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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm PST

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we'll see y'all tomorrow. thank you! [fanfare] san francisco police are investigating what they're calling a suspicious death at lincoln park golf course. i'm lauren martinez with that story ahead. watching the fog roll in from the coastline, areas of dense fog early tomorrow morning, timed out in accuweather forecast. i'm cornell barnard at b.a.r.t. protest for eating incident this week. a body was found today at san francisco golf course, right in middle of the day when plenty of golfers were on the green. police are now investigating. i'm eric thomas. di investigation is still preliminary but golfers and
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residents are shaken up. lauren martinez is live in the newsroom. >> the body was found at lincoln park golf course near richmond neighborhood. medical examiner will take over the remains and notify police on the age and gender of the body. golfers told us they heard may be a baby's body. can't confirm at this time. >> no one wants to play after seeing something horrific like this. >> dark turn after authorities called out near hole 13. >> we came around 13, 14, before we teed off, noticed odd smell. >> body found in middle20 on th suspicious. >> officers respond as well as medics, typical for any
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well-being check. medics pronounced death on the scene. >> police can't confirm age or gender. interviewed golfers who found the body or may have seen something. golf course turned crime scene is out of the ordinary for regulars. >> it's surprising, usually people walking around the golf course even who aren't playing, so it's really strange to have something like that just show up randomly on the course for sure. >> authorities say it's heavily populated area. trails and people walking from avenues nearby. asking if anyone saw something suspicious, reach out. >> give us a call, might not ow. >> you c call 24-hour tip line and remain anonymous. reporting live, lauren martinez, abc7 news. in the south bay man is dead
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following officer-involved shooting in saratoga, southbound highway 85 north of winchester boulevard. live look now. traffic is blocked off indefinitely. san jose police say officers were trying to stop a car. say the passenger was wanted on outstanding warranty. say he showed a gun and one officer fired in return. suspect was pronounced dead at scene. officer involved will be placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. election, suzy loftus has conceded the district attorney's race to chesa boudin. a la up at el with a partyncisco
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rio in the mission for the victory party. been a contentious race, especially mayor london breed naming loftus as interim prior to the election. boudin's reform platform will be tested. >> interesting to see how he handles open drug dealing in san francisco. said wasn't going to prosecute life crimes like going to the bathroom on the street. big question about car break-ins, said one thing he was thinking of doing is having the city replace your window if you're broken into. >> made headlines after receiving endorsement of democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. drew the ire of the police officer's association which paid for ads attacking him. much tighter race in supervisor
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district 5. preston has razor thin lead on brown and declared victory. waiting to know if 147 votes is enough. used ranked choice voting to determine the winner. the "san francisco chronicle"'s insider is big part of build a better bay area coverage, including upcoming series and town hall we're hosting about fremont. tune in abc7 starting november 18th. construction worker in the hospital after a fall. 40 feet from a platform to the ground between mission and market streets te last official update in sio condition. east bay, two people in homeless camp were shot with arrows in richmond. san francisco bay trail near central avenue. one hit in leg, another in
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stomach. both went to hospital and are recovering. woman with them was not hurt. district police say witness statements have helped identity a person of interest in the case. video of b.a.r.t. police detaining a man eating a sandwich on train platform is sparking outrage with the public. brought you story yesterday, today some gathered to protest eating their own sandwiches on b.a.r.t. property. cornell barnard has the details. >> got my lunch here. obviously very threatening as you can e. >> reporter: defiant lunchtime eat-in on platform at embarcadero b.a.r.t. station where eating is not allowed. >> first political awakening was the lunch counter in 1960s. now back to eat-ins. >> reporter: gathered to protest incident captured on cell phone
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video at b.a.r.t. station. >> you are detained. >> you singled me out of all these people. >> reporter: steve foster of concord said he was detained and handcuffed by b.a.r.t. officer eating a sandwich waiting for train. >> upset, mad, frustrated. still angry about it. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says state law prohibits people eating or drinking in paid portions of the station. law or not, kelly groff was passing out breakfast sandwiches for what she called brunch on b.a.r.t. >> should be able to eat on the platforms and not get harassed. >> wanted to show up and eat on the plaza, done hundreds of times, watched hundreds of people do all the time. what they did was beyond embarrassing for b.a.r.t. police. >> and ioard of directors. >> if you have feelings, i'll be here for a little bit, talk to me. >> reporter: janice lee brought
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her own lunch, believes there are bigger issues to deal with. >> some things are illegal by california penal code but i want to be mindful of how we're using resources to enforce our system. >> reporter: video shows that he did insult the officer and used homophobic slur. statement said he was not arrested but cited for eating, violation of state law. handcuffed after refusing to provide his name. once he did, cited and released. b.a.r.t. says the video will be reviewed by independent auditor. cornell bc7 r. c is gone for good. showing what is left of felicia at schnitzer steel in oakland. has to make way for 775 new cars next few years.
