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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 13, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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a wild fire burning, forcing authoritys to close a major road in and out of the napa valley. >> calfire said our weather is helping its crews on the round as they battle a wild fire. the fire is about 5-miles north of caltoga. the chp shut down highway 29. drivers had been reporting heavy smoke on the had highway
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of the. it is burning brush and tipber and not spreading quickly. at 8:30 the highway parole rehopedden -- opened highway 29. right now that fire is about 40% contained. so far there is no indication of how it started. again calfire said it stopped the fires forward spread. bill is in the weather center now to show us how the weather is helping the fire. the weather is everything. in august and typically a fire like this is a huge deal. look at the current conditions. we rerelease something like this. winds at 10 miles per hour.
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53 degrees. humidity quity%. firefighters getting a huge break with the moisture in the air. on top of that you got light winds. good news for firefighters. i will have more later. residents near walnut creak can breathe tonight. police arrested a man for three assaults on women. amber? >> reporter: here at these apartments tenants say the attacks are a wake up call. though they are relieved there has been an arrest they plan to continue to be cautious. they arrested antonio of berkeley tuesday evening in connection with three assaults. >> i am thrilled to hear that.
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we added locks to our doors and everything. knowing there was an arrest puts me at ease. the third attack was tuesday woman. a man entered her apartment and she woke to find her covering her mouth. >> we received a break when a citizen provided a tip. >> investigators say they arrested him as he was sitting in a car outside the bart station tuesday. today authorities positively confirmed evidence linking him to the three attacks, which included the rape of one woman. >> we are confidence the dna came from him. >> relief, you know? and relax now. >> reporter: authorities say he does not work in this complex nor did he live here. they are trying to determine whether he has friends here.
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>> it came as a shock to us. >> reporter: they lived here for 18 yearers. they say the assaults reminded them to turn on their alarms. >> you never know what will happen. >> reporter: bail is set at $12 million. reporting live, amber lee, channel two news. >> the investigation into the shooting of a german tourist in san francisco last weekend led authorities across the bay. san francisco and free mont police long with the fbi swarmed the apartment complex last night. outside a building in the count theater district.
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>> to look for evidence of some sort of thing. they are all in there. body armor. weapons drawn. >> investigators say teenagers apparent leachated a -- started a shoot out that killed the tourist. they may face a lawsuit as well as fines. the city said there was no permit to hold the party. the space is designed to hold just 49 people. 200 people crammed inside while another 200 lingered outside. the owners oaf ooyish of a nightclub say they are being treated unfairly. supporters rallied support. mike is live in the city with
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instory. mike? >> reporter: the dance chobe located at peer 50 set to go cit next week. enough is enough, it is times for jellies to go. tonight the sound of protest, the goal to keep the doors open. >> place where people can go and dance. >> reporter: january 2008 a man was shot and killed in the parking lot. last month a man was shot and killed outside. >> this is the third shooting in the last 2-1/2 years. two were fatal, one was not fatal. >> a number of shootings occurred outside san francisco nightclubs this year. certain clubs are maginants for
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violence. the mayor signed a law giving the entertainment -- to control the environment outside their front doors. >> we have no control over the city streets. that's their job. our job is to control our people inside. and that's what we have done for 16 years. >> the owner and her attorney say it's being unfairly targeted. >> the dispute resulted in the shooting wasn't because of something we have done. it would have happened regardless. >> reporter: some of those who protested say if jellies goes so does [inaudible]. if one dize it's about the poor want t. >> part of the history is being
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destroyed. >> reporter: the ejection is about safety and not about a valuable piece of water front property. reporting live, mike, channel two news. prosecutors filed a murder charged against a man accused of killing another man. he is charged with killing hector sanchez. he was found shot to death wednesday afternoon inside a home. investigators say the shooting resulted from an ongoing dispute. he is expected to be arranged on monday. a man sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing a friend of his wife. robert pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter in the stabbing death of man well inside his home in june last year. he then went to his wife's
