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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 11, 2019 2:41am-4:01am PST

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visibly smoother brighter skin in just 24 hours. a skin upgrade? crushed it. new olay retinol24. face anything. olay. now available with retinol serum and retinol eye cream. police in colombia use tear police in colombia use tear gas and water cannons to hold back protesters. at least one armored police
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vehicle was set on fire. union and student leaders call for the demonstrations as lawmakers consider minimum wage hike. the unions want an increase of nearly 9%, more than double the figure proposed by the government. the co-lead singer of '80s swedish pop duo roxette has lost her battle with brain cancer. >> marie fredriksson died monday, 17 years after being diagnosed with the disease. in 1989 roxette hit number one with the song "the look," one of their four tunes to reach the top of the charts in the u.s. marie fredriksson was 61 years old. cuba gooding jr. faces more than 20 accusations of sexual misconduct. seven more women have come forward claiming he groped, kissed, and forcibly touched them. the alleged incidents took place between 2003 and last year. gooding is awaiting trial in new york city on charges related to three other accusations. he has denied all charges.
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some consumer news now as the clock rapidly runs down on this year's holiday shopping season. >> to up your stress level, as of this morning there are only 14 shopping days until christmas. now instagram is making it easier than ever to power through that shopping list. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. ♪ it's all coming back it's all coming back to me now ♪ >> reporter: it's all coming back to us. ♪ flashes of light >> reporter: celine dion, power ballad blaring, does some shopping on instagram. ♪ baby baby baby >> reporter: the pop singer demonstrating just how easy it is to purchase the brand she loves without ever leaving the platform. >> let's say you're scrolling through your feed. you tap on the image. you'll see the price of that item. you tap the item you want. i would like this glittery turtleneck sweater, yes, please. then what you do is tap, check out on instagram, boom, you're done. >> reporter: enter your name, email, billing information, shipping address the first time
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you check out. once your first order is complete, your information is securely saved for the next time you shop. instagram sends notifications about shipment and delivery inside the app. >> instagram is trying to position themselves in the retail world as the digital mall of the future. on any given month 130 million people are clicking on the shopping tags and buying product. >> reporter: the checkout feature is currently used by hundreds of stores and designers. with 90% of instagram users following a brand, the company hoping to revolutionize the way we shop. >> our thanks to rebecca. ig staying in the game. >> yeah. i started getting some of those alerts this week. >> if i even think about something, it shows up on that instagram feed. coming up, the woman who's blazing a new trail, literally. >> the meandering path that led this wilderness therapy instructor to become a welder.
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♪ this girl is
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♪ this girl is on fire this girl is on fire ♪ thank you, miss keys. this morning we're meeting not a girl but a woman who's on fire, literally. >> she's helping to build an army of women one welder at a time. here's abc's kayna whitworth with this morning's "trail blazer at work." >> it's very intense but it's also very meditative. metal is just so tough, so you just like concentrate and focus all of your energy, and it kind of takes you away from everything else for a while. i am a welding instructor. prior to working here as a welding instructor, i was working in manufacturing as a welder. i also did artistic fabrication. i've been in the industry for about six years. >> tell me about getting into welding. what were you doing before? >> i've had a really meandering
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path. i moved out to utah, i worked as a wilderness therapy instructor. that's where i met my daughter's father. and when i became pregnant and moved back home, i wanted to be close to my family. >> you're the only female welder. how are you welcomed? >> there were men who were really great at being allies. there were other people that felt intimidated, which was interesting. a lot of things that i didn't expect. >> like what? >> oh, i had the wheels taken off my chair. >> wait, somebody took the wheels off your chair to mess with you? >> somebody took the wheels off my chair to mess with me, yeah. >> when i'm tapping this, i'm doing it on the edge of the metal, not over here. >> so what does lauren do as a welder? welding is the process of connecting materials together through melting to form a strong joint. there are two types of welding. pressure. that's when you use a combination of pressure and heat. and fusion, when you only use heat.
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the most common type of welding is electric arc welding. which falls under the fusion category. that's the kind of welding we most commonly think of, when an electric arc melds base and filler metals together. >> chicago women in trades is a workforce development nonprofit. we have two programs. we have a technical opportunities program to help women get into the different trade unions. we also have our women in welding program to help women get jobs in welding. typically we alternate between classroom time and shop time. so we'll spend some time doing like math, blueprint readings, then we'll be on the shop floor doing more of the hands-on skills. >> did you ever think in a million years you would know how to weld metal? >> no. but i've always wanted to. that's why i'm so beyond ecstatic that this program exists.
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because i took something i've wanted to do my entire life, and now i get to do it every day. we're training women to work in a male-dominated profession that is often hostile. we want to change that. that essentially is our goal. we want to help change that culture. we want to help inspire people to think about things differently. and we're building an army of women. that's where change comes from. sometimes it comes from the bottom up. it's grassroots change. so it's about creating the camaraderie, creating the culture, the sisterhood, building it up from the ground up. i'm trying to inspire that change. >> our thanks to kayna there. pretty incredible. the average wage for a welder in the u.s., $17.94 an hour. however, highly skilled welders can easily get six figures. >> it's very cool what this woman is doing, very cool that
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kayna has been doing this awesome series. coming up, another university teaching students how to be adults. >> wait, what? it's next.
