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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 11, 2019 2:30am-3:58am PST

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good morning. i'm trevor ault. >> i'm mona kosar abdi. janai and kenneth are both off. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." public hearings in the impeachment inquiry into president trump begin on wednesday. as lawmakers squabble about who should testify, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, william taylor, is first on the list to take questions. after changing his legal residence to florida, president trump is back in new york to attend the city's veterans day parade. he's expected to speak at the opening ceremony before the parade makes its way up fifth avenue. at least one man was shot by police in hong kong as protesters disrupted this morning's commute. roads and rail lines were blocked. it's the third time in six weeks police have shot a demonstrator. this week your instagram likes disappear as the platform is hiding those numbers on u.s. accounts in what it says is an effort to become the safest
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place on the internet. those are some of our top stories on this monday, november 11th. you're watching the safest place on television at this hour of the night. >> trevor is currently devastated right now. >> unfortunately. but we'll behave ourselves. we're going to begin this half hour with the latest twist in the race for the white house. democrats bracing for the likelihood of a new competitor with some pretty deep pockets. >> former new york mayor michael bloomberg appears poised to make a late entrance into the crowded field armed with his $50 billion fortune. abc's rachel scott has reaction from the campaign trail. >> reporter: with the first vote less than 90 days away the democratic candidates for president are bracing for a shakeup. billionaire michael bloomberg setting the stage to jump in the race. and the national early
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front-runner, former vice president joe biden, saying, bring it on. >> i have no problems with him getting in the race. and in terms of he's running because of me? last polls i looked at, i'm pretty far ahead. >> reporter: sources close to bloomberg say he's worried that the current field of candidates won't be able to beat donald trump, and he thinks he can. but progressives are criticizing the former new york city mayor for relying on his immense personal wealth to find a path to the nomination. >> i think that our elections should not be something that are bought by billionaires. >> sorry. you ain't going to buy this election. >> reporter: this weekend, vermont senator bernie sanders on a multi-stop swing through iowa. >> hello, iowa! >> reporter: campaigning for the first time with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, a key endorsement for his campaign. i sat down with the two of them and asked ocasio-cortez why she's supporting sanders over senator elizabeth warren. >> it's about a personal story and a personal history. and i think the senator's
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history and commitment is unique. >> reporter: sanders unleashed on the bloomberg campaign plan to skip out on the earliest voting states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada. >> when you're worth $50 billion, i guess you don't have to have town meetings, you don't have to talk to ordinary people. what you do is take out i guess a couple of billion dollars and buy the state of california. >> reporter: an unconventional strategy for mayor bloomberg, but he clearly understands those key early voting states only make up a fraction of the delegates he would need to clinch the party's nomination. he also knows the rest of the democratic field has a head start there, so if he does get into this race, his advisers say they are confident he can win in the states that vote on super tuesday and beyond. rachel scott, abc news, washington. former u.n. ambassador nikki haley is alleging disloyalty among senior aides who worked for president trump, claiming
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they tried to undermine him and enlist her to oppose some of his policies. >> in her new medical lawyer, haley says former secretary of state rex tillerson and former chief of staff john kelly told her they resisted the president because they were trying to save the country, and she claims tillerson said people would die if trump was unchecked. >> haley said they should have gone to the president with their concerns and quit if they didn't like what he was doing. >> big accusations. you can forget the calendar, because winter has already somehow arrived in the midwest. >> it sure did. this is a live look at detroit where it is snowing. and there's snow overnight from wyoming across to new york state and into the south. >> north dakota's going to be digging out this morning after as much as 8 inches of snow fell. so let's get the complete forecast from accuweather's adam del rosso. adam, good morning. >> trevor, mona, good morning. another arctic blast dropping southward, bringing some very cold air to the central u.s. but also some snow and ice as far south as texas and oklahoma. heaviest snowfall amounts around
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the great lakes where we've got that lake-effect snow going as well. the colder air moving over the t of snowfall. this colder air going to continue to spread into the northeast by the time we head into the middle of this workweek. high temperatures today across the dakotas into minnesota only in the teens and drop southward for our tuesday. mid 20s for st. louis and chicago by wednesday, even reaching the southeast with highs only in the 50s in places like new orleans. trevor, mona? >> all right, adam, thank you. bolivia's president has resigned after protests over the recent elections. the country has been racked by weeks of deadly protests over alleged fraud. evo morales had offered to hold new elections but quit after the country's military chief called on him to step down. large crowds formed in the capital to relevant great his resignation. the vice president and senate president also resigned. today is veterans day when the nation formally thanks those who have served in the armed forces.president trump is here
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york where he will deliver remarks at the city's veterans day parade. there will be commemorations and observances from coast to coast. and today marks the start of a new campaign by the u.s. army. it's aimed at filling its ranks. abc's brad mielke has details. brad? >> yeah, as we honor veterans today, the inevitable question is, where will the armed forces find their next generation of service members? this morning the u.s. army is announcing a new ad campaign, and this is a lot different from the ones you grew up with. think about it, army ads 15 years ago were all about combat. it was right after september 11th. a high school senior graduating next year wasn't alive during september 11th. which is why the army is blitzing this new message on social media. abc's louis martinez covers the movie. the slogan is "who's your warrior?" the message is less about fire r.wer ut >> what they're highlighting is nontraditional military roles. one of the people they're
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highlighting is a cyber warrior, a u.s. army captain who in cybe. things that are not traditional in the u.s. army, they're highlighting them in these campaigns. typically we've seen over the last couple of years they've been focusing on combat roles. they're still going to be talking about that, but now they're looking to see these nontraditional roles. they want to surprise their audience as they're thumbing through on their smartphones they want to see, oh, look, a dna specialist. here's somebody who works in cyber. oh wait, they're army soldiers? >> one of the things i thought was interesting, louis said in previous generations you had a world war ii veteran in your neighborhood. you had a vietnam veteran in your family. those people were really instrumental in convincing young people to serve. they were the original influencers. now the army is turning to online influencers instead. we'll have a lot more on "start here" later this morning. listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app. mona, trevor? >> thank you, brad. get ready for something rare in the skies today. we're not talking about snow. >> no, that is rare also.planet between the earth and the sun.
