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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 6, 2011 12:30am-1:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2. >> power ships to the u.s. capital as the republicans take
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control of the house of representatives. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> nancy pal is in and baneor is in. >> the ktvu's ken wayne joins us now. he wants to know if the gop can make a difference. he is live in oakland with the story. ken? >> reporter: julie, the republican take-over of the house is a tremendous victory for the gop. but it is how they use that power that could determine the power of the country. >> god bless you speaker bainor. >> he wants to carry out the mandate of american voters, less government. >> no longer can we fall short. no longer can we kick the can down the road. the people voted to end business as usual. and today we begin to carry out their instructions. >> reporter: after first pledging to reduce spending by
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$100 billion, republicans now say they want to reduce it by $50 or $60 billion. >> if the republicans use this time to go over every inch of government and clean it up, and demonstrate that to people, it will be both good for government and the republicans. >> reporter: the republicans will try to overturn healthcare reform and hold hearings on the president's actions over the last two years. >> but in the end, the talking and the overturning of healthcare bill is not necessarily going to lead to any action because the senate is going to stop it or obama is going to stop it. >> reporter: democrats still have control of the senate and the president has veto power which could lead to inaction and tough questions from voter who is sent republicans to washington. >> hey, you are there, nothing is happening. you are not getting anything done. that's going to be really tough for the republicans. >> the best thing the republicans can do right now is something that benefits everyone and build momentum from there. >> reporter: the one wild card in all of this is the economy. if the economy improves,
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democrats can claim credit and improve their chances in 2012. live in oakland, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. for the most part, nancy pilosi played the gracious hostess as she stepped down from her post as house speaker. she told the congressional black caucus. democrats will extend their hand to the republican colleagues. >> but where we cannot find common ground, we must stand our ground on behalf of the pledge we take every day with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> pilosi said she and other democrats will work diligently to fight the republican effort to rollback healthcare reform. there is another change in washington, d.c. white house press secretary robert gibs announced he is going to be leaving sometime in early february. at today's briefing, he talked about his time at the white house. >> you walk around here and you see the history and such. and i just reiterate, again, you realize that for however long you are here, it's
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temporary. >> gibs has been working closely with president obama for more than six years and is expected to work on the president's reelection campaign. and there are reports tonight that paul vaulker plans to leave his post as a top economic advisor to the president. he pushed a rule to stop banks from making certain speculative investments for themselves instead of on behalf of their customers. the white house would not comment today. the president is expected to make a number of announcements regarding his economic team this friday. a presidential panel investigating the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico says if changes aren't made it could happen again. thible -- panel has concluded that management at bp and halliburton and transocean made decisions to save money that created too much risk. 11 oil workers died and more than 200 million-gallons of oil spilled into the gulf. >> there is word tonight that a
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group of bay area fishermen is going to share a multimillion dollars settlement for fishery losses resulting from the 2007 costco busson oil spill. mike mibach is live with more on this. >> reporter: those who fish for herring in the san francisco bay, frank, those are the men who have lost a ton. those guys aren't even allowed to fish in these waters. the settlement comes as go ahead news especially as they are watching other fishermen cash in on their own catches. tonight along the san francisco docks the sound of a successful fishing trip, crates filled with crab coming ashore. the fishermen are smiling. fisheries are ecstatic. >> no disappointment. they have had a really great year. maybe even, who knows, the best year in history for down here. >> for crabs? >> we are all happy. >> reporter: also happy today 120 bay area commercial halibut, herring and other fin
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fish fishermen. according to the settlement reached with the owners of the could say could he busson the fishermen will be splitting $3.7 billion in damages. >> this settlement which is a final part of it looks like it is certainly welcome news for the fishermen. >> reporter: he says the 53,000 could say could he busson spill head the herring fishermen the hardest. >> certainly for two years afterwards we had no herring fishery. >> reporter: he says the number of herring in the bay regarded as the best on the west coast and a delicacy in japan has dramatically dropped since the spill. the $3.6 million is an appropriate figure if and only if the herring come home to the san francisco bay. >> if the herring come back this year, that will be a good sign. so all in all, there is some reason for some optimism in the future. >> reporter: the attorney representing the fishermen said he is pleased with the financial terms.
