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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 15, 2019 1:41am-2:11am PST

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♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ shine every day and night >> tamron: hi! hi! hello! what's up, hello! welcome, welcome! hi! it is day four of "love & relationship week." have a seat! uber, who has taken uber before? what about falling in love in a
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uber. we will meet an adorable couple, a $5 ride turned into the ride of a lifetime. they fallen in love, how they met in a uber. plus, one of the kings of comedy, d.l. hughley is here! d.l. is talking about his family, his marriage of 33 years, his journey. i just saw him backstage, he's already saying where is that baby moses? he will not be babysitting moses buddies going to talk to us. on one of my favorites, actor wilmer valderrama will be joining us, one of the stars of "ncis." he has this thing that he called his one hour disconnect, he shuts down everything and focus on him. my team got in my air, "ncis." i was too busy talking about wilmer. meditation, he's going to talk about that and his new hit show. we will john cyber hall, dallas,
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texas, west palm beach, florida, and portsmouth, virginia. thanks for joining us. so there's this video that's been circulating online for a couple days. there are 3 million views of it. it deals with the realities of bullying if you are a uber pool edger. the video sure is an indiana teenager who appears to be fed up with bullying, he goes up against a high school classmate. i want to warn you, this video is disturbing and hard to watch but it is reality for some students who are gay in school. >> back the [bleep] off my face, now.
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don't [bleep] me. don't [bleep] put your hands on me! what's up? what's up? call me a one more time. what's up? what's up [bleep]? what's up? >> hey, hey, jordan! >> what's up? >> tamron: it's a tough one. many people online praise jordan for what they saw, standing up for himself but others were uncomfortable with the violence that resulted from it. jordan is here today with his mother angie bush, thank you both for being here. [applause] jordan, a friend of mine who is openly gay sent me this video. i never look at these videos that circulate around, i never click on these. i clicked on it because they told me the context of it. and when i saw it i thought,
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what has he been going through that it got to this point? what has he been experiencing before that video? >> just over and over, bullying about who i love and what i prefer, lovewise. i have been called faggot at least ten times a day. just constantly over and over again. it doesn't stop, it's repeated. >> tamron: this didn't just start now? >> this started since second grade, before i even came out. >> tamron: you said you didn't even know when you are in second grade when people were calling you these names, what they were talking about. >> people would be like oh, he likes guys, and i was like -- no, you know what, what are you talking about? i would be called homo like that constantly. it's like, i don't even know
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what these things mean. why am i being called this? for just being who i am. en k i at hpened in that video ane, we yoall awa b the attacks? >> he used to come home and tell me that kids would say that he was gay, when he was little. and he always talks with his hands, he's feminine and he's always been. we've always known since he was probably three. he would just come home and complain and say that people were constantly -- they were being mean to him, pushing him at school. they woul he would stand up for himself and they would make him come home because he needed to cool off. >> tamron: he was always the one in your mind punished for what was happening at school.
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speak to this video, jordan, what happened that day? as i understand you didn't even know the student that was saying this to you, he was new to the class? >> we shared the same class, it was our same class hour, we have the same teacher and everything but i didn't know his name, a familiar face that just blend into the crowd, you could sent me a screenshot of what it happened, did you know that this happened? i read it and i was just kind of like -- i don't even know who this is. >> tamron: what was the screenshot you received? >> it was a picture of me with the caption "i still hate gays though" with if you are moji's after that. and it hit me, i don't even know who this is. it's -- i didn't even know. >> tamron: you got to class that day, we can hear the bell
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rang indicating the class is about to start out it looks like from what we can see this incident started right then. >> i had walked into the class, i was going to ask him why he posted it and i walked to his desk, i met him there and i showed them, i was like "what is this?" and he was like "it's just a post" at i was like um what about me, right?" and he was like "what are you going to do about it? and i shoved him. and he said don't put your hands on me. >> tamron: when you shoved him first, was that about him or about years of this? and he is like the breaking point? >> it was years built up. >> tamron: in that video he called you louis laura multiple times. when you saw the video, it's one
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thing for your child to come home and say being bullied, it's another thing to have it on video, what did you think? >> it made me so mad. sorry. i'm tired of it. i'm happy he stood up for himself. i'm happy he finally stood up, and a happy he was cussing like that, i don't like him hitting but he had enough. he had enough. [applause] >> tamron: i know that a number of celebrities came and supported the fact that you said he had enough but we know that, for example, here in new york there is a young man now -- sorry. there is a young man now who has been sentenced to 14 years in prison because he stabbed someone because of this constant
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bullying as it relates to him being gay. in this case, jordan defends himself but we know -- he was on his way to prison, 14 years. we know in this moment it looks like your child is fighting back. this could have turned violent and someone not go home to their parents that night. what do you tell them now? you are homeschooling him? >> we are supposed to go talk to his school but i think it's best we finish at home. >> tamron: the school district did release a statement and said in part "we are troubled by the recent student incident that was posted on social media and are actively investigating the circumstance. at this time we've identified a number of policy violations. once the investigations are included these will be addressed with school policy." at this point you've been suspended and the other young man has been suspended. for the record we were not able
