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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 16, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. it is sunday february 16th. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is meteorologist liz argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning to you. we have west winds on the coast at 21 mile an hour. half moon bay, san franciso, you can see the cloud cover. we'll call it partly cloudy. it is 50 in san francisco. just dropped into the mid-40s in oakland. 44 in san jose. so the numbers are slightly milder. anywhere from a couple degrees to 13 degrees warmer. winds in the upper elevations look at this shot, nice and clear from san francisco. noontime, partly cloudy, 50s at the coast. we will be cooler and winds picking up at the shoreline.
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mid and upper 60s around the bay for a nice afternoon above average. can we keep that trend going for the holiday and beyond? i'll let you know. >> lisa, thank you. hundreds of american cruise ship passengers are waiting to evacuate and board 747 jets and bring them home. they have been on board the ship with coronavirus. several crew members infected. here is a live look in japan where americans are about to disembark. some will be quarantined for 14 days when they arrive here at travis air force base in firefield. others flown to lackland in texas. we're pushing to find exactly arrival times. overnight the death top climbed to 1600 people. first fatality was also confirmed this week in europe. the number of worldwide infections have climbed to 69,000, 15 of them are here in
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the u.s. here is abc 7 news reporter ty hernandez with the latest. >> reporter: nearly 400 americans who have been quarantined on this cruise ship off the coast of japan will soon be on their way home, but many are concerned once they arrive in the u.s. they will face another two-week quarantine. >> that's very tough because we're business owners. arranging our house being taken care of, our animals being taken care of and work being done. >> the cdc says american passengers will have additional screens before returning to the u.s. >> the fact more and more positive tests keep coming has made us lose a little bit of faith in this quarantine process. >> worldwide they are estimated to be more than 68,000 people infected. at least 1,665 people have died, mostly in mainland china. france reporting the first death outside of asia, an 80-year-old chinese tourist who had been in quarantine since january. the u.s. announcing it will now
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be testing for covid-19 in five major cities in cases where flu virus negative, los angeles, chicago, new york. on saturday abc news getting an inside look at this 3m factory in south dakota, working around the clock. >> i'm making a product that's protecting even just one person, it makes that 8 hours or 12 hours worth it. >> making face masks and respirators to combat global shortages of supplies. ty hernandez, abc news, new york. fears over the global spread of the virus are hitting the port which sees countless ships around the world. port officials are keeping a close eye on how the coronavirus will impact future trade numbers. numbers show both imports and exports are currently rising but the question is how long. the port of oakland says since the december outbreak of the coronavirus, some international shipping lines are canceling upcoming cargo trips. abc 7 news spoke to a novato man
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headed home after being stuck on the "diamond princess". he told us on friday they had been let out of their cabin just four times. >> we have no way to talk to anybody else. we can't even recognize them. we all look like ghosts with our masks we have to wear continuously when we're outside our cabin. >> rick saber added he and his wife were tested for the disease and thankfully the results came back negative. we've spoken to several other residents aboard the "diamond princess." can you find those sores on our website, meantime police are investigating officer-involved shooting on the tracks of the b.a.r.t. station. it happened at el crito del norte b.a.r.t. station. it was closed for hours because of this. the victim is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez has more. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> reporter: police radio calls describe the moment when two b.a.r.t. police officers open fire on an armed man at el cerrito del norte station around
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2:00 saturday afternoon. >> if you were there, you would see he was running trying to get away from the police. >> a witness, who did not want to show her face on camera, was sitting on b.a.r.t. moments before the shooting. >> they chased this boy through the train, out the train, on the platform. i guess he jumped on the tracks, and that's when they shot him. >> they fired off a lot of rounds out there and everybody scattered. i ran out. >> reporter: at a press conference b.a.r.t. police ed alvarez said the two officers involved were responding to a domestic disturbance call between a man and a woman, one of them armed. >> the officers got onto the platform, challenged that individual who then ran off the train, down the platform, and onto our track way at which point a gun was produced by the suspect. our officers ultimately shot recovering a gun. >> the victim shot was airlifted to a nearby hospital. witnesses say they were trying to console the girl that was with him.
