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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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their homes as flames crept closer to neighborhoods. >> today firefighters are reporting some progress against the gigantic fire that has been burning for seven days. an aggressive attack by both land and air. the kinkaid fire has burned nearly 77,000 acres. it is now 30% contained. it has destroyed 206 structures and half of those were homes. more than 90,000 structures are still being threatened. full containment expected next thursday. >> take a look at this map. it shows just how enormous the kinkaid fire is relative to san francisco. the footprint of the fire is larger than the city itself. wayne is in sonoma county with the latest for us. >> reporter: you normally see a few rvs in this parking lot here. but those new rv
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evacuations from the fire zone. the message pretty much the same. >> thanks for sticking in there. >> reporter: when the california governor met with fire evacwees at a food bank this morning, there was two words he said more than any others. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: what were you apologizing for? >> people shouldn't have to live like this. and live it over and over he added. after power returned slowly, they still are. >> what's been the hardest part for you? >> knowing my family is okay and things are going to burn down and being evacuated, not having water, electricity. >> it's been rough. i have an 11 month old baby right now and it's just really tough out here. >> reporter: mid-afternoon and still many stores remained closed. >> what did you want to buy in there? >> protein powder.
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>> or more gas. >> for generators, fuel. >> reporter: they don't expect power back at their house until friday maybe. >> what's this been like for you? >> it's been chaotic. >> it is certainly not domestic, not even with all the rvs parked outside of walmart. he bought this fifth wheel after the fires in 2015 just in case. >> reporter: did you think you would be using it that fast? >> not that fast, no. >> reporter: who would? now, at this point in the story we would stand in front of that rv usually and say something about, i don't know, something more about gabe. the fact is he's gone. he's gone home. he has no desire to return any time soon and somebody else is going home as well. that's good news. but a lot of other people remain. live, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> home is a good place to be
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heading. people in lake county breathing a sigh of relief. the kinkaid fire is moving closer to middle town. abc 7 news reporter amy travelled to the fire lines in lake county. >> reporter: this was the view of the fire from middletown overnight. the orange glow looked far away, but not far enough for residents who were watching it closely. >> it honestly looked pretty scarey last night. it was super -- you could see the glow and the flames from my house. it is pretty close to my house. >> i think anyone around here was on edge. it was a very scarey situation. >> reporter: joe myer said it was a sleepless night for him as he watched these flames threaten lake county. >> you could see the fire coming over here and having been here through the valley fire, it did bring up some of those emotions. >> reporter: but this morning middle town was intact and safe.
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the fire well above the town. as firefighters came down the mountain this morning after an intense fight, they had plenty to be proud of. there was evidence of their fight on western mine road, pink now decorates the trees from all the fire retardant dropped here. you can still see smoke billowing out of the hills. but the fire is not progressing. >> this morning i was kind of relieved that it didn't look as bad, honestly, because i didn't know if i had to evacuate again. >> reporter: but she still doesn't have power, hasn't had it since friday. she is hoping for customers at her lash extension shop. rent is due in a couple of days. >> everything in the fridge has gone bad. i'm almost out of dog food, which sucks because i don't know where to go for dog food. at this point it is another day in california, so i just live it day by day. >> reporter: the threat appears to be over. residents are hoping that means life can start returning to normal. in middletown, amy hollyfield,
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abc 7 news. >> let's get a look at the conditions outside right now. >> before we get to the current conditions, i'm just going to give you a look at the wind gusts. 61 miles an hour at hillsburg hills. 57 miles an hour. right now, though, the wind gusts have diminished considerably. looking at conditions in the hills -- this flicker isn't working. let me try another one. stay with me. we'll get this moving very shortly. and on we go. i'm going to take this down and move on to the next graphic because the clicker isn't working. right now we're looking at conditions in the hills like this. the gust above 1,000 feet are under 20 miles an hour and wind speeds at the surface are under 10 miles an hour. that's good news. the bad news is that relative humidity is still quite low, mainly in the teens and some more bad news. i think this is bad news. a freeze warning is in effect
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for much of the north bay tonight. low temperatures tonight dropping below 30 degrees into the mid to upper 20s. i'll give you a closer look at that in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, spencer. a news conference is about to get underway right now with officials outside of sacramento. let's see if we can get that video and listen to that. no. we'll come back to that once everybody gets set. i guess they're getting ready for the news conference as we speak. but now that the electricity has been restored, businesses affected by the shut-offs are trying to get back to life as usual. today pg&e gave the all clear to all bay area counties facing increased fire danger. as of a few hours ago, 365,000 customers remain without electricity. this map shows when pg&e estimates electricity will be restored in some of the communities with large
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black-outs. utility crews must perform safety checks on distribution lines before they restore power. many communities were spared from expected power shut-offs today. it is important to member some of our neighbors have been in the dark for five days and counting. here is abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez. >> put all our camping gear so we're ready to go. >> holding milk and other essentials, phillip ratios us how solar panels on top of his work van are holding him and his wife over. >> i use our camping gear to keep refrigeration going. i have a cooler in my car. >> reporter: now on day five without power, he says they're getting by. >> i wouldn't say i'm frustrated. we're kind of just living day-to-day on it. >> reporter: across the street is the mill valley public library where a collection of newspapers are piling up. nearby, neighbors are going on day five as well.