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the event's called a transit. it's scheduled to start at 7:35 eastern this morning. it will last about 5 1/2 hours. scientists say mercury will be visible as a tiny pinprick moving across the sun's surface. the next transit won't happen for 13 years. that's why you need to find the sun and stare right down the barrel at it. >> i was just going to say. so you have to stare at the sun in order to see this. >> i don't know what the procedure is. >> doesn't sound safe. >> supposedly mercury is in retrograde. >> yes. >> what does that mean? >> you know. >> i don't know. >> it means whenever you want to engage in some messy activity like texting your ex, or, you know, all the stuff that you did this weekend. >> mercury's in retrograde? >> don't quote me on that one. >> i've been in retrograde for years, then, if that's the case. >> all right, well. coming up, gadgets for your key chains. plus the world war ii mystery finally cleared up after 75 years. the missing submarine last seen in 1944 that has just now been
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we are back with a video of a truck in england setting off a chain reaction crash. the 65-year-old truck driver was just sentenced to 18 months in prison for causing that wreck. police say it could have been avoided if he had been paying attention. a discovery off the coast of japan has solved a world war ii mystery. >> a team of explorers has just found a submarine that went down in battle and wasn't seen until now. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: 1,400 feet below the surface off the coast of japan, a team of ocean explorers just discovered the resting place of 80 american sailors. this is the first time the "uss grayback" has been seen in 75 years. two of the people that first learned the news, relatives of those americans who went down with the submarine. >> we haven't broadcast this, and we wanted to be the first
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ones to tell you. this is the "grayback." >> oh my god. >> we wanted to do this in person. all right? this is where your uncles are. >> reporter: gloria herney, who lost her uncle raymond parks, electrician's mate first class. kathy taylor. she lost her uncle and godfather, john patrick king. an electrician's mate third class. the "uss grayback," a world war ii sub, credited with sinking 14 enemy ships. it set out from pearl harbor in 1944 to patrol the seas south of japan never to return again. >> i committed from the very beginning, when i was a little girl, that i was going to find him or follow him or keep his memory alive to whatever i could do. >> reporter: we met kathy and gloria at the carnegie science center in pittsburgh. >> there's a book i read and it said, these ships are known only to god. but now we know where the "grayback" is.
2:44 am
>> reporter: the "grayback," you can even see the plaque intact after all these years, discovered the south of okinawa. tim taylor and wife christine denison discovered it as part of their "lost 52" project. these two explorers have now found five of the 52 lost u.s. subs during world war ii. >> with the technology we're using and the ability to cover large swaths of ground, we're looking at potential to find several more. >> reporter: that cutting-edge technology includes submersibles that can reach the ocean floor. automated to help create 3d renderings of the sub, providing clues of its final moments. >> it's very vital that we remember them and that they feel that they haven't been forgotten, that their sacrifice wasn't in vain. >> reporter: a tribute to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. for the families, the discovery is a type of small remedy for all those years of pain. >> he's come back. >> he's come back, yes. >> thank you very much. >> you're entirely welcome.
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>> just in time for veterans day. private explorers found the "uss grayback" beneath 1,400 feet of water after realizing a mistranslated japanese war record had pointed searchers in the wrong direction. >> one digit all that time, and that was the difference, pretty incredible story. coming up, the hot new gadgets for your key chain. >> so i jumped into the front seat with our giz wiz for this one. that's a real car. you can see me, i'm seriously driving it.
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♪ take your place in the driver's seat ♪ ♪ driver's seat welcome back. we are on "world news now" taking our special effects budget for a spin. joining me in the front seat is my new friend the giz wiz, dick debartolo. he is here -- i'm sorry, i'm going to keep my hands -- >> i was going to say, i was a little worried. >> we're distracted driving on the air here. you're going to show me -- we're in a car, of course. to start the car you need the keys. you don't want to put your car key on there, you want to put
2:48 am
some other stuff there. you've got the latest key chain gizmos. >> i really do. we're also wearing our invisible seat belts. >> right, safety first. >> so comfortable, aren't they? okay. so this is called squeeze ring. and squeeze ring is kind of neat. you know how hard it is to get keys on one of those split rings? >> right. >> so squeeze, you squeeze the ring. >> oh. >> then it opens it up and it makes it easier to get the key on and around. >> you don't need the fingernail. >> no, exactly. >> right. >> it's like 6 bucks. >> perfect, okay. what else you got? >> this is neat. i've had one of these for years, then the company discontinued it. i called them monthly. after four years they brought it back. >> it's back up, okay. >> it's called inker. so you always have a pen with you. this is a space pen. the waterproof kind. >> that's what i was thinking, astronauts. >> exactly. it plugs in there locks in. if you want a full-size pen, you can unscrew this, stick the pen on the barrel, it makes it full size. >> any surface, any direction? >> underwater, exactly. while driving.
