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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 19, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. [ music ] >> a teenager on vacation falls hundreds of feet from a looking deadly distraction. dualing demonstrations ratchet up the noise level. and a bay area case has already created deep division. friends and family light candles for a south bay woman trying to help a friend. why some say police officers made a bad situation worse. and two san francisco squatters why they have taken over and say why they won't
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leave. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a family vacation turned tragic this afternoon when a teenage boy fell to his death from the top of an ocean bluff in marin county. it happened along the popular coast trail. authorities say the boy may have been distracted. ktvu's ken wayne is at the beach overlook tonight with our report. ken? >> reporter: frank, anyone who has been along the coast near mira beach knows exactly how spectacular it is but it could also be deadly if you are not paying attention. national park service workers say they got a call of a victim over the side of the cliff around 1:00 this afternoon. by the time rescuers from the mira beach fire department got to the beach it was too late. the 17-year-old tourist from pennsylvania was already dead after plunging 400 to 500 feet from the coastal trail about
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three quarters of a mile south of muir beach. >> when they got there the father had already reached his son by going down a trail down along the cliff face. he had already been there for 20 minutes with his son. they began c.p.r. but there were no signs of life when they began c.p.r. >> reporter: the coast trail is wide and clearly marked near the beach. the teen was on an outing with five other family members when he apparently got too close to the edge. authorities say earlier reports indicate he may have been talking or texting on his cell phone and simply walked over the edge. >> you should not be distracted by cell phones or by ipods or by different electronics or any other distracting agents. >> reporter: the sonoma county's helicopter moved the body to muir's beach where a coroner's van removed it. stunned family parents huddled in the parking lot. he said the trail was back a
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bit from the edge of the cliff and signs clearly warn people to stay on the trail. he said the victim had to make an effort to get close to the edge. >> i think he had to try really hard. >> reporter: why? >> because it is not that dangerous, you know. there is nothing that like you have to go off the trail in order to get somewhere like that. >> reporter: another visitor says she can understand how a simple act on a cell phone can take away your attention from something as simple as hiking. >> you can get so engaged in a conversation even if you are just texting so you are not actually doing what you are doing anymore. >> reporter: you are not paying attention. >> no, you are not. you are doing something else. >> reporter: authorities have not identified the victim. the family is from west chester, pennsylvania, outside of philadelphia. the park service says they will conduct a full investigation to try to determine exactly what happened here. live at the muir beach overlook, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. ac transit is warning commuters to provide for
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possible disruption after 200 bus drivers called in sick today. contract talks between ac transit and the union stalled this spring. the board voted in june to i am to he is a new contract which took effect yesterday. the contract changes work rules and is supposed to save almost $16 million in overtime costs and co-pay policies for employee health insurance. the union represents 1600 drivers. they plan to go to court tomorrow to seek an injunction. the first public show of support for mehserle since he was convicted of killing oscar grant brought hundreds of demonstrators to walnut creek this afternoon. but many were part of a counter- demonstration. and as ktvu's rita williams reports it held the potential for confrontation with more than 100 police officers on hand to keep the peace. >> reporter: for three hours in walnut creek this afternoon there was a lot of yelling and
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not much dialogue, both sides firmly committed to their way of thinking. >> i am here because i do not understand why there is a support rally for someone who was charged and found guilty of killing somebody. >> it was just so obvious that it was an accident. i believe he did go to grab his taser. >> reporter: it was the first public show of support for former bart police officer mehserle since he shot and killed an unarmed man oscar grant and to show support for law enforcement generally. a few officers there off duty. >> law enforcement needs public support. >> you know, it has kind of reached a point where we kind of all need to stand behind the police. they have been taking a lot of flack lately. >> reporter: mehserle testified he accidentally drew his gun instead of his taser. a jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter a week and a half ago. he is now in jail in la awaiting sentencing. >> i hope that he gets a fair sentence. i wish pedestrian been