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retiring old cars running as long as 50 years. felicia was only 19 years old but would often break down and needed frequent repairs. b.a.r.t. was sad to see one of ours go this way but know felicia is now in the big railyard in the sky. mural in the mission has been vandalized again. celebrates latino culture and leaders. gouged the eyes and defaced other portraits. was hit last year when someone sprayed graffiti over the united farmworker symbol. decided to replace it and added feurta to it. thousands of girls came to san francisco for girls festival. winner of one of the main effects. shark tank-like competition. meteorologist drew tuma.
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fog is rolling in, dropping visibility, we'll look at
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comcast business. beyond fast. in the east bay a suspected car burglar is on the run after getting into fight with victim. pleasanton police released this surveillance from this morning. suspect on bicycle. man woke up hearing vehicle started in front of his home. got into another car to chase after the thief. suspect crashed into pole, victim caught up to him, got into fight before the suspect ran off. thousands of san bruno residents have power back on after outage this morning.
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area in orange without power about 90 minutes, 4,000 customers in the area. cause is not known. residents on treasure island thousands of young girls came together for girls fest. abc7 news is partner to the event. inspires girls to find their passion and go for it. dion lim spent the day there. >> reporter: what an amazing day, palace of fine arts in san francisco for -- >> girls festival. >> reporter: day of inspiration and empowerment, check out the fun. wave of girls from all over the bay area lined upoolf-esteem.
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>> reporr: discover their passion. >> i don't have ideaw up. maybe find something here. >> reporter: engaging activities. firefighter for a day. abc7 news weather workshop for girls to try forecasting the weather. and becoming a tv news reporter and anchor. >> my favorite part. really want to be journalist when i grow up. >> reporter: practical safety exercises. >> i'm taking him down. >> reporter: and practical life skills. >> change a tire. >> reporter: and explore marketplaces of girls and women'sce and shark tank style competition. >> make first bras for little girls. interchangeable straps so the girls can customize to herself and what she keepte: has her pi
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to tee. you won first place today. >> i'm so excited. >> reporter: parents just as excited. >> incredible, i have three daughters, so inspiring for them. >> reporter: i'm dion lim. did you have fun today? >> yeah! >> reporter: love the enthusiasm, abc7 news. new christmas tree put up at state capital but facing harsh critiques. delivered after discovered. first had a crack and unsafe to put up. 60-plus-foot tall fir chopped down in state forest in shasta county. arborists say perfection but others say sparse. >> christmas tree for california? wow, where's the rest of it. >> for what they paid, they got robbed. >> from state forest so only cost is employee time and fuel to bring it to the capital.
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official lighting december 5th. forecast, saw overcast out there. >> fog coming in again, eric. thick in some spots. dropping visibility, will be issue again tomorrow morning. had it for past several mornings. stagnant weather pattern we're under. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing the crowds against the coastline. visibility in live doppler 7. this is miles. santa rosa, half mile visibility, 1.3 in napa. this fog is getting dense in spots. especially in north bay valleys. likely have thickest fog first thing tomorrow. tor cara now.oud cover fro accuweather highlights. fog in the morning, dense in the north bayvalleys.valleys.valley.
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another spare the air day. moderate to bad air. then drop the temperatures below average, feel more like november upcoming than much of november so far. down to 52 in san jose, same in brentwood. livermore at cool 49. winds are light but direction is key. onshore breeze. wind coming off the ocean water and pushing inland. what that's doing, adding water vapor from the ocean and moving it around the bay area. skin not as dry, lips not as cracked as much of october, helping fuel the fog right now. igh pressure off the coastlin satellite, compressing the pacic but r too.