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he also said "if you come into the bay and spill oil the chief stewards of the bay, local commercial maliciouser fishermen -- will do everything in their power to hold you accountable for it.." ktvu, channel 2 news. a girl is -- girl is recovering from being hit by a bus shortly after 2 p.m. this afternoon. highway patrol officers say the girl and the friend were in the crosswalk when the bus bumped the girl. she complained about a pain in her side and taken to the hospital for treatment. in san francisco, a 16-year- old driver is facing criminal charges tonight after a chase through downtown. police officers managed to stop the girl at third and market after she drove the wrong way down pine street around 1:00 this afternoon. police say the teen appeared to be a danger to herself and was taken for a mental evaluation. now to oakland where a father of four is in critical condition tonight after being hit by a stray bullet. it happened during a shoot-out in east oakland that left five
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others wounded. ktvu's paul chambers has an update now on a story we first brought you last night. >> stray bullets blew through fences, windows and walls near the intersection of 89th avenue and d street. police say five people standing at the intersection were wounded. and a stray bullet struck a 49- year-old man who was inside his house. >> he was supposedly going to his son's room when i guess the bullet got him in the back. >> elizabeth lives right next door to the man who police say was an innocent victim. he also says someone in his own family could have been shot. there were holes where stray bullets came inside his house. >> there is a hole right here beside the couch. one that first came through my room and out to the living- room. roche. >> reporter: that bullet stopped short of the couch. as for the cause of all of the gunfire police say it may have been a result of gang activity and they fear retaliation despite a violence protection plan. >> we have seen a spike in shootings and we want to make sure we are prepared for any
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further retaliation gang activity. >> reporter: one man who asked us not to show their identity believed the shooting was a retaliation for a new year's day incident that left bullet holes in this car and store and wounded a man who ran inside. >> he said i have been shot, i have been shot. so he went in the back and laid down in the back of the store. blood was all over the place. >> reporter: police would not say if she is shootings are related and have not given any description about the gunman. if you know anything about these cases you are asked to call police. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland police today identified a young man who was shot to death last night in west oakland. investigators say 21-year-old allan colins of berkeley was gunned down outside the market in the 2500 block of market street around 6:30 last night. police say they have leads in the case but no arrests have been made. they are offering a 10,000 reward for information leading to the killer's arrest and conviction. heyward police tell ktvu news the killing of a hayward
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father late last night does not appear to be a random act. the victim is 28-year-old collins. the investigators say the gunman apparently broke into collins apartment and shot him. when the police arrived on the scene in the 29,000 block around 11:40 last night, they found collins suffering from a gunshot wound. he died a short time later at the hospital. collins' family tells us he is survived by two young girls. >> an urgent call for help tonight from hayward police as they search for a 17-year-old boy threatening suicide. police say jade fields has not been seen since noon today but he has been texting his sister saying he has a knife and is having suicidal thoughts. he will not say where he is and the police are asking for the public to contact them with any potentially pertinent information. [ music ] a beautiful sunset over the bay tonight. how fog and chilly weather will affect your morning. tomorrow's forecast in ten minutes. san francisco police use this simulator to train their
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officers on the use of force option. and that split-second decision could mean life or death. >> a red carpet ceremony in city
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. a man in a wheelchair who was shot by san francisco police officers yesterday remains hospitalized tonight. that incident as you see here
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was captured on cell phone video. officials say his injuries are not life threatening. police say the man had stabbed a police officer in the shoulder. the officer is also recovering. those officers had to make a split-second decision about how to respond. and tonight san francisco police gave us an opportunity to see exactly what it's like to be in a tense situation where you have only moments to decide whether or not to shoot someone. ktvu's amber lee went through that training simulator and she is live now with our report. amber? >> frank, the police department invited us into the academy and asked us to step into the officer's shoes to show us what could happen when the police answer a call. >> observe the security guard escorting a man taken into custody. >> reporter: the scenario i'm a police officer patrolling a mall. is security guard walks by with a young man under arrest. suddenly the suspect breaks loose.