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acquitted. >> bart officer mehserle killed oscar grant in cold blood. >> reporter: at the height, police estimated the crowd at about 300. saying it was about evenly divided. there was roughly one police officer for every two demonstrators. >> it is going to cost some money to pay these people overtime to be out here today. >> reporter: pam was one of two african americans rallying for mehserle. he says that's why he came. >> as an oakland resident i know how important the police are to society, particularly to a troubled society like oakland. >> reporter: some businesses shut down early in the mostly white upscale city, quite different from oakland where the killing occurred. >> well, i think the safest thing was since we didn't have any business anyway, you know, why should we stay open? >> reporter: the rallies were loud but peaceful. >> i think it's a great representation of freedom of speech. >> reporter: about three and a
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half hours after it all begun an anti mehserle group caught bart and went home. pro mehserle folks left, too. police arrested no one. valley road reopened and walnut creek returned to normal. in walnut creek, rita williams williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have posted more pictures from the dualing rallies online at look for the slide show tab. an exclusive new ktvu field poll shows a small shift in california's opinion of same- sex marriage. when asked if they approved in allowing same sex couples to get married 52% from last year. 42% disapprove, a decrease of 2%. voters had mixed opinions though when given three options about what should be done about same-sex marriage. 44% said they favoured it. 34% backed civil unions but not
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marriage. and 19% said they did not want any legal recognition for same sex couples. a man who hadn't on a sunger strike in 2008 after naming a vietnamese neighborhood as been arrested. the pop star performed at the santa clara convention center yesterday. when the singer accepted a flower from an older concert viewer he suddenly staggered back. the old woman appeared to be activist ly tong. the police arrested him. he now faces several charges including discharging a chemical irritant. he is scheduled to be arraigned on wednesday. a proposed ordinance to make it easier to shut down problem nightclubs in san francisco was approved today by a board of supervisors committee. the ordinance with would allow the education commission to close clubs that are public safety threats or public nuisances. the full board of supervisors could vote on the ordinance as
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early as tomorrow. it comes after several incidents including a deadly gang shooting outside the suede nightclub on fisherman's wharf in february. a $75,000 reward is offered for information leading to a conviction in the shooting death of a 29-year-old man. it happened just after 5:00 last friday night near the tent city known as arnieville. police found marcus mowsly junior fatally wounded slumped over the wheel of his car. police say it was not a random shooting. anyone with information is asked to that you will the authorities. a candlelight vigil was held for a bay woman who was shot and killed last week while going to the aid of a wounded neighbor. police added to the problem by delaying the paramedics. lloyd lacuesta is in san jose with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, five nights ago tonight police say a man shot and killed a 48-year-old
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woman in this san jose apartment complex. her family remembered her tonight and say they hold police accountable for her death. they lit candles tonight for lisa localins, her family says her attempt to help a friend cost her her life. shortly before 10:00 wednesday night, police responded to a report of a shooting. witnesses say a resident got into an argument with two women and stabbed one before shooting localis, who was trying to get back into her apartment. >> there was this big old boom, you know. and it was like all i seen was smoke. and like if i would have gotten any closer it would have hit me, too. >> reporter: i thought he pointed the gun at me for a sec. he walked away and walked back into number 12 and shut the door. >> reporter: 61-year-old robert bobby turner is facing charges of murder and attempted murder. police records show it took 27 minutes from the time that police arrived before localis was rushed to the hospital. the delay police say was because the scene was not
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secure and they would they had to locate the gunman first. his roommate said he wasn't resisting, just waiting for police. >> if they had said come outside with your hands up, he would have come outside with his hands up. >> her family says because police waited she bled to death. >> and they responded more towards the give, the suspect instead of my mom first. you know, my mom had victims rights. >> there wasn't any reason for them to let her -- let her bleed out like that. you know, they could have rushed up there. >> reporter: the family says they are talking to a lawyer. >> i am not going to stand and let them get away with letting my sister die. you know, they were out of line. [ music ] >> reporter: exactly what motivated this violence is still unclear, but the suspect's roommate says bobby turner had stopped taking his medication and said he was
