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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 29, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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the biggest outage is in sonoma county where more than 86,000 customers are affected. >> this afternoon governor newsom announced that pg&e has begun crediting some customers' accounts. >> we're looking at the fixed charges on utility bills as one form of potential relief and allowing credits on that. we're looking at our legal authority in this space, which is more challenging. but we're also looking at our moral authority and doing what we can to -- >> all right. >> this is a live look at a we are waiting. dramatic pause here as this -- briefing pg&e is giving in san >> microphone test, one, two, francisco with the latest information on what's happening three. >> he's going to begin updating with the power shutoffs. the media and introducing a >> pg&e does not expect to variety of public officials. declare any further power here we go. >> -- affecting sonoma, lake, shutoffs as of 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's also when inspections and napa counties. will really get under way and i'm the chief information the restoration numbers are officer with cal fire, incident management team six. expected to really begin just to start things off, as climbing dramatically. >> however, the winds moving in phones and take conversations tonight could still could have weather-related outages unrelated to the psps. outside the press conference area, it would be appreciated. >> the national weather service we will have a spanish version has municipality warnings in of this press conference immediately at the conclusion of
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effect that cover a population of about 2 million pg&e customers. the english language. additional we will have time for >> pg&e has revealed in court questions and answers for those on the stage and we will have documents how easily its power time for one-on-one interviews at the conclusion of the entire lines can be brought down, sparking a major wildfire, even press conference. with that, i would like to take just a bird hitting a zion a moment. i know a lot of people standing stunning how quickly it can happen. dan noisy is live with the stor behind me at these press conferences, a lot of the decisions comes from who stands tonight from pg&e. >> does pg&e is about to face a behind this podium. lot of questions from me and i want to recognize a few people other reporters here. that have been here through the they are facing a lot of criticism on many fronts, and entire incident and are an this court document filed last equally contributing member of night is not going to do much to the success of this. increase the confidence of its and that starts out with the supervisor, supervisor gore, supervisor zane, supervisor rate payers. hopkins, additionally, obviously, the chair of the in this filing for his criminal probation from the 2010 san board. also the mayors from healdsburg, bruno gas pipeline explosion, pg&e told the judge that its equipment may have contributed to the kincade fire, now raging windsor, santa rosa have been by our sides and we appreciate that. as far as chiefs go, chief chi in the north bay. navarro is an equally important this time lapse surveillance member of the decision-making
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video shows lights off in the distance and then flames erupting. process and very valuable to this. finally, just for the elected officials you see up here, one in that same federal court of the greatest supports we have document, pg&e reported that its in the fire service is a lot of equipment may have been responsible for th june 25th these advocates blind us. fire in monterey that charred assembly memberwood, senator more than 2,500 acres, saying a dodd, assemble member lavine, we bird contacted a conductor or power line, causing a fault that brought the line to the ground. i asked former california public appreciate their hard work and literally standing by our side through all of this. just to start things off, where utilities commissioner kathy sandoval if the state's power infrastructure is so delicate we're at from this morning, we that a bird can spark a major fire. >> that's been a known risk for now at 4,800 personnel on the a long time. and so this is why years ago i fire line as of right now. called for looking at replacing the fire grew slightly today. we're at 76,138 acres. uninsulated purr lines with insulated power lines. we are still at 15% containment. >> they are launching a formal 76,138 acres with 15% investigatio into the power safety shutoffs, re-examining containment as of this evening. how to prevent widespread psps as far as the structures that have been destroyed and damaged, events, ensuring customers don't the damage inspection process charged for days the power is