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house, barricaded himself inside and set it on fire. hospital has sent warning notices to employees, advising him 140 workers are going to be layed off. loid is live in mountain view with the story. >> reporter: the anxiety is from hospital workers who have been told 140 jobs will be eliminated because of declining revenues. >> we are losing friends, co- workers, people who have bun a tremendous job in taking care of our patients. this is stressful. >> 1955 workers received a warn
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letter yesterday. worker adjustment and retraining notifications. >> nurses, technicians, environmental service workers, secretaries, managers. >> reporter: officials say the number of people coming to the hospital dropped 6%, resulting iber in a $8 million deficit. patients are losing their jobs and delaying their medical care. >> trying to get health insurance if you don't have it, so, it's -- or if you lose your job. >> what is happening is happening at hospitals nation wide. declining hospital revenues resulted in 5800 hospital workers losing their jobs during the first 6 months of
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this year. medical professionals worry about physical health. >> if people delay health care in some areas of their care that can cause a more severe condition furtherer down the road. >> reporter: over the next 60 days they will decide which workers will lose their jobs. it will result in a $70 million annual savings. live in mountain view,loid, channel two news. sheriff deputies discover a body today. we will tell you about the second discover e.r.a. they made when they got -- second discovery they made when they got to the scene. and we are watching the wild fire in the napa valley, is it the first evidence of a changing weather pattern? [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong
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and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. california attorney general urged a court to allow gay marriages to resume. brown's legal filing came in response to same sex marriage opponents who are asking the court to block the marriages until it hears their appeal. the court judge who over turned the band last week allowed time for the appeals court to act. the dead line is 5:00 next
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wednesday. >> city haul is gearing up for a marriage rush if they are allowed to resume. they have shifted their attention and preparations to next week. >> we are thinning about wearing our tuxes. we are getting those ready. dry cleaned. we have our rings already. we don't have to worry about those. a lot of the work has been done. >> businesses in the district are eagerly anticipating the decision that would allow same sex marriage. a fourth connective losing day capped off amissable week. the dow and nasdaq lost 16 points. for the week blue chip dropped more than three%.
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>> reporter: barb bah boxer released a new add. what many people say it is the most important issue in the campaign, randy reports. >> reporter: the most important election issue this year? >> economy, economy, economy. >> reporter: most everyone we talked to today said the same thing. >> well, the economy. you know? and getting people back to work. >> it's the economy. >> reporter: not one person brought up the social issue of abortion. but look at barba's new internet add, crit sizing carly for being against the abortion life. >> i absolutely wood vote to overturn roe v. wade.
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>> it is her third since the endof the primary. the first add attacked her record of ceo of hewlett- packard. notice the pattern? fun of the ads mention the -- >> the economy. that's tough on democrats because they now own the economy and they are going to be held responsible for it. >> she is trying to inject new issues into the race, issues where most californians agree with her. tom vice chair of republican party said it's a sign of weakness on democrat's parts. >> they are looking for ways to
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motivate people. >> reporter: most poles show the boxer race is very tight. political editor, randy. >> up coming debate, september first live right here. authorities say two people died when a plane crashed in the sierra. it went down in a wooded area. the sheriff said a hiker found the plane today. the faa said the plane took off from watsonville, landed in auburn and took off again and then crashed. the names of the victims have not been released. police shot and killed a burglary suspect today during
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shoot out that injure adpolice dog. neighbors reported a burglary. officers arrived and found the suspect, christopher johnson inside the house. police say they began shooting after he shot and wounded a police dog. >> there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and the officers. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the seen. >> or the is expected to fully recover. the corner is trying to identify a body identified near the reservoir. janet reports, it's not just who killed the man, but what investigators found nearby that added up to a mystery.
