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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 30, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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visit your local chase branch. good morning, america. we're following new developments overnight in the london bridge terror attack. police identifying the man who killed two people at the london landmark. his dramatic takedown. the heroes who stepped this to disarm him. >> police, out of the way please. >> as people ran to safety and what ear's learning about his terrorist past. plus, the search right now for another knife-wielding attacker who struck the same day in the hague. treacherous travel. the blizzard barreling across the country. blinding conditions on the road, cars stranded. high winds toppling trailers. and now the possibility of
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massive flight disruptions on what is expected to be the busiest air travel day of the year. looming deadline. impeachment hearings moving forward. the house judiciary committee asking president trump if his attorneys will participate. how long he has to decide. caught on camera. officers bodyslam, the shocking move during arrest. what authorities say led up to it and what the man's family is says this morning. shopping frenzy. bargain hunters on a mission. a tug-of-war over tvs as shoppers scramble for the best buys. becky worley right here with us this morning with the perfect game plan for you to score the hottest deals. good morning, america. thanks for being with us on this saturday. we begin with new details this morning on a pair of stabbing attacks in europe. in the uk police ing the
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suspect who killed two people on london bridge as a convicted terrorist released from prison just last year. >> that man was wearing a fake explosive vest and was killed by police. investigators say they're treating the attack as terror related. >> in the netherlands a suspect still on the loose after an assault on a main shopping street in the hague. three people suffered minor injuries. for the latest on both of these attacks let's go straight to abc's james longman in london. james, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, eva. huge shock this morning as this attack took place as almost exactly the same spot in the 2017 attack. take a look. buses still sitting abandoned on the road there behind me. three people in the hospital. two people have been killed. the suspect's name is usman khan, a 28-year-old convicted terrorist who was only released from prison last year. this morning, london reeling from a terror attack in the heart of the city, but celebrating the heroes who brought the suspect down.
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at around 2:00 p.m. police were called to reports of multiple stabbings but the daily mail capturing passersby one with a fire extinguisher had already intercepted the knife-wielding man. watch them wrestling him to the ground. wearing a suicide vest later described as fake. one stepping in describing the ordeal to itv news. >> he was wielding two knife, one was duct taped to his hand. i stamped as hard as i could on his wrist to release the knife. >> reporter: another man seizing his knife and slowly backing away. a police officer on the scene putting people off and moving back. they open fire shooting him dead. >> out of the way, please. >> out of the way. >> go that way. >> reporter: when terror struck, hundreds fled. you can see emergency services have rushed to the area now. people have been cleared. there's a lot of panic. helicopters in the air. people are scared of a repeat of those 2017 attacks. that van and knife rampage also on london bridge and near
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restaurants that left eight people dead. enrique fernandez tells us of the panic inside one cafe. >> i thought we could be the next major terrorist attack. >> reporter: were you scared? >> yeah, petrified. i've never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: customers rushing into the basement to hide. authorities have yet to establish a motive but abc understands the man was a convicted terrorist recently released from prison and with known links to terror groups. last night in the netherlands another stabbing sends holiday shoppers running to safety. the attack left three minors injured. investigators are still searching for a motive. now the stories of bravery here in london just keep coming. we're hearing one man in a building near where the attack started took an animal tusk off the wall and confronted this man. it is worth repeats, they thought he was wearing a suicide vest. i can tell you, whit, as a londoner myself i'm feeling rather proud of my city this morning. >> people going right towards the danger to do something about it. thank you for your report. we appreciate it.
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meantime, back at home a major winter storm is tracking across the country making a mess for travelers returning home from the long holiday weekend. abc's zachary kiesch is at laguardia airport with the latest. zachary, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you as well. more than 3 million people are traveling this weekend. you mix in some of this poor weather and it's never a good situation. we are expecting whiteout conditions in much of the west today and in denver places like denver really getting the brunt of this in terms of cancellations at the airport. you look around here at laguardia, things are moving pretty smooth this morning but people have the right idea getting out of town. it's going to be this mix of snow, rain and freezing rain that's on its way. this morning, strong winds were too much for this semi as a major winter storm reeks havoc across the country. in colorado, heavy snow is creating whiteout conditions in near zero visibility making the roads treacherous. the slick conditions causing several accidents like this and forcing some drivers to abandon their cars.