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continues. out and expanding mitigation with that, we can confirm 189 structures have now been plans. former commissioner sandoval says it's been difficult to get fiji even discuss safety issues, destroyed. 86 of those are single-family dwellings. in addition, we have 39 much less make the widespread changes that are need. structures that have been >> my frustration comes with damaged, 26 of those are residential structures. even when we ordered pg&e to do currently we have 27 helicopters assigned to the incident. things that they didn't do, and those rotary wing helicopters they were not forthcoming about have drops 2.1 million gallons public safety issues. of water on the fire since the beginning of this incident. >> now, pg&e told the p.u.c. our large air tankers and fleet earlier this mother committed to have dropped just over 1 million doing a better job across the gallons of retardant as well. board. clearly that's the message we'll we do have red flag conditions get here tonight. that we are under again. i'll head back in and get more answers for you and our viewers. obviously the offshore wind, the fire has made it to the edge of >> good work, dan. the tubbs burn scar, which pg&e's next power shutoff is beginning before the last one obviously is about two years old. finally, the last piece of even finished. but marin county residents say information that's changed since they are no longer part of the this morning that may be of planned shutoff beginning today. interest, is we have a single wayne freeman is live from
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evacuation map that incorporates novato. customers are beginning to get all three counties. there's a single map for all their service restored. three counties for people to reference for evacuations. >> they're beginning to, dan, but not all of them are yet. with that and to get some weaver on grant avenue in information on the current weather conditions, i'll hand it novato, it's a fairly busy street where i am right now but to ryanual burn from the hundred yards in that direction national weather service. where the power came off later, >> that's easy for you to say. it's still fairly quiet. power here returned at roughly so the red flag conditions do 2:30 this afternoon and business continue right now through is returning to normal. overnight hours until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. this is finigan's tavern. they're having a happy hour and that's wednesday afternoon. they are merry for good reasons, right now we still are seeing wind gusts of 50 miles an hour ncluding the fact that they have their power. up near mount st. helena.... >> this is what happens when you procrastinate about preparing the humidity evangelicals are for an emergency, even the one observed at 6% right now. they announced in advance. >> when i see batteries, it looks like gold to me now. incredibly dry and windy out >> we have power today. there. as we get towards midnight tonight the winds will start to we'll do the same thing die down. as we wake up tomorrow morning, tomorrow. >> no lights on today, but we'll notice that the winds are much lighter. everyone came to work zay when nonetheless, the red flag they told you to come in, were warning will continue tomorrow. you upset? we have switching winds. we'll get a bit of a southwest >> no. i was able to charge my phone. push, so this ebb and flow that
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>> did you think you would be jonathan talks about will doing this? continue with the very dry >> no, no. i never thought i'd be doing conditions. as i have reported previously, this. but if this is new norm, i'm the weather does look more going to invest in a generator favorable as we head towards the end of the work week and into the weekend. next. >> but first, three long three e unfortunately still no rain in the forecast. thank you. >> speaking next to talk about fire behavior is steve vollmer, for on you chevron station. our fire behavior analyst. >> i've done it in the 1970s, so >> good evening. it's okay with me. with the northeast winds that we are still feeling up there on >> i'm unhappy. it's crazy. the mountains, everybody is i don't know. i've never quite seen anything like it. but the worst thing is being out still anticipating the high rates of spread, the erratic of touch with everything. fire behavior. my phone doesn't work at my we're also seeing the push, some house. >> so people did what they of those fire embers back into could, where they could. also in novato, sherry and oscar the main burn. so it's very advantageous in i offered free charges to neighbors. >> wave generator here. some ways and not in others. they're looking for spot fires we feel kind of guilty. >> meantime in san ansel mow. and they're being as safe as they possibly can where they're brett taylor didn't have a working. generator but he felt pretty smart. normally he uses his portable the fuels in the area are solar panel when camping. today it powered a refrigerator critically dry. and fisher tank, at least in the the relative humidity will be 6%