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>> while driving. >> i was writing while we were driving. actually the cop was, we're getting a ticket. okay, so here's a whole bunch of things i have on my key chain. the atom xs. this is a little phone charger. >> okay. >> okay? it's small, 800 milliamps. they make one 1,300 milliamps. enough to run a phone for two or three hours. so the thing here, you're paying for convenience. it starts at $25. you have to buy it depending on what phone you have. >> that means you can get it for whatever -- >> exactly. they make it for usbc which a lot of the new phones have. that starts at $25. they advertise a key chain device. it's a little on the big side. if you have an external battery charger, this is every -- this goes into the charger. one side is lightning. okay? the other side is usb. and if you have usbc, you twist this cable, stick it in this hole here, and it comes out. it's a little hard -- you know when we're driving -- hold the
2:50 am
wheel straight. >> i'm sorry, there's a lot of potholes on the road. >> now it's usbc. >> perfect. so you can adjust to it fit your own needs. charge two things at one time. >> you don't need your phone because your conversation is carrying us. if a person would need it, then it would happen, okay. >> this little guy is a titanium pill carrier. >> okay. >> now it's small. i carry an aspirin. >> right. >> i carry a sleeping pill. i carry a stomach pill. okay? so it's enough for three pills. >> yeah. >> but there's a rubber gasket when you seal it. so as a test i just ran it underwater for a minute or so. as you can see, the pill stayed dry. >> and they're all good. >> they're all good, all good. we can have a pill party after. >> oh, i have a hard pass on
2:51 am
that if the bosses are watching. >> then we have one more gadget here. this is called cinch-a-lot. okay? this is a way to carry your keys, but attach the keys to something else. so for example, you have a water bottle and you're jogging. put it on the water bottle then cinch it down. or you want to carry it on your phone, put it on your phone, cinch it down. it's silicone, comes with a binder clip. comes with one of the dreaded split rings for your key chain. >> not our first one that we had. >> no, not like the first one that we had. >> excellent. dick, a lot of outstanding gizmos and gadgets. appreciate you stepping into the car with me. >> no, thank you. >> it's a lovely road trip. >> you're doing 110. >> i regret giving you control of the radio. for these and other pocket-sized gadgets visit or reck debartolo, thank you for
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nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. ♪ sunny day sleeping the clouds away ♪ we're not sleeping the clouds away, we are wide awake. that's the empire state building lit up in green and white last night. this is in money of 50 years of "sesame street," the iconic kids program that made its debut november 10th, 1969. >> that's when big bird, oscar the grouch, and others greeted audiences for the first time and our own cookie monster, will ganss, is here with more. >> i am, i am, my snack habits, very much so. here on "world news now" we're celebrating the world's longest-running children's program "sesame street" with the "sesame street" trivia challenge. are you guys prepared? team mona, team trevor -- >> the letter of the day is "n" for no. >> all right, we're going to
2:56 am
jump into it anyway. you guys at home play along with us. question one. in 1970, ernie scored a top 20 song on the billboard chart. what was that song? bonus points, of course, if you sing it. >> i'm out. >> yeah, i -- >> you're going to -- once i start you're going to be like, dang. >> say my name. >> close, no, that was a different group. >> rubber ducky! >> rubber ducky, yeah, jack. >> sing it. ♪ rubber ducky you're the one >> okay. >> you know, you recognize this. >> i have that on tape, okay. >> yes. moving right along. jack's winning so far. the dark horse contestant. what is the name of the woolly mammoth who the adults on the show thought was big bird's imaginary friend? trevor? >> the answer is snuffleupagus. >> that is correct. >> thank you. >> fun fact, no one saw snuffleupagus aside from big bird until season 17 of the show. he always managed to disappear before the adults came along.
2:57 am
>> i think i pronounced it incorrectly but i'm going to take it. >> question number three. which "sesame street" character is almost 2 million years old? it is fitting because he loves numbers so much. >> the vampire. >> yes -- >> count dracula. >> no, the count. >> the count. >> count dracula? >> i saw where it was going, you didn't have to intercept -- >> you went too far. >> i know, but i just had -- i had his legal name, his government name. >> let's go to the leaderboard. one point jack, one point trevor, one point mona. moving right along, question number four. which character was originally orange before a trip to a swamp turned him green? >> oscar the grouch. >> that is correct. oscar the grouch. let's squeeze question five in. this is the tiebreaker. which "sesame street" character is 8'2" and it's not trevor? >> that's cruel. >> big bir
2:58 am
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this morning on "world news now," dangerously cold temperatures hitting right now. >> it is feeling like mid winter across a huge part of the country and that cold is on the bombshell claims from former u.n. ambassador nikki haley. she says top members of the administration admitted they resisted some of the president's policies because he didn't know what he was doing. but what happened when they asked her to join them? and living history. on this veterans day meet the 100-year-old man who was part of the invasion of normandy and why his family just learned about his heroic actions during world war ii. we're covering the people's choice awards from the red carpet to backstage. kevin hart making a surprise appearance, jennifer aniston getting a surprise honor, plus who dropped an f-bomb on live tv? it's monday, november 11th, veterans day.