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the storm's impact stretches into the midwest. here just outside of minneapolis, multiple people pulling over to help this stuck driver. at the grand canyon more blizzard-like conditions. strong winds and snow shut down roads as more than a foot fell in flagstaff, leaving drivers stranded. also in arizona the search is on for three missing children after authorities say their car got caught in floodwaters. the heavy rain also forced this rescue. first responders helping the driver to safety. from roads to the skies a pair of storms causing dangerous travel conditions from coast to coast. hundreds of delays and cancellations already this morning. airlines issue travel waivers as the storm moves east. here in the northeast we are anticipating what could be coming, sunday and monday, this thing is supposed to hit with inland areas expected to get hit the worst. dan. >> i've lived in the northeast
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my whole life. i love the northeast, still hate the snow. >> this time of year. >> yes, this is the time of year i want to join sam champion down in miami. so for a look at who's going to get hit by the storm and when let's bring in cheryl scott from wls filling in for rob. cheryl, great to see you. what's going on? >> great to be here but it is an active weekend of weather. we are talking about alerts. watches, warnings from coast to coast. starting in the northern plains to the northeast, here we're going to see some of the first significant snowfall amounts for many so of these states across the north and east and it's all because of this strong area of low pressure. you can see that snow flying up into the northern plains, the dakotas, blizzard conditions, whiteout, treacherous travel up to one to two feet then the southern string of this system where we're going to get the rain, even severe storms, potentially some tornadoes in the deep south but here's the thing, this system is going to continue to swing up into new england, the northeast. this is going to bring a wintry mess of weather for states like
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pennsylvania, new york, up into boston as well, boston potentially first accumulating snowfall here and places like albany inland of i-95 we are talking locally over a foot of snow. this is such a big travel weekend. so many wanting to get home after thanksgiving so this is likely going to cause major delays at area airports from new york up into boston. back to you. >> someone with a flight on sunday not looking forward to that. now to the impeachment hearings as the house judiciary committee is set to begin proceedings, the chair is giving president trump a deadline to decide if he wants to participate. abc's kyra phillips is on capitol hill with the story. good morning to you, kyra. >> reporter: good morning, eva. well, you know, president trump did publicly float the idea that he might just show up or submit testimony but that was quickly shot down by white house aides. they didn't see that as a part of their strategy. so now house judiciary committee chair jerry nadler has sent the
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president a letter telling him he has until next friday to decide whether to participate in the impeachment proceedings. here's what nadler writes, in anticipation of consideration of these matters, i am writing to determine if your counsel will seek to exercise the specific privileges set forth in the judiciary committee's impeachment procedures. in particular, please provide the committee with notice of whether your counsel intends to participate, specifying which of the privileges your counsel seeks to exercise no later than 5:00 p.m. on december 6th, 2019. again, that's next friday, eva. >> now, kyra, despite the invitation it's not very likely the president would appear, right? >> reporter: good question. as you know, the president has called this impeachment proceeding a hoax and that he and his allies have had no say in these hearings. well, the house judiciary committee, which holds its first impeachment hearing on
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wednesday, told trump he had the option of sending someone to represent him but white house sources are telling me this morning it's unlikely that they will send legal counsel. so yet to be seen, eva. >> all right, kyra phillips for us on capitol hill this morning, thank you. eva, a police officer in chicago taken off the street after some disturbing video catching him bodyslamming a suspect to the ground. that suspect's family now speaking out about the incident. abc's stephanie ramos has that story. stephanie, good morning. >> whit, good morning, chicago police are trying to learn why an officer violently body slammed that man to the ground. the man's mother listening to the altercation while on the phone with her son. we do want to warn you this video is graphic. >> reporter: a chicago police officer is now on desk duty after this video surfaced of the officer bodyslamming a man to the ground.
