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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 29, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. as we join you this tuesday morning, the first white house official on that phone call with ukraine will break with the president and testify on impeachment. defying president trump. a national security officer, iraq war purple heart, will testify at congress today. the first white house official on that phone call between president trump and ukraine's leader to sound the alarm, calling it damaging to u.s. interests. all this as the house sets the first official vote on impeachment. raging inferno. firefighters racing against the clock to contain hundreds of blazes across california before the worst santa ana winds of the year move in just hours from now. and the new video emerging -- >> go, go, go, go!
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go. come on. >> the good samaritans helping get families to safety as those wicked flames close in. terror takedown. the new discoveries from that daring raid to take out the leader of isis. the prisoners captured and the hero dog who helped corner the world's most wanted terrorist. the college student now charged with manslaughter accused of driving her boyfriend to take his life. what prosecutors say her more than 40,000 text messages reveal. abc news exclusive. the balloon boy ten years later. the family behind the infamous hoax that captivated the country now speaking out only on "gma" this morning. ♪ he did the monster mash fright night in the ballroom. the tricks, the treats and shocking elimination. the fan favorite sent packing, going out in style. we're behind the scenes with it all.
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good morning, america. it is great to have you with us on this tuesday morning. >> happy tuesday to everybody, and it is a busy one here. we've got a lot of news to get to this morning. out west of course they are facing those devastating wildfires across california. firefighters battling the flames, racing to contain the blaze before the biggest santa ana wind event of the year moves in just a few hours from now. >> that's in california and the impeachment battle is heading into a new phase on capitol hill this morning. house speaker nancy pelosi has set the first formal vote on impeachment. investigators will hear for the first time from a white house official on that trump phone call with ukraine's leader. the decorated army colonel will testify that he twice warned about inappropriate pressure to investigate the president's political rivals. mary bruce starts us off. >> reporter: good morning. his name is lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, a decorated
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war veteran, served in the army for more than two decades, describes himself as a patriot and says it was a sense of duty and obligation that he felt the need to go to his superiors with his concerns about what he was hearing not once but twice. this morning on capitol hill a key witness who listened in on the call at the center of this impeachment inquiry will tell investigators he was so concerned about by what he heard, he feared it would undermine u.s. national security. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, a decorated combat veteran and top ukraine expert on the national security council, he's the first white house official to testify who heard the phone call between president trump and ukrainian president zelensky when trump demanded ukraine investigate his political rival, joe biden. according to his opening statement obtained by abc news, vindman will tell investigators i did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen, and i was worried about the implications for the u.s. government's support of ukraine. vindman was also troubled by comments made by gordon
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sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the european union and a key figure in this ukraine investigation. vindman will testify that during a meeting in the weeks before that call sondland started to speak about ukraine delivering specific investigations in order to secure a meeting with the president. i stated to ambassador sondland that his statements were inappropriate, that the request to investigate biden and his son had nothing to do with national security. vindman reported both his concerns about sondland and what he heard on the call to his superior, saying he was acting out of a sense of duty. colonel vindman insisting it is my sacred duty and honor to advance and defend our country. irrespective of party or politics. vindman said it was his priority to keep the u.s. relationship with ukraine on track and said he was directed by his superiors, including
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then national security adviser john bolton, to draft a memo that thought to restart the millions of dollars in security aid being withheld from ukraine but vindman says the president refused to sign it. george? >> that is coming up this morning, mary. meantime, house speaker nancy pelosi, after weeks of pressure, has now said there will be a formal house vote to lay out the procedure for impeachment. >> reporter: this vote on thursday will outline what comes next including the procedures for public hearings. now, unlike in the past, it is likely that staff lawyers, not just committee members, will be doing some of the questioning. this vote will also outline what rights the white house has in this process. republicans of course for weeks have been insisting that this investigation go public, that there are open hearings. this move now is in part an attempt by democrats to try and pressure on republicans in a box. >> the goal is now a final vote by christmas? >> reporter: george, it seems that we are on track to see those public hearings beginning
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next month. >> okay, mary bruce, thanks very much. michael? >> thank you, george. we're going to turn now to those dangerous wildfires blazing out west. firefighters are trying to gain ground and contain the hundreds of fires burning before the biggest santa ana wind event of the year moves in. our senior correspondent matt gutman is in los angeles with the very latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. hard to imagine but this house has been on fire for over 24 hours hours. you can see the firefighters trying to punch holes inside the house to get water in there. you can see it's already stting to collapse and of course this is halloween, you can see the decorations out. all of that stuff is fuel. now, firefighters managed to save most of this neighborhood but i want to give you a sense of the scale of the destruction here in this part of brentwood. you can see firefighters in there. they're actually still working to put out a hot spot inside. i want to give you a sense of how hot this fire burned here. nothing left of this house except for the stone walls surrounding the house. now, the fire has laid down some overnight but there's a lot of work left to be done. overnight, firefighters battling fatigue and those hot spots.
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>> they had to make some tough decisions on which houses they were able to protect. >> reporter: 25,000 los angeles residents under evacuation orders, some given as little as 15 minutes to leave their homes. >> it was a neighbor who rang the doorbell and said we got to evacuate, we got to get out right this minute. >> reporter: l.a.'s mayor eric garcetti telling us -- >> some of the largest most spaced out homes in l.a., the canyons in between are the ones that are really intense. >> reporter: the getty fire started near the famed museum right off the normally crammed 405 freeway, then racing towards some of the most expensive real estate in the country. with the fire crawling uphill, the sky glowing that eerie orange. living on one of the hardest hit streets, lebron james tweeted that he and his family were evacuated in the middle of the night. arnold schwarzenegger also getting out, tweeting that the firefighters are the true action heros.