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>> reporter: on this ridge where sheriffs found the body. a man called in to alert authorities. >> they met with a reporting party who led the deputies to the site for the body was found. 27 was several hundred yard from where a private road dead end. the body was long a dirt trail. neighbors say they were surprised. >> it's peaceful. quiet. never had any trouble, except for teenagers partying at night. that's about it. >> reporter: investigators say they found evidence around the body but would not give specifics. see saw this suv being towed away. we learned investigators made
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another startling discovery. >> they also located marijuana garden away from where the body was found. we don't know whether there is a connection between the body and the marijuana garden. >> reporter: anyone who heard gun shots or saw anything should give them a call here. they are expected to connect a autopsy tomorrow and hope to have an identification then. reporting from san jose, channel two news. it's windy out there along the coast. windier than last night. this is an onshore flow. it's transporting the fog into your neighborhood. the fog stands across san francisco, into san rufell, working its way through petaluma. and well into the east bay hill. this fog is going to extend
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tonight. i will have your forecast. traffic was snarled for hours today after a spill closed lanes on 580. a big rig blew out a front tire, that caused the truck to flip over. no one was hurt but took crews more than three hours to clean up the mess. a reward for information and a new sketch in the case as police try to solve a road rage killing. a behind the scenes look at an event expected to draw 80,000 people to golden gate park. 3q
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bp will resume drilling a relief well. tad allen said the well isn't securely plugged to his satisfaction. the bottom kill is designed to permanently seal the well. work was suspended this week because of bad weather. anagram with the federal government has been reached to keep clean up equipment in place for 7 more days to give coastal perishes to develop individual plans to continue the oil clean up. maxine waters insisted she never violated house ethic rules. waters said she was acting on behalf of a trade group. >> faces, not just about me, this case is about access.
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it's about access for those who are not heard by the decision makers. >> the congressman also displayed several documents that she said prove her innocence. she wants her house trial held soon before the november elections. police asking today for the public's help to find a man wanted for the killing of a truck driver. police released this sketch that say resembled the killer. bullet, 5'9". he was last seen driving a white truck with brown stripes. san francisco a judge ordered a man suspected of steeling art work to stand trial.
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terry was arrested in june, police said they recovered dozens of paintings and prints. the art was earth about $200,000. his attorney said he has mental health issues. the bureau of land management said it appeared to have been killed within the last month. the symbol of palo alto has been defaced. strandals sprayed graffiti on the trunk of the red wood tree. it is estimated a thousand years old. officials say they probably will paint over the graffiti
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rather than remove the bark. coming up, an event specificked to draw 80,000 people this weekend. some neighbors are concerned but organizers say this time things will be different. >> i am alive and my mind is still sharp. inspirational story you won't want to miss. one man beating the odds after stufferring from a heinous crime. ♪ [ male announcer what if clean sheet day became clean sheet week? new ultra downy april fresh has scent pearls that give you a whole week of freshness with just one wash. ♪ and ultra downy april fresh lets you climb in to more freshness for 7 days than this other fabric softener after 2 days.
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the fog is rolling into your neighborhood. the extended forecast calls for a warming but this is not a heat wave. this is a slight warmup. san jose for your saturday, 79 degrees for a daytime high.