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the best gift you've ever got. it's so cool! the future of fitness is at home. the mirror. ♪ all right. it's time for "wait, what?" okay, so you know all of the hubbub over the peloton commercial? >> yep. >> some people are talking about it on twitter. and so someone tweeted out, i got my wife a peloton three years ago, she was not offended. so nfl network reporter jane slater responds to that tweet and says, yeah, an ex-boyfriend once got me a fitbit for christmas, i loved it, we synced up, motivated each other, didn't hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4:00 a.m. and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app. >> wait, what? he was unaccounted for at 4:00 a.m. and activity was spiked at a high level. >> yes. >> he was --
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>> on the app. >> his heart rate was -- >> going. >> -- through the roof. >> yep. she follows it up, spoiler alert, he was not enrolled in an orange theory class at 4:00 a.m. >> what was he doing? >> she found out he was cheating. >> oh, by eating a lot of -- eating at that hour? >> uh-uh. >> when i eat a lot of pancakes after this shift -- >> no. >> -- my heart rate is like -- >> i have -- no. >> so good, oh my god, these pancakes. >> his heart rate was up with another woman. >> i want what she's having -- oh. >> uh-huh. >> okay. >> i'm usually having the pancakes right along with you. >> you are. >> yeah, she found out through the fitbit. wait, what? >> well, you know, adulting is hard. >> preach. >> at uc berkeley they are introducing adulting classes. as a major. >> wait, what? >> as a major or a class? >> wait, no, a class. >> it says major in adulting. okay, no. we just wanted to have some fun with the graphics up there.
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no, it's a class, you cannot major in adulting. even though adulting is very major. >> because you're bound to fail, that's why, because you'll never succeed. >> right. you cannot win at all things. you want to learn how to pay the bills, balance a checkbook. >> life skills. who balances a checkbook? >> one of the producers for this show. his first name is matthew. his last name is nilko. >> he's got a green checkbook, he'll tell you all about it. >> economics, life skills, all those things. >> how to iron a shirt. >> adulting is also pretty hard for this tennis novice who went up against the pros. >> never really played before. >> how you sync up against your favorite athlete, your favorite singer, if you want to compete against them. >> lost every game. >> wait, what? you lost every game? >> how did you get into this, yes. >> are you crazy? >> wasn't even able to score a single point, to win a single point. >> okay. >> that's crazy. >> scoring a lot of points. a 106-year-old exercise fanatic,
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miss mary in utah is incredible. happy 106 to her.
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this morning on "world news now," security in the wake of a deadly shoot-out. >> an officer and five others are dead following a standoff and shooting in jersey city. thousands of children were held on lockdown in the schools for hours on end. also this morning, debate gets under way in just hours on the articles of impeachment announced by house democrats. as the president fires back at his latest campaign rally. bitter blast. arctic air is moving in from the midwest to the northeast, plus rare snow in the south. accuweather is tracking it all. joy to the world, or at least to the employees of one company who just received the holiday bonus of a lifetime. you won't believe what their boss surprised them with at their company holiday party.
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it's wednesday, december 11th. from abc news in new york, this is "world news now" with janai norman and kenneth moton. >> just like celie and nettie, we have been reunited. i'm wearing my color purple. >> that was good. >> welcome back to janai norman, everyone, where have you been? >> welcome back to me. you weren't in last time i was here. >> oh, yeah, knee surgery. i've still got the ice pack down here. >> yeah, you do. >> i was so upset i had to go into surgery. >> making your way around slowly. >> very slowly. >> good to be back. i had somebody reach out on instagram, hey, just checking to see if you're okay. >> they want to know your hours what are your hours now? >> someone even asked my days. >> because you went on vacation but you made it back in time for "weekend gma," but not for the show. >> are we going to get to the
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news or what? >> there's plenty of time for shadiness, plenty of time this morning. >> we will get to all of that. we do start on a very serious note with the chaotic, frightening, and deadly shoot-out in new jersey's second-largest city. >> s.w.a.t. teams and deadly gunfire filled the streets across the hudson river from manhattan. much of the shooting happened at a jewish grocery store. authorities believe the store was targeted. when it was over six were dead, including three bystanders and a veteran police officer. >> the mayhem had residents running for their lives. if they weren't already on lockdown, like all of the city's 43 schools. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: a terrifying deadly shoot-out on the streets of new jersey. heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams racing through the streets with guns drawn. two suspects unleashing a barrage of gunfire on officers. >> every time anyone approaches or anyone comes out of cover he
3:03 am
opens fire. >> reporter: the gunmen barricading themselves in a jersey city supermarket, hostages trapped inside, innocent bystanders caught in the intense crossfire. thousands of rounds exchanged. >> so we look, then we saw all these cops running from the gunfire. we heard more. pop, pop. we heard automatic weapons. >> reporter: the neighborhood turning into a war zone. one officer was shot in the shoulder. three hostages were killed in the store and another officer was also killed. he was a father of five. 46 schools in the area were put on lockdown. 30,000 kids taking cover in their classrooms. >> i heard gunfire. boom, boom, boom. then after that we just like put our heads -- hands over our head. >> reporter: the first shots rang out at 12:30 p.m. early reports indicate that police suspect the shootings started as a drug deal gone bad, the suspects fleeing to that
3:04 am
supermarket. >> at this point we have officer down, we don't know how he was down. a lot of officers here are out in the open. >> reporter: the shoot-out lasted hours. a police helicopter and drone were seen overhead. officers scrambling on top of a roof to try and neutralize the shooters. >> i've got movement at the door, i can see the gun. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams rescuing this woman, witnesses say she was trapped inside her car in the middle of the firefight. moments later several running for cover with hands in the air. the shooters killed inside the store after a neighborhood was under siege for more than four hours. the lockout lifted, children looking to reunite with their parents, shaken by the horrifying day. >> scary, nerve-racking. ready to leave. i can't do it no more. >> reporter: we know a bomb squad was called in to check a truck that police thought might possibly carry some type of incendiary device. they considered the vehicle part of the investigation.