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mount st. mary's university, an island in a sea of fire. students reuniting with their parents. >> it was pretty scary. 2:30 in the morning you don't expect a phone call from your daughter at school. >> reporter: we accompanied those exhausted crews to remote fire lines in what now looks like a moonscape around brentwood, relief coming from above. helicopters are pounding this fire from the air and on the ground. they have these firefighters here trying to cut lines because this part of los angeles is so incredibly remote. in northern california, fire crews gaining some ground on the massive kincade fire, up to 15% containment now. and we're seeing dramatic new images this morning of another fire just outside sacramento, a good samaritan helping cars escape, directing vehicles through this torn open fence. those cars escaping from the highway, driven through the separated fence onto a dirt field, fleeing as the flames burn behind them. i just spoke to the commissioner
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here who said that over the next 12 hours to 18 hours the worst winds, not this year but of the past couple of years, are expected. he said there is a real potential for disaster here in los angeles. that's the reason that those 25,000 people are going to remain evacuated. cecilia? >> so tough to hear. okay, matt, thank you. and those firefighters on the front lines will get a slight break today but it will not last very long. rob marcia is in los angeles with more. rob, you've been talking to these crews. the conditions are just brutal for them. >> reporter: it's been a rough couple of weeks here in california, cecilia, for these firefighters. now they have a fire inside the city of los angeles which means more people, more structures they need to protect. they are heroes, but they're humans. they're battling fatigue and this is tough, dangerous work. they have to get snippets of
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sleep wherever they can and not in some cushy hotel room. but in a parking lot of the ucla campus. they want to get a hand on this fire before tonight comes. i talked the assistant fire chief who said it may look the fire's out but it could easily get explosive. cecelia? >> they are true heros and we are wishing them well. rob, thank you. let's head to ginger with more on the santa ana winds moving in. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, cecelia. it's really the position of this high pressure system which by the way brought record cold from salt lake city to denver. today is going to be the worst day for northern california. you can see gusts 30 to 60 miles per hour sacramento to redding but tomorrow is really when it settles in. it's after midnight tonight for southern california. here's what's been happening, it's all about the wind shift so we've had these onshore winds today. this morning, i've already seen in southern california some of the relative humidity numbers in
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that, say, 30% to 65% which is very high compared to what's going to happen tonight when the wind shifts. you see them turn orange? that's when they're going to come from east to west over those mountain ranges. the relative humidity is going to fall out the bottom, 3% to 10%. when they come through the mountain passes, san gabriel, santa ana mountain passes, you compress air, you speed it up, up to 80-mile-per-hour gusts. george. >> okay, ginger, thanks very much. we're learning new details on the raid that took down isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. the other terrorists captured, the intelligence uncovered and the military dog who helped track down baghdadi himself. our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz tracking it. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning. george. this morning, the u.s. has two of baghdadi's men in detention and two isis intelligence all taken from the scene of that dramatic raid that left dead the leader of the group responsible for some of the most brutal atrocities of this generation. all that remains of baghdadi's secret hideaway, a pile of rubble.
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u.s. cruise missiles, bombs and drone-launched hellfire missiles leveling this structure after the army's elite delta force raid left the isis leader dead. >> he was a sick and depraved man and now he's dead. he's dead. he's dead as a doornail. and he didn't die bravely either, i will tell you that. >> reporter: baghdadi cornered by the commandos in an underground tunnel with this military dog, a belgian malinois, in pursuit. the photo, declassified and tweeted by president trump. baghdadi detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and three children and slightly wounding the dog. president trump claiming baghdadi was whimpering and crying in the tunnel, even though that was not seen in the situation room where the national security team watched live feeds of the raid with the
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president. >> i know the president had planned to talk down to the unit and unit members, but i don't know what the source of that was. but i assume it was talking directly to the unit and unit members. >> you haven't talked to any unit members who have described that to you? >> i have not talked to unit members, no, that's correct. >> reporter: baghdadi's remains are now at sea, buried, said chairman millie, appropriately after positive dna identification, but the delta force also managed to pull intelligence from the rubble during the two hours on site and prisoners. >> there were two adult males taken off the objective alive. they are in our custody. >> reporter: men that could provide vital information about the future of isis now that the leader is dead. and we have also learned that isis suffered another blow shortly after the baghdadi raid. one of his right-hand men, his spokesman, was killed in an air strike. michael? >> thank you so much, martha.
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and now to the urgent search for that missing alabama college student. police releasing a new clue, surveillance video of 19-year-old aniah blanchard the night she disappeared. steve osunsami has the very latest. >> reporter: alabama police this morning are sharing this security video from a convenience store that shows this missing college student shortly before she vanished. 19-year-old aniah blanchard is seen here wednesday, october 23rd, just minutes before she's seen driving away in her dark suv. she hasn't been seen since, and authorities are hoping someone sees or remembers something helpful in the video. blanchard's father is a minister in birmingham and says his daughter's disappearance is out of character. >> she would never just not contact somebody and let them know what she's doing. >> reporter: agents with the fbi, the u.s. marshal service and homeland security are all helping with the search. authorities found her suv but no sign of the young woman. about 50 miles away from her home in the parking lot of this apartment complex in montgomery, alabama, the front right side
7:15 am
was covered in scratches and dents. >> she was a very organized young lady. she would get up in the morning real early and she would go to bed kind of early. >> reporter: blanchard is also the stepdaughter of professional fighter walt harris with the ufc. the heavyweight champ went on social media platforms begging for help. the missing young woman was a student at southern union state community college. friends of this missing young woman who saw her the night she disappeared say that nothing appeared wrong. >> okay, steve, thank you. we turn to the fallout from the resignation of house democrat katie hill. she's fighting for her reputation after resigning in the face of an ethics investigation into her relationship with a staffer, sparking a debate now about double standards. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: questions are swling this morning in the wake of the resignation of first
7:16 am
term congresswoman katie hill. the 32-year-old from california's 25th district was facing an ethics investigation into allegations she had a relationship with a member of her congressional staff, an allegation she denies, though hill does admit to a sexual relationship with a campaign staffer. >> i'm hurt. i'm angry. the path that i saw so clearly for myself is no longer there. >> reporter: hill, who's in the midst of a nasty divorce, released a statement over the weekend announcing her resignation, calling her husband abusive and accusing him of leaking naked pictures of her that were later posted online. on monday, she pledged to battle revenge porn in this video to her supporters. >> i will fight to ensure that no one else has to live through what i just experienced. some people call this electronic assault, digital exploitation. others call it revenge porn. as the victim of it, i call it one of the worst things that we can do to our sisters and daughters. >> reporter: some are now calling her resignation a double standard. overnight, 2020 presidential contender kamala harris told buzzfeed news that she, quote, respected hill's decision to resign but said let's also speak
7:17 am
the truth that men and women are not held to the same standards, adding, i mean, look at who's in the white house. some are also pointing to representative duncan hunter, the california congressman remained in office despite the allegation that he used taxpayer dollars. now hunter has pleaded not guilty. we reached out to hill for -- hill's husband for comment but have not heard back. >> thank you, linsey. we're going to turn now to do or die night on the baseball field. the houston astros are just one win away from taking home their second world series title ever. they're up three games to two against the washington nationals and they're playing tonight's game in texas but with a little twist. neither team has won a home game yet during the series. remember this national's fan who went viral on sunday night's game, with this catch, sacrificing his chest. he was not going to mess up those beers to get the ball. bud light, they liked what they saw, and they are sending him to tonight's game in houston. >> well deserved.
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>> that's all it takes, right? >> take one for the team. we are following a lot of other stories this morning including that shocking suicide by a college student in boston. why his girlfriend is now facing charges. we'll talk about what the more than 40,000 text messages reveal. and the hero dogs help take down terrorists. we've got an inside look. but first let's head back to ginger. this is crazy video in montana, more than a half foot of snow reported there. pu the crazy part is, they're going to see windchills of 20 to 30 below zero. that's going to dig deep. denver seeing more snow during the winter storm warning. the warnings go all the way to kansas city, the advisories at least for some of the snow that's going to slide across in perfect time for a spooky, snowy halloween for some. your local weather in 30 seconds. first tuesday trivia sponsored by jeep gladiator.