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>> she was saying how old he was. he's 17. he's only 17, and that scared me. >> lauren martinez, abc news. >> b.a.r.t. police have not confirmed the age of the man who was shot or the woman that was with him. officers are looking through video from the stations, trains, and body cameras both officers were wearing. we first reported this story through the abc 7 news app with an alert at 2:50 yesterday afternoon. the app is one way to stay on top of breaking news as it comes into our newsroom. when you download it, just be sure to enable the push alert feature. a man is facing serious charges for attacking two women on the embarcadero in san francisco. the attacks happened yesterday morning in broad daylight. 's abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the details. >> this is my commute every day, so that's scary. >> reporter: a reaction to a scary incident early saturday morning. police say this man wearing a cap and overalls was arrested and charged with attacking two
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women. around 7:00 a.m. a woman running along embarcadero was stabbed near pier 19. this tourist, who spoke russian, told us what she saw. she says we saw the young woman on her knees. she had a knife in her upper back. she re-enacted the attack for police officers and said the suspect was agitated and swearing. he took off on a bicycle. ten minutes later the same man is suspected of attacking another woman nearly pier 39 with some sort of tool. she was helped into the ambulance with a bandage on her head. police say the attacks were random. both victims will survive. >> it doesn't surprise me because san francisco is kind of getting that way. we have too many people out on the streets that are a little bit psychotic. >> william hall lives on the embarcadero. he's concerned about the violence and has taken steps to protect himself. >> i don't know what the solution is. i know it's an issue, and i carry pepper spray all the time.
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>> reporter: the suspect's name has not been released. he's facing two counts of attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. in the east bay pittsburgh police are investigating a deadly shooting. a body was found friday night at woodland hills park. we first got word of a possible shooting around 7:30 that night. the victim identified as a 21-year-old man. his name was not released. investigators say the suspect shot the victim, ran to a compact car and drove away. illegal drug use suspected of deaths found in marin county. the two were found in a driveway in the area of the sleepy hollow neighborhood. the sheriff's office said victims are a 32-year-old man from mill valley and a 30-year-old woman from tiburon. toxicology tests will happen this week to determine what they died of. the marin humane society is caring for a dog that was found in a car in the driveway.
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someone analyzed the historical park in oakland. the park shared the photos including an adobe oven damaged. this has delayed a community feast in the park. graffiti was also skraud acrawl over a rock. a fundraiser took place in east bay to help australia care for koala. jazz lovers serenaded by musicians and the benefit for australian koala foundation. tens of thousands of animals died in the bushfires. their habitats decimated by the historic disaster. the fundraiser sought to raise money to help relief efforts for koa koalas. >> read so many things about the australia koala foundation and the great work they were doing to help them. i thought this was something to raise awareness and raise money and help them and have fun at the same time. >> donations to the nonprofit are tax deductible. organizers say they had to do
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something after learning of the extensive devastation to wildlife. although the fires aren't raging as hard anymore, it's important to keep helping these animals that were so hurt. >> the weather is totally wacky all over the world as we get into the third week. starting perhaps the fourth week dry. that's why you need to stay tuned to accuweather forecast. you can see how clear from sutro tower camera. 50 downtown. we'll talk about cooler sunday and monday next. thanks, lisa. also ahead the nba family came together for the first time since the death of kobe bryant. what kicked off the all-star festivities. san francisco is on keanu watch as the star films "matrix 4" in the financial district. we think we found him. hear from fans who have been looking out for the actor all weekend.
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two bacon, two sausage, this is the two eggssuper slam. hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. see you at denny's. welcome back. the nba renamed its all-star game and mvp award in honor of kobe bryant. commissioner adam silver announced the move yesterday. kobe and his 13-year-old daughter gianna were among nine people killed in the helicopter crash three weeks ago. nba all-star game kicked off last night with a tribute to kobe, gianna. instead of silence they asked for fans to cheer for 24.2 seconds. >> 24.2 seconds we want this arena loud. we want to make some noise. all right? we want to hear it loud. let's go. let's go!
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give it up! bring that joy, bring that passion. kobe became the youngest player to play at age 19. he made the all-star team 18 times during his career with the lakers. okay. we think we saw keanu reeves. abc 7 reporter and photographer weren't the only ones there staking out san francisco's financial district for hours hoping to get a glimpse of some of the scenes of "matrix 4" being shot there this weekend. filming involved high-flying stunts like this one. you have to check this out. this video shared on social media. the stunts, people watching them all throughout the city over the weekend. abc 7 reporter luz pena went out to meet some of the fans who created a network many are calling the keanu watch. >> reporter: it's official, we are on keanu watch, but i think i look too much like a reporter. in order to find him, we might
6:15 am
have to look like a fan. let's blend in. i think we're ready to find him. so there's a network of keanu reeves fans trying to find him across san francisco. we found one that took a selfie with him. >> it was amazing. i'm still in shock that i met keanu. >> after chatting with one of the last fans who took a selfie with keanu, we began our own keanu watch heading straight to the financial district. we're literally walking through the film set. around us a combination of real and fake cranes, real and fake cranes, real sfpd, fake smoke, fake sfpd vehicles, a lady with orange hair. it looks like the "matrix" director, so keanu must be by. >> is that the double?
