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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 21, 2020 2:42am-4:00am PST

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whoa, we are back with this wild scene from the capital of australia. those workers took cover under a table umbrella as hail rained down on them. some of the hailstones were about two inches in diameter. they were big enough to damage car windshields and cause power outages across the area there. well, closer to home, a royal reunion on this side of the pond. >> yes, prince harry has reunited with duchess meghan and son archie as they begin their new lives outside the royal spotlight. >> it comes barely a week after they stunned the world with their announcement about stepping back from the royal duties. here's abc's elena gomez. >> reporter: just a day after sharing his heartfelt reasons for stepping down from royal duties -- >> there was so many months of talks after so many years of
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challenges. and i know i haven't always gotten it right, but as far as this goes there really was no other option. >> reporter: harry set off to canada to reunite with meghan and baby archie. >> what i want to make clear is, we're not walking away. and we certainly aren't walking away from you. >> reporter: harry giving this honest speech at a charity event on sunday night. a little over a week after shocking the world with a big announcement that the sussexes were stepping down from royal duties. the couple's already out of the uk and beginning their next chapter in canada. >> they've gone to that very clean break. i think realistically, actually, that was probably the only choice. >> reporter: meghan and mary will not represent the queen anymore, they will not receive public funds, and the uk will no longer be their primary home. harry says the couple is taking a leap of faith into a new role in a new city, as a new family. another big change, harry will be relinquishing his military ties, but harry says he will still continue to support the
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charities and military communities that are so important to him. >> elaine there, thank you so much. dad is back home now with his family. we saw those pictures of meghan there walking the dogs with the baby. >> she looks happy. >> she looks extremely happy. and we actually point out, she was walking the dogs. jack what did you say there about her walking the dogs? >> i said now that the british taxpayers aren't paying for the dog walker anymore, you got to do it yourself. >> okay. >> oh my goodness. >> voice of jack there. >> oh my gosh. >> and that's -- now that king jack has spoken. is there really anything left to say? >> so much concern with the titles they have. >> right, right. they get to keep the titles. but obviously they're going to jump back into it. in ten years they'll be full royals again i'm sure. >> with peace of mind. coming up, russell simmons fires back. >> what the hip-hop mogul is now saying about oprah winfrey pulling away from the documentary focused on sexual misconduct allegations against him. focused on sexual
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misconduct allegations against him.
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hd 5.
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there's been a new there's been a new development overnight in the fallout from oprah winfrey's announcement from she's pulling out as executive producer of the controversial documentary "on the record." >> the film focuses on sexual misconduct allegations against hip-hop mogul russell simmons. both simmons and his publicist have issued statements. it comes as winfrey insists she wasn't issued by pressure from simmons but about her own concerns about getting the story right. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: oprah winfrey bowing out as executive producer
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of a project chronicling the stories of women with sexual harassment and in some cases assault allegations against hip-hop mogul russell simmons. the documentary titled "on the record," slated as one of winfrey's debut projects for apple tv plus, centered around drew dixon who told the new york times in 2017 that def jam co-founder simmons assaulted her in his apartment in 1995, while dixon was an executive assistant for the company. now, according to a source close to winfrey's team, oprah does believe the women, but the ultimate goal is to, quote, get it right with no rush to release the documentary. winfrey tells "the new york times" that simmons attempted to pressure her to abandon the project multiple times but that it was her own concerns, including possible inconsistencies with dixon's story, not simmons' protest, that led her to ultimately back out. initially in december simmons, who has not been charged with any crime and has denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex, took to instagram addressing winfrey in a letter
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quote it's so troubling you choose me to single out in your recent documentary. i have already admitted to being a playboy more appropriately titled today womanizer sleeping with and putting myself in more compromising situations than almost any man i know. so many that some could reinterpret or reimagine a different recollection of the same experiences. >> i think she wanted a bit more of a longer and more insightful take. but working on the film at least three years, i think from their perspective, the film is more than done and ready for audiences. >> reporter: the filmmakers kirby dick and amy ziering, behind the documentary "the hunting ground" -- >> my name is alexa schwartz. >> reporter: tell "deadline" while we are disappointed oprah winfrey is no longer an executive producer on the project we are gratified that winfrey has unequivocally said she believes and supports the survivors in the film. >> our thanks to adrienne. overnight simmons' publicist released a statement saying in
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part if defending himself against terrible accusations is considered intimidation, then there would be no justice. the film narrative has been rejected by responsible media outlets. >> in the meantime, simmons himself has leased a statement saying i have issued countless denials against the accusations against me validated by my passing nine prosecution-grade lie detector tests. >> this is fascinating. the fact when a lot of people -- it raised a lot of eyebrows when they said oprah pulling out. they were like, okay, are there some issues here? this queen of media here who definitely is known, has a reputation for wanting to get it right here, says there are questions and concerns here. >> absolutely. i think it's also a concern since it's set to be released at sundance this saturday, january 25th. so coming up pretty soon. >> so we haven't heard the last of russell simmons i'm sure on it at all. coming up, how a 6-year-old just raised $250,000 for australia's animal fire victims.