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the incident happened as the 29-year-old man was being arrested after allegedly spitting in the officer's face. according to police, the exchange started when officers spotted the man drinking alcohol at a local bus stop. the officers pulled over and tried to detain him. officers say the man allegedly became irate and confrontational leading that officer to take action. keisha johnson is the mother of the man in question. >> when i seen it i dropped to my knees. >> reporter: she says she was on the phone with her son during the encounter when the call suddenly ended. >> i was like in a loss. i didn't know what happened to him. >> reporter: chicago's mayor lori lightfoot took to twitter to address the widely shared cell phone video. while a single video does not depict the entirety of the interactions between the police and the individual, this particular video is very disturbing. according to lightfoot the incident is currently under investigation by the civilian office of police accountability, also known as copa. >> he could have died from that hit on the head. you know, thank god that he's still here. but anything could have happened. >> charges are pending against that man bodyslammed to the ground. he is said to be in stable condition at the hospital right now.
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>> video is incredible. stephanie, thank you very much. really appreciate it. we turn to the nfl issuing another indefinite suspension this time, over gambling allegations. abc's marci gonzalez is in our los angeles bureau with more on the player accused of betting on games. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. the player for the arizona cardinals has already been out all season with an injury and now with this decision from the nfl, some are wondering if he'll ever take the field again. this morning, gambling accusations sidelining an nfl player indefinitely. josh shaw now suspended until at least the end of the 2020 football season after the league says he bet on nfl games on multiple occasions this season. >> this is serious. it's no nonsense. it is the nfl really throwing down the gauntlet. >> reporter: shaw seen playing with the bengals earlieris career isn't accused of using insider information, however,
7:13 am
gambling on games is against league policy. nfl commissioner roger goodell saying in a statement that for all league employees, betting on nfl games or any he will. a game puts at risk the integrity of the game, damages public confidence in the nfl and is forbidden under all circumstances. >> the nfl is saying absolutely no way, no how can you gamble on games and continue to play. >> reporter: this isn't the first controversy the 27-year-old has faced in his football career. in 2014 shaw was suspended from playing for usc after fabricating a story that he injured his ankles while rescuing his drowning nephew. he later admitted he was actually hurt jumping from a window to avoid police. >> my sense is we will never see shaw playing again. his career is over. >> the nfl says there's no evidence suggesting that coaches or other players knew about shaw's alleged gambling. we weren't able to reach shaw for comment and still unclear whether he'll appeal his suspension. eva. >> all right, marci, thank you.