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm kumasi aaron from "abc7 mornings." high winds today will make it difficult for the firefighters battling the kincade fire in sonoma county. they say that it is 75,000 acres burned and 15% contained. some evacuations have been lifted for parts of sonoma county. and pg&e shutoffs are to impact 270,000 customers. napa and sonoma counties have started to lose power at 7:00 a.m. and this is the san mateo bridge, and things are moving smoothly there, but when you are
7:24 am
on the other side of the bridge, there is a motorcycle crash that i want people to be aware of. we will get more information on that for you. a head's up for the commuters. in south morin and sonoma, there will be no trains because of the pg&e shutoffs, and others will operate o
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balloon boy, and you remember this. this is ten years later now, and what he and his family is talking about the story that captured the nation's attention. and
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the only one to combine a safe sleep aid. and the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. so...magic mornings happen. there's a better choice. aleve pm. look outside. they are waiting for you. >> welcome back to "gma" and that's the new trailer for the highly anticipated "star wars, mandalorian." new characters to follow. the trailer premiered last night and it already has more than 2 million views online and so many fans are excited for it to launch on disney plus, and that is happening november the 12th. you can see the whole trailer on our website. >> i love how we now have trailer premieres. >> yes. >> the trailer for the trailer. looking forward to that. we have top headlines we're following this morning.
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high-stakes testimony getting under way on capitol hill. the first u.s. official on that phone call with ukraine is now brack -- breaking with president trump to testify. he called the phone call, quote, damaging to u.s. interests. also right now, firefighters battling wildfires up and down california, racing to contain the blaze before the biggest santa ana wind event moves in in just a few hours. we have a nice update to a story that reese witherspoon brought us yesterday in "pop news" when she and jennifer aniston were here. jake arsenault who posed in a hot dog costume for his school i.d., go figure, oscar meyer was impressed also and they decided to give him a ride to the movies in the weinermobile. and that is a day's work. we're going to switch gears right now for that legal battle in boston where a college student has been charged with manslaughter, accused of driving her boyfriend to suicide. prosecutors are examining more than 40,000 text messages she sent him saying they detail a record of abuse. eva pilgrim here with the story.
7:32 am
good morning, eva. >> good morning. this should have been one of the happiest days of this young man's life. instead, with his family in town less than two hours before his graduation, alexander urtula took his own life and now authorities are blaming his girlfriend. >> reporter: a former boston college student now facing charges for encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life. >> ms. you made demands and threats with the understanding that she had complete and total control over mr. urtula, both mentally and emotionally. >> reporter: prosecutors say 21-year-old inyoung you was physically, verbally and psychologically abusive to her boyfriend, alexander urtula, during the couple's 18-month long relationship. according to authorities, much of that documented in their phones, including some 75,000 texts between them in just two months. more than 47,000 of them from her, some urging him to, quote, go kill himself, go die.
7:33 am
>> thousands of times, hundreds of times certainly, in the 47,000 text messages, yes, there were many, many instances where she instructed him to do so. >> reporter: just 90 minutes before urtula's graduation from boston college in may, he came to this parking garage to end his life, and authorities say he was not alone. >> ms. you was tracking mr. urtula's location as she frequently did on her phone. she went to the garage and, in fact, was present when mr. urtula jumped to his death. >> reporter: inyoung you now facing charges for involuntary manslaughter. these allegations echoing another massachusetts case. >> ms. carter, a guilty finding. >> reporter: in 2017 michelle carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after sending hundreds of texts to her boyfriend, conrad roy, encouraging him to take his life. ultimately he did. carter is now serving 15 months in prison.
7:34 am
now, what complicates this case is that the young woman now charged with his death is currently not in the u.s. but back home in south korea. prosecutors say they're cautiously optimistic she'll return but if she doesn't they say there are a number of ways to extradite her back. george? >> eva, thanks very much. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. of course michelle carter was convicted. this case similar? >> we don't know a lot of the facts here. in the michelle carter case she literally encouraged him again and again to go back in even when he seemed to not want to go forward with committing suicide. that was an incriminating fact. she didn't call anyone to try to help him when she knew that he was dying. that was an incriminating fact. what we don't know here is how involved was she. we know she was at the parking garage and we know that prosecutors say she had a legal duty to help. not sure exactly what that means. the question is going to be what beyond the text messages, was she literally there as he was standing there, egging him on, et cetera.
7:35 am
these are the sorts of questions that have to be answered. >> carter's lawyers of course say this is a classic free speech issue but the courts have to decide, can words kill? >> right. in the carter case the u.s. supreme court is now deciding on whether to hear that case, and what makes it unique and this case, meaning together, is that both these cases it seems the allegation is words alone, that just based on words they were charged with involuntary manslaughter and the ultimate question becomes, a, can you cause someone's death just by words and, b, should it be protected by the first amendment? >> dan abrams, thanks very much. michael? now to more on that hero dog that helped take down the leader of isis, part of an elite group of k9s trained at a very young age. stephanie ramos is here with more. good morning, stephanie. >> michael, good morning. there are nearly 2,000 dogs on assignment with service members from every branch of the military, some of those dogs in
7:36 am
special operations units working to complete some very dangerous missions. >> reporter: the delta force team on a top-secret mission in syria to find the world's most wanted terrorist had this dog by their side, a belgian malinois. we don't know his identity -- >> we're not releasing the name of the dog right now. >> reporter: -- but we do know it's special and being called a hero in the military operation that ended in the death of isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. >> military working dog. providing a variety of services, like they all do. >> reporter: white house officials tell abc news the dog will likely get an official invite to the white house. >> a dog, a beautiful dog, a talented dog. we had nobody even hurt, and that's why the dog was so great. >> reporter: military working dogs with special operation units are capable of doing more than the average military working dog. these are dogs that parachute
7:37 am
out of military aircraft, many of them equipped with goggles, infrared live cameras, waterproof body gear that will be resistant to bullets, shrapnel and knife attacks. the dog used in sunday's raid isn't the first belgian malinois to take part in a large scale terrorist operation. in 2011, cairo, the same breed, worked with the navy's s.e.a.l. team six to find and kill al qaeda leader osama bin laden. his service immortalized on the silver screen in the film "zero dark thirty." these military working dogs proving to be more than just man's best friend. and while the pentagon says the k9 commando from this past weekend's raid was slightly injured by the blast, the dog is back at work in the region with its handler. but this dog, so smart. and usually these dogs are seen as force multipliers because their senses are much more sensitive than a human's.
7:38 am
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step 2: do stuff. sfx: goat sound step 3: eat stuff. instant pot. dinner. done. we are back now with the "balloon boy" hoax that captivated the country. hard to believe it's been ten years. you remember the story, a boy trapped in a helium balloon flying over colorado. well, the whole thing turned out to be a hoax. he is a teenager now, and t.j. sat down with him.