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hearing voices. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] a wild freeway shoot-out with police. coming up, what we've learned about the suspect's background and his criminal history. >> mrs. a police sweep netted more than a dozen child porn suspect. and now the search is
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. >> san jose police say they have arrested more than a dozen people in the past week on child pornographer charges. an ongoing investigation is now focused on finding victims and information about those arrested. police displayed pictures of the suspects today hoping someone will recognize them and contact investigators. the arrests came in a multi- agency sweep called operation peer block led by san jose police using the internet to track down suspects. we look for known child porn images that are being traded on publicly available sites. and from there, once we find the images then we backtrack to find out who is in possession of those images. >> reporter: the suspects range in age from 17-65. police say there does not appear to be any link, just one is a registered sex offender. all are charged now with felony possession of child pornography and are expected to be
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arraigned within the next two weeks. there is new information tonight about a man accused of initiating a shootout with highway patrol over the weekend. officers say he is a suspect from the parolee. he was wearing body armor when the bullets started flying. >> we got down on the floor because, you know, especially during the rapid fire. >> reporter: when she looked out her window just after midnight saturday this is what she saw and heard. (gunshots). >> it sounded like we were watching a movie with a lot of gun play in it. >> reporter: oakland police say this man, 45-year-old byron c williams of groveland, california engaged highway patrol officers in a freeway gun fight. it happened near the harrison street exit. the officers had pulled williams over for speeding and driving erratically. but instead of getting out of this toyota pick-up they say
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williams opened fire. the officers fired back. (gunshots). >> reporter: the chp says at least 60 rounds of ammunition were scattered across the interstate. >> obviously he was armed with lots of weapons and he had a bullet proof vest and he was going somewhere. and that's what we are going to try to investigate is what he was going to do. >> reporter: observing police were investigating reports that williams was upset about the political climate in the country and whether that may have been his motivation for arming himself and driving to the bay area. we are going to look at every possible motive. and his views or what he says or what he states to the investigators or what he stated to witnesses out there is going to factor into what happened. >> reporter: the fbi is also investigating this shooting. williams has a criminal history that goes back more than 20 years. in 1990 he served time in
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washington state prison for second degree felony theft. two years later he was convicted and sentenced for bank robbery with a firearm in california. in 2003 he was convicted of bank robbery again in california. he served more than six years in federal prison and was still on probation. shortly after getting out of prison in 2009, williams was arrested for battery. williams also had several dui arrests in california and washington. and the night chp pulled him over he was driving with a suspended license. no chp officers were seriously injured in the shooting. williams was taken too highland hospital where he is still recovering from multiple gunshot wound. oakland police detectives told us they were able to interview williams for the first time today. no word yet whether he is cooperating with investigators. in oakland ktvu, channel 2 news. a busy few days for the oakland police department since the department laid off dozens of officers. 45-year-old hang on the left in this picture was shot to death
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outside a dental office at 19th and webster streets late last night after being robbed. police say two men approached him and demanded money. they got just $17 and shot him adds they fled the scene. he was in town from virginia to interview today for a job with google. he had visited a friend to get his teeth cleaned. ktvu, ktvu spoke with his widow today. >> i am very angry. and angry won't help. it won't bring my husband back. >> when asked about the impact of the layoffs, an oakland police spokesperson said that while there are fewer resources it is not clear if more officers would have made a difference this past weekend. police do plan to increase patrols in areas that have become hot spots. the latest wave of violence is a disturbing development for many people who live and work in oakland. and it certainly doesn't help the city's reputation. as ktvu's christian caf it ton reports the series of violent incidents comes at a time when oakland has just downsized its