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>> you know, really, i guess the bottom line is just being grateful that we are not affected by fires and that's, you know, what i have been focussing on. >> my grand niece is 19, and she's a senior in high school, and she had never been without her cell phone. so we got out games. >> reporter: with their dogs in tow, they headed downtown where the power is back on. and with convenience aside, these mill valley residents say living without power is the least they can do. >> we're doing our part, you know. it's not much we can do, but it's something. >> reporter: according to pg&e's outage map, they are expected to get their power back tomorrow night and pg&e told us today that the community of fairfax currently has the most concentrated people without power right now. reporting in mill valley, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. now that electricity is
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being restored, businesses affected by the shut-offs are asking businesses for a favor. support your neighborhood shops. >> we are in oakland's neighborhood with what is next for many of these struggling businesses. >> reporter: well, let me just say that this is a completely different neighborhood today. there is power, of course. the shops are open. and, listen, do you hear that? no generators. the sound of a silent generator was most appreciated in the neighborhood. with the recent shut downs, he had much to complain about. >> you have to move your cheese. you know, it is like that book, who moved your cheese? well, i moved my cheese. >> reporter: all this cheese had to be moved to his other store or to a few wine refrigerators in the back of the store.
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>> if you pan over there, you'll see all of the bottles and then move all of the cheese from the cases down below into these refrigerators. >> reporter: a minor inconvenience compared to what people in the north bay are going through. he experienced about $6,000 in lost revenue. outside this safeway store, people seem to follow the old advice, when in doubt, throw it out. >> because you don't want to get sick on top of everything else that's going on. >> reporter: we surveyed people to see what they were buying today. what is the first thing you bought down there? >> i just bought some more yogurt. >> more water. first thing i'm going to buy is more water and a good steak for dinner tonight. >> reporter: people had much to say about the less sons learned from recent events. >> get a generator early. >> when they tell you they're going to turn it off, believe them and get prepared. >> the experts say this is the last one this season. i hope they're right. i don't know many businesses
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that could afford three of these. >> reporter: it will take months for these businesses to recover. and honestly, i think it's time to support our neighborhood stores. abc 7 news. a news conference just getting underway right now with state officials. that's just outside of sacramento. >> let's listen in. fire in sonoma and lake countys. the fire in the city of los angeles, and recently the hill fire in riverside county. now, a couple things about the power shut-offs. pg&e currently still has out of power 206,000 customers. currently standing gas and lek tris has 27,785 customers out of power and southern california edison has 71,000 customers out of power.
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over the last couple of days we have been really focussing with regards to the power shut-offs, particularly in the north as the days progressed longer with regards to the multiple power shut-offs. and being able to provide key lifeline support services to communities, particularly in the northern california area. so we work very closely with pg&e. we work with our partners at fema, the california national guards and local governments to provide over 40 generators. we deployed in critical lifelines to include supporting water and waste water treatment systems. they have the ability to support evacuation shelters as a result of the fires that were going on and other kinds of commodities to be able to ensure that individuals had the supplies that they needed.
