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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  February 19, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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s to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. tonight, inside a bio-containment unit right here in the u.s. the couple finally allowed off that ship by bus, then by plane. the husband coming down with a fever during the flight. tonight, he is in special isolation here in the u.s. and he shows us the room. the nurse in protective gear, the sealed doors. and tonight, hundreds of others now allowed off the ship, but will many of them now be quarantined for another 14 days before being allowed to go home here in the u.s.? also tonight, mike bloomberg on the debate stage for the first time. the other democrats taking aim. and the message from team bloomberg tonight, amid new numbers showing bernie sanders soaring in the polls. could bernie sanders have the math that would be nearly impossible to catch up to after super tuesday?
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24 hours after being set free by president trump, former governor rod blagojevich in front of the cameras. what he's now declared after being freed. just in tonight, after that horrific crash at the daytona 500, this image late today. ryan newman leaving the hospital with his two daughters. the frightening and deadly plunge. the car right off the ferry with two women inside. what we've learned tonight. this happened right off south florida. the car sinking 50 feet. bracing for temperatures going down. wind chills, minus 17 in minneapolis, minus 3 in chicago. new york city, boston bracing next. and amid the emergency already tonight, now dangerous rains expected from texas to the carolinas. rob times all of this out. there is major news tonight in the case of the new york city college student murdered in the park. the surveillance tonight showing two married police officers offduty, jumping into action, taking on a robber on their date night. and the news from elton john tonight.
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good evening and it's great to have you with us here on this wednesday night. and we begin tonight with a very rare look right here in the u.s. tonight, inside a highly secured bio-containment unit, this one in nebraska. the first patient to be treated there, an american husband. he and his wife finally allowed off that ship off japan, but then on the plane home, he came down with a fever. the man's fever spiking during the flight. whisked off the plane to that special hospital unit, and tonight, he shows us inside the room. the nurse in protective gear, the doors sealed. and tonight, hundreds of others are now being allowed off that ship. many of them americans. but could they now face another quarantine before being allowed to go home here in the u.s.? abc's clayton sandell outside that hospital in nebraska tonight. >> this is our greeting team. >> reporter: when carl goldman's evacuation flight from japan landed in omaha, he was spiking a fever. >> my wife touched me and she knew i was burning up. >> reporter: goldman and his wife, jeri, were fine when they
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left the diamond princess cruise ship. then goldman tested positive for coronavirus, becoming the first patient in a bio-containment unit at the university of nebraska medical center. >> the doors are specially sealed, so i kind of feel like i'm a fish inside a bowl. >> reporter: tonight, he's giving us the first look inside. >> i've got gatorade in every single flavor. >> reporter: a pre-existing health issue landed goldman in the specialized unit, the largest in the country, with room for ten patients. the air circulates 15 times every hour, filtering out hazardous infections. it was last used to treat ebola patients in 2014. >> there's my nurse in the hazmat outfit. that's the monitor. there's a camera on me. and then double glass everywhere. >> reporter: in japan, goldman's fellow passengers are finally leaving the diamond princess. amid new questions about a quarantine that failed to stop the virus from spreading, instead turning the ship into a floating incubator, infecting nearly 700 people. >> i was so scared of getting covid-19.
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>> reporter: a japanese doctor, who says he talked his way onboard, says proper procedures and protections were inadequate or ignored. >> there was no way to tell where the virus is. no green zone, no red zone. everywhere could have virus and everybody was not careful about it. >> reporter: a japanese health official insisting while they didn't have 100% separation, they believe the quarantine functioned effectively. with dozens of americans still coming off the ship, the cdc is now banning those passengers from entering the u.s., unable to return home until they are symptom-free for another two weeks. >> all right, so, let's get back to clayton sandell, again with us tonight from omaha, where that patient is being watched around the clock. and clayton, do we have any late word on his condition? >> reporter: yeah, david, goldman tells us he is being checked every three hours. so far, the good news is, he is not showing any signs of a fever, but he and the other 12 patients here are going to have to be totally symptom-free for the next 14 days before they're allowed to leave. goldman says he is eager to
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catch another flight, this time home to los angeles. david? >> all right, clayton sandell leading us off tonight. clayton, thank you. we turn next tonight to the race for 2020, and tonight, former new york city mayor mike bloomberg taking to the debate stage for the first time. bloomberg making his first appearance, after spending at least $400 million on political ads. also tonight, this debate comes as bernie sanders pulls into the lead in our new abc news/"washington post" poll and other polls, too. sanders ahead of all of the other democrats now by double digits. and so tonight, the bloomberg campaign with their own message. what they call a dire warning, saying sanders could have the math wrapped up after super tuesday, with the moderates dividing the rest of the vote. but the candidates are not having it, saying that bloomberg, in fact, you're trying to buy the nomination. mary bruce in nevada tonight. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, michael bloomberg steps out from behind his $400 million campaign and onto the national debate stage. his rivals waiting. >> working people of this
