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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 30, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> i posted some safety tips on how you should -- what you should do after a fire in your wear. go to my facebook page. >> "gma" is next. good morning, america. as we join you this wednesday morning millions bracing for what could be the worst santa ana winds in a decade intensifying those devastating wildfires. >> on edge. millions across california now facing rare extreme red flag warnings as hurricane-force santa ana winds close in fueling massive flames. now the new video showing the spark that started the getty fire. as thousands of firefighters race to contain them, more than a million people now facing blackouts. we are live in the fire zone. explosive testimony in the impeachment showdown. a white house official and iraq war veteran tells lawmakers crucial words and phrases were cut out from the transcript of president trump's call with ukraine's leader.
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the isis mole. sources tell abc news about a member of baghdadi's inner circle. now the new warning from an isis prisoner. what he told our reporter about what could happen next. juul lawsuit. a former executive accusing the company of knowingly shipping out a million contaminated e-cigarette pods to customers around the country. stunning new surveillance video of this deadly plane crash. the aircraft free falling slamming into a house. the investigation under way. breaking his silence. kevin hart pulls back the curtain on his road to recovery. his message after that devastating accident. ♪ it's the final countdown the nationals force a game seven. >> and seventh heaven. the nationals battling back from behind beating the astros in a wild game. the manager kicked out after the controversial call that could have cost them everything. and now the epic world series showdown about to kick off
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tonight. ♪ and still we stand tall that song appropriate. good morning, america. a lot of drama last night on the field and me we haven't seen before. road team has won every single game this world series. >> so much for home field advantage. >> yeah, you don't have it in this series. will washington be able to pull off one more win to take home their first world series or will houston win it all? we know someone will popping the champagne tonight for sure. >> we know who someone is hoping that will be. >> come on, houston. >> more on that ahead. but first, we're watching two major wildfires across california. in the north the kincade fire so big it looks like this. this is 85 miles away in san francisco. meanwhile, in southern california, they're bracing for those dangerous santa ana winds. matt gutman is in los angeles, has the latest for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin.
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we actually just lost a light because the winds are starting to pick up. you can see those firefighters behind me, they're literally taking a last stand. over the past half hour the winds have kicked up blowing the zinged palm trees. the fear is the wind will kick up embers and cast them miles down, taking them from destru destructed areas and starting new fires. these red flag warnings are under way in 43 california counties this morning. that applies to 27 million people. overnight, that rare new video showing the spark which incinerated 12 home, damaged 5 others in l.a.'s pricey brentwood neighborhood. take another look. officials claiming high winds carried a tree branch into a city power line. those sparks igniting the flames fueling that fire. the charred remains of structures spanning nearly 650 acres, over 20,000 residents remain under mandatory evacuation orders. >> i understand how frightening
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it is to live in a canyon where these things can happen. >> reporter: and this morning, pacific gas and electric blacking out about 1.5 million people in 30 counties to prevent high winds from topping power lines and sparking new fires. >> worst winds that los angeles has seen in the last two to three years. >> reporter: and several hundred miles away in northern california, fires still going. san francisco firefighters tweeting out this harrowing new video of what they faced trying to quell the kincade fire. infernos on both sides of the highway as they try to douse those flames. these aircraft now flying overhead trying to keep the fire down. the kincade fire, about 15% contained but over 76,000 acres have burned. 86 single-family homes already consumed by that fire. >> we're at the time of year where we haven't seen any moisture for an extended period of time and they are receptive to new fire as well as fire
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spread. >> reporter: that wind could also make more work for firefighters. could ground the helicopters that we've seen doing so much of the heavy lifting putting out hot spots and really remote areas. now that crew you're seeing behind me, this is their third major fire in three weeks. firefighters here are exhausted. they've been on the front lines for -- well, since 3:00 a.m. monday morning. the question is not if there will be another fire today, it's where. michael. >> all right, thank you so much, matt. and as we heard, the winds are making these flames very hard to battle. we'll go to ginger for the latest on what's next. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. >> good morning. more than 110,000 acres burning in the kincade fire but as matt said today it is about what happens next. let's talk about that. there is a huge, strong and one of the strongest pressure gradients meaning 77-degree difference between colorado and california. look at the state of california, smothered by alerts. and it's not just because the
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santa ana winds will come offshore which they are, but it's because they are squeeze between mountain passes and that can enhance it, because there's such a difference in the air pressure, it wants so badly to get to the coast. it's going to go super fast to get there. let's dive in and show you what happens when you squeeze that air between mountain passes, you can go from 30 to 50-mile-per-hour sustained wind to gusts around 80 miles per hour. on top of it all this heats up and dries out the air. relative humidity in the 1% to 6% range. george. now to washington and the latest on impeachment as the house prepares for a full floor vote tomorrow there is new fallout from the explosive testimony of the white house aide and iraq war veteran on president trump's ukraine phone call. he testified that key words and phrases were omitted from the official transcript of that call and our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce is on capitol hill with the details. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. there were always gaps in the white house version of the transcript of this call. the white house said that that was just a voice trailing off or a pause in the conversation, but now a key witness listening in on that call and was tasked with editing this transcript reportedly says that details were left out. this morning, new questions about the handling of the call at the center of this impeachment inquiry. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, the first witness with firsthand knowledge with that call to testify to that call reportedly told investigators the crucial phrases were left out of the white house transcript of the call. according to "the new york times," vindman, a top ukraine expert on the national security council, testified that on the call, the president claimed there were recordings of former vice president joe biden discussing corruption. you can see the ellipses in the version of the transcript released by the white house. "the times" reports that vindman also recalled that ukrainian president zelensky made an explicit mention on the call of the energy company where biden's son hunter served on the board. vindman tried to add those details to the reconstructed white house transcript of the call but according to "the
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times" his edits were not included and it's not clear why. >> i want to thank colonel vindman for his courage in coming forward. >> reporter: in 10 1/2 hours of testimony vindman told lawmakers he was disturbed by what he heard on the call and the pressure that president trump was putting on the ukrainian leader to investigate the bidens. vindman told them, i did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen, adding that it would undermine u.s. national security. behind closed doors, the deposition grew heated. lawmakers shouting at each other. democrats are accusing republicans of asking questions in an effort to determine the whistle-blower's identity. but vindman, a decorated war veteran says he reported his concerns out of a sense of duty and insists he is not the whistle-blower and does not know who that person is. now, vindman's testimony seems to contradict the testimony of gordon sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the eu. he testified that no one ever
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raised concerns with him about his approach to ukraine, but, george, vindman says he did just that and told gordon sondland that his comments were inappropriate, so, george, lawmakers are likely to have some additional questions for the ambassador. >> we'll have to see if sondland cleans that up. the house is set for the floor vote on the impeachment process tomorrow. >> reporter: this will help outline what comes next, the next phase of this investigation including the procedures of those public hearings that are expected to begin here in the next few weeks. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. let's talk about it more with dan abrams and start with the testimony from colonel vindman. it's in some ways the most significant yet because he was on that phone call. >> you can't say he was hearing it from somebody else. this is him talking about what he himself heard but i think just as important is how consistent his testimony is with ambassador taylor, how consistent it is with the texts and with the transcript of the call as we know it because you can't look at each of these witnesses in a vacuum. you have to look at how does it
