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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 2, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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hat you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ good morning, america. good morning, america. new information about the latest destructive wildfire in california. how it may have started. fire threat. the raging flames fueled by high winds putting more structures in the danger zone with firefighters battling. another day of blowtorch conditions as a cold snap slams the east as temperatures take a nosedive. beto bids farewell dropping out of the presidential race as the democratic primary enters a pivotal stretch. >> we are in it to win it. >> with elizabeth warren revealing the details of her medicare for all plan. daring heist. masked robbers caught on camera bolting from their car to hold up an armored truck holding the driver at gunpoint.
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the manhunt this morning. alexa, take the stand. why an amazon device could be the key to solving a woman's death. did it record what police are calling a murder? the halloween hero. the dracula do-gooder. a doorbell cam treating the world to his act of kindness. what his mom is telling us this morning. >> i still wonder would a little dan harris do the same thing. what do you think? >> absolutely not. >> i would have taken it out of my brother's bucket. >> good morning, everybody. we have a lot to get to on this saturday morning. president trump responding overnight for the first time to the vote in the house of representatives formally requesting an impeachment inquiry. we'll tell you what he said,
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coming up. we start with a pair of breaking weather stories. in california, the so-called maria fire burning out of control right now. we're learning more about how this thing may have started. >> on the east coast a dramatic drop in temperatures. some areas saw 70s on thursday. now in some spots it's near freezing. rob is covering it all from memphis tennessee. good morning to you, rob. >> reporter: good morning to you, eva. the cold air that powered those santa ana winds has made it all the way to the east coast and it brought a lot of severe weather with it. we have an update on the halloween storm where we had severe weather around the philadelphia area. a confirmed ef-2 tornado winds 120 miles per hour touching down just south of philadelphia. there you see some of the damage in thornburg township. farther to the east, new jersey, we had some wind damage there with 60-mile-per-hour winds. there was one location north of philadelphia that had a wind gust to 110 miles an hour. so strong stuff with this. as you mentioned, the cold air is coming in. more than one pulse coming through.
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the growing season is over in new york city down through the deep south. temps feel like the 30s in memphis. are actually in the 30s. 20s nashville. that cold front will swing to the east. a second push of cold air in time for marathon sunday. we'll update what's going on with the fire weather in a little bit. back to you. >> rob, thank you very much. we'll be coming back to you. throughout the coming two hours this morning. he mentioned the wildfires. we'll turn to the wildfire burning out of control in southern california. thousands of homes are threatened. the situation is urgent and erratic as shifting winds are posing a huge challenge for firefighters. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: this morning, we're learning what may have sparked the massive maria fire still burning out of control in southern california. the inferno incinerating more than 9,000 acres, fanned by relentlessly powerful and shifting santa ana winds. this and at least two other buildings devoured by flames. >> between it was 300 yards away until fully engulfed in maybe five minutes.
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>> reporter: 8,000 people forced to evacuate, packing up what they could as that ominous glow moved down the mountain. some now allowed to return home as firefighters continue their assault. and now the investigation into the cause. this photo from the ventura county fire department showing the flames igniting thursday night right next to power lines. the utility company so cal edison saying minutes before the wildfire started it had turned power back on to high voltage lines in the area that ironically had been turned off to prevent a fire. >> no matter how many times they shut it off if they turn it back on again it's still going to be there. this problem presents itself so it might just take a whole system overhaul. >> reporter: this is such a major concern and frustration for people there. especially considering it was power lines from the same utility company that sparked the deadly thomas fire there two years ago which led to those devastating mudslides. now firefighters battling the
