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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 11, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. have a great monday. happening now in america this morning, polar plunge. record cold temperatures, snow and blustery winds on the move. more than 230 million americans about to get hit with a blast of arctic air. just how low the temperatures will go. nikki haley's bombshell. the former ambassador claims the former white house chief of staff and secretary of state tried to undermine president trump to, quote, save the country. how she responded and what haley is saying about the impeachment investigation going public this week. abc news exclusive. the father and son who escaped a massacre in mexico reveal new details about the day their family was ambushed and killed. >> to be honest with you, my boy
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is a hero simply because he gave his life for his brothers and sisters. >> the boy who walked 14 miles to save his siblings shares what was going through his mind. plus, what we are learning about this shocking crash. a sports car crashing through the second story of that building. more than a menace. how turkeys are terrorizing this neighborhood. and on this veterans day -- ♪ >> -- one veteran striking all the right notes. ♪ and good morning, everyone, on this veterans day. i'm trevor ault. >> and i'm mona kosar abdi. kenneth and janai are off this morning but we begin with subfreezing windchills set to hit more than half the country. >> it actually could be the coldest veterans day on record
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in chicago and minneapis. and snow falling right now is making a mess of the morning commute. this morning, from new mexico to new jersey, millions are bracing for an early season blast of arctic air. cold will dip into the deep south this week with the windchill, the feel like temperatures will drop into the 20s as far south as texas. the national weather service expects 148 daily record lows to be broken or tied this week. high temperatures around dallas are expected to be 44 degrees tomorrow. that's 24 degrees below average. yesterday in brownsville, texas, it was 80 degrees. tomorrow's high is only expected to reach 46. >> extra thermals. extra socks. >> reporter: a storm moving ahead of the brutal cold is bringing winter weather advisories from montana all the way to maine. in north dakota, a winter wonderland after seven inches fell, and in chicago, a messy morning commute getting under way right now with snow starting
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to fall overnight, leaving many wondering what happened to fall. >> not ready for it at all. not at all. i was here during i guess you could say the coldpocalyse last year. spend it all indoors. not ready to do that again. >> it's coming too early for me as but as a chicagoan you get used to. >> and this weather is forcing many towns to change or even cancel their veterans day plans. we'll have your full forecast in less than five minutes. now to that explosive allegation from nikki haley. she claimses former secretary of state and white house chief of staff tried to recruit her to undermine president trump to, quote, save the country. she plans to support the president in 2020 as it goes public this week. abc's megan tevrizian joins us with new details this morning. good morning, megan. >> reporter: public hearings in the impeachment inquiry begin wednesday. first up will be william taylor, america's top diplomat in
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ukraine. he's already testified behind closed door that it was his clear understanding there was a quid pro quo. the impeachment inquiry about to enter a new phase going public this week. expected up first, william taylor, the top diplomat in ukraine who already testified behind closed doors it was clear millions in military aid would be withheld unless there was an investigation into the president's political rivals, an arrangement taylor called crazy. >> this is a very strong case of bribery. >> reporter: republicans want to hear from the anonymous whistle-blower who first raised the flag. >> if they don't call the whistle-blower in the house, this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: this comes as former u.n. ambassador nikki haley in a new memoir out this week claims rex tillerson and john kelly undermined and ignored the president because they were trying to save the country. haley spoke to "cbs sunday
