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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 2, 2011 12:30am-1:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. flames tear through a downtown san francisco apartment building. it is a new year's day wakeup call that many did not want to hear. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm maureen naylor. heather and ken are off tonight. more than a dozen san francisco neighbors are spending this first night of 2011 in a shelter because of that fire early this morning. tonight we have new information from one resident who says the fire started in her apartment.
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ktvu is live in the city tonight with the city tonight. janine. >> reporter: maureen, there are 40 people staying at this recreation center that is designated as a red cross shelter. you can see just beyond these doors all of the fire victims have laid down to sleep. the lights went out a minute ago. it has been a long and trying day for them. this woman was rescued from her third story apartment shortly after 1:30 this morning. firefighters carefully brought her down on the stretcher while flames raised through the building behind them. this woman who didn't want to be identified, says the fire started in her apartment. she told us through a translator she was sleeping and smelled smoke. >> i noticed that there was a small fire in the res room so i decided to go to the kitchen to get some water to try to put it out. by the time i had come back the fire had already spread. >> reporter: the woman says her power was turned off yesterday evening because major renovation work was being done
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in the complex. she said she was using candles but blew them out before going to sleep. fire officials are still investigating the cause. >> we have one firefighter injured with a minor injury with a cut hand. but everybody made it out of the building safely. the residents were brought to a red cross shelter south of market street where they were given dinner. all were chinese and many did not speak english so interpreters were brought in to help them with their need. volunteers tell us the residents are scared and confused over what will happen next. >> the good thing is that they are all together in the same police. and so there is, i think, a communal support because everybody knows everybody. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon, crews worked to clean out the building. some families were able to grab a few belongings but the family who lived in the apartment where the blaze started couldn't salvage anything. >> i lost everything. right now our lives are safe. but all of our money, our
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jewelry, our belongings, clothing, all of that has burned away. >> reporter: people staying at this shelter tonight say they are grateful for the help. the red cross says it will keep the shelter open as long as needed. reporting live from san francisco, janine, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating their first homicide of the year. a fatal shooting happened just before 3:30 this afternoon in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. police say the victim and the suspect were sitting on the corner of turk and taylor streets when the victim was shot several times. the man later died at san francisco general hospital. investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. the police say the suspect ran and hasn't been caught. napa county, it is a spot known for its wine. and while it also had a little taste of a white winter, this new year's day a light snowfall blanketed pockets of the county from the mountains. there was never fresh powder to even bring out the snowplows. ktvu's christian kafton
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reports. are. >> reporter: some of napa county's highest peaks rang in the new year wrapped in a blanket of white. the snow trapped a handful of cars. the highway patrol had to lead drivers through the snow on highway 29. cal trans warned driver of the winter weather conditions. at the same time, crews worked to clear the roads. >> a lot of snow. especially for up here. >> cynthia perez was hard at work clearing the roads by 4:00 this morning and says the wet slushy conditions can be tough for drivers. >> adverse weather just drive slow, please. you know, we do have families and want to get home to them. >> reporter: plenty of families decided to hit the road and brave the elements. >> we stopped this morning and we are going to go see the snow. it's fun. >> reporter: the fisher family said snow just 45 minutes away from their home was too good an opportunity to pass up. >> he has been up once before when he was 3-year-old.
