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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 21, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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ay. you're just my type! [ laughs [ female announcer swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a fourth car is pulled from a canal in patterson tonight as authorities search for a kidnapped child and his alleged abductor. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the search for the boy is now in its fourth be night. but sheriff's investigators tell us they still opal have one real lead. live in patterson the search
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remains focused on a murky canal. lloyd in. >> reporter: there is still hope in this search for a missing child. but the search is moving into its fourth day with the search no closer to finding the boy. there was a sense of dread at the canal tonight. searchers using a sonar device had detected an object in the murky waters a half mile south from where a witness reported seeing someone drive a silver car similar to the kidnapper's, into the canal. as a tow truck pulled the object out of the water, a patterson city councilwoman grabbed my arm, fearing the worst. as a car started emerging. it turned out to be a honda accord, stolen from patterson last year. it was the fourth car pulled out of the canal this week. >> it is encouraging that we have not found the car. you know, that leaves a hope and the possibility that our suspect could still be out there somewhere. our victim could still be out there alive somewhere. you know, possibly hiding out in a house. >> reporter: the family has
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been issuing pleas all week to 27-year-old jose rodriguez who grabbed 4-year-old boy out of his grandmother's arms on tuesday and then disappeared. rodriguez is the ex-boyfriend of the child's mother. >> i hope that jose will come to his senses. and i want to say that i forgive him for taking my grandson. and if he is afraid, he can leave him in a safe place and he can call and run and hide or whatever. >> reporter: tomorrow searchers will be back at the canal. they will ask the burrow of reclamation to lower the water level and stop the flow for 30 minutes. then use sonar equipment again to make still another sweep of the waters. live in patterson, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. it may be surprising to see four cars pulled out of that canal. but the sheriff's department says those waters are frequently used for illegal dumping. in fact, back in 1998,
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authorities drained a five mile stretch of the canal and pulled out 150 vehicles. some were stolen. others were pushed in by owners looking to collect insurance money. they also found saves, fridges, ovens, motorcycles and even a body. can you count on ktvu news and for continuing coverage of the search for the little boy. the new weekend edition of mornings on 2 will be following this story tomorrow with the latest from the canal when the deputies resume their search at 8 a.m. new at 10 tonight, another homicide in san jose. the deadly shooting is the seventh killing in that city so far this year. we have learned the victim is a young man. he was shot and killed outside a restaurant near capital expressway and story road. ktvu's deborah villalon is live now at the scene where the police are telling her this is a possible case of gang
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retaliation. deborah? >> reporter: well, it is just days after another killing. but take a look behind me. you can peak out the restaurant and the victim was found out front. >> i caught maybe about 2-5 be gunshots. a pop pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: a nearby restaurant owner hunkered down when he heard the gunfire. but one customer ran out and saw the victims, a hispanic man between 18-20-year-old. >> i saw him laying down beside the bushes. when the ambulance showed up they saw his clothes. that's what i saw all of the bullet holes on him. >> he was pronounced dead at the hospital. tonight the police went door-to- door canvassing homes and businesses on this busy block looking for witnesses. the four shooters got away after chasing their victim down the street. >> there was a struggle. possibly a chase. and then multiple shots fired. whether there was one or two suspects we're just not clear at this point because we are
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getting conflicting reports from the witnesses. a week ago there was one down the street. a shooting down the street. and so you never know. police say it's possible tonight's killing is linked to a drive-by shooting monday in which another young man was gunned down a few blocks away. and beginning just an hour into the new year when a 15-year-old boy was shot to death on his porch, san jose is experiencing an unusual homicide spike. tonight's death, the 7th in a city that saw 21 for all of last year. >> it's very worrisome because you don't even know, like, what to expect or where to go. you know, it can happen to anybody anywhere. sometimes you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. so what do you do? you can't keep your kids locked up. >> reporter: minutes ago i talked to the lieutenant out here. and an update, police are now talking to an individual they stopped in the area. they are not calling him a suspect. but they are making progress on this case. live in san jose, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. now, the santa cruz where police say the body of a
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homeless man has been found in that city's recycling station. investigators say the 54-year- old had a history of police contact. and that foul play is not suspected. the body was found about 1:30 this afternoon in a pile of recyclables that came from a dumpster. we are told the cause of death has not yet been determined. the west contra costa school district has agreed to a financial settlement with a teenage girl gang raped at the high school. the district will pay her $4 million. the attack happened back on october 24, 2009 outside a homecoming dance. six men have been ordered to stand trial in the case. in the settlement the teenager will receive an immediate payment of $2.5 million. the rest will be paid in installments over the next 40 years. all of that money is tax-free. the attorney for kidnapped suspect phillip garrido plans to ask a judge to postpone his client's upcoming mental competency hearing.