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daylight. tonight. 60% is isell threshold. >> now he won't need to do anything. power in that neighborhood came back on tonight at 5:08 p.m. in that's why the spot fires are san ansel mow. important to the firefighter so that we don't have any other meantime, look what went on here issues. in novato a few moments agent. as we go on through the week, hoping to see a lot more of that we're going to see that fire in marin county in the minutes threat and the fire behavior slowly diminish as we start getting those more favorable and hours and days and weeks and conditions. however, the deep heat in the months and years to come. live in novato, wayne freedman, big stump holes and the trees that have been weakened by fire as well as the wind still causes us problems as those tend to abc 7 news. the latest on the fire roll out and downhill and start emergency under way in the north new fires for us. thank you. bay because of the kincade fire. >> today more evacuation orders were downgraded. >> next from the sonoma county this map from sonoma county highlights the affected areas we're talking about. the blue highlights are for sheriff's department. evacuation warnings. >> good evening. >> today in an area northwest of e's oicenced fternn,ff healdsburg labeled zone 4a was downgraded from an evacuation that we were lifting the order to a warning. the purple areas are where there evacuation order for the northern part of zone 4, are still mandatory evacuation reducing that to an evacuation warning. orders. >> the fire has consumed 75,000
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what that meant is that 2,400 acres and counting since it started on wednesday. people in the northern part of zone 4, the dry creek valley it is now 15% contained. north and west of healdsburg 124 structures are destroyed, including 57 homes. were able to return to their homes today without having a permit. there was no need for >> 90,000 structures are threatened. most of those are homes. identification checks. however, as those people went back to their homes, we want to caution them to be vigilant full because of the high winds. we do have a number of branches down, so roadways may be . >> the red cross is also asking different to than what residents say when they left. please be aware of those for blood donations. hazards. they tell us their supply has also many of these people are been affected by the still returning to homes that are without power because of the evacuations. >> high winds will make the next day a challenge for firefighters pg&e power shutoff. so we want people to be to hold those containment lines. vigilant, be aware, communication may not be great. >> laura anthony is on the as i mentioned before, when people are returning to lines. the wind has picked up? evacuation zones, it is still under an evacuation warning. >> that's right, dan. so what that means is if you it comes and goes and it's hear deputies in your area with around the populated at a high-low siren, pay attention to those. the siren will tell you that conditions have changed, so you areas. the fire itself is being fought need to leave again. however, based on the best
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mostly on these ridge tops information we have at this time, we believe the risk is low behind me due east of where i'm enough that we can allow people back to their homes and we know there's a lot of anxiety to get back there. standing, due east of healdsberg. we've seen the activity up excuse me. there. the fire fighting done mostly we will continue to watch the fire very carefully tonight. from the air. but the concerns are the high winds. we have over 260 deputies and peace officers from our allied ago on patrol, and we are being the relatively clear skies revealed what the kincade fire left in its destructive wake. suppleme the valley is dotted with supplemented by 200 national properties where the loss is guardsmen to make sure we don't extensive. here along the road, an have incidents. equipment yard is totally gone. a couple interesting things that's happened in the evacuation areas over the last couple days is that the alameda the winners and losers county sheriff's office who's determined but which way the been assisting us with our public safety partners, they embers blow. >> we're in this 24-hour window. were photographed today helping ranchers feed their cattle. we hope the winds will ease off we're going to put up some after midnight. but the tomorrow the humidity is dry for the region on the order photos later on the sonoma county sheriff's office instagram and facebook page of 5% to 15%. showing these officers out there frpastever da, helping people, working hand in hand to help feed livestock. i'm standing on pine flat road a we also have a number of deputies who were out in areas 2,500-foot elevation. where trees were down. we were in this spot the other day. they were able to assist residents in cutting up trees
