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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 31, 2019 2:41am-3:58am PDT

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so call now. we are back with some raccoons in pursuit of higher learning. the critters were spotted roaming the library at arkansas state university. unfortunately their education
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was cut short when staff reported them to building management. after they were trapped and animal rescue released those raccoons back into the wild. we've got a soldier's-eye view of the mexican government's aborted attempt to capture the son of el chapo. >> security forces had him just about in custody before being forced to let him go when drug cartel gunmen attacked. 13 people were killed during the four-hour gun battle that followed. authorities say they backed off to avoid more bloodshed. this was such a crazy story. in chicago there's a development in the teachers strike. despite a tentative contract agreement, classes are canceled for the 11th day. there's an impasse over makeup days. the union wants them, so far the mayor is refusing to add them. teachers won't get paid for the strike days without the makeup days.
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meanwhile the tentative agreement includes a 16% pay raise over five years and $35 million to reduce class sizes. the strike started october 17th. the united auto workers union says it has reached a tentative four-year agreement with ford. the deal has to be approved by national union leaders and local officials who will meet in detroit tomorrow. ford's 55,000 union workers will then vote. no details available but the tentative agreement is likely similar to the deal approved by gm workers last week. coming up, sexy halloween costumes. >> the lingerie company that is changing the game and redefining what sexy is for the spookiest day of the year.
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did you get this message? >> what's in the studio? >> i wouldn't go in the studio. >> don't go in the studio, don't go there! >> do not go in there! >> be afraid. >> what's in the studio, man? >> after you. >> i'm not going in there.
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♪ if you haven't figured out your halloween costume yet, you still have a few hours left. >> if it's sexy that you want, there's one great company that has something just for you no matter what your idea of sexy may be. here's abc's diane macedo. >> give me some attitude. >> reporter: it's the sexiest holiday of the year, but dressing up on halloween has come a long way since "thriller." ♪ >> reporter: the costumes have become sexier, and sexy costumes have taken on a life of their own, morphing from classic looks like the s.w.a.t. hottie in fallen angel -- >> s.w.a.t. hottie pays the bills around here. >> reporter: to tongue in cheek and topical, fake news, and white claw. >> we got a lot of inspiration from girls in the office,
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they're drinking white claw. >> reporter: nothing is off limits, even childhood friends like mr. rogers. ♪ please won't you be my neighbor ♪ >> isn't mr. rogers sexy enough? >> i mean, he is, but you know, why not bring him to life a little bit more? >> reporter: tanya williams is vp of merchandising at yandy, a lingerie company that's become the hottest costume maker in the game. every year their costumes generate dozens of headlines and thousands of tweets. >> it's a fun holiday, that's what we're here to do, make sure that you go out there wearing what you want. >> halloween is the one night a year where a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. >> reporter: parodied in movies like "mean girls." >> i'm a mouse, duh. >> reporter: and "sex and the city." >> the only choices for women, witch and sexy kitten. >> reporter: beloved by celebrities, sexy halloween has inspired dozens of think pieces by critics and supporters. those who argue it's feminist, and those who say it's not. >> a true
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have fun. >> reporter: believe it or not, there's even a study on the subject. professors laurie hyers and erin hipple of westchester university have followed the phenomenon closely. professors and students studied over 1,600 halloween costumes sold by major retailers and found over 90% of women's costumes were sexualized. >> sexual agency is powerful and empowering for many people, and i think it's really important for us to stop making appearance comments and shaming folks for the way that they dress. but the purpose of our research is not about restricting options, it's about expanding them. i think also thinking about what our definition of sexy is. >> reporter: she says yandi also offers plenty of options that are more full coverage than full frontal, with over 1,000 plus-sized options. one argument is we've heard there aren't enough options for women who don't want to dress in a revealing manner. >> we are telling all the girls out there to own your sexy.
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we have everything from floor length to ball gown to thorts, so we gotcha, girl. i am not comfortable in a thort, but many people are, so you know, do you. >> reporter: yandy's got you pumpkin t-shirt dress. >> you can never have too many sexy cops, apparently. >> no. >> what are some of your most popular costumes? >> s.w.a.t. hottie. still need the tried and trues, still need s.w.a.t. hotties day after day. >> you need s.w.a.t. hotties, >> everybody needs it. >> what would the world do without s.w.a.t. hottie? >> have fun that day. all controversy aside, enjoy it. >> reporter: even the professors can't argue with that. >> i love halloween. >> you and me both. >> it's my favorite. one of the things that's also happening in terms of sexy costumes trending is, there are
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movements -- i hear the word body positivity movement. i think that's very empowering. if it's an opportunity to feel sexy, embracing that is awesome. >> happy halloween! >> reporter: i'm diane macedo in phoenix. >> our thanks to diane. >> my favorite types of costumes are the ones that are a pun, word play. also double entendre. >> which just a second ago he thought was double entree, you know, when you're hungry in the middle of the night. double entree, i like that. i'll have the tacos and the burger. >> yeah, definitely. so sexy -- were you ever a sexy something? >> oh, yeah. in college? there are other options? >> i'm glad you were finally able to dress up as something sexy. for halloween. >> yeah. you guys just -- just don't do blackface. >> oh, yeah. don't do it!