7:42 am
his family is standing by this story? >> yes. you remember this. we were all glued to the tv watching this weird saucer and we were concerned, is this kid going to fall out, is he in there, is he okay, is he going to hit a power line. we were genuinely concerned. police say we were all taken for a ride that day and now ten years later balloon boy is balloon teen and i went to florida to visit with him and it's clear that dad is not ready to let this go. >> a search is under way for a 6-year-old boy who may or may not have climbed into a homemade helium balloon. >> reporter: who could forget this wild ride? >> possibly a 6-year-old boy in this balloon. >> reporter: ten years ago millions watched in horror on live tv as a homemade saucer believed to be carrying a 6-year-old boy drifted across the colorado sky for nearly two hours and some 70 miles. when it finally came down -- >> this may work out. he's touching the ground. five, four, three -- >> reporter: no boy on board. turns out, he was home the whole
7:43 am
time hiding in the attic. police called the whole thing a hoax. the world would forever call him balloon boy. >> what's your reaction to it? >> just like, ah. >> reporter: here he is today, falcon heene. that little boy from the attic is now a lanky, long-haired teen. >> geez, man. >> yeah, it's a lot. >> reporter: the hair comes in handy. he's lead singer in a heavy metal band he formed with his brothers rio and bradford. and check out the music video for one of their first original songs titled "balloon boy, no hoax." the video even features falcon flying around on a saucer. >> have you thought about any strategy for using it to your advantage? you are balloon boy. >> i haven't thought about anything actually. maybe i should. >> reporter: his dad though ten years later is not laughing. richard heene stands by his story to this day that he, his wife and three sons were working
7:44 am
on the saucer in their backyard with home video cameras rolling when it got loose and they feared falcon was in it. but police had doubts early on that it was all a publicity stunt and this interview sparked public speculation when little falcon seemed to slip up. >> we did this for a show. >> man. >> reporter: heene says he was a victim of character assassination and fires back at any suggestion that it was a hoax. >> and how, after you stack all that stuff, throw in the interview that was on cnn with wolf blitzer, you throw all that together with the background you have, why wouldn't people go -- >> this is another hit piece. this is another hit piece which i anticipated. >> here? >> yeah. what would be nice is if the media could actually go, yeah, richard's got a point, but it's so biased. okay, the media continues on with the same narrative. >> all these years later, and we're talking ten years now, do you feel a sense still that you need to clear your name?
7:45 am
>> oh, most definitely. i've lost many opportunities. i've lost a lot of opportunities. i've had people contact me about things i have invented and the deal went south, you know, because they find out who i am. the thing that gets me is the media never tells my side of the story. >> reporter: police at the time said the family which had already been on a reality show staged the stunt to gain fame and more reality show opportunities. richard and his wife mayumi, eventually pled guilty to related charges and served minimal jail time after mayumi confessed but she says out of fear. >> you thought somebody would actually take your boys away from you after all this? >> i thought i'm going to be deported, then i won't see my husband or kids. i won't be able to see them. >> mayumi says the ordeal brought the family closer together. the heene boys who were all home schooled now fix up houses with their dad in florida and have big plans for a music career and
7:46 am
a future far away from their family's infamous floating past. >> we don't really want to associate ourselves with that. we just want to rock out. >> richard heene has a website he maintains called the truth internet historian. he wants people to see his videos where he built his case still today, ten years later, that he's saying he needs to clear his name and this was not a hoax at all. again, the young fella, it's kind of shocking to see him but these are good kids who are teenagers, who are into dirt bikes and do their thing as normal as anything after what's gone on. >> and we all know about the band. >> we know about the band. the heene boys is what they're called. >> all righty then. >> i don't know if i want to say thank you or what but -- >> i'm going to say you're welcome. >> there we go. coming up, everybody, we have the halloween costumes winning our "play of the day."
7:47 am
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♪ back now with our "play of the day." we're counting down to our big halloween show with amazing costumes from across the country. first up, these roller coaster riders scored first prize at the annual scary bloody mary walk in wisconsin. they deserve first place with that big group effort you see right there. next up is 4-year-old romy from michigan channelling
7:51 am
"married with children's" peg bundy. al. that's right, love and marriage never gets old, goes together like a horse and carriage. and finally, in iowa, she's 11 months old. her name is benny and she's practicing "benny and the jets" as the one and only elton john. >> that's a great costume. >> cute costume. >> we're going to be right back. that was great. >> that's a great costume. >> cute costume. >> we're going to be right back. that was great. i actually don't even know what that is! is your body wash gentle on your microbiome? it's your skin's living protective layer. a barrier. so, we do have to protect it. now dove discovered its moisturizing formula cleanses without stripping skin's microbiome. dove body wash.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from nbc 7 mornings. mike nicco is here with the weather. >> less than five minutes of developing of fire danger in north bay through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. look at how the winds are ramping up. 30 around the kincade fire to 50 and 60 overnight. i cannot stress enough this is an overnight event and be prepared before you go to bed. >> all right. let's check in with a look at the friends of the south bay. this is 87 and things are moving smoothly there. and, okay, let's go on and check out the drive times here. you can see the big slow down on
7:57 am
the san mateo bridge because of a motorcycle crash in foster city, and it has been cleared so some residual traffic. hopping noup the north bay, the closure still remains at state route 128 between geyserville and calistoga. kuma kumasi? thank you, jobina. and now, the questions of me
7:58 am
7:59 am
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. showdown on capitol hill. the white house national security official and iraq purple heart who heard that phone call between the president and ukraine's leader set to testify to congress today, defying orders to stay silent. all this as a key vote on impeachment is looming. race against time. firefighters in a battle to contain hundreds of blazes up and down california before the worst santa ana winds of the year move in. the warning just out about medical marijuana. no evidence it improves mental health and in fact could be harmful. dr. ashton is here with what you need to know. halloween night in the ballroom. from spooky to downright surprising and the moment it
8:01 am
came down to, karamo versus kate. the judges making the choice. what karamo revealed to our cameras just moments later. ♪ last christmas and it's the song everyone loves singing along to "last christmas." now a brand-new holiday movie, emma thompson, henry golding both here live and they're here to say -- >> both: good morning, america! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] that's right, just how they said it, good morning, america! it is great to have you with us this monday -- i mean this tuesday morning, and we have some inspiration to get you up and running. latoya snell is here. she's up in our green room with the women of black girls run. she's about to compete in her 27th marathon. >> they are really excited about that. she's competing against a number of odds. she says she doesn't just move with her feet but with her heart
8:02 am
and she'll tell us her number one tip this morning for people who want to start moving. it's a really inspirational story. we have a lot of news to get to as well starting with the impeachment showdown. for the first time investigators will hear from a white house official on that trump phone call with ukraine's leader. i want to go back to mary bruce on capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. his name is lieutenant colonel alexander vindman. he is a decorated combat veteran and this morning, he will testify that he was so concerned by the pressure that was being put on ukraine that he felt a sense of duty to report it twice. this morning on capitol hill, a key witness who listened in on the call at the center of this impeachment inquiry will tell investigators he was so concerned by what he heard, he feared it would undermine u.s. national security. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, a decorated combat veteran and top ukraine expert on the national security council. he's the first white house official to testify who heard the phone call between president trump and ukrainian president zelensky when trump demanded
8:03 am
ukraine investigate his political rival, joe biden. according to his opening statement obtained by abc news, vindman will tell investigators "i did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen, and i was worried about the implications for the u.s. government's support of ukraine." now, on thursday the house will hold its first formal vote on this impeachment inquiry. this is a vote that will outline the process going forward including the procedure for public hearings. george. >> mary, thanks very much. michael. now to the race to contain those hundreds of wildfires burning in california. firefighters up against the clock before the biggest santa ana wind event of the year moves in. we're going to go back to matt gutman who's there on the ground in los angeles. good morning again, matt. >> reporter: hey, michael. that fire came ripping up that canyon behind me, burning so hot in so many cases that's all left
8:04 am
standing are those stone walls. firefighters are still trying to put out hot spots in home like these. they're getting some help from above, helicopters, dumping all of that water on these fires. now firefighters here are just wrapping up after working on this house for 30 hours. you can see the holes they poked in the house to get water inside. you can still see the halloween decorations here. the fire chief told me the santa ana winds tonight there's real threat of danger to the city, a possible disaster, he said this could last for days. that's why they still have those 25,000 people still evacuated here. michael. >> better to be safe. thank you so much, matt. coming up, we have the new research about medical marijuana and how it can affect mental health.