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ng off to the north unfortunately. highee usry xt sev days. fog 7:00 a.m. again, dense in spots and low sun angle this time of the year, very slow to break down. 10:00 sunday morning a lot of fog over san francisco and bay shoreline. the afternoon like today, lot of sunshine away from the coast. lows into the 40s most part. bigger story is the fog turning dense locally. then tomorrow will pull back to the coastline into the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s to 70s. couple spots hit 80. that air quality issue, pm 2.5 levels. particulate matter can upset the respiratory system. that's why we have spare the air tomorrow. accuweather seven-day forecast, fog to sun tomorrow, mild
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parent, then thursday, that is cool for november, cool for november, 50s and 60s but seven days still dry on the seven-day forecast. >> like to see moisture at some point. >> me too. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, man come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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sci-fi nemesis "star trek." >> you had the wonky sets of that other movie, "star trek"? anybody like "star trek"? you're right in front of me, you have the nerve? you're so insensitive sometimes. >> rise of skywalker will be released december 20th. abc7's parent company disney owns that "star wars" brand. we're going to talk sports not "star wars"/"star trek." >> i was helping to sell tickets to "star wars." injuries and more for dubs. golden state showed plenty of fight but good enough for win on the road in
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hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. welcome aboard.
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warriors on the back end of a back-to-back tonight. more injuries for golden state. eric paschall out with a hip injury. and omari spellman hurt his ankle. heim du diallo, one handed ham are. for the love of elevation. warriors down 14 in the third. d'angelo russell to willie cauley-stein, that was easy. 14-2 run for the dubs. alec burks, hoop and foul. down just three. third quarter winding down. d-lo from the logo banks it into the buzzer. tied at 84-84 after three. thunder move away.
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diallo banks to home. warriors are 2-8 this year. college football. cal started 4-0, nationally ranged. then injury, lost four straight, trying to stop the skid against washington state. cal hammered the cougs before. june junior tiptoes the sideline, second touchdown of the day, no nice we show it twice. fancy footwork, keeping feet inbounds. halfway through the third quarter. out of gun. screen pass to polk, shimmy shake, shake and bake, running in and out of traffic, 52 yards all said and done. 26-14 cal. late fourth quarter, fourth gol it, wins 33-20, back on track.
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happy evan weaver. >> it's awesom to get a win. winning four games, losing four games. got to get back with the trend and win another four in a row. feels pretty good to get a win, sit up here not all cranky and angry. pretty good time to be on the winning side again. october is obviously not our month last two years so make it november. stanford/colorado, buffs fans are bananas. costello to fahoko. he's gone, 13-10 cardinal. colorado ties it up. final minute, goes for it fourth and one and he runs over stewart head. big-time conversion, led to this two seconds to go. it is good.
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colorado wins by three. cardinal 4-5, need to win 2 of last 3 to make a bowl game. abc7 sports report sponsored byy river rock casino. and niner game will be on air soon. can't wait. instagram will start hiding likes on photos. tech experts explain it's move to help change the company's identity. possible breakthrough to ♪ sup.
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good evening. i'm eric thomas, dion is off tonight. in tonight's headlines. body was found at san francisco golf course, lincoln park near richmond neighborhood. golfers heard they may be baby's body but tloauthorities can't confirm, medical examiner is taking the remains. shooting at saratoga, southbound highway 85 north of winchester boulevard. officers trying to stop a car, passenger showed a gun and officer fired killing the suspect. suzy loftus ceded ceded cedd to chesa boudin. there's no way for loftus to close the gap.
