the scene. the incident taking place in may at parkrose high school. lowe lauded as a hero and now his brave actions are taking on a new life with his compassion. lowe appearing on "gma" shortly after that unexpected day. >> i think there's things in my life that have happened that, you know, i think have prepared me for that very moment, you know, to act. >> reporter: the coach, a former oregon ducks football standout, perhaps making the most significant play of his life that day. >> he put his life at danger for us. >> reporter: lowe recognizing the significance of his courage. >> i thank god that no one got hurt and, you know, thank god that i was in that room. >> reporter: yeah, thank goodness. now the student, angel, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm in public, he was sentenced to three years' probation.
7:39 am
but overnight, in a statement through his lawyer, angel saying he thanks the coach and that he's now receiving the treatment that he needs. this ended so well for everyone. >> and that coach, he is a track coach, football coach and security guard. they do everything and they see these kids every day and for him to be able to pull that off in that moment, it gives me chills every time i see that. >> you could see it in his face when he hugs that student. >> what a combination of courage and compassion. incredible. thank you, gio. coming up, why is tom brady playing defense this morning? this came after a cameo on a tv show. show. show. dressed for a big night out with her closest friends. sasha got dressed to crush her job interview. alex got dressed to present a big idea he's been working on for months. and our stylists helped millions of other americans get dressed for millions of other personal moments - big and small. at stitch fix we don't just see your size or style. we see you. pe stylingorbody. st
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back now with tom brady who is not happy with how the media is playing his cameo in a new comedy show, where he's shown walking out of a strip mall spa. that looked like the one where patriots owner robert kraft got in trouble. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: an eyebrow raiser. that's for sure. good morning, george. tom brady has a lot to say about this. how it's being taken out of context but mainly he is not happy about how this is being perceived as if he's taking a subliminal shot at his boss. this morning, six-time super bowl champ tom brady taking aim at the media. >> i think there's a lot of things that are said that are taken out of context that you choose to make a headline out of as opposed to understand what it's actually about. >> reporter: brady on the defense over the weekend after a cameo that he filmed alongside actor paul rudd for the new netflix dark comedy "living with yourself" included an eyebrow-raising spa scene. >> first time? >> uh-huh. you? >> six. >> reporter: some feel the
7:44 am
fictional spa backdrop for the scene bears a striking similarity to the now-infamous florida spa where patriots owner bob kraft was charged with soliciting prostitution back in february. kraft has pleaded not guilty. brady tackling his critics head-on saying the bit was shot in front of a green screen leaving him unaware of what the final background looked like. >> i think that was taken out of context just like you're taking it out of context and trying to make it a story for yourself. >> reporter: the show's creator tells refinery 29 that he wrote the scene years ago, long before kraft was charged but admits that after kraft was arrested, he thought, all right, this is clearly not going to happen now, but brady honored his commitment. >> it's unfortunate that people would choose to think i would ever do something like that about mr. kraft or think that's a fair assessment of my relationship with him. i would never do that. >> reporter: now brady says this
7:45 am
was written four years ago, his scene as he said was filmed in front of a green screen, but he was told that it would be about cloning at a rejuvenation center. he wasn't sure what the actual background was going to look like. the premise is, you go to the spa, you clone the best version of yourself, which is why tom brady has remained tom brady for all these years, but he had two lines. two lines. >> in context, i didn't make the connection. >> you're much more innocent than the rest of us. >> or dumb. i don't know. >> not that one, george. coming up here, more on rejuvenation centers -- no. no. >> go ahead. >> look, we got a "play of the day." come back if you dare. okay? >> okay. >> okay. ather. listen to music. get directions to... [laughing] oh my gosh, that's a good shot. that's a good shot. ahh, you can pull up a recipe. see who's at the door. and when it's not doing all that, it just automatically
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♪ we are the champions oh, wow. back now with our "play of the day." the super bowl halftime show, that's not the biggest halftime show of the year in the nfl. it actually happens in seattle. it's at the 2019 corgi cup. this is at seattle's century link field. seven of the nation's top corgis we had two of them here go pretty neck and neck after this. yes, but this is the 2019 -- this is an annual tradition now, george. they've been doing this for -- well, for two years. this is only the second year they've done this. >> look at those little legs. >> they're hoping this will
7:50 am
catch on. your winner, guys, goes by the name of dwayne "the rock" johnson. that's the dog's name. i wonder how d.j. feels about it. >> maybe he'll get a shout-out from the rock. coming up, we're tackling the challenges of parenting and if you're dealing with temper tantrums a nanny to the stars is here to help you. come on back. here to help you. come on back. owerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction,
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7:54 am
all right, we have got so much more coming up here on "gma," including prince harry and duchess meghan opening up about baby archie's first royal tour and why it was so meaningful to them. plus, nanny to the stars. nanny connie is here to help you, and by you, i mean you, us, me specifically, tackle tantrums because i have a couple of test subjects at home. it's also never too early to start thinking about the holidays. you don't want to miss "good housekeeping" reveal their best toy awards. once you get rid of the tantrum. then you go with the toy. uh-huh. maybe that's part of it.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by the all new 2020 lincoln aviator. ncoln aviator.