3:01 am
hope you don't d f-bomb on tv. >> i mean, we'll see. but i like our chances so far. mona is here, i'm here also. >> yes. >> both janai and kenneth off, they'll return. >> who's going to give us a standing ovation? kenneth gives me such a warm welcome. there we go. >> yes, the best standing ovation is the one you have to request. thanks for starting your monday with us. happy veterans day to everybody. we thank everyone for their service. we begin with the arctic blast that's freezing the upper midwest bringing snow to the region. >> as much as 8 inches of snow has fallen in parts of north dakota. in watford city the temperature will plummet overnight to 2 degrees. >> not as cold in chicago, this is a live look, but that rain you see on your camera is going to turn into some snow overnight. >> accuweather's adam del rosso has the forecast. >> mona, trevor, good monday morning. tracking yet another arctic blast dropping southward through
3:02 am
the central u.s. not only bringing very cold air, temperatures well below average, but snow and even some ice, freezing drizzle as far south as texas and oklahoma, certainly making for a messy monday morning commute. in terms of snowfall amounts around the great lakes, some spots could see 1 to 2 feet of have the lake-effect snow going. colder air moving over warmer lake waters generating some of that heavy snowfall. temperatures, they're only going to be in the teens for our highs from the dakotas into minnesota for our monday. that's going to continue to spread southward as we head into our tuesday. st. louis, we're only going to be in the mid 20s. trevor, mona? >> it is officially appropriate to bring out the big coats now. not the wool coats. adam, thank you. turning to the impeachment inquiry going public this week as democrats and republicans spar over which witnesses
3:03 am
congress and the country should hear from. >> president trump's accused of using military aid as leverage to get ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son. public hearings will open wednesday with testimony from william taylor, the u.s. diplomat in ukraine who said it was crazy to withhold security assistance to help with a political campaign. abc's david wright has more. >> reporter: with the impeachment inquiry about to enter a new public phase, the battle lines are drawn over who should testify. >> they're having people i never even heard of some of these people, i don't know who they are. by the way, it's all third hand knowledge. >> reporter: that's not true. the committee has heard from several witnesses who were on that july phone call in which president trump asked ukraine to investigate the bidens. as it stands, the first witness scheduled to appear is america's top diplomat in ukraine, william taylor. behind closed doors taylor has already testified it was his clear understanding there was a quid pro quo, $400 million in u.s. military aid contingent on ukraine announcing a corruption
3:04 am
investigation of president trump's political rivals, an arrangement taylor called crazy. >> this is a very strong case of bribery. >> reporter: republicans for their part want to hear from hunter biden and the anonymous whistle-blower who first sounded the alarm that resulted in the impeachment inquiry. >> they don't call the whistle-blower in the house this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: but the chair of the house intelligence committee said calling the whistle-blower would only place their personal safety at grave risk. adam schiff also appeared to reject calling hunter biden, warning that the impeachment inquiry should not be a vehicle to carry out the same sham investigations that president trump pressed ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit. >> we want to stay focused on the ukraine call. and having hunter biden come in is unrelated to the ukraine
3:05 am
call. >> reporter: here at trump tower in new york, a heavy security presence. the president is overnighting here before attending the veterans day parade in new york city on monday. david wright, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to david. as this is happening, former u.n. ambassador nikki haley is accusing two former cabinet members of undermining president trump and trying to get her to do the same. >> in her new memoir haley claims former secretary of state rex tillerson and former white house chief of staff john kelly confided in her they resisted some of the president's policies in an effort to save the country because the president didn't know what he was doing. >> she said tillerson told her people would die if trump was unchecked. she said she refused her attempt to recruit her to go along with them. >> you memorialized that conversation, it definitely happened? >> it absolutely happened. and instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president. not asking me to join them on their sidebar plan. it should have been, go tell the president what your differences
3:06 am
are and quit if you don't like what he's doing. but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing. and it goes against the constitution, and it goes against what the american people want. and it was offensive. >> now so far no response from tillerson but kelly told "the washington post" if providing the president with the best and most open, legal, and ethical staffing advice from across the government so he could make an informed decision is working against trump, then guilty as charged. the fbi has been invited by authorities in mexico to join the investigation into the deadly ambush of american families. that attack last monda blamed on a mexican drug card tell left nine women and children dead. we're hearing exclusively from a man who lost his wife and two of his kids in that violence. david langford says his 13-year-old son devin is a hero because after the shootings, he hid his siblings and walked 14 miles to get help. langford says now he's leaving
3:07 am
mexico with the rest of his family. >> not only have i lost a wife and two children -- but i'm having to move the rest of my family with really no place to go at this point. i believe in forgiveness, but i also believe in justice. forgiveness doesn't rob justice. justice -- you don't get justice too much in mexico. >> eight children, some of them infants, survived that attack. we'll have a full interview with david langford in our next half hour and you can hear from his hero son later this morning on "gma." the search is on for a former marine wanted in connection with the murder of a man in southwest virginia. authorities say michael alexander brown, you see him on your screen, shot and killed a man who's lived with brown's mother. he's believed to be armed with a high-powered rifle and may have access to other weapons. brown was last seen on sto surveillama onat we're just from the 100th annual veterans day parade. it's going to be stepping off here in new york city.
3:08 am
this is a live picture from fifth avenue. a little quiet right now, will not be that way in a few hours. president trump's will be opening the ceremonies honoring all who have served in the military. he'll also be laying a wreath at the eternal light memorial in manhattan's madison square park. one of the vets being honored is as old as the celebration itself. >> lucian baskin turned 100 in september, but until recently most of his family didn't know he took part in one of the most critical events in world war ii. he was part of one of the allied personnel who took part in the d-day invasion in normandy, france. he says the battle was just something he didn't talk about. >> blessed to be here. i really do. that was rough days. but it's bad to see people falling all around you and having to step over dead people. that's kind of rough and hard to get used to.
3:09 am
>> mr. baskin is among the fewer than 400,000 world war ii veterans that are still alive. 16 million people served in that war. now this isn't surprising because for the 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion this summer i interviewed a lot of world war ii veterans and a lot of them are very humble, they don't like to talk about it just because they know friends that were lost and all the lives that were lost during that period. >> that seems insane to me, how do you not talk about it? obviously because they're great men and women is the answer. but i feel like if i was within 100 miles of it, i would talk about nothing else. >> yeah, that one time i was in world war ii, this happened. >> i was technically in asia but it was close enough. yeah. kudos to them, veterans day, we're so grateful. coming up, the big moments from the people's choice awards. first the jewelry store owner who foiled a bunch of smash and grab robbers. the surprise that they never saw coming. ushe
3:10 am
ththanksgiable tt st of us apparently secretly hate. that's later in "the mix." that's later in "the mix."
