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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 23, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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most of us were convinced he would live forever. tonight comes word the god father of fitness jack lahlane has died. good evening i'm heather home. >> and i'm ken wayne.
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he was a fitness guru. john sasaki tells us how lalane's message is still alive. >> reporter: we're standing outside the lalanne fitness club that was started by he has great uncle. with his muscle-bound physique, jack lalanne was a staple. before attending uc berkeley, lalanne discovered fitness after a talk with a dietitian and a love was born. >> i thought he was never going to die. >> reporter: peter harlobe is pop culture critic. >> he really brought fitness to
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everybody. it would you believe -- it wasn't just the guys on venice lifting weights. it was you and me and our kids. >> reporter: lalanne would pull stunts to promote fitness. like when he swam the bay. perhaps his death will help his montra. >> people are just not exercising enough. exercise is king, nutrition is queen, put them together and you have a kingdom. >> reporter: i'm john sakaki. now an update tonight on a shooting involving oakland school police that we first brought you last night on the 10:00 news. investigators now say an
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oakland school officer shot and killed raheen brown after he shot another school officer with a screwdriver. it happened around 11:19 last night that's where a school dance was taking place. the officers were in patrol in that area they say they saw brown and a woman in a car when they went to investigate. turns out that the car was stolen. brown attacked one of them. >> thankfully the officer was not hurt because he was wearing his protective vest. there was also a gun in the car at the time. >> reporter: the woman in the car was not hurt. police arrested her in suspicion of auto theft and possession of stolen property. now to daily city and tonight ktvu news talked to the mother of a teenage girl shot last night by police. she questions the officers actions. but as ktvu's paul chambers tells us tonight, police say the 17-year-old was using her car as a weapon. >> reporter: these orange
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markings show where san francisco police just at 10:00 saturday night, for some unknown reason, a police officer pulled a car over in san francisco. a witness who asked we not show his face says ibarra's car was boxed in by police. before you know it, ibarra tried to take off and shots were fired. for fear of harassment, ibarra's mother and all the people we spoke with ask we conceal their identity. several witnesses told us that the officers used excessive force especially since the car was blocked in and had no place to go. >> it was too much because they shot for no reason. i didn't see no gun, no nothing, no guns. >> reporter: one witness said he saw an officer being dragged by ibarra's car.
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moments later is when an officer opened fire. >> she was shot already and she said, i can't feel my feet. i can't feel my feet. >> reporter: although she lost a lot of blood, her mother says she's expected to survive. >> it's one thing to shoot her another thing to handcuff her and just leave her on the ground knowing that she was shot. >> reporter: san francisco police say the officers suffered minor injury, now this police shooting is being investigated by district police. paul chambers. mayor gene quan joined residents to produce up city streets block by block. the group marched to reach out to neighbors and clean up parts of high street. that is where the city's first homicide of the year took place back on new year's day. the search is on tonight for four suspects wanted in
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connection to a home invasion robbery late last night. police responded to a home on lasalle avenue. officers found three victims who told them nine people forcibly entered the home, held them at gunpoint and tied them up. police say the suspects ransacked the home taking more than 8 pounds of marijuana worth up to $75,000 before fleeing. nine suspects were quickly arrested in petaluma all are from the los angeles area. vicente and antonio vallejo of winnetka. vallejo police tonight are still trying to find a second suspect in connection with the death of an alameda woman yesterday. the body of kacey savala was found. witnesses spotted two suspects leaving the scene, a police canine tracked one suspect the other remains on the loose.