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fit in? that's why as mary points out ambassador sondland's testimony becomes so important. he seems to be the one who appears to be conflicting with both vindman and taylor as to what was happening at the time. he's also the one who's assumed to be the closest to president trump and, in fact, had been talking to president trump during this process. >> very significant. this process the house will lay out, basically a two-stage process, investigation by the intelligence committee and then the judiciary committee that would write up articles of impeachment. >> right, you know, people are asking a lot about how does this compare to previous impeachment proceedings? it's a little hard to compare it simply because in both the nixon case and the clinton case, there was a special prosecutor who did most of the investigating. >> behind closed doors. >> behind closed doors so, in the clinton case, ken starr handed congress everything they needed to know. now, you could say about what robert mueller? the difference was, robert mueller wasn't investigating ukraine. he was investigating
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specifically the russia piece so no one has really been investigating ukraine. it's behind closed doors and in that sense it's consistent with what had happened before. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. robin. george, now to stunning new details on the raid to take down the leader of isis. a source says a mole inside baghdadi's safe house played a key role. ian pannell is in the region and spoke with an isis prisoner. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning, robin. yet more dramatic detail emerging about the hunt for isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. this morning, more news about an informant inside baghdadi's inner circle. "the washington post" revealing the source gave crucial details including the location and layout of the isis leader's safe house. an official telling "the post," the mole had turned against the islamic state after one of his relatives had been killed by the group. now, kurdish sources telling abc the mole was present during the
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raid and critical to the successful u.s. mission. even providing them with a pair of baghdadi's underwear and a blood sample for dna testing to prove it was him. according to "the post," the mole was exfiltrated two days later with his family and is expected to receive some or all of the $25 million u.s. bounty placed on baghdadi. but thousands of isis prisoners and fighters are still alive. some in overflowing prisons like these. we spoke with one in a maximum security jail in iraq on tuesday. so what difference will it make now baghdadi is dead, do you think? >> no difference. maybe it will become worse. >> worse? >> worse. >> reporter: this man who says he has family in europe and the united states warning this is not the end for isis. >> i think now maybe in europe something is going to happen because many people may be upset about this, but like i said, how many baghdadis go, another one pops up. >> reporter: he claims he was
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just a policeman in isis but he shows no remorse for what they did. what would you say to the parents of kayla mueller, of steven sotloff, of james foley, of all the other foreigners who were beheaded, what do you say to them? >> well, what would you say about the people who got killed in the islamic state, the children? what would you say? >> you have no words for them? >> this is not my -- i didn't write their destiny. this is their destiny. >> reporter: well, i have to say that was a chilling interview. it's not just a prisoner issuing those warnings i heard the same thing from kurdish fighters and know that u.s. law enforcement officials on alert for a potential isis revenge attack. michael. >> all right, chilling, indeed. thank you so much. now to that new lawsuit filed against juul. a former executive suing the company accusing it of knowingly shipping out 1 million contaminated pods earlier this year and not telling customers. whit johnson has more.
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>> reporter: this morning, the former senior vice president of global finance at juul claiming in a new lawsuit that he raised concerns about a shipment of contaminated pods. in the lawsuit, sid breja alleged that company leaders often responded to concerns about health and safety by quoting former ceo kevin burns who allegedly said half our customers are drunk and vaping like expletive. who the expletive is going to notice the quality of our pods. bra accuses the company of firing him in retaliation for whistle-blowing. mr. breja became aware of very concerning actions within the company that could jeopardize the health of millions of juul users. mr. breja performed his duty to shareholders, the board and the public by reporting these issues internally expecting that juul's senior management would do the right thing. juul has not responded to abc news' request for comment but in
7:15 am
an earlier legal filing, the company claimed at no point during his termination meeting or during his entire ten months of employment did breja complain he had been retaliated against, suggest he had ever identified any safety or quality concerns or claim that his employment had been wrongfully terminated. now, the lawsuit alleges that the 1 million contaminated pods were the popular mint flavor. and despite the protests from this executive the company refused to issue a recall or really any kind of safety and health warning for consumers out there. >> okay, whit, thanks very much. world series time right now. epic game seven set for tonight after the nationals battled back against the astros in a game packed with drama last night and t.j. is down in houston outside the stadium with all the action. hey, t.j. >> reporter: george, this game was all kinds of crazy. first, you had two players taunting each other with bats. you had a manager get so upset he had to be physically restrained before he was ejected and you had a controversial call that had us all thumbing through the rule book.
7:16 am
now we get a game seven. >> the nationals have forced game seven. >> reporter: the washington nationals live to fight one more day forcing a winner take all game seven after defeating the houston astros 7-2 in a contentious and controversial game six. the game got off to a fast and fiery start. astros third baseman alex bregman got the hostilities going early on carrying his bat all the way to first bat after this solo home run setting off the nationals and their fans who felt he was showboating. but four innings later nationals superstar juan soto returned the favor taunting bregman by carrying his bat to first base after he whacked this staggering home run giving the nationals a one-run lead. things got even more heated after a controversial call in the seventh inning. nats shortstop trea turner was
7:17 am
called out when he bumped the astros' first baseman even though he was hit by the throw and appeared to run in a straight line. after that widely condemned interference call and a long delay nationals manager dave martinez, who recently had a heart procedure, had to be restrained and was thrown out of the game by the umpires. but the nats turned their frustration into momentum. immediately responding with a two-run home run. >> back at the wall it is gone! >> reporter: and never looked back. >> we had a great opportunity to play a home game, game seven of the world games. >> reporter: on that controversial call, seriously, pulled out a rule book and 5.09 paragraph a, section 11 states that the runner, even though he's running in a straight line, he has to run a little in foul territory and the player wasn't a little to the right where he should have been so that was the interpretation and mlb umpires did get that call right. the first time in the world series the road team has won the first six games and we get a game seven, best two words in
7:18 am
sports. >> doesn't matter what sport. game seven is always good. >> it's going to be something. >> 2:00 i got an email from charlie gibson. he was watching the game. >> a.m. >> he was not pleased with that -- 2:00 a.m. he wasn't pleased with that call. following a lot of other stories including kevin hart speaking out after that brutal car accident and sharing personal videos of his recovery. only on "gma," we're taking you inside the elite training facility turning puppies into canine commandos like the one that helped take down the leader of isis. wait until you see this. first back to ginger. >> temperature in denver this morning, 6. yeah, 6 degrees, feels like 6 below, look at goodland, kansas. the accident as long interstate 70. the spinouts. this will keep moving east. the flurries are ending this morning in denver. look at the winter weather advisories, kansas city to chicago.
7:19 am
jobina will be tracking that. there are some developments. >> definitely. and a bit of good news. i understand the winds were not what we expected. alameda county, san mateo, so many areas that were supposed to have power turned off are with power. that's a relief. >> that is good. mike is tracking the winds. >> winds are hitting 50 miles per hour across the north bay. the red flag warning continues until tell us what day it is. >> hump day. >> we'll be back. >> hump day. >> we'll be back.