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in court papers filed yesterday attorney susan gelman says she needs more time to prepare in part because the prosecution is still sending her materials. the sanity hearing for phillip garrido is set for february 28th. the superior court judge presiding over the case plans to consider her request for a delay on february 3rd. the highway patrol is investigating public death threats against governor jerry brown. the threats were discovered spray-painted on walls in santa anna yesterday. one says that governor brown will be killed on february 14th. the other has a swastika and says 26 more days for brown. the highway patrol is in charge of the governor's security. california prison officials today say they have purchased a supply of a key drug needed to carry out lethal injections. the state now has a little more than a hoff found of the drug which is one of three drugs used in lethal injections. that is enough for 100 executions and it won't expire until 2014. in the meantime, the sole american manufacturer of that
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anesthetic stopped production today because it is moving production to italy. italian law forbids it to export because it opposes the death penalty. [ music ] president obama named the head of general electric to head a new economic advisory board charged with creating jobs. the president traveled today to new york to general electric's birthplace. the ceo jeffrey immel said today manufacturing in the u.s. is a not a dead industry as some have claimed. he said exporting american products is key to adding jobs. new numbers out tonight show california's jobless rate is moving in the wrong direction. the unemployment rate hit 12.5% in december. it had been 12.4% the previous month. in fact, the jobless rate here in california topped 12% throughout all of last year. compare that to the national unemployment rate of 9.4%.
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but as ktvu's janna katsuyama tells us tonight, some say there is a silver leaning to these latest numbers. >> this is our oldest one year. >> reporter: keith means says right now he doesn't have the means to support his wife and four children. >> every time i come out here i apply for 30 jobs a day and send out resumes. >> reporter: he is looking for a job just as his wife lost her job, he did, too. >> it is really hard. because one person just can't support the whole family it's harmed. >> reporter: hard for means looking for work at the development employment office today. 1-8 california worker it is without a job. in the bay area these have the highest and san francisco and marin have the lowest. but things are getting with better. >> we have seen a significant uptick in the amount of job requests in the marketplace today. >> david napp is bp at a job placement firm for
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professionals. job seekers should focus on sectors that have growing demands. >> healthcare, technology, legal services. as well as education and non- profit. >> i essentially had been looking for technical work for about a month. >> reporter: grant larkin found a job at computer system consulting after just four weeks of searching. >> it seems a little better now than last year. >> reporter: in california 80,000 new jobs were created in the past year, most in the last three months. that's a good momentum going into this year. in oakland this is janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. four months after the sanbruno explosion and some streets are still closed. key flaws uncovered by the federal investigators in the pipeline that exploded. >> barry bonds returned to the san francisco federal building today where his legal troubles began more than seven years ago. >> clear skies across most of the bay area right now.