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>> reporter: we also met hard core keanu watch faithfuls. >> how long have you been waiting here? >> since 5:00 p.m. >> i wasn't born. >> when the first "matrix" movie came out, you didn't exist. >> reporter: one made a map with all the streets they closed to film the movie. >> compiled the closures into a map so i could see color coding. we're heading from north to south. >> so we stayed put and found elana once again. we knew this time it was happening. then out of nowhere, our lens spotted who appears to be keanu reeves and carrie ann ross. keanu watch accomplished. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> worth the wait. santa rosa and sonoma county officials are working to find the homeless after clearing them from the train. the county closed deals on multiunit homes for those
6:17 am
recently cleared out of the encampment. this was part of a plan in december that created temporary shelters. the county's work is far from over. they need alternative sites up and running by may. in the north bay bring cash if you plan to visit point reyes this weekend. the park service wants drivers to know the only gas station in town on highway 1 can't accept credit cards right now. it's not clear what caused the problem, and it may not be fixed until tuesday. visitors are being advised to fill up before making the trip or have enough cash to fill up at the highway 1 station. meteorologist lisa argen tracking the forecast. it's going to be a little windy today, lisa? >> at the coast. no winds around the bay, no advisories, northwesterly flow developing this afternoon at the shoreline. live doppler 7 in the north bay, a little on the peninsula. the rain is staying in the pacific northwest and there isn't much of it. not even a quarter of an inch
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for our friends in portland. we're getting tail end of high and mid level clouds. winds in upper elevations, 21 to 23 miles an hour, gusts above 1,000 feet from mount helena, mount tam and mount diablo. what it means at the surface is not much today. tomorrow the winds will be building. today at the coast we will have breezy to gusty winds. it is 50 in san francisco, 44 in san jose and we'll be looking at numbers staying in the low 40s for the next few hours. we just have clouds insulating us a little bit in santa rosa and petaluma. so we'll move through the mid-40s. 50 in concord. we'll be looking at not much fog. in fact, you can see the vantage point from sutro camera tower. cooler today, breezy at the coast, gusty winds in the hills for tomorrow, presidents' day. that would be anywhere from 30 to 35 miles an hour, offshore component. the afternoons will be mild not only tomorrow but into the upcoming workweek with
6:19 am
spring-like weather remaining. in fact, getting warmer by the end of the week. here is a look at wind gusts throughout the day. you notice at the coast 20 to 30 miles an hour. so if you're headed up to point reyes, it will be certainly breezy, usually is windy here anyway, even more so. half moon bay and pacifica. the rest of the day we'll look for lighter winds around the rest of the bay area. here is the rain. not much of it. you can see medford not even .2 as we look at the winds overnight. they are picking up in the hills here. those will continue throughout your holiday on monday. so 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. offshore winds 15 to maybe 20 miles an hour. that continues through the morning hours. then it will subside by the afternoon. if you're headed to the mountains today, mild, 50 degrees, cloudy in the sierra nevada and not a lot of change but more sun for monday upper 40s. overnight lows in the teens and 20s. today looking at low 60s in oakland. a little cooler by a few degrees, 66 in napa 62 fremont,
6:20 am
palo alto, breezy winds at the coast. san francisco you're just 56 today. the accuweather $7mid-50s at the coast, low- to mid-60s around the bay, maybe renegade upper 60. with winds picking up we won't be too cold wake up to breezy conditions then dial back throughout the rest of your holiday so we'll gain a few degrees on the back end of your monday and tuesday starting out cold as well as wednesday. mild afternoons above average. near 70 inland, upper 60s around the bay the end of the week. even about 60 at the coast. so that's going to be a spring-like week ahead. a little cool out there today. >> basically feels like winter is over but we need to get some rain. >> we can get some especially when baseball season starts. that's when the rain comes for little leaguers. >> of course. >> thanks, lisa. just ahead, falling head over heels in more ways than one.