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but this is his second time coming up here so close to the snow. >> reporter: and it wasn't just the little ones enjoying the snow. avid outdoor enthusiasts climbed to the peak of mt. st. helena. >> the top was just beautiful. there is like a blade of ice and snow stuck to all of the twigs and the minefields, just magnificent. >> reporter: but you didn't need to be an avid outdoors man to figure out how to enjoy this new year's surprise. >> i have never seen snow. just seen the snow in the mountains. but the first time we came up here. >> reporter: a lot of people wanted to take some of that snow home with them. see just how long that lasts. we did see some snow on the hoods and roofs of cars. in some of the lower elevations tonight they saw rain. nothing like the snow they saw on the peak last night. in napa county, ktvu, channel 2 news. more rain is falling tonight. a ktvu crew shot this video you are about to see just about a
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half hour ago. it was spotted in morgan hill. there is some light rain falling there at the time around 9:30. and for a look at where the rain is right now across the bay area let's turn to meteorologist mark tamayo in the weather center. >> hey, there, tracking some light to moderate rain across parts of the by area. right now on the maps i can show you live stormtracker 2. there is the current sweep showing you the current rainfall pattern. move the maps to the south. as you can see in the south bay some more significant rainfall. all of this activity to the most east of morgan hill. this was at least a moderate rain producer. even heavy rain producer half an hour to an hour ago. you can see it shooting out to the east. move the maps up and still see some coverage up towards san raphael. even towards san francisco and oakland we do have some more moderate cells. the darker shades of green do correspond to at least moderate cells of rainfall pushing through the region.
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on the satellite you can see the circulation moving in from the north. on the left portion of your screen that will be a big player for tomorrow as we head into sunday. with that we will be talking about dropping snow levels once again. some cold temperatures. possibility of some thunderstorms. also have the timing of the heaviest rain band that will push through the bay area. that is coming up in the full weather in just a little bit. >> and you can find live weather updates, including stormtracker 22 any time by going to and click on the stormtracker 2 tab at the top of the page. >> the san jose police department is investigating its first homicide of 2011. investigators say 15-year-old gonzalez was shot multiple times just after 1:00 this morning. at the time of the shooting gonzalez was on his porch along the 400 block. the witnesses say a number of suspects fled the scene in a vehicle. police say they believe the shooting was gang related. the victim of oakland's last homicide in 2010 was a high school student. police say 17-year-old
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christopher jones was helping his older sister put her baby in her car outside their home on fresno street when they were shot. his sister suffered a gunshot wound to her foot but her baby was not hurt. jones was a senior at castlemont high school. >> arrests have been made. oakland's first homicide of 2011 also involved a teenage boy. it happened just minutes after midnight. the shooting happened at 12:10 this morning outside an apartment complex on the 3100 block of high street. police say a 17-year-old boy died at the scene. three other people were wounded but are expected to survive. police have not said if this homicide was linked to two separate shootings which happened a few hours earlier. authorities today identified 2-3 people killed in a fire early thursday morning in oakland. the alameda county coroner's office says the man who died was 32-year-old flores. they say ruth and her 3-year- old daughter also died. the authorities are not releasing the name of the
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little girl. investigators say the fire was caused by an extension cord that was part of a series of cords supplying power to that apartment. electricity at that apartment was shut off on december 2nd. a man suspected of robbery and carjacking around a popular south bay mall spent new years in the santa clair can a county jail. san jose police arrested joseph jenkins yesterday afternoon at a home am camp near the express way. they found a machete along with replicas of a pistol and a rifle in his tent. police say the 28-year-old robbed a man's warehouse store and car jacked a man all on december 23rd. investigators say they believe he also attempted two other carjackings and a robbery at the valley fair mall. chuck reid made the rounds this morning at police stations and firehouses. the new year's visits have become a tradition for the mayor since he took office in january of 2007. today's visit came as the mayor works to reform the pension system that includes the police
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and firefighters. two weeks ago, mayor reid got the city council to appoint outside finance experts to the boards that oversee the city's nearly $4 billion pension system. california's new year brings hundreds of new laws, many of them focused on your health. among the new laws effective today, legislation that limits the use of transfats by bakeries, requires the display of calories on chain restaurant menu. bans cad many people in childrens' jewelry. requires teenagers to take a motorcycle safety course before they can ride. and it makes impersonation or pretending to be someone else a misdemeanor when it is meant to hurt the victim. and a law to help struggling teenagers, the age of foster care he will best of my ability goes up from 18 to 21-year-old. >> straight ahead a deadly start to the new year on bay area roadways. what was a factor in at least two of the crashes. >> two years remembered.