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black friday full of frenzied scenes at the mall. shoppers eager to snatch up bargains but in some places it got ugly. overnight black friday shoppers flocking to the stores in droves. this line wrapped around a bass pro shop hours before it opened. stores across the country unlock their doors to eager crowds. the frenzy for deals ensue. chaos at this walmart as three people played tug-of-war for a tv, the situation escalating before officers broke it up. and a frightening ordeal for black friday shoppers at this mall in syracuse. a man opening fire in the food court striking one person in the leg. the mall quickly evacuating. >> this was -- this does not appear to be a random act. it also came after someone thought there was an active shooter. that was not the case. >> and the suspect is still on the loose. you were mentioning there's
7:15 am
actually ways around some of these arguments these days. >> yeah, they have tickets they hand out when people are in line so there are no brawls at the big screen but every once in a while people get real excited. >> exactly. times have changed a little bit, though. they're starting to settle it down and get a better plan to deal with the crowds. becky worley, by the way, we'll talk to her in a minute. we do want to mention black friday, the super bowl that goes into cyber monday. new data from adobe analytics show shoppers spend $5.4 billion online on black friday. up 22% from last year. total spending adds up to $57 billion so far for the month of november. the top selling products for the traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season were "frozen ii" items, l.o.l. surprise dolls, fire tv, apple laptops and madden 2020 video games. our consumer correspondent becky
7:16 am
worley has been tracking those deals and heard from her a moment ago. good to have you in studio leaving the comforts of california to come to new york on this shopping weekend. >> this is a big week. everybody is interested in those deals. >> tell us what kind of discounts are we seeing on the popular products people are looking for. >> people are spending over $5 million a minute online yesterday. we saw discounts on tvs, average 18% off. on computers, 17% off and on toys, 14% off. those are really the big categories right now. i've been tracking sort of the really big popular products, some of the ones i want to talk about, instant pot, $49, that's $50 off list. macbooks, a lot are buying them for older kids, college kids, $799, that's $400 off. pretty good prices getting people motivated. we really do see historic low prices for the year over this weekend. >> you mentioned some of these items. what's your best pick for gift idea, things that are already discounted right now. >> one of the most popular has
7:17 am
been the apple airpods and we've seen the prices all over the place, normally $159. they've been as low as 129. they're 134 right now on amazon. i think they'll go back down to $129 in you want to save the extra 5 bucks. beats headphones, these are comparable with the bose headphones. the studio 3 beats, go over the here. $199, $150 off. great present. >> another thing, smart speakers are huge and big discount. >> flying off the shelves. amazon's echo is $22. that's $27 off. they're practically giving these things aware. fire tv products are 25% to $50 including the kindle fire tablets. then we're looking in the google world, the google mini a voice assistant, $19, $30 off. these prices will go up after cyber monday so it's a good opportunity and if you can do some planning you can save some coin. >> got to plan ahead. that's right.
7:18 am
becky worley will be back later in the program because we still have small business saturday and cyber monday to talk about. >> that's right. becky, thanks so much. >> voice assistants are fascinating. watching my 4-year-old interact with alexa. alexa, make toilet noises. really a window into the mind of a 4-year-old. becky, great to see you on this coast. really appreciate it. let's get the weather again. back to cheryl scott from our chicago station wls in for rob and brought some nasty weather to this part of the country with her. we're not blaming you. >> don't blame me but we are going to see significant snow in the north and east. the map, so many watches and warnings and this is such a huge travel weekend for so many and yet again we are tracking another powerful storm system that is going to impact california. we have flood alert, we have wind alerts in place as well as snow in the higher elevations so here's this area of low pressure an this is just an atmospheric river. it's going to bring heavy rains to san francisco and the bay area. this is going to be a concern where we had all of those fires,
7:19 am
the burn scars, flooding, mudslides, not out of the question. and then for the mountainous regions down into the sierras, looking at heavy snow, mountain snow, two to four feet, winces with this storm system 40 to 60 miles per hour and morning. . good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. waking up to cloudy skies in san francisco. but we have a pret dwr good storm on the way for the weekend. it's a chilly start. the rain increases as well as the wind throughout this afternoon. and the wet pattern continues into next we can. here is a look at the rainfall totals today and tomorrow. looking at heaviest in the north bay, 3.5 inches to less than an inches maybe a third of an inch in the east bay valleys. but still showers throughout the week. >> so i guess we need to head to the south and east to get some sunshine and warmer weather.