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>> police, police, stop. >> reporter: the suspect starts firing a gun. i respond by firing three shots at him. afterwards, police instructor officer ryan settle asked me how the young man ended up with a gun in his hands. at one point i thought the officer, the security guard had his hands restrained. >> okay. >> so that's why it surprised me he had a gun in his hand. >> where did he get the gun from? >> i cannot tell. >> but when the instructor replayed the video it was clear that i missed a sequence of events. >> the juvenile shoved the security guard with his shoulder. hits the security guard and grabbed the security guard's firearm, shoots the security guard, shoots the female sitting on the bench. >> police say officers in a stress-filled and quickly evolving situation have to make their decisions quickly. >> you are trying to live, you know, you are trying to survive this altercation. and you are going to forget a few things. it is hard to remember exactly
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what happened. >> reporter: police say this simulator training improves decision-making and helps prepare officers for volatile situations. every recruit receives about six hours of simulator training. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco police chief george gascone today offered up some generally optimistic news about fighting crime in the city. according to the chief overall crime dropped 8% in 2010 compared to 2009. however, there was an increase in homicides. 50 last year compared to 45 in 2009. but that is well below the 98 homicides in 2008. >> in the wake of a gang shooting, nevado city leaders are trying to educate their community about what they say is an increasing problem. an open letter posted on the city's website reads.
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early monday morning two people were shot inside a parked car in a safeway parking lot. both survived. police say it was gang related. one woman has been arrested. >> newly sworn in governor jerry brown announced some high level appointments. his wife and gus brown will serve as an unpaid advisor. others with bay area connections include former gap attorney julian henderson. she'll be his senior advisor for policy. marty morganstern will head the department of finance. >> and fresh debate about california's proposition 14 and the future of the law that limits property taxes. what governor brown said that triggered that debate. that story is coming up in about 15 minutes. contra costa county is now considering mandatory spay and neuter for pit bulls. the proposal comes after a young concord boy was mauled to death last july.
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santa clara county is also taking a look at such ordinances. currently san francisco and gillroy have mandatory spay, neuter measures in place. non-compliant pitbull owners face fines. in the south bay today, some pitbull owners told us they feel they are being unfairly singled out. >> i think it shouldn't be breed specific. they should all be mandatory spay and neuter because of the over-population. i own a lab pit that is not at all aggressive. >> there are questions about who would enforce a mandate and where dogs might be impounded. there is limited shelter space. next week santa clara's advisory commission is scheduled to discuss the issue. scientists are trying to figure out the origin of the tar balls that washed up at point reyes national sea shore. hundreds of balls have been spotted along the two mile stretch of lemon tour beach. about the size of ping pong balls. they think the tar could be natural seepage from the ocean or it could be from an old
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shipwreck. just a few hours ago the coastguard informed us that they have removed all 2,000- gallons of fuel from a boat that washed ashore at half moon bay. the phyllis jay remains on francis state beach. the crab boat ran ashore early tuesday morning. the captain and two crew members all got off safely. the choice of san francisco as host city for the america's cup sailing regatta in 2013 was cause for celebration this afternoon. as ktvu's janna katsuyama reports it was a red carpet moment at city hall. >> reporter: oracle ceo and mayor gavin newsom descended the steps with the trophy displayed. >> now it is my chance to say thank you san francisco. >> reporter: the 2013 cup will feature new super-fast boats never seen in prior races with onboard cameras. the race is expected to draw 12 million visitors to the bay area and racing teams from more