7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. here is drew. >> good morning. a live look showing you that sun is up. not a cloud to be seen and it will stay cloud free throughout the entire day. numbers now we're waking up to 40s and 50s as we get you out the door this monday morning. this afternoon, sunshine. 74 in the city. 81 for san jose. how's traffic? >> good morning, everybody. we have a motorcycle crash on the san matteo bridge leading into the peninsula so i want to sew you a live picture u. you can see on the right hand side of the screen, it is moving, but we have one lane blocked. better situation over there. want to bring you u to good news out of palo alto. the police activity has wrapped up so alma street is back open and quickly here, just heads up
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. trail of destruction. powerful twisters pummel texas. >> it is a tornado. >> homes and businesses damaged. a home depot flattened. hundreds of thousands now without power as a line of severe storms is on the move. a wake-up call about infants and sleep. up to two-thirds of new moms not following safe sleep practices. dr. ashton here with what all new parents should know. a family affair. the duke and duchess of sussex and the moment they introduced baby archie to the world. behind the scenes with the royal couple as they talk about parenting under pressure. archie's happiness and how their precious little boy is already finding his voice. are you dealing with a three-nager. we're sending in the nanny to the starsp this mother
8:01 am
who is trying to tame the tantrums going from well to out of control. how nanny connie helped solve it. the brand-new toys of the year tested by kids. the top three revealed right here this morning. ♪ we've been making someone's monday every monday for weeks. this morning wait till you see how we're upping the ante. get your coffee as we say good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. hope you had a great weekend. i love these monday mornings. >> good morning to meredith and good morning, afp. you don't know who they are but i just made their day. good morning to you and someone else we'll make their monday, she's actually here in our studio but she has no idea what's going on. >> what she thinks is going on is this guidance counselor brought in a group of students for a behind-the-scenes tour of "good morning america." she's an extraordinary guidance counselor.
8:02 am
the school is here in new york and she has no idea what we have up our sleeves for her this morning. >> i'm sorry, brad. right here? he's trying to give me a sign. finally i was like, just tell me, okay. thank you. okay. what were you saying? >> yes, i was saying that everybody's got their mic on straight. we can proceed. we have a lot to get to this morning starting with tornadoes touching down in texas overnight leaving behind a trail of destruction. ginger has the latest tracking where the storms are heading next. good morning again, ginger. >> good morning to you, robin. nocturnal storms, some of the scariest because you don't see them clearly because you have dark skies. listen to what it sounded like near dallas last night. >> we have a tornado.a tornado captured on many other
8:03 am
cameras, and you can see it kind of lit up by the lightning there. very tube-like so we'll see what type of tornado, how strong it was. i can tell you the damage with the cars flipped and roofs off has to be at least ef-2 or 3 but they'll bring us the latest later today. i can tell you right now this tornado line, the possibility of tornadoes have been around memphis all morning. the severe thunderstorms possibly down into mississippi and louisiana, and these watches extend all the way into southern illinois. it's not just here this morning, but through the early afternoon when we have to look for a severe threat into alabama and the panhandle of florida. tomorrow that moves into eastern north carolina and south carolina, george. >> okay, ginger, thanks. we turn to an alarming new study about sleep safety for infants. the report finds up to two-thirds of new moms are not following safe sleep practices and dr. jen ashton is here. what are we learning? >> this was a big study that appeared in the journal "pediatrics." i'm not sure why they only looked at moms. i'm going to call some gender discrimination, but it talked about safe sleep practices we
8:04 am
knsuid, sudden infanteayndre. e ms are doing well. in othin cta practp two-thirds, acceanmsf overall statistics, about 3,500 newborns die unexplained causes every year so these practices may not crack the case completely but they're very, very important in lowering that risk. >> what should parents know? >> the four premises, the four practice, if you take a look at this list, we call it back to sleep, so up fantasies should be sleeping on their back, something that is important that a lot of people didn't know about room-sharing is beneficial but bed sharing. avoiding any soft objects or bedding, toy, blankets and firm sleep surfaces like bassinets much better than a real mattress but, again, these practices can be really, really important in lowering the risk of sids. >> good reminder right there.