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at that point the fire was way and clearing roads. off in the distance on that we hope to have those photos hillside. posted for you as well so you we were watching bombers make can see the amazing work our retardant drops here. deputies and public safety partners are doing in these as you can see, it's gone well evacuation zones. through here in the last several days. next i want to give you a in fact, it's all the way up over on that ridge line, burning security update. unfortunately today we took three reports of a lotting in to the south and east toward some of the evacuated areas. those reports are essentially lake county. unfortunately the winds are picking up. cold burglary reports. along highway 128 in cal stisto we do not have any arrests behind them. they were simply incidents where residents had discovered that in their absence that their home or the flames destroyed nearly everything around them. their business had been broken >> the best way to put the next into and items had been taken. the sheriff's office is 12 hours is a transition from anion shore flow to an offshore currently investigating all these cases and i can assure you that if we were able to flow that is going to test our western flanks. basically that 101 corridor is determine those responsible, going to be tested with this arrests will be made and we will prosecute those people to the fullest extent. next wind event. as i covered earlier, we made >> we're back live here showing you basically the eastern flank three arrests for unauthorized entry. of the fire. as you look in that direction that number has not changed. where we're showing you the dark the sheriff's office is doing smoke and the ridge tops there. everything we can to get you back into your homes. to that direction, about 13 we realize the anxiety there. miles is the town -- i'm sorry, we're going to continue to
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monitor the weather. 9 miles, middletown is that way as we get advice from cal fire from where i'm standing. and weather, we will hopefully have good news in the coming if we pan over this way, days to get people back to their homes. calistoga is about 13 miles that i want to also mention that our way. and then due west is media partners throughout sonoma county have been doing amazing work to keep everybody informed. one particular case i want to 9 miles away. call out, press democrat has there's a lot of burn territory over 30 reporters in the field between me and those populated areas, so hopefully the winds providing information, gathering news, and disseminating it. will not send the embers back in addition to all the other into those areas. there is a nice buffer as we local media here tonight, we truly appreciate your speak right now. partnership is helping keep the live in sonoma county, laura public informed. hopefully we'll have some good repopulation news for you in the anthony, abc7 news. for kincade fire evacuees, next few days. there's a wait and see game. i was able to visit the shelter across the street again today. i have to tell you the people tonight they are preparing for that are over there are bitter cold. abc 7 news reporter chris rays troopers. they're incredibly resilient. many of them want to get home visited several of them. and that emotion certainly shows she's in petaluma at an on their face. it's important to realize that evacuation center. >> these cots behind me give you we need to be empathetic to an idea for the demand for those without shelter right now. if you have the ability to help spaces. this one is near capacity.
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earlier today we were in santa someone who needs shelter or be able to volunteer right now, rosa. those shelters are packed as certainly the need is out there. well. for many people who are camping thank you very much for your in their rvs, that's also pretty cooperation with our public safety partners. cramped. in fact, one family gave me a again, if you see peace officers tour. at check points or in evacuation zones, please follow their nine people, one tiny space. >> my older brother sleeps up directions. here. we appreciate your patience. thank you. before he goes to work. my younger brother, my dad and >> speaking next from the california highway patrol is the little baby, my cat and i. and then here is where the captain wolf. six-month-old sleeps with my mom >> good evening, everyone. right now. captain wolf, local chp both of my grandmas sleep on this couch. >> this is the rv that they are commander. our patrol continues to support sharing after they were evacuated from their santa rosa the sheriff's department and home on friday. five days in the snoke and her public safety efforts. we remain on maximum staffing, two baby sisters a 3-year-old and six-month-old were taken to not only here, but throughout the bay area. the hospital for fever and we've added elements from other severe coughs. >> we've been on tylenol for the bay area offices to hu past two days, but nothing's want to thank everyone, the worked for them. they're realoing to pray that repohaeneo entraffic cdisave remained everything is okay. >> this park near the sonoma