8:05 am
dr. ashton is here. and how to relieve back pain without medicine. should you try the mackenzie method? becky worley on the case. lara, what's happening upstairs? >> hi, guys, we are getting in the holiday spirit with "last christmas" stars emma thompson and henry golding. we're happy to have them both with us on "gma." as you just heard, we have a great audience. we have lots coming up so don't go anywhere. "gma" is coming right back. [ cheers and applause ] we took lifelong pasta experts and gave one prego traditional
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to change things, to push the world forward. which is why so many people who dare to take on problems work with ibm. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma," and i got to say, we have a great audience here this morning. [ cheers and applause ] amazing audience.
8:10 am
a lot of energy, and tomorrow tory johnson is going to be here bringing great fashion "deals & steals." cannot wait for that. and thursday -- >> what's thursday? >> it's our big halloween show if you did not know. >> george, let's do it! >> i was about to say, we're all looking forward to that, george. but now we are looking forward to "pop news" with lara. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] guys, we begin with the legend, elizabeth taylor, on the heels of the success of the "judy" biopic starring renee zellweger, taylor will get her story told on the bring screen and what a team she has to tell it. rachel weisz has been confirm to play taylor in the film. the script will be in the hands
8:11 am
of the team behind oscar winner "slum dog millionaire" being described as a never before seen portrait of the woman behind the violet eyes. taylor won oscars for roles of "who's afraid of virginia woolf" and "butterfield life." looking forward to that. well deserved. also in the news this morning, dave chappelle accepted one of the highest comedy honors, the mark twain prize for american humor. chappelle joining an elite club that includes lily tomlin, steve martin, eddie murphy just to name a few. chappelle accepting the award sunday at the kennedy center saying, quote, i love this genre. it has saved my life. comedians like tiffany haddish and sarah silverman were on hand to pay tribute. haddish describing him as a mentor and a big brother. eddie murphy who was also there to celebrate his friend said that chappelle motivated him to get back to work, so dave, we thank you for that. >> yes, we do. >> congratulations.
8:12 am
[ cheers and applause ] another david in the news, david hasselhoff, who's going to be working 9 to 5 pretty soon and we don't mean on the beach. the hoff joining the cast of dolly parton's "9 to 5, the musical." this is not the first time the hoff has traded the sand for the stage. he made his broadway debut in "jekyll & hyde" in 2001. he's a singer as you know. he has a huge following in europe which will come in handy as the show is playing in london. dolly parton saying the audiences are going to love him as much as i do. get ready to be hassled, hoff. we can't get enough. hasselhoff said, quote, i went to see the show back in june and i thought it was hoff-tastic, that's what he wrote. that's when i knew i wanted to be part of it. the hoff begins his run this december at the savoy theatre in london. go check him out.
8:13 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> should be fun. how about this remix. have you guys heard the remix of the alphabet song? have you heard it yet? get ready. it has thousands of people using the letters wth. the alphabet song has been around since 1835. i would be willing to bet that everybody has learned their abcs that way. there's a song writing company called dream english that says the new version you're about to hear takes care of the l, m, n, o, p problem. here's the solution ♪ h, i, j, k, l, m, n ♪ o, p, q, r, s >> can i get a shot of the audience? >> wow. >> it's a hostile crowd. >> i didn't know there was an l, m, n, o, p problem. >> i thought it was a word as a child. >> i had no idea what it was. >> the classically hurried five
8:14 am
letters, l, m, n, o and p have been slowed down as you just heard so that kids today don't have my problem and think it's one letter. the new version was shared on twitter by writer and producer noah garfinkle who called it life ruining. noah, i don't think it's that bad but clearly social media has strong feelings about such a sentimental song to all of us. noah's tweet has close to 8 million views now and lots and lots of opinions, mostly two letters, n-o. >> you feel like you're going to fall off the cliff at the end. >> right, right. you're waiting. the end is in the wrong place. >> it's okay to think l, m, n, o, p is all one word, as long as you figure it out when you get older. >> i was 13 when i finally got it. i understand why he's doing it though. it really does make sense to slow it down. >> it makes sense but certain things don't need to make sense. [ applause ]
8:15 am
>> all right, you're onto something here. this is controversial. we're going to turn to our "gma" cover story this morning about a new study raising questions about medical marijuana and its effectiveness in treating mental health issues which could affect how it's prescribed. dr. ashton, good morning. >> good morning. >> so you had spoken yesterday about using cbd for chronic pain. this new study though is going to have a lot of people wondering between cbd and medical marijuana. >> more initials, right. it's really important to use the correct terminology. medical marijuana is actually incorrect. marijuana is a slang street term. the proper term for the plant is cannabis which contains more than 400 compounds. the two biggest ones, thc and cbd. cbd as we talked about yesterday does not usually produce a high or any psychoactive effects. >> okay, let's get to this new study. it gives a pretty detailed look at marijuana and mental health. >> yeah, this is the most
8:16 am
thorough, most extensive, most comprehensive body of literature that we have to date on medical use of cannabis. it looked at over 83 studies. it's published in lancelet ps h psychiatry. it looked at all cannabis products, cecilia, and various psych conditions, so anxiety, depression, tourette's syndrome. there's very low to low quality data overall, insufficient evidence to recommend its use specifically to treat mental illness. so, again, that doesn't mean that it won't in the future show some benefit. as we know right now insufficient evidence. >> and that's so important. we have talked about it on this show here, other studies that have found to help other medical conditions if you're using marijuana. >> yeah, and this is an area of intense research. the fda approved a drug that's a cbd to treat a certain type of seizure. there's a lot of data, most of it coming out of israel and
8:17 am
canada, about the use of cannabis products to treat cancer-related pain. so, again, there's pros and cons. we have to evaluate the quality and methodology. i think there will be a role but that role is to be determined. >> thank you so much. dr. ashton will be answering your questions on facebook live. over to you, george. now to our series, prescription free pain relief. we're focusing on back pain. over 80% of americans will have some form of it. becky worley who set out to test the mackenzie method. take a look. >> reporter: this man has persistent, aching, sometimes searing back trouble. >> for the last 10, 15 years it would come on and off. >> reporter: he tried acupuncture, visiting a chiropractor and even hanging upside down. but now he's trying something
8:18 am
