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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 17, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. a carful of students is involved in a deadly collision outside a bay area high school. police say alcohol is a factor. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. an unlicensed high school student is under arrest in novato after a car crash killed his 15-year-old friend and critically injured two others. a crash that happened at noon on a school day. ktvu's debra villa is live in
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november addo with new information. >> we're at novato high school where five boys from 15-17-year- old piled into a school at lunch and took off across town. according to the chp, the driver drunk in the middle of the day. >> beer bottles were strewn outside the car. a liquor bottle found inside as the highway patrol probed this crash that killed one boy and injured three others. two airlifted with life- threatening injury. the driver's injuries were minor. he faces felony dui charges. some students suggest he appeared impaired in class before lunch. >> when and where did the drinking commend? >> we don't have the information at this time. it's still under investigation. >> skid marks on the rural road show how the car spun out at high speed in the path of the approaching cattle truck. the traumatized driver helped get the injured out. >> he's very emotional.
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not distraught but you could tell he feels very badly for the accident that was unavoidable. >> administrators came to the scene and returned to brief faculty as news of the crash spread among students. >> teachers had a meeting right away. they didn't want to punish other students. >> didn't want to make it since? >> no. >> november ato has seen seen of drunk driving deaths. a crash several years ago that killed two teenagers on another rural road. >> would it surprise you that a kid was drunk at school before he took off to lunch? >> no. >> the police chief says it happened in every community. >> they hide it. they can hide it very well. they don't always hide it from their friends. >> many parents think this crash will provoke some plane talk with their kids. >> it could be them. they really need to be careful when they drive. >> i told them, it's great to
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have fun, but how much fun you could really have when you're dead? >> reporter: novato high like so many schools like to discourage underage drinking. one classmate dead and another arrested is as real life as it gets. live in novato, debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for additional video and updates on the story, go to we'll follow the developmentings over the weekend. on the way to the hawaii diverted to san francisco airport. after the pilot declared an emergency because of smoke in the cockpit. lloyd lacuesta is live to tell us what happened. >> reporter: the malfunctioning airplane is still here being checked out by mechanics but passengers are on the way to
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hawaii. u.s. air flight 172 and a crew of six was bound from phoenix to maui when the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. the plane was 1,000 miles west of the california coast at the time. the pilot decided to divert to san francisco as a precaution. the boeing 767 landed safely and without incident at sfo shortly after 5:00 this evening. sfo declared an alert too. sending fire trucks to the landing. before the landing, the pilot reported the smoke cleared. u.s. air brought in another plane to take the passengers to hawaii. none let the security area to talk to reporters. in the age of communication, passengers in other flights say they were aware of the incident. >> i saw it on cnn. >> while i was sitting in the bar in san diego waiting for my flight. >> what were your thoughts of
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getting on an airplane when you see something like that. >> well i'm afraid of flying. >> makes me nervous. i'm a frequent flyer. >> sfo's duty officer, the airport gets about one or two of the emergency landings every week. most, like this one, end safely. live in sfo, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a vote cleared a major hurdle in the creation of the world's largest airlines. stockholders of united and continental overwhelming approved the two. the airline will be called united. next they have to work an agreement with the unions, merge the reservations systems and repaint the planes. it will take another year before they get final clearance to fly as one airline. california set a dubious record going 79 days without a budget and it appears it will be several more days before there's a break through.
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democratic leaders met with governor schwarzenegger for hours. afterwards they said they will meet again on monday. so far, the two sides have refused to compromise. california is facing a $19 billion deficit. lawmakers will have to make more budget cuts or raise more revenue for taxes and fees. before today, the largest was 78 days before the legislature approved a budget. president obama named a wall street critic to regulate certain financial services. the president selected harvard professor, elizabeth warren. president obama says banks and businesses have their own lobbyists. now working americans will have someone on their side. >> from now on, consumers will always add a powerful watchdog, a top independent watchdog whose job it is to stand up for their financial interest for their family's future. >> warren is a -- will face
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controversy winning in the senate. president obama didn't name her to head the agency. instead she will be a special assist ant to the president. investors lost a little confidence. the day did end with a 13 day gain for the dow. 14 day gain for the nasdaq. a consumer confidence index fell to the lowest level in a yearey new figures shows california's jobless rate crept higher. the jobless rate in august was 12.4%. that's one tenth a percent higher than in june and july. the bay area fared better with all nine counties below the statewide number. san mateo was next with 9.1% and solano county with the highest at 12%. star chefs could make big bucks. a study focused on san
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francisco's chinatown, many employees who toy in the kitchen or serve customers are paid far less than they deserve. elsewhere, in san francisco, it may not be much different. ktvu's john sasaki reports. with the legendary culture and cuisine, chinatown is the crown jewels of san francisco, attracting dozens and thousands of the visitors a year. >> these numbers are outrageous and criminal. >> the uc berkeley and san francisco department of public health study found that 50% of restaurant workers in chinatown don't make the city's minimum wage of $9.70 an hour. while 40% work overtime, 75% of them are not paid overtime. >> she didn't get minimum wage. there's no health benefits.