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maria fire hope to finally get an upper hand once those strong winds start to weaken later today. whit? >> all right, marci gonzalez for us in los angeles, thank you. now to the race for the democratic presidential nomination taking a couple of major turns this morning including the end of the road for the beto o'rourke campaign. abc's rachel scott is in des moines with more on that. rachel, good morning to you. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you as well. sources close to beto o'rourke's campaign tell me he was planning on weighing whether to throw in the towel or lay off his campaign staff or throw in the towel. he ended up deciding to end his bid for the presidency telling me he's heading home to continue his fight no longer as a candidate but as an american. >> welcome to iowa! >> reporter: as the democratic primary enters a pivotal stretch the candidates are either marching forward or calling it quits. >> the decision that we made so recently and so reluctantly. >> reporter: just hours before
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taking the stage at the fund-raising dinner known for boosting campaigns former congressman beto o'rourke made the decision to end his. >> we have to clearly see at this point that we do not have the means to pursue this campaign successfully. >> reporter: some of his supporters emotional. the texas congressman now encouraging them to look at the other candidates in the race. >> i urge everyone who was part of this campaign or supported me in my bid for the nomination to do everything they can to support whoever the nominee is. >> reporter: president trump also on the campaign trail taking one last jab at o'rourke at his rally in mississippi. >> beto, beto, did you hear, beto, poor pathetic guy. he was pathetic. >> reporter: the rest of the democratic field still fighting for the chance to take the president on. speaking to 13,000 democrats
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here in iowa, at the liberty and justice celebration. mayor pete buttigieg taking the stage with a strong show of support making a general election pitch. >> i didn't just come here to end the era of donald trump. i'm here to launch the era that >> reporter: the first in the nati caucus now the nt away, senator elizabeth warren rising in the polls offering up her plan to pay for her medicare for all proposal. >> i have a plan that shows how we can have medicare for all without raising taxes one cent on middle class families. >> reporter: warren's plan pulls more than $20.5 trillion in funds for medicare for all over ten years by calling on taxes on the wealthiest americans and corporations as well as asking employers to pitch in too. some of her rivals say it's unrealistic. >> time to get real. >> rachel back with us from des moines. the iowa caucus less than 100 days away now. some candidates like senator kamala harris are now shifting their strategy with an all or nothing focus on iowa. >> reporter: that's right, whit.
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this is a state known for setting the tone for the rest of the primary. senator kamala harris telling me yesterday she is going all in on iowa. her campaign cutting the resources in other key early voting states laying off staff even closing some campaign offices to pick up momentum right here in iowa. whit? >> all right, rachel scott, thank you. and now to president trump and the impeachment fight. the president making his first public statements about that major house vote this week. abc's kyra phillips has more from the white house. good morning, kyra. >> reporter: good morning, eva. well, president trump's press secretary stefanie grisham made news saying the white house is preparing for house democrats to impeach the president. when i questioned president trump last evening he told me the democrats have no grounds on which to impeach him. the impeachment inquiry of president trump is on. but if you ask him about it, he says, it's not going anywhere. >> you can't impeach a president
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who did nothing wrong. >> reporter: house impeachment investigators now moving forward. calling on witnesses who may have information on that call to ukraine. >> the gentleman that came in yesterday, morrison, he was terrific. he was supposed to be their primary witness. he was terrific. and he said he didn't see anything wrong with it. >> reporter: tim morrison, the president's former top adviser on russia and europe testified in his opening statement that when it came to that phone call about ukraine, the rough transcript accurately and completely reflects the substance of the call. but adding "i want to be clear. i was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed." house speaker nancy pelosi sees it differently. >> we took an oath to protect and defend our democracy and that is what he has made an assault on. >> reporter: all but two house democrats voting to formally approve the impeachment inquiry setting the stage and the rules for open hearings now.
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>> now there will be public hearings. do you feel that will help you? >> i think it helps us. look, my poll numbers are very high. on the swing states when it comes to the impeachment word it's an ugly word to me. very ugly word. they don't want to do it. democrats don't want to do it. >> reporter: pelosi says she expects public hearings to begin this month, just one part of the formal process in the investigation to determine whether trump used his presidential power to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on political rivals in exchange for releasing military aid. >> this is not about his personality, his policies, that's for the election. this is about the constitution. this is about defending our democracy. >> reporter: so where does this go fros w i investigation and you will see a significant shift now from what was largely behind closed doors and secret work to a much more public legal and political process.