11:36 pm
public hearings set to begin next week in impeachment inquiry to president trump but he's seemingly not concerned. continues to criticize the investigation. abc's david wright. >> reporter: president trump continued criticism of the impeachment inquiry as he left washington heading to college football matchup between alabama and lsu. >> never been a president so transparent. this is a witch hunt on the highest level. >> reporter: moves to open hearings. house republicans submitted list of witnesses they want to testify including former vice president's son huter biden and the whistleblower. devin nunes writes that president should be afforded opportunity to confront his accusers. chairman of the committee adam
11:37 pm
schiff said will consider the request but cautioned this inquiry will not serve as vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations into the bidens or 2016 that the president pressed ukraine to conduct. earlier this week democrats released transcripts from some of the testimony. alexander vindman director of european affairs, on the call between trump and president of ukraine, when questioned if he had any doubt trump was asking for investigations of political opponents, vindman replied, no doubt. president trump says he's not worried about any of the testimony, he's focused on other issues. >> economy is doing phenomenally well, jobs numbers broke another record, higher than ever before. >> reporter: tonight headed to
11:38 pm
new york city for veterans day parade. protesters fighting to stop death of texas inmate slated for execution later in the week. reed is scheduled to die november 20th for 1996 killing of 19-year-old stacy stites. new evidence in the case uncovered by innocence project has led to growing number of people pressing the governor to intervene. >> thousands of men just like rodney have been wrongly arrested, wrongly charged, wrongly convicted, wrongly imprisoned, wrongly sent to death. >> bipartisan group of 26 texas lawmakers also signed a letter urging governor to grant reprieve. firefighters are battling a brush fire in the hollywood hills, broke out near warner
11:39 pm
bros. studio. people evacuated and told to shelter in place. since gotten handle on the 34 acre fire, 15% contained. no injuries or damage to buildings has been reported. student's death led to san diego state suspending 14 fraternities. looking into possible that 19-year-old was hazed this week. fell out of bed, hit his head. friend put him back in bed, found unresponsive next morning. >> one of the worst things that ever happened to me in my life. it's a wreck. >> will be under suspension until the university decides next course of action. strong culprit has been identified in series of lung illnesses associated with vaping. >> reporter: federal officials
11:40 pm
announcing possible breakthrough, cdc zeroing in on toxin they're calling a strong culprit. identified vitamin e acetate as possible cause of the deadly outbreak that's claimed 39 lives across 24 states and district of columbia and sickened more than 2,000 people including 15-year-old zane martin. >> it's very bad, don't vape unless you want to end up in the hospital. >> reporter: possible breakthrough after they found the compound in all lung samples of the people who got sick. >> so challenging because so many constituents and things in the product. looking for needle in hay stk. >> reporter: white house considering a ban and raising age to buy to 21. >> we have to take care of kids most importantly, a or so, we'r
11:41 pm
flavors. >> reporter: american vaping association saying it appears that president trump may be appearing to enact smart regulations on vaping products. puts the industry on similar footing with other adult industries like alcohol and marijuana. juul, under fire for sparking increase in vaping amongst teens taking voluntary step announcing halt sales of flavored pods a favorite among young users. instagram is going to start hiding like counts, tested taking away likes in several other countries, now only a test and select users will be part of the rollout. senior writer with "wired" could promote connection, not
11:42 pm
comparison. >> want instagram to be where you post photos to bring you joy and connect with people around you, not make you feel miserable and left out and not as good as people around you. >> there's been backlash, many say will make it harder to determine if other metrics like follow counts are legitimate. newly released report says a small plane in texas for gender reveal party. crop duster stalled out after dumping pink water in the celebration. one passenger suffered minor injuries, pilot was not hurt. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, veterans day is monday, day to honor those who have served the country. looking to celebrate a vet, several restaurants are offering deals. coming up. meteorologist drew
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a walk todayse than a million dollars for rt alzheimer's association. held at pier 27 in san francisco. abc7 news is a proud sponsor of the event and had a team take part. >> here in honor of my mother-in-law, who passed away last year from complications due to dementia and alzheimer's, trying to raise money and awareness. >> i have a good childhood friend whose grandfather had alzheimer's, it's an issue near and dear to me. >> largest event to raise awareness and funds for alzheimer's awareness, support, research. in honor of veterans day, several restaurants are offering deals to those who served. see them right there. some extended even to police officers and firefighters.
11:47 pm
most include a free meal and drink or at least appetizer. bring your military i.d. so you don't miss out. former bachelorette in san francisco today. >> the only caitlyn brisco. >> "off the vine" podcast. a contestant on the hit show in 2015. starred as "the bachelorette" next season. a new season starring peter webber or pilot pete begins in january here on abc7. meteorologist drew has the forecast. >> i do. tracking fog out there. visibility is dropping. live doppler 7, this is visibility in miles. santa rosa right now down to third of a mile.