new called the mackenzie method, a form of physical therapy where a diagnosis is based on conversations, not x-rays or mris. treatment focuses on posture and counter intuitive stretches and the patient takes control while the therapist acts like a consultant. >> i avoid flexing forward so i think bending forward is the biggest thing, avoid sitting. anything that compresses the spine, you want to avoid that. >> reporter: so i visit the mackenzie practitioner and work with him on my aching back. >> i like to think of it as patient empowerment through cause and effect. so we do this movement that makes you better. we do this movement, it makes you worse. bend forward down toward your toes. >> reporter: an offhand remark about when i experience some relief gives steve a clue. >> you mentioned how you like to lie on your stomach in bed and that usually makes you feel better, and walking and standing, everything upright makes you feel okay. that tells me that we have probably a sitting issue. >> reporter: since mackenzie asserts that patients have the intuitiveness to treat
8:19 am
themselves, he seizes on this. >> do you feel any pain with that? >> that good, stretching feeling. >> reporter: instead of stretching into the pain, he says stretch into the relief. while there may be times where more aggressive medicine is needed -- >> i feel like you're letting me, the patient, be your manual for how to treat me. >> it's your body. i'm just trying to understand how it moves. >> reporter: new relief for this old body. for "good morning america," becky worley, oakland, california. >> makes a lot of sense. let's go to ginger. we do a little "gma" moment that i think is -- i don't use the word amazing often but this is truly amusing. you've heard of monkey see monkey do. what about cat see cat do. that was a somersault by kim. yeah, look at that. she does one and then scooter says, yep, i can do it too. i've never had a cat that even like comes to me when i ask it to let alone this. anyway, please take your "gma"
8:20 am
[ cheers and applause ] let's talk some dancing now. shocking eliminations on "dancing with the stars" halloween night. fan favorite karamo sent packing. >> it is so sad. he did it though. the "queer eye" star did it in style and went out with his strongest dance of the season. judge carrie ann inaba said it best, he was like a sonic boom. here's a look at fright night in the ballroom. >> reporter: it was a spooky
8:21 am
night in the haunted ballroom full of zombies and creepy creatures, but the most constant of the night, karamo. >> you go big or go home and we are not going home this week. >> reporter: but he did go home, dancing his last dance, a paso doble. even beyonce couldn't save the "queer eye" star. the judges wowed by his energy. >> you are like a sonic boom, like a sonic boom. i swear to god, i felt like, boom, boom. >> karamo, the harbinger of the apocalypse, thunder, lightning, fire. i think the studio is shaking. no lack of power and purpose in that one. >> your song is "sweet dreams" by beyonce. >> oh! beyonce! >> reporter: but in the end, it just wasn't enough. america's votes leaving karamo in the bottom two, his fate in the judge's hands. carrie ann chose karamo but len
8:22 am
and bruno saved pasha and kate. >> neither couple deserves to be in this position, however, it is what it is and i've got to save kate. >> reporter: and while karamo nailed it on the dance floor to beyonce's "sweet dream, beautiful nightmare" he's waking up this morning grateful for living the "dancing with the stars" dream. >> i pushed myself to do something that i never do. a little gay boy that was young, could never imagine being here, and so he's applauding me and i'm, like, screaming with him. i would say life is going to have a lot of ups and downs but sometimes it's going to have those moments that are going to be hard but they're also going to propel you into something great and that's what i feel about this. [ cheers and applause ] >> we all know him, you know this, as "queer eye's" cry guy. we thought maybe he would shed a few tears of his own but instead he embraced this moment. >> he will be missed. he had such great energy. thanks.
8:23 am
now we need to know who will be bounced from the ballroom next. we'll find out next monday night, 8, 7 central right here on abc. michael. all right, thank you so much, lara. now to our countdown to the new york city marathon. it is this sunday and this morning we're meeting an inspiring woman who will help you get up and running. latoya snell won't let anything stop her from being a marathoner. here's her story. >> reporter: latoya snell is a force. >> i'm not just moving with my feet, i'm moving with my heart. >> reporter: a plus size endurance runner. by 2020 latoya will have run in 181 races with 26 marathons and six ultra marathons under her belt. with every stride, latoya is representing others in her community with groups like black girls run inspiring them to hit the pavement, showing that running is for everyone. >> i want to take away the stigma that's associated with the idea of fit.
8:24 am
fitness doesn't have a look. when we talk about fitness, it's almost like this exclusive club that people are either in or they're out. >> latoya's first race and my daughter and i came upon her and she was giving up, and i was like, no. we don't give up. you'll stay with us. she saw that finish line and she took off. and she's been running ever since. >> reporter: latoya continues to push herself and others to new limits. >> sometimes we are so scared of our own voice and scared of our own power, we don't know what we're capable of until we actually try. [ cheers and applause ] it is time to meet latoya. latoya, come on out. ♪ [ cheers and appuse ] there you go. hello, latoya. i'll tell you what, you got me hype. i'm ready to go. i know you're feeling the love from your black girls run crew
8:25 am
there. love that. [ cheers and applause ] and you are so inspiring, we have to say congratulations on everything that you've achieved. you're getting ready to run your fifth new york city marathon. so i'm going to ask you, i'm going to ask you what seems to be apparent by the way that you came out here, but are you ready? >> oh, i'm always ready. we just came from -- last night just came from arizona. i attempted my first 100-miler. [ applause ] yes. >> your first 100-miler. >> yes. i've been training all year. i signed up for 14 marathons this year. >> oh boy. >> i tried to do the berlin marathon. i attempted chicago two weeks ago and i have a cluster of other races that follow after new york city. >> well, you know, after new york city, that will be 180 races that you have competed in. >> yes. >> what motivates you to get up and get running and to have this fire that you need to do these marathons? >> honestly, i'm pepped up and hyped by the people, my tribe. [ cheers and applause ] >> your tribe indeed.
8:26 am
>> there's a big party in the back of the pack. sometimes we focus on the elite athletes and i love them, but the party in the back is really where it's at. we deserve to be celebrated just as much as anyone else. >> definitely. and that's why you're here. we wanted to celebrate you and celebrate all of you and what you're doing is so inspiring to all of us out there. we're not the only ones that wanted to be a part of this, okay. we want to wish you luck on sunday but having a support network as you have with black girls run and with us at "gma" is very important. so we got a little something for you. these members of black girls run, you are all going home with a pair of hoka shoes so you can continue the blaze. congratulations, latoya. we'll be right back. e. congratulations, latoya. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. high winds today will make it difficult for the firefighters battling the kincade fire in the north bay. this is a look at the fire from lake county and sky7. they say it has burned more than 75,000 acres. some evacuation orders have been lifted for western parts of sonoma county. and we go to jobina with a look at a roads. >> and an issue that has popped up for the computers. this is westbound in seminary before oakland. a crash between a motorcycle and one car and the left three lanes are blocked right here and the backup extends to san leandro.