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how protestors marked the anniversary of the death of oscar grant and the memory his family has of that night. >> and what is it like to be inside a tornado? survivors of a severe
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. tonight oakland police investigating the fourth shooting in the city in the 24- hour period and looking for two gunmen. at about of: 30 this evening
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-- 6:30 this evening two men opened fire on 88th avenue and d street in east oakland. the victim was reportedly taken too highland hospital. his identity and his condition are not known. >> a deadly new year's on bay area roadways. highway patrol says at a time when its maximum enforcement is up and running four people have been killed at four separate accidents two alcohol related. ktvu reports. >> reporter: a smashed piece of windshield, a headlight and spent roadside flares, that's what remained this morning of a fatal accident on 580 in dublin that happened last night. on 101 in san francisco near candlestick park there was no trace of a dui related crash that left one dead except in the statistics for this holiday weekend. >> we are disappointed with the numbers starting out this 2011. 64 people arrested for dui. four fatal traffic collisions here in the bay area. >> reporter: statewide there
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were seven highway fatalities in california last year during the first 12 hours of the new year weekend, compared to 12 fatalities this year. in the bay area, there were none last year. four this year. >> that means there is four families that are now planning a funeral with their loved one to start out their new year. >> reporter: chp says at least two of the fatality crashes were dui related. they had dui check points throughout the bay area this one in san francisco. it isn't possible to determine if the increased enforcement discouraged dui driving or fewer people were caught. but dui arrests were down. last year 92 people were arrested in the bay area for dui compared to 64 this year during the same time period. state wide 527 people were arrested. slightly higher than 499 last year. a greater improvement in the bay area, but the chp says it's not enough. >> there is an old phrase where, you know, they say a smart man or woman learns from
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their mistakes. but a wise man or woman learns from the mistakes of others. so learn from these 64 people who were arrested last night for dui and don't end up being a statistics at the end of this holiday weekend. >> reporter: the statistics on dui arrests and fatalities are kept through the holiday weekend and the chp's maximum enforcement period also continues through sunday night. in berk are you, ktvu, channel 2 news. the highway patrol is trying to solve a mystery of how a woman's body ended up on a south bay freeway. investigators say someone told a chp officer about the by body shortly before 4:00 this morning. the officer found the body on 101. several vehicles had hit the body and highway patrol says it has not yet determined if the woman was walking on the freeway or fell from the toll road overpass. a santa cruz man is under arrest tonight after leading police officers on a foot chase
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that ended at the santa cruz county jail. police say an officer was alerted by a homeowner of a man prowling around the house this morning in the 100 block of hubbard street. officers said they found the suspected prowler 18-year-old and gave chase. that chase ended outside the county jail exactly where the 16-year-old was arrested. he was carrying a semi- automatic handgun, booked on several charges including prowling and resisting arrest. activists marked the second anniversary of the will fatal shooting of oscar grant in oakland today. today's event was not only aimed at remembering the shooting of grant by mehserle, but also as a protest for those who suffer injustice at the hands of authorities. for the family of oscar grant, the wounds are slow to heal. >> for us, this day is a day that really seems to appear to have happened last night.