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police force by 80 officers. >> reporter: oakland's violent weekend got off to a start early saturday morning when bart and oakland police shot and killed a man witnesses say had brandished a pair of knives. follow that up with the freeway shooting. someone taking shots at officers and then a robbery homicide. and it has been a challenging weekend for oakland police. >> i have been here for two years during pi and in the department for 12 years. this is probably one of our busiest weekends that we have had. >> reporter: the rash of violence comes less than a week after the oakland police department laid off 80 officers. those layoffs spared homicide and major crime investigators, but the support officers who used to work with those investigators are now in patrol cars instead, meaning investigations will likely take longer. >> of course. any time you have major incidents that happen, other investigations are going to suffer. and that's what's going to happen. >> reporter: some oakland natives say this weekend's violence is a symptom of a much bigger problem in the city. >> i do feel like it is kind of
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like an outlaw atmosphere sometimes. >> reporter: others say the past weekend violence is random and isolated. >> i want to keep a positive spin on oakland as much as possible. and, you know, it's not all of oakland. a few people going through these things. >> reporter: observing police say before the layoffs up to 335 officers would have been patrolling the streets. this weekend the number dropped by 10% to right around 300. now, those major crimes drew a lot of police officers which meant that a lot of lower priority non-violent crimes like burglaries had to be put on the back burner. in oakland ktvu, channel 2 news. doctors say the disease is now at epidemic proportions. up next who they are urging to get vaccinated for whooping cough. >> a san francisco building long empty has people in it tonight, but it's a takeover. what the squatters are protesting as they settle in. >> and there is a lot of fog out there right
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. firefighters are doing more with less tonight as the department consolidates resources in the midst of an on going budget crisis. station 26 in the southern part of the city and station 25 in the north were closed today. firefighters moved back into station 22 which had been closed on the south side for the past four years. the cost-cutting plan has some north villaho residents concerned. they say station 25 was the only city agency to respond to a fatal hit and run accident on saturday. i got a busy signal and a few other people that were here with their cell phones also got busy signals. so i ran that way with a blanket and my sons ran that way to the fire station. >> a few years ago the department had 123 firefighters. tonight there are just 68. in fact, there are so few that if a two alarm fire protection
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out the fire department says it will have to call for help from surrounding communities. a much delayed extension of unemployment benefits is now expected to clear the senate tomorrow. democrats say they finally have the votes. and today president obama blasted republicans who have repeatedly voted against the measure. same people who didn't have any problems spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for the wealth yes, sir americans are now saying we shouldn't offer relief to middle class americans like jim or leslie or denise who really need help. those three jobless workers stood behind the president today as he made his remarks in the white house rose garden. more than one million americans ran out of unemployment benefits at the end of june. most senate republicans and democrat ben nelson of nebraska oppose the extension because it will raise the deficit by $34 billion. >> democratic senator barbara boxer was in foster city today at a solar power company where she emphasized the power of green jobs to the california
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economy. the solar city plant employs 700 people, 240 of them at the foster city manufacturing plant. california health officials are asking people to make sure they are vaccinated against whooping cough. experts in sacramento today say they could be seeing the biggest jump in cases of whooping cough in 50 years. the state's official number of whooping cough cases stood at just under 1500 infections last week. that is 500% more than the same time last year. and five infants have died so far. >> anyone who is 7-year-old or older and is not fully immunized, as well as those that are older than 64 years ago should receive the vaccination. >> a typical case of whooping cough may seem like a common cold for as long as two weeks followed by weeks or months of coughing fits that sometimes end with a characteristic
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whooping sound. a stanford university scientist whose research was honored with a 2007 peace prize died today of an apparent heart attack on a polite from stock home to london. professor stephen schneider served on the global warming research panel that was awarded the nobel prize along with al gore. the 65-year-old scientist co- founded the journal climb being a particular changes. he traveled the world to warn did about the dangers of global warming. >> get it over, shut it down. >> first a march through the mission. tonight were protestors have taken their call for help for the homeless inside. and should people with mental illness be forced to have treatment? have treatment? th woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day.
