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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 5, 2011 12:30am-1:30am PDT

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he reached for puffs ultra soft & strong. a nose in need deserves new puffs ultra soft & strong indeed. when you prefer a lotion tissue, try puffs plus lotion. a silver and black shape up tonight: late word the raiders are dropping tom cable. >> first singletary, now tom cable. today both bay area football teams are without a coach. the announcement came just a couple of hours ago. and tom vacar is out speaking
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to fans. but we're going to start with mark ibanez. >> nfl fans this time of year like to call it the coaching carusel. and tom cable was fired, and moments later, rumors of his hug says successor turned into a fact. his popularity was definitely on the rise even though an 8-8 season failed to get oakland into the play offs. a few years ago, he was the only coach that would bring the team to disarray. the organization also told him he is now free to look for employment elsewhere. the other side of the story is the that behind the walls of
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the raider facility, there was a mind set this year's decision was because of coaching assistant. when it was said other teams were thinking about luring him away. davis reacted. hugh jackson is indead the next coach of the oakland raiders. a promotion that will become official certainly in the next day or so. lots more to follow later in sports with regard to this story. >> mark, thank you. now to ktvu's mike mibach. he has been engaging reaction since the news broke. >> reporter: in alameda, the only thing we've actually received is this five sentence press release. we took this out on the streets with us tonight, we took it to raiders fans, we read it to them, when we did the heads
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just started to shake. >> >> reporter: sunday the raiders beat the chiefs capping an 8-8 season. monday tom cable is asked about the status of his job. >> i'm going to rest, i'm going to rest for a few days here seriously. and we'll have a chance to meet sometime you know in the next two weeks. >> reporter: and today, cable gets cut. >> here we go again. >> reporter: tonight raiders fans at ricky's sports ban in san leandro are questioning the decision. >> i don't like the move. the players were playing for him. they were playing hard, they played right down to the last game and that's all that really counts. >> reporter: and at times it showed the raiders did not lose a game in their division this season. fans say it doesn't matter how many players back their coach if owner davis doesn't like you, more likely than not you are out. >> i think he did a good job. i think the players liked him, but you know there's only one guy who makes the decisions there, we can speculate all we
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want and we know who that guy is. >> there's been frustration with al for the last 20 years. but ever since 30 years ever since he moved to l.a. but that's the way it's going to be. >> reporter: and the raiders statement ended with this line, the raiders express gratitude to tom cable for his contributions and as the head coach of the silver and black. the san francisco 49ers also made news naming burke as their general manager. in oakland police are investigate ago homicide tonight after a gunman shot a man in the head outside a market in west oakland. the shooting happened just before 6:00 this evening at 26th and market streets. the victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. officers say the victim was an adult male but the coroner has not yet released his name. this is the second homicide in
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oakland in this first week of the new year. on her first full day in office, oakland mayor quan reached out to the police chief. police chief anthony bats welcomed the mayor into the department this morning calling quan a dynamite boss. the police union backed don p e rrata for mayor. she pushed for officers to contribute up to 9% of their pay toward their pension plan. >> you have to have an honest approach to fighting crime. i cannot just designate parks and rec and libraries so the union doesn't have to pay their contribution. new information now about a police shooting in san francisco. a cell phone video emerged tonight showing a man in a wheelchair being shot.