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the man suspected of shooting at a crowd of people outside a concord pizza restaurant is under arrest. shots rang out just after 5:00 last night outside mountain mike's pizza on clayton road. police say 21-year-old justin price had been in a fistfight earlier, than got a gun from his car and began shooting. a woman followed him and he allegedly began shooting on her while driving on clayton road. no one was hurt by the gunfire. police later tracked down price but didn't find a gun. an emergency meeting tomorrow in san jose will bring city officials, police and the community together to talk about gang violence. san jose's mayor call they would ed them together to talk about tips -- called them
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together to talk about tips. ktvu's patti lee tells us a missing man's family is not giving up hope. >> reporter: an aerial search went up this afternoon. it's the second day of a search for missing san francisco boater harry lee. >> we're holding up. we're going to stay positive and hope for the best. >> reporter: lee's family has spent the last two days at the dock. after her harry's boat was reported adrift at 2:30 yesterday morning. >> he loves to fish. he was out there by himself yesterday. >> reporter: lambert is in charge of the search. >> we are unable to locate the victim. >> reporter: this boat is very similar to the one harry lee was driving. according to sheriff's depew days, this trolling motor was
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on. indicating that lee was sitting in the bow of the boat when he went overboard. lee had 15 years of experience fishing the delta. and investigators say he was wearing a flotation device but it didn't open automatically. >> if he were to fall over and his head, he wouldn't be able to activate it. >> reporter: in oakley, patti lee. two bikers in sonoma county are free today thanks in part to the light on their cell phone. a woman got caught near santa rosa. they called 911 for help around 6:00 yesterday evening. a helicopter flew over the area, and helicopters spotted the light from the woman's cell phones. the women were a little cold and disoriented but other wise
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okay. federal regulators reportedly could have imposed stronger oversight of pg & e natural pipelines but failed to do so. the san francisco chronicle reports that hazardous material safety administration consider tougher rules between 2003 and 2005 but did not adopt them in the wake of industry pressure. after the deadly san bruno explosion last september, the industry did pass rules. better reporting would have prevented the san bruno explosion. the search for a missing 4- year-old boy and his alleged kidnapper takes a new turn as volunteers hit the streets. also an update on a story we first brought you yesterday at 6:00, who rescued a surf
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in the town of patterson, friends and neighbors of a kidnapped 4-year-old boy turned out in force today to look for him. kevin ridge spoke today to the family of juliani cardenas who believes he will come home soon. >> everybody if you can get
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some of these fliers. >> reporter: family and neighbors gathered in hopes of finding juliani. >> i have a 12-year-old son so it affects me. >> reporter: the boy's grandmother says she's had a vision of the impending return. >> i expect that today is the son that my son is going to come home, my grandson, that he's going to be here. because when i pray, i bring all the faith. >> reporter: the boy was taken tuesday by jose rodriguez the ex-boyfriend of juliani's mother. several days of searching in a canal were suspended today to let the divers rest. a team is visiting taco trucks and other business lending collective voices and more urgency to the case. >> the number is here if you can put it on the inside if that's okay. >> you cannot imagine until it happens to you. you can feel the pain for your
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friends, but until it happens to you i don't think you ever know. >> it's an unbelievable nightmare. firstover all it's unthinkable in your own community. you hear about these things and it happens elsewhere. >> reporter: but it's happened here. >> i'm praying and forgiveness for jose. >> reporter: tabitha cardenas thinks that jose is hiding in the area with her son. >> be sure to stay with ktvu news for the latest on the search for juliani. you can also find new developments online on an investigation is under way in oakland into a shooting that left a woman seriously injured during what appears to have been an attempted kidnapping or carjacking. she was in her driveway when
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she was shot twice. witnesses say the woman had just pulled up to her house when she was attacked by two armed suspects who were possibly teenagers. so far no arrests have been made. a marin city parolee is behind bars tonight accused of beating his girlfriend and holding her hostage for more than a week. marin county sheriff's deputies arrested ismael perri. he allowed her to visit a cousin and she escaped. pierrelouise faces several charges including false imprisonment. 15-year-old jasmine davis died in 2008 in antioch where