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♪ i ♪ if there's something strange in your neighborhood who you gonna call ghostbusters ♪ ♪ if there's something weird and it don't look good who you gonna call ghostbusters ♪ ♪ do do do do do do do do do i ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪ >> i love that part. >> mommy, will you check my candy for me? >> no, you can't have this one. >> what about this one? >> not that one either. >> what about these, mommy? >> you should give me the bag. >> something strange will be prowling around neighborhoods across the country tonight. >> on this halloween, parents are being urged to follow a few safety tips before sending their young trick-or-treaters out into the night. here's abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: the magic of halloween is in the air with kids dressing up in colorful costumes for trick-or-treating, and as kids roam the neighborhood, it is natural for
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parents to worry about their safety. pedestrian injuries are the most common injuries to children on halloween. so consider the following tips from the american academy of pediatrics. remember a parent should always accompany young children, and everyone should carry a flashlight. if your child is older and you allow them to trick-or-treat e, large group of friends. discuss in advance the route they should follow and set a curfew. remind them to follow traffic rules. stay on well-lit streets. use the sidewalk. and never enter a stranger's home or car. also, choose a bright costume and add reflective tape so that your child is more easily seen by drivers. make sure your child's costume fits properly and limit accessories that can increase the risk of stumbling and getting hurt. finally, review how to call 911 and make sure they have a cell phone for quick communication in case of an emergency.
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i'm elizabeth hur, abc news. >> big thanks to elizabeth there. we all need those reminders sometimes, especially tonight when it's going to be so festive. >> right. >> kids are going to be out in the streets there in little costumes looking for the good stuff. >> you know, of course because today is still a school night, some people have been signing a moved to officially on a saturday or something like that. >> which i agree with. >> i do too. but you know, traditionalists are like, no, it needs to be on the 31st. >> you want some twix? >> yeah, i do. >> have fun, be safe, use the buddy system. >> oh, yeah. will you be my buddy tonight? >> no. >> happy halloween, keep it safe, we'll see you tomorrow on the first day of november.
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." a new wildfire sparking in ne-f sending flames racing in the state creating a huge challenge for firefighters. thousands of homes and even the reagan presidential library in danger. when the winds are expected to finally die down. impeachment showdown. we're just hours away from the full house voting on the next steps in the impeachment inquiry. it comes the same day a trump official is set to testify, but it's what he'll do after that's sending shock waves. dogs of war. we take you inside the high-tech facility where man's best friend turns into a highly trained elite military k-9 ready to take on missions. for the first time in franchise history, the nationals win the world series. washington is going wild this s. it is not a trick but it
3:01 am
sure is a treat. >> congratulations to the washington nationals. >> big congratulations! >> winning the world series. >> yes, we're proud. we wish we were down in d.c. right now. >> they said they had to stay in the fight and they finished that fight overnight. >> the district of champions, champagne showers for everybody. >> the pear is happening right now. i know people in the navy yard area and they say horns are honking. >> i bet it's wild. >> they're rowdy. jon karl who works at abc, he might not have a voice in the morning, reporting from the white house. >> the whole d.c. bureau i'm sure is just having a great time. >> a very, very big event. we will cover all of the sights and sounds of the nationals winning the world series. we begin with new wildfires erupting in california, prompting new mandatory evacuations overnight. >> crews are battling a rng
3:02 am
ngose eral homes. >> overall at least seven major fires are burning up and down the state of california. crews are getting a handle on the kincaid fire in the north but are stretched thin with new fires in the south. the so-called easy fire broke out before dawn and raced toward the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley where part of the fire line was visible from inside near that air force one. >> the easy fire spread quickly and forced about 30,000 people to evacuate. it was fueled by winds so strong the national weather service issued its first-ever extreme red flag warning. abc's matt gutman was right there. >> reporter: the strongest santa ana wind event in years. we watched as the easy fire roared out of control. there was nothing they could do with that wind. this is the fire going on the other side of the car. you can see the embers right
3:03 am
there. with winds gusting over 70 miles an hour, it makes targeting the fires from the air extremely challenging. right now we're about to get dropped on. you can hear that plane coming through. look out! firefighters unable to keep the flames from jumping this highway. this highway is probably about 70 yards wide. look at that tree go up right now. those high winds can carry burning embers for miles. and you can see how fast this wind is moving, just picking the smoke and up whisking it right off the ground here. on the front lines of simi valley, the heat is intense, the wind is enormous. it's fuelling that inferno. it moved so fast, we had to take cover behind the fire truck. oh my god, you can see that wind. these santa ana wind events form when strong high pressure over the rockies pushes cold air westward. when it moves through the mountains and canyons in southern california, it