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officers had responded to reports of someone vandalizing cars at tenth and howard in the south of market neighborhood. ktvu's rob roth attended a police news conference and is live at the hall of justice with new information. >> reporter: there are four separate reports out about the shooting. a passer by shot this video from a car on tenth street near howard around a corner from a mental health clinic. the video shows officers confronting a man from a wheelchair. the man had just stabbed a plain clothed police officer on the shoulder and before that he was slashing car tires. he appears to throw the knife and at the same time, an officer shoots a bean bag shot. and we'll show this video in slow motion. >> the video is showing us the
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focus of the camera of an event and it's showing one point of view, we're not seeing what the officers are seeing. obviously we're not seeing what the officers are thinking about. >> reporter: following the shooting, ktvu captured this exclusive video of officers attending to the man, he was shot in the groin and is expected to survive. a woman that works in the mental health facility says she saw the man before he was shot. >> i saw her messing with something on his lap, i thought he was rolling a cigarette or something, i don't know. >> reporter: how did he look? >> not very happy. >> reporter: chief gascon said had the officers been allowed to carry taser guns per happen it is shooting -- per perhaps
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the shooting would not have happened. we now know the name of the man shot and killed by hayward police officer last week. the department says the officer shot 56-year-old randall liranzo when he brandished the knife. officers were called to a home near depot road after he injured an officer. 32-year-old robert michael clatt was arrested in las vegas and is now awaiting extra diction. clatt is charged with lewd conduct with children. there maybe more victims. 58-year-old gregory elarms is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of
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his childhood friend david lewis. elarms is charged with lying in wait which makes his eligible for the death penalty. lewis was killed in the parking lot of san mateo's mall last june. he muttered the name greg when he lay dying. officers made the connection when gregory elams came before police offering information. prosecutors say sheers was deep in death. tomorrow his attorneys will outline sheers defense. and the board of supervisors is meeting to choose an interim may mayor. right now the board is in recess. the board has been going back and forth between these two men. ed lee is the city
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administrator, mike hennessey is the county sheriff. both are considered moderates. amber lee has been sitting in on the board's deliberations, she has more now. >> reporter: behind me inside city hall, the board of supervisors have been meeting for five hours. there's plenty of fireworks as some supervisors shifted their alliances during two rounds of voting. >> thank you. [ indescernible ] >> reporter: supervisor chris daley who's one of the four supervisors leaving officer became visibly angry when it appeared that ed lee had the necessary votes to be selected as interim mayor. during two previous rounds of voting, michael hennessey were the top two vote getters but
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neither had enough to win. dufdey and marr threw their support behind lee. >> i think he would be a very inn collusive person to help move our city guard. so i'll be casting my vote on behalf of ed lee. >> reporter: at last check, the board had not taken the final vote yet. mayor newsom will likely not interfere on the choices of either lee or hennessey. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco public defender jeff adachi is said to be sworn in tomorrow morning. adachi has said he will push ahead with another measure to reform pensions. the last one proposition d was defeated in september. the mega millions $355 million jackpot was up for grabs. so get out your tickets, here's the look at the winning
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numberless. they are four, eight, 15, 25, 47, and the mega ball number is 42. >> the mega million. >> we caught up with some people in san francisco lining up to get their numbers. people in 41 states plus washington, d.c. caught the fever. this is the second largest jackpot in mega millions history. and the forecast calls for more fog, i'll have tomorrow's forecast in just a few minutes. also, a new twist in a legal
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today a panel of three judges asked california's supreme court to decide first whether prop eight sponsors have the authority to defend the measure after state officials refused to do so. ktvu's jana katsuyama reports. >> reporter: all was quiet outside the ninth circuit court of appeals today. unlike december 6th when the court first heard arguments on proposition eight. today's filing by the three judge panel is critical in a 21 page document, the ninth
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circuit asked california supreme court to clarify whether prop eight backers have a legal standing to represent the state and defend the gay marriage ban in court. >> they want to make sure that any decision they reach if it's going to be overturned, it'll be overturned on the merits and not because the litigants don't have standing. >> reporter: uc law professor jesse choper says this has no standing. >> when the voters go to the initiative process, and they pass a measure that if the government officials don't defend it or don't enforce it, then they have a right to step in and make sure that it's legally defended. >> reporter: this delays any federal rulings and the court has no deadline to answer. >> my guess is they might have oral argument on it. they'll certainly have briefs on it. so that's going to take a
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while. >> reporter: legal experts say it's likely the state supreme court and the ninth circuit courts are trying to lay the legal ground work for any appeal in the future by either side to the u.s. supreme court. in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. california's seven member supreme court has a new make up since it last tackled the last issue. sawauye is the new chief justice. has continuing coverage of today's decision and background on this landmark legal case. just look for the gay marriage tab. these are the final hours of san francisco democrat's nancy pelosi term as speaker of the house. tomorrow republicans will take over the leadership position as the new congress convenes. today pelosi was asked if she
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had any regrets? >> no we have no regrets. this house has over and over again sent to the senate legislation for job creation which the republicans and the senate held up. >> reporter: pelosi went on to say if republicans want to solve the country's problem, they'll have a willing partner in democrats. she was the first woman to be house speaker and was second in line for success for the presidency. on this night before their swearing in, republicans held a fund raising for the freshman class to help pay for their campaign. tomorrow republicans will get to work with their agenda. >> i think the priority is to cut spending. to reduce our debt. >> republican leaders have said that they hope to dismantle
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president obama's health care bill. and the 77-year-old senator feinstein announced today she will undergo knee replacement surgery tomorrow in san francisco. feinstein will need about three weeks to recover and will be unable to travel during that time. the senator says she'll will working from home instead. pg & e says they'll continue to install smart meters. in a packed room the board approved the smart meters. more than 50 concerned residents also addressed the board raising health concerns about the meters. >> you don't know what is going to come for the next five or 10 years. what the health effects are really going to be. >> reporter: the meters use a wireless system to send data. pg & e says they are safe. the state's public utility's commission has jurisdiction not the supervisors so the company says it won't stop installing the meters.