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morning" about that exchange. >> it definitely happened? >> it absolutely happened, and instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president, not asking me to join them on their sidebar plan. it should have been, go tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he's doing, but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing, and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the american people want, and it was offensive. >> now "the new york times" is reporting a lawyer for one of rudy giuliani's indicted associates told them giuliani directed him to deliver an ultimatum to the ukrainian government, that the u.s. would freeze aid if the country did not investigate joe biden and his son hunter. there is no evidence joe or hunter biden have done anything wrong, and president trump and rudy giuliani have repeatedly denied these claims. mona. >> all right, megan, thank you for that report. well, now to breaking news overseas. protests in hong kong have
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escalated to a dangerous new level. police opened fire and hit at least one protester today as chaos erupted across the city. the man's reportedly in critical condition. another man was also set on fire. the police have fired tear gas into the crowds. at one point officers tried to subdue a protester who was suddenly hit by men swinging sticks. the pro-democracy demonstrations and anti-china protests in the city have now lasted for six months. this morning a developing story from southern virginia where a manhunt is under way for an ex-marine wanted for murder. authorities believe michael brown, you see him there on your screen, shot a man living with his mother. police have not yet revealed a motive and say the 22-year-old is believed to be carrying a high-powered rifle and may have access to other weapons. he may be driving a lincoln town car with north carolina plates. now to an abc news exclusive. the father and son who lost nine members of their family during an ambush in mexico are speaking out about the attack. abc's tom llamas sat down with both of them including the boy who walked 14 miles for help after hiding his siblings in the
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bushes. a caravan of cars carrying out 100 americans fleeing to the u.s., relatives of the american father who lost his wife and two little boys in that horrific ambush in mexico sharing his heartbreak and the difficult decision he's just made to pull his family out of that country. >> i am having to move the rest of my family with really no place to go at this point. >> reporter: david langford and his son devin sitting down for an exclusive interview with abc news talking about the attack by suspected drug cartel gunmen on three vehicles just outside of their community in northwest mexico. those cars riddled with bullets. >> they got caught up in a drug war between two rival gangs, and they got caught in the cross fire. >> reporter: three mothers and six children were killed. >> every one of my children that survived that are living miracles. >> reporter: langford says more and more evidence pointing to the cartel. his son devin saying they had long guns and wore vests and
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telling us the last thing his mother said and did after the shooting started. >> get down right now. she was trying to pray to the lord. >> reporter: devin managing to hide his wounded siblings under bushes then walking 14 miles to help. >> we walked a while till we couldn't carry him no more and put him behind a bush and i wasn't hit so i started walking. >> reporter: his determination helping to save seven of his brothers and sisters. >> my boy is simply a hero because he gave his life for his brothers and sisters. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, new york. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., "good morning america" will have more of that brave 13-year-old's powerful story and how he wants his mother to be remembered. firefighters in los angeles say a brush fire that got dangerously close to the famous warner brothers studio is now 80% contained and is moving away from buildings. the warner brothers lot was evacuated over the weekend, but clint eastwood reportedly refused to leave saying, quote, there's work to be done.
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time now for a look at your weather forecast for this monday morning. good morning. we're tracking another arctic blast dropping into the central u.s. not only bringing very cold air and below average temperatures but snow and ice as far south as texas and oklahoma. we're talking several inches of snow, perhaps up to one to two feet around the great lakes where we've got that lake-effect snow mixing into the equation as well. temperatures as we look across portions of minnesota and into the dakotas, only into the teens as we start off the workweek. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. well, scientists have identified what they call the perfect pop song based on the effect it has on your brain. the familiar lyrics coming up. >> it's "baby shark." but first apple facing criticism over its new credit card accused of discriminating against women.