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she lived with her biological aunt who was also her care giver. prosecutors say the brother was also abused. shamica davis is charged with murder and torture for jasmine's death. the surfer who nearly drowned this weekend at the mavericks surfing area remains hospitalized tonight in critical condition. as we first reported yesterday, the surfer was paddling out yesterday morning when he was caught up in the crest of a large wave. you can see his green surfboard bobbing in the water there. other surfers pulled him from the water and he was lifted to stanford university medical center. the fate of seven east bay schools will be discussed this tuesday night in concord. the mount diablo school board is set to review a plan of seven schools for possible
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closure. the move would save the district $1.5 million a year. the board is expected to vote on the closures on february 8th. tuesday's meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at monte gardens elementary school. officials are warning residents in woodside residents of a mountain lion sighting. officials are warning residents not to approach the big cat and to keep a close eye on children and pets. and avoid hiking or jogging around dawn and dusk. for those at fort baker on this beautiful day, they seemed happy to spend the day trying. as ktvu first reported last year, harbor porpoises are back in san francisco bay for the
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first time in six decades. for those who caught a glimpse today, they were pleased. >> saw two earlier about 15 minutes ago. but they didn't stay up long. there's a lot of boat traffic out here right now so we're thinking maybe they're a little bit shy. people unhappy with a new state law are stocking up on white bulbs. a new attempt tonight, maureen naylor is live tonight who reports why finding them could be difficult. >> reporter: when we're at this orchard supply store they sold out at 100-watt bulb. get ready for the age of the 70- watt bulb. >> what won't be here? everything you see here. >> reporter: the light has about gone out for the standard 100-watt lightbulb under
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california new law all incandecent bulks must be 70 or less. >> i ran into a lady today that asked the same question, are these lightbulbs not going to be worth today. i think they were all 75 and 100. she had about a dozen four packs in the car already i said yes that's true. and she said i'm going to get more. >> reporter: he says this month he's noticed a surge in people buying more. >> what we have on the shelf as far as incandecent is fine we just can't bring any more into our state. so the warehouse in tracy still has a lot. >> i think i prefer the old 100, it just brings a softer light. >> reporter: this family says they already stocked up on 100- watt bulbs. >> i support it. we have the incandecent we take
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them out. >> change is hard for all of us. but once you kind of delve into it slowly and adjust, it becomes more the norm for the way you do your work. >> reporter: and soon the new norm for the rest of the country because a similar federal law goes into effect in 2012. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. a crippled cruise ship limps into san francisco bay. we'll tell you what lies ahead for the ship that made international headlines. on the move and in demand, what some california cities will have to do with the decaying military ships in sassoon bay. we currently have clear skies across most of
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a cruise ship that recently made international headlines
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sailed into san francisco bay today. claudine wong tells us it wasn't carrying any passengers. >> reporter: as the sun rose across san francisco our cameras watched as the carnival splendor made it's its way into the port. others in the area thought this was just a ship. until we told them the story of the ship standing in front of them. >> oh, so now they're fixing it. oh that's really fascinating. well i'm glad we're getting their business to fix it up. >> reporter: back in november, the carnival splendor made headlines when an engine fire disabled the ship which was cruising into the mexican
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riviera. we contacted the carnival cruise lines today but they wouldn't give us details about the ship and wouldn't let us on the ship. but chris hope who is a self- described lover of cruises says he would happily hop aboard. >> i don't know if i would want to be on the first one. maybe the second or third one. i'm sure they'll rebuild the engine and everything. >> reporter: repairs are set to begin tomorrow. we don't know how long those repairs are going to take. but we do know the cruise line wants this ship ready to go for it's next ship which is set for january 20th. claudine wong, ktvu news. the navy is close to deciding whether the bay area should be the permanent home for the uss iowa. the battleship which supported american forces during world war ii is currently moored in sassoon bay. a group in vallejo would like to put the ship on sassoon island.