3:04 am
compresses and heats up, super charging the wind speeds. multiple aircraft dropping that phos-chek, that wet, sticky stuff, trying to protect firefighters and also us, to try to stop the forward progress of that fire. the wind propelled it sending it over the highway to the other side. there's a neighborhood there, there's concern homes there might also be on fire. matt gutman, abc news, outside moorpark, california. >> just incredible scenes there, thanks to matt. anyone venturing into or around the fire lines facing the risk of breathy smoky, toxic air, even the possibility of being burned. >> but another wildfire side effect is getting cover with fire retardant dropped by air tankers and helicopters. that's what happened to these deputies from the county sherif retaant that conta
3:05 am
they are making some progress fighting the kincaid fire in >> it is now about 45% contained. it has scorched about 120 square miles and destroyed at least 266 structures and most of the nearly 200,000 people who were ordered to leave the area have been allowed to return. >> accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso joins us now with more on how the forecast will affect firefighting efforts. adam, good morning. >> good morning. that fire threat across central and northern california diminished for our day today as those winds have calmed back down. we still have some gusty winds through this morning across southern california leading to that extreme fire risk. however, they will be calming down across this region too as we head into this afternoon and this evening. plenty of other weather to talk central plains into the great lakes. 3 to 6 inches from northern missouri into the u.p. of michigan. we're also talking about plenty of rain and breezy winds along the east coast. some of the storms could have damaging wind gusts during the day across the appalachian mountains closer to the coast by the time we head into tonight.
3:06 am
now to the push to impeach president trump entering a new phase that will move the investigation from behind closed hill right now where the house is just hours away from holding its first official vote on the inquiry, setting rules that will include public hearings and possible articles of impeachment against the pres national security adviser john bolton to testify voluntarily, but his lawyer says they'll have to subpoena him. several witnesses have testified that bolton was frustrated by the campaign to pressure ukraine to investigate trump's political rivals. >> in a separate senate hearing the number two official at the state department said the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, was behind a smear campaign to oust the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. >> abc news has confirmed the national security official scheduled to testify today is expected to leave his post soon. tim morrison is the president's top adviser for russian and european affairs. it would be the first political appointee from the white house to appear.
3:07 am
he was a. republican congressional staffer who was brought on by john bolton. another witness said it was morrison who told a military aide to ukraine hinged on launching investigations linked to joe biden and his son. the pentagon has released new images of the raid that ended with the death of isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. you can see u.s. special forces exchanging fire with fighters on the ground and storming the compound in syria. the kurdish informant who led the american troop to the hideout may receive part of a $25 million bounty. meanwhile nbc is reporting that acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney only learned about the raid after it was already under way, fueling speculation that he's being sidelined. turning how to the 14-year-old virginia teen who's been missing for more than a week and has been found safe. isabel hicks was with her alleged abductor, bruce lynch. he was taken into custody and is facing felony abduction charges. search efforts intensified after isabel was spotted with lynch monday night. authorities feared for the girl's safety saying lynch was
3:08 am
armed and suicidal. it may be okay for facebook, but twitter is banning all political ads. twitter's ceo says social media companies give advertisers an unfair advantage in the spreading of misleading messages. the new policy starts november 22nd. analysts say this decision could add more pressure on facebook to reverse its decision not to fact check or remove political ads. president trump's 2020 campaign manager says this is another attempt to silence conservatives. after three days of intense talks the united auto workers union says it has reached a tentative four-yeaement wi officials who will meet in detroit tomorrow. then ford's 55,000 union workers will vote.coy are releasing spe terms but the tentative agreement is likely similar to the deal approved by gm workers just last week. now to the world series.
3:09 am
this one will go down in history with the question, who really needs home field advantage anyway? >> really. >> it is a legitimate question now that the road warriors, the washington nationals, are the champions of baseball. >> the nats went crazy on the field in houston right after closing out the series with a 6-2 victory over the astros. needless to say their fans celebrated immediately as well. washington has gone wild. for the first time in franchise history, the nationals are world series champions, defeating the astros 6-2 in game seven, which looked very different at the beginning of the game. r:le t's play ball! minute maid park may have been feeling all right, all right, all right at the beginning of game seven, houston leading 2-0 for most of the night, but then things quickly turned around. the nationals rallying in the second half to take the lead.