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so when we reflect and we look back in time, we realize we really haven't moved anywhere because it seems like it just happened. the alameda county district attorney's office announced thursday it will not challenge a judge's ruling throwing out a gun enhancement conviction against mehserle. without that additional conviction the former officer could be free within 5-6 months. a fairfield woman was arrested in and accused in a bizarre kidnapping case. it all unfolded when authorities pulled over 36 freedom in a u-haul truck. authorities found four people inside the vehicle including a 74-year-old man. they say freedom lured her victims with promises of money and cigarettes to help her move. freedom told the authorities she was preparing for a world- ending earthquake. she is being held on several charges, including suspicion of kidnapping and false imprisonment. a sheriff's deputy reporting a report of gunfire today at a mobile home park in
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ohio was fatally shot. susan hopper who was married and the mother of two children was shot as she tried to photograph a footprint outside a home. the gunman was shot and killed during an ensuing gun battle in which a police officer was wound -- wounded. the county sheriff was close to tears as he described the moments before the gunfire. >> the door of the trailer opened. and the person inside fired one shotgun blast. striking the deputy and fatally wounding a deputy. >> the officer who was wounded is expected to survive. deputy hopper joined the sheriff's department in 1999. she was 40-year-old. >> survivors of deadly tornado spent new year's day cleaning newspaper parts of the south and the midwest. deadly storms flattened homes in arkansas and missouri during
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the final hours of 2010. seven people were killed and dozens more injured. shelby lynn has more on the after math. >> reporter: a bitter start to 2011 for residents of sunset hills, missouri. the small town was hit hard by the new year's eve line of violent weather reported from arkansas and mississippi up to the midwest. >> our money was in a black and white billfold. >> reporter: the storms were especially tragic for dwayne price. his elderly mother is in the hospital. but the friend in the house with her when the storm hit was killed. >> they were both sitting in the living-room when they were hit. my nephew and his friend were outside and he said he saw the houses explode down into the road and my mom and her friend were in the house. >> reporter: jason stevenson was injured by the storms also has a rivetting story to tell. >> i got picked up and down at least three times that i know of before i come to a slamming
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halt up against a small little tree up behind the house. >> reporter: this is what's left of stevenson's home. officials are assessing the total damage from the storms. missouri's governor has declared a state of emergency to free up funding to assist the victims. shelby lynn, reporting from atlanta. the u.s. capitol building was temporarily evacuated this afternoon after a simple mistake by an airline pilot. the faa says a piedmont airline pilot flying into the national airport inadvertently turned his radio to the wrong frequency causing the plane to lose contact with air traffic control. the capitol building and congressional offices were evacuated as a precaution while fighter jets scrambled to intercept the plane. the emergency was called off a half hour later when the plane landed. >> egypt suffers its worst terrorist attack in years. the shocking place it happened and who was targeted. >> still no winter. the megamillions lottery jackpot continues to degree. how big the prize is now and
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when the next drawing will be. >> another storm racing towards the bay area coastline co w t ileororr li irore
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. egypt is coping with a deadly terrorist attack on a chris man church just minutes after the new year started. [ music ] (gunshots) >> this video was taken inside alex's church the car bomb claimed the lives of 21 people. the worst terrorist incident in egypt since 2006. world leaders including president obama have condemned the bombing. reporter heather childers has the story. >> reporter: a deadly attack on the first day of 2011 in egypt.
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a powerful bomb exploding in front of a christian church about 30 minutes after midnight local time. more than 20 people were killed and about 80 others were injured. it happened as worshipers emerged from new year's mass in the city. the bottom bombing comes in the wake of threats to attack the country's christians. they are vowing to track down those who are behind the attacks. i assure the whole world and all egyptians that the terrorists will not succeed in threatening egypt and threatening the unity of the muslims and christians living side-by-side in egypt. >> reporter: in a statement president obama strongly condemned the bombing saying. hours after the attack, a group of christian youths clashed with riot police. the protestors say the police will not fully investigate the bombing. they claim authorities in egypt
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often overlook attacks on the christian community. >> we demand our rights. the government must be with us, not beat us. >> reporter: christians make up 10% of egypt's mainly muslim population of nearly 80 million people. in new york heather childers, fox news. one of the secret diplomatic records exposed by wikileaks describes the failure to get a corrupt official in afghanistan removed from power. according to the document u.s. dips referred to afghan's head of the ministry and water industry as a former warlord who was "the worst." afghan president hamid karzai refused to remove the minister despite the threat to cut off aid to the country. the threat failed to impress hamid karzai and u.s. aid continued to flow. the secretary of homeland security visited the dangerous border between afghanistan and pakistan today. janet napolitano is spending the weekend at the u.s. base