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as well, as a part of the fires where we have established several shelters and worked with local government to establish shelters, we will hear more about that in a few minutes from our health and human services representative, some interesting stats associated with that. as a part of the fire response, we have delivered over 5,150 liters of water, 2,016 emergency meals, 3,900 blankets, 515 comfort kits and 1,695 masks. and we have an additional cash of resources staged to support an additional 5,000 people were three days in southern california given the current fire activity that's going on down there. last night, here in the state operations center, the shelter task force that's been led by the department of social services and health and human services agency worked hard to
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identify a number of standby shelters in southern california in anticipation of the wind event that is actually happening now with the red flag conditions in the santa anas and they directed a number of american red cross personnel and supplies to be strategically placed throughout southern california. as well from the beginning of the power shut-down and during the fire weather event, we have been strategically prepositioning fire strike teams and task forces comprised of local and state fire assets throughout the state. these have included engines, fire engines, hand crews, bulldozers, dispatchers, helicopters, emergency management personnel. there are over 100 fire engines. and the resources themselves have been essential in the immediate initial attack on all of the fires that i mentioned helping to keep the fires as manageable as possible.
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in addition, we have over 500 mutual aid fire engines from both the state and local government from throughout california assigned to the various fires. in addition -- that's in addition to what cal fire has committed, which chief porter will talk about in a few minutes. looking at the big picture and the potential for additional fire activity, we also engaged the emergency management assistance compact. this is a compact to bring in fire strike teams and assets from other states, nearby states. >> so we have been listening in to this news conference that is happening here. this is state officials outside of sacramento talking about all that's been going on in the state with the fires and the outages. we will continue to monitor
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known as one of the most powerful nonprofit raising events, 1,800 business and community leaders gathered this aternoon for the inspire lunch-in. the headliners, wo women that have forever left their mark on society. chris has the story. >> i simply thought that it was my duty as a citizen and that anyone in my position would do the same thing. >> reporter: calling her a strong and resilient advocate and an ambassador for thing, the ywca honored dr. christine ford. >> we had resources and we had friends that made sure that we
4:19 pm
had safe places to go and stay. so many women do not. >> reporter: ford gained national attention last fall when she testified about being sexually assaulted by brett kavanaugh. but her testimony gave voice to millions of survivors throughout the world. >> her quiet strength, i think, is a testament to the deep strength within women. >> in that journey and looking at people that inspire you before, you yourself will become an inspiration. that's exactly what she left with me. >> reporter: civil rights activist delivered the keynote address, touching on the importance of ending racism and respecting women. >> our young men have got to be taught how to respect women. i'd just like to say, you know what, if you have doubts about the power of women, we just have to remind them everything in this world came out of the body of a woman. okay? let's think about that.
4:20 pm
>> reporter: an audience captivated from beginning to end. >> the bravery and determination she showed in her ambition to change the world, it is inspiring to see. her message really resonates. >> reporter: the funds will support the community programs and services that annually serve more than 18,000 women and their families. >> everyone has the power to inspire others. be courageous, stand strong, be yourself. >> reporter: in santa clara, abc 7 news. we haven't seen a lot of dr. ford since the whole controversy, so it is good that she felt at least comfortable enough to attend that event. >> that's true. >> and be an inspiration to so many. well, weather conditions are improving in some respects the wind is diminishing. that's good news. but it is still bone dry. we have sunny skies by now. this is a view over the tower
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where it is 67 degrees. 70 at san jose. gill roy 66 at pacifica. smokey skies, but clear. we have temperature readins right now in the low 70s. 69 at concord, 66 at livermor blue sky at the golden gate looking toward the north. these are forecast features. winds continue to diminish, but it is still dangerously dry. we will have cold conditions in the next few mornings and a dry, sunny pattern for at least the week ahead, perhaps longer. overnight lows will drop into the 20s in some spots tonight. looking for a low of 27 at santa rosa. it will be quite cold in the north bay valleys. lows in the upper 30s to about 40 and lows in the low to mid-40s around the bay shoreline. a freeze warning in effect for much of the north bay, including