7:20 am
florida, 80s, sunny there. quiet. >> road trip. >> warm thoughts. yes. >> show cheryl's shoes. because she has the cutest -- >> there you can see them underneath. >> how are you going to do that? >> yeah. there they are. >> put the foot up here. good to have you here. >> so happy to be here. >> eva's got your back. i like that. she likes the whole outfit. >> it's really cute shoes she has on. >> priorities. >> snowstorm, shoes, you know, we got to balance it all. great job. thank you and janai is here with an amazing story about a heart transplant and some state troopers and a flat tire. >> yeah, this one is out of cheryl's neck of the woods so a heart transplant patient is recovering thanks to some fast action by some illinois state troopers. an organ transplant vehicle was carrying a human heart when it blew a tire on a highway. yeah, the heart only had a four to six-hour window to be viable for surgery and had already been traveling for three hours. nghat precious cargonde spalork
7:21 am
squad car making it to the hospital just in time. my heart is beating fast go new >> tnkou for that. appreciate it. well, coming up, virginia giuffre is speaking out about prince andrew and her accusation, a preview of that bbc interview and how the royal family is bracing for fallout. plus, take a look at this. doorbell camera footage. the owner of an airbnb, or a home that she rented out to airbnb, she says it shows her guests taking off with stolen family heirlooms. how airbnb is responding and we'll tell you whether they found the alleged crooks. and it is game day in minnesota. how the snow could affect the match-up between the golden gophers and the gadgers. eva pilgrim with some sports analysis today. >> yes, rivalry day. >> stay tuned for that still
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i'm liz kreutz. following developing news out of fret. police are looking for the driver they say hit and killed a woman and her dog and drove away. happening at 8:30 last night on niles boulevard and linda drive. police say the driver initially stopped to check on the woman but got back in his car and took off. officers say the woman was in
7:28 am
her 50s. the car involved is a light colored four-door sedan. no other details released. and now a check of the weather and the rain on the way. good morning, lisa. that's right rb, liz, a level two on impact scale. 30s and 40s in the city. this is tam where we have the fog and the wind beginning on the coast today with the wind advisory and the wind warning for san francisco and the peninsula. but it's also bringing heavy rain to the north bay, the santa cruz mountains, inland we see less rain but it does last all weekend. heavier throughout the afternoon and evening. liz. >> thanks,
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at ross. yes for less. i give you the griswold i give you the griswold family christmas tree. a lot of sap in here. >> a little full. a lot of sap. >> welcome back to "gma." clark griswold setting up his tree from "christmas vacation." one of whit's favorites. if you're planning on picking out a tree we do have some tips for you to find the perfect one. that is coming up in our second hour. >> whit, real quick, best line from that movie? >> well, i mean, there are lots. just for basic purposes it's a honey of a tree, clark. so we'll give you the tips, cousin eddie will come over and say that to you. at your house. >> with his rv when i leave here
7:31 am
next month. >> whit is constantly quoting that movie and every other movie all the time. >> my dad and i watch that every year and laugh at the same lines year after year after year. good stuff. great stuff. welcome back to "gma." here's what's happening right now. the suspect in the attack on london bridge served six years in prison for plotting other attacks before being released last year and he was wearing an electric tag. police say usman khan had a fake explosive vest on when he stabbed two people to death and injured three others before bystanders tackled him and an officer shot him. we have news this morning related to that hotel collapse in new orleans a few weeks back. the story involves a worker who before the collapse warned his supervisor about construction shortcuts he had witnessed. that same worker also fell several stories in the collapse. now that man has been deported. he had been fighting deportation back to honduras since 2016 and had lost an appeal. and did you see this buzzer beater that helped stephen f.
7:32 am
austin beat the duke team? the back story is even more remarkable. the player who scored that winning basket, nathan bain. is from the bahamas. and his home and his family's church were sadly damaged from hurricane dorian. now, thanks to all the attention from that one basket, a gofundme has ballooned to $137,000. and under nta rules, the school has to figure out a way to legally distribute the cash, but something really positive coming from something also very positive. >> yes, yes. >> a huge upset as well. >> amazing wonderful upset. >> good game and good story. we start with britain's royal family bracing for the fallout after that interview with a woman who says she was directed to have sex with prince andrew. the bbc set to air an hour long interview with virginia roberts giuffre, and abc's julia mcfarlane joins us with more from our london bureau. good morning. >> good morning, whit.