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than a dozen countries. >> we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars invested into the city of san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco won the hosting honors only after intense down to the wire negotiations as david chu noted. >> your reputation precedes you in the form of your negotiators. >> the team has agreed to make $55 million in improvements to the waterfront. in return the city made concessions including allowing him to purchase rather than lease a two acre waterfront site for condo development. at a news conference later, he said he wanted to hold the race in san francisco instead of new port, rhode island but needed assurances that infrastructure could be built in time. >> we couldn't build the sailing village in the new location. we were going to go to new port. that's what it was about. >> reporter: so now the work begins. and city officials say the race could have a $1 billion economic impact for the region. in san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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and along with waterfront development and tourist dollars, the regatta also holds the promise of jobs. city officials estimate 8800 new jobs will be created thanks to the america's cup races. a spare the air alert is set to go into effect at midnight tonight. the bay area air quality management district says a lack of wind could keep pollute absents closer to the ground. during an alert it is illegal to burn wood and other solid fuels. homes where fireplaces are the only source of heat though are exempt. [ music ] >> the rain is in for now. the jet stream well north of the bay area. and it stays that way for the next few days into next week. tonight we have got fog back in the forecast. the national weather service has just extended the dense fog advisory from about stockton north up into sacramento towards marysville now. so dense fog advisory in the central valley we will see plenty of it tonight as it moves into the inland bay
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valley. 34 in concord. 34 in fairfield. these are the areas right out there where you will see that fog. it will have an impact on your morning commute. plenty of fog in the central valley. some visibility down to a quarter mile. when i come back i will show you what you can expect as we move forward towards the bay area weekend. >> a young petaluma man is in panama to receive experimental stem cell extreme. danny cox broke his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down in a diving accident at lake tahoe. he was just 18-year-old at the time. we spoke with his family this evening. his step-father says they have guarded optimism the procedure will help. today a doctor injected stem cells taken from his own bone marrow into his neck. the hope is he will regain some of the bodily functions he lost. >> san francisco's mayor says who he would like to see replace him. and it would be history making.
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. federal regulators warned all natural gas pipeline operators today to make sure they have accurate records and cut pressure if they don't. the bulletin is in response to the federal report two days ago on the pg&e pipeline disaster in san brown owe. they had a lack of records from of the gas lines. they should reduce the pressure 30% if documents are not discovered. some unhappy residents tonight about what hasn't happened to their public donations. it was to take suggestions from the public on the best use of
11:55 pm
the money. $380,000 was donated. several people said they are upset their donations have not been given out. >> four months have gone by and they haven't received anything. and i would like to know y i mean, that's shameful. >> city officials explain they have never dealt with a situation like this. and it appeared the victims were being taken care of by the red cross and pg&e. it will be up to the sanbruno city council to decide how to distribute the money. >> there is political intrigue tonight in san francisco. who is going to be the interim mayor once gavin newsom goes to sacramento as lieutenant governor. he has delayed his swearing in so a more moderate board of supervisors that will be sworn in on saturday can make the choice if need be. rita williams has our report. >> reporter: the game of musical chairs at san francisco's city hall is continuing. the music hasn't stopped. >> i'm happy in this position and i would be happy to accept the other one. >> reporter: the other one is
11:56 pm
san francisco's interim mayor for a year. the city's sheriff for more than 30 years now mike hennessy has been on the short list to replace mayor and governor elect gavin newsom. >> the way the cards are i might still be here. >> reporter: city administrator ed lee appears to have the needed six votes and in what may be a meaningless vote friday with the outgoing board of supervisors. >> as far as i know he is in hong kong enjoying a vacation. >> reporter: so lee's chair was empty. but rumor has it lee is returning home early just in case. of course, who winds up succeeding newsom for a year really depends on him. he has delayed his formal swearing in as lieutenant governor until monday. >> it would be an extraordinary thing if ed lee can actually be put in this position. and as a san franciscoan, look, i am the ex-mayor. as a san franciscoan, i couldn't be more proud.