4:22 pm
napa and sonoma. low temperatures range from 25 to 32 degrees. be sure to protect sensitive plants, pipes, pets and people. tomorrow, though, temperatures will bounce back up into the 70s in most locations. low 70s around the bay, low 70s inland and one or two coastal locations will top out at 70 degrees tomorrow. of course the air quality is still not great. only moderate air quality in most locations tomorrow. it will be poor in the north bay. good in the sante fe valley. the halloween forecast, i can't believe how long i had to work on this outfit. clear skies for trick or treaters and relatively mild conditions. looks like temperatures will generally be in the 60s until after 8:00 a.m. sunny skies ahead for the next seven days. over the weekend, we fall back to standard time. >> an extra hour. >> yes, an extra hour of sleep or no sleep if you have other
4:23 pm
things you would rather be doing like hanging out, bing watching tv. bing watching reruns of -- >> spencer. >> another hour of sipping, let's put it that way. >> nice that you could get the mummy to do the same dance that you do. >> that's a good old mummy. >> those moves will never leave you. >> thanks, spencer. >> okay. all right. twitter pulls the plug on advertising. the ads you soon won't see anymore on the social media platform. plus a halloween display where you might least expect it. we'll take you on
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. new developments from twitter. the san francisco based company is banning all political advertising from its service saying social media companies give advertisers an unfair advantage in proliferating
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highly targeted misleading messages. facebook has been criticized since it disclosed it will not fact check ads by politicians or their campaigns. the company is recognizing that advertising on social media offers an unfair level of targeting. twitter's policy will start on november 22nd. the hackers behind the 2016 uber data breach that stole 57 million people's data pleaded guilty in a san francisco federal courtroom today. the justice department says 26-year-old brandon glover of florida and 23-year-old of toronto canada stole the data and extorted uber for 100,000 in bitcoin. uber paid the hackers in an agreement to keep the story secret. in attempting to extort linkedin, which reported the plot to law enforcement.
4:27 pm
>> put that customer information in jeopardy. i think the big take-away is to not do that and to cooperate with law enforcement in order to prosecute these kinds of cases. >> the two face up to five years in prison and 25$250,000 in fin. the winds picking up in southern california, the fire threatening the ronald reagan presidential library and hundreds of homes. >> even just a cup of coffee can make a difference. the outpouring of
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now, news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. >> an impactful image in southern california. that's the statue of former president ronald reagan. only 20 miles from downtown los angeles, check out this video of the flames there as they nearly leap out on to the road. drivers understandably hesitant to try to drive around the fire. some terrifying moments right there. i mean, what do you do? >> scarey. >> it is hard to back up. you got cars behind you. you got the flames in front of you. >> and over you. you see them just blowing? >> oh, yeah. just terrifying. officials order mandatory evacuations and people rush to gather up the horses and other
4:31 pm
life stock as the strong santa ana winds fanned those flames even closer. >> marcy is monitoring the fire. what is the latest? >> reporter: yeah. house after house here in southern california destroyed by wild fires, including the fire here. of course fueled by these strong santa ana winds that are now leaving destruction in several other communities. a new wild fire raging out of control in southern california, erupting this morning near the reagan presidential library. >> you can see the flair-ups as it is inching closer and closer to the library. >> reporter: the easy fire as it's been called threatening thousands of homes. >> it's crazy. it sucks. >> reporter: people using buckets, trying desperately to douse the flames, scrambling to get themselves and their
4:32 pm
terrified animals to safety. >> i think it's very windy and smokey and but you just do it, you know. we grabbed the trailers and took off. >> reporter: the flames fanned by what the national weather service calls the strongest wind event in more than a decade. the winds are just blowing through here like you would not believe, issuing an extreme red flag warning with gusts near 80 miles an hour, powerful enough to knock over big rigs on this freeway. >> windy and difficult conditions out here. >> intensifying concerns about other infernos burning in the state. firefighters still trying to contain the fire in los angeles. this video capturing how it started. winds carrying a tree branch into power lines and igniting those flames. and in northern california, the kinkaid fire already destroying more than 76,000 acres and 86 homes in wine country.