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so warm and cozy. and festive. - what material are you talking about? - and we're out of time! go mad for plaid with up to fifty percent off storewide. that's up to fifty percent off. at old navy. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> i'm reggie akey, and firefighters are making progress on the kincade fire burning in north bay. cal fire says that as of this morning, the fire has burned more than 76,800 acres. this is good news, 30% contained which is double from yesterday. pg&e canceled the shut offs in alameda, contra costa, and san mateo and santa cruz counties, because the weather got better, but still many places in the north bay remain in the dark and crews are remaining working to restore power. and now, we are looking at the toll plaza where the cash lanes are empty, but it is a good sign.
7:24 am
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good news. check out the winds, 20s and 30s are the gusts and an improvement over the 50s and the 60 has the we had while we were sleeping. we will have critical fire conditions through 4:00 this afternoon and everywhere but san francisco, and the bay shore and santa clara valley. the people without power, freezing cold temperatures and make sure that you take care of them. my accuweather forecast is halloween on, gorgeous weather.
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nothing scary there. >> like to see that, mike. thank you. and coming up on "gma," a 14-year-old was spotted with her alleged
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welcome back to "gma." we cannot get enough of those moves. former ucla gymnast katelyn ohashi wowing the crowds. well, now, the ncaa just made a huge decision that could help college athletes get a big payday. we'll have all the details ahead. >> love watching her. >> amazing. that is ahead as you said. we're following a lot of headlines including millions across california bracing for what could be the worst santa ana winds in a decade fueling that big kincade fire in the north and the devastating getty wildfire in the south. thousands of firefighters on the front lines. also this morning, boeing's ceo headed back to capitol hill for a second day of testimony, facing questions about those
7:31 am
deadly 737 max plane crashes. we're there live coming up. and this morning, we are celebrating the life of actor and comedian john witherspoon. >> well, we may not be perfect. we may fight all the time. we may not have much. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> it took us a while to find a clip that we could share with you on morning television. that's of course with the wayans brothers, 77 years old best known for his role in "friday." he passed away on tuesday and so many paying tribute including his son j.d. who shared this photo, called his dad his best friend and idol. so talented. >> met him a few times. couldn't have been a better man. >> yeah. we're going to get the latest on kevin hart's recovery. hart posted a personal look at the challenges he has faced after his september car crash. amy is here with the video. hey, amy. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, guys. this is the first time we're
7:32 am
hearing from him since the crash in california, and this morning, he has a message saying he is thankful for his life, and for all of those who have helped him get to this point. >> no matter how much you think you're in control you're not in control. >> reporter: overnight, kevin hart giving the world an inside look into his recovery nearly two months after his vintage 1970 plymouth barracuda rolled down an embankment with him and two others inside. the devastating accident sending him to the hospital with major back injuries, practifracturing spine in three places. >> the craziest things that happen to you end up being the things that you needed most. >> reporter: hart posting a two-minute documentary-style video on his instagram revealing an intimate journey starting with him in the hospital and later progressing through a grueling rehabilitation. >> after my accident i see things differently. i see life from a whole new perspective. my appreciation for life is through the roof. >> reporter: the california highway patrol determined the
7:33 am
cause of the crash was reckless driving. the driver sustained injuries while his fiancee was able to walk away. hart has no plans to sue black, and has no ill will towards his friend. in the recovery video he expresses gratitude for the encouragement from his fans. >> don't take today for granted because tomorrow is not promised. more importantly, i'm thankful for god. thankful for life. i'm thankful for simply still being here. >> now, the california highway patrol ruled that none of the passengers in the car were wearing their seat belts. hart's recovery is very remarkable considering the accident happened nearly two months ago but, again, another warning to wear those seat belts, to drive safely and to appreciate today. >> yeah, glad he's doing as well as he is. >> exactly. >> thanks for bringing that to us, amy. now that huge challenge -- huge change i should say for college athletes.
7:34 am
the ncaa now saying it will allow athletes to profit from their names and images. eva pilgrim is here with those details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a major shift. colleges and universities have long made money off the images and names of their athletes. in order to stay eligible those students couldn't earn a dime. this morning, student athletes are one huge step closer to getting paid. >> weaving his way out across the 35, breaking a tackle. >> reporter: it's a game-changing decision. the ncaa now clearing the way to allow college athletes to get paid. the ncaa announcing tuesday its board of governors is breaking a tradition that's lasted more than a century voting unanimously to permit students participating in athletics the opportunity to benefit from the use of their name, image and likeness. >> we do think it's possible to do this in a way that maintains the collegiate model, stops short of pay for play and addresses the concerns that many lawmakers in particular have articulated over the last few months. >> reporter: reaction to the
7:35 am
ncaa decision quickly flooding in. lebron james tweeting, it's a beautiful day for all college athletes going forward from this day on. adding that it is not a victory but a start. the lakers star who never attended college, an outspoken supporter of similar legislation that was signed into law in california late last month. >> i always tell you part of the reason i went to the nba was to get my mom out of the situation she was in. i couldn't have done that if i would have stepped on a college campus. >> reporter: under the decision, some of the biggest names in college sports now stand to earn millions. these young athletes now able to hire agents and sign major endorsement deals. how much could they potentially make? duke standout and current new orleans pelican power forward zion williamson reportedly signed a $60 million-plus deal with nike before he'd ever played even one game in the nba. but it's not just big name sports but athletes of all stripes that could potentially benefit from this new deal.
7:36 am
♪ former ucla gymnast katelyn ohashi got international attention after her perfect 10 floor routine went viral. she says she thinks this decision is especially important for athletes like her who don't have a pro league to look forward to after graduation. >> it's not about money at the end of the day like this just allows us to open doors and start careers ahead of time before the four years are up. >> reporter: so we aren't going to immediately see college athletes across the board getting deals. this is going to take some time to go into place, and we are being told it will likely be the 2020, 2021, 2022 academic year. >> i know there's a lot of mixed feelings. >> there are a lot of mixed feelings. and still a lot of questions about how they'll implement this and make it -- keep the college spirit of sports alive. that's the fun of watching
7:37 am
college sports. >> right, right, right. that does seem like they're just finding a way to compromise. yeah, thank you, eva. >> interesting to see. thank you so much, eva. now to startling new surveillance video showing that airplane crashing into a house in new jersey. you can see the small cessna nose-diving. thankfully no one was home. gio benitez is there in new jersey with more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. ntsb investigators will be here for the next few days to figure out why that plane fell from the sky. but as you're about to see this came very close to hurting so many people right here on the ground. >> these houses. >> reporter: dramatic video capturing the moment of a small cessna plane coming crashing down into a new jersey neighborhood. >> 80 berkeley avenue, it's going to be for a fire. secondary plane crash. >> reporter: through a doorbell camera you can see the plane nosedive out of the misty sky and hit one home erupting into flames, two others also burning. one woman escaping from one of those homes just in time.