3:05 am
good news, the officer who was shot in the shoulder has already been released from the hospital. adrienne bankert, abc news, jersey city. >> just a wild scene there in another american city. let's turn to capitol hill where the historic effort to remove president trump from office is under way. debate will get under way today on two articles of impeachment announced by house democrats. >> they say the president abused his power and betrayed the nation, then blocked access to witnesses and evidence. the president fired back at a rally in pennsylvania, calling the push for impeachment pathetic and vowing it will lead him to re-election. abc's mona kosar abdi has more. >> reporter: in a rare move, congress deployed its most powerful tool under the constitution. >> the house committee on the judiciary is introducing two articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states, donald j. trump, with committing high crimes and misdemeanors. >> reporter: those two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of justice. on abuse of power, the charge
3:06 am
that donald trump quote ignored and injured the interests of the nation and betrayed the nation by abusing his high office to enlist a foreign power in corrupting democratic elections. on obstruction of congress, the charge that trump quote without lawful cause or excuse rejected any subpoena or lawful request for evidence. the article declaring quote in the history of the republic no president has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment inquiry. both charges stemming from allegations that the president pressured ukraine's leader for political purposes, leveraging millions in military aid for an investigation into his political rival joe biden and biden's son hunter, as well as the 2016 election. republicans in the house have accused democrats of moving too quickly without any solid evidence. >> and hello, pennsylvania, hello. >> reporter: in a key battleground state, the president sending this message. >> the impeachment hoax is about overturning your great 2016 vote. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee is expected to debate the articles and approval could come as soon as thursday,
3:07 am
setting the stage for trump's likely impeachment before the year's end. despite a push from the white house for a senate trial before the christmas recess, majority leader mitch mcconnell has signaled that he will not set a date until the senate reconvenes in the new year. janai, kenneth? >> all right, mona on capitol hill, thank you. president trump is railing against the inspector general's report that found the fbi was justified in launching the russia investigation despite a series of flaws. >> the president took aim at his handpicked fbi director, christopher wray, for agreeing with the findings, saying wray will never be able to fix the fbi with that kind of attitude. he lashed out again at his rally last night blasting some fbi agents as quote scum and repeating the debunked claim that they spied on his campaign. >> attorney general william barr doubled down on his criticism of the watchdog report, calling it flimsy, and he suggested the fbi may have acted in bad faith. a former fbi lawyer repeatedly targeted by president trump is now suing the fbi and the justice department after
3:08 am
that ig report found there was no anti-trump plot. lisa page is accusing the agencies of violating her privacy by releasing text messages she exchanged with former fbi agent peter strzok criticizing trump during the 2016 campaign. the lawsuit alleges the texts were illegally leaked to reporters in part because the justice department was trying to get into good standing with the president. the snowstorm that surprised the deep south is making its way overnight to the east coast. residents of northern mississippi saw a rare sight, snow flurries. that's done now. temperatures will plunge overnight into the 20s. at least they got the snow flurries. the snow in alabama kept coming until a few hours ago, but the main event is coming up this morning in the northeast. accuweather's adam del rosso has the forecast. adam, good morning. >> kenneth, good morning. a slick start to our wednesday, especially along the 95 corridor from d.c. to boston. some snow to start us off. terrible timing with the morning commute. not a lot but enough to make
3:09 am
things icy. we're talking a coating to an inch from d.c. up into southern portions of new england. otherwise colder air dominating a good chunk of the country. single-digit highs across the northern plains. we're also watching another storm make its way into the northwest coast bringing showers as we head into the afternoon. kenneth, janai? >> all right, adam, thank you. american planes and satellites are being used in the search for a missing chilean military plane. the c-130 was on its way to a base in antarctica with 38 aboard when it vanished. officials in chile say they will continue searching 24 hours a day until they find the missing military transport plane. the three sailors killed in last week's pensacola shootings are being awarded the navy's wings of gold award posthumously. that's what they would have received once they completed their training. the family of one of the sailors says they're deeply moved by the honor. meanwhile we've learned the gun used in the shooting was sold just a few miles from the base
3:10 am
at a federally licensed store, and the pentagon is now restricting the training in the u.s. for the nearly 900 saudi military students. for now they're limited to classroom instruction only. the airlines are expecting a very busy holiday period. their trade organization predicts 2.6 million people will fly the u.s. carriers each day from mid-december through the first week of january. that's 3% more than last year. the worst days to fly, they say, are likely the days right before and after christmas. the tsa by the way says the sunday after thanksgiving was its busiest day ever. i flew on that day. that's when i left for that little jaunt down in the caribbean. and i have to say, tsa at jfk? on point. hats off to all of you. >> good job, yeah. >> went right through, didn't even check me. usually they do. >> they didn't? none of you? the hair, nothing? and neither one of us are going anywhere for christmas, we'll be right here. >> we'll be here, yep.