4:33 pm
and here in southern california, thousands of people are still under mandatory evacuation orders with concerns there could be even more flair-ups because these strong winds aren't expected to come down until tomorrow evening. we're live in brentwood, california. abc 7 news. >> thank you, marchsy. just seeing those people trying to walk in the winds. >>it is surreal. >> it was. and people aren't the only ones leaving the field wires. our reporter with our sister station in l.a. tweeting this video earlier today. look, you can see horses just running in the opposite direction of the smoke away from the easy fire. and drivers following behind them. >> those ferocious winds blew over big rigs on a freeway this morning that caused a huge traffic tie-up. gusts up to 50 miles an hour pushed tractor trailers right on their sides. at least three big rigs were blown over causing a major
4:34 pm
tie-up on the north/south freeway through l.a. county. from our sister station in l.a., it looked like he was reporting from a hurricane during a live report this morning. check it out. >> there is another downed big rig on that side of the freeway. two downed big rigs right now causing a lot of traffic on the 15. but fortunately right now, despite these winds, we don't see any fires off in the -- oop, did this one just go over, martin? i don't think this one was here when we arrived. >> it's unbelievable. things are so windy that tow trucks couldn't upright the big rigs to clear the freeway. they dragged the trucks on to their side, just tried to get them out of the way. i mean, it's -- >> those high profile vehicles, man, they're just -- what do you do? >> they're especially prone to tipping over. but you don't normally get this velocity of wind, and that's really the problem. >> let's get a look at the
4:35 pm
conditions they are facing in southern california. >> yeah. those are scarey conditions down there. even as the winds diminish here, they're dangerously strong in southern california. here is a look at current wind gusts here. in some locations they're much stronger than what we're seeing right now. but guests generally 25 to 35 miles an hour in most locations just north of los angeles, east of l.a. pretty gusty wind over in the riverside area as well. and an extreme red until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll update you as more information comes available. >> thank you, spencer. the devastating din said fire is visible from space. these are photos tweeted an astronaut at the space station. a message of support to those affected by the fires as he's thinking of the people who have lost their homes and the brave first responders on the front
4:36 pm
lines protecting them. the public is going out of their way to say thank you to the firefighters and first responders. this morning, pete pulled up its pop-up truck to corral fire's base camp at the sonoma county fairgrounds. they offered piping hot cups of joe to firefighters, a sign of approaeciation to the hard workg crews on little sleep. there is a lot of gratitude being shared around the north bay. >> just in star babucks, you se firefighters from all over. people want to buy their coffee. and the gratitude people have. >> pete started brewing pots of coffee at 2:30 this morning and kept brewing until everyone was fully caffeinated. the red cross reminds you the best way to help is with a financial donation. text the word red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation or go to
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pets. i'm not thinking about grabbing my bank statement, at least not immediately. but you think people maybe overlook the financial side because you are just reacting to the crisis of the moment? >> absolutely. i think that's been demonstrated in the last couple of days. if you have gone to go get gas or cvs to get a prescription, they're not taking debit cards. you need to have cash to be able to get it. what's important is getting a little of cash that will get you through to get gas, get food, something like that when all of your power goes out. all of the businesses around you, those elements where you use a debt card is also out. >> define a little bit of cash because that varies depending on your situation. but what would be the minimum you should have in a drawer at home? >> i would say you should have probably $500 to get through. people that are without power right now didn't realize they would be out for so long. the needs have come up for them
4:41 pm
is something you don't think about. we live in a cashless society. everybody uses a debit card now. it is something i think when we're experiencing things like we have been lately in the bay area, it is really something to put away someplace you always know where it is and the other people in your family know where it is. >> so that's for the immediate needs. i need water and to be able to get gas and coffee. do you think on a larger scale people need to save for a quote, unquote disaster fund in case something really bad happens? >> absolutely. whether it is a natural disaster or it is a loss of a job, you should have at least three months that cover your emergency expenses. >> three months? >> should be three months. >> okay. >> maximum three months. >> okay. >> and it should be able to cover all of your basic needs. it should also be liquid. don't have it tied up in the stock market or in a mutual fund or an etf. have it in a cd, money market fund, easily accessible to you.