7:38 am
neighbors rushing to help. >> we made sure we had someone to check on the two houses next door because the flames were about 30 to 40 feet high and the whole first floor, second floor was on fire. >> reporter: now this morning, the ntsb has investigators on the scene looking at what caused that plane to go down. they say the pilot was in contact with the tower most of the time taking off from leesburg, virginia, headed toward the airport in linden, new jersey. he was cleared to land, but as he was approaching, that's when he stopped communicating. the pilot, the only person on board, was also the only person killed. nobody else was hurt. and so many are thinking about that pilot's family this morning. now, the key question for investigators, what went wrong? and it may take months, even years, to answer that question, guys. >> all right, gio, and as you said we're thinking of that pilot's family. coming up only on "gma,"
7:39 am
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prefer the taste of prego traditional. ( ♪ ) we are back now with a look inside the elite training facilities that prepare dogs for military missions. like the one that helped take down the leader of isis. marcus moore went inside to see how these pups become war dogs. he joins us now from lackland air force base in san antonio. good morning, marcus.
7:43 am
>> reporter: robin, good morning. it's truly remarkable what's going on here. some of these dogs begin as early as seven weeks old and almost every one of the dogs you see in some of those critical missions underwent basic training right here in texas. this is the place where ordinary dogs are groomed into america's most elite canine commandos. at joint base san antonio lackland, the air force's 341st training squadron raises 300 pups each year, takes them through their very own version of boot camp. the graduates go on to be war dogs like the hero who helped in the raid on isis leader, abu bakr al baghdadi, in syria, and cairo, who served in the 2011 raid for osama bin laden. >> every time we hear about the raids, first of all i want to know is the dog with them and it's coming from the squadron most of the time. that's a huge source of pride for us. >> reporter: they learn how to take down suspects. the dogs learning to go through
7:44 am
obstacles, leaping through windows, jumping over bridges and squeezing through tight spaces. inside buildings going room by room using a sense of smell to track down suspects even behind closed doors. the animals are not the only ones being trained here. san antonio lackland also prepares their handlers. >> stay. >> reporter: like master sergeant angel landrau. >> we don't have much control over them. so they're taught to go crazy for a ball or a, and channel that into the finished product. a dog that you guys have seen today, that has a lot of control. >> stay. >> reporter: while the dogs here look to be cute and adorable, you're reminded these dogs are trained to be disciplined assets in some of the most dangerous situations. >> they're sleek fur missiles coming at you. this guy's awesome. he's doing his job for us right now but you don't want to be on the other end when he's working. >> and they train dogs for the secret service, the fbi and also other agencies and it's really, again, incredible work they're
7:45 am
doing here with these little dogs. you can't get by how cute they are. i just want to take one home. guys. >> they're cute now. >> take them when they're puppies. that is right. >> thanks, marcus. >> thank you very much to marcus for that. and coming up, the nationals, they may have won last night's game, but this fan may be the biggest winner. yep, it's our "play of the day." ♪ i'm on the edge of glory yep, it's our "play of the day." ♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ at walgreens, we love smart savers. like yard-sale savers. tee-time savers. and especially med d savers. select a medicare part d plan with walgreens as your preferred pharmacy and get co-pays for as low as zero dollars and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. isn't saving great? save smartly on med d. walgreens. trusted since 1901.
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory we are back now with our "play of the day." and there might not be a world series champion yet, but this guy is the real winner of this baseball season. take a look at this new commercial for bud light. ♪ ♪ >> or gloves. not all heroes wear capes or gloves. that, of course, is washington nationals fan jeff adams. he is the new star of bud light. he took that baseball to the chest instead of dropping his beer in game five. they tracked him down and hooked him up with tickets to game six and then there's this shirt with his picture on it that reads, always save the beers. my man is a hero to so many out there. they may send him to game seven.
7:50 am
they hinted maybe there is a super bowl commercial on the way. the fans want him to have bud light for life. we'll see what happens. >> hero? >> hero. >> now i truly have seen it all. coming up, how you can get started on your new year's resolutions right now. the five tips to try. it's called five to thrive and tory johnson is here with great fall fashion "deals & steals." come on back. come on back. deals & steals." come on back. r adults with modeo severely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection have had cancer, or odevelop new skin growths,res, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions
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7:54 am
cars, just was playing, my sons do things like this all the time so it didn't surprise me. anyway, wanted to share with you that and then cedar rapids, iowa. look at that fresh snow on the trees. all the trees are pretty hefty with their foliage. we're early in some spots. look at the beautiful fall colors and then this snow they've made in taylors falls, minnesota. then heavy rain along the i-95 talking 60s, 70s and have that rain. rain. coming up, a new warning this house represents ♪ all of the hard work that my family's been through. ♪ when i was building my career, hosting was that side hustle that i could 100% rely on. now when i host, it's really not about money anymore. i want to celebrate my family and my heritage within these walls. i want to provide a space for my community.
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings," and mike nicco is watching the all-important forecast. >> thank you, reggie. everybody is green and that is good. and it could get unhealthy up in the north bay and that is why we are in a spare the air. and san francisco and richmond low to mid-70s and for the rest of us. look at that forecast through tuesday. what a treat. jobina? >> a two-car crash that is blocking the west lane in pittsburgh, and near leverage road, and be aware if you are headed that direction, because you will see some delays there. a live look at the san mateo bridge, because it is rather slow on one side there. and on the approach going on the
7:57 am
bridge coming from the east bay, there is a stalled vehicle there. so we can expect some delays there as well for a while. reggie? >> thank you, jobina. coming up on "gma," a new type of warning for the identity theft that is and the rise and how hackers are
7:58 am
7:59 am
annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on
8:00 am
juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. state of emergency. hurricane-force winds fueling those wildfires in the west. we're live from the front lines. also this morning, the head of boeing in the hot seat confronted by families holding up photos of victims from two crashes. the questions now as the company intentionally con sealed defects. the latest identity theft. sim swapping. your phone numbers stolen before you know it. passwords reset. bank account drained. the "gma" investigation this morning. prescription-free pain relief. the at-home high-tech devices so many are using. so how do they work? should you use them? we are breaking them down.
8:01 am
♪ last christmas it's 56 days till christmas. an early present this morning, emilia clarke is here live before her brand-new romantic comedy "last christmas" as we say good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. great to have emilia clarke with us this morning and it's great to have all of you joining us on this wednesday morning as well. >> oh, what a beautiful song. >> oh, yeah. >> christmas is going to be here before you know it. >> pretty soon. tory is going to be here with "deals & steals" on fall fashion from dresses to shoes and sunglasses. >> go shopping. first, we have a lot of news to get to starting with two making news in america this morning, wildfires in california. thousands of firefighters have been battling them for days from the kincade fire in the north to the getty fire near l.a. millions bracing for what could be the worst santa ana winds in a decade and rob marciano is in santa clarita with the latest. >> reporter: the wind are really picking up.
8:02 am
we're near a home that was badly damaged earlier this week. 60 mile per hour winds now just across the way with these winds, we fear that fires already burning spreading, maybe carrying embers to a new start starting new fires. we've seen that, a new fire breaking out in simi valley. also, the kincade fire across northern california that's huge, increasing winds across the getty fire today which yesterday they were really hitting hard with choppers trying to douse what's left of that thing. they knew these winds were coming and they knew it would be a bad situation. that one sparked by a downed power line. because of that pg&e has shut down power for 500,000 people in anticipation of these winds.