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how the company is responding. and is the whale performing tricks in this viral video
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we are back now with a reminder about distracted driving. police say ts truck driver in the uk wasn't paying attention when he caused the chain reaction crash that you see on your screen right now. one victim suffered a broken neck, back, arms and ribs. the truck driver faces 18 months in prison. apple is under fire this morning with critics claiming its new credit card is sexist. one card older says his credit limit was 20 times that of his wife even though she has a better credit history. goldman sachs, which administers the card, says it would never make credit decisions based on gender, but the card holder who first complained says it isn't goldman sachs but the formula
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being used to evaluate people. >> we found that simply unfair and when we tried to inquire into why that was, we kept hitting just a wall. we kept escalating this issue within both goldman sachs and at apple and they kept referring to the algorithm. that the algorithm determined this is how it was. >> apple's co-founder steve wozniak said the same thing happened to him and his wife even though all their assets are held together. authorities in new york are now investigating. a disturbing viral videotape landed a now former substitute teacher in jail. tiffany langford is charged with aggravated assault and show her beating a female student to the floor then stomping on the girl. a lawyer says the student has epilepsy. the teen was taken to the hospital for evaluation. langford was fired that same day. the beluga whale seen on video last week performing tricks with south african rugby fans may have been on camera before. some experts says it looks just
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like the whale that was caught apparently spying for russia last year near norway. observers are speculating the animal may have escaped from moscow's spy program. the whale was playing catch with these south african rugby fans in the video posted last week. it's not known where it was shot. >> he matched the description. a wish came true for a 10-year-old massachusetts boy who wrote a message in a bottle and tossed it into the atlantic ocean. that bottle has now turned up on a beach in france, get this, nearly a decade later. the man who found it did exactly what max asked. he wrote back. max is now 19 and the two men have connected on social media. max says it is mind-blowing. >> i agree with you, max. coming up, the nfl quarterback making news for his unusual warm-up routine. okay. but first what we've learned about this shocking crash. a porsche flying so high, it ended up inside the second story of a building. and a broadway star dies at
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[ crowd chanting ] back now with hundreds of people protesting this weekend outside the texas governor's mansion hoping to stop the execution of rodney reed. he's on death row for the of a young woman more than 20 years ago. >> his lawyers insist reed is innocent. even a cousin of the victim agrees there should be a new trial. celebrities including kim kardashian have also spoken out but reed is scheduled to be executed in nine days. well, now to the deadly crash that ended with a porsche inside the second story of a building. >> police say a young driver lost control of the car, and they say what happened next is truly shocking. this morning, a tragic scene in new jersey after a porsche flew into the second floor of an office building. >> it didn't make sense. how did this happen? how? >> reporter: dozens of people
4:18 am
watched as firefighters pulled the sports car out of the gaping hole. according to police 22-year-old brandon demarten was driving. they say he lost control while speeding, hit the center median and an embankment and went airborne and crashed straight into the building. both martin and a passenger, 23-year-old daniel foley were killed. >> my heart just fell to my stomach. i just can't imagine being a parent getting that phone call. >> reporter: this is what the office space looked like before and then after. and authorities say it could have been a bigger disaster. the crash happened only hours before the building opened and people would have been inside that office. police say there were no witnesses. >> how fast were they going? that's the question. and, god, i could cry my eyes out. >> police did not reveal the owner of the car, only saying it was not stolen. broadway is mourning
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the death of laurel griggs dying after a massive asthma attack. griggs made her debut as polly in "cat on a hot tin roof" when she was just 6 years old and appeared in "once" and appeared on "saturday night live." her father says the world has lost a princess. a man is suing madonna for changing the start time of an upcoming concert in miami. he says he bought three tickets costing more than a thousand dollars and can't attend or resell for what he paid because the time of the concert was moved from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. the suit claims live nation changed the time because madonna is always late. all right. now to sports. a thriller on sunday night football. minnesota went into dallas and knocked off the cowboys 28-24, but the best moves of the night may have come before the game. that's right. dallas quarterback, dak prescott, okay there, looked like he found his own beat to practice his footwork. now people on twitter, of course, will put their own tune
4:20 am
to this setting the video to various songs. one golfer saved his best shot of the season for last. this is jeff maggart on the third hole of a sudden death playoff in phoenix from nearly 125 yards out. he puts it right in the cup. that ought to do. he won the tournament and $440,000 with it. that's the way to go out. >> that is. well, up next in "the pulse," the perfect pop song according to scientists who study the brain. and also ahead, major turkey trouble in one neighborhood. the celebrity who's had enough. plus, some surprising news about cranberry sauce. to severe rheumatoid arthritis. i've always been the ringleader. had a zest for life. flash forward: then ra kept me from the important things. and what my doctor said surprised me. she said my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage. and enbrel helps relieve joint pain and helps stop that joint damage. ask about enbrel, so you can get back to being your true self. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections.