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eva? >> i'll take it from here, kyra, thank you very much. this story likely to dominate the news for weeks if not months. we turn now though to what we are learning this morning about the new leader of isis named just days after that u.s.-led raid that killed the founder of the terrorist group, abu bakr al baghdadi. abc's stephanie ramos is in the studio with more. what's happening? >> we're hearing two different statements. one from the president and another from the state department. a day after isis named a new leader in an audio message of the compound raid that led to the death of abu bakr al baghdadi. the president tweeted, isis has a new leader. we know exactly who he is. that may very well be the case but the top counterterrorism official at the state department says the u.s. is still looking into it, adding they will dismantle the group regardless of who its leadership cadre is. that counterterrorism official nathan sales says he's looking where al baghdadi's successor came from. sales did not name him saying they want to make sure they have
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the latest information to confront any threat. acknowledging that isis is a top national security priority and that the u.s. will continue to put pressure on isis by way of law enforcement, militarily and residual u.s. force presence in syria will be used to deny isis access to fuel terrorism. so something we're continuing to watch and he says they'll continue to put pressure on isis in that region. >> all right. thank you, stephanie ramos, for us. well, back here in the u.s. about 1,000 protesters took to the streets here in new york city marching against what they say is police brutality. friday night's march in brooklyn came after a video was posted on social media last week showing police officers fighting with some be seen punching one of the teens. the demonstrators say the nypd is overpolicing the subway system. actress lori loughlin and
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her designer husband standing firm asking a judge to accept a not guilty plea to a new federal charge in the ongoing "varsity blues" college admissions scandal. loughlin and her husband now facing a bribery charge along with charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and mail fraud. each faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. to colorado and the trial of patrick frazee accused of beating his fiancee to death last winter in a case that got attention all over the world. abc's clayton sandell has more now from denver. >> reporter: this morning, patrick frazee's murder trial has begun. the 33-year-old accused of killing kelsey berreth last thanksgiving. nine women and seven men on the jury now hearing from prosecutors who say frazee tried to have his lover kill his fiancee and when she backed out he did it himself. 29-year-old berreth was last seen at this woodland park, colorado, supermarket on thanksgiving shopping with the couple's 1-year-old daughter. prosecutors allege he recruited his mistress krystal lee to poison berreth's coffee even giving her a metal pipe
7:14 am
instructing her to hit her in the head. >> patrick frazee contacted krystal lee in idaho on three separate occasions, had her come to colorado to murder kelsey. >> reporter: prosecutors say lee backed out alleging frazee confessed to her that he killed berreth with a baseball bat. >> patrick frazee had committed a homicide. >> reporter: lee now a key prosecution witness. frazee was arrested last december. >> you see him? he's in cuffs. >> reporter: frazee's defense attorney suggests lee is the real killer. lee denies she killed berreth but admitted she helped frazee get rid of berreth's phone and clean up the crime scene. frazee now facing eight charges including first degree murder. he's pleaded not guilty. for "good morning america" clayton sandell, abc news, denver. and now to the search for 19-year-old aniah blanchard missing for more than a week now. the reward in the case over
7:15 am
$100,000 and her mother is speaking out. abc's kaylee hartung is here with more. good morning to you, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, eva. aniah blanchard's family is pleading for help. she disappeared a week and a half ago and among the only clues her damaged car quickly located. evidence examined from inside that car has now heightened fears that the college student's life is in grave danger. >> we have to have her back. we have to have her back. >> reporter: the search is on after new evidence suggests missing alabama student aniah blanchard is in serious danger. this morning, police intensifying their search after evidence found in her abandoned car determined that she was harmed and is considered to be a victim of foul play. >> in this case, that's what's so heartbreaking is she's just a college student. she's living a college student life. >> we're still hoping and still praying and we're collecting any information that someone is holding on to. >> reporter: she was last seen making a purchase on this convenience store video before
7:16 am
driving away. her suv found two days later around 50 miles from her home. one side damaged by fresh scratches and dents. >> if anyone knows the whereabouts of my daughter, please, please, please, i beg you to let someone know. >> reporter: blue ribbons adorning the community, a gesture of keeping her story alive. >> our family has been embraced in this moment. >> reporter: the stepdaughter of walt harris. harris with the help of the mixed martial arts community are donating for than $100,000 for a reward hoping for any information on aniah. >> i would want somebody, please, please, if you know anything, just don't be afraid. just please go call the police, call the tip line. >> state and federal authorities are coordinating in this search that is spanning the state and aniah's stepfather walt harris has withdrawn from what would have been the highest profile bout of his usc career scheduled for december 7th. >> hopefully that big reward makes a difference.