8:05 am
jen, thanks very much. coming up, more from prince harry and meghan markle in that brand-new documentary, opening up about archie's africa trip and a very special meeting. we're helping you get ready, get ahead of your holiday shopping. "good housekeeping" is revealing their best toy awards for all the little ones. and lara, what's going on upstairs? >> we're so excited to make someone's monday. we love this segment and have a surprise for an inspiring guidance counselor. there she is backstage. she has no idea there's a camera on her right now. i love when we do this. it's all coming up on "gma." did i mention the greatest audience in the biz. [ applause ] come on back. "gma" is coming up. up. [ applause ] so josh, you going for our drive safe and save discount? ♪ yup, using the app. driving safe. heh. you wanna go? wanna go bro? hey, uh, do not mess with my discount. woooo! you could save up to 30%. let's go!
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8:10 am
beer and shorter.r cmu insider tips from the head of waze and right now l us "pop news." i sure am. hi, everybody. so we're going to begin with jennifer lawrence and her news husband, cooke maroney, the happy couple did, in fact, tie the knot over the weekend, and though there are very few pictures of the actual day, she wore a custom beaded dior wedding gown. guests including j. law's dear friends emma stone, amy schumer, adele, sienna miller looking gorgeous in red, kris jenner was also there. there she is wearing formal wear with her man cory. ceremony held on the grounds of belcourt castle in newport, rhode island.
8:11 am
after the ceremony everyone went inside that mansion you see there for a lavish reception. we're told the newlyweds were the last to leave the party. they shut it down at 5:30 in the morning. good for them. you only live once. >> not bad. >> belcourt built in 1899 by the vanderbilt family. lows believed it was haunted until a shaman brought in the good juju, brought in to cleanse the energy. one thing for sure nothing but love and positivity there this weekend. congratulations to jennifer and cooke. [ applause ] no, i mean, so happy for them and it seems that their blackout worked. we don't have a lot of pictures and i was happy to just keep it that way. yeah. hey, also in "pop news" this morning, selena gomez is releasing new music this week posting this image to her 157 million followers on instagram with the caption, i needed to lose you to love me along with
8:12 am
the date 10/23. i'm seeing you, t.j., trying to formulate that. you get it, right? >> i've written that somewhere before yes. >> the latest clue that gomez's tease in the last five days. there was this short teaser that reads, i saw the signs and i ignored it, and then there was this cute shot of little selena that says, i gave it my all, and they all know it, and this one says, you promised the world. this is all very ominous, right? a source tells "e.t.," the new music is a different direction. it's a new side of personal. there is a lot of speculation that some are about her ex, justin bieber. maybe we'll know more when think music comes out this wednesday. can't wait to see and hear her sing again. they're good at marketing. i fall for it every time. every week i'm doing one of these. you're doing a good job. also in "pop news," last
8:13 am
friday we told you about lady gaga's scary fall late last week. here it is. this was so scary. gaga and a fan tumbled off the stage. that stage over six guys. during a sold out show in vegas. wow, she got right back up. hasn't let it slow her down. the superstar took to twitter to assure fans she's doing fine, but it was a close call writing, when they have to x-ray almost your entire di, her own lyrics, just dance, it's going to be okay. and kept a, quote, poker face. posting this photo write i might be in a lot of pain but i couldn't miss my best friend's bachelorette party. there she is back on stage not only saturday night but also sunday night for shows in which fans say she absolutely dazzled. so glad. she didn't have anything to brace herself. so glad she's okay. we are going to wrap quickly with this. katherine schwarzenegger is not much of a cook and her
8:14 am
new husband chris pratt is roasting her for it. check out this photo of what chris says was a bagel bite long ago wondering how this lump of coal he says, came out of the microwave like this when the directions clearly say it took just two minutes to do it right. even her brother patrick chimed in commenting that he was shaking his head at his sister's attempt, but katherine will have the last laugh. she simply posted looks like my plan to just have you do the cooking is working out very well. and that, everybody, is "pop news." [ applause ] >> all right, lara. thank you so much. we have our "gma" cover story now. more of our look at the behind-the-scenes documentary of the duke and duchess of sussex trip to africa with baby archie, the royal couple introducing him to the world stage and to one of thmo revered leaders. amy is back with that. >> reporter: yes, as promised, robin. harry and meghan were children
8:15 am
when apartheid ended in south afri africa, but both grew up learning the lessons of the racist system and now archie's education is beginning at an early age and cameras rolling as he met one of the people that brought that shameful era to an end. their time in africa was a ten-day nonstop family affair. 5-month-old baby archie joining his parents harry and meghan for the first official royal tour since he was born last may and while the world was following their every move -- >> it's inspiring to be here as a family on a trip like this to bring our baby. >> he was looking out the window. he found his voice.w he's bounc and making more noise now than he's ever made. he's smiling all the time. >> he is the happiest here that he's ever been.pecial access to the new mom and dad. meghan opened up to tom bradby about motherhood. >> hello. how are you? are you okay? >> yes. >> okay.