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country are tired of a corrupt political system in which billionaires think they can buy elections. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders is surging in the national polls, with a double-digit lead. but bloomberg is on the rise. both candidates eager to go after each other tonight. today, we got a preview. it started when sanders, who recently suffered a heart attack, was asked if he'll release more medical records. >> you think i'm not in good health, come on out with me on the campaign trail and i'll let you introduce me to the three or four rallies a day that we do, how's that? >> just to be clear, you don't plan to release any more records? >> i don't. i don't think we will, no. >> reporter: the senator's press secretary then tried to turn the issue on bloomberg. >> none of the same concern is being demonstrated for michael bloomberg, who is the same age as bernie sanders, who has suffered heart attacks in the past. >> reporter: that's not true, though. bloomberg has never had a heart attack. his campaign manager called it "an absolute lie." and the sanders aide later acknowledged she, quote,
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misspoke. tonight, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar are ready to pounce on bloomberg's record. >> i'm glad he's up there, because he's got to answer questions like the rest of us have been doing for an entire year. >> reporter: joe biden made it clear today he's ready for a fight. >> i'm just going to tell the truth. that always works. >> what's the truth about bloomberg? >> the truth is he's basically been a republican his whole life. the fact of the matter is, he has -- he didn't endorse barack or me when we ran. this is a guy talking about, you know, he's using barack's pictures like, you know, they're good buddies. >> he's been a leader throughout the country for the past 12 years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. >> reporter: bloomberg has blanketed his ads with the former president. and today, he used biden's own words, praising him in this new ad. >> the thing i like about mike, it's not about words. it's always about action. >> reporter: that did not sit well with the former vice president. >> are you kidding me? i don't endorse republicans. >> here we go tonight.
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mary bruce live from vegas. even as bloomberg's rivals prepare to attack him tonight, they're well aware of the other dynamic at play, mary, that bernie sanders is on the rise, not only in our poll but in several polls. and the math could soon become pretty difficult to beat by super tuesday. >> reporter: well, david, bloomberg's campaign is warning that if all of the moderate candidates stay in the race and the vote splits between them, they say bernie sanders could soon be unstoppable. bloomberg's top strategist today sounding the alarm, saying, quote, i don't think many people understand the dire circumstances here. david? >> mary bruce in nevada tonight. mary, thank you. and less than 24 hours after being freed by president trump, former illinois governor rod blagojevich, in front of the cameras, declaring he is a trump-ocrat. publicly thanking the president. he was among 11 convicts pardoned or their sentences commuted by the president. here's our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: out of prison, thanks to president trump, disgraced former illinois governor rod blagojevich emerged from his home in chicago this morning. celebrating his newfound
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freedom, with no remorse for his crimes. >> i'm returning home today from a long exile. a freed political prisoner. >> reporter: he had served eight years of a 14-year sentence for trying to sell barack obama's senate seat. his scheme caught on a federal wiretap. >> i mean, i've got this thing and it's [ bleep ] golden. and i'm just not giving it up for [ bleep ] nothing. >> reporter: his wife had made a direct appeal to president trump in repeated appearances on fox news. >> the president's about justice and fairness. >> reporter: the president was listening. >> we want to again express our deepest gratitude to president trump. i'm a trump-ocrat. if i had the ability to vote, i'm going to vote for him. >> reporter: blagojevich was one of several people granted clemency by president trump yesterday at the urging of friends and supporters. among those pardoned, construction company owner paul pogue, who pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return. he and his family had donated more than $200,000 to the
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president's re-election campaign and the republican party. >> all right, as news continues to come in on this, jon karl live at the white house tonight. and jon, the president was asked in the last 24 hours, in fact, if another pardon would be coming. will he pardon roger stone, who will be sentenced tomorrow. >> reporter: well, david, roger stone was seen leaving florida today, coming here to washington for his sentencing tomorrow morning. the president has been asked repeatedly about a pardon. he hasn't offered a direct answer, but the way he has talked about stone, said he's been mistreated, the way he's attacked the prosecutors, the way he's even attacked the judge in this case, it sure sounds like the president is gearing up for a pardon. david? >> jon karl with us again tonight. thank you, jon. and we are also following a breaking headline overseas tonight, from germany the ap and local police are now reporting at least eight people are dead after shootings at two locations in the german city of hanau. abc news has not independently confirmed that number. that's about a half hour east of frankfurt. pictures just coming in from the crime scene in the city's downtown area.