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that's on the warm end. that's about a few degrees warmer than it has been. you notice a warmup this weekend, but not a heat wave. the fog as you go through time is going to roll into your neighborhood, maybe some drizzle. they'll burn back rapidly. more sunshine tomorrow unless you are right at the coast. if you give more sunshine, what are you going to get? you're going to see mid-80s possible tomorrow. i'm back here at 10:40. the weekend forecast. we'll look at an area where you live. see you then. it's been scaled back this year but even so, tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the music festival this weekend and once again, park neighbors are concerned about potential problems. amber lee is live in san francisco with the report. >> getting ready for outside
12:01 am
may require some setting up. you can see light crews preparing to dazzle the 80,000 music lovers. that is either a curse or a blessing. >> sound check. you are looking at the main stage. >> it's going to go in that part over there. >> this will be jody mullins' third year selling teachers at outsigned land, an event she tee vibes as lucrative and fun. >> this is the best festival of the year, about dancing and having fun and meeting new people and experiencing some new music you may never have heard before. >> reporter: but a combination of a down economy and high priced headliner have taken its toll. enterpreneur rick farman decided to scale the three-day event to two, and slash ticket
12:02 am
prices from 90 to $75. >> a lot of it was based on talent that we had, offering better economic value was smart businesses. >> reporter: the same number of attendees is expected this year as last year. that has residents worried. >> frankly, i am worried. there are usually drunk people passed out when i wake up. >> reporter: there have been complaints about loitering, urination. but organizers promise this year will be different. >> we set a community hotline that will happen during the event. if there is a blocked driveway, we have tow trucks. if there is any liter that needs to be addressed, we will do that immediately. >> reporter: back here live, you can see that crews are working as fast as they can right now. they are putting umm temporary structures and putting up fences. remember, this event kicks off tomorrow at noon. reporting live in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu
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channel 2 news. and we have more information about the festival including the concert lineup on our website, just click on the weekend extra tab. melinda haig was sworn in today as the new u.s. district attorney. she overseas more than 120 attorneys in the district's three offices handling federal cases and representing the u.s. in civil actions. court documents released today indicate two apple employees have been indicted for an alleged kickback scheme. paul shin devine of sunny vale is a global supplier. andrew chang works in singapore. did he vine is accused of taking more than 100 million- dollar in kickback from asian
12:04 am
shares and sharing it with ang the maker of the blackberry smart phone says it will have a solution to keep india from shutting out it services. they are working on a solution to decode encrypted decoder that india has demanded. they want access to instant messaging and e-mail to ensure its security. the f.d.a. has approved a pill that is more effective than the morning after. it reduces the channels of pregnancy for as long as five days after sex. plan b, the most widely used emergency contraceptive pills begins losing it's techativeness in three days. today's ruling clears the way for the sale of the contraceptive by the end of the year. zsa zsa gabor has been
12:05 am
readmitted to the hospital. there were some complications from a broken hip. the publicist did not explain the reason for the complication. gabor broke a hip after falling at her home. she underwent hip surgery and was hospitalized until wednesday fur in the mood for cool jazz this weekend, you might want to head out to san jose for the annual jazz festival. folks are enjoying the music and dancing at the page stage at cesar chavez park. the festival continues through sunday. there will be music in a number of venues indoors and out. it won't be exclusively jazz. it's $15 per day and there are no extra cover charges. protesters gather and a new movie opens statewide. why they are demanding something other than onscreen action a bay area airport flipped the switch on free wi-fi for all and dramatic pictures on just how dire the situation is
12:06 am
in ch [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong
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state workers protested outside movie theatersshowing a movie starring former action actor governor schwarzenegger. they are angry about workers. >> he is promoting commercial him and his own agenda. he is an actor and he is not a politician. he needs to go now. >> reporter: schwarzenegger
12:09 am
appears brieflily in a film. it took governor just a few hours to film his part and he did it on the weekend. a man will receive almost 3 million-dollar with the maker of the taser stun gun. 49-year-old stephen butler suffered brain damage in 2006 when a watsonville police officer used a taser to subdue him and he went into cardiac arrest. butler was drunk at the time and had not taken his psychiatric medication. this is the first time that taser international had settled a product liability case. the company did not admit to any wrongdoing for the injury that butler sustained in news of the world tonight, in china, the flooding from heavy rain just keeps getting worse in the northwestern part of the country. the force of the flood water was cleared as a dredging barge smashed into a bridge. at least 1,000 people have died and others are missing. at least whole villages have been wiped out by landslide.
12:10 am
several more inches of rain have been wiped out by a flash flood. in germany, the government announced that the economy grew by 2%. german is the world's second largest exporters after china. the growth far outpaces the rest of europe in jerusalem, thousands of muslim worshipers gathered out one of islam's holiest sites on the first day of slims believe prophet muhammad ascendd to heaven from that sign. israel beefed up security. at a ramadan dinner at the white house, president obama made it clear that he believes that muslims have the right to build a mosque near ground zero. >> this is america and our commitment to reledge just freedom must be unshakeable.