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no health insurance and she works very long day was no breaks. >> the number one cause of premature death in this country and poor health is poverty. they are not getting minimum wage if their tips are getting ripped off. they are at risk. >> and this is what poverty looks like. a tiny apartment where a restaurant worker lives with his wife and two children. . >> this is how we live. of course, this is how we survive. >> the chinese progressive association which commissioned a study, many of the restaurants mistreat worker. association named two. the great oriental and the new kim pin. workers there say the businesses are not guilty. >> do they make the minimum wage? >> yeah. >> what's the minimum wage? >> $9.76. >> everybody is paid that? >> yeah. >> do they get breaks and training. >> yeah, they get breaks and training. >> there must be more
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investment in chinatown, stronger enforcement of labor, health safety laws and low wage workers bill of rights. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. california's secretary of state release add new batch of voter registration numbers. democrats are holding on to their edge over republicans. of the roughly 17 million americans registered, 44% are democrats, 30% republicans, 20% decline. republican has been falling but the g.o.p. had hoped to seize momentum this year. former president bill clinton is looking to campaign with california candidate, jerry brown. the primary purpose is to show unity between brown and clinton. a television ad from republican meg whitman shows clinton criticizing brown.
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sarah palin spoke in a dinner in iowa. palin delivered the keynote speech calling on republican leaders to embrace tea party positions and candidates. they recently told fox news, she would be interested in running for president, in 2012 if the american people want someone to shake up politics. >> will it be a blue or gray weekend. chief meteorologist has tomorrow's forecast in less than 10 minutes. . san francisco has a collective play-off fever. catch her. why? tonight, prayers and tears for the parent
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mariachis led to the procession for the mother and her teenage daughter killed in the san bruno fire. hundreds filled the san francisco church in the san castro district. 44-year-old and her 14-year-old daughter jessica were among the
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seven residents who lost their lives. the church played a role. jessica attended school and was student body class president. the classmate talked about how the school is helping the students cope. >> they told us she was alive in our hearts and she would always, we can talk to her whenever we wanted to. >> her father, jacqueline's husband, sat in the front row along with his surviving daughter. san bruno's firefighters and officials also attended. a wake was also held for one of the other victims. 20-year-old jessica morales. her friends and family are still stunned by her death. one friend told us, she's so sad she can't talk about it without starting to cry. amber lee is live with our report. amber? >> reporter: tonight, family and friends gathered at the mortuary in daly city to remember jessica morales. they say they can't believe she's gone. dozens of people filed to
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the mortuary to attend a vigil in memory of jessica morales. those attending tonight's services wore a purple ribbon, jessica's favorite color. friends shared with us a photso card that had jessica's signature smile. >> someone so young be gone and to hear people talking about her in past tense when i only seen her an hour and a half before she died. >> maria deleon, she and jessica affectionately referred to each other as mother and daughter because jessica was close friends with her son. >> most teenagers don't want to hang out with parents. hi, mom. how are you, mom? >> the 11-year-old daughter bernadette,. >> whenever you're down, she
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brings you right back up. >> friends say jessica loved fashion and was studying at the academy of art university in san francisco. relatives say the loss is devastating knowing she was just becoming an adult and starting to realize her own potential. >> her success is unbelievable. you know, we were all very close. all of our families is very close. it's hard to imagine this could happen. >> friends told us there is laughter when they remember her vibrant personality and tears when they think of her death at such a young age. >> i can't talk anymore becauseley start crying. it's been very hard. >> the funeral for jessica morales will be held at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow at the church of the highlands in san bruno. she will be buried monday in wood lawn memorial park. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators searching on