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kaylee, thank you. the stuart air show is expected to go on as planned as the faa and ntsb investigate what caused a deadly plane crash there friday. a pilot was killed after crashing during a practice for the air show. video shows that plane nose-diving before erupting into flames at withah field. friday's events kicking off the air show were all canceled. let's get back to as promised rob marciano in memphis who is tracking the fire conditions in southern california and much more. rob, good morning again. >> hey, good morning again, dan. let's go over the fire conditions. just being back from this whole week, very impressive to watch the firefighters go to work especially from the air. the precision they have. this is fresh video of the jumbo jet dropping fire retardant ove hi len istoy is we still have those off shore winds.
7:18 am
they hung around longer than we thought so. the red flag warning extended into 6:00 this evening local time and could see gusts near the fires at 35 miles per hour and relative humidity still dangerously low at 2%. we do expect tomorrow to see the winds begin to shift to onshore and that will lift the relative humidity levels. not going to bring us rainfall but at least will lighten the winds and bring it in a different direction and bump up the levels of humidity. that's always a good thing. looking long term we don't expect another santa ana wind event coming in the near future hopefully for the rest of the season. maybe rain for northern california as we g ♪ good saturday morning i'm lisa argen. waking up to clear and chilly conditions across the bay area. a couple much areas could see patchy frost in our protected valleys of the north bay. otherwise mild and sunny days through next weak. we fall back tomorrow morning to get the extra hour of sleep tonight. 75 today in oakland.
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76 in freedom. 80 santa roo 78 in san jose. cool night tonight but little change for t t t t t t t t t t t we are coming to you live from the corner of peabodie and b.b. king boulevard. this is where the blues happens in memphis, tennessee. we are here because "gameday," espn "college gameday" is going live here for the very first time. b.b. king, you got johnny cash, elvis presley, of course, justin timberlake is from here and i'm sure, whit, as you probably will point out juicy j claims memphis to be home. >> of course juicy j. >> i was thinking more about the barbecue. >> i was too. >> maybe i'm hungry this morning. eat some barbecue, rob. >> i'm glad you told us why you were there. we thought we'd put you on a random street corner in memphis. good to know. >> that happens sometimes too. we'll see you guys in a bit. going into the party. >> we will be checking back with rob repeatedly throughout the two hours. thanks, rob. golden state warriors star
7:20 am
stephen curry recovering after undergoing surgery on his hand. the two-time mvp broke some bones in his hand wednesday when he collided with aron baynes who then fell on curry's hand. curry is expected to make a full recovery but the warriors say he will be off the court for the next three months. >> that is a precious hand. >> even i know that's a big deal. even i know that. we're wishing him a speedy recovery. guys, janai is here with the latest on greta thunberg. am i pronouncing that correctly? >> yes. >> she had a big celebrity encounter. >> a dream team of environmental activists. oscar winner leonardo dicaprio is calling swedish teen activist greta thunberg a leader of her time and says the two have made a commitment to support one another. he posted a photo of him with thunberg. look at this. on friday as the two met during her tour of north america. dicaprio has been outspoken about climate change but been criticized for his use of private jets.
7:21 am
thunberg is asking for help in finding an emissions-free way to get to the u.n.'s climate change meeting in december that was supposed to be taking place in chile but is now going to be in spain. the teen saying she travelled halfway around the world the wrong way. really cool seeing them team up to be an activist and travel all over the place, how do you get there without emitting carbon. much more from janai. >> we have a lot more coming up including a brazen armored car holdup all caught on camera. the fbi is asking for the public's help finding those robbers. a prosecution witness, can amazon's alexa be the key to solving a fatal mystery? our "play of the day," a little dracula with a heart of gold. janai has that story coming up. keep it right here. "good morning america" is sponsored by ilumya.
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37 half moon bay. 53 in san francisco. 42 in san francisco. gold. gate bridge a bit of breeze. a on shore push today down to 35 fl santa rosa. 39 in livermore. highs above average. how about 78 in san jose. 80 in santa rosa. andups about the same tomorrow with an extra pour of sleep. >>
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♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪ >> it's like dan theshow.>> iik shong off the side. >> lady gaga and bradley cooper giving us one of the most memorable moments from last year's oscars as they perform "shallow." janai will be here with "pop news" and have lady gaga's new project. >> when i come in within a couple of feet of eva, she's like step off or i'll cut you. >> we're friends, but you taunt me in the morning. >> she calls you shallow. >> that's the only overlap.