8:03 am
extreme fire conditions not only today but will last throughout much of southern california tomorrow. dangerous times ahead, george. >> we can see the winds kicking up. thanks very much. now to the ceo of boeing back in the hot seat on capitol hill today after a rough day of testimony facing blistering questions about those 737 max planes involved in two deadly crashes. one senator calling those jets, quote, flying coffins. david kerley with more. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we've been moved outside. the questions for muilenburg would be tougher than yesterday. with family members holding pictures of some of the 346 people lost in those two crashes, the boeing ceo went further than before about his company's involvement in those crashes. >> we are sorry. we've made mistakes.
8:04 am
and we got some things wrong. >> reporter: senators from both parties demanding to know if boeing intentionally concealed defects in a new flight control system from the faa. it's called mcas. it misfired repeatedly nosing down those two jets and boeing did not mention mcas in the new flight manual. >> the premise that we would lie or conceal is just not consistent with our values. >> reporter: but two senators read messages between boeing test pilots long before the jet was approved. >> so basically i lied to the regulators unknowingly. >> reporter: which could suggest a problem with that mcas system. messages the ceo says he didn't see until earlier this year. the families of some of the victims are here in this hearing room today. they attended yesterday as well and met with muilenburg yesterday afternoon. many were not satisfied with everything he had to say. by the way the max may not fly
8:05 am
until early next year. missing the holiday a chance ticket prices could go up. guys, back to you. >> got to keep that in mind. >> without a doubt. thank you so much. coming up, we have the new form of identity theft straight from your phone targeting celebrities like jessica alba. we're taking you inside a crime lab. what you can do to stop the hackers. also ahead, how john cena and lebron james are both helping support the first responders battles those california wildfires. and lara, what do you have upstairs? >> the wildly popular rachel hollis is with me. she'll join us to help motivate you to kick off our new year's resolutions. we've got a great audience and a lot more coming up on "good morning america." [ applause ] don't go anywhere. don't go anywhere. yeah, i'm looking at the numbers now. you sure i can do this? advisor: [phone call] yeah, it's what we've been planning for. thank you. dad: hey, boy.
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welcome back to "gma." welcome to our great audience here this wednesday morning. halloween eve. tomorrow is the day. no clues from us today. >> no clues? >> no clues. >> one clue? >> no clues. >> okay. you have to watch the show. >> there might be a clue. maybe there will be a clue that slips out. >> ooh. >> in "pop news"? >> i'll never tell. [ laughter ] should we do "pop news," though? let's do it. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, everybody. lots going on. love this guy, john cena has just announced he's helping first responders battle the raging wildfires in california in a big way. take a look. >> out of respect to the people that i truly believe are heroes, my response will be to
8:11 am
immediately donate half a million dollars to this cause. >> thank you, john. [ applause ] it's much needed. the wrestler turned actor posting the video on twitter in honor of first responders day explaining the money will go to the los angeles fire department foundation and the california fire foundation. cena plays a firefighter in an upcoming movie and has newfound respect for the brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line every single day. and he's not the only celebrity lending a hand. lebron james is sending food to the front lines. james -- [ applause ] >> yeah, every bit counts. he sent a taco truck to feed first responders battling the getty fire. they were evacuated from their brentwood home due to fires that continue to rage in l.a. county and northern california. >> good for both of them helping out like that. >> and so many others, doing their part. in a small way. nice to share that. also in the news, this is a
8:12 am
"pop news" update. last month you'll remember we told you about the french woman who decided to have an old painting that hung above her hot plate in her kitchen appraised and she found out it was worthy of a better spot in her house. the piece was authenticated as a 13th century work by a famous renaissance artist part of a multipiece collection. the woman told -- she told the appraiser she would sell it. she was told that it could fetch between $4.3 millio and $6.5 million at auction. well, it turns out that estimate was a little off. the painting that hung in her kitchen unnoticed for years just sold for $26.8 million. [ applause ] at an auction in paris, the auctioneer calls it a renaissance masterpiece. good for her. [ applause ] >> wow. >> another good follow-up. >> love that.
8:13 am
and i love this. check out this guy. we call him not so big bird. >> oh, my. that's funny. >> this 15-month-old toddler taking out his costume for a test drive if you will. his mom jenna handmade the costume and says eli might never take it off. tomorrow eli will be joining you in our costumes for the big "gma" halloween party. [ applause ] >> thank you, lara. we're going to move on now to our "gma" cover story about the scam called sim swapping. it's a cybercrime on the rise. a hacker steals your phone number and breaks into your email, social media. mobile payment accounts and adrienne bankert has details of our investigation. >> hey, george, good morning, everybody. just over a month ago the fbi sent out a security advisory warning to businesses so we decided to get an inside look at how this crime is committed by meeting a former hacker as well as a special task force working
8:14 am
to stop more people from being electronically robbed. they weren't your average criminals. prosecutors using this video in court showing excessive partying at a las vegas nightclub pouring $15,000 bottles of champagne over a $50,000 watch. that money stolen in minutes with the hacking technique now on the rise. it's called sim swapping. >> it's become a pretty big problem. we're aware of in excess of $50 million that's been stolen. >> reporter: so what exactly is a sim swapping crime? well, it's a form of i.d. theft where a hacker convinces your phone provider often through trickery or bribery to move your phone number to a sim card to a phone in the hacker's possession. they'll just call somebody at a store and they'll convince them they're the customer and get people that are willing to do it for money. >> reporter: once the hacker has stolen those ten digits they can
8:15 am
reset any passwords linked to that number including emails, social media and some mobile payment accounts. celebrities like jessica alba and twitter ceo jack dorsey have been targeted and experts say anyone is vulnerable. >> it wasn't just startling. it was life altering. >> reporter: tech executive robert ross had never heard of the crime until it happened to him. >> saw a notification for a withdrawal request and thought, that's weird. i didn't make a withdrawal request. >> reporter: in just 20 minutes he realized he was a victim. >> i saw that i was being logged out of g-mail and then i saw that i had no service. and between those three things i knew i was under attack. >> reporter: years of savings nearly $1 million wiped out. the money stolen from accounts designed to buy cryptocurrency, much of it set aside for his daughter's college fund. >> there's the money aspect in terms of the actual financial aspect but there's also pride in being a dad. >> reporter: authorities say one of the culprits just 21 years
8:16 am
old at the time has been caught. he has pleaded not guilty. >> this is a phone that we authorized a sim card swap for. >> reporter: eric taylor is a hacker turned cybersecurity expert. he shows us just how quickly someone can reset your passwords with a stolen phone number. >> they're going to start with instagram. >> reporter: within seconds taylor is able to reset the instagram password without even knowing the user name. >> it sent you a text message. tap to get back in. >> i can change the phone number and completely just take over the account. >> reporter: we witness taylor do the same thing with twitter and g-mail. for sim hackers sometimes it's just bragging rights. >> yeah. >> reporter: recently twitter, instagram, google and some others have taken steps to strengthen security protections in the wake of a rising number of sim swapping attacks. >> so here we'll do sim card extraction. >> reporter: the react task force specializes in high technology crime. >> we want to take out the sim card. >> reporter: we were invited to
8:17 am
their santa clara county crime lab. >> and now it's connect to the computer. the sim card gives us the specific i.d. number and carrier information. >> reporter: this type of information has been used to help investigators catch sim swappers. >> we're able to see what phone numbers were used. these phone numbers sent these specific messages through these phone numbers. >> reporter: many say it's up to the phone carriers to do more to protect their customers. >> they certainly aren't warning people about this and i don't think they're doing that much to protect people. >> reporter: we reached out to ctia, the wireless association who told us the wireless industry provides consumers with a variety of tools to protect themselves including the ability to add p.i.n. numbers and passwords to their accounts. we encourage consumers to use those tools. and we also contacted four major phone providers all recommend using strong p.i.n.s and passwords and they also provide more information about protection on their websites. >> so that's protection. what if it happens to you? >> first, contact your cell phone provider and disconnect
8:18 am
that stolen phone number and reach out to any companies that may have accounts that you have your phone number linked to. reset all passwords. the big key, whenever possible, try to use that two-step verification that's become more and more common with the outside authenticator apps but try not to link you personal cell phone to any secure accounts whenever possible. >> that's good advice right there. all right. thanks, a.b. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. now to our series on prescription-free pain relief. this morning, we're looking at percussion therapy. you may have noticed slo-mo videos filling up your social media feeds showing high intensity massages. our becky worley gave it a try. >> reporter: rippling quads, pounded calves, jiggling biceps. new devices like the theragun promise to help remove muscle soreness, improve circulation and speed up recovery. kyrie used it on the bench in the 2017 nba finals and other pro athletes swear by it. >> theragun.