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but patchy fog will be forming over the next
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. >> the fog led to multiple pileups on i-5 this morning in the central valley. the jaws of life were needed to free two men from a pick-up truck that slammed into the back of a semi. visibility was down to 300 feet in parts of fresno county near
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highways 198. when the fog finally cleared, the extend of -- extent of those pileups was very clearly. a total of 12 vehicles were involved in the pileups. no one was killed in those crashes. >> the ntsb has issued the first in a series of reports on the sanbruno report. while it does not make any conclusions it does point to inferior welds. amber lee is live now in sanbruno with this report. amber? >> reporter: today, federal investigators released a 77 page report saying they found fractures in the welds of that sanbruno pipeline that exploded. we are in claremont where we spoke with one couple whose home was simply damaged. >> we are so thankful to be sitting here talking to you. so i think i'm going out on a limb here. >> we are concerned for the future. >> reporter: they told us. g and e apologized to them and other residents during a town hall meeting last month.
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the couple said the explosion cost $120,000 in damage to their home. they said repairs were completed recently. >> hopefully they will not let this happen again. >> reporter: pg&e said in a statement. >> this should give us some sal ace in knowing that the pressure has been reduced irrespective of the bad welds and the like we are somewhat protected right now. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spear wants to meet with federal investigators. >> we can't believe our house is still here. >> the construction of the first destroyed home to be rebuilt will begin in march. >> a two storey home. >> and we're excited, yes. even the children. >> that's just right up the street so that's exciting.
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>> yes. >> reporter: we are showing you a live picture of the site where a destroyed home will be built. the bishops say it has been unnaturally quiet around here the last four months. they are looking forward to hearing some construction noise. reporting live in sanbruno, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is at a rehabilitation hospital in houston tonight after a 930- mile trip today that doctors say went flawlessly. the trip was another milestone for gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head two weeks ago. first she was transported to by ambulance. and then plane. and then helicopter to the facility in texas. one doctor who accompanied her talked afterwards about a special moment in the ambulance. >> there was several times we could hear applauses in the ambulance with gabby and she responded very well to that. smiling. in fact, even tearing a little bit. it was very emotional and very special. >> the doctors cautioned she will likely spend months there.
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they also say gabrielle giffords may not fully recover her ability to walk or talk. we have word tonight that healthcare workers at the medical center in oakland have voted not to switch unions. members of sciu, united healthcare workers union voted 510 to 448 to remain with seiu rather than switch to the national union of healthcare workers. the nuhw. a similar vote in october by kaiser healthcare workers also ended in victory for the seiu. the nuhw was started in 2009 by former union leaders from the seiu. they accused that union of selling out workers to management. we have new information tonight about the story of a woman reunited with her mother 23 years after being kidnapped from a hospital. north carolina authorities have issued an arrest warrant for this woman, ann petway who raised carlina white. this photo here shows white with her biological mother.
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white says she suspected petway wasn't her real mother because she never saw her birth certificate. >> former giant slugger barry bonds appeared in a san francisco federal courtroom today for a hearing on which evidence can be used in his perjury trial. and just who can and cannot testify. ktvu's rita williams has been following this story since it first broke in 2003. >> reporter: a much trimmer barry bonds returned today to the san francisco federal building where his legal troubles began more than seven years ago. what do you think about what might happen today barry? it was december 2003 when bonds testified before a grand jury investigated balco. he is now charged with perjury or lying under oath in that testimony when he said he never knowingly used performance enhancing drugs. in court, bonds' attorney succeeded in getting the judge to continue to bar much of the evidence seized in the balco raids, including private drug
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test results that prosecutors say show bonds tested positive forester identicals. that is unless bonds' former trainer greg anderson testifies. and that's unlikely. he has gone to jail in the past for refusing to do so. but prosecutors did get the judge to allow current and former baseball players such as jason giambi to testify if anderson provided them with steroids. >> i think he will probably association is going to be allowed. nobody wants that in. >> there is ample evidence he used banned drugs. some of it is going to be excluded from the jury. they will hear some of it. >> reporter: after all of these years barry bonds will finally stand charge here beginning march 21st. a trial the judge says will last less than a month. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. also today, attorneys for former major league pitcher and
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cy young winner roger clemons asked the judge to throw out his indictment on charges of lying to a congressional committee about using steroids. clemons is scheduled to go on trial in april. his attorney filed papers claiming the indictment could confuse the jury because it has too many separate accusations of lying. clemons has insisted he is innocent. >> less than an hour ago a huge rocket blasted off from japan headed for the international space station. >> and liftoff. liftoff of the japanese htv cargo craft. >> the rocket is carrying a cargo craft filled with three tonnes of supplies. there are spare parts, food, water, science experiments and supplies for the crew. nasa says the cargo craft should arrive at the space station by next friday. [ music ] clear skies across most of the bay area right now. but first thing tomorrow morning, we could have some patchy fog develop in the north bay valleys and the eastbound bay inland valleys as well. cool locations in the 30s.