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[ music ] >> temperatures have been falling off. a little cooler today. we have got a lot of fog out there right now. this is the night-time fog satellite image. it just shows fog at the gate. heading into the point richmond area. fog in most of our nine bay area counties by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. that means a cooler day tomorrow. i will have specifics on the forecast for an area where you live back here in just a minute. squatters who are protesting homelessness have taken over two properties in san francisco tonight. one is a vacant school. the other is an abandoned residential hotel. and some of the squatters say they would rather get arrested than leaving willingly. ktvu's deborah villalon is live in the mission district now with this story. deborah? >> reporter: julie, at 20th and mission a busy intersection made even lively yes by this protest action tonight. four hours ago squatters took the police and landlords by
12:00 am
surprise. >> it's a big place, huh? >> reporter: matt crane is the unofficial inn keeper tonight for a band of trespassers calling this old 40 room hotel home. >> it's amazing how many doors are left open, yeah, or windows. >> reporter: crane says he finds empty properties to sleep in all the time rather than go to a homeless shelter. and that he got into this building through an unlocked back door. >> if they cared about it they wouldn'tlet it sit for 20 years. if they cared about it, would it look like this? >> reporter: a cell phone store occupies the ground floor. its business is unaffected. and while most people would find the rooms upstairs not habitable homeless advocates say they beat bedding down in a doorway. this squatter grew up in san francisco and feels priced out. >> we need to take to the streets and start taking over housing. it is unacceptable to see people dying in front of it while there are twice as empty houses as there are homeless
12:01 am
people. >> i need a police to live. >> reporter: a rally by advocacy say 30,000 housing units sit vacant in san francisco while at least 15,000 residents have no stable place to live. they point to this public school property in the mission 14 portables vacant three years where a few squatters are also hold-up tonight. >> we are going to do something about it. are you with me? >> yes. >> reporter: their march down mission street blocked traffic and got police attention. the first inkling something was bringing. by that time the first squatters had already claimed occupancy. as others followed, officers watched but didn't stop them and tried to contact the landlord. >> if the owner of the building requested that we remove them or sign a citizen's arrest for trespassing then it's trespassing. >> reporter: a city permit suggests that the last time people lived in this building was 1990. the squatters brought supplies but not sure when they will lay
12:02 am
claim here. >> we certainly expect to be given a disperse al notice. >> reporter: what's the plan then? >> we will see. >> reporter: we made calls to the mayor's office and the homeless commission on this criticism commission that criticism that more can be done for low income use. no response yet. i am told there are fewer than a dozen activists here tonight. you see some of them here on the roof. but again there is no push yet to get them out. reporting live in san francisco's mission district deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. ronald regan will now be honored on his birthday here in california with a special day of recognition. governor schwarzenegger signed two bills honoring the late governor and president. his birthday is february 6th next year when he would have turned 100-year-old. they seek private donations to celebrate the even. he joins three others with very different political views
12:03 am
already honored. san francisco's supervisors are said to consider a controversial state law at tomorrow's board meeting called laura's law. and if a county chooses to adopt it, it provides families and the courts with the pour to compel mentally ill people to receive treatment. ktvu's janna katsuyama is live at civic center plaza with the story. janna? >> julie, laura's law was passed by the legislature back in 2002. but so far only two counties, la has adopted it. tomorrow this resolution will go before a board of supervisors for a vote. according to san francisco's mental health director, up to 23,000 people receive treatment for mental illness and substance abuse last year. for many of those people and their families, mental illness can be devastating. >> i lost my first born son,
12:04 am