11:57 pm
>> reporter: proud because ed lee would be san francisco's first asian american mayor. meaning it could be a history- making year for cities on both sides of the bay. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. ktvu news has been told that mayor newsom is not yet ready to announce a replacement for kamala harris as district attorney. but the announcement could come this week possibly friday. the board of supervisors david chu is the most likely choice. >> it has been on the books for more than 30 years. what's sparking new debate about proposition 13? >> and later it's caught on tape but still has police stumped. a particular make of suv
11:58 pm
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[ music ] >> there is a new report tonight that billionaire larry elison is considering buying the nba's new orleans hornets and moving the team to the south bay. they are currently owned by the league which bought the troubled franchise last month. so is there any truth to all of this? ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live outside hp pavilion in san jose with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, hp pavilion is home of a professional hockey team. also known as a shark tank. could it get another moniker, the hornets nest? the golden state warriors played the hornets in new orleans tonight. as reported that oracle ceo and billionaire larry elison wanted to buy the hornets and move the team to san jose to play in hp pavilion. >> not true. i did offer $350 million for the hornets. and that was slightly upped at
12:01 am
the end. >> reporter: still the hornets arena lease ends in 2014. the nba now owns a team that isn't attracting fans. and larry elison still wants to own a professional sports franchise. >> we are optimistic but not counting on it until we hear from larry elison or somebody representing him as to what their intentions are. >> reporter: hp pavilion managed by the sharks, generates $4 million to $5 million yearly for the city's general fund. >> we built the arena 20 years ago with the expectation that we would have an nba team there. whether that happens now or five years from now, we're ready. >> reporter: the sharks issued a statement tonight saying there are no nba discussions underway. but. >> the business volume we get of sporting, you know, sharks arena events is huge. >> i think san jose would support another team other than
12:02 am
the sharks. >> one other thing, the warriors now play in oakland's oracle arena. could larry elison own a team playing in a building named for his business arc rival, hp? live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] >> a surprising new report on job growth was met today with a mix of hope and skepticism. automatic data processing, adp said the private sector created $297,000 jobs in december. if the number proves to be true that's 100,000 jobs more than economists had anticipated. the bureau of labor statistics is scheduled to issue its employment report this friday. those job numbers resonated on wall street today. bond prices fell. the dollar rose. and stocks were up. the dow posted a third straight day of gains picking up 31 points. the nasdaq rose nearly 21 points. california's landmark law restricting property taxes is
12:03 am
getting a fresh look now in sacramento. governor brown is talking about it out loud. something politicians tend not to do. however, he is not saying exactly what, if anything, should be done about it. as we hear now from ktvu's ken pritchard. >> reporter: just hours after his first day in office he danced around a political rail proposition 13 which he said unintentionally consolidated power in sacramento. >> what happens right now in government is local governments have no capacity to raise revenues. yet they are given responsibility to manage programs. >> reporter: brown said he wants to shift power from the state to local government. >> we have experienced realignment here before. >> reporter: alameda county supervisor keith carson says in 1991 the state saddled counties with providing mental health and in-home healthcare. >> we did not have adequate resources to provide those services. to date there has been over $1 billion lost in terms of operating revenue to provide those services locally.