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how new couples got to know each other better over roller coasters at six flags.
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. welcome back. dan harris joins us to tell us what's coming up on "good morning america.." americans release freddie a ship quarantined in japan with hundreds of cases of coronavirus on board. why some passengers actually
6:24 am
want to stay behind. plus duchess kate opening up in podcast interview, the relatable challenges she fade raising three kids and her parents. a lineup of celebrty judges ready to mentor the next big music superstar and sneak peek at some of the contenders from across the country. all coming up on "gma." we'll see you soon. as we get close to spring, many of us plan home improvemeno projects. law enforcement cracking down on unlicensed contractors. an undercover operation took place in paradise. nine suspects arrested. michael finney shows us video of that sting. >> goes straight down. >> reporter: this video by cslb shows a sting about to happen. >> when do you guys want to get started? >> next week. >> the man with a tape measure offers to build a fence at this burned out property in paradise.
6:25 am
he thinks the other man is the property owner. really he's an undercover agent. the man says it will cost $5500 for the fence. now any job over $500 requires a license. authorities say he doesn't have one. >> he's got at license. i work under his license. >> reporter: the man asks for half up front. also illegal. >> i'm just a little guy. i need half down. that way i can get all the materials. >> reporter: contractors can't charge more than 10% down for a big project. at this point police came out of the brush. >> this is a state licensing board sting. do you have any license on you at all, sir? >> i work under a license. >> you do? okay. just relax real quick. do the one side, that will be great. >> now another contractor bids on the fencing job. >> so $7,000 gets it done on both sides, right?
6:26 am
>> okay. this is a sting. i think you already know that. >> reporter: he didn't seem surprised when police showed up to arrest him. >> just relax. >> reporter: now another contractor tries bidding by the hour instead of by the job. >> i give you contract prices i can get my [ bleep ] in a jam, so i'm going to work by the hour. looking $1600 or $2 grand. >> he was surprised when officers arrested him. >> i don't know why you would be doing this to me. i haven't done anything. >> he's going to explain. >> reporter: the thing is when you hire somebody not licensed they might talk the talk about how much work they have done but you have no idea they have any experience. >> cslb says it's a risk to hire an unlicensed contractor. >> chances are you've only got a person with a phone number and a pickup truck. if you do have a problem, it's going to be almost impossible to track them down. >> whether you're in a fire zone or not, check cslv website before you hire a contractor. it will tell you if a person is
6:27 am
licensed and insured. it has a list of qualified contractors near you. remember, never pay more than 10% down or $1,000, whichever is less. that's by law. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. speed dating to a new level. the park invited singles to ride the ultimate roller coaster. they were given ice breaker questions and speed dating score cards to help determine matches. this happened before they were launched at needs 52 miles an hour, 15 stories in the air. in the end they could stay and enjoy the park for a second date if they so choose. the manager of the event said love was in the air, 150 feet in the air to be exact. see if any couples come. looks like fun. still to come on abc 7
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president
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because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen.
6:31 am
hey, lisa. >> hey, liz. good morning from mount tam. can you see a little bit of fog here. in fact, we're looking way up high where some of the winds will be getting a little bit gusty, 50 in san francisco, 48 oakland, 44 san jose, half moon bay in the low 50s. winds up to 21 mile an hour already. here is our roof camera. 42 santa rosa with about 45 in livermore, napa at 46. we're milder, windy in the upper elevations. that is what kept the temperatures up. see the winds gusting 32 miles an hour mount diablo. upper elevation winds today will bring a breezy to windy coast. elsewhere, though, it's partly cloudy. temperatures in the low- to mid-60s. we'll see a few high clouds around. for the holiday, more gusty winds. we'll tell you where and look at the third week of february, see if we can get rain in here coming up. liz. >> thank you. the california primary is weeks away now. right now early voting is under way in nevada, key caucus state.