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but most of the area in the 40s. a forecast low of 37. san jose 40 degrees. a weak system is moving into the northern parts of the state. a few high clouds will be approaching the bay area overnight. in fact, here is a look at the forecast model. go ahead and put it into motion this saturday morning. just a very thin band of high clouds moving into the region for the morning hours. but for the afternoon expecting pretty warm temperatures coming up. show you the neighborhoods it will be warming getting close to the 70 degrees mark coming up in a little bit. >> a cruise ship damaged in a fire last november is now on its way to san francisco tonight. the carnival cruise ship splendor left san diego today for the city where final repairs will be made. the splendor should be ready for its next cruise on february 20th. an engine room fire on that ship stranded 4,000 passengers for several days. a new tactic in the fight over healthcare. >> obama's plan is 2,000 pages of the government grabbing
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power. >> how a new ad campaign forces a repeal of controversial healthcare legislation. >> and 1500 people showed up in frem
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. california attorney general kamala harris today said she is joining other states in support of president obama's healthcare reform. she is filing a friend of the court brief in defense of the law. she is one of nine state attorneys general who is filing a brief. there are two dozen federal and state lawsuits against that healthcare reform plan. the california based tea party express has gotten back into the healthcare fight. ktvu's jim vargas got hold of a t.v. spot that the tea party plans to release to try to pressure
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them to repeal the healthcare measure. >> reporter: the tea party is trying to tell people why the obama care will be a failure. >> it is 2,000 pages of the squeezing power. >> reporter: the t.v. spot hasn't aired yet. ryan gill who speaks for the tea party express and the campaign to defeat barack obama says the plan is to put it on national cable news shows. >> the whole thing is bad. a ton of federal bureaucracy we can't afford and government decree. instead of letting the people find the system that works best for them. >> reporter: the house is voting for the mantel this week the ad is trying to get a few democratic senators to vote for repeal, too. the california nurse's association is against repeal and thinks the plan needs to cover more people. >> if anything that law needs to be substantially expanded and improved which we could do, for example, by expanding or opening medicare to cover everyone. >> reporter: this fight is coming at a time when only 52%
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of californians have employer paid health insurance. in 1987 that figure was 65%. cna says repealing the law will continue to line insurance company's pockets. >> you couldn't have a more brock inning system than black inning -- bureaucratic system than the one we have now where the insurance companies have shown over and over they could careless that people are getting what they need when they need it. jim vargas, ktvu, channel 2 news. family and friends gathered today in washington, d.c. to remember peace corp and special olympics pioneer sergeant schriver. mourners filled the holy trinity catholic church to pay their respects today. schriver's daughter maria, wife of former governor schwarzenegger remembered her father's great love for his wife. >> and i think all of us take great comfort knowing that mommy and daddy are together
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now in heaven with god. those were the two great loves of his life. >> vice-president joe biden and first lady michelle obama are expected to attend the funeral mass tomorrow before burial ceremonies in massachusetts. new information tonight about a federal raid we first broke on wednesday. the alleged fraud scheme worth millions of dollars that agents are now investigating. and only on 2, cars parked at expired metres right in front of san franci
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[ music ] new at 10, the report of a pipe bomb on train tracks in antioch bright out the bomb squad tonight. it was found at will better and viera avenue at 5:30. the immediate area was