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there. napolitano today said her department will ramp up the border security and training afghans in anti-smuggling techniques. cash is problematic with millions of dollars smuggled out of afghanistan each year to finance drug trafficking. in central russia three people died in a plane crash. the plane never made it into the air catching fire while getting ready for takeoff and then exploding. more than 40 people aboard were injured some with serious burns. the tu154 model has had so many crashes in recent years russia's major airline has pulled it out of service. but the mid-range jet is still used by smaller airlines. brazil has sworn in their first female president. she took office today after reading the presidential oath. hillary clinton gave her a congratulatory hug. she survived jail and torture in the early 70s as a political dissident. she referred to that era in her speech today, saying it gave her the courage she needs to
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lead the country. the mega millions lottery avoided a winner yet again, sending the nine figure jackpot even higher. the lottery played in california and 41 other states is expected to climb to 29000:00:00 p.m. by tuesday night. two californians almost struck mega gold on new year's eve. sacramento and anaheim matched five of the winning numbers and that means they each won $579,000 before taxes. last night's numbers again were 10, 12, 13, 35, 56 and the mega number was 9. [ music ] big business in the mountains of california. the way ski resorts in lake tahoe are trying to lure snowboarders and skiers to the slopes this weekend. >> and baby new year, where was the first baby of 2011 born in
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. >> this winter wonderland scene is what greeted one family at their home in clear lake this morning. it was cold overnight there. cold enough to turn the rain that fell on most of us here in the bay area into snow up in lake county. and the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for clear lake and southern lake county until 8:00 tomorrow morning. not even two weeks into this winter season and the sierra nevada has received dozens of feet of snow. there is so much competition for business up on the slopes that resorts are trying harder than ever to lure skiers and snowboarders on to chairlift. claudia cowan reports. >> reporter: california's ski areas are off to an epic seen with 25 plus feet of soft snow and scores of powder hounds paying between $80 and $90 to spend the day carving turns. getting more bang for their
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bucks as resorts offer more extras on and off the mountain. >> i think it is maybe a half a billion dollars of improvements that have occurred over the last five years in tahoe. so we are kind of the happening fun place to go as far as skiing in the nation right now. >> one improvement is smart terrain. at north store in north lake tahoe it means snow banks molded into perfectly spaced moguls to help skiers and riders learn the bumps faster and with fewer bruises. >> smart terrain is a way to get people to have those sensations of skiing and riding very quickly in the experience. as soon as you start to have the sensations that it really draws you into the sport. >> reporter: base villages are evolving, too, along with tubing and ice skating. they are offering pottery and jewelry making classes and more, making the mountain experience fun for non-skiers and new technology is making it easier for everyone to stay in touch. at heavenly valley in south lake tahoe, skiers can download epic mix a mobile ski app that
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tracks their vertical feet and keeps them connected with friends on the mountain. mammoth mountain is bringing the popular taco truck right on to the ski slope. a roving pasta truck should be operational in a few weeks. hundreds of thousands of people are expected at california ski resorts this week and hotels throughout the area will -- are being built or upgraded to accommodate them all whether they are on a budget or looking to splurge. the new ritz carlton offers the only five star service at a california ski area. many resorts are also expanding their kids club, mountain lodges and ski school programs. operators are hopeful all of these school -- cool upgrades and all of this incredible fresh powder will elevate the guest experience and encourage more people to head to california hills this winter. if in north lake tahoe, claudia cowan, fox news. >> find the latest conditions in the sierra and at the ski resorts by go to click the stormtracker 2 tab and then the link to the
12:03 am ski section. an iconic symbol is once again shining bright in marin county. the lynchfield sign in san raphael was re-lit this evening at sunset. the long dormant sign went up above the bermuda palms resort. it went dark after he died in 1995. >> i have always considered it my father's signature on the property that he built back in 1949. and i felt it appropriate to restore it. >> the refurbished sign has more than 1400 lightbulbs which will remain illuminated each night for two hours. the resort has since been replaced with a hotel and sofa and mattress store. the first bay area baby born in the new year came into the world just after midnight in berkeley. 19-year-old stephanie hernandez named her daughter. the four pound five ounce girl