6:32 am
democratic candidates are zeroing in and gearing up for another debate. rachel cscott reports from las vegas. democratic candidates flooding the state. senator bernie sanders will ride into the state on a wave of enthusiasm fresh off new hampshire victory. he's taking heat from union leaders who express concern about medicare for all. caught up with a polling location. he brushed off those concerns saying he believes he's going to do well here. this state will be the first test for which candidate can appeal to minority voters. former vice president joe biden thinks he can get the job done. he had a poor finish in the first two contests but believes he can finish top two. other candidates like pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar will be racing to gain support minorities voters. the next democratic debate on
6:33 am
wednesday. rachel scott, abc news, nevada. can addressing climate change issue for democratic candidates in the california primary. i our latest episode of chasing california, chris reyes dug do that question. >> if it has any major effect it will be on turnout. because climate change is such a vital issue to the younger voters, because the younger voters aren't always regular voters in a primary election. >> now is the time to do something. >> chris sat down with abc 7 news anchor kristen sze to break down the importance of this issue. >> if you are wanting a big voter turnout, climate change is a huge motivating factor. in fact, we talked to a berkeley pollster and he talked specifically to democratic primary voters last year, and he found climate change is the number one issue for those voters unlike health care which polls typically higher across the nation. so you have to have a climate change message that resonates. >> so that's what energizes people here.
6:34 am
there's also an age link, isn't there? >> absolutely, absolutely. young voters are more politically motivated than ever and mobilizing and doing it in the name of climate change. chasing california is on abc news app, youtube app, amazon fire, chasing ca. you'll find several episodes about individual candidates and the importance of independent voters. the candidates are also coming to california. this evening presidential candidate amy klobuchar will be in san francisco for a private fundraising event and tomorrow senator sanders will be at ridgeway pavilion. you can see two of the 2020 presidential candidates coming up this week. amy klobuchar of mike nicco and billionaire and san francisco resident tom steyer. a 14-year-old boy charged in
6:35 am
assen adult in the stabbing of a barnard student. tessa majors was attacked by a group of teens as she walked through the manhattan park. a 14-year-old charged with her murder along with 13-year-old accomplice. dna evidence linked the 13-year-old to the crime. the manhattan says he intends to honor the memory of majors by pursuing justice for her. an elite tactical unit in the u.s. border patrol will be deployed to u.s. cities across the united states in the coming weeks and san francisco is among the cities targeted. "the new york times" reports it will help with undocumented immigrants. the latest salvadore salvo in battle against municipal governments across america refusing to participate in rice crackdown on immigration. chicago, new york, and l.a. are among 10 u.s. cities being targeted. immigrant rights group in the states express alarm over the moves saying we have defeated
6:36 am
these intimidation tactics before and we're ready to do so again. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg said they should regulate similar to telecommunication and newspaper. zuckerberg made the comments in germany at the munich security conference. he expanded on regulation of social media companies such as his own. he said tried to influence the upcoming election. the source of campaign is surprising. >> one of the things that we're tracking that we have been quite worried about is that increasingly election interference through these coordinated campaigns is not just foreign interference of the type we saw before but increasingly also domestic. >> zuckerberg says he now employs 35,000 to review and flag harmful posts. a big change coming to san jose state university. the first new building in 30 years is nearly complete. the excitement around the project and the hope that it
6:37 am
will attract more people. here is a live look from san jose just as the sun comes up this morning. beautiful sunrise there. temperatures a bit chilly, 44 degrees. lisa will have more on the forecast throughout the bay area coming up in just a few minutes.
6:38 am
6:39 am
welcome back. a live look from exploratorium camera. beautiful clearwater there, a bird flying, just a gorgeous
6:40 am
morning on this sunday, presidents' day weekend. all right. "american idol" is back. a bay area contestant had quite a moment when he told the judges he's nervous. >> you've got to calm down. >> calm down. >> are you breathing? >> excited to be here, grateful. thank you so much. >> tell us who you are, where you're from. >> francisco martin from san francisco. >> francisco from francisco. ♪ oh me oh my i thought it was a dream so it seemed ♪ breathe deep >> yes to do. ♪ ♪ >> those nerves calmed down. katy perry clearly impressed
6:41 am
with francisco's rendition of "alaska" by maggie rogers. you can watch tonight. the two-hour premier starts at 8:00 p.m. all the judges are back along with host ryan seacrest. i think he's going to go far. >> he's really good. we have pretty nice looking sunrise pictures out there. a mixture of high clouds and fog. this is santa cruz, temperatures in the 40s. today it will be breezy with numbers in the 60s. a pretty cool beach day. in fact, the winds will be quite gusty along local shoreline. we'll talk about sunday, misdemeanor monday and week ahead and whether or not we'll see rain. that will bring us into the third week of february and still no rain for the month. we'll talk about it coming up. >> thanks, lisa. controversy at the nba dunk contest lighting up twitter this morning. one winner is claimed but sharp division over who should actually have won. did he side for yourself in this morning's sp
6:42 am
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touchdown! get started with internet and voice for an amazing price. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. in sports, a quiet day. cal bears take on arizona state sun devils at 3:00 p.m. at haa a pavili pavilion. before tip-off there was serious drama saturday night for nba dunk contest. abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez shows you the highlights in this morning's sports. san jose defenseman erik
6:45 am
karlsson suffered a broken thumb in winnipeg, requiring season ending surgery. carlsson will be recovered well in advance of training camp. sharks fan not happy with injuries but cool costume. lost the starting job in nets. on saturday 39-39. he did not let any goal in a shutout, his first of the year. sharks open scoring. dylan with the goal that went off his chest. 1-0 san jose. 21 seconds left in the game now. wild with one last ditch effort to try and score but barkley goodrow shifts the puck past defense and carlsson empty netter sharks win 2-0. the first time since the 2012 nba all-star game, no warriors playing in the league showcase game. steph and klay hurt and draymond honestly could probably use the break. a dominant run over the past five years. start with three-point contest, no steph, no klay.