8:19 am
used to loose up the muscle tissue. >> reporter: how does it feel on the high hamstring soreness i'm dealing with? it's like a bowl of jell-o in an earthquake. yeah. but it feels amazing. but percussion therapy isn't limited to this $400 device. this vibrating roller really loosened up my i.t. band and of course my psoas, that's a muscle in my hip, come on. also there are spiky balls that jiggle at variable speeds for right between my shoulder blades and even budget deep tissue hand helds like this $41 wall that feels great. even if it's a little less intense than the theragun. check out the comparison. it's not exactly scientific. but i think that's everything you need to know. new technology for massaging this old body.
8:20 am
for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> and we thank her for that. dr. jennifer ashton is here with a look at other at home devices to relieve pain and our viewers have been giving them a try this morning. tracy and marsha. [ applause ] it was all i could do not to go marcia, marcia, marcia. fought it off. okay, you have some other ones here. you have the elbow. >> yes. >> that's what's bothering you will. >> we're talking on ice now. this -- think of it as a combination of ice and massage therapy. these are the little devices, it's been vibrating. you can feel that. >> it's cool. >> and giving cold therapy at the same time. there's a lot of confusion about ice and heat. ice, injury in general reduces inflammation. >> how does it feel? >> it's really relaxing. >> you feel the vibrations not too much.
8:21 am
>> i do, but it's a soothing vibration. >> i hope you feel better. >> yeah, thank you. >> marsha, this is something a little bit different. an infrared -- >> we're on to heat therapy. in general heat actually brings blood flow to the area so this is good for muscle spasms. >> i should say your issue is your sciatica? >> correct. >> and part of that is because muscle contracts around that nerve. so, again, a benefit for some people. >> so how is that feeling? >> it's a mild heat sensation and it actually relaxes my leg muscles so it feels better. >> it feels better. >> yes. >> still has muscle spasm. these are low risk, may give some benefit. try not to self-diagnose. >> but how do you make that decision if this is something -- >> when it doubt, check it out. physical therapists, chair practice or thes.
8:22 am
psychiatrists other orthopedic specialists to get a diagnosis and self-management can be a good option. >> we want you to be pain-free. thank you very much. thank you for your advice to get rid of this head cold i'm having. i was asking what should i use? i appreciate that. let's get over to ginger. >> let's do a "gma" moment from massachusetts. i think 2-year-old avery has a future in singing. take a look. ♪ ♪ that's where you'll find me ♪ somewhere -- >> she sings the whole song word for word. i'm just impressed i think because my nearly 2-year-old is barely saying a couple of words. i think we need to sing more, miles. please take your "gma" moments. put them on my facebook page. until th jobina will be tracking that. there are some developments. >> definitely. and a bit of good news. i understand the winds were not what we expected. alameda county, san mateo, so many areas that were supposed to have power turned off are with power. that's a relief.
8:23 am
>> that is good. mike is tracking the winds. >> winds are hitting 50 miles per hour across the north bay. the red flag warning continues until now it's time for "deals & steals." fall fashion edition. >> very excited. tory johnson is here with so many great items, so many great deals, starting right here. >> you will wake up happy with mahogany. family-owned business for 30 years, they make awesome print, 100% cotton. these are amazing. sleep shirts or pajama bottoms. you choose depending on your sleep style. they come with a pouch. amazing for gifting. four fabulous patterns, two perfect silhouettes. you can't go wrong, normally 28 to $44. today slashed in half, 14 to
8:24 am
$22. [ applause ] >> talk about these. >> skinnytees. you guys know that mainly for the tanks that we featured a lot. now i brought you all the fall colors with long sleeve options. we still have the short sleeves online but then we've got a lot of their -- >> that's not your size. >> not my size? >> but it's your color. we have a lot of their outerwear pieces, i think we also have a supermodel here in the studio who is wearing one of those pieces. >> ah. ginger zee. >> ginger could wear that open, closed. she could throw that over anything and that's what skinnytees is all about, sort of the ease of dressing. 36 to $96 regularly slashed up to 61% starting at $17. >> 17 bucks. [ applause ] now we're coming over to some sneakers. jambu, these are their wool sneakers and there's two great things about.
8:25 am
one is the traction on the bottom is going to make you feel stable and safe outside and then also this memory foam cushion on the inside makes them comfortable all day long. options for men and women. $79 regularly, they are slashed in half, $39.50 for some great sneakers. >> jambu for you. you know peepers. you are wearing some. >> i'm a fan of peepers. >> so these are their brand-new fall collection. all of them oversized frames are really chic right now. blue blockers, you can get these with blue blockers. we chose these for you. >> okay, i don't know about this. i'll try it on. >> a big variety. [ cheers and applause ] 25 -- 23 to $25 regularly slashed in half, $11.50. he looks good. >> you need to buy those. amelia rose. >> buy them? what are you talking about? >> amelia rose, you're wearing some of the earrings. robin i think wears them all the time. gorgeous options, ring, necklaces, semiprecious stones, emerald cut shape.