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county fair grounds is one place where evacuees bad farae.jue eas i to remind peop situation. >> the gas is turned off so we can't heat the house. there's no electricity, so house to enter areas under evacuation. you need to abide by that. is sfrooefg -- freezing. to the point of other behavior, >> it's where the police chief we'll continue with our allied wants everyone to be. agency partners and people from he's worried some around mutual aid from all over the bay following evacuation orders. he's urging people to remember and points beyond to enforce the law vigorously. the tubbs fire at 02017. there are more cops out there, >> in that situation we had a not less. we've made 10 dui arrests since lot of problems with congestion, this incident started. with getting people out. and people lost their lives. we just don't need that right >> john teague got the message. now. so one of them even just drove right up to one of the closures even though his home is far from the fire danger for now. >> we had a family staying at that one of our people was on and -- sort of a freebie i guess our house with our you'd call it. brother-in-law, who was staying take care of each other. thank you. at our home. and then it just all kind of unfolded from there. >> do you think that your home >> next i'd like to welcome is going to be okay? >> oh, yeah. we're fine. barbie robinson, sonoma counts.. >> we asked everybody about the
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cold t n i'd like to provide a couple of rr he elters nice and warm.e parksty health reminders for the community. first, i want to talk about air ateeng them from sleep, quality. due to the kincade fire, the finding out when they will get sonoma county health officer has to return to their homes. issued a health advisory. back to the newsroom. >> chris, thank you so much. what that means is that all residents should limit their a windsor couple evacuated exposure to outside. from the kincade fire hoped to bring a new addition home soon. if you have a medical condition, the napa valley register reports please consult your physicians this new mother was 39 weeks and your providers in regards to pregnant when they were forced the safeguards that you need to take to protect your health and to evacuate to a noelghotel in . well-being. secondly, i want to talk about food safety. as you know, many of our the unhappy valley wives tended to her and her daughter was born evacuated zones have been without power for several days. healthy. >> what a sweetie. and our advisory is that if you everybody doing fine. the fire fight is largely have been without power for more than four hours, please, please, dependent on the weather, especially the wind. and it has started to pick up please disregard draany of your food products in your again. >> drew trackg . refrigerator. any products that are 40-degree s in the nthayht temperature or higher are not
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safe for consumption, and so please dispose of those foods. it's better to throw those things out than to become ill. wius at 27 miles per hour. >> again, we've been listening to this cal fire update on the kincade fire which is burning the wind is getting to the surface right now. and still at 15% containment winds closer to 20 miles per right now. we're still working to get a hour in calistoga, about 12 in handle on it and they're hoping fairfield, 13 in the city right within the next few days they now. but the winds will just continue will be able to do that a little to increase over the next more. >> the wind should die down by several hours. hour by hour we go. tomorrow. encouraging news, the fire has by 10:00 this evening, look at the winds racing in excess of 40 spread somewhat today, but not miles per hour. much. a couple thousand acres now at 76,000 acres, which is a huge in the north bay. and that dangerous wind continues into the early-morning area, of course, but not hours on wednesday and does not expanding nearly as rapidly as it was. cal fire mentioned the kincade let up until midday tomorrow. so it is for that fact we have a fire burned to the edge of the tubbs fire zone, one of the 2017 red flag warning in effect for north bay wildfires that was so the east bay and santa cruz destructive. we overlaid the outlines on this mountains until 4:00 tomorrow for those dangerous offshore map. winds gusting well over 45 miles per hour at times. the kincade fire is in red. we're going to take a closer the 2017 wildfires are outlined look at the wind gusts in black just as a fra surrounding the kincade fire in you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. the full accuweather forecast in yes!