12:04 am
>> reporter: governor brown has not said he intends to seek a change in proposition 13's property tax restrictions. >> proposition 13 does not need to be fixed or tweaked or massaged at all in order to devolve more power down to the local governments. and, in fact, that's something that we think is a worthy discussion. >> reporter: spore supporters of proposition 13 said if it were on the ballot today voters were approve it by a large margin. the howard jarvis association doesn't see brown's comments as an assault on that landmark law. >> we can only save money if we are given a lot more flexibility in terms of how we spend that money. >> reporter: governor brown's budget plans and the details will be revealed monday. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. a san francisco gift shop is facing a lawsuit from a well known artist and the dispute involves book-ends. the owner of the park life gallery tells us lawyers for artist jeff cools sent us a
12:05 am
cease and desist to sell the book ends. he owns the rights to the image because of his famous balloon dog work. >> it's a little absurd. it is not totally out of left field. i didn't even sell that many of them. >> park life has stopped selling the item. but many of the cast iron book ends remain on display in his store. the book ends' manufacturer is taking up the legal fight. >> new tech toys were on display today at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. this year the hottest items are tablets, though slim touch screen computers. smart phone and internet television are big as well. two of the biggest tech companies, going will and apple aren't there. the show runs through sunday and if you can't make it, you can check out the latest on our website there is a special ces tab at the top of the page. a san francisco man is starting off the new year with some extra money in his wallet. a lot of extra money, in fact.
12:06 am
trevor logan won $159 million and change playing the slots at the river rock casino last night. logan hit the jackpot on the $5 wheel of fortune game. well, finally there are two tickets with the winning numbers in the megamillions jackpot worth $80 million. they were sold in two small towns one in idaho and the other in washington state. each ticket is worth $190 million less after taxes. so far no one has come forward to claim the prizes. a huge rate hike is in the works. how a major health insurer is defending it. and how much it could cost consumers. >> and right now i am tracking a dense fog advisory in the central valley. it will impact your commute tomorrow morning. >> plus the closely read
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12:09 am
. san francisco based blue shield of california announced rate hikes that could be as much as 59%. blue shield says its costs are going up because of new healthcare laws. tens of thousands of individual policy holders could see average increases of 30% in three separate rate hikes. california's new insurance commissioner dave jones is hearing complaints from policy holders and is now reviewing the increases. >> a new report says the study that linked a childhood vaccine to autism was based on doctored information about the children involved. the original study led many parents of autistic children to blame their childrens' condition on the vaccine. now british researchers say they have gone over the record in that study and concluded that the report was "an elaborate fraud." a stem cell defect may be at the root of the problem when it
12:10 am
comes to baldness. u.s. researchers have found that the defect hinders the process by which stem cells turn into hair producing cells. the findings suggest that at some point there might be an effective treatment to grow hair on a bald scalp. >> birthright citizenship is taking center stage in the immigration debate in washington, d.c. today a coalition of state level republican lawmakers announced legislative proposal that would deny citizenship to u.s. born babies of undocumented immigrants. they want the states to pass laws intending to force the supreme court to make a decision on the issue. locally immigrant rights groups decried the idea. one son of undocumented immigrants told us that his parents' sacrifices should not be taken for granted. >> it's completely unfair. and, like, you know, not all of us are not all immigrants are bad. we are doing good. >> and one lawmaker said he thinks that up to 20 states could pass some of the
12:11 am
proposals. >> federal immigration officials said today they will allow the father of a young girl who died in an oakland apartment fire to remain in the u.s. for the girl's funeral. 3-year-old girl and her mother and a man who rescued her 7- year-old sister died in last thursday's fire. the girl's father nelson is awaiting deportation to he will salvador. it is not yet clear what will happen to his 7-year-old daughter. >> in news of the world floods in australia is having a wide ripple effect around the rest of the country. australia coal fuels manufacturing in asia. fuel supply rates are expected to rise. they are calling the impact on ruined crops a catastrophe. >> in the netherlands, flames and explosions ripped through a chemical storage and packaging company today. police say the plants store corrosive and explosive chems.