8:16 am
>> it's a lot with a 5-month-old. >> i was going to stay tiring. >> well, life is, right? but i think any mom can relate to that. >> yes, yes, of course. >> but he's doing really well. he's been sleeping really well. >> reporter: the littlest royal made his debut in cape town babbling happily as they introduced him to one of south africa's most revered icons and human rights activists, archbishop desmond tutu. greeted with open arms and lots of smiles by tutu and his daughter. tutu a recipient of the nobel peace prize for his efforts battling injustice and inequality widely respected in ending apartheid. the racial segregation in south africa in the '90s. >> we will be free! black and white together. >> reporter: that important meeting not lost on duchess meghan as she reflected its significance on her son to itv news tom bradby. >> i think archie will look back at that so many years and understand right at the
8:17 am
beginning of his life he was fortunate enough to have this moment with one of the best and most impactful leaders of our time so it's really spec >> now, abc news has confirmed harry and meghan will be taking some private family time towards the end of the year and part of it, robin, could be spent right here in the united states. i'm sure we might be covering that. >> i think so. i remember when meghan was here, she came here and was at the u.s. open. so nice she could walk around town and be with some of her friends like that. >> be with her friends, exactly. >> all right. you can see much more with the duke and duchess as an abc television event, "harry & meghan: an african journey" wednesday night, 10:00 p.m. eastern, 9 -- >> 9 central. >> here on abc. george? >> thanks, guys. now to our series baby battle where we look at the challenges of parenthood and this morning we're going to focus on tempertrums, and talk to constance simpson after diane macedo shows us how she helped one family dealing with meltdowns. >> here you go, buddy. >> reporter: audra bransgrove loves spending time with her son
8:18 am
william. >> what car is that? >> ferrari. >> reporter: with you over the summer, she says she noticed a change and her generally well behaved 3-year-old turned into a three-nager. >> no. >> he just started like tantrums all the time. there would be nights that he would be in his room and he would just be screaming. [ screaming ] temperament-wise it was just, like, oh my gosh. i do not know what has happened to my child. >> reporter: now with a new baby on the way, the 32-year-old mom is searching for solutions to tame the tantrums. >> every once in awhile, i talk to him as if he is an adult and i'm, like, william, why does everything have to be a battle? >> hi. >> reporter: so we called in nanny connie, the baby whisperer that a-listers like jessica biel, justin timberlake and jessica alba swear by. >> it's harder. >> they are even smarter and temper tantrums are just them
8:19 am
trying to be vocal and they can't be vocal or trying to get your attention and they can't get your attention and they feel like if i act out you'll come to my rescue even faster. >> reporter: nanny connie's baby battle game plan, use a star chart to reward positive behavior with stickers. >> they work so well with visuals and let him see today you did it all the way through and then when he gets it all the way through, well, mom, i achieved it this week. >> reporter: next set a timer to create a routine and parameters around play time. >> if he wants to play with his truck, okay, fine, you get 15 more minutes or you get five more minutes. set the timer with me. >> reporter: but if that timer leads to a tantrum, hit the snooze button. >> first ring, so now he knows i'm close to the end so that we just don't cut him off cold turkey. >> reporter: armed with her advice the bransgroves put it to the test. >> have you been doing good with your stickers? are we so proud? >> reporter: for "good morning america," diane macedo, abc
8:20 am
news, new york. >> thanks. we're joined by constance simpson author of "the nanny connie way." thanks for coming in. >> thank you. [ applause ]>> this is all abou tantrums before they start. >> yes, it is. i try to always enable my parents with the skills that they need because they are always looked at and i try to do it with jess and justin, for an example with having silence come along and being a little boy they'll act so so you want to be prepared as opposed to be in the situation and not be prepared and i can't tell you the number of times she said, thanks, nanny, that really worked because i cut it off at the pass. >> that's good news and audra and william, we just saw them in the piece, they're here in the front row. hey, hey, william. how is it going? >> say hi. >> so tell us how it worked for you. >> it's been going really well. it's definitely been a process of trial and error and figuring out what works for him but the
8:21 am
star chart at bedtime has revolutionized our bedtime routine. he's so happy to put the stickers on. that's reward enough for him so it's been really great. >> that's great and you actually have something to add to the star chart. in time-out as oosed to putting ur because s e so overwhel have our time-out box then you feel like, okay, the child can earn it back, so you put the [ au ] then they earn it back. >> they earn it back. >> so now they're learning like for every action there is a reaction. >> now, even the best laid plans don't always work. >> they don't. >> so you're out in public. >> amen. >> there's a meltdown, what do you do? >> well, if it's a short run, take them to the car.