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what caused the explosion are looking at the possibility that liquids running through the pipe may have corroded it in the inside. the san francisco chronicle, pg&e was concerned about the problem last year in all four of the metal gas lines in the bay area. they investigated but they couldn't run the inspection robots in the center of the line. still, pg&e said they removed the liquid wherever they found it. >> we tested it several times. there was no indication of any more liquid on the line. >> because of the ongoing investigation, pg&e said they couldn't comment on what specific corrosion inspections were done in the san bruno segment of pipe. the other mile section of the pipe was rated as unacceptably high risk. for the second time in as many days, a report of gas prompted an evacuation in san
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bruno. crest moore was evacuated after a teacher reported a gas in the classroom. >> the teacher turning on the gas was trying to turn on the heater. because there was no power feeding the heating unit, the regulator didn't kick in. a small amount of gas was emitted in the air. >> the student was taken in parkside intermediate school where parents could pick them up. a similar incident prompted the evacuation of puertola yesterday. you could find updates at today for the first time, since her release from the iranian prison, sarah shourd talks about how she's doing. we learn she plans to be in new york when iran's president arrives at the united nation. rita williams has our report. >> while this is one of the
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projects -- in her berkeley cottage she told me what she calls an unconventional bridal veil for her niece. >> it's a little unusual but she's a little unusual. it helps me look at it and continues the joyous feeling and know that she and shane will be getting married. >> no one knows when that will be. iran released shourd because of her declining health. fellow hikers and uc berkeley athlete, josh and her fiancee bower remains in prison in iran. >> she just know i'll be doing it. >> sandis doesn't have a tv. she first saw on-line this video of sarah hugging her mother. >> you watched at that on-line. >> yeah, over and over. >> the next day, is sara called
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her mother. >> she also said she doesn't really feel completely free because shane and josh are still there. >> she feels incomplete, that was her word, until they get out. >> sanders kept tempering her unbridled joy with precaution. yes, sarah will return to the united states soon. then sarah's aunt returned to the shrine she started almost 14 months ago. >> this is sarah. the other two white ones are shane and josh. they are all lit because the three of them are a unit. the candles will stay burning. >> next week, when iran's president comes to the united nations. rita williams, ktvu channel 2
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news. going into the weekend, we have some showers to talk about. the last weekend of summer. as we go to tomorrow morning, we have cloud for everybody. maybe some drizzle. temperatures on the mild side. we go to santa rosa. we will see some drizzle in the morning hours. highs will be mild despite the cloud cover. tomorrow, it will be drizzle but mostly sunny skies. computer model looks like this, as we go to saturday morning; right? saturday afternoon, you see the main system, still offshore. this is the system of tracking for sunday. we're going to get showers in here after saturday. i'll let you know exactly. i'll play the computer model for you in the next hit when i see you back here in a little bit. in the gulf of mexico, bp began pumping cement into the blownout oil well this afternoon from the relief well. the move is one of the final steps before the blown out well can be declared dead. the well is expected to be completely sealed tomorrow, a
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day earlier than anticipated. this comes almost 5 months after the oil well explosion that killed 11 people. residents in the bay area are on alert again. what's happened for the fourth time and why it's causing so so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip.
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i grabbed my son a juice box...and left the cooler lid open.