12:12 am
people living nearby were warned to stay inside with their doors and windows shut. no one was hurt there. and shipping traffic on a waterway next to the company was stopped. in turkey riot police stopped students who were marching to demand education reform before they could reach the ruling party's headquarters today. officials or officers used water cannons and teargas on the students to push them back. and the students threw rocks at the police. one of the students demands is an end to the heavy police presence during university demonstrations. thieves roll up in almost like magic the doors to an suv unlocked. what one victim who we spoke with thinks is happening to her and others. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking cold weather for the next few days. >> a scene has arrived on the scene of developing news. gathering some details about
12:13 am
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12:15 am
[ music ] >> late word just into the ktvu newsroom of a homicide in oakland. it happened at 9:41 tonight. that's about an hour ago. right now we are bringing you live pictures from the intersection of 7th and center in west oakland. police tell us the first responders found a man slumped over the wheel of his suv. he had been shot several times, but still had a heartbeat. they pulled him from the car to try to save him, but he died at the scene. the body right now is covered by a tarp. the police say they are canvassing the neighborhood for witnesses and evidence. surveillance video catches the same suv being broken into twice. now one oakland woman is seeking answers to how thieves are getting into her located vehicle without breaking the windows or even touching the
12:16 am
locks. christian kafton explains. >> reporter: ok closely. the man in this surveillance video approaches a toyota highlander, unlocks the door and opens it up and starts rummaging through it. the problem it is not his car. it belongs to lisa from oakland. she has asked us not to use her name and she discovered the burglary in november. all of a sudden, oh, somebody broke into high car. we went back and looked at the tapes for that night and we saw what had happened. >> reporter: then just a few weeks later, lisa's surveillance camera caught a second borrowing alreadiy. this time a car pulls along the highlander and the doors open up automatically again. they only made off with parking change. since posting this video on the internet two more neighbors have reported similar barge alreadiys. lisa says she can only guess thousand how they are doing it. >> they have the actual key or some software that figures out what the code is. >> reporter: we called toyota and they are not aware of anyone hacking into their
12:17 am
keyless door system. the remote frequency changes each time it is used so anyone using an electronic device to copy the signal would have an invalid frequency. lisa says, however the thieves are doing it, she hopes the police stop them before they graduate to the next step. >> it just seems like a matter of time for me before they figure out how to start it. and then it is not just parking change that's again, it is your car. >> reporter: i talked with the oakland police late this afternoon. an officer tells me they have no more details on this investigation. they are not aware of any new crime pattern. in oakland this is ktvu, channel 2 news. for the first time in eight years the cost of taking a cab in san francisco could be going up soon. cab drivers have requested a fare hike. and the san francisco municipal transportation agency has agreed to do that. drivers complain gas prices and nearly everything else have increased. there is no timetable for when a fare hike would take effect. the pentagon's inspector general says the army lowered ballistic requirements for
12:18 am
protective body armor given to u.s. troops. a report issued this week says that because certain requirements were waived, the army cannot insure that the vets provide the protection needed for troops in a war zone. the army has now agreed to test the vets to see if a recall is needed. the inspector general's audit centered on contracts totaling $434 million from 2004 to 2006. >> the forest service will have to approve the reopening of a chairlift at heavenly resort. it derailed tuesday afternoon when a snow barreder hit it. the resort's smokes man said that the snowboarder was not injured. 14 people were on the lift at the time. they had to be lowered by ropes. the resort hopes to have the lift running again tomorrow. [ music ] and the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory. actually sacramento service has issued a dense fog advisory at
12:19 am
live stormtracker 2. it was just 37 degrees. this was taken a few hours ago. the fog has extended north into sacramento. and that dense fog advisory encompasses basically salano county and everything inland from there. so that fog as we talked about will creep into our neighborhood late tonight and early tomorrow morning. what it will do is impact vacaville, brentwood and antioch. it sleeps in from the east. i will show you that in a moment. look at that arc right there. that is indicative that clockwise flow. that tells you there is high pressure in the neighborhood. and that's a big one. it's big and wide. not going to break down very easy. so no rain in the forecast. really through the week and probably into the weekend and next week as well. a few sprinkles might show up monday and tuesday. hopefully that will happen. looking for cold overnight. mid-30s, low 40s. lunchtime mid-50s. does this sound familiar? today pretty much. fog and low clouds in many locations inland. but around san francisco and
12:20 am
fremont really no fog really. the fog will reside out there in the big valley. worst in the early morning hours we have talked about. here is a computer model. tonight at 10:00 here is the fog. the commuter model sees it. the winds are blowing out of the east so that's this way. an earl wind from the east to the wind. watch what the model does with the fog. that eastearly ease early wind that nasty fog that gives you a hard morning commute because it is right down to the water. around the bay. doesn't clear very rapidly. it messes with the bridges. so right now the model brings it in. i will show you what happened but just be prepared for it. it lingers, see how it hangs out until 9 a.m. the central valley will be dicey travelling through there the next couple of mornings and nights. we get into thursday and the fog just doesn't leave the valley. a system comes in and we will not see any great breaks in the forecast in terms of getting rid of that fog. in fremont the day-time high is 58 degrees as you go into that.