3:10 am
>> this ball is gone for a home run! >> reporter: nats nation cheering their team on from home in d.c. in the pouring rain. and the kids at the nationals academy in the dominican republic also celebrating and a final strikeout in the ninth inning sealed the deal. the nats defyinghes. back on may 28th the nationals had less than a .1% of winning the world series. now they're raising the trophy. the mlb naming nats pitcher stephen strasburg mvp. he is the first number one overall pick to clinch that title. very, very exciting. >> so exciting. >> and of course this comes just weeks after the women's nba -- wnba team won their championship as well. so d.c. is on fire. >> they really are. and the washington redskins are like, we're next! right? somebody just laughed in the
3:11 am
back there. they're celebrating, washington is celebrating, "the washington post" has this big headline up right here saying, at last, nats are champs. >> the first time for them. and i mean, really, this series, it was incredible that neither team won at home at all. >> yeah. >> the nats went to houston, houston just needing one game to take it, and the nats came back. >> and look at that. >> job well done, guys. >> safety down there. remember, drink responsibly down there in washington. >> look, live your best life. coming up, the great unveiling of our halloween costumes. but first the dogs of war. what it takes to turn our four-legged friends into canine soldiers. fight night in philly. the 76ers' joel embiid got into it with minnesota's karl-anthony towns. we'll show you how that ended. minnesota's karl-anthony towns. we'll show you how that ended. 'y place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair?
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we are back with dramatic video of a wild high-speed chase it started when an officer attempted to stop the driver for erratic lane changes but the suspect surrendered after his suv got stuck in deep sand.
3:15 am
and in georgia, investigators are looking into a deadly plane crash in a neighborhood outside of atlanta. >> the single-engine piper 28 plummeted to the ground shortly after takeoff. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: authorities in this suburban atlanta neighborhood are searching through lawns, picking up the pieces of a single-engine plane that crashed into a town home shortly after takeoff. >> you could hear boom. oh, yeah, you could feel it. >> reporter: the plane was headed to north carolina from an airport north of the city, but crashed here about a mile from the runway. >> we're looking for an aircraft. >> reporter: it hit so hard, most of it is jammed into the crawl space of this building. two people on board are confirmed dead. the unit with the plane now inside it is empty, and they don't believe anyone on the ground was hurt. a pilot was killed in new jersey when his twin-engine plane crashed into a home and set it on fire. no one on the ground was hurt here either. federal authorities are investigating both incidents. we don't know what caused either crash, but the weather here
3:16 am
certainly hasn't been great. it has been raining the whole day. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> our thanks to steve, a very rainy atlanta. a 12th parent has been sentenced in the college admissions scandal, two months behind bars for paying $250,000 to get his son into the university of southern california as a fake volleyball recruit. he pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy during the summer. he must pay a $250,000 fine and do hundreds of hours of community service. things got rough last night in philadelphia during the 76ers game against the timberwolves. my goodness. philly's joel embiid and minnesota's karl-anthony towns, look at them, oh, finger in the eye, got into it dur third quarter. neither player was injured. both were ejected from the game. embiid fired up the crowd on his way to the locker room. both players could face suspension. my goodness. he was still all riled up.
3:17 am
look at at >> yeah, that got a little -- >> just a little bit. coming up, a doggy boot camp like no other. >> going inside the elite training facilities that torn ordinary pups into weapons of war. just between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and its awesome. it's an all-in-one so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside. so, it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee
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♪ so they're often called the dogs of war. they're the canine help there's assist in military missions like the one that helped take down the leader of isis. >> this morning we're getting a closer look at the training facility where these dogs go in as puppies but come out as military machines. abc's marcus moore takes us inside. >> reporter: this is the place where ordinary dogs are groomed into america's most elite canine commandos. at joint base san antonio lackland, the air force's 341st training squadron raises 300 pups each year. takes them through their very own version of boot camp. the graduates go on to be war
3:20 am
dogs like the hero who helped in the raid on isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi in syria, and cairo who served on the 2011 raid in pakistan for osama bin laden. >> every time we hear about some of these raids, first thing i want to know, was a dog with them? most of the time it's coming from this squadron. that's a huge source of pride for us interior at lackland the canines learning to chase down and take down suspects. the dogs learning to go through obstacles, leaping through windows, jumping over bridges, squeezing through tight spaces. inside buildings, going room by room using a sense of smell to track down suspects, even behind closed doors. >> get him! >> reporter: the animals are not the only ones being trained here. san antonio lackland also prepares their handlers. >> stay! >> reporter: like master sergeant angel landry. >> if we get the dogs there, they don't have much control over them. they're taught to go crazy over
3:21 am
a ball or a kong. take that and channel it into the finished product, what you've seen today, a dog that has a lot of control. >> reporter: while the dogs here look cute and adorable, we're reminded these dogs are trained to be disciplined assets to some of the most dangerous situations. >> they're sleek, fur missiles coming at you. this guy is awesome. he's doing his job for us right now. but you don't want to be on the other end when he's working. >> i don't want to be on the other end. >> no, not at all. think about police dogs, military dogs, do such incredible work to make sure we're all safe. when the story of this dog broke in the baghdadi raid, just -- it was incredible details. the fact that that dog is still here, back on duty. >> and most of the dogs that are trained to serve in the u.s. military are belgian, malinois, german and dutch shepherds selected because the breeds are aggressive, smart, loyal, athletic. coming up, the two of us in costume. costume. in costume.