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we are back with breaking news from the ongoing protests in hong kong. police there shot at least one protester at point-blank range this morning. the shooting was shown live on facebook. three protesters have been shot by police since demonstrations began last june. >> getting more chaotic by the day. a smash and grab robbery in texas did not end well for the suspected crooks. >> security video shows the four robbers bursting into a jewelry store outside of houston over the weekend. they destroyed the display cases and started grabbing some of the merchandise. the suspects had no idea though the store's owner was watching them behind a one-way mirror and that he was armed. >> they come running around the corner. three other guys did. and they came right in, started smashing cases in just a few seconds. i stood up and when the three came through the door and started busting the cases, i started firing shots at them. >> two suspects were wounded,
3:14 am
one in the hand, the other in the rear end. police recovered drugs and jewels in the crooks' getaway car but the jewelry was from another store. >> the most professional reading of rear end i think i've ever heard. >> you know what they say, shot in the booty, it hurts. >> is that what they say? it makes sense. it's a simple saying. >> it hurts. >> yeah. well, and from kyle, texas, a teacher is under arrest for assault after a brutal classroom attack was caught on video. >> it's pretty startling. that teacher was caught pummelling a sophomore student and even stomping on her head. >> reporter: a violent moment inside a texas classroom going viral. as a result the community demanding answers after authorities say this substitute teacher was seen on video unleashing a vicious attack on this 16-year-old student, throwing a flurry of punches, then dragging the teen to the ground, finally stomping on her head. that teacher, 32-year-old tiffany langford, charged with aggravated assault. a student in the class saying langford had become increasingly agitated at the spanish language
3:15 am
class, eventually closing in on the victim. >> the student swung because she was in her face and pressing her. >> reporter: the immediate onslaught that followed leaving the student wailing on the ground. >> student girl! >> i was just sort of like stunned. i didn't know how to react. >> reporter: the student's attorney says she has epilepsy. the school district says langford did pass a background check when they hired her in august, adding, there is absolutely no excuse or circumstance that can justify what you see unfold on the video. >> the school district has fired this teacher. she was arrested on school grounds on friou s hsie nd o o. that videos diculous. >> yes. you have to understand that the kid is a teen, at the end of the day there's a child and adult in the situation. >> right, and one of them's supposed to be in charge, unbelievable. coming up next half hour, the black friday deals that are
3:16 am
somehow already under way. and where veterans can find deals today for free food and special discounts. first, the star-studded spectacular last night at the people's choice awards. the big win for jennifer aniston next. "world news now."
3:17 am
3:18 am
punch it. >> whoo! ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. on a very tranquil start in new york city. we had that beautiful shot there skyscrerf the lovely what you could call the people's choice of skyscrapers or you could call it the worst segue in the history of the news.
3:19 am
>> where's he going with this? >> some of the biggest names in entertainment were out in force last night in santa monica, california. why is that, mona? >> because the people have spoken. joining us mouse with a wrap-up of last night's event is our people's choice correspondent will ganss. >> that's right, you guys. i'll take it. i'll take whatever i can get around here, let's be honest. last night's people's choice awards didn't get political but there was plenty of spice to be found. the big award of the night should belong to whoever's job it is to bleep out all those a-listers' f-bombs. an awards show with surprisingly candid moments. >> get together with your friends and change [ muted ]. >> reporter: and colorful language. >>eporten i honowinning e 19 peo his for the critics or for, you know, for
3:20 am
each other. or to make our families proud. we do this for the money. >> reporter: reflecting on the realism reflected in friends. >> you believed in us, you really did. and you believed in those very impossibly large apartments. >> reporter: adam sandler on hand to give her the award making a rare appearance in a suit. while award show favorites like meryl streep and daniel day lewis were missing, big awards went out to "bachelorette" alabama hannah, the kardashians, and gen-z faves like noah centineo, cole sprouse. the red carpet show stopper was doug the pug. channeling the awards themselves in all gold. the most talked about moment of the people's choice awards was a serious one. kevin hart making his first official appearance since that major car accident back in september. the actor accepting the award
3:21 am
for comedy act of the year with a heartfelt speech. >> first and foremost, man, thank god, because i definitely don't have to be here. being that i am, it makes me appreciate life even more. it makes me appreciate the things that really matter. family. i want to thank my wife and my kids. who really stepped up to the plate for me. >> that certainly was a powerful moment. kevin receiving a standing ovation when he walked across the stage. he spent time in a live-in rehab facility following that accident two months ago. to see him walking across the stage. >> nice recovery. >> he posted on instagram about it. he had a full-on back brace. it was a pretty serious car accident. the fact that he was walking, pretty big deal. >> kelsea ballerini and alicia cara performed. have i become uncool? i have no idea who they are. >> google them, grandpa. >> how did you become uncool? >> i was never cool to begin with. coming up next, the thanksgiving dinner food
3:22 am
everybody hates. next, the thanksgiving dinner food everybody hates. breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
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3:25 am
all right, everybody, it's time for "the mix." it is mid-november whether we like it or not. we're going to talk about the holidays. thanksgiving coming up. you a big fan? >> awkward family dinners, yes, i love it. >> prepare to hide your politics and get mad at your uncle. we're talking about the food, though. everybody has their strong opinions. we have some survey data about the thing that is the least favorite thanksgiving dish. the winner with 29% of the vote, cranberry sauce. >> okay. >> 29%. >> it's always just there. >> that feels like a very fancy version of it. >> the can? i look at it and move on. >> you not a fan? that looks like the ingredients of a pie. >> it needs to be there. >> i think all of thanksgiving food is a little overrated. if it was really good we'd make it all year.