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those same marin supervisors are going to study the impact of paper bags. the áf members say they will revisit the issue on january 25th. the coast guard tonight says it doesn't know when a boat that ran aground and capsized will be removed. some 2,000-gallons of fuel has to be removed. robert handa has our report. >> reporter: the drama began early this morning, as you can see from news chopper 2, it took place near south beach. the crew members got off the boat safely much to the relief of the owner and friends. >> it could have been worse. but thank god all three are
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safe. and the crew got out. >> at this point we're concerned about the environment component. the diesel that's left inside the fuel tanks on the vessel itself. >> reporter: the coast guard said about 2,000-gallons of fuel needed to be pumped out. the first step was heavy machinery used to remove sand from around the boat. then a large tow boat was attached to try to get the boat up right. >> when we start moving the vessel we don't want it to be be fatigued from all it's banging in the water and maybe break in half. so we're going slowly and safely. >> reporter: after about half an hour, the boat was up righted with no apparent leaks in sight. >> if they couldn't get it out. they would have to destroy the boat out in the beach. that wouldn't have been good at all. having it up right with the tide coming in, they'll be able to get it out. >> reporter: so everyone happy
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as much as they can be. >> reporter: it was a good outcome yes. the fog is reforming tonight. i just got the later observation. fog forming up in the santa rosa area. we're going to see fog in san helena and out toward napa tonight as dewpoints are high and temperatures are rapidly falling. temperatures outside right now for most of us are in the low 40s and upper 30s. forecast tomorrow then, more fog. now in the big valley out in the san joaquin valley. there's a dense fog advisory. there's a lot of fog forming right now. there's a lot of fog out toward davis and modesto. the fog is starting to spill into some of the inland bay valleys. we're looking for a lot of fog in the morning. if you got it this morning, you get it again tomorrow morning. cooler in the north bay, most of us in the upper 30s, low 40s. look for that valley fog. tomorrow when you wake up you have fog in most places,
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temperatures in the low 30s, mid-30s. lunchtime it's mostly to partly sunny. we come back we'll have the long range forecast. we'll tell you when the next rain could get here. stanford's orange bowl winning football team is back home tonight. students and other fans lined up on campus to give the team an enthusiastic welcome home. the team finished the season with 12 wins and only one loss. stanford's winningest season ever. last night the country saw them dominate virginia tech with a score of 40-12. the celebration is mixed with uncertainly about the future of head quarterback andrew luck and coach harbaugh. the san francisco giants world series trophy is back home tonight, it is on display at city hall where fans can get their picture taken standing behind it: it will resume it's
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tour on northern california and to selective locations around the country. day one for governor brown's third term. when we're going to learn some specifics on his plan. new numbers on suicide
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>> it's a new day in sacramento. on his first full day on the job, governor brown showed he is going to do things different in both style and substance. starting with the state budget. ken pritchett has our report now from the capital. >> reporter: this imagine speaks of a new tone. governor brown strolling the
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hall ways without a large entourage. >> we're going to shift funding to the local level. we're going to make sure there's enough responsibility and discretion the use the money shifted in the wisest way possible. >> reporter: brown's budget plan is shrouded in secrecy but will shift power over some programs. the idea and tone welcomed by local officials. >> this is different than i've ever experienced. we didn't have to trot over there and go to the governor's office and get pat on the head and told something bad is going to happen to you. we had an opportunity to have a real conversation. >> reporter: the tone may
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change sooner than that. governor brown will reveal his budget plan on monday. a plan he admits will include budget cuts which may ruffle some feathers. ken pritchett, ktvu news. the cables were sent in the months before a japanese vessel collided with a sea shepherd sea boat. in one cable, japanese officials blame sea shepherd activities from keeping them from reaching whale hunting quotas. i'm rita williams in san francisco, a city with a history of video tapes similar to the one that cost a navy officer his job today. thinking about buying a car.