12:21 am
your five-day forecast breaks out with no rain. and i showed you that big ridge of high pressure. but fog is the operative. that's what we are talking about. it is dense fog advisory. the central valley not hard for the weather service to pop one here tomorrow morning or the next morning because it will be nasty in many inland spots. >> interesting that fog comes in from the east. usually it comes in from the ocean. >> the exact opposite from the summer, you are right. >> a goat found tied up and dehydrated and stuck into a trunk on christmas eve will soon head to greener pastures. that goat now name noel is moving to a sanctuary. they found the goat during a routine traffic stop. the man who had the goat told them it had been in the trunk for two days. santa clara animal shelter workers say noel is not only healthy but very friendly as well. >> coming up next, the
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. >> mark joins us now. the talk of the town really the nfl is jim harbaugh, will he stay or will he go? >> we should know shortly but in this age of instantaneous global communication may be changing by the time i finish this sentence. but the latest in regard to him, he is a wanted man. we are not talking about the guy's picture up at the post office. but as of this moment here is what we know. three nfl teams are definitely interested. denver, miami and of course the 49ers. he reportedly met with jed york and trent balke today at an undisclosed location for some six and a half hours. sources say the 49ers are prepared to offer him $5
12:26 am
million a year for five years. but making a strong move late in the game miami dolphins multiple sources want to make him the highest paid coach in the nfl at between $7 million and $8 million a year for multiple years ago. stay tuned. it could change at any second. the raiders meanwhile are officially denying that hue jackson will replace the fired tom cable. translation, hugh jackson will definitely be the raiders next coach. come on, guys, who are you fooling? you didn't fire cable because you didn't know who you wanted to hire. warriors are always saying see how good we are when we are finally healthy. maybe we should listen. down in new orleans road win 9th steal. steph currie beating dante ellice who led everyone. and to lee for the lay-in. and called for a technical and the foul turns into a four point play. a big sequence in a 27-7 spurt
12:27 am
that really went just for the warriors. currie chimes in from three. he had 21. and the warriors beat new orleans 110-103. >> well, life's delays are not always denials as burt will tell you today, 14 times denied entry into baseball's hall lowed halls. he narrowly missed seeing the 75% of the vote needed last year. but finally he is headed for cooperstown. a winner of 287 games in his career. born in the netherlands and the right-hander is racking up 79% of the votes this time around. he has one of the best curveballs ever and always a straight shooter off the field. in the meantime, also into the hall of fame, robertoalomar the ever smooth second baseman played the bulk of his career with the toronto blue jays. a career 300 hitter and sensational fielder with ten golden gloves to his credit. he makes it in his second year
12:28 am
of eligibility receiving 90% of the vote. incidentally in case you are keeping track mark maguire garners only 19% of the vote so not even close to getting in as a lot of those guys involved with the steroid scandal are soon to know. that's the sporting life for wednesday night. and of course we will be covering everything with jim harbaugh. >> a six and a half hour neat -- me
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