8:26 am
they are just beautiful. there you go, look at that. serious supermodel here. 80 to 90 regularly. today these are slashed in half, 35 to $45. the holidays are coming. finally, top it off as you head out the door these are really awesome pieces, scarves, gloves, hats, poncho, shawls, huge assortment. this is just a bit of a keen assortment. >> cutaway to our other supermodel. >> cutaway to our supermodel. >> slashed in half, 10 to $27.50. >> oh, great job, tory, as always. we partnered with all the companies to get the deals on our website and we have bonus deals online. make sure you check it out. audience, you're all going home with sleepwear from mahogany as well. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from "abc7 mornings." firefighters are making progress tonkin cade fire that is burning in the north bay. cal fire as of this morning the fire has burned more than 76,800 acres and 30% contained. good morning, everyone. i want to take you to the sig aert in pittsburgh. it is a two-car crash on westbound near loveridge road, and the vehicles are blocking the fast lane and one of the cars is on the roof, and so hopefully they will get it cleared up for you all. and also, smartd train is running free service on a limited schedule starting today and through next wednesday, and
8:28 am
the service from the is a santa rosa station to downtown san rafael and stopping at all stations in betwe shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences
8:29 am
as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good news, the air quality is green and good and not much better this morning. the winds are starting to calm down and still around 35 miles per hour, and that is the fastest gust, but it is going to continue to taper. we have the red flag warning until 4:00. other critical fire conditions.
8:30 am
after this, it is going to be great through the weekend. kumasi? >> thank you, mike. we will have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on the did you get this message, don't go in the studio. >> what's in the studio? >> hi, guys. i wouldn't go in that studio. >> don't go in the studio. >> don't go there. >> do not go in there. >> i don't know. >> what's in the studio? what's in the studio? after you, michael. after you. >> i'm not going in there. >> i'm right behind you. >> announcer: halloween, "good morning america," be afraid. [ applause ]
8:31 am
welcome back to "gma." you're right. what a gentleman i was running -- i was clearing the way so robin could follow me. that's what that was all about. >> we all earned our s.a.g. card. >> yes, we did and cleared the way for our next guest, everybody. she is an emmy nominated actress in "game of thrones," mother of dragons now sending us in the holiday spirit with her new movie "last christmas." please welcome the talented emilia clarke. ♪ [ applause ] >> hi. ♪ last christmas i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away ♪ >> have a seat. [ applause ] >> oh. >> whoa. >> that's just lovely. >> an early morning standing ovation. >> delightful. thank you so much, guys. >> awesome. first things first we want to wish you a happy belated birthday. >> ah, thank you.
8:32 am
[ applause ] >> looked like you had a great time celebrating with some friends. >> i did. i did. i had a very good time, a very good time indeed, yeah. i had -- what i would call a fat dirty rave -- >> a what? >> a party. >> a fat dirty rave. it was great. it was good. >> well, you star alongside the cute henry goaling. >> yes, yes. i know. right? [ applause ] he's so gorgeous. >> in your movie "last christmas," he said you were a ray of sunshine to work with on the set. >> i paid him. yeah. [ laughter ] >> doesn't sound like you needed to. he said he was slightly intimidated. >> oh, no. >> did you feel that at all? >> no, not at all. he was -- he's just so charming and we have a really similar work ethic like he turns up and he's got energy and knows his lines and he's generous as an actor and just lovely and lovely to be around. just delightful to absolutely
8:33 am
everyone. >> you guys have mimicked each other in your feelings about each other. nice to hear. >> it was good. >> in the movie you go on a date. it's a different kind of date. you break into an ice rink. you guys want to see? >> yeah, check it out. >> i call that a successful date, fun, free, illegal. romantic. >> and practical too. don't forget. >> why track cat? >> your audition, remember. >> yes. >> i like to think that i played a part in your rise to stardom. remember remember me. >> no chance. tom who? actually, tom who? [ applause ] >> and a lot of the filming, a lot of the filming for the movie happened very late at night. >> yes. >> in the middle of london during the holidays in the winter. >> yes. yashgs yeah, it was really cold. you'll start to see my coat look chunkier as the film goes on.
8:34 am
>> were there people -- londoners who -- >> yeah, it was basically the prime time for an office christmas party to be let out into the streets of london and then they see us filming so there was a lot of us trying to push drunk people out of the shot. yeah. it was great. glad you're having a good time. you need to leave. >> emma thompson nominated you for one of time's most influential people. she has the courage of a small lion, the stamina of a welch pit pony and the soul of a clown. >> yeah. we love her. >> it must have been so much fun to work with her. she was here yesterday. >> yeah, yeah, dame emma thompson, i've admired her my entire life. i can't quite think of a young actor who doesn't sort of see her as the pinnacle of great acting. but she's also -- she was just such a mum. she just like mothered everyone in the most beautiful way. we all, yeah, and greg wise wrote the script with her and he's her husband and they were literally mum and dad on set. they were amazing.
8:35 am
>> she was here yesterday. she's so funny. unbelievably funny. >> yeah. yeah, yeah. >> but i'm a sucker for these christmas movies. what is your favorite all-time christmas movie? >> so this is me every christmas. i'm on netflix or whatever and i spend hours looking for a new christmas movie because i can't keep doing -- >> a brand-new one. >> or one i haven't seen and every single time it's just "love actually." isn't it? >> me too. [ applause ] >> the minute you're flipping around, nope, we're not going anywhere. >> until what is last. >> i'm not sure i'll watch that ever again but "love actually" is it. >> before we get to christmas we have halloween and your character on "game of thrones" is a very popular costume. >> yeah. >> the mother of dragons. how is that for you walking down the street seeing you? >> well, so in england we don't really celebrate halloween in the same way so i've never truly
8:36 am
experienced a big halloween. >> come tomorrow. >> there we go. >> i've seen the wonderful costumes but i think were i to meet someone dressed as my character in the street i'd probably run. in the other direction i hi. >> we want everybody to run to the movies. >> yes. >> that's right. november 8th. "last christmas" hits theaters friday. november 8th. make sure you go out and chick it out. emilia clarke, everybody. yes, coming up, how to finish 2019 on a high note. rachel hollis is here with some tips. we'll be right back with some more "gma." [ applause ]
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we are back now on "gma." all right, all right, i have a question for our audience here. how many of you make new year's resolutions at the beginning of the year? raise your hand. let's see. let's see. quite a few. quite a few. what if i told you that you should be kicking off your new year's resolutions right now? never thought about that, did you? well, motivational speaker and "the new york times" best-selling author rachel hollis is here and says the secret to having a great year is start making changes 90 years before the year is over. give it up forrism hollis here. i love this idea. [ applause ] >> yeah, so -- >> i never thought about this. >> for me i would hit halloween and then i would start eating
8:40 am
more food and drinking more wine and then thanksgiving and christmas and all of a sudden i've crashed into the end of the year. so i started this practice called last 90 days which is about finishing strong. >> it's not how you start, it's how you finish. >> amen. every week has a theme. you already started with habit and health. >> we did habits. we did health. >> this week's topic, fear. >> fear because it's halloween and i like the cute theme, you guys. but this is not the typical kind of fear. this isn't a fear of spiders or heights. these are the fears that hold you back from becoming the person you say you want to be. one of the thing i hear most often a fear of failure. anyone have a fear of failure. here's what i want to challenge you on. you don't have a fear of failure, you have an ego problem. >> what do you mean by that. >> i mean you're not afraid of feeling. you're afraid of them watching you fail. >> oh. >> let's go to church. let's do it. >> ooh.