3:11 am
we're three weeks away from the final day of 2019 which means it's about time to find out the word of the year. >> merriam-webster has unveiled the words looked up most often this year. the five runners-up start with political buzz words. quid pro quo, impeach. next is crawdad, thanks to novelist delia owens book "where the crawdads sing." >> what are crawdads? >> look it up. that's followed by egregious, clemency. the word of the year is, drumroll please. "they." there it is, "they." it gained prominence as more people declared themselves gender neutral or nonbinary. >> that is pretty cool. it shows where we are in society. as people find themselves over the past year, merriam-webster is keeping up. >> letting you know that "they" is not only plural but singular. choose your pronouns, let us know. coming up, how a truckload
3:12 am
of butter got from california all the way to pennsylvania without a driver. it was unsalted butter. but first the boss we wish we all had. the holiday bonuses that are being passed out to every employee. plus the new reporting this morning out of the volcano zone in new zealand. what we're finding out about americans who were there. americans who were there. you're watching "world news now." remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80.
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overseas we're hearing now overseas we're hearing new details about the volcanic eruption in new zealand. >> at least six people are dead, another eight are missing and presumed dead. we're just learning overnight that none of the missing are american. take a look here. a live look at the island. officials there are raising a new alert saying volcanic tremor activity has significantly increased on the island. abc's marcus moore is there with more. >> reporter: with the death toll from monday's volcano eruption rising, hope is fading that survivors will be found. 47 people, including nine americans, were on whakaari volcano when it erupted, ash soaring 12,000 feet into the air. some forced to jump into the sea. this family used their tour boat to rescue as many as they could.
3:16 am
>> we had 23 on the boat that we had. five of those are now deceased. >> reporter: lauren and matthew urry from richmond, virginia, on their honeymoon. matthew's mother sharing the voice mail left with "inside edition." >> this isn't a joke, the volcano erupted when we were on the island. we got badly burned, we're at a hospital in new zealand. my hands are burned so i can't use my phone. >> reporter: that is white island in the distance about 30 miles off the shoreline here, more than a day after that deadly eruption, steam is still rising into the air. according to officials, eight still missing on the island. police say a flyover monday showed quote no signs of life. a makeshift memorial is growing. >> to those who have lost or are missing family and friends, we share in your grief and sorrow, and we are devastated. >> reporter: police in new zealand have launched an investigation into this tragedy, and the alert level was raised just a few weeks before the eruption. officials said that it was safe
3:17 am
to go there on the volcano, but police say it is possible criminal charges could be filed at some point. >> our thanks to marcus. to reiterate, just overnight we have learned none of the missing there are american. how christmas just came early for a baltimore real estate firm. >> what their boss just did for each and every one of them that some are calling life changing. then they get released back into the air so you smell them later ew. right? that's why febreze created new small spaces. press firmly and watch it get to work... unlike the leading cone, small spaces continuously eliminates odors in the air and on surfaces-so they don't come back for 45 days. now that's one flushin' fresh bathroom. breathe happy febreze... la la la la la.