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...and protects from future stains. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ ♪ it's time for #goodnewstues. let's kick it off with a 6-year-old. he's small but he's doing big and mighty things. >> big things. >> yes, this boy from massachusetts, name is owen collie. his father is from australia, and he heard about the wildfires and he wanted to take action. >> absolutely. so he was trying to create these clay koalas and sell them, and he raised over 240,000 australian dollars. >> whoa. >> yes, which is a pretty big deal, honestly. >> his fund-raising goal was $1,000. obviously you got a cute kid offering up clay koalas. you know what's happening in australia, your heart just pours out for the folks down there.
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so, they all jumped in. people starting donating on that gofundme. they stepped up big time. >> it's still going. >> still going. i think he's going to get to a million, i just believe it. so then we got to move over to this bookstore in petersfield, england. it's a 100-year-old bookstore. they were having a pretty sort of slow day for the first time ever. they called it a tumbleweed day. >> oh no. >> where they had no customers. they tweeted out all these images of no one in the store. but then -- >> what happened? >> you know what happens on twitter. >> yep. >> when things go viral. things happen and change happens and people started coming in, buying the books, and they had a really good day. >> there were words of encouragement online. there were people buying books in the store. >> flooded with orders. >> it also helped they got a retweet from a famed english novelist and fiction writer by the name of neil gaiman.
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>> got a boost. >> people were like, we ordered this book, where is it? i can't get in the store. no, this is a good thing, go read it up. >> i love it. >> i love it as well. this is a good #goodnewstues. also this one on #goodnewstues. this adorable service dog that picked out its new best friend during a trip to build a bear. >> how adorable. >> mushu the dog. first-ever trip. says, i want that one right there. mushu is currently training to be a service dog. after all the hard work, i'm pretty sure that mushu needs a little pick me up there. >> speaking of dogs let's check out this stray dog that's also an internet sensation, helping kindergartners get across a busy street in eastern europe, how adorable. >> look at that, the dog helping out. dogs doing a lot of good work these days, right? they always have. >> i love it, this is so adorable.
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this morning on "world news now," the new phase of the impeachment trial is just hours away. >> today, senators vote on the trial's ground rules which are drawing fire from democrats. one calling the rules a disgrace. meanwhile, president trump is thousands of miles away. also this morning the new storm set to dump 2 feet of snow in the mountains along the west coast, plus the chill in the south. frost and freeze alerts for florida. plus a mystery solved. police say they've arrested the pillowcase rapist who terrorized women in south florida in the 1980s. victims in disbelief. and more than a week until the big game. the petition to move the super bowl to a saturday. meet the high school student who's on the offense trying to reschedule the big game. it's tuesday, january 21st.
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good morning, everyone. bringing kimberly brooks back. i think he's got a point. maybe it should be on a saturday. >> i'm just there for halftime. >> i'm thinking about the wings overload i got going on on monday. jack back there, i mean -- there's no telling how many beers he has on a sunday. >> jack? >> right? right, voice? >> i'll admit it, i fully support super bowl saturday. let's do it. >> you know what, we're going to get into that in just a moment. i guess we have to start with the big story of the day. this half hour we begin with the historic impeachment trial. the stage is now set for a contentious battle over the ground rules. >> here's a live look at capitol hill where the proceedings will get under way this afternoon and where republicans have unveiled a plan for a speedy trial. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to give house impeachment managers 24 hours over two days to make their case against president trump. the president's attorneys will get equal time to respond but the senate's top democrats slammed the proposal saying key facts will be delivered in the
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middle of the night. >> as senators convene the president is thousands of miles away attending the world economic forum in switzerland. abc's mary bruce has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: president trump greeted with cheers and loud boos as he paid tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. the president spending less than a minute at the memorial to the civil rights icon. blocks away on capitol hill, democrats are preparing to make their case against him. and the president's legal team is offering the first glimpse of their defense. in a 110-page brief, trump's lawyers say the process has violated every precedent and every principle of fairness and are urging senators to swiftly reject the charges. one of the president's lawyers, alan dershowitz, laid out their central argument, that charges against trump don't rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors as the constitution requires. >> there has to be criminal behavior, criminal in nature.
3:03 am
the articles of impeachment are obstruction of congress and abuse of power. >> reporter: but most he still refused to give a straight answer. >> do you personally believe donald trump right now with the evidence in front of you, as one of his attorneys, abused his power, yes or no? >> i'm not going to answer that question yes or no, it's irrelevant. >> reporter: democrats argue the facts are indisputable and the evidence is overwhelming. in their own brief, they outline the case for additional witnesses. saying only if the senate sees and hears all relevant evidence, only if it insists upon the whole truth, can it render impartial justice.