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♪ you know how quickly i had to change into this thin i'm cleopatra if you couldn't guess. and -- my sidekick will be around shortly. to join me on this halloween. moton! ♪ oh, that's what it is. ♪ walk like an egyptian check out this clip first. >> look, you know what? screw company policy. >> oh my god, you're a whole new man. >> right? ahoy, ladies, didn't see you there, would you guys like to
3:26 am
set sail on this ocean of flavor with me? i'll be your captain. >> ocean of flavor. >> that's right, steve harrington's here, everybody. where are the kids? >> how short are those shorts? uh-uh, i don't want to see your thigh on tv, moton. >> are we on the upside down right now? >> we might be. that's a nice costume. >> thank you. want some scoops ahoy? >> we're talking about costumes. >> kenneth picked both these azstumes out. ing. >> he said it was the only thing that wasn't like a sexy kitten or a witch which i already play on a daily basis. >> right. there's some really fun costumes out there.
3:27 am
everybody's trying to be the popeye's chicken now. >> oh, really, the chicken? >> the popeye's chicken sandwich. >> the chicken sond witch. >> a mother and son getting into the spirit there. >> the mom dressed up too. >> that chicken's going to be back on sale this weekend. >> on sunday, taking aim at chick-fil-a. that is really adorable, sold out. spider-man costumes, because of >> s.w.a.t. team members dressed as batman to rappel down the side of a children's hospita
3:28 am
3:29 am
this morning on "world news now," the impeachment showdown. as the house prepares for its first impeachment vote today, a u.s. official is getting ready to accept a subpoena if the
3:30 am
democrats issue one. what this means for president trump. also this morning, california facing extreme fire conditions. overnight another wildfire started, prompting new mandatory evacuations. firefighters are already having a hard time containing the flames threatening thousands of homes and the ronald reagan presidential library. what the hundreds of thousands of people affected can anticipate today. also this half hour, champs at last. >> the washington nationals won their first-ever world series title. they beat the astros in houston d.c. is in full celebration mode. on the spookiest night of the year, we're checking out how some of america's top celebs are dressing up for tricks or treats. you see who dared dress as the rock. it's thursday, halloween, october 31st.
3:31 am
trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. >> i know you like snickers. you like twix. >> i don't. >> you like m&ms. >> not those kind. >> you like skittles. >> yeah. oh wait, the red bag? >> not the red bag. >> you let the kids choose. not that i'm a kid but you let the kids choose. >> a happy halloween, everyone. we are tricked and treating around here. we got your tricks and we got your treats. >> i'm the treat. >> thank you for joining us. >> good thursday morning. a lot to get to. >> we got halloween and a lot of news to get to. washington is celebrating, we do begin with washington on another story, the impeachment showdown. democrats laying out the ground rules to move the investigation forward. >> today the house will hold its first official vote on the
3:32 am
process that sets the stage for public hearings in a matter of weeks. former national security adviser john bolton is among the witnesses democrats are hoping to hear from. they've asked him to testify but he won't do it voluntarily. abc's mary bruce has the details. >> reporter: the president's former national security adviser, john bolton, is being summoned to testify in the impeachment inquiry. multiple witnesses have testified bolton was deeply frustrated by the campaign to pressure ukraine to investigate trump's political rivals. according to a top aide, bolton once described the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, as a hand grenade who's going to blow everybody up. deputy secretary of state john sullivan said giuliani was behind a smear campaign targeting the former ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch. >> you were aware there were individuals and forces outside the state department seeking to smear ambassador yovanovitch? is that correct? >> i was. >> seeking to remove her? >> i was. >> did you know mr. giuliani was one of those people? >> i believed he was, yes. >> reporter: it comes as there are new questions about the
3:33 am
phone call at the center of this impeachment inquiry between president trump and ukrainian president zelensky. trump insists the white house released a complete transcript. >> word for word. comma for comma. done by people that do it for a living. we had an exact transcript. >> reporter: but lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, who was on that call, reportedly told lawmakers that crucial phrases were left out. according to the "new york times," vindman testified the document released by the white house did not include comments from the president that there were recordings of former vice president joe biden discussing corruption. the "times" reports vindman said the ukrainian president also made explicit mention of the energy company where biden's son hunter served on the board. that's not in the transcript either. vindman, who works on the national security council, says he tried to add these details to the official document, but according to the "times," his edits were not included. and it's not clear why. so the big question now, will john bolton testify?