8:22 am
somewhere where you can have your -- i would say your come to jesus and if that doesn't work in the car then you shut it down and you head home and you start all over. that's the part of being a parent. you can't always go out and do everything you want to do. so you have to take the good with the bad. >> great advice. thanks for coming in. thanks to you all as well. >> thank you. let's go to ginger. [ applause ] >> you know we have got a "gma" moment we have got to get to, and this one comes to us from rhode island. this is little michaela mae much like me when i think of my first piece of chocolate. >> smell it. what does it smell like? smell it. >> it smells chocolate. chocolate! chocolate. >> that is her first hershey kiss. how we all feel every time. especially this time of year with all the candy around. please take a moment. put your "gma" moments on my
8:23 am
[ applause ] now we've got something for you here. a lot of people out there, kids on your holiday list, get ready. right now "good housekeeping" is revealing its annual best toy award. >> so good. "good housekeeping" chief technology expert rachel rothman is here to tell us about this year's winner. we welcome you. >> thank you. >> exciting. >> how do you come up with the best toys? are you looking for stuff innovative, the safety, what kids like most? >> it's everything. exactly. we're first vetting it for safety and making sure it meets all the standards, and then we assemble them all and make sure
8:24 am
they're well-constructed and durable, and we want to make sure they're delivering on all the skills and we bring in the ultimate deciders, the kids, to help us decide that fun factor. >> i don't know if you can see all of our scientists over here hard at work in the lab. [ applause ] >> the first toy is toys under 20. i love these categories because a lot of times there's a lot of creativity involved. you can see that happening right here. >> exactly. so this one from crayola, spin and spiral art station, two in one. they can do spin art on one side and spiral art on the other and layer on top of each other. two kids playing at once and c love that it doesn't require. >> all right. >> $20 for kids 6 and up. >> okay. let's go to our $50 category now. is this -- >> $30. >> this one is 30.
8:25 am
>> only $30 so a go glam nail stamper so you can see i did my nails. so with this one it is sample to use, paint on nail polish. you can pick from five different designs. i did the hearts, but there's unicorns and cup cakes. you put on a top coat. you're good to go. >> they are taking this seriously. >> a diy nail art kit at home. >> what about this doctor's office? >> this one is -- >> the doctors are in the house. >> doctors are in the house. there you go. so this one is a splurge at $200 but it is so well constructed. it is by melissa and doug for kids 3 and up. multiple kids can play together on it. i have two kids at home already. you can spin it around. there's a reception area. there is the place where the doctor is going to take the appointments and great for
8:26 am
teaching kids empathy and role play if you go to the doctor and may be nervous. you can have them and play with their friends taking turns being the doctor or the nurse or the receptionist. intricate details so the blood pressure monitor, a sink and credit card machine for your co-pay. >> rachel, for your co-pay. kids, you have to learn at some point. how many toys are on the list? >> there's over 25 toys and we have it at different ages, different prices and for different skills. so creative and all these different things. >> rachel -- >> something for everyone. >> thank you so much. alec baldwin here live up next. [ applause ]
8:27 am
0i89d egg zblncht good morning. we have an exciting guest join ing us on abc 7 new us midday live. ronan farrow will be here live in the studio at 11:30 a.m. the journalist is promoting his long awaited new book. about his journey for scovering and reporting harvey weinstein's sexual misconduct and attempts to silence him. now to traffic. >> we are following a motorcycle crash on the san matteo bridge here. you can the westbound lane there. it's starting to pick up. a tow truck on the scene. we know they're going to be removing the motorcycle, but it's still going to be slower the closer you get to san matteo. that's why i want to show you
8:28 am
this. 18 miles per hour. westbound 92 before the 101
8:29 am
we all have things we love and long for. a place, a feeling, a moment. but only kerrygold can take you there. to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for the most delicious taste imaginable. that's no ordinary cheese. no. it's kerrygold. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. mornin and we're on our way to a warm . 78 oakland. >> we have another update in
8:30 am
about 30 minutes and always on our new app and abc ♪ur new app and abc >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> that was the brand-new trailer for "star wars: the rise of skywalker" premieres tonight during "monday night football." that was just a little snippet. you can see the entire trailer monday night football on espn. you don't want to mi it. and i really want to introduce you to a fine young man right there in the front row, his name is king. he has been dealing with cancer since [ applause ] king strong. hey, wait a minute.