8:41 am
>> it's like you're afraid if you sign up for the 10k the girls you went to eighth grade with on facebook will see you didn't finish. you're afraid if you try the diet that you'll fall off and if you just stopped wrapping yourself in other people's opinions and live for you and do the best you can with what you have today, that's how you make traction. >> yes! [ applause ] all right. you have something -- i really like this. five to thrive. what are the main components. >> these are the five things i thought fundamentally changed my life as i got healthy emotionally and physically and the first thing is water. it is so -- >> so crazy. >> you hear about it all the time. it is free, it comes out of a faucet and it will change your health, it will make you feel -- it'll change your skin. so doctors recommend half your body weight in ones of water every day. so this would be half my body weight in ones of water every single day. >> you're a bitty thing.
8:42 am
>> i drink double this. so i actually drink my full body weight in ounces of water every day and everyone else asks the question, don't you have to pee all the time? yes, that is the point. i pushed three babies out of this body so sometimes i pee my pants. i'm hydrated and skin looks great. no, it matters. when you're trying to make change most will tell you to cut something out. this is about adding something to your life which is easy to do. >> gratitude. gratitude. that's number three. >> so a gratitude practice. oprah taught us this a million years ago and does make such a difference. here's the key. you're yacht writing down big stuff. you're not saying i'm grateful for my health or family, little tiny baby thing, great cup of coffee. someone let you in in traffic, simple because the idea sur's spending your entire day looking for blessings and if you look for it, you will find it. >> we asked our audience members
8:43 am
right here when they came in, we said what are you grateful for? let's see your gratitude. i have a cozy couch night planned. i love that. i found a gym, good, good, good. perfect cup of tea. see, what you talked about. last night's home cooked meal and yours? i just finished a really good book. excellent. >> say it was even if it wasn't. [ applause ] >> little things like that. >> little tiny things. it is about setting yourself up to see abundance and to see possibility in front of you instead of scarcity. >> we need to get moving. get our bodies moving. >> here's the thing. 30 minutes every day. seven days a week, 30 minutes every day you move your body. you do what you can with what you have where you are. if that's jumping on the trampoline, going on a walk with your dog, maybe you're hard core and like the rock and put chains around your neck and do push-ups. i don't know. you got the gym? the idea is you move and get your heart rate up. you don't move because you're trying to look a certain way.
8:44 am
you move because you're trying to feel a certain way. >> you want to foal a certain way. now, this one, she says we need to get up an hour earlier. >> yes, okay. i was just talking to your staff and she was one of the gals, keisha, was telling me she gets up at 3:00 a.m. i said this does not apply to you. if you work in an er, work at "gma" or a new mom, this one does not apply to you but so many people tell me they really want to write the book. they want to get in shape, they really want to do the thing but don't have time. nobody has time. you have time. you're just using it doing other things. like everyone, "game of thrones," right, you watched all the episodes. don't tell me you don't have time because you're watching her with her dragon eggs. doelths tell me you don't have time so this is about finding the time. >> last one, health. >> health. yes, give up one category of food for 30 days, you know you should not be eating. >> like fried food. dairy, just one category of food just try it for 30 days.
8:45 am
>> i know what she's giving up. >> i did sober october and i have wanted to drink every day this month but i have not had one. >> so i'm very close. i am so close. >> rachel, it's been awesome. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you are such a good force. >> thank you. >> force of nature and really helping a lot of people and ourselves included. >> thank you so much. >> everyone is going home with a journal right here. [ applause ] thank you for that. for more on how to make the most this year check out rachel's last 90 days plan on our website. i know you were taking notes. >> i already had a notebook ready to go. uh-huh, more. so now i've got a little something you may want to write down. time for a special announcement about taylor swift. she has five ama nominations this year and know there is one honor she's definitely going to receive. she is being named artist of the decade at the 2019 american music awards.
8:46 am
yeah, it's a big deal. such an honor and another great reason that all of you should watch the show. this is what you're writing down, by the way. see them on november 24th at 8:00 p.m.county with new reportr ups on chalk hill road. i'm grateful for "strahan, sara & keke." what's coming up? >> a big show, ginger. today we have bobby berk. >> all the fab five secrets on their latest season. >> if you feel like you're already behind for the holidays, like me, three simple decor hacks to kick off. >> you got a lot of work to do. way behind.
8:47 am
check us out at lunchtime, everybody. sara, go get started with holiday decorations. we'll be right back with more "gma."
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8:49 am
we are back now. about to take you to an absolutely gorgeous country. some of our favorite movies have been shot here. paula faris went down under to new zealand for an epic tour. >> reporter: it's one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. new zealand, now a top draw for filmmakers. movies like "a wrinkle in time," the lion, the witch and the wardro wardro wardrobe" and "lord of the rings" franchise. to get the best view of the unspoiled landscape this is my ride. hi, jeremy, i'm paula. these pilots were part of the team that pulled off this hair-raising stunt in "mission: impossible: fallout."
8:50 am
will you give me the tom cruise treatment? >> if you like. >> let's go. >> reporter: my guide is phil griffin. that famous chase scene. is that in this area. >> it was, helicopter chase sequence. >> reporter: tourism is one of new zealand's top industries. last year raking in $39 billion. one of the big draws is the "lord of the rings" location. today i'm getting a tour of middle earth with a guide with nomad safari. >> this up here is quite deep. >> ah! >> we started a very small company, grown a little bit and "lord of the rings" came and blew the whole thing out of the water. i don't see any end to it. >> reporter: next the site of one of the most iconic scenes in the trilogy. so we're here at the arrow river. this famous scene with the black riders happened right here. >> right here. she conjures up this flood and washes them all away.
8:51 am
>> reporter: new zealand is also tackling hot button issues in film. i was flown here to participate in a summit on diversity like geena davis and yara shahidi. a special greeting. kiwis are also looking ahead. this island nation nearly 9,000 miles away is turning heads in tinseltown. with state-of-the-art technology like auckland based aerials drone photography. what is your drone doing? >> much bigger payload than most do and it's designed to operate with these big production cameras. areai ar area they're much quieter not to spook wildlife. go, go, go. maintaining, maintaining. >> 45-51.
8:52 am
>> very nice. >> no, gosh, no. don't put this in my hands. i'm going very slow right now >> that's fine. that's fantastic. take cover, everybody. >> that's perfect. right there. >> okay. here you go. i did it. yay! >> it's so easy. >> you're a great coach. thank you. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, paradise, new zealand. [ applause ] >> great job, paula and what a trip. we'll be right back on "good morning america."
8:53 am
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even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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good morning, bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron, with "abc7 mornings." and here is mike nicco with the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. the wind is starting to taper and the humidity levels down to 10%, and we have still have red flag warnings continuing. tonight, areas without power dealing with the freezing temperatures, and unfortunately the people in cars and such will have a rough night, but then warmer weather starting halloween and getting better. we are following a motorcycle crash that is involving other vehicles, and this is westbound 80 at san pablo avenue and speeds down 1
9:00 am
rps ma12 miles per hour, and it extends all of the way back to el sobrante. >> stay tuned for "live w >> ryan: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "last christmas," emilia clarke. and a performance from recording artist harry connick jr. plus, will show you how to pump up your pumpkins. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and yours truly, ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hello! [cheers and applause]


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