3:34 am
the president will likely try to block him from appearing. bolton did not leave the white house under good terms, but bolton's attorney tells us that he is not willing to appear voluntarily, however, he says he is ready to accept a congressional subpoena. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> we'll be staying on all things impeachment on capitol hill today. but we do turn our attention to the west and the new brush fire that broke out overnight in southern california, forcing a new round of evacuations. fire crews are battling flames burning close to a neighborhood in fullerton south of los angeles. so far no homes have been burned. >> another new fire erupted near the reagan presidential liary fire crews have been battling to keep the flames from reaching the structure. they've gotten some help from goats that chew through brush, creating a virtual buffer zone around the property. fire quickly exploded in size, driven by unprecedented winds
3:35 am
north of 70 miles an hour. abc's marci gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: new wildfires erupting in southern california. fanned by the strongest winds to hit this area in more than a decade. >> winds are just blowing through here like you would not believe. >> reporter: gusts topping 70 miles an hour north of los angeles in simi valley as the so-called easy fire ignited wednesday morning, coming within 30 yards of the reagan presidential library. >> you see the flare-ups here as well as it's inching closer and closer to the library. >> reporter: firefighters saving the landmark as air and ground crews work fiercely to protect we just -- we can't always be in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: homeowners jumping in, some using buckets trying desperately to douse the flames. others scrambling to get themselves and their terrified animals to safety. >> we grabbed the trailers and
3:36 am
took off. >> reporter: in riverside county, another wildfire creating this apocalyptic-looking scene. dozens of people evacuated from a nursing home, blanketed by blinding smoke. the national weather service issuing its first-ever extreme red flag warning with those winds powerful enough to knock down big rigs on this freeway, also intensifying concerns about other infernos still burning in the state. the largest, the kincaid fire in northern california, already destroyed more than 76,000 acres and at least 90 homes. another they're concerned about, the getty fire, which did all of this damage. pected to weaken until thursday evening. marci gonzalez, abc news, brentwood, california. >> a big thanks to marci there. gale-force winds are already making the already tough job of firefighting even more difficult. >> accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso joins us with details on how long they might last. good morning, adam. >> kenneth and janai, good morning. we still have those gusty winds across southern california
3:37 am
leading to that extreme fire threat. good news is we get some help with calming winds into the afternoon. firefighters are certainly going to appreciate that. still a tough job on hand as those fires continue to burn. we've already got those calmer winds across northern california. we've got breezy winds and snow across the great lakes as we head into tonight. 3 to 6 inches from eastern iowa into the u.p. of michigan. we've got plenty of rain and wind along the east coast of the u.s. bad news for trick-or-treaters along the appalachian mountains and into the east coast as well. severe storms even a possibility. kenneth, janai? >> all right, adam, thank you. the federal reserve cut interest rate busy a quarter of a percentage point to boost a slowing economy. >> economic growth slowed in the third quarter. consumer spending is stronsit s contracted for six straight months. this is the fed's third interest rate cut since july, but it still falls short of white house demands for aggressive stimulus measures. now to an american bulldog named mr. wrinkles who's getting plenty of praise this morning. >> mr. wrinkles was out for a walk with his owner in fair
3:38 am
lawn, new jersey. the man was hit by a car. the 64-year-old was rushed to the hospital with head and leg injuries. the victim had no i.d. but police say mr. wrinkles led them to his home about five blocks away. >> they then told the family about the accident. the victim is in critical condition. mr. wrinkles is okay. >> unclear how long it would have taken to notify the family if it had not been for mr. wrinkles. >> sounds a little bit like lassie. >> definitely. >> coming up in "the skinny," celebrities -- >> jack wants to interject here. >> yes? >> i grew up in fair lawn. >> you did? >> i did. >> did you know mr. wrinkles? >> i did not. >> and i do not. >> well. >> is there anything else relevant you want to add? >> no. >> okay, so two famous residents of fair lawn, jack and mr. wrinkles. good to know. good company, jack. >> and it's funny, because we actually call jack mr. wrinkles.