6:46 am
beating out suns star devin booker. he won in the finals to take home that trophy. the dunk contest a show between derrick jones jsh and orlando's gordon. jones catching off the backboard and between the legs for the flush. gordon a san jose guy second in the 2016 dunk contest. robbed back then. this is crazy. spinning, gathering and slamming. gordon going for the win, going to dunk over 7'5" man. you would think that would earn him a perfect 50, he got a 47. jones jr. wins the contest. gordon left wondering how he came in second place twice. >> i have two trophies. i still feel like i'm one of the best, if not the best dunker in the world. i still feel that. >> are we going to see you try this a third time at some point? >> i don't think so. this would be my fourth time. third time was the charm. i thought i did what i needed to do to win. i don't think i'm going to do it
6:47 am
again. >> disappointed. pac 12 hoops, this youngster honoring captain. early first half, dae'jon davis, he wants to be in the dunk contest one-point game. second half stanford down 9. bryce wills going to work, dribble, drive, hoop, foul. after free throw six-month game. christian slams it home, wilds cats up for 6. he'll get it done. arizona wins 69-60. arizona beats stanford 20 straight times. unbelievable there. later today nba all-star and nascar super bowl sunday daytona 500 is going to kick off a new year of racing. enjoy your sunday. >> all right. let's get a check of the weather with lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, liz. it was a nice day yesterday but cool at the coast. half moon bay 55, 63 in san francisco. we're coming down a few degrees in the city due to a
6:48 am
northwesterly flow that's going to bring some wind along the coast. then tomorrow the rest of us will feel breezy to windy around here. beautiful view from mount tam. the sun coming up in 10 minutes or so. we're looking at partly cloudy skies with high clouds around the bay today. then the wind picks up tonight especially upper elevations of the north, east bay, mount diablo, pretty good gusts. dry pattern continues but in today's seven there is some indications next sunday that maybe we could see a little rain. 46 in oakland, 50 in san francisco. 44 in san jose. 46 in napa. lots of times wen we've seen indications in the next seven to ten days they got wiped out. see if that verifies from the roof camera. here is a look at the calm winds and a little fog in the north bay. weak front to the north of us bringing a little rain to the pacific northwest. we get the high and mid level clouds and also the gusty winds at the coast.
6:49 am
so we're looking at mount tam 23 miles an hour and look at mount diablo up to 31 mile an hour. still gusty towards mount saint helena. looking at what we can expect overnight tonight. not only will the winds stay with us along the coast but they will increase and then we'll see some of the breezes begin to build in the higher elevation. that was sunday. here is the weak front, the next 24 hours where the rain stops along northern california coastline, then the wind here we're looking at through the overnight hours. east bay, delta, discovery bay over 20 miles an hour, napa as well. get those colors in there and that's indicating gusty offshore flow. we have a bit of a drought situation happening or we should say a moderate situation around bakersfield, fresno. but the rest of us here you can see highlighted in yellow just a little bit dry. as we go through the next week or so you can see 46% of california abnormally dry.