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>> make no mistake about it, we will force votes on witnesses and documents. >> reporter: even some republicans like lisa murkowski of alaska say they're open to hearing additional witnesses like former national security adviser john bolton. >> i'm going to take my constitutional obligations very, very seriously. >> reporter: the republican leader has just announced that he is giving those key republicans like senator murkowski what they want, a vote on whether or not to call additional witnesses. but that is not likely to happen until next week after several days of intense opening statements followed by at least 16 hours of questioning by senators. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> and so it begins. our thanks to mary. stay with abc news as the historic impeachment trial unfolds. we'll have live team coverage. and we're streaming online. it all begins today at 12:30 p.m. eastern. turning overseas to a rocket attack dangerously close to the u.s. embassy in baghdad. at least three rockets were
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fired from outside the city into the fortified green zone, no reports of injuries or damage. overnight three people were killed as anti-government protesters clashed with iraqi security forces firing tear gas and live rounds. richmond, virginia, braced for violence during a gun rights rally, but it ended peacefully. an estimated 22,000 people were there. those who entered the state capitol grounds were unarmed. many activists who stayed outside the designated rally zone were heavily armed. they were protesting plans for virginia's democratic political leaders to pass new gun control legislation. abc's victor oquendo talked to demonstrators. >> reporter: why was it so important for you guys to be in full armor, you know, bring the firearms out? >> it's our right, isn't it? we can exercise our rights. >> police say there was just one arrest and there was no trouble between the gun rights supporters and counterprotesters. turning to weather, there is no doubt winter is here. >> a new storm is moving into the west coast, bringing heavy
3:06 am
rain along the coast and snow in the mountains. the morning commute is likely to be messy and travel across the mountains may be difficult. >> in the eastern half of the country, it's just cold. this waterfall in oswego, new york, became an ice sculpture. >> even parts of florida are under frost and freeze alert. accuweather's adam del rosso has the forecast. >> kenneth and kimberly, good morning. another chilly day on tap across the northeast. temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees below average, even though we will have lots of sunshine. pretty much the same story across the southeast. sunny but cold. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average. some gusty winds along the coast leading to rough surf as well. temperatures through the afternoon only in the low 40s in atlanta. low 70s in miami. we get into the overnight hours, accuweather real feel temperatures across south florida, they're going to be in the 30s. yeah, cold even for miami standards. we wrap up across the west coast with another storm making its way onshore, bringing rain along the coast and some mountain snows back to the region. kenneth, kimberly?
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>> all right, adam, thank you. this morning an over-the-counter drug is causing quite the headache for major pharmaceutical company glaxosmithkline has temporarily stopped production of excedrin extra strength and excedrin migraine. it says it found problems in the measurements of ingredients. as a result some stores have run out of those two products, sparking a nationwide shortage. the company says its other painkillers should still be on sale. remembrances took place around the country on the annual dr. martin luther king jr. holiday. >> dr. king's oldest son, martin iii, honored his father at the monument bearing the reverend's image in washington, d.c. the younger king joined the others laying a wreath while delivering a message of upholding justice. in hawaii, the navy honored world war ii hero doris miller. he will be the first black man with an aircraft carrier bearing his name.
3:08 am
and democratic presidential hopefuls, bernie sanders, amy klobuchar, elizabeth warren marched arm in arm during an event in columbia. thousands filled the streets of houston for that city's annual parade. people nationwide talked about dr. king's legacy. >> for everybody to live together, you know, as one unity. what martin luther king's dream was about, freedom for our people, for everybody. >> and it's important for the kids to know who this man did for the country. >> this freedom ride is so important because it shows the diversity of america and how diverse america is today, and it's a beautiful place to live. >> the enduring legacy of dr. king. we've talked a lot about obviously mlk in the past 24 hours. and the work that has been done and the work that we still have to go. i was thinking about mlk day. when i hear from the kids, this morning -- throughout this morning, we'll hear from the kids when it comes to honoring dr. king.
3:09 am
when you hear from the children, it really puts it in perspective a little bit more. >> absolutely. one thing i like to do on this holiday is reread his letter from the birmingham jail. i know the "i have a dream" speech is so profound but i love the letter from the jail talking about the fight for justice, which he did his whole life. >> which is still ongoing. coming up, is the world ready for super bowl sunday to be on a saturday? first the atlantic hawk star who suffered permanent injuries after being hit by a drunk driver. could his promising career have been cut tragically short? plus, nearly 40 years after terrorizing south florida, do police have the so-called pillow rapist in custody? st in custody?