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>> that's before i've had coffee. >> fair enough. we turn to some other stories we're following this morning. happening right now beto bids good-bye. an only favorite in the presidential race announcing on twitter he's dropping out. his campaign struggling to gain 2% in nationwide polls. the congressman encouraging his supporters to look at other candidates in the race. >> things getting interesting. for the first time since july 2018 rescue that gripped the world visitors are allowed back in thailand where that soccer coach and his players were trapped. people were allowed back paradhis afternoon celebrating their world series
7:32 am
trophy. the nationals clinched the championship by beating the astros 6-2 in game seven. eva you talked to the champs. >> the man holding the trophy, i called him the old man. he's the elder statesman. we start with the robbers who pulled off a daring armored car heist. taking less than a minute to take the money and run. >> reporter: this morning the fbi searching for these three men cap chred on surveillance cameras ambushing and robbing this brinx truckut aso guard unlocks the back door. one of them holding what investigators describe as an ak-47 style rifle to the driver's head as the other two suspects ransack the truck
7:33 am
filling their bags with cashump speeding off. >> my guess is in fairly short order they'll find these guys. >> reporter: federal investigators searching for suspects in another armored truck robbery caught on camera a week ago in houston. this one turning deadly. one suspect seen holding a gun at the driver. >> this was a man that left his house in the morning, expected to come back and he's no longer with us. >> reporter: police on heightened alert. yesterday a s.w.a.t. team waiting inside this armored truck when investigators say three men pull up in a stolen pick up and were seen putting on masks. the suspects leading police on this chase, two running off and quickly arrested. the third firing at officers with an ar-15.
7:34 am
>> the houston police department is going to do everything to stop this. we stopped a robbery today. >> those cases are separate. federal investigators in denver and houston are offering up reward money offering anyone with information to come forward. really bold. >> really bold. let's switch gears and get back to rob down in memphis covering the weather and espn "game day." robert what's going on? >> reporter: welcome back to memphis. you've never seen beal street like this. the memphis tigers are in town for the first time ever. espn college game day makes its visit to memphis. beal street has been shut down. we have the memphis tigers and the cheer squad. here's pouncer.
7:35 am
college football weather, you better believe it. we're going from fall to winter in a hurry. check out this video out of wisconsin. temperatures dropped rapidly. we had leaves falling and then snow falling as well. that cold air isoss the great lakes. it's lake-effect snow season for parts of michigan and upstate new york. winter weather advisories. can you believe that? maybe three to five inches of snow in some of the more favorite spots as temperatures are below freezing. we expect beautiful weather here in memphis. it's chilly. temperatures in the 30s. it will be hot around beal street as we wait for the big game good morning. saturday morning, the have you from mount tam. you can see it's going to be a beautiful day with the sun on the which. temperatures in the 30s, 40s and
7:36 am
50s to start out. late >> reporter: this weather report sponsored by hilton hotels. we'll be right back on beale street. for now let's toss it up to you. >> rob has been on the road for like two weeks. no lack of energy, though. still bringing his "a" game. thank you, rob. we'll talk to you soon. >> that's right, baby. coming up, does amazon's alexa hold critical clues to a woman's death? espn's david pollack joins us with his take on the big games today in college football. games today in college football. ke... the relaxing feeling of knowing you're getting the best price. these'll work. the utter delight of free wi-fi... . oh man this is the best part. isn't that you? yeah. and the magic power of unlocking your room with your phone. i can read minds too. really?