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there are new calls tonight to install a steel net beneath the golden gate bridge to deter suicides. earlier today the marin county coroner revealed that 32 people jumped to their deaths from the bridge last year and almost 100 have taken their lives there in the past three years. ken wayne is live now at the golden gate with where plans are for that barrier. >> reporter: it's 2,500 feet from the deck of the golden gate bridge to the water. more often than not everyone who jumps will die. we talked to someone who knows
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firsthand the psychological trauma of those who take their lives. >> 17-year-olds, 19-year-olds, the prime of their life for me now is in their 40s and that's the median age for people who take their lives. >> reporter: holmes and others have long advocated a barrier on the golden gate bridge but there's no funding somewhere >> we're seeking $45 million. >> reporter: the 3,200 deaths is about the same as previous years. but bridge officials say up to 80% of those who try to take their lives were saved. suicide call boxes are now on the bridge, and all bridge workers are trained on how to spot someone who shows suicidal behavior. >> of the 620, about 595 i think it was didn't happen at the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: still the foundation says that 1,400 suicides have occurred here,
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making it the number one suicide location in the world. one bridge visitor told us that a bridge is a compromise to the bridge's beauty. >> i think it would save some lives. and i think that's worth more than something to look another. >> reporter: that leads to copy cats and more deaths, live at the golden gate bridge, ken wayne. we have late word coming into the ktvu newsroom of a shooting in east oakland that has left six people injured. it happened within the past hour at about 9:43 tonight in the 8900 block of d. street. we talked to officials and they said four men with gunshot wounds were found in that neighborhood and a fifth showed up in highland hospital. the sixth victim was hit in the back as he sat in his living
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room. caltrans crews are out once again tonight at this hour working on a major pothole repair project in sonoma county. crews are making repairs on a southbound lane of highway 101 between santa rosa and rhoner park. this paving project is part of a continuation of a project started last month. emergency pothole repairs caused this massive back up on northbound interstate 880. it lasted for hours today. caltrans says it had no choice but to do the repairs immediately. workers say the hole was especially dangerous because it was on a bridge with no support below. on wall street, stocks turned mix today despite a sharp rise in auto sales of again motors and ford. the dow posted a 20 point gain but the nasdaq dropped 10.
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the federal deposit insurance corporation announced today it is suing the the executives of some failed banks. professional liability lawsuits were authorized against 109 unnamed bankers. the fdic hopes to recover $2.5 billion it paid out in rescuing failed banks. 297 banks have failed in the last two years. the price of gold futures finished the day down 3% to $1,379 an ounce. that's the biggest one day decline since july. gold finished 2010 up 30% on the year. analysts say investors are taking their money out of gold as the stock market improves. dr. murray seemed panic and even asked if anyone knew cpr while he was trying to revive jackson. the revelation came during the preliminary hearing on whether murray will be tried.