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nyquifor your worst cold andrful relieflu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. more than 30 people are out of their homes overnight after this five-alarm fire on new york city's staten island. the blaze started in one of the connected houses and then spread to several others. there were only minor injuries. a retired police sergeant is credited with racing into one of the homes and bringing out a woman in a wheelchair. also here in new york, a new lawsuit has been filled against jeffrey epstein and one of his alleged co-conspirators. >> in her civil suit an unnamed plaintiff claimed she was abused by epstein as a young teenager.
3:13 am
it alleges ghislaine maxwell regularly supported epstein's abuse and was frequently present when it occurred. it's alleged epstein raped the plaintiff in three states. and in florida, a possible break in a case for investigators, looking into an old case in a reign of terror. >> investigators arrested a cable installer. nearly four decades after a serial rapist terrorized south florida, police say they found their man. >> from the moment i met him he just -- just gave me the wrong feeling. >> reporter: this morning 60-year-old robert kohler is behind bars accused of being the person behind a case of assaults, the so-called pillowcase rapist began a spree in 1991, attacking 45 women in five years. the pattern went undetected until an investigative reporter noticed similarities and notified investigators. his m.o. was to target young professional women, including
3:14 am
nurses, teachers, and students. he would sneak in through an unlocked door or window, use a pillowcase or covering to obscure his face, hold them at knife point and tie them up. in one case he allegedly returned weeks later and before leaving wrote an obscene message on his victim's mirror that only appeared once steam from her shower made it visible. only one of his victims ever caught a glimpse of her attacker and finally gave police a face to look for. still it would take 30 years before officers descended on this florida neighborhood in palm bay, arresting kohler. who is a registered sex offender for an unrelated assault. neighbors were stunned. >> we knew he had a little bit of a checkered past. we had no idea of the rest of this. >> reporter: police have not revealed what led them to kohler and he has not yet entered a plea. the pillowcase rapist abruptly stopped his crime spree in 1986 after attacking an elderly woman in her home. the task force assigned to the
3:15 am
case disbanded the next year after the trail went cold. a suspected drunk driver may have ended the career of nba player atlanta player chandler parsons. >> the atlanta forward has been in the league's concussion protocol since wednesday. his lawyers say the three-car accident caused permanent damage, including traumatic brain injury and herniated disk. the driver accused of causing the crash is charged with dui. serena williams' latest quest for a record-tying 24th grand slam got off to a good start down under. >> williams took her first match at the australia open in straight sets. she won her last grand slam in melbourne park three years ago. she was pregnant with daughter alexis. meanwhile, alexis' auntie venus is heading home, six months after losing to 15-year-old coco gauff in the first round at wimbledon. the teenager dealt big sister another round one loss. afterwards venus said, i think the sky is the limit for her.
3:16 am
coming up, moving super bowl sunday to saturday. the high school student who's gaining momentum with a petition to change the day the big game is played so that it doesn't happen on a school night. and coming up in the next half hour -- >> jack sheahan, analyst here at the champagne crime scene from last week where hannah ann showed her selfish side. but that's just my opinion. >> i've acknowledged your feelings, i respect your opinion, we're moving forward. >> oh no she didn't. >> oh no she didn't. fitness. it's every class you can imagine. live... welcome back to the mirror. you've got this, john. .and on demand. it's boxing, cardio, yoga, and more. it's an interactive, goal crushing, whole family, whole body fitness machine. it's so cool! the future of fitness is at home. the mirror.
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12 days and counting until peivndreraons are under way in south florida. activities for fans actually start this weekend with "super bowl live" in downtown miami and the super bowl experience in
3:19 am
miami beach. and as people get ready there in miami, a new effort is gaining momentum that threatens to rock the entire institution of the super bowl right to its very core. >> yes, kenneth. it would change super bowl sunday to super bowl saturday. and will ganss is here with all the details. >> i am here to rock super bowl to its very core. you can tell how serious i am from this very serious referee jersey. yeah, frank rigeri as lifelong lover of football but the former little leaguer and nfl superfan is hoping his big idea goes all the way and tackles the idea of super bowl sunday once and for all. just days before the big game -- >> touchdown, kansas city! >> reporter: frankie rigeri is throwing a flag at super bowl sunday entirely. that's because the new york high schooler is rooting for a super bowl saturday. >> for like super bowl to be on saturday, because of schools are not open on the next day.