3:39 am
just kidding, jack. >> i look pretty good for my age, i'll tell you that. >> you absolutely do, jack, you 100% do. >> jack, we appreciate it. coming up in "the skinny", how celebrities are dressing up for fright night. plus our favorite group of elementary school kids tells us how they're getting dressed for trick-or-treat. first checking in on the celebrations in the nation's capital where the washington nationals have just won their first-ever world series championship.
3:40 am
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3:42 am
that's down the right field line into the corner -- >> things started getting real interesting last night. we are back with howie kendrick of the washington nationals giving his team the lead for good last night. that home run off the right field foul pole put the nats ahead of the astros 3-2. they went on to win th >> as you would imagine, nats fans went cray-cray. >> buck wild. >> you see that guy right there sliding. they were having some fun inside the stadium in d.c. and all
3:43 am
across the dmv, that's the d.c.-maryland-virginia -- >> saturday? >> you want to go to the parade? you're anticipating what i'm about to tell you right now. i'm like, what, what happened? now they get ready for the city's big public celebration which is scheduled for saturday. go, janai. >> oh my gosh. >> you distracted me. i went what? >> i know. saturday. because you know, a lot of times it ends up being the middle of the week or something. >> no, saturday. >> we might have to make this happen. >> get on the acela. the acela's too expensive. we've got to get on the -- >> because they pay me in gum. >> the northwest regional or something. so it seems tom brady is trying to end speculation about his future. >> a radio interview the patriots quarterback said nothing has changed about his status with the team and the 42-year-old repeated his desire to play until he's 45. speculation over whether brady would be leaving new england has been high because his contract ends after this season and his massachusetts home is for sale. ken, are you nervous?
3:44 am
>> ken, are you nervous back there? he's shaking his head. >> he said no. >> okay. >> not worried about nothing. that's what we're saying. we're hearing of another celebrity speaking out about his immediate future. >> kevin hart opening up about his grueling recovery from that car crash that left him badly injured. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: nearly two months after that devastating car crash, actor and comedian kevin hart taking us inside his grueling recovery. >> one of the craziest things that happen to you end up being the thing that you needed most. >> reporter: posting his journey on instagram from the hospital through rehabilitation, and sharing his new lease on life. >> god basically told me to sit down. you know, you're moving too fast, doing too much, sometimes you can't see the things tha you're meant to see. >> reporter: hart suffered severe injuries, fracturing his spine in three places when his vintage car careened off the road. his friend, who was behind the
3:45 am
wheel, injured as well. hart is thanking his friends, family, and fans for their support. >> don't take today for granted because tomorrow's not promised. >> reporter: the california highway patrol determined the cause of the accident was reckless driving. they also said nobody in the car was wearing their seat belts. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to kayna. when we come back, how celebrities and how we are dressing up for halloween. >> and this year's top-earning ty.d celebrity
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny you know, sometimes they do say we're like twins. >> uh-huh. time for "the skinny." >> it is time for "the skinny." starting out with our halloween theme. >> uh-huh, we of course can't let fright night slip past us without checking in on how the other half is celebrating the holiday. >> we are crazy in love this morning with russell wilson and ciara's jay-z and beyonce costumes.