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> 'tis the season to put a little love in your heart. you could use a lot of love. employees at one real estate firm in baltimore are finding more than just a little -- more than just a little more love. >> welcome back. they're getting a whole lot of cash. will ganss is here with the latest. will with the bonuses, right? >> i don't have the bonuses but these folks do, yeah, that's right. when you hear what happened to the employees of the st. john's properties at their holiday party in baltimore, it may seem like something right out of a hollywood movie. when it comes to holiday
3:20 am
bonuses? >> it's bigger than you expected? >> reporter: it can go one of two ways. like clark griswold's. >> one-year membership in the jelly of the month club. >> reporter: or like this. >> it is life changing. it -- >> reporter: it's the real-life holiday bonus for employees of st. john properties in baltimore that can afford them a real life christmas vacation and then some. ed st. john, founder of one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the mid-atlantic, making this announcement at the company's holiday party. >> you are all participating in a bonus based on the number of years, of $10 million. >> reporter: $10 million divided among the company's 198 employees. each of them opening a red envelope with the amount of their bonus inside. the smallest $100 awarded to an employee who was just hired and hadn't even started at the
3:21 am
company yet. the largest $270,000. >> i steer the boat. but they're the ones that run the boat, they're the ones that make the boat go. without the team, we are nothing. we are absolutely nothing. >> reporter: this gesture raising the bar in a year when holiday bonuses are already predicted to go up. a survey by robert half suggests 96% of employees can expect bonuses that meet or exceed last year's. whether it's the jelly of the month -- >> it's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. >> reporter: or a hard-earned share in $10 million. >> it's crazy, it's life changing. can't thank him enough. >> several of those employees say they are now debt free thanks to this incredible holiday bonus. they're paying off their credit cards, their mortgages, their student loans. the holiday gift of a lifetime, no doubt. >> this was beautiful, to see the looks on their faces, incredible. >> really cool. the great thing about this
3:22 am
company too is that they were named one of the 10 largest corporate philanthropists in the baltimore metro area. they extend this generosity beyond just their employees. >> nice. >> amazing. >> happy holidays for them. coming up, shipping butter better? "the mix" next.
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until i found out what itst it actually was.ed me. dust mite droppings! eeeeeww! dead skin cells! gross! so now, i grab my swiffer sweeper and heavy-duty dusters. duster extends to three feet to get all that gross stuff gotcha! and for that nasty dust on my floors, my sweeper's on it.
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the textured cloths grab and hold dirt and hair no matter where dust bunnies hide. no more heebie jeebies. phew. glad i stopped cleaning and started swiffering. ♪ ♪ ♪ time for "the mix." we've got a story for you. apparently -- we talk a lot about self-driving vehicles. >> yep. >> well, what about a self-driving truck that deliver butter? >> deliver butter. >> from one side of the country to the other. >> to the other. >> i cannot butter-believe it or i can't believe it's butter -- a silicon valley startup has completed its first commercial freight across country -- >> why butter? because if they didn't make it, it wouldn't be that consequential? >> i think the very end of the trip from california to pennsylvania by land o' lakes, they wanted to be able to say if it went smoothly this trip was
3:26 am
smooth like butter. >> oh. i guess they did it. >> the company system used cameras, radar -- >> there was a driver in there. >> a safety driver. >> right. >> look, he didn't have his hand on the wheel. >> that's crazy. >> going cross country there. >> but i mean, he obviously went to sleep at some time, right? >> probably not, right? >> three days? interesting. >> 2,800 miles. >> yeah, well -- >> what? >> take it up with tesla. so baby yoda is everywhere now. >> everywhere. >> even -- look at that little hand -- now even on digital road signs in mississippi. the department of transportation there is hoping that little baby yoda will get people to start using car seats. says there, baby yoda uses the force but still needs a car seat. so we're making light about this,er that making light about it by using baby yoda, but it is -- >> extremely important. >> incredible that there are
3:27 am
people who, for whatever reason, don't have their kids in a car seat. >> right. >> but your kids in a car seat. >> yeah. >> help them save their lives. >> it's not the '80s anymore like i grew up, put them in a car seat. >> please. >> the force is good with that baby yoda. a tech company developed a christmas dinner, they put it in a can. when i say christmas dinner a can, like all of it. the turkey, the gravy, put it in a can. that beautiful delicious-looking thing -- >> beautiful? >> no, it's not beautiful at all. apparently they're doing it for gamers. gamers say they don't have time to eat because they're gaming. they put christmas dinner in a can. that's gross. >> that couldn't be more disgusting. >> you know what's not gross -- >> even got the cranberry sauce in there. okay, what's not gross is this adorable little girl. >> right. >> you know these kids, these little kids, they know everything. >> yep. >> this girl lost her glasses, thought for sure they were not on her head. >> no, no! >> where are my glasses? >> they're right there. >> nope. >> i don't believe you.