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pulse" and ob-la-di, ob-la-da the perfect pop song. >> and those's not just according to mona. that's according to science. researchers analyzed 700 songs, they were scored based on how surprising the chord progressions were to a group of listeners to factor associated with musical pleasure and it's not bad for a song that john lennon perfectly called granny music. >> also "i want you back" by the jackson 5 and "hooked on a feeling" by b.j. thomas rounded out the top three. not baby one more time? it's gotten so bad a baseball star is crying foul. about 60 turkeys have been running wild in this town on the jersey shore breaking windows and attacking people. >> now todd frazier of the new york mets has tweeted a picture showing turkeys surrounding his jeep. he says they ruined his cars and trashed his yard. >> that movie coming out in the fall. animal control officials say they're not licensed to trap the turkeys because they're wild animals.
4:24 am
frazier is now asking the governor to do something about it. >> top priority. speaking of turkey, thanksgiving is coming up fast and now we're getting a look at our true feelings for what's on the table. for one holiday staple. 29% of americans don't like canned cranberry sauce. but they eat it anyway because of tradition. >> yeah, 68% of americans say they secretly don't like at least one traditional thanksgiving dish. i'll say it has to be potato salad. >> why is it secret? just own it. own your hatred, america. finally new york knicks fans saw a special performance before last night's game. >> a 97-year-old world war i vet pete dupre, also known as harmonica pete, performed the national anthem. ♪ >> mr. dupre was a medic in england during the war. he served three years overseas
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making news right now at 4:27. a man is dead following a confrontation with an off-duty police officer. they served with honor and distinction, today the nation says thank you to the nation's military veterans. and it is a fog yegy start our work week. and the 49ers try to keep their perfect winning streak alive tonight. the only thing standing in their way are the seattle seahawks. good morning on this monday, november 11th. >> jobina, i know you have much more coming up on the game. >> yes. russell wilson is the thorn in the niners side today. >> and we're talking about that fog. >> it's not as widespread as over the weekend.
4:28 am
where it is, it is thick. driving through the maze today f i have had not driven that route every day since i started working here, it would have been scary. that's how thick it is through the macarthur maze. also thick around novato and half moon bay. you saw five there in oakland, the macarthur maze, i couldn't see about 50 feet in front of me. we have 40 in napa. 40 in santa rosa. mid to upper 40s just about everywhere. this afternoon, one of our warmest days this week. 70 in san francisco to 80 inland. we have a dramatic drop in temperatures coming up. jobina? >> thank you. good morning. starting off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the fog is so dense in this area. there is a fog advisory for the bay bridge and the
4:29 am
bridge. it's so foggy out there, we already saw a crash on the lower deck of the bridge this morning. that has been cleared a live look at the golden gate bridge. it does look much better than the bay bridge, but there is a fog advisory here as well. developing news this morning in vallejo, police say an off-duty officer shot and killed a man. >> the shooting happened at a gas station last night. amy hollyfield is live in vallejo with those details. amy? >> the shooting happened in vallejo. so officers here are working the case along with the solano district attorney's office. they say it involved an off-duty richmond police officer and this happened yesterday afternoon. the officer shot and killed a man about 5:30 afternoon at a gas station on fairgrounds drive. the person who was shot died at the scene. they have to the said why the shooting happened.
4:30 am
they say this investigation is in the early stages. they have not said what's happening to the officer. they have to the said anything about an arrest. we are hoping to get more information on this case today. just happened yesterday afternoon. so they say this is early in the investigation. live in vallejo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. it is 4:30. if you're just waking up, here's a quick look at your weather and traffic. mike? >> let's talk more about that fog. you can see one of the areas that's thick is around san rafael and novato. at least the reporting stations there. let's go down to street level, 37, 101, lucas valley road. novato boulevard, some of those areas where the visibility could be down less than a quarter mile. it's going to be dangerous to the morning commute. it won't move much. the fog in oakland may move across the bay bridge. the fog in novato won't move much. we have winds in the upp


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