7:33 am
yes, that's right. prince andrew's dominated the headlines, and with this new interview, this is not going away. this morning, the palace surely is on guard as they prepare for the highly anticipated interview with virginia roberts giuffre about her accusation. >> it was a really scary time in my life. >> reporter: roberts giuffre sitting down with bbc panorama in her first uk interview airing monday. one of jeffrey epstein's accusers, she's alleging she was 17 when she was directed to have sex with prince andrew in 2001. prince andrew categorically denies her allegations. >> he knows what happened. i know what happened, and there's only one of us telling the truth. >> reporter: roberts giuffre, now a 35-year-old mother says british social ieft jeite ghislaine maxwell recruited her when she was 16 and groomed her to become epstein's teenage sex slave. in court filings giuffre claimed epstein ordered her to have sex with some of his powerful friends including on three occasions prince andrew, in london, at epstein's home in new york and on his private caribbean island.
7:34 am
maxwell is not facing any criminal charges in this case and has insisted all of giuffre's allegations including those about prince andrew are false. the prince has said he had never witnessed any of the criminal conduct that epstein was convicted or accused of. just weeks ago prince andrew breaking his silence in an interview with the bbc maintaining he has no recollection of roberts giuffre, denying all her claims including he ever had sex with her. >> you can say categorically that you don't recall meeting virginia roberts, dining with her -- >> yep. >> -- dancing with her at tramp. >> yes. >> or going on to have sex with her at a house in belgravia. >> i can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened. >> do you recall any kind of sexual contact with virginia roberts. >> none -- >> -- then or any time? >> none whatsoever. >> reporter: now with his infamous picture of the two
7:35 am
together, the prince saying it could be a fake. the queen's third child now stepping away from his royal role and public duties for the foreseeable future. more than a dozen charities and organizations cut ties from him like the royal philharmonic orchestra distancing themselves from him. >> has there been long-term damage to the monarchy? i don't think so. it's certainly been extremely embarrassing for the queen, embarrassing for the country and probably wrecked whatever good h >> well, scotland yard said this week it would not open a criminal investigation into the allegations because it would be largely focused outside of the uk. however, they added that they had liased with other organizations. >> weather with cheryl scott from wls as we've been saying, in for rob this weekend. a lot going on. >> there is a lot going on. we're going to have snow here, but some of the snow is good for skiers. resorts are opening early.
7:36 am
it is a big opening weekend at big sky, montana. it's snowing there right now under a winter storm warning. hopefully you're already there where you can enjoy the snowfall conditions as that continues, but it's going to just be a mess of a situation across the northern plains into the north and east. here we go to the map. you can see a lot of warnings from wind alerts through the plains up into the northern dakotas where we have the winter storm warnings. it's this area of low pressure bringing the heavy snow. snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. some places will get up 1 to 2 feet. chicago down to the deep south, that's going to be mainly rain until sunday. chicago, you'll get in on some snow. but there you can see will, lo good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. a level 2 on the storm impact scale for the weekend with rain, heavy at times, strong gusty winds and a chance of thunderstorms tom. in the 50s today rain increasing throughout the afternonononononl
7:37 am
>> and this weather report has been sponsored by jeep. >> and this weather report has been sponsored by jeep. >> whit was freaking out when you showed that snow. >> you're snowboarding. >> ready to go. >> i'm ready to go. >> shred the gnar. i was doing a heel grab. i saw the guy. >> on the slopes. lots of snow. >> all in the facial expression. the grab is less important than the facial expression. >> he's got the look. >> he's not giving you the facial expression which we'll try to post on instagram later. it's pretty good. >> it was priceless. well, coming up on "good morning america," the disturbing airbnb robbery. a homeowner finds priceless family heirlooms gone. what her doorbell camera re
7:38 am
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hey, welcome back to "gma." a woman who rented out her house on airbnb says her houseguests turned out to be common thieves. she returned to find priceless heirlooms in her home gone. abc's trevor ault says police are now involved and he's right here with the story. hey, trev, good morning.