3:28 am
>> uh-uh! mom's not telling the truth, where are they? >> this waffle looks good, though.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now, the impeachment showdown entering a new phase. democrats are putting forth two articles of impeachment with a house vote likely next week. the president lashing out at democrats during a rally in pennsylvania. also this morning, two cities on alert after a deadly gun battle that lasted hours and forced the lockdown of dozens of schools. among the dead a veteran police officer. new this half hour, an incredible story of survival. 4-year-old twins getting out of a chaotic crash to look for help. plus a new chapter for a college student who's only 9 years old. why this prodigy won't be getting his degree, at least not this year. if you're ready to get hitched, chris harrison wants to
3:31 am
marry you -- that is, the "bachelor" host will officiate your wedding. how you can say "i do" in front of the king of "bachelor" nation in "the skinny." it's wednesday, december 11th. we're not married but we are a duo and we're back together. >> that is true, back together again. it's been about two weeks, moton. >> two weeks. and it's been an ordeal. >> it sure has. you know, kenneth and i were saying earlier that it's been two weeks since we've seen each other, but we literally text like every other day. what you see on tv is what is like our text messages. yesterday i was in my bathroom, i was just in the bathroom not like -- >> not crying? >> because it's like -- i was in
3:32 am
the bathroom like crying, laughing, like wheezing at our text messages. >> me and you, us never part. there we go. >> that is right. >> good to have janai norman back. let's get to some news. president trump on the brink of impeachment, lashing out as house democrats prepare to debate formal charges. >> hours after articles of impeachment were announced the president rallied supporters in pennsylvania, accusing democrats of cheapening the impeachment process, claiming he did nothing wrong. democrats are undeterred saying the president abused his power, harmed national security, and defied congress for his personal political benefit. abc's terry moran has the details. >> reporter: a fateful step under speaker nancy pelosi's watchful eye. house democrats declared they will impeach president trump. >> the house committee on the judiciary is introducing two articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states, donald j. trump, with committing high crimes and misdemeanors. >> reporter: the two articles, those are the charges against the president, abuse of power in
3:33 am
his dealings with ukraine, and obstruction of congress. on abuse of power, the charge that donald trump ignored and injured the interests of the nation and betrayed the nation by abusing his high office to enlist a foreign power in corrupting democratic elections. on obstruction of congress, the charge that trump, without lawful cause or excuse, rejected every subpoena or request for evidence, the article declaring, in the history of the republic, no president has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment inquiry. >> no one, not even the president, is above the law. >> reporter: democrats are moving fast, some say too fast. their answer to that was stark. >> the argument, why don't you just wait, amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election? why not let him cheat just one more time? >> reporter: the articles of impeachment concluding, president trump has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to the constitution if allowed to
3:34 am
remain in office. >> we would be delinquent in honoring our oath of office if we did not impeach him for not honoring his oath of office. >> reporter: republican leaders are backing trump to the hilt. >> it is not difficult to defend this president, but it is very difficult to defend this congress on what they have done, and history will not be kind to them. >> reporter: so i asked him, does he defend the president's phone call with president zelensky of ukraine, asking zelensky to investigate joe biden and hunter biden? do you agree with the president that that call was perfect, that's what we want presidents to do? >> they entered two articles and your question is about, is it perfect? the question is, is it impeachable? the answer is, absolutely no. >> reporter: the president speaking out. >> we did nothing wrong, there was absolutely nothing done wrong, i think it's a disgrace so people can make impeachment out of nothing. >> reporter: this impeachment is on a fast track. the house is expected to vote on articles of impeachment by the end of the year. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying there will be
3:35 am
no senate trial this year, that will take place in january. he outlined a process where representatives from the house of representatives will offer opening arguments, countering, facing off against white house lawyers. at that point, mcconnell says, senators could vote and end the whole process, or president trump has suggested, maybe they'll call witnesses and we'll have a much longer trial. terry moran, abc news, the capitol. the same day democrats moved to impeach president trump, they handed him a legislative victory, agreeing to a revised trade deal with mexico and canada. house speaker nancy pelosi called it a victory for the american worker. she said the deal to replace nafta is infinitely better than what the administration initially proposed. lawmakers added stronger monitoring standards for labor and environmental rules and removed patent protections for some prescription drugs. the senate plans to take it up early next year. now to that violence in new jersey that caused panic in the streets and left six people dead, including a veteran police detective. investigators day two gunmen
3:36 am
sparked yesterday's shoot-out. it kept parts of jersey city locked down for hours. it started as a gun or drug bust at a cemetery. that's where a 40-year-old detective and father of five, joseph seals, was killed. the scene shifted to a kosher supermarket as the suspects and police shot at one another in the streets. the gunfire led to dozens of schools being placed on lockdown, leaving many parents terrified. >> my first reaction was to get down here right away, see if we could get them out of harm's way. but obviously that was all locked down. as long as they told me they're safe, i'm okay. just the anxiousness now. >> five people were killed in the kosher market, including the suspects. police believe the business was targeted. the defense department is taking action after the pensacola naval base shooting. >> it follows the shooting of three american sailors last week by a saudi air force lieutenant. saudi arabian students in the country for training will be restricted to classrooms. >> that means no target practice
3:37 am
and no flight instruction. abc's martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: the 303 saudi flight students now grounded are spread between three florida naval bases. pensacola, the scene of the deadly shooting, nearby whiting field, and mayport naval air station. among the more than 800 saudi military in the u.s. who will now be restricted to only classroom instruction. all part of the pentagon's formal review of vetting processes for the training program. this action follows new revelations about the saudi officer responsible for the shootings. the fbi retracing that officer's final days, including a sightseeing trip to new york. sources tell abc news that back in pensacola, he showed friends videos of mass shootings and posted an anti-american rant on twitter right before he killed three sailors and wounded eight others on the base. the defense secretary said he wants the review done in the next ten days.