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was wherein auto month premature but said to be doing fine. her father found seven pennies when he was rushing to get her to the hospital. >> seven is going to have something to do with the pregnancy so she was born at 12:07 and that was the first thing i did was call my dad. she was born at 12:07. >> a spokeswoman in berkeley said she isn't surprised her hospital staff delivered the first newborn since they deliver as many as two dozen babies a day. the first of tens of millions of baby boomers are hitting retirement age this year just as the new congress begins to discuss plans to reduce taxes and cut spending. casey steegal look at how that might affect the economy. >> the first baby boomer were born between 1956 and 1984. some experts say that could drain our economy. >> with 75 million baby
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boomers, who is going to pay for that? that will increase the amount of financial burden on medicare. >> the amount of taxes that workers pay in do not cover the amount of benefits that are doled out. and on top of it now we are going to see medicare recipients increase almost double over the next 20 years due to all of the baby boomers turning 65. >> medicare currently covers 46 million people costing about $500 billion a year. in about 20 years, more than 80 million will be eligible for the coverage. and that is raising concerns the healthcare program could go bankrupt. a devastating blow to baby boomers who have paid into the system during their entire working lives. >> i really expect that taxes will increase for future americans. i also think that we shouldn't expect the same type of benefits that our parents or grandparents have grown to expect. >> healthcare costs are a major part of the government's budget problems. and recent debt reduction proposals asking for big
12:06 am
changes to medicare. some of them call for phasing out the program, replacing it with a fixed payment to help future retirees buy a private plan of their choice. >> many experts say the medicare problem could possibly force the federal government to either cut benefits or raise taxes. in new york, casey stegal, fox news. [ music ] >> before the grand dated -- grand daddy of the bowl games comes the most iconic rose parade. the tournament of roses parade. >> another round of wet weather is expected.
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[ music ] >> the rainfall has been on the increase over the passed few ba area. that trend will continue overnight as we do head into early sunday morning. right now on the maps i can show you this on live stormtracker 2 and quite a bit of coverage especially to the south and to our north. you can see the snow showers with a winter weather advisory currently in place for southern lake county. check out the radar. a quick check closer to morgan hill and gillroy. some very heavy rain showing up here with those yellows and reds. move the maps up to the north. you can see some activity up in the north bay. and also moving into san francisco and also into oakland. the darker shades of green do correspond do some moderate downpours. that yellow could be a little bit of a heavier cell moving into the bay right around san francisco eventually moving across the bay bridge and out towards the east bay as well. the overall weather story is this for your bay area forecast for tonight, the showers have
12:10 am
been developing. cool out there for tomorrow. periods of rain. hold on to that chilly weather pattern. the extended forecast finally a dry weather pattern to talk about so we finally have a break developing at least in the five day forecast. satellite the radar you can't see but i am tracking. there is that circulation moving rapidly towards our coastline. the main factor as we do head into sunday. some more rain expected for us tomorrow. cold pattern with temperatures only in the 40s for afternoon highs for parts of the bay area. warmest locations could be right around 50 degrees mark. look what happens though into next week. high pressure returns. this is a dry weather pattern. temperatures warm up a little bit. no major warmups. but by wednesday, thursday and friday we could be talking about at least mid to upper 50s across the region. here is our forecast models showing you the rain first thing tomorrow morning at 6:00. this one is targeting parts of the north bay and also down towards the south bay. especially south of san jose. remember once again with low snow levels we could be talking about snow down to 3,000 feet. at 1:00, still some scattered
12:11 am
rain showers. have to hold on to that chance. at 5:00 scale back on the coverage by late tomorrow into the evening hours. for the sierra this translates to that weather winter advisory in place until 4:00 monday morning. snowfall will be on the order of 6-12 inches. the bay area forecast for tomorrow morning at 7:00. rain likely. low to mid-40s. 40 to 45 degrees. at 12:00 showers. 43 to 48. by 3:00 the chance of some showers but still very chilly out there. upper 40s to right around the 50-degree mark. san jose forecast high of 51. san mateo is 50. finally, something completely different here on your five day forecast. after tomorrow, we have a string of dry days. monday some scattered clouds and patchy morning for tuesday and wednesday. so we will be dealing with all of these storms. finally a break to enjoy the outdoors and the green hills and rushing creeks out there. >> in southern california today a new year's day tradition drew
12:12 am
thousands of spectators and millions of viewers. the annual rose parade wound along the streets of pasadena to the delight of onlookers. among those on hand from the bay area was 13-year-old mike careaway jr. he underwent a liver transplant in 2008 that doctors say saved his life. the 122nd year for the parade. >> okay. coming up next it is time to go bowling. we will have the complete run down of the new year's day bowl games. >> and the warriors
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[ music ] >> hello again, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. for a while tonight the warriors cared to dream.