8:28 am
and a live look at 87 and san jose and things are looking smooth there. liz. >>
8:29 am
now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> high fire danger started at 8:00 for the north bay and the rest of us 1:00. and gusts while we are sleeping up to 65 miles per hour, and look at how quickly they are ramping up near the kincade fire once the sun sets. and we have a spare the air
8:30 am
today along the coast and the central bay where it could be the worst. nice weather starting out for halloween. >> thank you, mike. we will did you get this message, don't go in the studio? >> what's in the studio? >> hey guys, i wouldn't go in that studio. >> don't go in the studio. >> don't go there. >> do not go in there. >> i don't know. >> what's in the studio? what's in the studio, man? after you, michael. after you. >> i'm not going in there. what! >> right behind you! >> announcer: halloween, "good morning america," be afraid. [ cheers and applause ]
8:31 am
welcome back to "gma." be very afraid. that is right. we are looking forward to halloween thursday which is going to be a great one, but now we have two great guests here this morning. they're helping us get in the christmas spirit with their new movie, "last christmas." please welcome emma thompson and henry golding. [ cheers and applause ] welcome, welcome, welcome. excited to talk to you both. i love a good christmas movie. emma, you co-wrote this movie. >> mm-hmm. >> it was co-written from the wham song "last christmas." how did you come up with the concept? >> one of the producers said do you want to write a film based on "last christmas" and i said not really. then i talked to my husband and he said maybe there's an interesting way of coming at this in a different perspective, you know, because it's quite a straight forward song, "last christmas." and then we spent years working
8:32 am
on it and during that time i met george michael who we both love because we're both north londoners, you see. he's such a nice guy and he cared so much about so many things, the homeless. he loved the story, so we miss him and wish we were here to help us. >> and you got his blessing which is awesome. >> we did. we got so much of his music. we got 15 of his songs. >> wow. yea >> yeah, i know, so good. >> henry, you star opposite emilia clarke. >> yes. >> you're a big "game of thrones" fan. >> who wasn't? >> how is it for you starring opposite her? >> breathtaking. she is absolutely amazing. she's one of the hardest working people i've come across. i think emma will absolutely back me up, she just brings this energy to everything she does, and we all know she's been through so many personal journeys and so many challenges. so for her to turn up to set a
8:33 am
bright ray of sunshine i think is commendable. she's amazing. >> yeah. >> emma, henry plays the leading man. >> mm-hmm. >> this is his third movie. >> mik mim mm-hmm. >> why was he perfect for this movie? >> you do want to stare at him, all of that, but it's much more than that. it's because of what's inside, not outside. henry's got no entitlement. he doesn't want to be cooler than school. he's got great respect for everyone on set. he's one of the nicest people on the planet. he's just really -- he shouldn't be hearing this because he's not big-headed and he's not full of himself but if you go on too much longer he will be. i'll shut up about it. >> i love it, i love it. [ applause ] "last christmas" is a romantic comedy with a little bit of a twist. so let's take a look at a clip.
8:34 am
>> after what you've been through, shouldn't you be eating quinoa or kale or something? >> yes, but this admittedly rank burger is all part of my grand plan to be a famous singer and die like kurt cobain and the rest at the age of 27. >> how old are you? >> 26. >> thank god. you still have time. [ applause ] >> henry, there is a lot of mystery and speculation about your character, tom. >> yes. >> without giving away too much, what can you tell us about it? >> he is a whimsical, charming, very present human. he's one of these guys who have sort of put aside technology. he's not on social media. very rare in our time, and he's chosen not to look towards the future but to sort of be there and now. he's trying to teach kate that the value of self-love, the value of being present is
8:35 am
supreme. so he goes on this little journey with her through london just showing her what she's missing by just going through her life and not taking the moments to sort of spend the time to appreciate. >> stay in the moment. very important, man. we have you here for this moment so we have to ask you, in this movie you reunited with michelle yo who played your mother in ""crazy rich asians." the sequel for ta movie is coming out well so what can we expect? >> i can't give you much because i think they're still writing it but michelle in this movie is hilarious. you've never seen her act the way she does and she kills it. if you're any fan of michelle's this is the one to watch because this just broadens her entire sort of -- her illustrious career already but into something that no one expected from her. >> yeah. >> one quick question. what's your favorite christmas
8:36 am
movie? >> k"alien." after that meal you expect something to just emerge from your body. >> you are one of the funniest people i've ever met. you really are. i love it. [ applause ] emma thompson and henry golding, their movie "last christmas" hits theaters friday november 8. check it out and get in the christmas spirit. [ applause ] >> thanks, michael. >> thank you both so much. appreciate it. up next, queen latifah is talking about "the little mermaid." we'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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[ cheers and applause ] right now on "gma" we are going with uls la herself, queen latifah. the grammy winner, oscar nominee is starring in "the little mermaid" live and t.j. got to go one-on-one with her. >> we introduce her as an oscar nominee, actress, grammy winner. 30 years ago we introduced her as a rapper. her debut album was 30 years ago this year. what a career it's been. now she's about to add something new to the resume that includes latex tentacles. ♪ >> reporter: oh, she's royalty all right. ♪ you know what i mean
8:40 am
>> reporter: queen latifah can do it all. >> debut album was 30 years ago. >> that's crazy. >> 30 years ago, queen. >> i know. i know. look at me, i look good, right? >> reporter: and now she's headed under the sea as ursula in abc's live presentation of "the little mermaid." >> when this came along, what did you first think when they came to you about doing a live mermaid and they wanted you to be ursula? >> it was interesting because i had done a photo shoot a few years back where annie lee shot me as ursula. so when this popped up i was like, okay, a tv production, all right. how do they want to do this? once they explained to me the way that they wanted to do it, i thought it was interesting. >> how is this one going to be different? we've kind of become accustomed to seeing these live productions on tv. >> it's not going to be like any of those. they're going to literally show the movie in front of a live audience of at least 500 people. then when it comes to the musical performances, it's going
8:41 am
to cut to the live performance of those songs. >> oh wow. >> and then it will go back into the movie and the audience will take part and be participants in the actual performance with us. they'll be under the sea with us. >> does the anxiety level go up? you've been on stage. >> you've got one shot at this thing. you got to make it right. you cannot blow it. but you prepare. you're prepared for it. you practice, practice, practice. lots of rehearsal and then you just -- like for me, i just let it go. >> poor unfortune at soul. >> that's a serious song. when i listen to it, you know, you think you know every disney movie until you watch it again or you think you know a song until you actually have to sing it and you're like, oh, my god. ♪ this person went every possible direction that you could go with a song. i mean, the diction, you know,
8:42 am
the notes that she hit, just being a villain, you know what i mean? i got my hands full. >> is that the part of the show you're most anxious about? >> i'd say so. it's the biggest number for me for sure. it's going to be a blast to play this character with this hair, oh, my gosh, the hair that's created in this amazing latex, black, purple sort of skin dress. i don't even know what to call it with my tent cacles and all this, i think it's going to be amazing. >> the latex tentacles. >> yes. and queen latifah has new music. she's been sitting on it, ready to drop. jazz, house music, hip-hop. she has all this ready and says she has to put it out not because she has the urge but she's sick of people like me asking her. look forward to that. "the little mermaid" airs live
8:43 am