tim. tim was a rock star. he was a straight a student. he was an all star athlete. >> reporter: the doctor smith says his son tim was bi-polar and began having psychotic episodes at age 20. >> i had one episode where tim about a beat me up and medical staff had to i want convene. and i was in a hospital room at the time because he had me confused as somebody else. and in a dilution. >> reporter: he says there were times when tim resisted treatment and he eventually committed suicide. >> we would have benefited dramatically from laura's law because we would have had an episode. there was a point he wasn't seeking treatment. he said, no, there is nothing wrong with me. >> reporter: now san francisco's supervisor has proposed a resolution to i pleasant laura's law. it is named after laura wilcox a 19-year-old college student killed by a man who had refused mental health treatment. >> what laura's law would do is give families a tool to use to get their loved ones the help that they need before it gets
12:05 am
to the point of incarceration. >> reporter: supervisor peers says san francisco has assisted outpatient treatment programs but opal for those in jail. laura's would allow family members or police to put a request to compel a person to enter an assisted treatment center. they cannot force people to take treatment. >> they may go to case managers or to their treatment program, but without the medication, you know, i don't know what good the law is going to do. >> reporter: and there are other concerns about protecting the civil rights of people with mental illness and the cost of the program. >> we don't know how much it will cost. and, again, there is no funding that comes from sacramento to help fund laura's law. >> reporter: and the board of supervisors is expected to vote on this measure at their meeting at 2:00 tomorrow right here at city hall. reporting live in san francisco, janna katsuyama,
12:06 am
ktvu, channel 2 news. another measure up for consideration tomorrow by san francisco's supervisors would allow non-citizens in this country lawfully to vote in school board elections. voters rejected a similar plan in 2004. supporters say non-citizens who pay taxes and send their kids to public schools should be able to vote for school board members. opponents say the right to vote should be reserved for citizens only. at least one other u.s. city, chicago, allows non-citizens to vote in school board elections. coming up with -- what the incident commander is saying about that capped oil well in the gulf and the signs that some oil is still leaking out. >> dramatic and expensive coastal er
12:07 am
12:08 am
12:09 am
. federal officials have given b. the okay to leave the valves closed on that containment cap on top of a broken oil well in the gulf of mexico, in spite of signs of leakage. national incident commander allan said the seepage is not a page concern, including one leak coming from the containment cap itself. >> the leak age is occurring in a flange just located right about here. there is no indication at this time that this is any indication of a significant problem in the well bore. we think that was going to happen and we would take immediate action. >> ken fineburg the man picked by bp and president obama to administer the $20 billion compensation fund said fishermen and others losing income would be "crazy" not to join that program. he will be more generous than the courts in awarding monday. >> animal officials have put down two dogs following an
12:10 am
attack in golden gate park. a pitbull bit a man and a woman at the park. a female mixed breed dog was with the pitbull at the time but not believed the female dog attacked anyone. no one came forward to claim those dogs which animal control officials determined to be too vicious to be adopted. the dogs were put down last thursday. in news of the world tonight. (gunshots). >> in afghanistan a fire fight in kandahar province between u.s. troops and taliban insurgents was captured on tape today. the shooting lasted about 35 minutes and there were no reports of injuries to americans. elsewhere, though, two u.s. troops died in the southern part of the country bringing the name of u.s. deaths in afghanistan to 42 so far this month. in india today a head-on collision of two express trains at a railway station killed 61 people and injured more than 100 others. it happened around 2:00 this morning in a city 125 miles
12:11 am