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to get the other person involved because he has not been identified. what's amazing about jordan is the other kid is getting bullied on social media, people are coming after him as they believe they are allies of yours and you are defending him. what you said in defense? >> i released a twitter post saying i just want all of them, all of the negative comments going towards him to stop. i have no idea what's going on in his life as he has no idea what's going on in mine. i can hold what he said accountable against him because i have no idea how he was raised, i don't know personally but again, what he's going through. i don't know if it was a heat of the moment thing, i don't know what he truly believes in. it's just -- i can't hold him accountable for getting bullied from hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. >> tamron: this is a larger conversation as we know, it's
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bigger than jordan, bigger than abel, the young man in new york. i want to bring out the executive director of glisan, an organization that makes sure that lgbtq students learn in a bullying free environment. eliza, thank you for joining us. when you see jordan's video, what do you see as a professional but personally? >> it's heartbreaking, i just want to say, jordan, your strength and empathy and angie, your love and support for your child is heartwarming. as a mother myself and an advocate and someone who grew up lgbtq in america, i just want to say how important it is that we take this moment to learn. [applause] thank you. >> tamron: one of the things jordan has at his school is a support group, i guess they have a club for lgbtq kids. what you said you didn't want to join because it makes you more about target, so what are they
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to do? >> here's the thing. when a situation, when i saw this video, the heartbreak of realizing that it's gotten to this point for you and for everyone else in that school that you are on your own to deal with this issue. unfortunately, this is a d thaonbuor a long perigacks. and with able, such devastating consequences. there are thousands and thousands of such clubs across the country, they are one piece of the solution. but i really think right now it's important that we focus on what the adults in that school could and should do to make sure they are responding appropriately. [applause] >> tamron: i know that statistically when kids are lgbtq and they are the victims of this bullying, they are punished or ignored more than other groups. >> yeah, the pattern here is
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really clear. the majority of lgbtq youth say they don't report it at school and the majority of those who report say that nothing happens when they do. unfortunately the situation is even worse in indiana. the important thing is that nt to just take a moment to say there are ways that any concerned adult and particularly school professional can make a huge difference in the school. get a policy in place that specifically names the problems for lgbtq youth and tell teachers and devotionals there, you must respond. prepare those adults to respond with training and support when they do take that risk and the sort of bedrock, make sure that lgbtq people are visible in what's taught at school, are part of the curriculum and every student has a window on that experience and every lgbtq you can see themselves reflected and that you have a student club like a gsa, they are really important ways that we can
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create culture of respect for all at every school in the country the country. >> tamron: absolutely, for every kid. [applause] jordan, you are going back to home school, going to take a break from public school. do you want to go back eventually to a public school? >> i at least want to have my last day there to say good-bye to my friends and things like that. and give out information if i have to. my locker, say good-bye. it's hard. >> tamron: what is your message four -- you were put in this situation where you've got to be they want to say good-bye to your friends. this is breaking your mom's heart. people watching, we are rooting for you in every way. it will be okay. it will be okay. [applause]
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you know that campaign, "it gets better," you will win. you will win. i walked in the dressing room and i said, i walked in and i said "i love your hair, it's cute" and he said "i know." we know it's going to be okay. you have this great mom and all of these people right here in that camera watching. we are going to keep track of you and we hope that -- we know that you are going to pass on love and not hate. you're special. [applause] thank you jordan, thank you angie. we are going to be right back. this is real, this is real life.
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we will be right back. [applause] ♪
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♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ [cheers and applause] >> tamron: it is love and relationship week, so what are the odds of finding love in our rideshare? 14 million people take uber trips every days. for 5.14 minutes, she found herself a husband. if [laughter] let the church say amen. please welcome her and her husband. this may be one of the best stories i've ever heard. were getting -- who got in the uber first. uber sharing, multiple people get in, it's a cheaper ride and
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they drop you off at each destination. you are already in the uber. >> i was face time and with my female friend and it was kind of awkward at that point. >> tamron: you were faced timing with another woman, a love interest? >> a friend. >> tamron: okay, keep going. the uber drivers that hey, nice to meet you, i hope you don't mind, we are going to pick up somebody on the way. i just kind of ignored it, we pulled up and i kind of got outside profile. >> tamron: where there other people already in? >> no. i hung up the phone, she gets in, gets in the front seat, actually. >> and very frugal, he did it on purpose. >> tamron: yo he was being cheap and you hit uber pool by
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accident. >> my friend said it will be fun, you will be safe. when the car pulls up, i am like i am getting in the front seat with the driver, at least there is a picture and i can match his face. i was terrified, i did not want to sit by him. >> tamron: you said in the front, how did you make your move without being creepy? >> i'm already offended, i'm not a serial killer. the uber driver introduced us. she kind of just glanced at me slightly and kept looking forward. >> tamron: what broke the ice? >> me asking questions. >> it was the uber driver. >> tamron: the uber driver was awake jenisa, this is lester."