12:15 am
on the second night of back-to- backs in miami of all places. and then the world got back on its axis and resumed its normal rotation. the heat players wondering who are these guys early? smith is but david lee steals the ball back. ellice goes for 25 on the night. part of that total was this shot just before the first quarter buzzer. ellice off the glass. it's an eight point golden state lead after one. and more of the same in the second quarter. this time wright pops three of his 30 after taking a 20 point lead. the warriors were still in front by half-time. but got miami's attention in the third quarter as the heat out scores them 25-12. they force a turnover. lebron benefits. james goes for 25 on the night. watch miami run the floor after taking the ball away here. carlos to lebron to wade, wade had 16. the warriors within 4 at the four minute mark. james will miss.
12:16 am
but when lee keeps the ballet life it ends up with chalmers who hits the three and makes it a seven point game. turned into a free throw battle after that. miami comes from behind for a 114-107 win. the warriors have two more games to conclude a five game road trip. the new year's day bowl landscape is always changing. but it is still the day for the grand daddy of them all. the horn frogs in texas christian making their first ever rose bowl appearance taking on wisconsin. the badgers had a 3-0 first quarter lead but the frogs went in front when dalt on play faked and went 23 yards and the score. tcu had to come from three down again. dalton scores from the four and it is 14-10 frogs. 21-13 with time winding down. wisconsin's ball gets around the corner and find the pile ron. a two point game with two minutes to play. the badgers go for a two point conversion and the tie.
12:17 am
but tank carter rises up to swat right at the line of scrimmage that preserves the lead for the horn frogs who make their mark coming from the mountain west conference and winning a bcs bowl and that's the thanks patterson gets. the frogs win 21-19. in all likelihood will end up second in the final college football poll. connecticut tonight is trying to make the case that the big east belongs in a bcs bowl game. oakland the fiesta bowl the huskies weren't quite ready for the bright lights. sooners jones lobs one up for a very open cameron kenny. the yard made it 27-10. oklahoma early in the fourth quarter. jones threw for 275 yards with help from the defense. off the hands of the receiver michael smith right into the arms of fleming who goes 55 yards to the end-zone. sooner's return two interceptions for touchdowns and handed out a good old- fashioned whipping. 48-20 the final as oklahoma finishes 12-2 after putting up
12:18 am
524 yards of offense. it was a very long bowl day for the big ten conference which ended the regular seen with three one loss teams. we already saw what happened to wisconsin. michigan state was another one taking on alabama in the capital one bowl. mark ingram in the end-zone for the second time giving the tide the 21-0 lead in the second quarter. just the beginning of a long day for the spartans. jones on the end-around. watch the block by the quarterback to spring jones to the final 15 yards. it is 28-0. and it got worse. in the third quarter he stabbed in and hits maize right in stride. the tide led 49-0 before the part-ans ever got on the -- spartans ever got on the board. and michigan coach rich rodriguez can peel the spartan's pain. they led 14-10 in the gator
12:19 am
bowl before things turned dramatically. one of three touchcounsel -- touchdowns on the day. the michigan players never do get him down. mississippi state gets a touchdown pass to michael carr. the worst bowl loss in michigan history as the bulldogs win 52- 14. and further cloud the future of rodriguez. we are paid to do a job. we did it as hard and as well as we could. and with some obstacles. but everybody is going to have obstacles. and that's the one thing that, you know, even though the season certainly didn't, you know, shape out the way we wanted to and there were a lot of things that happen, you know, we fought through it and we got closer. this team is closer today than it was a week ago and three weeks ago. sometimes there are hard lessons learned for all of us. but nobody cheating our school of a day of work. penn state 84-year-old paterno is still going.