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evacuated and amtrak trains were stopped for about three hours tonight. a bomb squad from walnut creek responded and discovered the object. it turned out to be a military ordinance. one official described it as a flare. it was taken away and then detonated. a coalition of bay area law enforcement agencies say they have broken up a prosecution ring that traffic emptied women from taiwan and china. raids took place yesterday at ten locations in alameda, contra cost extra and santa clara counties. eight people were arrested. ktvu's patty lee joins us now from fremont where 1500 people have gathered together to find solutions to this sort of problem. patty? >> reporter: that's right. we are live at the freedom center where volunteers are starting to pack up for the night. after screening this documentary on human slavery and hosting the former secretary of state. >> we know that it goes on. >> reporter: condeleeza rice spoke out against the pref
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lance of human trafficking in america. it turns out underground prosecution rings with often run in plain sight. authorities raided brothels run out of this trendy loft in jack london square and this house on a well traveled oakland street next to a church thursday morning. >> women could come in and go out. we would notice that traffic. but it wasn't really obvious. >> reporter: he was awn aware his family lived five feet from a brothel unless police broke down the door and say they found prostitutes. >> some people mind their own business. we don't live in a community where really are we are really like knowsy. >> many people have their eyes open and don't see what is happening. >> reporter: one district attorney in alameda called on communities to be watchful. yesterday's bust came about because someone was paying attention. >> this came about because of a patrol officer doing an outstanding job of policing in
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her community. >> reporter: here at harbor light church volunteers passed out cards like this one. they look like licences. but on the back they have information on what citizens can do and who to contact to help un earth and bring these underground operations to an end. live in fremont, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have new developments in a story we broke yesterday about a sex scandal in an elementary school in oakland. two second graders at markham elementary school allegedly engaged in oral sex inside a classroom last week. now the teacher has been placed on administrative leave. we have also learned that two other students took off some of their clothes in that same class. a meeting for parents is scheduled for next week. friends of a man shot to death this morning say he was trying to turn his life around. the body of the man was found in a parking lot on admiral lane just after 5 a.m. friends say that he was there waiting to carpool to work.
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the church pastor said he was a carpenter and trying to put his passed problems with the law behind him. no word tonight on a possible motive or a description of the suspect. two union city neighbors are at odds tonight over what happens to the three pitbulls that attacked a little boy. well, the boy's father said 4- year-old message gel did miguel did go over the fence to retrieve a ball and the pitbulls went all over him biting him on his body. >> one had his head you know fully in his head. the other one had his legs and shaking him. the third one was trying to come up. >> he is recovering from those wounds. the dogs are under a ten day quarantine. he doesn't want the dogs to go back to his neighbor who wants them returned. >> there is word tonight if more legal problems from a hotel and restaurant in the santa cruz mountains. the bookdale inn and spa has had its share of problems in recent years including this fire in 2009 that investigators
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called suspicious. along with several civil lawsuits for alleged building code violations. now the santa cruz sentinel is reporting that the owner carcar is heading to are a criminal trial in march for allegedly mishandling a worker's compensation claim. he says that is not true. [ music ] earlier this week ktvu brought you exclusive pictures of federal agents raiding a small east bay university. today reporter rob roth obtained court documents that reveal the alleged illegal activity taking place behind that school's front doors. >> reporter: the federal complaint sheds more light on our exclusive story wednesday showing agents from immigration and customs enforcement walking out of this small university with computers and other potential evidence. and we showed ice agents raiding this pleasantton home in exclusive ruby hill a home owned by the head of the university susan su. authorities would only say the