next tuesday, 8:00, 7:00 central. where is it going to be? >> right here, abc. so excited for that. ginger, over to you. >> thank you, i got a question. anybody need a trick or treat forecast? yeah? if you're in steam boat springs, i know you know that you're going to have snow on the ground. look at those jack-o-lanterns. they've had 53 inches of snow this october, the most they've ever had in the month of october. there's the trick or treat forecast with the jiving zombie. i don't know what's happening there. dry on the west coast and very wet actually a [ cheers and applause ] george and cecilia, over to you. >> thank you, ginger. we have a special treat now. the first pick from our brand
8:44 am
new book club is called "dominicana: a novel." >> it tells the story of a 15-year-old girl named anna who im grates to new york city from the dominican republic, leaving her entire family behind hoping to build a life for them here in the united states. it's great to have the author angie cruz here with us. good morning. [ applause ] >> happy to be here. >> congratulations. this is a huge success. the reviews are coming in. this book is being called the necessary story of our time. that's just huge. what's the response been like for you? >> well, i have to say i didn't read a book by a writer until i was in college so the fact that this book is reaching so many people, it's really a privilege and i feel honored and i'm really excited. >> the book is based on your mom's story. she's here with your son daniel today. it's great to have them both. [ applause ] you dedicate the book to your
8:45 am
mom as well so what was her reaction when you told her? >> you know, i think that -- she's very shy so for her to see herself in a book i think was really significant and she said this is your best book yet. so i think she likes it. >> that's a good review. you guys at home can't smell this but here in the studio we have the smell of -- in the studio. can you guys smell it? they smell amazing. this is a traditional dominican pastry. food and cooking plays a huge part of the story that you've written. i assume it was a big part of your culture growing up too at home. >> well, i do think that as immigrants coming into a new country where you don't know the language and you don't know the culture, food is one way to stay connected to home and in the book anna uses food as a way to stay connected to her family and her tradition, so yes. >> you got a great review from your mom saying it's your best book. what do you hope readers take from it? >> you know, i've been on book tour and the most exciting thing
8:46 am
for me and i didn't really think this was the response i was going to get is that women from across cultures and generations have said too me i'm not dominican but this is my story. another said i read your book and i called my mother, and i think that's amazing. >> you're really hitting on something there. so many readers have written or sent videos to us as a result of our book club, and "dominicana: a novel" being the first book in it. we wanted to bring some of those questions to you. i think we've got someone here in our audience today. where is erin? all right, what's your question for angie? >> i love the scene where anna goes to the world fair. it was so fun and vibrant and i was wondering what inspired you to write that scene? >> i wanted to focus on 1965 because that was the year that the united states occupied dominican republic and i thought that the world's fair in some ways provided a levity to the story in the way that even though anna's story is one of
8:47 am
struggle, right, where she's dealing with very difficult circumstances, being undocumented and being in a new country, the world's fair was all about possibility and the future. so in this way it give her an opportunity to think that way, that what could happen. >> one final question. you're a young writer as well? >> yes. as a latina writer, how do you make your characters more rel e relatab relatable, more real? >> you know, i did a lot of interviews and looked at a lot of photo albums to capture the underrepresented stories of women, dominican women, working class women, immigrant women who shaped new york city and i actually started an archive on instagram that's like a living museum of photographs that are some part of my research but also women who were sending stories of the 1960s and '50s as a way to tell the story of all the dominicanas. >> and all the latinas.
8:48 am
>> yeah. >> thank you. it's great to have you. "dominicana: a novel" is out now. michael, what you got this afternoon? oh yeah, we are keeping the fun going on "strahan, sara & keke" because henry golding is sticking around. >> and one of my favorite co-hosts is -- >> sara, that's so nice. you didn't have to say that. >> she's not talking about you. >> who are you talking about? >> i'm talking about sunny hostin. she is here chatting "the truth about murder". >> check us all out on the lunch time. >> we love you too, michael. >> of course. i love you, ladies. all love here. next on "gma," some great lazy week night meals, something we can all use. we'll be right back. we build spaces for curious travelers. ♪
8:49 am
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protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. [ cheers and applause ] we're back. we are starting out, ready for this? >> i'm so excited about this. >> you have no idea. this is actually -- i have to tell you this woman has inspired 75% of the meals that my family has eaten in the last year. >> i just said --
8:51 am
[ applause ] lazy week night meals, that's our series, cooking easy, affordable, healthy food in just a few simple steps. >> and joining us is tieghan gerard, the author of "half baked harvest", a cookbook, but also the best website and instagram that i'm consistently inspired by. >> thank you. self-taught. >> you learned by cooking for a large family, nine? >> yes. >> that's amazing. if you can do it we all can do it. >> absolutely. >> we've chosen two that we both love. the first is this cauliflower but it's got a kick, a buffalo kick to it. >> yeah. >> there's the finished product. now let's make it. >> this is so easy. i'm going to have you whisk the sauce. we have hot sauce here, some olive oil, some paprika and a little bit of garlic powder. >> i'm whisking. >> this is the buffalo base. >> this is the buffalo base, right. the black pepper gives it a
8:52 am
kick, something different from everybody else's sauce. then if you want to pour over the cauliflower, we're going to toss that all together and, ginger, why don't you mix while she's doing that the bread crumbs. >> this is panko. >> yes. no! >> oh gosh. >> we're all good. >> this is what happens when lara and i are in the kitchen. >> i'll mix the bread crumbs in here. >> it all ends up in the same place. >> it ends up in the same place just like this. then spread it out on the baking sheet. we're going to roast this cauliflower and i'm going to sprinkle these crumbs. >> that's how it goes. >> if you want to do the cheese on top. >> usually when i read your recip recipes, i follow directions. >> the one thing you want to note is you don't want to overcrowd the pan because you don't want to steam the cauliflower. you want it crispy. >> how long should it cook? >> 425 for 30, 35 minutes. >> we have a very short time. sage butter, chicken pot pie. >> we have a little bit of shallots, some butter.
8:53 am
if you want to add the flour and sage and thyme and whisk that up. we're going to make a roux. over here i'm going to add chicken broth. >> to the roux. >> to the roux. stir that around, incorporate that a little bit. >> backstage you were telling me you always go with a store bought. >> i always do store bought puff pastries. it's flakey, buttery. >> how do you keep it moist? >> i have a damp kitchen towel to over it up so it doesn't get moist and i'm going to toss these vegetables in here. >> we actually have to finish it up. maybe we take a bite. can we grab one? can you bring it in? thank you so much. [ applause ] >> you can do little individuals, so fun. >> check out the book called "half baked harvest, super simple."
8:54 am
8:55 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm liz from "abc7 mornings." let's go to mike nicco with the forecast. hi, mike. >> yes, events are developing here, and this is what is going on. in the north bay, for the rest of us at 1:00, and that is the red flag warning going through 4:00 tomorrow, and the potential for the poor air quality once again. 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, and we don't have to worry about a high fire danger all of the way through monday. all right. good morning. taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. things are running slowly over there, and there was a motorcycle crash there in foster city, so it is the residual traffic filling in there and quickly a head's up for the computer service, and it will
9:00 am
not have a service today, atoda, others will be on modified >> ryan: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, from the new film, "last christmas," henry golding. and out of the wilderness and into the studio, a chat with survival expert, bear grylls. plus, trick-or-treat treats for your wicket halloween party. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and her good friend, ryan seacrest. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning.


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