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twenty minutes later, all our hot dogs were gone. and so was most of the car. my mercury agent, steve, told me the car was covered. i switched to mercury because i saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance, but it was the service that really made me a happy camper... er...ex-camper. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast, free quote and start saving today. another sexual assault in walnut creek is under investigation. it's the fourth sexual assault reported in the park regency complex in the last three months. antonio is in custody in connection with the first three attacks. investigators say last night, a woman was assaulted by a different man as she entered her home. last night's assailant is described as a white man, 20-30- year-old, 6 feet tall, with
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full beard, wearing jeans, t- shirt and footed sweatshirt. palo alto fire officials say damages to 92-year-old. it took firefighters an hour and a lot of water to get the water under control. the home in the 1,000 block of university avenue. their son said he woke up to intense heat and tried to put out a burning piece of furniture by himself. >> i'm going to try to put off that piece of furniture before i call somebody. >> his father, mother and 91- year-old grandmother managed to get out of the house safely with only the clothes on their back. in palo al to. the audit found 43% of the employees didn't comply with city policies. showed missing receipts and incomplete forms. 525 transactions totaling more
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than 225,000 were scrutinized. city audit says, palo alto needs stricter oversight. it will be presented to the finances committee on tuesday. >> oakland police audited some officers who the chief said, don't hear the words thank you often enough. 17 officers were singled in a awards recognition ceremony. the chief said these officers do a tough job that many others cannot do and they deserve to be honored for the heroism and courage. bicycles concerned about the safety stage add colorful protest. they said they are particularly concerned about felt street. and they say drivers routinely cut them off, cross the bike lane and pull out from parking spots without looking. they are demanding that the city take the safety measures including realigning the bike lane to sepa it from traffic. san francisco officials cut
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the ribbon. tens and millions are me
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top san francisco officials gathered on leland street to announce they are allocating tens and millions to beautify city streets. >> this is the best thing that's happened to leland in a long time. >> the city highlighted the race street project. aims to plant nor trees and or nate city lighting. mayor newsom says the city is allocating 68 1/2 million to improve trees in every part of the city and repave 470 streets. the money is coming from a
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combination of stimulus and city matching funds. the highway patrol is seeking information on deadly accident. stacy white parked her car in the wrong direction on southbound highway 101 near popper avenue in san mateo last sunday morning. white and a man who stopped to help her were then struck by a passing limousine. the two were hit by several vehicles including a highway patrol car. both were killed. investigators say white may have been drunk and want to know where she was prior to the accident. a number of the leading muslim organization plan to hold a summit on the proposed islamic center in new york city. the center, including a mosque will be located a few blocks from the world trade k. the muslim groups plans to discuss the project along with the rise of antimuslim feelings and anti-muslim speech. today, it was a day in
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which many became new citizens. on a september 17th, more than 200 years ago, 39 delegates signed the constitution in a historic convention in philadelphia. >> we the people of the united states of america. words resonated for 158 people. for finn, originally from vetted nam, today's day made her ten year mission to become an american even more special. >> it was very exciting moment. it's a long journey for me. >> the keynote speaker, yafi is a yale student, recently honored by president obama who sparked a project, girls
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helping girls. she pointed diversity, historically carries a price. >> women in equality, imperialism and most recently, surge islamic phobia. >> because of the unique experiences and talents, we're there that much more capable of making this a better and perfect place. so i think our diversity is the greatest asset. >> diversity will be in full color, and asian communities holding moon conference. and these groups will have to deal with ongoing racial and cultural conflicts and some new americans want to remind people what the constitution is all about. >> freedom of speech and religion. that's primarily why i came here. >> she agrees and she says she hopes one day she can help the south asian community revolve this differences. on this day, she's ready to
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invoke her citizenship. >> i love america. i got to vote. i got my hand into the politics. >> that will make our founding fathers happy. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. two prominent democrats in congress will likely avoid ethic trials in the next two months, denying republicans a public spectacle before the next election. maxine waters is accuse of using her influence to help a bank in which her husband is an investor. rangle faces charges on taxes an campaign funds. since congress plans to recess at the end of the month, there's no time to complete a trial for either of them. he put his life on the line for his country. he ended up paying a steep price. this military veteran is getting help for a moderate program in the bay area. it's a program that gives back
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for those who gives so much for our country. >> gets out, you will -- get the wheelchair up there. volunteers turned out for 28-year-old injured veteran. he won the bronze star for navy special ops work he can't discuss. somalia, two tours in iraq, five tours afghanistan. >> didn't know if you were going to live or die. i dealt with it. >> he's now dealing with traumatic brain injury after a vehicle crash in afghanistan. >> my goal, my goal is to walk again. >> today, steadying hand of the center of freedom foundation. >> what i've learned, to look at the potential, not the injury. >> he organizes volunteers.
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chapelle's home is four years of free rent. the rotary organized doctors, therapist to donate services. >> we're sponsoring ryan. we're just pitching in, do what we can for him. >> psyches special training could help him now. >> this may be tough but i've gotten some tough things in my life and i've gotten through it. >> i know the brain injury, takes me through a lot of hard work. >> he says while learning to walk, he plans to go to college aiming for a social services job. they say they've helped 60 injured veterans, accomplish their goals and are confident ryan will achieve his. john fowler, ktvu news. we have not had in a long time. california is not prepared. the potential danger offshore. and i'll pull up the latest
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computer model. shows rainfall for the bay area Ășeekend.