3:26 am
>> sorry to your thanksgiving dinner because i'll throw it down. speaking of dinners, this is more of like a post drunken or drunken late-night dinner. this guy was working at a waffle house by himself because he's in birmingham, alabama, because of some schedule conflictions, and all of a sudden the post-club crowd rolls right in. ordering up a bunch of stuff. and apparently some customers jumped in to help wash the dishes, bus the tables, because he was all by himself. >> oh, okay. ♪ the hamster >> that's what that song's about, it's about waffle house service. >> it reminds me of that "in living color" skit where he's like, you only have one job and you're talking about labor?
3:27 am
no? >> i'm sorry. >> i'll send to it you, i'll send you the clip. >> i'm sorry, that part's on me. moving on, we've got a decades-old message in a bottle. there's a song called "message in a bottle" i'm not going to sing. ♪ message in a bottle >> you got it, thank you, mona, perfection. this is a message in a bottle written by max there in 2010. it made it all the way from the united states over to europe. nine years later, found on a beach in france. then they wrote back. >> okay. >> yeah, pretty incredible stuff. >> a lot has happened since then. speaking of singing. this girl, she is 4 years old. you might recognize her from "ellen." she broke it down at the warriors game, take a listen. ♪ she's 4 years old and she is a rap sensation. >> yeah. >> a spitfire to boot. >> yeah, boo, she do. >> we need to get zahara featuring mona singing the hook. we get her on the track and i think we've got a hit on our hands. >> i think we do too, sign me.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," an abc news exclusive. for the first time, the american father who lost his wife and two little boys in an ambush in mexico is breaking his silence and we're hearing from his hero son, just 13 years old. also this morning, the possible cause of the vaping crisis. researchers think they may know what's leaving people hospitalized or dead. new this half hour, shop till you drop. >> we're more than two weeks away from black friday, but the deals are starting today. plus the deals just for veterans at retailers nationwide. the major headline about the upcoming "ghostbusters" sequel. the original cast member who's set to reprise their role. full details in "the skinny" this monday, november 11th. it's also veterans day.
3:31 am
they just remade "ghostbusters" with that all-female cast. >> yeah, people are in the spit for it, i would say. >> who you gonna call? >> the ghostbusters. we begin with that abc news exclusive. the father who lost so much in the deadly ambush in mexico and the son who's being hailed as a hero. >> their family's leaving mexico for the united states. they say living in fear in an area their family's called home since the 1950s just isn't worth it. >> nine women and children were killed in the ambush which is blamed on a drug cartel's gunmen. mexico has invited the fbi to join its investigation of the attack. david langford's wife and two of his sons were among the victims. he and his 13-year-old son talked exclusively to abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: for the first time david langford and his hero son, devin, who helped save his wounded siblings, sharing their story with abc news in an exclusive interview. >> not only have i lost my wife and two children, but i --
3:32 am
having to move the rest of my family with really no place to go at this point. >> reporter: langford and much of his extended family are leaving northwest mexico. they're part of a fundamentalist mormon group that has lived in the area for decades before the drug cartels took over and violence became unescapable. >> i believe in forgiveness, but i also believe in justice. and forgiveness doesn't rob justice. and justice -- you don't get justice too much in mexico. >> reporter: this video showing the caravan. at least 18 vehicles full of families crossing the border into the u.s. that ambush attack the final straw. three mothers and six children killed. langford telling us, when you look at what the cartel hitmen
3:33 am
did to his family's vehicles it's amazing seven of his children survived. >> every one of my children that survived that are living miracles. it's beyond amazing that they survived. >> reporter: including his baby son brixton. a bullet grazed his chest. any lower would have been fatal. >> even a quarter of an inch. because the impact of the bullet itself would have collapsed his lungs. >> reporter: langford says more and more evidence points to the cartel. his son devin said the killers had long guns and wore vests. the family was driving to see relatives in a neighboring state. >> they kind of got caught up in a drug war between two rival gangs and they got -- just kind of got caught in the crossfire. >> reporter: as the shooting started, devin telling us the last thing his mother said and did. >> "get down right now." she was trying to pray to the lord. >> reporter: david says seeing the brutal way his loved ones were killed, along with an emotional funeral that some of his wounded children attended, has been almost too much to bear. >> the toughest part to me was -- saying good-bye, yeah, it definitely was. saying good-bye to two innocent lives that were cut short. and a vibrant wife that lived life to its fullest.