3:38 am
the saudi defense attache was at the pensacola base on tuesday, but it could be some time before those saudi pilots are back in the air. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha there. in the weather department, the snowstorm is done in the northern plains but not the bitter cold. >> here is a live look from the twin cities where the feels-like temperature is negative 3. yikes. officials have opened warming centers across the region there. >> meanwhile heavy snow is falling east of cleveland along the lake erie coast. >> you can see how the snow front will move east overnight stretching from north carolina all the way up to maine. the northeast will get as much as 3 inches right during the morning rush hour, so if you're in the northeast and heading to work, be careful out there. >> or heading home like us. >> that too. a 9-year-old belgian prodigy is now a 9-year-old college dropout. >> lawrence simmons was on track
3:39 am
to become the first college graduate under the age of 10 this month. the child some call the new einstein was set to earn a degree in electrical engineering, but his parents have pulled him out of school in the netherlands. they're upset he won't be allowed to take his final exams before he turns 10 in april. so their main concern wasn't -- isn't necessarily the degree, it was breaking a record? >> yes, and the dad said we were told with the media attention we put too much pressure on our child, and that if we continued, a psychiatric examination would have to be made. >> i think that sounds reasonable. >> seems like a lot going on there. >> yeah. >> they were wanting to make sure, just watching out for the child. >> interesting. parents refused an offer of a mid-2020 graduation date. coming up, the 4-year-old twins who rescued themselves from a deadly car crash. plus the new reporting on that runner caught on live television allegedly slapping a
3:40 am
reporter's behind. what his lawyer is saying. turns out all mariah carey wants for christmas is a little more than just you. wait until you hear her holiday plans. oh, yeah, you're watching "world news now."
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firefighters were called into a marshall's outside boston when a teen's fingers got stuck in a shopping cart there. the teen herself shot video with her free hand. she was stuck for about an hour. crews had to use a saw to get her out, so be careful while you're out there shopping. now to an amazing story of survival. >> it involves twin 4-year-old sisters. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: at first rescuers couldn't believe those tiny girls had done it. >> engine 470, two little girls with a witness, they're telling the other adult their dad was bleeding. >> reporter: twin 4-year-olds, rosaline and aurora simmons and their father corey's car outside seattle when their vehicle went
3:44 am
down 18 embankment, ankling cory. emergency dispatch piecing together the story of how the little girls rescued themselves. >> down a ditch, a sedan, hard to see. the children must have climbed up. >> reporter: police say they unbuckled themselves, crawled through the shattered glass, past their bleeding father, who had not been wearing a seat belt, climbed up that 100-foot ravine. a good samaritan stopping, comforting them, dialing 911. their courage tounding first responders, later their great aunt rose. >> they are so brave. one woke up in the middle of the night, having nightmares. >> reporter: the family now hopes they can preserve corey's memory. >> we're going to keep corey alive for those little girls. i'm afraid they're going to forget him. >> reporter: police tell me that father who was unbuckled died almost instantly. still, he had put both those girls into booster seats and buckled them in, one major reason they managed to escape unscathed. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles.
3:45 am
>> a reminder about the importance of seat belts. there are new details in the case of a runner slapping a georgia reporter's rear-end on live tv. >> alex bozarjian has filed a police report. she also says the man identified as tommy callaway reached out to her saying he didn't intend to hurt her. his lawyer says the man is a loving husband and father and youth minister who quote wants to correction the situation. >> hm. >> right. >> you can be a loving whole bunch of things and that doesn't give you an excuse or reason to do something like that. >> right, keep your hands to yourself. >> 100%. when we come back, how to feel like a member of "bachelor" nation at your own wedding. and who just gave kevin hart a big kiss. here's a hint, he's 6'5" and has a lot of big old muscles. "the skinny" is next. isn't working at its best? taking metamucil evday can help. metamucil supports your daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium.