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raids were part of an ongoing criminal investigation. but according to the court documents, federal prosecutors claimed su made millions of dollars in an elaborate scheme to graduated the u.s. government. the complaint also alleges the university listed the same address in sunnyville for numerous students, none of whom lived there. according to the school's website tri-valley university is a christian school offering online in engineering, computers, law and medicine. our phone calls to susan su have gone unreturned and the officials won't talk about it. she has not been charged criminally but records show the federal government is looking to seize four properties they claim she purchased with the tuition money. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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an incredible crash is caught on tape. the chain reaction pileup and how one woman, not even in a car, was killed. music music. the storm clouds are moving to the north of the bay area. coming up, how long the dry weather pattern sticks around and also a warning that more is heading to the coast. and a fire gutted
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the of a woman in the developing world better than another woman in any part of the world -- the struggle to be equal and to be allowed to realize your potential. at care, we found that, when women are empowered, it's one of the fastest ways to help the world move forward. if you'll just reach out and lend a hand, you won't believe what you can start. visit... . a driver with a camera mounted on his dashboard captured a spectacular crash on a highway in toronto today. a tractor trailer on the opposite side went out of control and crashed right into oncoming traffic. 40 vehicles wound up in a huge pileup. unfortunately, one woman who stepped out of her car after
12:08 am
the accident was struck and killed. but no one else was seriously injured. in news of the world tonight in al bane yeah more than 20,000 people took part in an anti-government demonstration today that quickly turned violent. three people were shot and killed and 130 others were wounded. protestors set police cars on fire. they are angry about allegations of government corruption. applebania is one of the poorest countries in europe. >> in haiti the president made the first public comment about his return. he came back after 25 years in exile to help haiti recover from january's earthquake. he was ready to face what he called persecution for his alleged crimes. many haitians believe he is guilty of murder and corruption. tony blare was denounced today as he was questioned about britain's role in the iraq war. the former prime minister said
12:09 am
bringing down hussein was the right thing to do. but apologized for the deaths of british soldiers and iraqi civilians. he acknowledged that six months before the british parliament approved sending troops to iraq, he told then president bush that the united states could count on britain. union city police say a suspected bank robber found dead saturday after exchanging gunfire with officers apparently killed himself. police say 36-year-old francis fuhay died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. he robbed the bank of the west. in 1999 he pleaded guilty to robbing banks in san jose and coopertino and was sentenced to nearly ten years in prison. the oakland police department are now back on the streets. budget cuts forced the city to eliminate the community policing program last summer. the program though was re- established this week. tonight the department spokeswoman told us it didn't hire any new officers but
12:10 am
reassigned 57 from within the force. about half of them are former problem solving officers. the berkeley east bay humane society held an open house today for the first time since a mysterious fire gutted the building and killed 15 cats. cleanup and repair work has been going on ever since that fire broke out eight months ago. the work isn't completely finished yet. the city of berkeley is only letting the society use a small part of the building. in fact, the animals available for adoption are kept somewhere else at night. >> this is the first official kickoff where we really want to welcome people to come back in and see all of the beautiful cats. and then in the future we hope to have more and more dogs. >> the humane society officials say they need go about $4 million to renovate and install a new sprinkler system. they hope to begin that work in six to nine months. well, a happy ending tonight to a 40-year-old story about a stolen car. an east bay man bought and restored a classic 1965 mustang
12:11 am
last year. well, he recently took it to the highway patrol office in dublin to be checked out. officers ran the car's serial number and determined it had been reported stolen back in 1971. well, the former owner is a 70- year-old woman now living in san diego. she is happy the car has turned up. but she isn't sure she will keep it. it might not be as comfortable to drive now as it was when she was 30. we are following some developing news right now. late word of two fires at a mall in the last 90 minutes. the key evidence that authorities hope will identify the arson.