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if you've been feeling poor, there's a good reason. the net worth of americans fell 2.7% in the last quarter. that works out to 1.5 trillion. net worth is the value of assets such as homes, investment, minus debt such as mortgages and credit cards. americans are spending less and spending accounts for 70% of the economy. in news of the world tonight, in london, pope benedict xvith address leaders of parliament at westminster
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hall. the pope talked about the need of religion in public life. london police arrested six street cleaners arrested in a terror threat on the pope. in afghanistan, security is tight as afghans vote in parliament elections. the polls opened a few hours ago. the taliban is threatening to attack anyone who vote. a rocket hit kabul few hours before it began. officials say it may have been a warning shot. how many afghans will ignore the intimidation will reflect whether the vote could be considered a success. in chile, the 33 men trapped in a mine, could be rescued sooner than expected. one of the three drills. it's 12 inches wide and will make it further drilling to make it wide enough to pull out the men. it could take early november,
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well before the pre-christmas target date. >> the man accused of killing, trying to block. and lawyers says the expert will rely on the conditions of levee's bones to argue she was strangled. the defense says it hasn't been able to examine the bones so testimony about them would violate his constitution rights. levee was from modesto. her body was found in a washington park in 2002, a year after she disappeared. an elderly fresno woman died from west nile virus, the first west nile virus case in the state this year. there are three cases of animals being infected in san mateo and solano counties. san francisco, marin and napa counties have been free of major west nile infestations this year. the west coast remains ill-
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prepared from a tsunami. it says an offshore earthquake on the fault called the subduction zone could result in giant waves crashing into northern california shores. the report calls for more ocean sensors and public education campaigns. congress will question the study after the catastrophic indian tsunami killed more than 230,000 people in 2004. new figures, the western lumber industry had the worst in record. industry expert point to the continuing recession and the housing market. mills and oregon were the top producers in 2009 followed by washington state and california. the record keeping goes back to the 1940's. black and orange were out early. fans and hall of fame broadcaster chime in for the giant's push for the play-offs.
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how long or how far south will wet
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governor schwarzenegger handed out awards to promote fitness in schools much winning students, teachers and principals received gold medal. the top students, each receive a fitness center. this year, nor than 2300 students signed up to participate. tenant fever is building in san francisco and northern california. your san francisco giants are in first place in the west. with more than a handful of games left, everyone right now is a big game.
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mike mibach has our report. >> reporter: the hunt for october is indeed on. tonight, the ballpark early on was lech tree fyking as fans are starting to smell pennant baseball. >> finally they are in first place. >> giants fever. >> hum, baby. >> it's alive and well. tonight, fans toured a muni. the line was a quarter mile long. >> the push for the play-offs, is in the san francisco air. >> it's a great feeling. you know, being in the mix, ready to hit the post-season. giants are playing good. they look good. >> look around you. it's play-off atmosphere. >> wow. >> this place is hopping. it's electric. it's like yankee stadium. >> giant hall of fame broadcaster says the team knows very well about the seven year play-off drought. the 2010 story of the giant is one that has a lot of leg.
12:16 am
>> for me, it's a different kind of adrenaline. it's an adrenaline of fear. >> don't screw it up. >> the giants could make it in the world series, which is way ahead of the story right now, but i think, you know, this would be something like they've never seen before. >> and the giant fans are ready for what they hoped will be a magical play-off ride. >> the bay area, will be great. the holding area. >> the milwaukee brewers were in town tonight. did the giants expand the slim lead? live in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. we're moving to the last weekend of summer. it won't feel like that. there will be some sun. there will be dry conditions. showers in the forecast for sunday. outside we go. this is the system i'm
12:17 am
tracking. most of the energy tomorrow stays north. there will be rain north of the line. and these are the highs from today. note how warm they were. 80s, despite the cloud cover and the drizzle. temperatures will be in the 70s. it's a mild weather pattern. drizzle in the morning, maybe in the mid-morning hours. not a bad day. saturday. sunday, showers back in the forecast. not a big storm. these are new showers, will show up just about the 5th inning -- probably about the 1st and 2nd inning. point being, it will not run out the game but it could cause some delays, either in the roadways or you travel about. here's saturday, before the front gets there. mostly cloudy, mild. here's sunday, right when the front gets there. the showers will be mid-morning or early afternoon. i'll break it out for you right now. this is the computer model right next to the forecast. this is the computer model for
12:18 am
saturday, all day. here's the computer model for sunday. you could see very light showers between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there could be some lingering showers after that as well. the area will swing in quick. by any means, it will be some showers in those hours. 74 napa. 67 in richmond. those are warm temperatures considering the clouds. community is up. this is the height of fire season. not tomorrow or early next day. 77 danville. this is actually good news. it won't be a bad to get a quarter inch or half inch, parts of the north bay. 61 in pacifica. 60 in half moon bay. the saturday forecast, not that dissimilar from today. sunday, it will differ. it will differ because they will see more stuff. more light scattered showers. there's a lot going on. we have the giants.