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6:18 pm
neighbor might not or the reverse. so did comcast because comcast vic lee was there today to try to make sense was a lull before relies on pg&e to power its service. next onslaught of wind. perhaps time enough to get things back to normal. many say after power returned, comcast still wasn't working. that was the thinking of john >> rachel baker spends time hitting the books when the danville resident tries to use lundholm who manages a grocery her internet, this is what she store in the oakland hills. >> it's almost like we're in a gets. third world country or no internet. attempts at using her streaming something. >> the village market's power service only give her similar went out saturday. the lights came on last night. messages. >> i'm extraordinarily when it lost electricity, the frustrated with not being able to conduct business. store rented refrigerated trailers to store perishables. but what's more frustrating is the lack of any kind of today stock clerksz were putting them back. the store remained open during the shutoff, but all they could information or even empathy. >> others on twitter have sell were dried goods. >> a lot of people turned around similar experiences. and went elsewhere to get those here in the east bay, one says, we've been without power for items. >> but for the broadway terrace days and no updates. nursery, business continued as had zero since saturday night. normal. >> this market lost power. just 50 feet away over there, comcast republica that nursery did not. comcast reps had no idea why. the line between two power grids comcast security are also runs right through this parking affected. comcast explains it to us this lot. this morning in mt. claire and way. comcast service requires commercial power to operate. other parts of the oakland
6:19 pm
once power is restored, we will hills, the same mystery. some lights were on, others were restore comcast services as quickly as possible. not. traffic lights ate there was so power to rachel's home went out sunday but returned the same day. she believes her blackout was that were on. >> by noon, 80 rntsds visited unrelated to the planned outages. her comcast internet remains out a couple of days later. the pg&e resource center at >> contacted the billing department saying i had a merit college's ridge mont question with my bill, and the campus. this man was here three hours billing department was simply not aware that there was an before we arrived. he was charging every electronic device he owns. outage. >> comcast sent us this video showing while power may be on in he's good for now, but then your home, your xfinity service again -- >> but i got a text from pg&e may be disrupted because of the that my power is going to be signal that's coming from an area where the commercial power turned off at 6:00 p.m. tonight. even though it's been off for is out. three days. that doesn't make rachel feel >> here at home in the r any better. >> so to me, if that is, in mont neighborhood, the lights fact, true, i'd like an came on before noon. explanation. >> comcast had no estimate of >> the number without service or when tha service will be ow usit rllawnd s, low humidity a dangerous mix. vic lee, abc 7 news. spot to get on the internet. i want to hear from you. do you have any questions about >> today's round of shut jochsht all these power outages and
6:20 pm
fires? well, my 7 on your side hot line is up monday through friday from the fourth this month. 10:00 to 2:00. it affected nearly 360,000 bay the telephone number, area customers. the next took place last wednesday, the same day the kincade fire started. 415-954-8191. >> thank you, michael. the third round started saturday evening, impacting nearly cell phone trouble lately? this could be the reason. 400,000 local pg&e customers. not all of them have gotten it's a map showing all the cell their power back before today's sites that are down due to the power shutoffs. outages started. >>st the been really challenges it's worse in the north bay. for so many people. the 83 correctly sites in marin and the wind is making it all the more challenging. represent a third of the sites more wind is coming tonight. in that county, so the impact is >> drew tomb is here with the significant. yesterday more than the half the latest. cell sites were down in marin >> the winds have increased even more in the north bay. we're gusting now to 51 at st. county. no impact in san francisco or alameda counties. the fcc tallies up the impact assist part of its helena. communications status report. 27 in knoxville creek. this is just the beginning of we've been getting calls the windsrle byouun asking how you can help fire victims. the city of petaluma says drop of donations at the kenilworth ndraciut of the northeast at 30-plus miles per hour. even by 1:00 in the morning they do not let up at all, racing over our hills in the north bay.