12:11 am
the principle of the people of all faiths are welcome in this country. and that they will not be treated differently by their government is essential to who we are. >> the plan to replace an old building with an its lammic sean terp sparked a great deal of opposition. president obama said that the place where the world trade center stood is hallowed ground but that placing the mosque near there would demonstrate america's core values. the golden state bridge has a new leader. mulligan has been the district's chief engineer since 2001. he is expected to take over on october 1st. he will take over for the current general manager who is leaving to go to manager. he will be the 9th manager since the golden state bridge opened. something new for people going to the san francisco
12:12 am
national airport. the airport began offering free wi-fi in all of it terminals. sfo was supposed to be offering it september 1st but airport staff and their wi-fi vendors got the job done early. oakland and mineta airports are already opening free wi-fi he was beaten and left to dead. an3q hands touch some germy stuff. and those germs can end up on your soap pump. fact: your soap pump can harbor hundreds of bacteria. introducing the new lysol no-touch hand soap system. it senses hands and dispenses soap that kills 99.9% of bacteria to help stop the spread of germs. plus, it's enriched with moisturizing ingredients. all to help keep your hands healthy. the lysol no-touch hand soap system. never touch a germy soap pump again.
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dad, sometimes i feel like we're dwe are different, son. we serve teriyaki bowls. delicious steak or grilled chicken on a bed of steamed rice, with broccoli, carrots and teriyaki sauce. you bet we're different and proud of it. but aren't we different in another way? we serve anything on our menu anytime of day. that's my boy. a young bay area director is completing his first featured film and it's quite an accomplishment. not that the film is destined to be a blockbuster but what the filmmaker has overcome to make his dream possible.
12:15 am
>> stand between them tan in front of the mirror. >> he is dog what he has spent his young life getting ready to do, making movies. >> action, duty >> reporter: the film is called action, duel. a row map tick comedy. derek wrote it, hired the crew, raised the financing and is now directing it. derek is shooting on the proverbial shoe string budget but so did stephen spielberg and george lopez in their early days. to appreciate his accomplish the, you have to know what happened to him july 16th, 2006. he remembers being in a cafi in north beach with some friends talking about movies, of course. he left alone to walk home. according to witnesses, four men grabbed him off the streets, threw him in the back of a van and began beating him.
12:16 am
then, while the van was moving, they threw him out in the streets. he landed on his head next to those cable car tracks. the four men were never found. derek was in the hospital in the coma with his brain swelling rapidly. it was not clear whether he would survive. they needd to remove a portion of his skull to let his brain swell without further damage to his brain and, so, you cope the best you can. i don't know how else to put it. >> reporter: it's been a matter of coping ever since for derek and his parents as he slowly and painfully worked his way back to health. fortunately, his intelligence was not affected but the neurological damage was severe. >> if i want to keep my hands in extension, i have to go like
12:17 am
that. >> reporter: der derek's dad said that he has not complained. he was not complaining. was not sat. he seemed to be in acceptance that this is what happened and it instilled a lot of faith in me that i could get through it seeing his courage. >> reporter: you are not bitter, you are not angry? >> no, that would be stupid. i'm alive, right? my mind is still sharp and i let my imagination running a million miles an hour. >> reporter: many of the people that derek hired for his nil many are old pals that he hired from his school film days. it's i spying to see someone like that, saying this is what i'm doing. >> reporter: will derek be the
12:18 am
next george lucas or stephen spielberg? well, the odds are long but considering what he has done and what he has beaten, you would not want to bet against him. we are heading towards your bay area weekend. the weather is looking pretty good. it's going to be a little bit warmer, maybe a little less fog as we saw today. you saw the current temperature footprint and you can see where the cool air meets the valley especially up there in the delta. you can see the cooling that the bay area provides up into the delta in sacramento. the clouds are going your way. the fog will be there in the morning. and the extend forecast near 90, maybe 90 degrees on sunday but it is not a big heat up. when i say 90 degrees, i'm not there in oakley or livermore.