12:19 am
we're talking about that. they are in the game. they have games saturday. it will be fine. sunday's game, i think they can see a little bit of a rain delay. they certainly won't rain it out. i think they will most likely have a few sprinkles on the game. the raiders game, there will be a few sprinkles on that as well. >> thank you, bill. the bay area's own and nba star jason kidd went to his old school to share his fortune. they had a little dance and exercise. when he was a youngster, kidd went to the school before it was more than light school. the jason kidd foundation is relying on the private school as much as the donation. >> as much as we had the books, and we want to give the youth the same. >> he will give $100 for every assist he makes with the dallas
12:20 am
mavericks this incoming season. the high school football game of the week. not to mention the cal
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well, fred is in for mark ibanez. an exciting night for the giants. things are not turning out. >> ten runs last night. giving shutout for the third time in six games is not exactly the best forum in winning the divisional title. the giant is a lead dog. giant rookie pitcher, bumgarner is still looking force his first win at at&t park.
12:24 am
that's an rbi single. and milwaukee gets some help from giants defense, edgar renteria, picking up the ground. they get 2-0 after the 5 innings. giants manage 3 hitoff. wolf completes the first game of the season. aubrey huff, not this time. blanks the giants, 3-0. cardinals pounce on everything, in st. louis. they ended up pounding the padres for 19 hits, as matt holiday puts this final one in the seats. the cardinals keep their play- off hopes alive, 14-4, the final. so the giants stay one-half game san diego. rockets are game and a half back in the tight west division race. 70-year-old joe torre he
12:25 am
retires. the dodgers manager at the end of the season. he led the play-offs in 2008 and '09. hitting coach will replace torre next season. baseball as we manage in any level. a's are in minnesota to play the twins. jack kuf -- off nick blackburn. this is game number 146 for the a's. that's only the 92nd home run of the year. and that second game, nice play to end the game. ellis, pitch hitter, a's win it 3-1. >> bears played football in reno for the first time since 1915. they may not want to go back for another 95 years. cal came in with the nation's number one ranked defense against the wolfpacked offense. shane ran for 200 yards on 20 carries.
12:26 am
he scored 3 times including a 50-yarder. wolfpack, tipped quarterback. and grabs the ball, runs free. 55-yard touchdown return. and the tribute to the pistol offense is the quarterback, collin. he threw for two touchdowns and he ran for three more. he could run like a sprinter. renna wins 16-34. first time since 91 cal, 2-1. high school football of the week, featured -- and st. francis in the dark jersey beat los gat os. and cushy losing his helmet but scores a touchdown. will smith to jalen davidson. jalen makes a beeline for the goal line. touchdown for the lanterns. will smith threw 179 yards.
12:27 am
los gatos held to three points. there's the final. st. francis beats los gatos and one tied for the first year at coach. that's the sports for this friday night. giants lose but they are still in 1st place. >> that's the good news. >> cal running to a buzz saw or not? that quarterback is horrible. >> he may be the first guy in ncaa history to throw for 4,000 yards and rush for 8,000 yards in a career. this guy still has a lot. he's nfl material. >> his hand-offs are so good. he faked the cameraman so many times. the cameraman is here. >> the pistol offense is a little quirky. they haven't practiced an they got caught off guard considering they are the number one defense. >> you bet. >> and that's our report for tonight. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville.
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our coverage continues on-line at have a great weekend, everyone.
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