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the navy is expected to decide within several weeks which part of california receives the iowa. in news of the world in baghdad at least six people died today in a series of bombings. iraqi police say the bombings targeted both the shiite and sunni community. yesterday a leader in the sunni awakening was arrested for last thursday's attack in carbola that killed 52 people mostly shiite. in tenesia protesters are now calling for the resignation of the interim prime minister. this morning, they shut down the most popular network, saying that it was trying to intize strikes and was giving out false information. and from the south korea defense ministry comes this
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video, according to the ministry it shows south korean special forces storming a hijacked freighter on friday. somali pirates took control of the freighter a week earlier. all 22 members of the south korean ships were rescued. eight pilots were killed and five were captures. a new development tonight in a 23-year-old kidnapping case out of new york. federal authorities tomorrow are expected to charge this woman ann pettway from kidnapping a baby girl. pettway turned herself to police this morning. authorities have been looking for pettway to question her about the abduction of carlina white the girl she raised as her own. white recently reunited with her bilogical parents. in fact, this is a photo with her real mother. she was just 19 days when she was taken from the hospital.
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hundreds of people hit the streets of tucson to raise money for the victims of the shooting rampage that shocks the nation. this as one of the victims reveals the courageous acts that may have saved his life. and it's a little something, actually
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the man suspected in the tucson shooting spree is scheduled to appear in a tucson courthouse tomorrow. but late this evening, the court asked that the trial be
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moved badge to tucson so that the victims will not have to travel. >> reporter: loughner is accused of killing six people. a federal judge, a 9-year-old girl and a congressional staffer were among the victims of the shooting. congresswoman giffords was the intended target. she survived a gunshot wound to the head and yesterday started a new chapter into her recovery. giffords is in a rehabilitation hospital that focuses on trauma and doctors say she is making progress. >> there is still people hanging on to her. but she's activated her muscles more than i had anticipated. >> reporter: more than a thousand miles away, the community is also finding ways to heal. in tucson this morning,
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hundreds of people hit the pavement for a 5k run. organizers called the race united we run. >> in a tucson community wanted to support this as well and wanted to help us as well. and so people just started registering for it and it turned into quite an event. >> reporter: the money raised from registration fees will go to help the the victims. meanwhile john barber is reliving the events every day. >> i'm just devastated that his life might have been given to help me. i'm grateful but it's hard to take. >> reporter: robert says he has
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no desire to talk to jered loughner the suspect in the shooting. but he says he sends loughner's family love and prayer for their recovery as he feels they too are victims. four detroit police officers were shot today when a gunman walked into a precinct and opened fire. it happened in the northwest district in the city's west side. police say a gunman walked into the station past the front desk and fired down the hall way. when the man went to shoot again, other officers returned fire killing the man. one of the officers was shot in the back, he remains in critical condition tonight. all four officers are expected to survive. president oe obama is scheduled to give his state of the union address. mr.obama offered a preview of what he intends to focus on in a video released to his supporters. in the video the president said he wants to get the american economic engine roaring again. not only by creating jobs but by showing economic restraint.
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>> we have to reform government so that it's leaner and smarter for the 21st century. >> i am looking forward to hear the president and his remarks. >> this tuesday you can catch the president's state of the union address live right here on ktv it is set to start at 6:00 p.m. you will also find full coverage on with the president's address now just two days away, republicans are pushing ahead with plans to repeal and replace last year's historic overhaul of the nation's health care system. >> the message we campaigned last november elections, we would repeal and replace and we have to have a vote on repeal so that everybody is on record whether they want to repeal. then i think piece by piece we go through quote replacing. >> democrats call the gop effort political theater. it seems google is trying
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to ease eric smith's transition from ceo to executive chairman. the company confirmed this weekend smith is getting $100 million equity award. in april, google founder payge is set to take over as ceo. smith is also preparing to sell $335 million in google stock. the shares to be sold represent only about 6% of his holdings. his entire shares are estimated to be worth $5.8 billion. county employees may soon fill an empty building in concord. on tuesday, san mateo county supervisors will vote on whether to approve a contract to buy those buildings. officials say the purchase will
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save money on rent. but to buy it, council must dip into reserves in order to purchase it. for the next few day, drivers entering or exiting 880 haven't been able to use the 42nd ramp and have been directed to high street instead. they will reopen the ramp by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. also starting tomorrow, part of san francisco's great highway will shut down for clean up. the highway will shut down between lincolnway and slope boulevard monday through friday. crews will also trim vegetation to help improve visibility. zero degrees, 10 below, 20 below, just how cold is it going to get tonight as parts of the u.s. cope with a deep freeze. it could be a tough commute
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for some people. our meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us which places can expect fog.