12:19 am
we have had lots of drizzle. but we have had quite a bit of drizzle. some areas reporting to a quarter inch of just drizzle. so, you know, that's significant. it's been cool. it's been wet. the forecast highs in the morning, the forecast morning lows, pardon me, 50s. you knew that lots . lots of fog at your house. temperatures come up but stop at 75, 80 degrees. you get over the hills and you find the low 80s but it's just a mild weather pattern. specifically, walnut creek, noon time, 70 degrees. 80 degrees walnut creek downtown. that's when you should see maximum heating at 3, 3:15. good news for the firefighters up in calistoga. humidity at 85%. that's really, really moist for this time of the year. antioch, forecast highs comes from an increase in
12:20 am
temperatures on sunday. temperatures will come up 3 or 4 degrees but it's very similar to what we have now. the fog should burn off as quickly as it did today. of course, in the newsroom when the fire breaks out this afternoon, in calistoga, this time of the year, we are going high alert because this thing is in the summer. you look at the temperature, you look at the humidity and wind direction, we knew ant firefighters knew, we're going to knock that thing down. very unusual for this time of the year to get a fire in that area down that quick. >> thanks, bill. >> yep. oakland police are asking for help tonight in locating a missing woman who suffers from depression and schizophrenia. 51-year-old beverly welsh coleman disappeared yesterday. she had come to oakland from los angeles to attend a funeral and then vanished from the days inn hotel off hagenberger
12:21 am
hotel. one san francisco's most vein rabble restaurants has closed. a note blames the economy. it says that the restaurant will be closed until further notice. it was old time san francisco and the movers and shakers gathered. one of the grill's original owners ed moose died yesterday, the same day the doors closed at the restaurant. aside from owning the grill twice, he also owned and operated moose's restaurant. ed moose was 81-year-old and died after suffering
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
this is a big weekend for giants fans, a chance for the team to take over first place, not going to happen now. >> it is not going to happen.
12:25 am
pat dress, they have pretty good pitching, you might say. why is san diego in first place in the national league west and the giants in second? simple. padres won 8 of 9 head-to-head encounters. and there is ann tray itzuris. he walks, stole second, went to third on a wild throw and scored on this double down the line by aubrey huff. giants scored twice in the 1st off padres pitcher. and but the padres scored twice off jonathan sanchez. san diego's bullpen takes over. heath bell strikes out aaron rowand to end the game. padres win another one-run decision 3-2. they now lead the giant 3 1/2 games. and giant made a trade with kansas city for outfielder jose
12:26 am
guillen. he has a reputation of being a royal pain in the clubhouse. he could make his san francisco debut as early as tomorrow. and mid-august, a's finally get a clans to visit minnesota's new ballpark. oakland tie it in the 3rd. and look out for that. a's collect 14 hits and manage to score just 3 runs. minnesota had five hits but scored four runs. central division leader twins win. a's fall back to .500 with a 57- 57 record 49ers second year running back glen coffee announced his retirement today. glen coffee, the 49ers' 2009 third round draft pick, the 23- year-old running back was
12:27 am
listed as a backup to frank gore. coach mike singletary says that the decision caught him by surprise but won't try to change his mind and another fog delay along lake michigan. tiger finished just six holes. tiger is 1 under par and must play 12 more tomorrow to see if he makes the cut. match kuchar made 3 straight birdies on the back 9. he is now 8 under and maintains a one- shot lead over california product nick watney. and that's sport as we see it on this friday night. both giants and a's lose and now san francisco trail by 3 1/2. >> next two games are crucial. >> they need to stay in it. >> that's hot. >> you bet. i'm heather holmes. and i'm frank somerville. [ male announcer when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
12:28 am
they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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