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german police say several are seriously hurt. a dark vehicle was seen leaving one of the locations. no word tonight on a motive or on suspects. back here at home and the welcome image late today of nascar driver ryan newman, after that horrific crash at the daytona 500. newman was seen walking out of the hospital, holding the hands of his two daughters just 48 hours after that crash. abc's victor oquendo from florida tonight. >> to the inside -- >> reporter: tonight, less than 48 hours after this horrific crash at the daytona 500 sent ryan newman sailing through the air and skidding across the finish line -- >> ryan newman comes across the line. >> reporter: newman's wife posting this video of him walking out of the hospital, his two little girls, brooklyn and ashlyn, in tow. just hours earlier, the team posting this picture of newman and the girls and a picture with hospital staff. >> ryan newman off turn four for the final time. >> reporter: newman was in the lead in the last lap of the race when he was bumped from behind, sending him into the wall, another car slamming into the driver's side of his car, flinging him airborne.
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fans holding their collective breath as track teams raced to get newman out and put out the flames. >> it looked terrible and it was terrible. >> reporter: newman lucky to walk away at all. a reminder that despite the safety improvements over the years, racing is still a dangerous sport. nascar is investigating the crash. we still don't know exactly what newman's injuries were, but he appears to be in good spirits. his team says he was joking around with friends and family as he was released. david? >> really great to see that image today. victor, thank you. we're going to move on now to the horrifying ferry accident off south florida, off miami. a car plunging off a ferry. two women inside. their bodies have now been recovered from inside the car. authorities now today asking, how did this happen? and here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, investigators in south florida are trying to figure out how a car on a ferry plunged into the water, killing two women. >> car went into the water just as it pulled away from the dock at fisher island. >> reporter: 63-year-old emma afra of miami beach and
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75-year-old viviane brahms of new york, seen here in photos provided to abc affiliate wplg, were inside that car. teams of divers searching the waters tuesday night, finding the two women still inside the sunken 2019 mercedes-benz. both were unresponsive. >> we got to look at the entire operation and make changes to make sure that it's absolutely safe. >> reporter: today, ferry workers placeded tire chalks in front of cars and urged customers to use their parking brakes. the ferry is extremely popular, used to go across a shipping channel between miami beach and nearby fisher island. and david, tonight, the coast guard tells abc news the fisher island ferry was last inspected just about three weeks ago. but would not give details because of that ongoing investigation. david? >> all right, gio, thank you. that massive storm system in the east, we're tracking rain stalling across the south again tonight. and a bitter blast in the north. wind chills of minus 3 in chicago, minus 17 in minneapolis. snow in maine causing this
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accident involving multiple tractor trailers on i-95. relentless rain in tennessee, washing out this road in harden county. tonight, that new threat of flash floods, as the midwest and northeast brace for those wind chills. so, let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. the cold front that has finally cleared the northeast has stalled across the south. let's break it down for you. we've got a little snow across the plains and that's going to kind of kickstart the flooding rain as a wave develops along that front. jackson, mississippi, birmingham, atlanta. you're going to get rain you don't need, maybe one to two inches over those swollen rivers. and maybe some snow, looks like, raleigh to virginia beach, could see one to three inches, maybe four tomorrow night. that's going to disrupt the evening commute. it's running into that cold air that's going to bring wind chills tomorrow morning in chicago down below zero, in des moines. on friday morning, at or below zero from boston to birmingham, starting off the weekend brutally cold. david? >> all right, rob, thank you. next here, the new headline in new york city tonight. a third suspect is now in custody tonight in the fatal stabbing of that barnard college freshman here in new york city.
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the second 14-year-old to be charged as an adult in the case. that student was killed in a city park just before christmas during an alleged robbery. here's abc's erielle reshef tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the teen accused of stabbing and killing barnard college freshman tessa majors pleading not guilty in court. 14-year-old rashaun weaver charged as an adult with second degree murder. >> we are confident that we have the person in custody who stabbed her. >> reporter: and 14-year-old luchiano lewis arrested today also charged as an adult, pleading not guilty to second degree murder and robbery. 18-year-old majors was fatally stabbed in december in morningside park, just blocks from her school. prosecutors say when majors fought back, lewis held her down until she finally broke free and managed to stagger up these winding stairs before collapsing. authorities say they built a strong case against weaver, including video evidence, audio recordings, where he allegedly talked about hitting majors with
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a knife and dna recovered from majors' fingernail. but weaver's attorney cautioning against any rush to judgment, saying, "our client is a 14-year-old child with no criminal record or family court history. he should not be charged as an adult." david, police say all three suspects are now in custody. those two 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old who has been charged as a juvenile. david? >> all right, erielle reshef tonight. erielle, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. there is news tonight on elton john, what the singer is saying tonight, his message. also, the hero crossing guard. he's 88 years old. he was struck and killed while pushing children out of harm's way. he saved the children and paid for it with his own life. also, the surveillance tonight showing two married police officers, they were offduty, but they jumped into action to take out an armed robber on their date night. and the image that got our attention late today. the orphaned koala rescued in australia and the heartwarming moment they hand that little koala a stuffed friend, and how