4:42 pm
>> what about copies of financial documents? people talk about you have to have a go bag and basic supplies. but if something happens and you have to go to the bank and prove this is my account, do you have to have that sort of thing? >> any kind of legal document that you rarely have onhand, have one, it doesn't have to be this month's. it has to be something. there is a lot of ways you can do it. most of us don't carry paper anymore. there are those small emergency kits you can grab when you leave. there is also a digital system through a thumb drive that is password protected. if it in one place that everybody knew about and grabbed that when you are thinking about these other things you are packing up in your car, that would help you if the worst happens. >> in a time when everybody is using credit and debit cards, cash is king again? >> cash is always king. >> colleen is from swacharles schwab. thank you.
4:43 pm
>> that is really good information. spencer is checking on our weather conditions. >> that's true. and the best information i can report right now is that wind gusts are diminishing significantly. look at the current wind guests over the hills. above 1,000 feet. most are under 20 miles an hour, some under 10 miles an hour. that's certainly good news for the fire fighting effort and for all of us here concerned about the fires. overnight it will get absolutely frigid. temperatures will drop below freezing in most locations. lows of 27 degrees. some locations lows around 25 degrees. we have a freeze warning in effect. tomorrow temperatures will bounce back up into the 70s in most locations under sunny skies. sorry to say, though, it will remain very, very dry. not only tomorrow but through the seven-day period as you can see here. over the weekend, don't forget to set your clocks back to standard time. sunny days ahead, but no rain in sight.
4:44 pm
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under fire facing a lawsuit from a former executive that claims the san francisco company knowingly sent out knowingly contaminated nicotine pods earlier this year. >> today, they are facing explosive new allegations detailed in a lawsuit filed by one of the company's former executives. one the senior vice president of global finance. he says despite him raising concerns about more than a million contaminated pods, the company shipped them out anyway and fired him in retaliation for whistleblower. they quoted then ceo kevin burns who allegedly said half our customers are drunk and vaping like [ bleep ]. who the [ bleep ] is going to notice the quality of our pods? this suit the latest in a series of legal troubles for jule.
4:48 pm
they have been sued by multiple school districts accused of marketing their products to children and these accusations come among the tadangers of vaping. 34 deaths. those cases have not been tied to any singular product or substance, and the cdc says in 86% of those cases, the patients were using products containing thc. today jule responding to this new lawsuit in a statement saying the claims are baseless. the allegations concerning safety issues with our products are equally meritless. >> the american vaping association is coming to jule's defense saying any contaminants of major concern have been found in marijuana products. they say it would be a mistake for any adult smoker to be scared off for what they call intentionally vague accusations by a singer former employee. a special organization and
4:49 pm
san francisco's visitation valley trying to build a better bay area by providing mentors to help young people achieve their goals. >> for many this is about more than just goals. it is also about safety as david explains it is a nonprofit called rock, and it's been doing this for 25 years. >> kids show up for an after school program. home is san francisco's neighborhood where it can be unsafe to go to the playground or hang out on the sidewalks. >> one day you could be playing in the park in broad daylight and the next hour gunshots in the area and the day is over. >> they gave him a safe place to go, make friends and even do community service such as planting gardens and doing
4:50 pm
neighborhood clean-up. >> a lot of them come from challenging environments. when you have that mindset, the more adults you have in your life, the better. >> kirt has been executive director or 21 of rock's 25 years operating. it served 600 young people a year. >> we have probably touched about 10,000 lives children and youth over the years. we have no plans on leaving here soon. we want to serve more and more kids. >> these are young people with dreams, goals and ambition. >> i'm into science right now, so i want to work at a bio tech company. >> some aren't sure what to expect. >> i thought that it was all about just doing homework at first. that's why i was scared. and then it turns out that it wasn't. actually way funner. >> that's because there are sports clinics, field trips and leadership skills training. alumni return and volunteer or join the staff. we all need love.