11:48 pm
2 1/2 in napa. likely see the numbers stay or drop as fog continues to flow in. 7:00 in the morning, foggy start around the bay shoreline. low sun angle means the fog is slow to break todown. 2:00 in the afternoon, just the coastline. overnight temperatures in 40s with mainly cloudy skies closer to the coast. fog to sun but 60s around the bay and warmest away from the coast, 70s and 80s. not a lot of rain coming up, portland or seattle. california remains dry. accuweather seven-day forecast, mild until we turn cloudier and cooler. >> pacific don't be so stingy, share the rain. how many undefeated teams left in the
11:49 pm
uno? >> one. can we just get to monday? nobody says that but counting down the minutes for niners to be here on
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the 49ers are looking to improve to 9-0 when they host the seahawks on mond"monday nig football" right here on abc7. seahawks are the biggest challenge to the niners in the nfc west. may have to go without biggest offensive weapon, george kittle listed as doubtful, hasn't practiced and nursing knee and ankle injuries from colorado game. still hope kittel may suit up. >> because it's george. any other player, probably say he's out. if it goes like this, he will be
11:53 pm
out but george isn't a guy who needs to be out at practice. he's doing everything he could. see how he feels monday. things would have to change. >> playing through in arizona, tough dude. tip your hat to him. love having teammate like that, route running, how he comes out of breaks, things like that, compared to last year and year before that, night and day different. it's the time he puts in, shows on the field. >> check out the podcast with kittel too. sharks and predators, 94-year-old world war ii vet dropping the puck. goalie martin jones coming up big, seventh round of the shootout, timo time wrister from timo meier. now won three straight.
11:54 pm
aloha, san jose state on the island. two first half touchdowns. great one here, spartans led by two at break. fourth quarter, josh love deep for bailey defense couldn't stop hawaii in second half. five total touchdowns, spartans lose 42-40. san jose state must win final two to become bowl eligible. number two lsu, number one bama. lsu rolling early, joe burrow, nice pass to edwards. score. tua tagovailoa. jerry judy for the score. lot of nerves there. first and goal for lsu and the clincher. nick saban not pleased.
11:55 pm
alabama bounced from top four, lsu wins 46-41. saw it here on abc7, golden gopher intimidation at work. bateman, 66 yards, 7-0 golden gophers early. first and goal in the third, sean clifford to nick bowers in the end zone, penn state down five. minute left in the fourth, third and 24, clifford picked off by howard, number 17 minnesota pulls off the upset. p.j. fleck goes surfing. big upset, 31-26. home of the giants, oracle park transformed from baseball field into golf range. we decided to take a few swings ourselves. figured what better scenery to tee off onto than
11:56 pm
>> like to do things differently. reinvent the way golf is played. >> don't get the chance to have amazing experience every day to hit golf ball at stadium like this. >> ever hit on professional field? >> not at all, dream of mine. excited to be here. combining two sports into one is coolest thing. >> you nervous casey? >> i'm not nervous. all right now you have to do it. >> that was a good one. probably best one. >> looking at exploring the opportunity in this area but we'll have to stay tuned for when that's going to be and where. >> really a associate experience. sports is a great way of bringing people together, so is
11:57 pm
heen>> abc7 srts ror sponsored by river rock casino. got a couple of friends, should go to top golf. something maybe in san francisco soon? >> got to learn to play golf. >> me too, terrible. >> you don't have to be good, have fun, socialize and swing it. >> and casey pratt is real competitive i just saw. >> little bit of competition, but good time. one more day tomorrow at oracle park. >> that's it for tonight.
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(john a.) tonight, 24 americans lay it all on the line. their whole lives have been leading up to this one moment of glory. (boinging) aah! aah! (john h.) oh, boy. (john a.) ooh. let's hope they have a plan "b." (john a.) they've come from all over the country and from all walks of life to vie for $50,000... oh! and the ultimate bragging rights. at the end, only the top three competitors will make it
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