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welcome back to "gma." amazon's echo device may have been a silent witness to what police are calling a murder. investigators are now hoping it can offer some clues into the death of a woman in florida and victor oquendo has more. >> reporter: amazon's alexa may be able to do more than answer your questions. >> showing cooking classes. >> reporter: she may now be helping to solve an alleged murder mystery. police say they're using audio recordings obtained from a pair of srt s which police
7:41 am
are hoping may have captured the murder of silvia galva. >> the digital evidence is at times an extremely important part, integral part of solving the cases. >> reporter: according to the police report 43-year-old adam crespo and silvia were arguing back in july when he tried to pull her off the bed. galva grabbed a spear to keep her on the bed. the blade penetrated the victim's chest. the defendant saying he pulled it out of the victim's chest hoping it wasn't too bad, that pierce to the chest killing galva. he's charged with second degree murder. >> my client is innocent and we hope the recording shows that. >> reporter: this is not the first time recordings have been sought to be used as evidence. in january 2017, amazon was ordered by a judge to hand over recordings taken by an echo in a new hampshire home where two women were found murdered. the 34-year-old boyfriend of one of the women was charged with first degree murder for both deaths. he pleaded not guilty. the case ending in a mistrial.
7:42 am
it's unclear whether there was any evidence on the amazon device. hallandale police say that amazon handed overd the are rev. amazon tells abc news, audio is not streamed to the cloud or recorded unless it detects a wake word, alexa, computer, et cetera. adding the company does not disclose customer information in response to government demands unless we're required to do so to comply with a legally valid and binding order. victor oquendo, abc news, hallandale beach, florida. >> crespo has been released on bond awaiting his next status hearing. so let's take a deeper dive into this and a look at some of the legal questions. joining us is caroline polisi a white collar criminal defense attorney here in new york. so great to have you with us. pvacy issues. but first of all with this case, crespo according to police admitted to trying to drag his
7:43 am
girlfriend off the bed. so i guess why do the recordings even matter? >> right, so crespo was currently charged with murder without premeditation meaning police believe this was a crime that took place in the heat of passion so the intent wasn't there beforehand. let's say this echo device has a smoking gun as it were recording of him saying something like, i've always wanted to kill you and now i'm going to go it. that could bump up the charge, the level of intent into a premeditated murder which is a much more serious so that's the interesting point here. >> got it. as victor pointed out, amazon says echo only records when it has that wake word like alexa or echo but if a recording of a crime actually exists is there a legal precedent here or specific type of crime that would then require amazon to turn over those recordings to police? >> right, well, this issue is really fraught with a lot of fourth amendment privacy rights in terms of the context of a balancing. courts are going to have to weigh an individual's right to privacy versus the public's
7:44 am
right to really, you know, solve crimes and the supreme court has said that an individual's right to privacy is really at an all-time high within one's home. so i think we as individuals are going to have to really take cognizance and awareness of what we bring into our homes in terms of what amazon is doing with this type of information and how it could be used in the future. so we have to be put on notice and know what we could potentially be getting ourselves into. >> and consumers are starting to ask those questions of amazon and other companies. caroline polisi, thank you very much. we appreciate your final. >> thank you. still ahead on "good morning america," the big day in college football. espn's david pollack joins us with the games to watch. with the games to watch. in, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections like tb;
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7:48 am
espn's "gameday" will be right there in the middle of it. back to memphis where rob is also in the middle of it talking all things "gameday" with david pollack. good morning, rob. >> hey, good morning, eva. david pollack is here from espn "gameday." good to be here with you, my man. i'm so psyched for you to break some of the stuff down. "gameday" here for the first time in memphis. how special is it today? >> you got to understand it's so cool to have universities like memphis and last week we were in south dakota state, like new environments, new places, fans are always so happy, so excited. like you go to alabama, listen it's special and cool but you're supposed to be here. when you go to memphis, it's like thank you very much. south dakota, thank you very much. always an awesome experience. >> these kids are excited. smu comes in undefeated. the memphis tigers only one loss but all their games have been nail biters. what do you expect out of the game today? >> well, smu is undefeated for the first time since a long time ago when they got put on
7:49 am
probation. you're talking 30 years. >> lod long rebuilding. >> it's been a long time coming. here's what you'll expect. a lot of fun, a lot of points. you won't see defenses struggle but points in bunches and excitement. you never know what you'll get. >> i can't wait. of course, we have other big game, georgia/florida. what do you expect there? >> this is the game to decide the s.e.c. east and who is still in playoff contention. who is the best one-loss team in the country. georgia is still finding themselves and you've seen the running game and jake fromm and his new receivers haven't clicked yet. georgia will need a big day. this will get them back in the national championship picture. >> s.e.c. so tough. let's talk west. utah/washington. >> and if utah continues to win, utah still in the playoff race. they're the top ten right now. still in position. oregon is another team. you got oregon playing. another team very much in the mix. both those teams if you want to keep the pac-12's hopes alive -- >> usc and oregon tonight. so lots of action today. of course, "gameday" happening at 9:00 eastern. you and the rest of the team psyched to be here. have you ever seen beale street
7:50 am
like this? >> it's pretty awesome. >> it's bananas. the big game, smu and the tigers at 7:30. guys, it's cold, but it's hot here. >> he's not even wearing a coat here. tough guy. >> exactly. i think he's referring specifically to the barbecue. rob, thank you. we'll come back to you. much more throughout the morning. we'll be right back here with the trick-or-treaters starring in our "play of the day." ace to. jill has entresto, a hepeople alivepilleppeke and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next? noall dogs descend from wolves size... or the age...