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♪ ♪ time now for "the skinny." and we are starting with cardi
3:48 am
cardi cardi b back and forth. >> the rapper faced a judge in a courtroom in queens, new york, for assault charges stemming from a brawl in a strip club in queens in august 2018. what really, really turned heads during her court date was that outfit right there. >> yes. and you know this is not to take away from the charges that cardi is facing. >> very serious situation. >> absolutely. but we've got to separate it to talk about the fashion real quick. when i saw this video the first thing i thought was, yes, cardi. because the outfit, i mean -- show up to court in your sunday best. >> the allegations against her, no, cardi. >> very serious, we do not support that at all, cardi, you've got to do better, if you are guilty. you see her there in that outfit. she pleaded not guilty to the charges. the next court date is january 17th. we'll keep you updated. >> we'll see what the runway to the courthouse looks like for her then. >> that whole outfit. >> can't wait for the next look. all right, next to saying "i do" "bachelor" style. >> "bachelor" fans can now book host chris harrison to officiate
3:49 am
at their weddings. that's according to his new website which says he also customizes each of his weddings to the couple. >> harrison has been an ordained minister with universal life church since 2012. in order to exchange your vows in front of harrison, couples need only provide their wedding date, location, and additional details. the website does not list a price. >> is it for the money? is it for branding purposes? >> i don't know. >> interesting. >> branding purposes, yeah, that would be good. next to the big honor and the big kiss for kevin hart. >> the 40-year-old actor was honored with a hand and footprint ceremony at the famed chinese theater in hollywood where he got a big old kiss from his "jumanji" costar dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> "the rock" couldn't resist a jab at his friend last night on jimmy kimmel. >> so yes, so there's actually somebody -- kevin is so small and light. he had to get somebody pushing
3:50 am
kevin down to get his feet imprinted. that's a true story. >> gravity was not enough? >> no, so they pushed him down, the first time i've ever seen that. >> they're really great friends. >> i do ve their friendship. he said kevin hart is one of his best friends. >> very sweet. >> congrats to kevin hart on that honor. next to the j. lo superfan who just got a shout-out from jenny from the block herself. >> it happened aboard a jet blue flight new york to l.a. a writer for "male" magazine tweeted to jet blue to make an announcement on the plane urging passengers to watch "hustlers" to support her golden globes nomination. >> one of the cabin crew members did respond. >> "hustlers" is one of our inflight movie options. we greatly appreciate if you'd join us in supporting miss lopez and watch "hustlers" on our flight today. thanks for your support. >> so joseph luongo stretched the truth a bit, telling jet blue he was one of j. lo's backup dancers.
3:51 am
j. lo didn't mind tweeting out, this is amazing, you can be my backup dancer any day, thank you for the support. >> we love it, we love j. lo. 50, looking good. >> yes. all mariah really wants for christmas is apparently not you. >> the singer will once again make her holiday pilgrimage to aspen, colorado, aboard a private jet. what a holiday it's already shaping up to be for her. >> she -- wow. her airbnb there is this incredible $22 million ski lodge which rents for $10,000 a night. >> okay. >> boasting five bedrooms, five bathrooms, the master bedroom with private deck and gas fireplace. >> formal dining room, game room, sauna, hot tub. as you can see here, multiple 15-foot christmas trees with a main tree that's nearly 20 feet tall. >> as for guests, cardinal rule, you're not invited if you're
3:52 am
going to cause drama, leave that drama for your mama. >> so nick cannon and eminem won't both be there? and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a month for you too. if you're age 50 to 85, call now about the #1 most popular whole life insurance plan,
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♪ i love my "jeopardy!" baby oh ♪ ♪ i love my "jeopardy!" baby oh ♪ ♪ i love my "jeopardy!" baby three guys who did pretty much nothing but win on "jeopardy!" are about to face off for one of the greatest showdowns in history. >> the prize, the title of "jeopardy greatest of all time." here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: brad rutter, james holzhauer, ken jennings, "jeopardy!" legends, coming together for a special primetime event, "jeopardy greatest of all time." we spent time before the great showdown, set to air in january. >> i think the fans are going to
3:56 am
be very happy to see it settled on this stage, instead of arguments on chat boards. but there's a lot of luck in the game of "jeopardy!" >> reporter: jennings a fan favorite, went on a record 74-game win streak, has won over $3.3 million on "jeopardy!." rutter holds the record at $4.6 million. holzhauer is the phenom who won 32 straight games, collected $2.7 million in winnings, and holds just about every scoring record there is. >> how much did you risk? $38,314, a new one-day record. >> he makes big, aggressive wagers. but brad and i have seen him play. those are games where he played against newcomers. >> oh! >> people off the street. >> oh! okay. >> that's nice that he can like beat up on minor league talent. >> oh! >> this is a different arena. >> this is better trash talk! >> reporter: the three admit they've studied each other and might have to adjust their playing styles. the format for this competition,
3:57 am
first player to win three matches is the champ. at the center of it all, alex trebek. >> do you in your heart of hearts, even though you won't give it to me, do you have somebody in the back of your mind you think could win this thing? you think who will? even though you won't tell me, do you have somebody in mind? >> quite honestly, no. >> no? >> no. who gets an early lead? are you going to try to pace yourself if you don't win the first match? are you going to push? what are you going to do? there are so many different factors that will contribute to this win that we can't predict. it may end in three days, i hope it goes seven days, because that will be the best of television, guys. >> oh! our thanks to t.j. holmes for that. that was some pretty good smack talk. >> the trash talk, yeah, for "jeopardy!" standards. >> beat up on minor league talent. >> the first will get $1 million. the others get -- >> and bragging rights. >> -- $250,000. >> of course. you said your money is on?
3:58 am
♪ here comes "jeopardy!" james here comes "jeopardy!" james ♪
3:59 am
4:00 am
happening now in america this morning, weather alert. a storm hitting just in time for the morning impacting millions from d.c. to new york and boston. what to expect this morning. >> stop right there. the shootout lasting four hours. three civilians and a police detective among the dead and now word that a jewish location may have been targeted. authorities boosting security. new york city police now on high alert. what we're learning about the shooters. the cruise ship tragedy. a toddler falls to her death. her grandfather facing criminal charges. but this morning how the


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