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12:13 am
. >> developing news right now. we are learning about two fires at sun valley mall in concord. the police already tell us they suspect arson. the fires were reported in
12:14 am
garbage cans in restrooms shortly after 9 p.m. this video is just into the channel 2 newsroom. one fire was in the lady's room at a johnny rocket restaurant. the other in a public bathroom near the red robin restaurant. mall officials say they are looking now at the security camera tape in hopes of finding whoever set those fires. free parking at one of san francisco's busiest areas. ktvu's david stevenson tonight shows us where drivers are getting around tickets because of a dispute over just who should be ride -- writing the citations. it's a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: outside san francisco's hall of justice dozens of cars each day illegally park on sidewalks, in red zones and at expired metres. >> parking is a huge problem here. this area is congested. >> reporter: while many of the cars are unmarked or unwritten police vehicles do not get penalties. others are civilian cars that don't get tickets.
12:15 am
>> it is hard to get parking out here. >> reporter: with a projected $7 million drop in ticketing revenue the transportation agency is cracking down on parking violations city wide. even with a fleet of parking enforcement vehicles just around the corner they say the police are responsible for enforcing the code in a one block radius around the hall. >> because there is a lot of undercover cars that could be mistaken for private cars. >> reporter: but the police department tells ktvu it shares that responsibility with the sfmta and says ticketing is not a priority for police working in and around the hall. left in the middle are motorists who say parking violators make it more difficult for those who have priority parking right out in front. >> some cars that are not handicapped are parked in there, too, as well because some of the people work here. >> reporter: they say they only focus on loading zone violators outside the hall. though it is making a bigger effort to go after yellow zone violators city wide. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2
12:16 am
news. bart's planned expansion into livermore is running into opposition. they are working to have voters amend the city's general plan so the extension would be kept out of residential areas, forcing it along i-580 instead. the contra costa times reports that the group filed notice yesterday with the city clerk's office to circulate a petition to get the change on the ballot. bart's preferred route includes stations in downtown livermore and at vascoe road. tomorrow will be the one year mark that work began on the caldecot tunnel. heavy machinery is carving it away inch by inch. so far crews are one-third of the way through. the work is a little more hazardous because of the discovery of possibly explosive hydrocarbons in the mountain. the work could be completed two and a half years from now. >> a mixed day on wall street. a strong profits from general electric send the dow industrial higher today. it rose 49 points, making it
12:17 am
eight straight weeks the dow has posted a gain. the nasdaq dropped 14 points. social networking site facebook today announced it has raised $1,000,000,000.5 for investment bankers goldman sacks raising speculation it just may go public. the company says it has no immediate plans for the money but it must make its financial reports public by the end of april 2012. facebook says the investment is pegged to a company valuation of $50 billion. if google can't purchase online coupon company groupon it might just try to replace it. google confirmed reports it is working on a service that includes vouchers and prepaid offers for small businesses. that's a similar model to groupon which didn't accept googles $6 billion buyout offer. so burning man is coming up quickly. tickets for that event are going fast. we checked tonight. only the most expensive level of tickets remain available for that popular counter culture
12:18 am
event that costs $320 each. the festival's online ticket purchasing ticket system is up and running tonight. that wasn't the case two days ago. the demand was so high the computer servers crashed. the annual festival in the nevada desert is set for august 29th. >> sunny skies across the entire bay area today. right now we do have mostly clear skies still across most of the region. right now on live stormtracker ii tracking a patch of fog right around the fresno area. we could have some more patchy fog develop in the inland valleys as we do head into early saturday morning. the overall part of your forecast tonight we do have this with mostly clear skies. the weekend patchy morning fog with mostly sunny skies. still hold on to that dry weather pattern with no rain clouds on the five day forecast. satellite showing you a few high clouds moving into at least the northern portions of the state. that band will be moving into the bay area for tomorrow
12:19 am