3:20 am
school the next morning, work. might as well put it saturday. >> reporter: it's a fair point that's been argued in the past by "usa today," "forbes," and the ajc, writing that the day after the game is a productivity killer for employers with companies losing almost $300 million in wages for every 10 minutes workers spend recapping the game. now frankie's going for a hail mary, launching a petition in hopes of getting the nfl to notice. frankie's own athletic director saying it's a solid play. >> you know, that's one of the things with frankie, he comes up with an idea. he takes that energy and finds a way to make it happen. >> reporter: frankie's principal has signed the petition along with more than 5,000 other people. and how many more is he hoping for? >> tons. tons of millions. >> reporter: one of the most important people who likely won't be signing? nfl commissioner roger goodell. just last year explaining why a saturday super bowl is a bit
3:21 am
far-fetched. >> the audiences on sunday night are so much larger. >> yeah. >> so fans want to have the best opportunity to be able to see the game, and we want to give that to them. >> reporter: as frankie gathers more signatures towards super bowl saturday, the comish has one idea for a compromise in the meantime. >> sunday night's a better night. how about if we have a half day on monday? >> now we're talking. >> now we're talking indeed. goodell's idea for a half day monday, or frankie's idea to move the game to saturday, might be something to consider. an estimated 13.9 million workers will call out sick that monday, making it one of the biggest sick days of the year. >> apparently they're not very creative at doing it, right? most people say, i have a fever, i got a headache. get creative with it. frankie, it's not going to happen, i mean, come on. >> i signed the petition. >> ratings are big on sunday night, yes. but also, i don't know. i actually felt that on saturday people might show up. >> yeah. the party can go longer. you got to do what you got to do.
3:22 am
>> it's a couple more weeks. >> fingers crossed. >> we'll see. >> coming up, "the mix."
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3:24 am
3:25 am
time for "the mix." let's set this up. 1,000-plus people for nearly four months on a boat in the middle of the ocean. what could go wrong? but apparently a lot of people are doing it. princess cruises is about to set sail for 111-day around-the-world voyage. actually set sail yesterday. >> that's a long time. >> that breaking news of it set sail. it's out on the ocean. they're going to 38 ports, 26 countries, five continents. >> wow. >> that's a lot. they'll have a few stopovers in big areas like thailand,
3:26 am
australia. >> i want to know the people that have that much time off. are these like older people who are retired. >> well, if you can get rid of your home, your apartment or whatever, and pay the $23,000 per person for his trip. >> yeah, those are folks that are retired. >> you wouldn't do it? >> i would definitely do it. i don't know if i want to be on a boat that long, though. >> because nothing ever happens with these cruises. >> nothing ever happens on a boat. >> nothing. >> kenneth, i want to talk about the elephant in the room, literally. there's this elephant in a hotel in sri lanka that literally is a normal guest. he's still a wild elephant but he just kind of roams around, does his thing, and they tell the guests at the hotel, don't mind him, just let him just peek around and have a good time. that would probably be alarming. but it's also pretty cute. >> if you see that elephant
3:27 am
coming out of the hotel bathroom in the lobby, you may want to pick another one. >> i mean, look how low the ceilings are. this is not a good situation. >> that's like a normal occurrence right there in sri lanka. >> you know, sri lankan tuesday, no big deal. >> no problem, just looking for the services there, the spa treatment at the hotel. speaking of spa treatment. this man may need one for his head after this haircut. >> let's see it. >> to celebrate the super bowl. >> oh my lord. >> look, he's got the san francisco -- >> where are the parents? >> the 49ers, he's got the k.c. chiefs there. just right there to celebrate super bowl liv there. >> is this a grown man? i can't tell. is this a kid? >> looks like a man. >> grown man. well, last, just look at this dog really quick. its name is tesla and it can do a burpee better than anybody i've ever seen. >> i hate burpees. very hard to do, good for him, good dog, good dog.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the impeachment trial showdown. after being sworn in last week, the senators ret. also this morning, concerns are growing over a mysterious and deadly virus new overnight, prince harry has arrived in canada to rejoin his wife meghan and baby archie. what comes next? the drama on "the bachelor" kicks into a higher gear amid some familiar accusations. all the details with our "bachelor" analyst jack ahead in "the skinny."