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as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at "good morning america" is sponsored by prudential. all right. we are back now with our "play of the day" and the little trick-or-treater who knows how to receive and give. check out what the hodges family in maryland caught on their doorbell camera. that is an adorable little vampire named jackson. you see him walk up to a candy bowl left outside and finds it empty. looked like he put his finger up to his face like wait a second.
7:55 am
what do you do? no tricks here. instead you see him reach into his bag and then put it there in the bowl. >> what a good boy. >> his mom is there saying, ah, how nice of him to look out for the kids coming behind him. he says he did it because he didn't want the other kids to be sad. his mom says she's proud that he's learned how to be kind. that is im. iredible. >> we left a bowl in front of our house. it was ripped to shreds. >> one kid came and just grabbed multiple handfuls. >> of course, the kid didn't need all that candy. >> or maybe they did. >> but good on jackson. >> that kid's parents, a little bit less proud this morning. he's still awake. hey, by the way, "gma" saturday is now two hours so check your local listings for air times. >> coming up the latest on the top stories including beto o'rourke dropping out of the presidential race. and it's time to fall back but what does that mean for your health? dr. ashton on how to adjust when we end daylight saving time tomorrow morning.
7:56 am
to abc. morks all news. >> all morning. >> good morning i'm liz kreutz. stanford university cancelled the massive expansion plan after three years of negotiations meetings and rising tension was santa clara county officials. according our media partner, stanford determined demands by the county and making sure the growth didn't add traffic to the streets was not feasible. the confidante would have authorized nearly 2.3 million square feet of academic space
7:57 am
on tuesday.eds for new students university officials have not yet decided on the next step. in the east by, walkers will take to the streets of walnut creek for the 230th annual east bay walk to defeat als funds raised from the 1-mile walk will go toward research and services for the ala association golden west charp. the organization hopes to raise $190,000 you can also donate online opening ceremonies start at 12:15 and heth are farm park. the walk starts at 1:00. and now let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lee soo. >> hey, his liz. you can see it's nice and sunny. temperatures in the 50s. 53 in san francisco. it's 37 in half moon bay, though. 39 on the peninsula. redwide city and all the clear sky further north across the golden gate bridge. you are hovering above freedsing. in the mid-30s. 36 by the delta. and because of that, next couple
7:58 am
of hours we still could see the numbers drop. a frost advisory for the north by valleys, maybe upper 20s out there. so we'll begin the warm up at about 10:00. we are two to four degrees warmer this morning. and highs today above average. 70s all across the bay. liz. >> thanks, lisa. up next new details in the halloween party shooting in orinda including another death. way renter may have told the other than what she was going to do with the house process plus the pow back on healdsburg. and businesses opening up and and businesses opening up and what they have to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor.
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>> announcer: news to bltd a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning everyone thanks for joining us hope your saturday is getting off to a good start. it's november 2nd. i'm liz kreutz let's look at the weather. here is moils lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you. live doppler 7 shows you the clouds off the coast. we are clear, cool and we do have an air quality advisory today. moderate air quality throughout the entire bay area, except good air quality south central bay. not a spare the air alert. about but in the far north bay you will notice hazy conditions. emeryville bright and sunny with low 50s to even 30s on the


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