7:42 am
>> dan, good morning. this woman claims a family with children spent a week at her home then they trashed the place and took off with her things, clothes, three tvs and irreplaceable family heirlooms gone and shows the theft as it happen. >> reporter: morning, a georgia homeowner claims her doorbell camera caught a family of thieves in action. but they didn't break into her house. they paid to stay there. >> they were airbnb nightmares. >> reporter: she says she rented out her home for a week then found her home ransacked and more than two dozen items missing including heirlooms she locked in the basement. >> they took silverware that's priceless that came from my grandfather and my mother. >> reporter: warren says she believes the door bell video shows one of the guests trying to block the camera while a man loads up their car and that woman wearing a coat warren says belongs to her 91-year-old mother. abc news has not been able to contact the couple in the video. police are searching for them as well.
7:43 am
airbnb promises reimbursement for cases of guest theft. the company telling abc we are appalled by the reported behavior and are quickly working with the host to initiate a claim through our $1 million host guarantee. the company says incidents like this are incredibly rare but they do happen. >> i was feeling very angry and helpless as i watched it all happen. >> reporter: charley brems rented out his arizona home in may to what was supposed to be just seven people. then his surveillance cameras caught this, a massive party and guests walking out with his things. >> my personal clothing, my suits. even my toilet paper, walked out the door. arndolorter: he said those she needs to replace and more worried about the ones i can't.
7:44 am
>> i hope i can get my heirlooms back. i can buy a tv but i need my heirlooms. i can't buy that. >> airbnb's ceo announced plans to expand its screening process to try to flag what they call high-risk reservations and says this family has been removed from their site and also in the case of that arizona house party they say they're trying to work with the homeowner to make sure it's been resolved. that's been six months so the homeowner is frustrated, too. >> scary. coming up on "good morning america," espn's maria taylor sizing up a busy day of football including michigan versus ohio state and the challenge for the wolverines just ahead. wolverines just ahead.
7:45 am
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now we turn to college football and "gameday." espn's maria taylor is in the land of 10,000 lakes where the minnesota golden gophers are preparing to take on the wisconsin badgers. it's "gameday's" very first time at minnesota and, maria, it looks like it's cold. >> it's a little chilly. i checked the weather since rob isn't here, about 31 degrees, a little sleet, a little snow, but as you can see the fans don't care at all because it's an exciting time fob a minnesota gopher. for the first time ever in their school's history they have seven conference wins and ten wins on the season, a top five win over penn state and opportunity to play for the big ten west. if they make it to the big ten championship game it will be the first time in program history and p.j. fleck, the coach, told us yesterday in meeting that the entire season was about rhee storing tradition. i got to tell you, that's certainly something they've done, and "gameday" is more than happy to be here celebrating with them all morning. >> michigan's coach has never beaten ohio state as head coach. what is at stake today as they the wolverines face the buckeyes? >> well, you know,
7:49 am
coming into the season a lot had high hopes for them. maybe even an opportunity to win the big ten, but then they end up losing to penn state, and it seems as though there's been a turnaround since the second half of that penn state game. they come in and they beat notre dame at home. they haven't lost a game since that. and i've got to tell you, a win over your rival cures a lot of ills, so for jim harbaugh, it would feel good to get a win against the buckeyes in ann arbor. the question mark being whether or not that offense can complement a defense that's been playing well all season long for defensive coordinator don brown. one big win against your rival, that's what this week is all about, it can change everything in a season for a program. >> it is rivalry weekend. there are lots of rivalry games going on. what other big rivalry games should be we be watching today? >> all right. have you heard of something called the iron bowl?alama d ut talking about it here. it's always a game that matters. in fact, usually that match-up will have something to do with
7:50 am
the college football playoff implication. alabama is ranked number five. there's still an opportunity for them to jump in that top four ranking. the bad news, they've lost two of the last three when they've gone on the road to play in jordan-hare stadium at auburn, so the question mark being whether having a new quarterback in mark jones considering the fact that tua tagovailoa is out. that offense can generate a defensive front in auburn that's been successful putting pressure on quarterbacks. it will be fun. rivalry week is always great. it's a great way to finish out thanksgiving and happy to be here in minnesota celebrating. the fans are great. there's a lot out here today. >> lots of minnesota nice. thanks, maria. and you can catch ff oespn. >> dan, you're excited. >> the only rivalry that counts is dan versus janai. >> i take janai every -- >> thank you. smart woman. >> on a side note, dan's football team is going to make it to the fantasy football
7:51 am
playoffs. >> really? >> yeah, i found this out from his team manager who is a 10-year-old boy. [ laughter ] but he made the playoffs and i didn't. >> we'll be right back with our "play of the day." independence. mmm... good. so i've spent my life developing technology to help the visually impaired. we are so good. we built a guide that uses ibm watson... to help the blind. it is already working in cities like tokyo. my dream is to help millions more people like me. it is already working in cities like tokyo. mucinex cold & flu all-in-one. fights... oh no. no-no-no.