8:31 am
today is his last day of chemo! [ cheers and applause ] so proud of you and thank you, tommy. one of our stage members. he was at our concert over the summer and invited him to the studio for his last day. [ applause ] we're so excited to bring out our next guest, talented versatile actor. you know him from "30 rock," "saturday night live," big movies like "the departed" and "it's complicated" now starring in "motherless brooklyn," please welcome alec baldwin. [ applause ] ♪ go [ applause ] >> how are you? nice to see you, dear. how are you? [ applause ] why am i sitting between you and
8:32 am
him and not -- why am i sitting next to you. >> go over there. i don't care. >> he starts right in. >> on the ropes right away. >> can we say congratulations, you and your beautiful wife expecting your fifth child together. number five. [ applause ] i love the gender reveal. >> my wife had them all -- she bought -- these arrive in a box. you'll see, you'll see. and they made all these dolls and they under wrap the doll and if it's pink or blue -- the dolls were pink to tell everybody we're having a girl. our fifth child is a girl. >> congratulation. >> my daughter carmen is elated because she has a sister. >> five kids and what's the age range? >> ah. i knew sitting next to you would be tricky. 6, 4, 3, 1 and now we're having another one. five kids in 6 1/2, 7 years,
8:33 am
yeah. yeah. we're tired. [ laughter ] >> every year you do something has . wl, come , ye.'ti that on. i'm going to wear it but i put in my protest in writing to the halloween commission. >> i you try to take the whole family on a statue of liberty tour. >> right, right, right. >> got scammed and created real change. >> what's interesting is my wife, i was -- i went somewhere and i said to her i'll meet you down on south ferry by the staten island ferry and she called, no, no, no, i met these people here. we can get tickets and go on a trip to go around the statue and i go, okay.
8:34 am
i lived in new york for 40 years and i'm like, okay, okay. >> never heard that have. >> i walk over and meet them and the guy is like, here's your tickets, can you wait in line over there. it's two blocks down over there. and you walk and get in line. anyway, it's a long convoluted process. i go up to the guy and go, why is it taking so long for the bus to take us to the boat? he goes, well, the boat is in new jersey. >> i looked at my wife like -- did you hear what he said, honey, the boat is in new jersey? so i think that she didn't know how the game is played here in new york. yeah, go down there. you wait down there. down there. anyway but people called us and said that this is something that happens and i don't think my wife really -- my wife is very -- what's the word? humanistic. i was going to say naive. trusting. would -- [ laughter ] >> change here.
8:35 am
>> i don't believe what happened e'a guy -- i don't want to promote anybody but this guy from the one -- the biggest most popular legit boat tour of the statue of liberty and his office calls my office. tell mr. baldwin when he comes down we'll give him a free ride any time he wants. come on down. [ applause ] >> that's new york. after 40 years you get that. >> hey, "motherless brooklyn," "motherless brooklyn," set in the '50s here in new york city. you did some filming around your apartment, didn't you? >> like around -- whenever people say someone once told me years ago, think michael fox. when the script comes to him and says open on the skyline of manhattan, he says i'm in. he says, i'll do the movie because he wanted to stay home with his wife and kids. this was shot in new york and we did shoot locations all around downtown but the other thing is that, you know, edward norton, everybody in the business admires him.
8:36 am
he's so talented. so smart and he's smart in the way you have to be to put a movie together. that's a hard thing to do. i directed a movie once and hated every minute of it. it's a lot of work,ery difficult and edward is so good we're learning how to do'm jan. at eight and he did such a great job and then also when yhe ♪ first thing you say is, literally, you know, not how much money or the schedule, you say who is in it? the first thing you say is who is in it, they said cherry jones and willem and bruce and edward and gugu and patha who is stunning and wonderful in the film. i said i'm in. i just wanted to be in a movie with those people. >> above the law, is that it? >> no. i'm just ahead of it. >> what's the difference? >> the law is a rule book we make for the times we find ourselves in. you rebuild the city in my experience the law will follow you and adapt to what you do. >> a lot of people like to see the way it is. who are you rebuilding it for. >> the people to come.