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you should exchange numbers. >> tamron: did he know you were both single? you happened to both be single but you are in l.a. you lived in different states, at that time you were living in atlanta. >> i lived in detroit. >> tamron: that's complicated. long disyour shot. how did you turn this into this long distance into the relationship you wanted? >> we were facetiming on and off and he drove through a blizzard from chicago to atlanta to meet my family for christmas. [applause] >> tamron: how soon after the uber -- that's amazing. how soon after the uber or i did this turn into something you knew was special? >> about five months, i think. >> tamron: $5 uber ride, five months later he's ready to put a ring on it. >> a year later. >> tamron: but you had to have known. >> i knew after she stood me up.
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>> tamron: over the five months you stood him up? >> in l.a. i stood him up invit. then we met face-to-face in the daytime in person. >> tamron: that's the same thing to do. >> yes, see? >> tamron: you got married last may, your baby -- >> is due in april. >> tamron: this is the weddin wedding. [applause] stunning. >> thank you. >> tamron: i mean, did you ever imagine this is how you would meet your husband? not in a uber but so randomly. >> never, i definitely wasn't looking. >> tamron: you were fine, i'm single, i'm fine. lester, were you looking for love at that time? >> no, i was there having fun. i bragged to my brother and my best friend, i met this girl in a uber, here's my picture.
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they kind of shut it down a little bit. little did you know, we are married now. >> tamron: we tried to find this matchmaking uber driver, we couldn't find the uber driver. what would you say to him now if he was happily watching, i remember them. >> thank you. >> thankfull definitely thank y. we reached out to try to invite him to the wedding just because. he kind of initiated everything as well. >> i am so shy, without them i probably would've never. >> tamron: for those people out there who are single, i've given up, i've done dating apps, what's your advice? was at your openness? >> openness and patience. we definitely had moments where it was a tug-of-war, kind of a chase thing. be patient and open, open to finding love anywhere. [applause] >> tamron: what a sweet story, congratulations.
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you are doing april. my son was due -- he is born, he's actually out now. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tamron: keep us posted on the baby. up next, d.l. hughley, one of the original kings of comedy is in the house. we will have him right after the break. ♪
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♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪
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>> tamron: you know him as one of the comedians in the original kings of comedy, the outspoken host of his own syndicated radio show covering love, family, and everything in the middle. his journey has not always been easy and today we will talk about it. let's bring out d.l. hughley. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> i've got to give it to those people who got married, if they can find love, i have got to get my dad his phone back. >> tamron: still looking for tracking the phone. >> let me tell you something, people are wondering what you do about bullies. every time somebody bullies -- - >> tamron: you and i have talked about our childhood and
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we say back in the day, people would say do i can't fight back but you can't do that now. you never should've, probably. >> you can, too, in that video we just saw. i think ultimately what we've always been and we try to pretend we're a society that's far more evolved and we are. ultimately, you are going to have to stand up for yourself no matter who you are. [applause] >> tamron: it gets so complicated. i know, i get it, i was bullied in school. i was suspended from school, put in a resource center providing back against a bully. i get it and that's why it was so emotional. i'm also looking at abel, this kid in new york from the bronx going to jail for 14 years because this violence can escalate. >> it depends who perpetrates it. one is a hero and the other is a villain.
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bullying takes place, the reason you are here right now, you didn't tolerate it. i don't care who you are those things you are going to have to kill me to do. the last ado they picked on and the first one they picked on. >> tamron: you told me a story of standing up for ou -- >> i am going to take that dude with me. >> tamron: there's a trend with d.l. you have a son with special needs, he is extraordinary, he has i think exceeded every expectation people have had for him. i want to play a clip of you abs younger and worried about his future. >> if you feel your son, he dies. he could die. not my daughter, that will be
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all right. but i didn't know how to make him ready for this world and see it clear. everybody tells you, put your hands on the wheel, stay away from this, don't do this. >> tamron: you were worried, he has special needs, how is he going to be able to take care of himself? he's grown, he's worked for your show, you pay them to work for your show. he's super talented, look at him. did you ever imagine? >> no. my son, knows that i love him ad he knows that i expect him to make good for himself. i never agree that you have to win in every circumstance. you have defied and i don't mean all the time physically but i think we have such a result oriented society where i have to be a hero, i have to win. sometimes standing up for yourself and doing things you are afraid


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