4:51 pm
but we also need to be surrounded by love. rock, happy 25th anniversary. in san francisco, abc 7 news. and we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. >> it is not even halloween yet. the holiday shopping season is already here. 40% of us are already doing our holiday shopping. some shoppers start as early as september. who? who is doing that? also we're spending more on gifts than we did last year. 2019 holiday sales are expected to increase by 19%, totaling more than $700 billion. >> the christmas trees are up at costco. tea kaco bell giving away f tacos today. washington nationals player tre turner stole second base during game one of the world series,
4:52 pm
hence free tacos. time is limited. the deal only lasts for four hours. it started at 2:00. it ends at 6:00. you have one hour and eight minutes. the nats forced to game seven tonight after taking game six over the astros, a controversial game. a halloween tour with a twist. up next the bay area coroner's office ghost tour just in time for halloween. new at 5, video as firefighters arrive on the scene in santa rosa. what was saved and lost. plus, kids retrace the horoots explorers who discovered san francisco bay. and what happens to halloween when fires force you out of your home? those stories and more for abc 7 news at 5.
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
educational haunted hawes in the bay area may be the coroner's office in san mateo county. >> i'll pass. >> vic lee was there. >> reporter: it's halloween at the coroner's office. enter if you dare. a scarey open house expected each year to draw some 500 people of all ages. lab director alex. >> we tried christmas, and that just didn't make sense to us. so we went halloween, yeah. >> reporter: and why not? it's a macob time of the year. three generations all came today. >> great experience to be able to learn about how they do a lot of the stuff, you know, to solve a lot of mysteries. >> reporter: she came for another reason. >> i'm a forensic student hoping
4:57 pm
to get a job at the coroner's office. >> reporter: a big investigation at the coroner's office. who attacked and killed the scare crow. here is the crime scene and the evidence, the clues. >> we would extract dna. >> reporter: a quick lesson from a talking skeleton at the forensics lab on the importance of dna. then a witch briefing everyone on drug testing. did the scare crow die of fentanyl opoid poisoning? next the fingerprinting lab. were there any prints lifted from the crime scene? prints of the killer. >> all right. if you'll step out of here and around the corner. >> reporter: was he shot here at the firearms unit, some 1,400 guns and rifles of every time. ballistics tests run. finally the last stop, the garage where the amateur sleuths can get a quick review of what they learned in the clues exposing the killer.
4:58 pm
i asked the calhouns who done it. >> i think it was the monkey. >> i think it was the monkey. >> reporter: was it the flying monkey? >> the knife and the blood on the clothes. >> reporter: have a bloody good time on halloween. ha, ha, ha, ha. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> wow. >> it was the monkey in the study. that's what i want to know. >> kernel mustard. >> that's actually pretty cool. >> as long as they are not opening up the refrigerators to show the guests. that actually is pretty good. >> the tour takes about an hour. the coroner's office has been holding these halloween open houses for about 16 years. very popular event. >> as vic would say ha, ha, ha. candy is still king on halloween. 42% of people plan to pass out county. a third decorate their home, watch a scarey movie and pass out county.
4:59 pm
the safest cities for trick or treating because of its low incidence of distracted driving, shout out to san jose. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. rv after rv after rv. people in the north bay are pbeginning to return home right now after fire forced them evacuate. >> an effort to reopen a hospital and end the roadblocks so residents can get back to where they need to. >> new word about a pg&e malfunction as the cause of the fire. >> some residents have an earful for pg&e. >> some businesses are back in business, but the shut-off stretched them to the limit and one owner may have to do something he's never done before. >> and there is nothing like a pug welcome. lots of people are getting reunited with their pets. live breaking news. and that breaking news is in the east bay where the east fire
5:00 pm
protection district just announced pg&e equipment was identified as the cause of grass fires in oakley and bethel island early sunday morning. around 3:00 a.m. a pg&e transformer casts sparks on vegetation that ignited a grass fire. then at 5:00 a.m., investigation showed pg&e equipment malfunctioned and ignited a grass fire. >> and there is a happy homecoming going on. city workers are welcoming residents back after some kinkaid fire evacuation orders are lifted. sky 7 is live where a steady stream of people are heading back to their homes. some good news after days of endless anxiety and uncertainty. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. abc 7 reporter is in that traffic with the kinkaid fire evacwees who are returning home to their homes. >> reporter: hey, there.


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