6:50 am
we'll probably get to half of california abnormally dry since we're not going to see any rain likely in the section seven days. maybe day seven. 62 today in fremont, san jose 64. notice the cool numbers on the coast, mid and upper 50s. here is where we have gusty west to northwest winds. already we're over 20 miles an hour from pacifica, half moon bay, sfo, upper 60s warmer locations of the north bay, accuweather seven-day forecast are cool, windy at the coast. in the 50s around the bay low 50s, mid-60s inland. then we have winds in the higher elevation tomorrow morning for presidents' day. then less wind throughout the afternoon. slightly warmer into tuesday. a cold start. those winds will dial back. a dry atmosphere and numbers dropping into the 30s in our protected valleys for tuesday and wednesday and then we'll warm up into the near 70 degree range inland, upper 60s friday and saturday. talk about maybe that next sunday rain which isn't going to help us much for the entire month since we haven't seen any
6:51 am
since mid january but we'll see what happens. >> we had so much in january. nonstop, such a good track. >> yeah, marginally so and turned up. we have mid winter dry spell which is not atypical for the winter but going on quite a while. >> thanks, lisa. education is one of the areas we focus our efforts to build a better bay area. we're highlighting changes at san jose state universe. the final beam on the first new acemdiddic building on campus in 30 years. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen found out the new interdisciplinary science building is one sign of a thriving university. >> reporter: amidst hustle and bustle, silicon valley's university is undergoing a transformation. >> just like they encounter in industry. >> reporter: this is current view of interdisciplinary science building at san jose university. >> we want a student who comes out of introductory chemistry
6:52 am
lab on the teaching side to look across the hall and see their fellow students working side by side with faculty in modern state-of-the-art research labs. >> we were there as students and staff signed the final structural beam of the first new academic building to be built on campus in more than 30 years. >> this is going to change how we teach, how our students get jobs in the future and just how the community views the university. >> the eight-story building will host chemistry and teaching as well as science for high-performance computing and data science plus space for collaboration. >> we need more kids to get active in the world especially with climate change. this is a good thing they are doing. >> local educators like gunder soon high school principal says the profile has risen in the last few years. >> students can see in their backyard there's a high-quality program they have the ability to
6:53 am
be part of and be able to prepare for the workforce. >> current students say the new building will add to the grufrtgrufr university's growing popularity. >> it was home to me. now people from so cal or even out of the state, they want to go here and i think that's pretty cool. >> the new building is expected to be done in two years and represents just the first phase of the university's new science park on campus. reporting in san jose, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. next, i's your last chance to check out monster jam. more on the special party where you can see the trucks up close.
6:54 am
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[car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. happening today at the coliseum, a whole lot of roaring engines and churn of dirt, monster jam. the gravedigger and other four-wheelers tearing it up. multiple tons of pure power and somehow catch major air. fourteen different trucks are taking part. also today is the pit party where you can see the trucks up close, meet favorite drivers and crews, get autographs and take pictures. gates open today at 1:00 p.m. showtime at 3:00. tickets start at $15. i've actually never been, always wanted to go. seems like kind of a cool, fun thing. >> yeah, pretty fun. check it out maybe, or enjoy the day today away from the coast. it's going to be windy there. we're going to see winds build throughout the next several days. highs today in the low- to
6:57 am
mid-60s and then the extended outlook not calling for any rain. we're looking at dry conditions, gusty winds in the hills tomorrow. then as we go through the next seven days just going to get milder. so yeah, we have to enjoy it out there because it's all we have. even pacific northwest not looking at a lot of rain with this system that didn't make it as far south as the bay area. so you can see here just a little bit o haze out there, partly to mostly cloudy to srt out the morning. 40s in san jose. there's a little fog north of the golden gate. it's been quiet, it's going to stay that way except for the winds that will be with us at the beaches and tomorrow in the upper elevations. >> not too bad for holiday weekend. >> not too bad. >> thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz with lisa argen. abc news continues at 9:00 a.m. good morning is next. we'll leave you with a gorgeous shot over the bay bridge with the sun coming up. have a great day.
6:58 am
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. good morning, america. this morning, the latest on the evacuations of americans on that cruise ship in japan hit by the coronavirus. nearly 400 americans heading home by plane but back into isolation. their new quarantine just beginning, but those already diagnosed with the virus won't be shipping out. the families separated this morning. student death arrest. the 14-year-old behind bars accused of murdering college student tessa majors in a new york city park. >> this arrest is a major milestone on the path to justice. >> the evidence police say connects the teenager to the crime and what they say were the young woman's final words. state of erg


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