north of calkutta. some survivors were trapped for as many as five hours before being cut free. railway officials say the cause of the crash is unclear. in pakistan secretary of state hillary clinton met with that country's leaders to announce several new aid projects. half a billion is intended for hospitals and hydro electric dams. clinton assured pakistani leaders the u.s. commitment to their country will last beyond the fight against the taliban in neighbouring afghanistan. a new report says san francisco could expect an economic boom if it hosts the next america's cup race. the city commission report came out today detailing the economic impact of the sail regatta. the race would be held in either 2013 or 2014. the report says it could pump $1.4 billion into the bay area's economy. that's three times more than what a superbowl would bring. the report also says the race would generate almost 9,000
12:12 am
jobs. volkswagen of america is moving its electronics research lab from palo alto to bell month because it needs room for expansion. the new bellmont facility will be situated on 8.5-acres of land once headquarters of soft wake consider software maker. they will build all types of vehicles including electric cars. on wall street the stocks ended. with the dow picking up 56 points and the nasdaq gained 19. >> a massive project. coming up next a 3d map of california's entire coast. and how it can help in the fight against
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12:14 am
12:15 am
. new technology is helping scientists get a detailed look at the california coast so they can better protect it in the future. an ambitious mapping project is a big part of the picture. health and science editor john fowler explains. >> reporter: from the top of this pacifica bluff and from below, crews today continued their battle against the crumbling cliff. but one look at this and it's clear to anyone somebody should have planned better. >> it's no good. it wasn't any good to begin with. it's taking a chance. we are taking a chance. >> reporter: all along the coast engineers say emergency protection like this actually speeds erosion, increases damage and costs. what's needed are new, long- term coast protection policies. get away from some of these if he-jerk reactions like the ones we have seen at pacifica. >> reporter: the state's ocean protection council briefed engineers on a new mapping plan. 3d images of all 1200 miles of
12:16 am
of california's coast so detailed you might make out footprints in the sand. >> pretty cool and some amazing high resolution things that people can look at. >> reporter: digital photos with a kind of radar for unprecedented 3d detail. >> that kind of resolution will really allow us to do a much better job at looking at climate change impacts and tsunamis. >> reporter: experts say in the last 100 years the sea level has risen eight inches and in the next 100 two rise another five feet. engineers need the data now to design tomorrow's coastal protection. >> so we have a few decades to develop a better understanding of the relationship between water levels and wave conditions and erosion rates. >> reporter: researchers plan to finish the aerial photographer part by the end of this year and could have photographs available online by next summer. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news.
12:17 am
pg&e is planning to clean up a pond in pittsburgh that the a waste water and storm water discharge. they finished the pond in 1983. they were going to use the pond for an expansion of its pittsburgh plant but ended up not doing it. pg&e plans to dig up the pollutants and take them to a landfill. >> construction crews began work it today on a two lane bypass hole around a sinkhole in richmond. the 124 long hole swallowed a parked car when it opened up in mid-april after a storm culvert broke and undermined the road. the residents living in 85 homes and 100 apartments have been using a one lane road around the sinkhole. the temporary two lane road and bike path will remain in place until the sinkhole can be filled next spring.
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[ music ] the fog is back with a vengeance. things are cooling off. dropped off today. drop off tomorrow. go live to live stormtracker 2. there is the fog at the gate. you can see it there. fog will make it into your neighborhood today. we will get the footprint there. see all of the green those cool colors. that is some very cool air. makes it well into concord. up into the delta. stockton right now 74. last week at this time stockton doing mid-80s. so you get the picture temperatures cooler not just in the bay region but around the state. that's how it's going to be. this week temperatures or at least the next two days temperatures keep going downward level off a little bit. no heat wave this week. the upside is we are dealing with a lesser fire danger. by noontime 66 degrees. there is the marin civic center up here. this is china camp up here. 72 degrees for a daytime high.