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show more of you. next tonight here, the armed suspect in louisville. authorities say he was attempting to rob a restaurant, not knowing that two married police officers, who were offduty, were right there on their date night. but not for long. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: timing is everything, and for the accused robber, seen here by a security camera trying to hold up a fast food joint in louisville, he picked the wrong time. this happened to be date night for mr. and mrs. mckeown, seen here enjoying chicken sandwiches last saturday evening, on the other side of this raising cane's restaurant. the two are married police officers, out of uniform, but packing heat. >> there was literally no question. we just looked at each other, is this what's going on? let's go. >> reporter: with guns drawn, they rush the counter. the would-be thief, wearing a white mask, runs out the door and drops his gun on the way out. outside the restaurant, they hold him down until help arrives. 30-year-old justin carter is pleading not guilty to robbery
5:50 pm
and other charges. >> we're trained for those kind of situations and when it comes to people's lives are in danger, i feel like any other officer here would have done the exact same thing. >> reporter: the officers were just married six months ago and had dinner at this same restaurant on their wedding night. david? >> quite a story. steve, thank you. when we come back tonight, more on that hero crossing guard struck and killed. he was 88 and he saved the children. and the news from elton john and the news from elton john tonight in a moment. the ups wns of frequent mood swings can plummet you to extreme lows. (crying) lift you to intense highs. (muffled arguing) or, make you feel both at once. overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? ask about vraylar. some medications only treat the lows or the highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. full-spectrum relief of all symptoms. with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis
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including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred as have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach or intestines, and changes in lab results. your doctor should monitor your bloodwork. tell your doctor about any infections and if you are or may become pregnant while taking rinvoq. ready to take on ra? talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. to the index of other news tonight. the heroic crossing guard struck and killed while saving children in kansas city, kansas. 88-year-old bob hill, known to the children as mr. bob, pushing two boys out of the path of a speeding car near their elementary school. the boys were saved. the driver, who is in the hospital with injuries, is cooperating with authorities. no word what led to the accident. and singer elton john is fighting walking pneumonia. the singer canceling two more concerts now in new zealand
5:54 pm
because of the pneumonia. the singer was in tears, losing his voice and forced to cut short his performance on sunday. he apologized to fans, saying, quote, i gave it all i had. he is promising to be back soon, as he fights off the pneumonia. and when we come back here tonight, that image late today, the american veterinarian and the gift for one orphaned koala. ok, ready sweetie? nice, you ready to go again? are you ready, dad? i'm ready. imagine if your life insurance could help you live for today and safeguard tomorrow, so you're ready for anything. life insurance designed to protect generations of familie. that's the power of pacific. ask a financial professional about pacific life. that's the power of pacific.
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[sneeare you ok?fles] yah, it's just a cold. it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. finally tonight, the koalas in australia and the fires, but this evening, a different scenario. a koala found orphaned, her mother gone, and the american vet stepping in.
5:58 pm
we have reported on the devastating wildfires in australia. the toll on the wildlife. the koalas. tonight, the image posted by an american veterinarian, paul ramos. this koala saved, but the koala's mother lost. and then, this remarkable moment. this is a stuffed koala being handed to the female koala who lost her mom. >> this is for you. >> reporter: just listen. >> same color as you. >> reporter: the koala reaches out to her friend. >> atta girl. good girl. >> reporter: the veterinarian writing, "this little girl unfortunately lost her mother. truly we are all connected and we can and must do better," writing, "members of the local community will step in to take care of her and hopefully release her back to the wild." one small step tonight, with her friend. >> atta girl. good girl. >> incredible moment. thank you for watching here tonight. i'm david muir. i hope to see you tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
new at 6:00, an attack in downtown santa rosa. the victim ended up in the hospital and the police are still looking for these suspects. in an unusual move, gavin newsom devoted almost his entire state of the state speech to the issue of homelessness. i'm laura anthony. that story coming up. highway 101 in san francisco will be shut down for weeks. it's part of building a better bay area. doing nothing is no longer an option. >> a call to action by california governor gavin newsom in today's state of the state speech. california's current issues all boil down to one focus, something we see first hand here in the bay area. homelessness. >> homelessness isn't a blue or
6:00 pm
reddi red issue. it's an everyone issue. a blight on the soul of america. it's time to join hands on a transformational solution. >> for 40 minutes, the governor laid out what the solution would look like. >> the california solution has to be more housing. health care and housing can no longer be divorced. we've got to get serious about this stuff. >> good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> no mention of wildfires or pg&e ales problems or the friction with the federal government. >> today the governor was focussed on one single issue. >> homelessness. what do you think. is it currently the biggest issue california is facing or is it something else like climate change, health care or crime? >> get out your phone and take part in tonight's live poll. that poll's going to remain open right now. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony digs into the governor's promises and what's practical. >> thete


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