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♪ oh baby ♪ oh baby ooh give me the time of my life ♪ welcome back to the "play of the day" and a love-struck boyfriend who has the law on his side to make a proposal, one his love little never forget. why are you guys just snapping and bobbing over here -- stopped once the cameras come. grant and haley were heading to dinner in norwood, ohio when an officer pulled them over. that officer claiming there was a warrant out for grant. ordered him out of the car. and there you go.e id most people just have pictures of their engagement. grant and haley have police
7:56 am
bodycam video. it was a quick engagement. two days later they got married. he is back in maine with the u.s. coast guard. so, she thought he was going to get handcuffs. she gave him the handcuffs. >> do they have to file a request for that body cam footage. >> "gma" saturday is now two hours. back with much more. keep it here. ♪ give me the time >> all news all morning. >> good morning i'm liz kreutz happening tonight in san francisco. warriors president rick welts will be horped at the fund raising gala in support of the aids memorial. part of a two-day event for world aids day. tonight east event focus sees on weaving together inspiring personal stories making a difference in the hiv aids movement. the memorial in golden gate park
7:57 am
will be illuminated as part of the light in the globe glow ceremony 6:00 tonight. a christmas lee tree lot open for the is sins but this one has trouble. it lost many trees from washington and oregon because of the snowstorms there. the guardsman are working hard to get trees from elsewhere. if you'd like to do good with the christmas tree, they are open today from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the holiday tree lot for boy scouts is starting the 50th year of service. for the part of the first day there will be tap dancing christmas trees in piedmont today. performances starting at 11:00 a.m. the tree lot on moraga a.m. opening in next to coaches playing field. let's get a check of the weather. >> a look at live doppler 7 you can see the cloud cover. a slug of moisture south of us. and looking at rain and wind increasing throughout the day.
7:58 am
there is a look he at the fetch of moisture offshore all the way to the hawaiian islands. a live look outside from the east bay hills camera 47 in oakland. 50 in half moon bay. clouds a breeze there. the golden gate, 37 in santa rosa and numbers warm warmer this morning getting set for the warmer system. we'll talk in detail about what this means for your neighborhood coming up. >> up next, the first weekend of the holiday shopping season, the plea to brave the weather and shop at local small businesses. abc 7 ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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>> announcer: abc 7 morning zblots goerpg, everyone. it's saturday november 30th. i'm liz kreutz let's start with a quick look at the weather and the rain coming today. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. a level 2 on the storm skbakt scale. and that means heavy rain and gusty winds and the possibility of thunderstorm for your sunday. it's a weekend event as we look at live doppler 7 you notice the moisture off is shore in the big yurl cue in the cloud and all the moisture extending back towards the hawaiian islands. it's a complicated system but we have some strong winds on the coast and the wind advisory the rest of the bay area through the weekend. winds gusting in excess of


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