3:34 am
>> reporter: now he's focused on aiding his surviving children. >> to be honest with you, my boy's a hero simply because he gave his life for his brothers and sisters. >> the whole thing is horrifying. that was abc's tom llamas reporting. >> and the son just 13 years old. there will be so much more with david langford and his son devin later on "good morning america." now to the push to impeach president trump. the investigation moving this week from behind closed doors into the public view. >> on capitol hill democrats and republicans are facing off about who should testify about the allegations president trump withheld military aid from ukraine as he pressed for an investigation into his political rivals. bill taylor, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, will be up first when public hearings get under way on wednesday. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: as the impeachment inquiry into president trump enters a new public phase, lawmakers are now sparring over who will be allowed to testify. democrats have rejected republican efforts to call
3:35 am
former vice president joe biden's son hunter or the anonymous whistle-blower. >> we want to stay focused on the ukraine call and having hunter biden come in is unrelated to the ukraine call. >> reporter: democratic congresswoman jackie speier says it's not necessary for the whistle-blower to appear, saying there are other witnesses who were actually on president trump's july 25th phone call with the ukrainian president in which trump asked his ukrainian counterpart to investigate the bidens. speier, a member of the house intelligence committee, believes the president broke the law. >> this is a very strong case of bribery. >> reporter: democrats hope open hearings will build support for impeachment. but republican congressman mac thornberry says the inquiry is one-sided. >> there will be intense skepticism about whatever they come up with. >> reporter: thornberry does admit asking a foreign leader to investigate a political rival
3:36 am
was inappropriate. >> i believe it was inappropriate. i do not believe it was impeachable. >> reporter: the first witness to testify on wednesday will be america's top diplomat in ukraine, william taylor. behind closed doors, taylor testified quote that was my clear understanding, security assistance money would not come until the president of ukraine committed to pursue the investigation. also scheduled to testify wednesday, deputy assistant secretary of state george kent. david wright, abc news, new york. >> thanks to david. as the impeachment inquiry goes public, federal prosecutors in new york are quietly continuing their investigation into rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney. >> they're looking into an alleged covert plan to remove marie yovanovitch, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, who's set to testify before congress this week. prosecutors believe giuliani and two associates arrested last month wanted her out, and giuliani is also being accused of being the architect of the plan to get ukraine to investigate joe biden. we may have a breakthrough
3:37 am
into what's causing the nationwide vaping crisis. the cdc says it has a very strong culprit of what may be causing th it's vitamin "e" acetate. the chemical compound is sticky and clings to lung tissue. the cdc says more research is needed to learn why exactly it harms the lungs. more than 2,000 americans who vape have become sick since march. many of them teens and young adults. the apple credit card is being called sexist. men are being given higher spending limits than women even when the women have better credit scores. apple cofounder steve wozniak is among those complaining saying his limit is 10 times of that his wife even though all their assets are joint. goldman sachs is behind the credit card and says it does not make decisions based on gender. it may seem early to say this, but bundle up if you go outside in the midwest. an arctic blast is moving
3:38 am
through the upper midwest and cities near the great likes like chicago, they're likely to get lake-effect snow, perhaps as much as half a foot. this weather system covers a huge area with parts of the country having snow extending quite far to the west and behind the snow extremely cold temperatures with it. now to sports. a black cat couldn't help the dallas cowboys this time around. >> america's team followed up last monday night's feline-influenced win against the giants with a loss at home to minnesota. the vikings's dalvin cook put his team ahead for good, 28-24 the final. >> dallas did show some love to the furry friend from last week at metlife stadium. it was introduced in the starting line up as mvp rally cat. he got drafted in the second round. >> what college did the cat go to? i was at a bar during "monday sports bar get in a long time. >> supposedly there's like 30 cats that live in the stadium. >> okay.
3:39 am
>> no, i don't know how we got to that point. maybe that's a rumor, i don't know that we've gotten second sourcing back. it says it right here. one of 30 cats said to be living in metlife stadium, it still has not been found. technically a free agent despite dallas' best efforts to sign him. coming up, the heartwarming story about an act of kindness for a disabled veteran. first the deals for veterans this veterans day and the black friday door busters going on right now. some of the more candid moments from the people's choice awards coming up later in "the skinny." moments from the people's choice awards coming up later in "the skinny."
3:40 am
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new vicks vapopatch. breathe easy. a tragic scene in new jersey. two people are dead after this a tragic scene in new jersey. two people are dead after this incredible crash saw a porsche slam through the second floor of an office building. both of the victims, a 22-year-old man and a 23-year-old man, were in the car. police say the porsche was speeding when it hit the median and it went airborne. the building was empty at the time. and we have an update on that video of a beluga whale playing rugby. guess what? last week might not have been its first time on camera. >> i believe that.
3:43 am
some experts say it looks like the whale caught apparently spying for russia last year near norway, the whale was playing catch with south african rugby fans. it's not known where this video was shot. one researcher says its behavior shows it's used to being around humans. >> that was a plot twist i wasn't ready for. >> you like that viral video? turns out it's a russian spy, that's the scoop. we're weeks away from black friday but that is not stopping retailers from giving it a jump start. >> no, combined with veterans days sales this could be one of the best times to power through that holiday gift list. here's abc's stephanie ramos with the latest. >> reporter: retailers wasting no time kick starting the holiday season with huge deals. >> part of the reason why retailers do these promotions earlier is because they need to get rid of merchandise in order to make room for the other holiday merchandise that's coming in. >> reporter: best buy offering black friday door busters starting monday, touting an all-time low on the apple watch series 4. this 40-millimeter model originally selling for $349. now just $299.