12:05 am
dr.murray is accused of administering a lethal doze of the drug that was supposed to help jackson go to sleep. a military scandal is asking questions tonight, why it took the navy three years to discipline a commander that used gay slurs. >> reporter: this is not the imagine of an officer and a gentleman. for producing these videos four years ago, today captain honors lost his job. >> i used very bad taste and poor judgment. >> reporter: that was the 49ers public relations director apologizing before resigning in 2005 for this. >> you feel good now. >> reporter: a video with racial and anti gay slurs and
12:06 am
nude women made to teach players how to deal with the diverse media here. >> later that same year, it was the san francisco police department's turn. >> in the old day, you know these things with respect reported. >> reporter: sidney cook is director of a leadership development firm that works with fortune 500 companies, everyone the navy. >> i think there's a lot of ways to have fun without crossing a line, without ignoring an important part of the group you're supposed to be leading. >> reporter: so leadership experts say be careful with today's technology, whatever you say and whatever you shoot can and will be used against you. in an francisco, rita williams -- in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu news.
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two american classics are getting a remake. the books are to be published in february, some twain scholars say the new additions will desecrate the books. a mystery at a bay area animal shelter. the burglary that has workers shaking their heads in disbelief. and i'm tracking valley fog showing up in many inland locations. how much fog will you have in your neighborhood. first a
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inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ a southern california man
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is really lucky. he survived a fall down a slope. he was trapped there until a highway patrol officer noticed tire tracks that went off the road. it took 40 members of the los angeles fire department to finally pull hill out. the police department credits luck and experience for saving him today after a big rig skidded right toward him and his patrol car. he spotted a ladder on the road. he pulled over to call for help. that's when he says a big rig started sliding and skidding right toward him. >> i accelerated my car away to try to make it away as quickly as i could but i didn't quite make it away fast enough and it
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hit me. folks at the santa cruz spca said today they just don't understand why someone would steal free pet food. but that's exactly what happened sometime this past weekend. when someone broke into a shed where that pet food was stored. word of the theft spread quickly and donations started pouring in. but the theft itself is still a mystery. >> and we're trying to think, positively. you know possibly it was someone who just didn't understand the program or someone who was very, very desperate and in need for food at that point. >> reporter: one man showed up to say he wanted to get the shelter a new shed to store the food. pet owners in need in the santa cruz area have been going to the spca every friday afternoon for ten years to get that free pet food. two san francisco institutions that provide health care say they are planning to merge. they say they hope to have it completed by the end of the
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march. the ashbury free clinic started officering free services in 1957. three years later, washburn was created to help those with drug abuse. janet napolitano got a look at airline security. napolitano noted that israel has four airports and the u.s. has 2,500 airports. and in columbia, 48 people
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were gored at an annual amateur bullfighting event. 20 would be bullfighters have died. they describe it as alcohol, music and machismo. people mostly young men just jump into the ring and challenge the bulls. no bulls are killed, the festival has been going on for 150 years. welcoming up, the san francisco based company that is creating hundreds of jobs. plus, find out what's fueling a big turn around for u.s. auto makers, a live
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here's a live picture now from that multiple shooting in. officers tell us six people
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suffered gunshots here at about 9:43 tonight. one victim was hit by a stray bullet as he sat in his living room. police say they still don't know what triggered the violence. and the board of supervisors just ended tonight's session without choosing an interim mayor. the board seemed to have enough votes to choose this man, ed lee. but he's currently on vacation. they hope to reconvene saturday afternoon. macy's is adding hundreds of jobs as one part of its business grows as an exceptional rate. macy' based in san francisco planned to create 2700 new jobs. the jobs will be in san francisco, new york and atlanta. the retail giant reported the online business grew 29% over a year. detroit may finally be
12:17 am
bouncing back from a disasterrous stretch. today auto makers reported positive numbers. and lloyd lacuesta has been talking to people out shopping for cars. >> reporter: dealers confirm more people are coming in and not just kicking the tires, but buying and driving home new cars. >> i like the car. >> reporter: maria and carlos felipe were at normand chrysler tonight. >> my big concern is my monthly payment. i don't want to be -- and also my husband is looking on gas. >> >> reporter: down the street at capital ford, this couple was close to making a deal on a ford escape suv. >> right now it's just, is as good a time to buy as any. we're looking because you know our car is wearing out. >> reporter: numbers released
12:18 am
today show car sales are coming back. general motors the leader in u.s. sales was up more than 6% for 2010. ford had a whopping 15% rise. but toyota sales were flat. mainly because of its massive recalls. over all, more than 11.5 million new cars and light trucks were purchased last year compared to 10 million in 2009. >> business has been getting better and better each month. this has been the best month of the year for us, december. >> reporter: chrysler coming off bankruptcy, soft sales rise 16%. >> all the manufacturers got their stuff in order now, and they've cut their expenses so much and they've come up with some absolutely awesome products. >> reporter: as good as 2010 was, it was still the second worse year in almost three decades. the industry is still recovering from a disastrous
12:19 am
2009 when auto sales plunged 21%. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. toyota now faces some litigations over sudden accelerations. toyota is being sued by hundreds of car owners. meantime toyota reportedly paid $10 million to settle a lawsuit over a deadly crash last year involving sudden acceleration. four people were killed and the incident drew national attention to the accident. before the accident, the driver a chp officer called 911 and reported he couldn't control his car. as i mentioned the fog is forming out there right now. we go to live storm tracker 2.