6:21 pm
it's not until late in the recreation center. morning tomorrow that the winds will calm down. pet food, leashes, cat litter, they will also bring in bone-dry and scoopers as well as crates and beds would also be air. look at these humidity levels, appreciated. the red cross reminds you the we're at single digits early best way to help disaster tomorrow morning. victims is with a financial overnight tonight it will get chilly in the north bay. 30s in a lot of spots, mid to donation. tex the red cross to upper 40s els tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. winds relax midday. and the accuweather seven-day forecast have the winds calming down tomorrow. halloween, guys, light winds but a chilly start to the evening. looking nice for the trick-or-treaters with dry conditions. >> thank you, drew. you could call it the bay ea's new hot spot, a guaranteed place to get gas, ice and other essentials. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households
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>> the fire has consumed 76,000 acres since it started on wednesday and is 15% contained. with love, california. 189 structures have been destroyed, including 86 homes. 90,000 more structures are threatened. >> two firefighters have been treated for burns battling the fire. more evacuation orders . we've gone through four downgraded today. al fi cal fire is winds are hurting and helping their cause. shutoffs this month alone. >> with the northeast winds there's been one constant. we're still currently feeling on >> that's true. san francisco has never been on the mountains, everybody still the list. maybe it's the newest reason anticipating those high rates of that headaches it a destination spread, the erratic fire city. >> abc 7 news reporter lea has behavior. we're seeing that push the fire the story. >> people coming from the north embers back into the main burn, bay weren't here to try out san so it's very advantageous for us in some areas, but very it's so scary. instructi destructive in others. it just hit me when i went to >> fullontainment isn't get gas. there's, like, a 20-car lineup on lombard. expected until thursday of next >> at this gas station on lombard, there was one way in week. >> amanda is in the south bay where people are coming together and one way out. to donate things to their >> this was my fourth attempt to
6:25 pm
neighbors to the north. get in here. their plan to assist victims is >> and you couldn't because it was too packed. coming up for you on abc 7 news >> too packed. at 11:00. >> this was not the only place where people from the north bay >> that'll do it for this came to gather. edition of abc 7 news. always look for breaking news on >> where are you from? >> san rafael. the actions app anytime. >> the marina safeway was one >> for drew tuma, all of us place they came to buy food and here, we appreciate your time. enjoy your evening and we'll see you again at 11:00. ice, important commodities. >> cruising. when you buy 11 bags of ice, it doesn't go unnoticed. >> yeah. >> they actually asked why was i buying 11 bags of ice. i said we're from marin. they said, i'm sorry. so they were nice. >> then there's always a downside to coming into the city. >> i have an electric car, so i've had to come into san francisco to charge the battery. one indirect consequence of that is my rear window was smashed in, and the car was broken. >> fortunately nothing was stolen. >> so you won't believe this, but we're at a launder mat here
6:26 pm
in san francisco and we spotted kerrygold has a taste so rich someone from marin county doing it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. their laundry right over there. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk >> my laundry doesn't work so i'm doing it here. for a truly delicious taste. i have an electric car. there's nowhere to charge my car. so now we're going to go to the kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. presidio and hopefully there will be charges stations. >> this man was already one step ahead of her crossing the bridge to charge his car in the presidio. in san francisco, leeian melendez, abc 7 news. >> the kincade fire has forced thousands of people out of hair homes. >> next, a list of how you can help and what you can donate and where you can give. >> comcast services are out in some areas where pg&e has been turned back on. why? we'll look at that. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. ♪ >> we're just minutes away from a live update from cal fire on ♪ the kincade fire. we'll bring that to you live next. ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
6:27 pm
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. . firefighters are holding the line on the kincade fire this evening despite dry conditions and windy weather. the 75,000-acre fire is 15%
6:30 pm
contained. >> more vacancies orders were downgraded today. 90 more homes are threatened. >> more than 267,000 people are losing power because of the latest pg&e power shutdowns. the biggest outages are in the north bay. >> smoke is making for poor air quality in parts of the bay area. a spare the air alert is in effect through tomorrow because of the unhealthy ozone levels. this means being outside can affect certain sevennsitive gro, especially children and those with asthma or breathing issues. >> any moment, cal fire is going to update us from the santa clara area, from the sonoma county fairgrounds. they're gathering to start a 6:30 news conference. we have learned now the fire is at 75,000 acres, but we may get another update on the exact
6:31 pm
number of acres burned. again, the wind is picking up there right now. >> so we are keeping track of that with drew tuma. we are, of course, watching your air quality with all the smoke coming down throughout the bay area with those winds. this is a news conference that is about to get under way, so it should be starting any moment now with the kincade fire still burning. >> drew, let's bring you in quickly to talk about the wind can say. you ju -- conditions. 51-mile-an-hour gusts? >> it's gusting right now to 50 miles per hour. it came down just a little bit, but still in the north bay the winds are very active. hawk eye in the north bay gust to go 41. we do anticipate the winds to continue to increase and stay active over the next 12 hours, zanne here we go, drew. let's listen to cal fire officials as they begin updating the media.
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