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millions of working people have money coming to them. they just don't know it's theirs. if you made less than $48,000 in 2010, see if you qualify for the eitc -- the earned income tax credit. some people can get as much as $5,600 extra back from the irs.
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it's so close, you can almost touch it. visit a windchill warning is in place right now in parts of new england as an arctic blast from canada causes temperatures to drop. while these kids in new york city are making the best of their situation, the windchill warning will be in place until 10:00 tomorrow morning. just one month into winter, may skwhror major cities up and down the east coast have already become slammed with more snow than they get all season. the bay area dealing with
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the opposite extreme. at least our main concern over the next few hours in the short term will be some patchy dense fog. right now developing primarily to the east notice closer to mer c ed and modesto. that coupled with an offshore flow that will help import some of the fog a bit closer. it will be a factor first thing tomorrow morning and could impact your visibilities. as far as temperatures for today, another very warm afternoon. you can see the 70s showing up in santa rosa, oakland up 72 was tieing a record and most areas about eight to 13 degrees up above the average. forecast is this for tonight. fair skies, patchy fog will continue to develop. for your monday, partly cloudy skies. overnight lows, tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies patchy fog and santa rosa right around 38 degrees. san jose for the most part fair
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skies mainly in the mid-40s. all the active weather, that is heading way up to the north. a few high clouds moved in for today we could have another batch move in. in fact, the forecast model brings in a few high clouds into the region for tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. we have been talking about the fog. recent concentrated out into the central valley. the warmest spots -- high pressure still firmly in command of our weather pushing that storm track to the north. and as a result another dry week with no rain clouds in the five day forecast. here we go at 8:00, showing you some of the high clouds and the central valley fog as we continue to put this into motion. still partly cloudty skies for the afternoon -- cloudy skies in the afternoon. and that is all reflected until 7:00. by 12:00, partly cloudy skies. temperatures continue to
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recover until the mid- to upper 50s. there's the eventual range in the area. san jose 65 these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is your look ahead your five day forecast. as we head into tuesday, we're going to have gusty winds in the higher terrain. as a result temperatures warm up nicely. in fact, by tuesday, we're talking about low 70s. still fairly warm on wednesday. then some minor cooling for thursday and friday. possibly still a ways up, maybe february 5th. >> break out the sun block. >> it's beach time, yeah. coming up, the 49ers may have a chance to get a veteran starting quarterback after all. >> and we now know the two teams that will meet in
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good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday edition of the sports wrap. the super bowl team will feature two teams that have been there but have not been there competing against each other. the steelers trying not to -- pittsburgh used more than nine minutes after taking the opening kick off. mendenhal battles his way from the one. ben roethlisberger spotted a lane and ran into the end zone
12:15 am
himself. this with two minutes to play in the half. and has gotten more lopsided. sanchez wants to pass but is hit. gay grabs it going into the end zone. they did review this play. no tuck rule, no arm moving forward, it was ruled a fumble and the touchdown stood. the jets did get a field goal and it was 24-3. new york defense clamped down in the second half and bit by bit the jets got back into the game. it was a two possession game at 24-10. then a key stretch in the fourth quarter, the team had a fourth and goal. sean green gets to the goal on first down. sanchez rolls out but throws low to keller. this time sanchez wants a quick slant but the ball is batted
12:16 am
down and almost intercepted. fourth down, ladainian tomlinson is struck down. but on the first snap starting from their one, the steelers fumble the exchange. roethlisberger gets fumbled. rex ryan feels his team still has a chance and he feels better when sanchez throws to godricht. this is their last shot, roethlisberger converts and there's no way they can stop the ball. nothing for ryan to say at this point. the steelers close it out 24-19 without scoring in the second