12:20 am
one of the things the system needs to form is light winds. the winds are showing up at 5 miles per hour. so it is just light wind out there. perfect for fog formation. the high pressure ridge is set up. the storms are north of here. the jet stream is going up into canada. so we're clear and easy. the weather from last week and the week before, added to your high pressure back. that means fog forming for the inland bay valleys. a dense fog advisory tonight and probably the next couple of nights from redding to bakersfield. we are waiting for the fog to reform. here we are tonight. we already have fog up toward livermore and sacramento. this is the fog forecast model. i want you to watch how the easterly winds blow that fog into the delta and out into the bay. here's tomorrow morning's forecast at 4:00 a.m. here we are at about 7:00 a.m. it's not picking up the santa rosa fog but there'll be fog out here as well: you can bet out here in this area you're going to have some very dense fog. it clears up tomorrow morning, and tomorrow night works it's
12:21 am
way up the valley. that pattern will repeat itself tomorrow. plenty of fog throughout the inland bay valley. your morning commute will be impacted. visibilities you know can get out there. i wouldn't be surprised if the eastern parts of contra costa or alameda county or certainly the next morning will get a fog advisory. you don't need a fog advisory. you just have low visibility that's what we're going to see in many locations. temperatures will be in the 50s. there'll be patchy fog there as well. fog like this is indicative of a stable weather pattern. it's not going to rain. when you have fog it's tough to get rain in this type of environment. so we're looking for dry conditions for the first time in a while. but that fog will be the weather headline right into the bay area weekend: weekend right now looks dry. >> thank you. >> thank you, bill. first it was arkansas now hundredsover dead birds have been found in louisiana and in both cases the cause is a mystery. about 500 of the birds are in a town near baton rouge.
12:22 am
they are red wing blackbirds the same as the ones in arkansas. brown headed cow birds and sterlings. some add obvious injuries such as if they had hit power lines. three swans are now swimming in the lagoon at the
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12:24 am
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mark joins us once again with the big changes happening with the oakland raiders. >> what a night, what a day in the nfl and to put it bluntly two years ago the raiders were a laughing stock. no respectable big name in the country would everyone consider accepting a big coaching job in oakland. so davis gave it to a virtual unknown, tom cable. and he's plain speak, over achieving every man coach has now been fired. tom cable informed earlier this eve that the five year option
12:26 am
on his contract would not be exercised. thanks for everyone tom, hit the door. and davis is not making the move because he thought it would be popular. the fact is that davis loves a high octane office. jackson started to get bites from other nfl teams rather than risk losing him, davis now makes him the seventh head coach in oakland in the last 12 years. meanwhile from 49er headquarters it is news only because it is now official for more than a week now, everyone has pretty much known that balchy is the team's new general manager. tonight after their wink, wink nationwide search had been completed. the 49ers put their stamp on
12:27 am
the decision. balchi as it has been well anticipated is the new general manager. they now hope to find their head coach just down the freeway with coach harbaugh as he returned from the orange bowl. as the players and were fairly met by fans. >> reporter: and finally in the
12:28 am
sugar bowl tonight, ohio state 31-arkansas 26. a great game hope you saw it. but that's the sporting life here on a tuesday night. it's all about the nfl and coaching stuff. there's more to come with the 49ers of course. >> all right, mark thank
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