12:19 am
downtown san raphael tomorrow afternoon. kind of cooler than i would expect. expect mid-70s. high pressure weakening. fog coming in. temperatures going down. this pattern, sometimes you go, god that's a hard job you have all of the different patterns that come around. you know what, this pattern is not a tough one. persistent, with us all spring. a little bit of the winter as well. when this low shows up the inversion lifts up. the fog and the clouds move in land and temperatures go down. when this low leaves, high pressure comes in. the fog stays right at the coast and temperatures come up. so kind of simple when it gets like this. this cooling trend is pretty clear to pick out. concord 83 for a daytime high tomorrow. clayton 85 degrees. warmer. your overnight lows on the cool side. fog getting all the way into fairfield tonight. all the way up to vacaville. fog in gillroy. you will see fog pretty much in all nine bay area counties. up in clear lake you won't because you are above the inversion. the fog and low cloud will keep
12:20 am
things cool right around the bay. in land the temperatures still quite warm. the forecast highs for tomorrow. using colors and these are the forecast highs. giving you the straight up number for clear lake. 85. 85 in fairfield. 85 in pleasant. those are the hot spots. temperatures around the bay kind of cool but nice because you have got cool air quality and lesser fire danger. i am cool with this pattern. i like this pattern because it is a good one because we are not leading the newscast as we often do with fires. good news for the men and women who fight fires kind of a medical will he week for them as we move lots of mild temperatures into the weekend. >> thank you, bill. >> carpoolers on the golden gate bridge must now have a fast-track account to take advantage of the discounted $3 fare. until today they could also pay cash. but nod -- now to get that discount carpoolers must use their fast-track account in a lane staffed by a toll collector who will verify there are at least three people in the vehicle. carpoolers who insist on paying cash will pay $6.
12:21 am
those who go through the fast- track only lane will be billed $5. >> san francisco mayor gavin newsome signed on the dotted line today and san francisco became the sister city of spain. we have more than a dozen sister cities. barcelona and san francisco already have a lot in common. >> notably a commitment to economic empowerment and entrepreneurial ism and innovation, well established and informed through biotech and life science and growing nano tech space and the opportunities to build on green tech. >> the sister cities program is intended to strengthen ties between u.s. communities and those abroad. >> coming up next the document found in northern
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12:24 am
. a document including words handwritten by abraham lincoln has turned up in a state library in sacramento. experts say the document is a list from 1832 of men in a volunteer group from illinois who fought during the blackhawk war against several indian tribes. the document is part of the james fraser reid collection. historians say reid was one of the organizers of the doner
12:25 am
party many of whom died during a trip from spring field, illinois to california back in 1846. sports director mark ibanez joins us now. a great night for the giants down in la. >> any time you get a victory in la against the dodgers they are feeling good. it seems like just yesterday the giants kind of a group of aging veterans trying to rally around barry bonds for one last time of glory. now it is the sample of youth full talent for everything good. will farrel witnessed it. a big kid you can wear a hat like that. and young mr. posey two outs. a single makes it 1-0 san francisco. clutch two out hit from buster. pablo sandoval backs that up. he is really starting to hit as he needed to do after the all star game into the gap. left center-field with two outs. posey is running at the crack of the bat. in with the slide.
12:26 am
2-0 san francisco. and the beat goes on. in the 4th nate has the two run shot deep right the third of the year. 4-0 lead. youngster madison bumgartner third straight win needed major relief help from wilson. he struck out and came up with two hits and a walk. giants take it though 5-2 in la. sometimes when you read about the as it comes off like more of a medical report than anything else. but the boston red sox can certainly match them for injuries this season. but they still have enough oomph to get over on oakland tonight. despite the pact fact that davis dices it deep in the third inning. unfortunately for the as nobody avoided the time. only a 1-0 lead. that didn't hold up. the as had only three hits all night. former a eric patterson has been doing a good job for the red sox. since they pulled him out for
12:27 am
the gap he lays it down to get a triple. scored on a pick pop fly. one batter later adrian bell tray and the shot. a big league homerun way back into the deck there. 2-1. and that's the way it ended. ryan sweeney out for the year for the as. he will have knee surgery. usually you think of golf as a gentleman's game. but there are other sports that hold etiquette in high regard. and cycling is one of them. stage 15 andy schleckler lost his chain going up highly. rider etiquette says you wait for the guy to recover and get the chain back on. but defending champion contador blows right by him and takes over the overall lead. thomas with the stage victory. a little controversy there as the overall leader is not happy at all about that breach of
12:28 am
conduct. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, mark. >> that is our report for tonight. >> i'm julie haener. >> i'm julie haener. >> and woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. all right. who's next? make a deposit from anywhere, anytime-- with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪
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