8:37 am
50, 100 years from now, what will matter of what we've done now, what will help people to make science fiction real? [ applause ] ththing i love about is , they always say the same line which is if it's a good movie everybody is right. and if you listen to my character as play a robert mose of city planning knocking down >> i did not think you were neighborhoods -- like moses, going to make it. changing the course of the city and so forth and i'm also the >> announcer: cameron douglas, his life. >> there are no words for the heartbreak. bad guy who's done bad things >> announcer: now after being released from prison cameron and edward has tourette's douglas. >> you shot cocaine into your neck? syndrome but he has a variant >> yes. >> announcer: faces his demons. not like i always tell meme like >> you had a gun, police swarmed amy pole in "deuce bigalow" and you reached for the gun. where you thought thank you, >> announcer: the diane sour thank you. you're right there with me and interview event. thank you. >> kind of miracle, you're okay. where you say horrible things >> announcer: tomorrow night at but edward is one where he rearranges the words of people 10:00 on abc. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." he's speaking to so people we have such a sweet make your
8:38 am
underestimate him. he's a detective in the new york rety police department. yeah, ye, a don't pay attention and he's the guy that solves the crime. >> such a layered film and great cast. >> did a great job. [ applause ] >> more or less mothe "motherless brooklyn" is in theaters november 1st and technology has something backstage. what do you got? [ applause ] >> okay, george, robin, lara, >> i got something cooking. we usually go out and surprise let's get the surprise going. >> time to make someone's monday people to make their mondays, well we brought somebody in to surprising a wonderful guidance our studio. they think they're here for one counselor from frederick reason but here for a huge douglass academy. >> her name is sharrell matta surprise and we are about to and she is backstage with a group of students. they think they're here on a make her monday. stay with us. [ applause ] "gma" tour. >> what she doesn't know, t.j. is about to walk in and surprise them all. >> this has been the worst tour ever. we have just been wasting our time. in our weather office. hey, good morning, gang. >> hi. >> how is itmatt where is sharrell matta? >> right here. >> okay, how has the tour been going? >> okay. >> it hasn't been a tour.
8:39 am
what it's been, you see that hidden camera we have up there. >> yes. >> you see, sharrell matta, you are live on "good morning america" right now, all of you are. the more things in your home you make yourself, and you're here because you're the more it feels like your home. students and everyone wanted to honor you. i need you to come with me right there's something just really special now. come, come, come, come, come, about putting in our own time, sweat, blood, tears come. so that wasn't really the tour. into our home. where are the kids? come on kids. come on kids. everybody follow me. the tour was just a ruse. you're not really here for a tour. you are here so we can honor you. [ cheers and applause ] >> on "good morning america." now, come here. come here. don't get shy on me. come here. come here. now, did you have any idea that something was up? >> no, no idea at all. >> okay, you didn't know what was up but we want our audience to know what's up and why it was important for us to bring you here and make you for your supp. you're always there for me.
8:40 am
>> reporter: the students at frederick douglass academy 2 know they are can count on thei mrs. sharrell matta and just listen to how they talk about her. >> she was more of a mom than a guidance counselor. >> got my back and be the person or the woman that i want to become. >> she was the one who made me feel comfortable when i first came to this school. >> i personally want to thank you for trying your hardest and putting your all into all of us. >> reporter: over the past five years mrs. matta has been giving her all tirelessly raising money to organize college events, spirit week and special school trips. her investment in the students is paying off. last year she hosted the first ever college decision day celebrating 100% college acceptance among other students. >> i'm a sophomore at the college of broadport. without you i wouldn't be here. >> hey, miss matta, i'm here
8:41 am
because of you and grateful for alt your help. >> reporter: mrs. matta believes in her students inspiring them to simply believe in themselves. >> thank you, miss matta. love you. [ cheers and applause ] sometimes it's nice and sometimes i feel mean for doing it like this. congrats. you're here because they have a story to tell about you. hearing them talk about you like that. >> wow, i mean this is completely amazing. i was completely shocked. i had no idea. i thought we were just doing a tour. we were just so happy and excited to be here to see your lovely establishment and -- >> enjoying the tour? >> enjoying the tour completely. this is amazing. thank you guys so much. thank you. >> you all just in a word how special is this lady? >> all: very special. >> whoo. >> i think what got a lot of people in the piece your whole story but the fact that 100% went to college. got them into college. >> thank you.