morning. in addition to some patchy valley fog this is not widespread. but it could impact the visibility first thing tomorrow morning. and then into the afternoon hours for the most part partly to mostly sunny skies. the track remains to the north of the bay area. we will remain most likely for the end of january. then into friday we could have a few changes out there. offshore the swells have been building. as a result the national weather service has issued this. a high surf advisory is currently in place until 3:00 sunday morning. waves on the order of 15 had been -- 15-20 feet. swells have been building out of the west to north wes. always be careful whenever you are right near the immediate shoreline especially when there is a high surf advisory in place right now right through to sunday morning. forecast for 7:00. a patch or two of fog out there. by 12:00 by lunchtime 55-60 degrees. partly to mostly sunny skies. by mid-afternoon by 3:00 there is the event you'll temperature change for most of the bay
12:20 am
area. readings around 62 to 67 degrees. santa rosa pretty close to 70. san francisco is 63. san jose is 66. and morgan hill is right around 68 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five day forecast. no rain clouds in this five day. once again sunday morning we could have some patchy fog. also have to keep an eye on gusting winds developing late saturday night into early sunday morning. that will be for the north bay hills and the east bay hills, mainly up above 1500 feet. see a little bit of a cooling trend for tuesday and also into wednesday. the newest number of our weather team -- member of our weather team rosemary rosco will have the weather tomorrow. >> laddy decided to take her half of the $380 million mega millions jackpot in one lump sum payment instead of spreading it out over 21 years.
12:21 am
after taxes that will come out to a little more than $80. she is a 39-year-old mother of two. and is splitting the second largest lottery jackpot in history with a married couple from washington state. boy, how about that. >> that's a lot of money. willy mayes returns to
12:22 am
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. preparations are underway at the santa cruz beach walk too get the carousel ready for its 100th birthday this august. the workers started painting the horse this is week. they are cleaning up some of the nicks and scratches which are bound to happen after so many years in operation. an exciting finish for the warriors but also comes with concern about its all star
12:25 am
candidate. >> this guy was a star but wasn't shining at the end. ellice led the warriors to their first win streak. but he wasn't around for the post game celebration. the coach let his ball club know that losing at home to the sacramento kings is unacceptable. the kings led late until the warriors put on a run. ellice takes and makes the jumper. 104 we are tied. how can we keep this guy off the all star list. go to over time when golden state outscores us by seven. stephane currie steal starts the break. ellice scores 28. that's 62 from the back court. but look here ellice gets hurt during garbage time. looks like he got his leg caught under some kings players. had to be helped off the field or off the court. not a pretty scene. 119-112 warriors win. willy mayes took a
12:26 am
sentiment al adjournly and he went back to cold and snowy harlem where he lived 60 years ago when he was a rook ski. he talked to 300 schools from the public school which now sits adjacent to the old ballpark, the same street that he used to play stick ball with neighborhood kids. maize took the san francisco giants new world series trophy with him as he talked about baseball and education. and tonight two former boston teammates joined tampa bay. 39-year-old manny ramirez signed a one year deal worth a reported $2 million. moody manny managed just two rbis with the dodgers and white sox. he is expected to be their dh. outfielder damon signs a one year deal with the same rate for more than $5 million. la angels pick up a high priced outfielder vernon wells in a trade for catcher mike napolitano and his contract with the boston angels is $86 million over the next four years.
12:27 am
needed some pump in the lineup but this trade smells of desperation. the fourth seeded venus williams lasted just seven points in her third round match of the australia open against andrea petkovich before she had to withdraw with a torn muscle. williams' departure means now the australia open becomes the fourth grand slam event ever that doesn't have an american woman in the final 16. but that's sports as we see. warriors win but now there is some concern about ellice as he had to be carried off the court tonight. >> all right. >> should be scary. >> well, be sure to join the new mornings on 2 weekend edition beginning at 7 a.m. tomorrow. they will have the latest on the search for juliani which is set to resume in the morning. >> as always our coverage continues online at constantly updating the website with the latest information. thanks so much for joining us and have a good night, everyone.
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