3:31 am
it's tuesday, january 21st. oh, the drama. the intrigue. the mystery. you know i'm talking about capitol hill or i'm talking aboul get into "the bachelor" in just a moment. >> we begin this half hour with the showdown of the new rules that do pave the way for a quick impeachment trial. >> as the trial opens in earnest today democrats are accusing republicans of a cover-up saying they're trying to rush through the trial to avoid witnesses and bury facts in late-night proceedings. and president trump's legal team is calling on the senate to reject the charges altogether, blasting them as constitutionally flawed. abc's serena marshall has the latest. >> reporter: leaving the impeachment trial behind him, president trump heading to switzerland monday night attending the world economic forum. as he was taking off, the format for the trial landing on capitol hill. the majority leader offering a compressed schedule, giving each
3:32 am
side 24 hours over two days to make their case, followed by 16 hours of senator questions. the president's legal team offering the first glimpse of their defense. and president trump's legal team is calling on the senate to reject the charges altogether, blasting them as constitutionally flawed. and that even the democrats' argument of abuse of power does not rise to an impeachable offense, something one of his lawyers, alan dershowitz, maintained over the weekend. >> the articles of impeachment are two noncriminal actions. >> reporter: dershowitz, who previously defended o.j. and jeffrey epstein argued the opposite during the clinton investigation. >> certainly doesn't to be a crime if you have somebody who completely. >> reporter: pressed monday on if his client abused his power -- >> i'm not going to answer that question yes or no, it's irrelevant. >> reporter: democrats argued the president's offense is a chilling assertion and dead wrong, that the facts are indisputable, and the evidence is overwhelming already. as they continue to push for additional witnesses, saying only if the senate sees and hears all relevant evidence, only if it insists upon the whole truth, can it render
3:33 am
impartial justice. >> a trial where there's no evidence, no existing record, and no new evidence, no witnesses, no documents, that isn't a trial at all, it's a cover-up. >> reporter: the debate on witnesses is expected to be an up or down vote that will come later in the trial, but it's still likely to come down to four moderate republicans like alaska senator lisa murkowski, who says she's open to hearing from new witnesses like the president's former national security adviser john bolton and she takes her oath and her responsibility very, very seriously. kimberly, kenneth. >> thank you, serena. and the president's attorney alan dershowitz tried to clarify his argument after he appeared to contradict himself. last night dershowitz told cnn he's done a lot more research since commenting in 1998, that impeachment doesn't have to be based on a crime. dershowitz insists he wasn't wrong then or now saying it's clear to him that you need criminal-like behavior akin to bribery and treason. of course, abc news will bring you live team coverage of the
3:34 am
historic impeachment trial beginning today at 12:30 p.m. eastern. one gun rights activist who attended monday's rally at the virginia state capitol called it the super bowl for the second amendment. the event went off peacefully with none of the violence that was feared. abc's victor oquendo was there. >> reporter: facing freezing temperatures, tense scenes as thousands of heavily armed gun rights advocates descended on virginia's capital city. what's the goal here today? >> send a message. >> reporter: the richmond rally is a yearly event held by a local guns rights group and usually uneventful. but second amendment groups around the country are using it as a rally point against what they see as a national erosion of gun rights. virginia's state government is set to pass gun control legislation inthst reporter: amifele ute t righrallin canthfbwain veor ralph northam declare
3:35 am
a state of emergency, banning all weapons from capitol grounds. authorities arresting seven alleged white supremacists last week, saying seven of them planned on attending. the rally just got under way. one officer told me they were expecting 10,000 people here inside capitol grounds. outside on the streets there are thousands more. >> reporter: outside the grounds? >> usa! >> reporter: weapons proudly on display. >> why was it so important for you guys to be in full armor, bringing the firearms out? >> it's our right, isn't it? we can exercise our rights, right? >> reporter: just one person was arrested, they were wearing a mask and they refused to take it off. part of the reason there were so few confrontations, security was very tight and there were hardly any counterprotesters out here. one law enforcement source says there were 20,000 people at the rally. the state of emergency remains in place tuesday. victor oquendo, abc news, richmond. >> all right, victor, thank you. at least four people have now died from the new coronavirus in china with many chinese traveling for the lunar new year holiday. other countries are worried they
3:36 am
may soon see the disease. the number of confirmed cases is it is being spread person to person. the world health organization meets tomorrow on whether to declare a public health emergency. and anger is growing in puerto rico over the territory's management of emergency aid. hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the governor's mansion demanding wanda vasquez resign. this follows the discovery of a government warehouse full of supplies that were supposed to go to earthquake victims. vasquez has fired three officials and asked the department of justice to investigate. breaking overnight, britain's prince harry is now in north america. >> yes, the duke of sussex arriving in canada this morning to reunite with his wife, duchess meghan, and their son, archie. yesterday's departure from the uk came just over a week after the couple announced it would be stepping back from its royal duties. new images this morning show duchess meghan and her son in vancouver. she has not commented publicly on the decision.
3:37 am
delta airlines employees are getting a late holiday present. >> the company says it will pay out $1.6 billion in profit-sharing bonuses. all 90,000 eligible delta employees will receive a check equal to two months' pay and the company ceo said delta would be nothing without our 90,000 people. the plan is to give out the money on valentine's day. >> that's a lot of love there, right? symbolic. sixth straight year delta's paid out more than $1 billion to its employees. i mean, their earnings are good. they're getting a lot of baggage fees and other fees. delta's one of the good ones, i'll give you that, let me just go ahead and say that. >> they say some of the success came because they're not using the 737 boeing max jet. >> let me give you a list of those horrible ones starting with -- okay. i don't want to get in trouble. >> oh my goodness. >> but you know who you are. >> oh lord. >> so the insomniacs too. coming up, the terrifying attack on a 3-year-old by a mountain lion.