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half. >> that's us. that's the pittsburgh steelers. it's not always pretty but somehow we find a way to get it done. a super bowl is a super bowl. you can sit and say you're first one or tenth one. i mean, any player is just happy to get there and try to win one. >> you know shoot, we came up short. you know one game again. and you know cuts your heart out. but you know like i said there's only one way to respond and we're going to roll our sleeves up and go at it again next year. >> the green bay packers are no super bowl strangers either. they'll be making their fifth appearance thanks to a win over an old rival in the nfc championship game. the 182nd taoeupt times these teams have met. rodgers rolls into the end zone for the final yard. he was 4-4 through the air and
12:18 am
on the ground. just before he steps out of ground. in the second quarter, green bay made it 13-0. he stretches toward the goal line just as his knees are making contact with the ground. again the play was close but it wasn't challenged 14-0 green bay at the half and after three. just before halftime the bears got close to scoring. sam shields makes sure that didn't happen. cutler doesn't throw toward knox. the bears are denied. things got more complicated for them, he got lose but didn't play in the first half. todd collins gave way to haney. he hooks up with knox for 33 yards early in the first
12:19 am
quarter. knox ran out at the one. haney thinks this might be his storybook moment. but then mid-way through the quarter,haney made a mistake. nose tackle b.j. drops into coverage. he not only gets his hands on the ball, he runs into the end zone. that would appear to have a clench but the bears come back in their next play. woodson on the tackle. 21-13 with just under five minutes to play. and the bears get their chance. on fourth and five, haney is picked off by shields, interception number two on the day for him. and the win is preserved by the packers. they get the joe hallis trophy for their win, in a stadium where hallis played most of his
12:20 am
career. >> obviously we would like to play better today. didn't play as well as i wanted to. but we made enough plays to put us in good position to win the game. we had to win five elimination games. this one makes it that much sweeter, happy to win those five but also doing it with guys a lot of guys we didn't count to be in this season. >> we warmed up a little bit, thought i could give it a shot but i couldn't do it. i was going to keep playing. but i knew that it was probably better than i didn't. i know my knee, i know my body. >> there's a lot of people that prejudge and say, if you should stand, you should be out there. people that are questioning your effort, what do you say about that. >> no comment on that. >> and the ben balls are putting out this message today, they're looking for a
12:21 am
quarterback. might want to consider palmer -- and the bengals are putting out this message today, they're looking for a quarterback. tiger woods is scheduled to make his 2011 tour debut that week in san diego. he will do so as the number three ranked player in the world. tiger lee lost his number one rank to lee westbrook in october. and abudabi took over the world's number two spot. a new wave of youngsters are already making a mark on the classic, jonathan vega is already making a name for himself. by the 10 they got to 18, it was pretty simple for vega.
12:22 am
vega family at least as disappointed as he was. and hof was gone after one round, on the second hole vega had the same scenario. this time he gets it, win number one in just his fifth tournament. johnny vegas might just catch on. still more to come tonight on sports wrap as we'll update you on the latest of the australian open. show yo
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the australian open continues. andy roddick the eighth seed
12:26 am
was eliminated. robins soderly was -- they are at match point now, sharipova will take soderly out. the woman's second seed is shaporivena who went for the ice on the head although it was a cool day. u.s. olympic gold medalist lyndsey vohn leads in superstandings she's second over all. bowling isn't something we normally spend a long time on but there are human stories
12:27 am
everyone on the lane. the sarcastic smile from jim doherty because he scored the highest score. and the other is for nimenick the ten pen is hit by another pen. it wobbles but stays up. he then won his fines match as well. that's it for this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the pregame hype for the packers and steelers should begin about in the morning. early betting line, the packers by 2.5. have a good week everyone. i'm betting on heather to roll a 100. >> i can at least hit 100. come on. >> that's your golf score. and be sure to join the ktvu news at 4:00 in the
12:28 am
morning. they'll have the latest on the search for a 4-year-old boy. >> thank you for joining us. have a great night, and a great week.
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