12:20 am
irvin myer is retiring. the ball was tied at 7 in the first quarter. the gators blocked the punt and mcray returns 27 yards for a score. that gets myer fired up. the lions driving for a score later in the game that could have given them the lead. but matt is picked off for the fifth time. the second time by black. he takes it 80 yards the other way to clinch it. and send myer out a winner 37- 24. he is trying to bring some balance to his life. and spend more time with his family. >> well, my wife started crying. so she shook me up a little bit. we have given six years, six equals about 40 years of your life to florida. we couldn't have dreamed of doing it anywhere else. because this is our place. we love it. but if i ever start a coaching school i will make everybody do a become report on joe paterno and that's the way you should act in coaching because that's college football. he should go down as the
12:21 am
greatest football coach in the game and he should. the ticket city bowl. plenty of offense in this one. taylor pots to oscar alex and back to pot. this goes into the books as a 13-yard touchdown run gave the raiders the 17-6 raiders lead. 24-9 by half-time. stevens takes off down the field with an 86-yard touchdown. he ends up with 126 yards on the day. northwestern hasn't won a bowl game since its 1949 victory over cal in the rose bowl. they go 0-5 after the wildcats lose this one 35 -- 45-38. >> he will forego his senior season with the bears to enter the draft. even though he has another year of eligibility he graduate we had a before liquor's degree in december. he rose to third on the career
12:22 am
list in rushing touchdowns. 7th in rushing yards and 7th in 100-yard rushing games. he was on this year's all pack ten second team. still more to come tonight on sports wrap. we will take a look at the final regular season weekend in the nfl. and take a look at how things went tonight in
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12:25 am
. they are still packed tightly in the nhl's division and the sharks had a chance to move ahead of the la kings. they had 29 shots on goal and he had 29 saves. didn't mind taking one off his head if that's what it took to keep the kings off the
12:26 am
scoreboard. after a scoreless first period the sharks put the only goal of the night passed jonathan quick. quick can't react, well, quickly enough. he made the goal stand up for the 9th shut-out of his nfl career. the sharks move passed la and into second place in the division one point behind first place dallas. hockey's winter classic played tonight in pittsburgh before more than 68,000. penguins hosting the wash capital inside a scoreless game. malkin gets free on the break- away and goes in for pittsburgh with the lead. mark andrew fleury leaves the goal and the caps make them pay. he hits the net. a little padding for the caps in the third period on the break. this game was billed as a sidney crosby alex ovechkin battle but this is a 3-1
12:27 am
washington win. the 49ers tomorrow will wrap up their eighth straight non-playoffs seen with jim tomsula with a chance to be the winningest or losings coach against the arizona cardinals. in a season void of many positives one of his position players defensive lineman justin smith was named to the pro-bowl. smith joins patrick will is on the nfc roster. smith is one of those gays who likes to let the play on the field do his talking. >> when you are in a team sport that always comes first. but good to be recognized by your peers and other coaches you play against. >> there is no greater compliment than what jim tomsula singled you out today. there is nothing to say about the guy. every day his play speaks for itself. >> you know, it's right back at him. because he is one of the best coaches i have ever been around. and, you know, he has definitely done a heck of a job
12:28 am
teaching me and everybody else to play 3-4-defensive line. i never played it before i got here. so a lot of the credit goes to him. and the raiders can make it an even 500 season if they can beat the chiefs in kansas city. that's it for this saturday night sports wrap. see you after the 49er game
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