3:38 am
plus the dramatic video capturing the moment a father rushed and tackled a high school wrestler during a match while he was wrestling the man's son. the charges that that father is now facing. plus "the skinny." jack sheahan, analyst, getting ready for another rose ceremony. we'll tell you who got the flowers and who got the thorns.
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dramatic video from charlotte, north carolina, moments after a high school dramatic video from charlotte, north carolina, moments after a high school wrestler was penalized during a match. his opponent's father charged out of the stands and knocked him to the floor. the man was wrestled to the ground by coaches and officials and charged by police for assault and disorderly conduct. >> just incredible actions there. terrifying moments for a family in california as a mountain lion attacks a child in orange county. >> officials say the big cat grabbed a 3-year-old boy by the neck as he walked with five other family members. the child's father threw a backpack at the mountain lion. it dropped the boy, grabbed the knapsack and a ran up a tree.
3:42 am
it was eventually caught and euthanized. the boy is okay. turning now to the terrifying moments for a busload of college students on a highway in mississippi. >> their charter bus exploded into flames after the driver says he hit something on the road. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: that terrifying close call. these university of alabama students narrowly escaping this burning charter bus. >> at first it was white smoke, then it was more explosions and just black smoke rolling out of it. >> reporter: you can see deep orange flames and thick black smoke shooting into the air. 29 passengers scrambling to grab their belongings and get out of harm's way. then an explosion. >> five minutes later, you know, we hear the big bang. everyone starts walking backwards as quickly as they can to just get away. >> reporter: the bus carrying the students from a fraternity formal in new orleans back to school in tuscaloosa when authorities say an unknown object suddenly fell from an 18-wheeler puncturing the back tire of the bus. part of the interstate was closed down about an hour as crews cleared the scene. everyone made it off the bus safely. erielle reshef, abc news, new
3:43 am
york. new details in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of music superstar prince. >> the singer died of an accidental fentanyl overdose in 2016. relatives sued a doctor and an illinois hospital, among others, claiming substandard care contributed to his death. reports say the suit was quietly dismissed in recent months, suggesting prince's relatives reached a settlement. when we come back, bachelor peter's shocking last second decision. and see who else is hoping for a brad and jen reconciliation. "the skinny" is next. "the skinny" is next. aaaah! (mom) nooooo... (dad) nooooo... (son) nooooo... (avo) quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. [son loudly clears throat] [mom sighs] [mom and dad laugh]
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(avo) bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny and of course "the skinny" starts with our roundup of all that drama on "the bachelor." >> lot of drama. everything was going well last night for peter the pilot until it wasn't. >> was it? >> yeah, our chief senior "bachelor" analyst jack sheahan has the details. jack, what happened? >> good to be here, kimberly, kenneth. 19 women started last night. chasing peter's heart.
3:46 am
everyone still trying to get over the champagne crisis. drama guaranteed. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. i just would never do that to someone, why would i steal champagne? >> lots of water works going on. >> still going on about champagne? one-on-one date with victoria. still going well. she got the rose. >> yeah, if peter wants to be in the mile high club, i would gladly join it. >> we'll hear more from her. oh god. demi's back. >> i'm back [ bleep ]. >> she needs another 15 minutes of fame. group date. demi's extreme pillow fight club. alaia declared the winner. >> mind if i kidnap you? >> of course. >> that night the claws come out.
3:47 am
>> , shke. >> peter gets word of it and he doesn't like it. >> i hate feels like i might possibly be being fooled right now. >> sydney gets the group date rose. next day, time for a pool party. no one in the pool. plenty of drama. >> you don't care who you hurt in this process. >> hurting? i'm not hurting. >> you hurt me. >> the women throw alaia under the bus. >> do i think that she like acts a certain way in front of the camera when the camera's on? yes. >> there's a certain -- oh the camera's on. you know what i mean? >> she kind of puts it on. >> yeah. >> i need to know how to act before going into this. >> peter needs some answers from alaia. >> did you tell toria to tell the producers you guys didn't know each other before you came on the show? >> i would get disqualified and she would get disqualified. >> that doesn't look genuine. >> let's sort this out at the rose ceremony. >> madison?
3:48 am
>> roses being handed out. >> i'm just so confused. >> hang on where's he going? quick talk with chris harrison. >> kenna? >> post rose ceremony whispers. drop ye, cper the pilot, may as well call him mr. consistency, two episodes in a row, seven on the kiss count, so roger that. the previews from this are telling. next week, out of the mansion, off to -- cleveland. >> oh! >> romantic destination that it is. >> it does rock. >> nice, i'm from ohio, good choice. >> there's evidence that alaia, who was causing all the drama, not done yet. >> oh! >> so we haven't seen the last of her. on that note -- it should be noted, as we saw in the piece, our girl madison still hanging tough, no problems there. on that note, analyst out. >> see you, analyst. his pick is still in it, yep, okay. thanks, jack. losing stuff off camera over there.