8:42 am
[ applause ] changing lives and so many are first in their families to go to college. >> like myself i'm a first generation college student and i take pride in my city and i initially worked in brooklyn. now i'm in harlem and been a school counselor going on 12 years now so this is such a rewarding job for me especially considering, youknow, ionor my students as i honor my three children, you know, like i have my babies as well. i do everything in my power to make sure that they're happy and making sure that they get exposure in learning from rigor, of course, but -- >> what's the secret to 100%. >> i have a great team. it's all about collaboration. we work diligently with miss rodriguez and miss colato from nyu, and we collaborate. we work closely together to make sure the students get what they
8:43 am
need. >> our principal is here. >> i know you talk about your babies and babies at home. you're getting a break from the babies today. we're going to make your day. ause ]e leaving >> so you are getting a full spa treatment today at mynd s spa & salon. no not kidding. we'll take you to banana republic and get a whole new wardrobe today. yes. and you know what, kids, we're not leaving y'all out either. you know what y'all are getting? just pizza but still -- [ laughter ] it's something. take it. >> a pizza party. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> this is real and this is happening now. you got to go. there is a limo waiting on you outside? >> really? are you serious? [ cheers and applause ]
8:44 am
>> oh. thank you so much. >> congrats. >> bye. [ applause ] >> thank you, guys. >> send us your nominations to "good morning america."
8:45 am
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nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. we are so happy to be back with oscar nominated actress, you know her from "moonlight" and the james bond films now starring in the new action thriller "black and blue." give it up for naomie harris. about to star in your third bond movie. your director from "moonlight" apparently always wanted to do a moneypenny stand-alone movie. >> he's wanted to do a bad ass, kick ass kind of action thing
8:47 am
with moneypenny which i'm all for. >> i am too. >> and got together with barbara broccoli and said let's make this happen but she wasn't so down with it but maybe one day. who knows. the conversation is started at least and we're continuing it here so who knows. >> you play some very strong characters that sometimes have to show some aggression. >> yes. >> you have been to anger management classes but not for the reason -- >> everybody is shocked. >> not for the reason people would think. you went to find some anger. >> yeah, no, i have the anger. i have issues with expressing it in everyday life. yeah, i like stuff it down. i swallow it all and hurt myself, you know. so i wanted to release it but the only thing was i didn't realize obviously in i go to an anger management class there will be all these angry people and have to deal with their anger so it was a little stressful i have to say. >> you needed to find it. in this you play a rookie cop and you witness a fellow officer murder a drug dealer, yeah.
8:48 am
and a bad cop comes after you. this is an intense role for you. >> it's very intense. >> did that management training come in handy? did you find your inner anger? >> a found a lot of anger, yes. i needed it. i really needed it. it's such a roller coaster ride of a movie. you're on the edge of your seat literally the whole movie because it's 12 hours with her on the run and i started off this movie and they said to me you're not going to have to do any stunts. we're gel a stunt double to do everything for you and i started the movie and once i signed the contract, oh, we just want to you jump from here to here and jump out of this window and i ended up doing all these crazy stunts. it's insane. >> let's see what you do in this clip, at least. >> are you okay? you look like hell. where is your ride at. >> it's a long story. >> all right, come on. let's get you out of here. are you injured? come on, we got you.
8:49 am
>> we found her. we got her. >> it's all right. we got you. west, hey. don't be stupid, west. all he wants is the body cam. [ cheers and applause ] >> you are not kidding. action plaqued. "black and blue" opens nationwide friday in theaters. thank you for joining us. see you in so much more as we said. go, moneypenny. meanwhile over to keke, sara, the whole gang. what's coming up this afternoon. >> oh, my gosh. so much. first of all that "black and blue" looks good. in this man in a man's world it sends woman undercover as men and sara and i are obsessed with it, the voice, the coaching, the complete transformation. we did it. i want you guys to take a look. ♪ >> good-bye sara, hello, sean. >> good-bye keke and hello
8:50 am
kelan. i've been ready for the word since the beginning. >> let's do it. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> and then we took to the streets of new york so you have all our undercover adventures. >> isn't it fun dressing up -- >> it was very fun. i really got into my vibe. >> it was tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to mateo, my favorite chair. grace, you get the beach house... just don't leave the lights on, okay? to craig, this rock.
8:51 am
to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 am
the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
good morning. here's drew with your forecast. sfwl looking outside right now, it is gorgeous. a live look from our east bay hills camera. baby blue skies, not a cloud to be seen. teps are declining. oakland in the low 60s at 61 degrees. later today, tons of sunshine, warm. 74 high in the city.
8:56 am
up to 78 in oakland, 88 in santa rosa and 85 in >> if you are taking muni, starting today through the end of the year, f market b and e lines will start at pier 39. bus shuttles will be b provided between pier 39 and fisherman's wharf and no major incidents on the roadways so here's a beautiful look at the bridge. >> time now for kelly and ryan. our reporting continues now and on our app and >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, writer, producer, and host of "jimmy kimmel live," jimmy kimmel. and from the new film, "black and blue," naomie harris. plus, "the inbox." "live."
8:57 am
and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hello! [cheers and applause] good morning.
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