3:44 am
and this latest macbook $899, a $200 savings. target getting in on the price slashing. this samsung 4k tv a steal at $229. knocking off 10% from this hp omen gaming laptop. amazon also teeing up some of its black friday deals. this combo ring doorbell and echo show video display $179, nearly $90 less than purchased separately. now some retailers like mac companies tettics are signing on with a new service called after pay. once approved you can pay for items in four interest-free payments, every two weeks, taking some of that holiday sting off your credit card bills. stephanie ramos, abc news, new york. >> and on this veterans day there are quite a few retailers who are offering deals for our
3:45 am
servicemen and women. >> among some of the national chains offering free deals for veterans are starbucks, dunkin' donuts, white castle, friendly's, cracker barrel, olive garden. >> other retailers offering deals for veterans are kohl's, amazon, amc theaters, target, and walgreens. just remember to bring that military i.d. >> that's right, don't want to be turned away. >> not from dunkin' donuts. >> would hate that. when we come back, the big moments from the people's choice awards. >> where you can see taylor swift for free. "the skinny" is next.♪ skinny
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny you know what time it is, it's time for "the skinny." we're going to start with the people's choice awards. i know how excited you get about these topics. >> favorite. >> some of hollywood's biggest stars gathered in santa monica, california, to celebrate fan favorite movies, tv shows, and of course music. the most talked about moment, kevin hart's first official appearance following his car accident just two months ago. for ctor made an emotional comedic actor of the year. >> first and foremost, man, thank god, because i definitely don't have to be here. being that i am, it makes me
3:48 am
appreciate life even more. it makes me appreciate the things that really matter. family. i want to thank my wife, my kids -- >> some other big awards from last night went to jen aniston for people's icon, gwen stefani for fashion icon, and pink for people's champion of the year. i really thought i had a shot at that one. >> hm, you didn't drop enough f-bombs. >> apparently the people chose differently this year. >> next time. you'll get it next time. next to the big news for old-school fans of "ghostbusters." >> after months of rumors, teases, and speculation, it is now official. bill murray is returning to the franchise and reprising his role for next year's sequel. >> yeah, the news comes via fellow "ghostbusters" dan aykroyd, who will be showing up in the sequel as well. aykroyd said in an interview "we've shot our part, myself, murray, sigourney, and annie
3:49 am
potts." >> it's directed by jason reitman. it's set to hit theaters next july. have you reserved your ticket yet? >> yes. no. next to a dispatch from our "skinny international next." >> t-swift was the headliner for alibaba's 11-11 countdown gala leading up to the singles day shopping extravaganza in china. i was there. >> that's right. had to take advantage of the singles day deal. it was somewhat light duty, you could say, for taylor swift, she delivered only a three-song set including "me," "lover," and wh youhearin that, thank you for that information. >> that's what it is. >> meantime, back here at home, the ncaa has just announced that
3:50 am
wi herself wl the march madness music festival. so there you go. you can make that. >> yeah. now how that actually works, we haven't been able to decipher yet. >> no, not yet. >> we know it's in atlanta, we know it's affiliated with march madness, we know to see march madness basketball games -- >> that's more information than her fans need. >> is it? >> it is, they'll figure it out. next to the big headline from mylie cyrus. >> the pop star is reportedly recovering this morning from surgery on her vocal cords, and her recovery is said to require weeks of total silence. >> the problem was discovered last month when the 26-year-old was treated for tonsillitis. a source tells "people" magazine that cyrus is quote doing great and will be back and better than ever early next year. she ha vce >>ossible, is distiniv h, i ling th leitwho's reportedly on the mend, a long-time television game show staple.
3:51 am
>> according to the show's official twitter account, "wheel of fortune" host pat sajak is recovering from emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. >> the show's taping on thursday was canceled and taping resumed friday with vanna white taking over hosting duties. the show tweeted that the 73-year-old sajak quote is resting comfortably and looking forward to getting back to work. that's a lot of information that they gave right there. >> we of course wish pat sajak well. but part of me thinks that vanna white's like, i've been waiting decades for this opportunity and i can do more. >> i heard a rumor she actually makes more than he does. >> i believe it. >> it was on the internet so it's true. >> that's the journalism that we do here on "world news now." >> >> that's right, don't look up our facts, they're probably accurate. coming up, the early veterans day gift for an ended ning into a family reunion. reunion. to be honest a little dust it never bothered me.
3:52 am
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the japanese are planning something bigger. >> so what's the target? >> we believe it's midway. >> washington disagrees. >> washington is wrong. >> if we lose -- the japanese own the west coast. the japanese are planning something bigger. >> so what's the target? >> we believe it's midway. >> washington disagrees. >> washington is wrong. >> if we lose -- the japanese own the west coast. the world war ii epic "midway" blasted stephen king's adaptation of "doctor sleep" out of the water this weekend at the box office, taking in more than $17 million. >> that's right. "doctor sleep" came in second place with john cena's "playing with fire" coming in a close third. turning to a heartwarming story on this veterans day about a coordinated act of kindness by a group of good samaritans to help out a veteran with a disability. >> that group of veterans had no idea how profoundly that act of kindness would change the veteran's's abc's janai that story. >> have to go to huntsville. have an appointment there
3:56 am
tomorrow. >> reporter: in the days before veterans day, the walker county sheriff's department received a call about this man walking along the side of the road. gerald baldwin, a disabled army veteran from cordova, alabama, on his way by foot to his doctor's appointment about 100 miles away. the deputy noticing baldwin carrying an oxygen tank. his car out of commission. >> what do you got a doctor's appointment for? >> for my v.a. benefits, to keep them. i don't make it, i lose them. >> reporter: various authorities and good samaritans teamed up in this multi-county operation to drive baldwin across alabama to his appointment, spanning across three counties. officials safely delivered the gulf war veteran to his destination in huntsville. >> never spent so much time in the back of a cruiser that i didn't really belong there. but i was grateful, really grateful. >> reporter: baldwin's story quickly spreading on social media and grabbing the attention of his son, lance baldwin, going on five years without speaking.
3:57 am
just this weekend they reconnected. >> it was really good to hear from him. want to make amends. for things in the past that stopped us from communicating. >> lance acknowledging that his dad has always been his hero. >> he's always been my superman. he's the strongest person that i know. and from his story, that hasn't changed. he was willing to walk all those miles to get to where he needed to get to. >> i completed my goal. i made my appointment. i made it home safe. i'm just thankful for that. >> good for him. our thanks to janai for that story. it does appear that on top of the amazing luck that he's had already, being helped out, the sheriff's department is planning to raise some money to buy him a car too. >> they also gave him a ride back from his doctor's appointment. hey, that's the only time you want to be in the back of a police cruiser. >> that's for sure. we'll be right back. police cruiser. >> that's for sure. we'll be right back.
3:58 am
3:59 am
they don't help single moms. hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
4:00 am
have a great monday. happening now in america this morning, polar plunge. record cold temperatures, snow


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