3:49 am
so, i mean, it was very dramatic as jack said. >> even the oh my gosh. >> the music alone. the music alone. >> i can't handle it, i can't handle it. >> all right. going to go to the next one then? >> yeah. we are going to go -- >> i don't want to take your line. i just wanted to -- >> we'll just keep it going. coming up next, the big score for tim tebow. >> oh, big score, all right. the former nfl quarterback has reportedly married former miss universe demi-leigh nel-peters. in an intimate sunset ceremony. at an estate in her home country of africa. >> tebow famously vowed to remain celibate before the marriage told "people" magazine, all of my dreams have come true. it was 100% worth the wait. >> did you forget we were on tv? >> i was taking in the "bachelor" drama. >> thinking about the bachelor. mr. tebow, he's no longer a bachelor. mr. poster boy for abstinence, saving yourself. this morning we can finally say,
3:50 am
tim tebow, you're married. >> a married man, yes. >> i'm not going to say what i was going to say because my producer is like, don't do it, don't do it! let's talk about courteney cox who is adding fresh fuel to the speculation about her former "friends" costar jennifer aniston and brad pitt. >> the two divorced back in 2005 all four posts about jen and brad's touchy-feely rendezvous. given the postal double tap on the instagram, liking it on twitter, on facebook. so 24 hours ago i think i was a little giddy about this. about these pictures on the entire internet. then i remember how it all went down. we have short memories. >> it was 20 years ago. >> i know it was 20 years ago. but jen was done wrong. done real wrong. dirty dog nasty wrong.
3:51 am
"mr. and mrs. smith" wrong. >> all right, all right. >> wrong. but she can forgive, maybe i can as well. >> and it could be a real-life "parent trap" for the parents of two hollywood heavyweights. >> matthew mcconaughey and hugh grant costarring in the new film "the gentlemen" which opens this friday are reportedly playing cupid for their own parents. >> they set up matthew mcconaughey's 87-year-old mother with grant's 91-year-old father. and are set to meet sometime next week. >> okay, grant joked their encounter could certainly be red hot. i do say eww with that. thinking about your parents. but -- >> i think it's cute. >> those guys could be stepbrothers. >> i think it's adorable, i love it. >> great acting, they put on skits, it will be real fun. coming up, the enduring words of martin luther king jr. >> you're watching "world news now."
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
on this ar's on this year's martin luther king jr. day, a first for an african-american. the u.s. navy has honored sailor doris dorie miller, naming an aircraft carrier after him. miller served as a ship's cook during the attack on pearl harbor, stepping up to help the wounded, taking control of an anti-aircraft machine gun despite the fact that jim crow laws banned him from carrying a weapon. miller died in battle two years later. as gestures of service and charity big and small played out across the nation, a group of elementary school students in houston did their part to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> it was an oratory competition and this year's topic, what would dr. king's vision be for america in 2020? here's what they had to say. >> we must go back and review dr. king's dream for all mankind. >> the greatness of a nation is the future depends on the
3:56 am
visions and actions of citizens in the present. america is seen by the word as a reference for what greatness should be. >> dr. king once said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. >> i believe the best of us comes out when we work collectively as a team. this does not mean we cannot disagree, as dr. king taught us. we have to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. >> i don't believe that dr. king would have imagined that this would be our america in 2020. >> we need to stop letting political parties divide us as a nation. >> there is too much division in america. white against black, rich against poor, men against women. part of dr. king's vision would be for all of us to get along and work together. >> let's use the symphony and
3:57 am
embrace the unique instruments that bring harmony. >> we must do it one home at a time, one community at a time, one day tuesday. >> there is only one race, the human race. >> today my vision for america in 2020 is still the same. let freedom ring in love as one great nation. >> truly from the mouths of babes there. >> those kids are amazing. >> they really are. and i just think there's so much to be learned obviously when it comes to mlk's message, his teachings. for kids to go back and listen to him and learn about him. i saw on social media yesterday parents talking to their children about mlk. >> i like that, yes. >> stay with us. more news after this. di.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, let the proceedings begin. the new battle brewing in the senate over president trump's impeachment hearings. the proposal from leader mitch mcconnell that has democrats up in arms and the possible vote on whether or not prosecutors can call witnesses. day one begins in just hours. dangerous close call. >> that's so terrifying. >> the new warning from wildlife officials after a mountain lion snatches a toddler during an afternoon hike. the split-second decision that may have saved the boy's life. break in the case. police say they finally arrested the so-called pillowcat cades at an abc news exclusive. >> i just fell and landed.


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