3:48 am
the couple recreated one of their most famous music videos. >> and here is a side by side just for comparison. and you see they replaced the mona lisa with the former president and first lady, barack and michelle obama. >> so many people are going ape over this. >> yes, because they nailed it. >> they really did. >> so good. >> i love that so much. and their kids are also getting into the future. young future junior channeling michael jackson. sienna rocking her janet jackson look. >> so good. >> the kids are cute, they're cute, great idea. >> nicely done, family. and another music mainstay has been channeled. we need to stay closer. >> got to stay close. >> this photo from last halloween is making the rounds on twitter this year because frankly, paul rudd really nailed this one. looking a lot like weird al yankovic. >> weird al had the most epic response, sharing this photo of
3:49 am
rudd's ant-man character with his own head attached captioned, might have to rethink my halloween costume for this year. >> yeah, that's quite a response. >> i don't know, that yankovic outfit gives me a great idea here. >> does it? >> yeah, it really does. >> i should get some glasses like this. >> they say we're going to be twins. >> i should have known. >> actually, our hairstylist says -- she pinned this for me and she said, janai really likes it when you -- >> she actually told you? oh my gosh. you guys know he has been dying to get some curls on that head. just shady boots. that is hilarious. i do have it pinned back. >> got any tips for me? >> i have none because it won't help. you look awful. >> now we are twins. >> i can't believe you've got that wig. i don't want to sit by you anymore. >> go ahead, next story. >> kevin hart recovering from that car crash. >> he's sharing this video of
3:50 am
himself dressed up as dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> he found the black turtleneck. >> he sure did, no shortage for him. this is an embarrassing throwback, take a look. >> trick-or-treat. >> why are you dressed like that? >> because it's my costume, go to the costume store, say "make me look stupid." >> don't stand like that, that's not how i stand. >> this is exactly what you look like. >> look what do you want? >> you can't say you're giving out the good stuff. >> i am giving out the good stuff, i'm not giving it to you. >> i said, trick-or-treat! >> okay, okay, you want some candy? you want the king size? no, you don't get that at all, here's what you get. bite size, tiny, mini, like you. >> i don't want that. >> put this in your fanny pack. >> they're using the video to promote the release for the new trail for "jumanji: next level." kevin's over here -- you're messing with this wig, does this look right? >> she pulls the curls like this all the time. >> the stylest gets my curls >> they're popping. >> next on this day of the undead, "forbes" magazine is out with this annual ranking of the
3:51 am
highest-paid dead celebrities. >> topping this year's list, for the seventh year in a row, m.j. >> of course. >> the late great king of pop, michael jackson, raked in $60 million over the past year. his music was streamed 2.1 billion times compared to 1.8 billion over the previous year. >> wow. coming in a distant second place, elvis presley, 39 million. much of it from his graceland in memphis. >> "peanuts" creator charles schulz came in third with $30 million last year thanks in part to an ad deal with metlife. ad deal, get the extra checks rolling in. >> i like these glasses. >> i really like my hair. coming up, we're asking our favorite elementary school news now" coming up. >> "kids news now" coming up. remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget
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♪ work so hard ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. >> she told me i looked like al sharpton. which one, though?
3:55 am
>> i'm joined by will ganss on this halloween. this morning we're doing our own version of "the time warp" going back to elementary school for some costume inspiration. >> will ganss, we've got another installment of "kids news now." >> which means it's my favorite morning ever. gone are the days of the ghost costume by throwing on a sheet. today's kids have some much more creative tricks and treats up their sleeves for halloween. halloween is right around the corner, are we excited, yes or not? >> yes. i already know what i'm going to be. >> what are you going to be? >> a fairy. >> love that. are you going to have wings? >> well, i think i will. oka '. >> how about you, isabel? >> going to be a pirate. >> do any of you guys know how to talk like a pirate?
3:56 am
>> land ahoy! >> what was that? >> land ahoy! >> there you go. do you know what you're dressing up as? >> yeah. >> what is it? >> pikachu. >> i have been pikachu once or twice in my day. >> i am going to be the most intelligent witch of her age, hermione granger. >> lots of harry potters. >> i'm dressing up as philius flitwick. >> the professor who teaches charms. >> yes. >> i may be dumbledore, voldemort, harry potter, or slappy the talking dummy from "goosebumps." >> three of them are pretty similar, then slappy the talking dummy, kind of a plot twist. >> i'm going to be almost everything i love. i'm going to be a penny, i'm going to be mnemona, i'm going to be mega-man. i think that's what i'm going to be. >> is this all in the same night? >> yes. >> costume change after costume change? >> but no, i'm wearing all of them at the same time. >> i cannot wait to see those photographs. what should i dress up as this year for halloween? >> you should be a cheetos bag, a doritos bag, or a chocolate
3:57 am
bar. >> okay, so garbage, cool. >> i want to tell you one more thing. if i'm going to be slappy the talking dummy, i'm going to scare all of those little children. by the way, i am your worst nightmare. ♪ bum bum bum >> your worst nightmare. a big thanks to basis independent manhattan for letting us spend time with their brilliant students. i went with the kids, harry potter theme for the costume. me growing up? >> you're not going with the trash? >> no. growing up what was your favorite? >> deadly bride. >> i loved being a vampire. >> or al sharpton. >> or al sharpton, yeah.
3:58 am
3:59 am
breaking news in america this morning, a new fire erupting in southern california.
4:00 am
to 80 miles per hour. >> there's nothing they could do with that wind. >> we take you to the front lines, the evacuations, the damage, the flames approaching the ronald reagan presidential library and this morning the new time line. a crucial day ahead in the impeachment investigation. the vote on capitol hill this morning and what president trump's former national security adviser john bolton is now saying. is rodney reed innocent? the convicted killer now scheduled to be executed in texas but this morning, the potential bombshell in the case raising new doubt. celebrities including kim


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