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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. keeping hopeful. a distraught mother refuses to stop looking for her young son and his alleged abductor. >> good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne and the missing of 4-year-old juliani cardenas had a message, "keep searching." new at 10:00 ktvu's christ yin kafton was at that vigil at modesto and the boy's mother
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was asking for an informal beamed. >> reporter: juliannei cardase' mother was here at the vigil in modesto just about two and a half hours ago and certain her son is alive. she thinks her ex-boyfriend may be disguising the boy and she is asking everyone to keep an eye out for the suspect, josi rodriguez. >> maybe more people could see it, and maybe we could get that tip to bring him home. >> reporter: follow the news of the statewide amber alert has been called off, tabitha cardenas is asking people around the state to continue to post leaflets of her son and his suspected kidnapper, josi rodriguez. police say rodriguez scene of that accidented the boy from his grandmother's arms. rodriguez' car was pulled from the water friday afternoon. two windows on that car were open, but there were no signs
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of boy or rodriguez inside. >> josi is still out there, and all of the people who are watching, they need to keep their eyes out for josi. because he is going to be easier to spot than my son. i mean, because for all we know he could be dressing him up as a girl. >> reporter: tonight's vigil drew a sizeable crowd, holding up candles and holding onto hope. mothers brought their own children, supporting a fellow mother in need. >> being a mother of a 4-year- old and a 1-year-old, it just touched me so much. >> i'm getting all the support from the community, but then i feel i should be out here showing my appreciation for all the support. >>or wrapped up their search at the delta-mendota canal and will be relying on chp air patrols and sheriff stevens any sign of the boy or his suspected kidnapper. live in modesto, christ yin kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have been covering this
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story since juliani cardenas disappeared almost two weeks ago. for more information you can look on our "cardenas" tab on to is to a story we brought you on friday between a long- awaited reunion between father and daughter. kelly christinsen has been looking for her father for two decades. recently kelli saw a newspaper article featuring her dad, a homeless person who was displaced. this weekend kelli traveled from her home near fresno to the city in search of her father and tells ktvu that she found him this morning? the mission. today marks the 22nd anniversary of the disappearance of east bay teenager eileen misheloff. friends and family plan a vigil service at st. raymond catholic church. eileen was 1213 years when she
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disappeared while walking from school. it's monday morning in egypt and there are renewed concerns about bloodshed after a week of violence. today marks the sixth day of demonstrations. officials say the death toll has exceeded 100. neighbors are banding together to protect enclaves because of the lack of security just today the us government announced it will arrange charters to evacuate thousands of americans from that country. reporter dominic di-natale with the latest from cairo. >> reporter: the us state department plans to fly thousands of american citizens from egypt starting monday. the announcement comes hours after the us embassy advised americans to consider leaving as soon as they can. this american tourist was surprised by the sudden uprising. uprising [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: meanwhile low-
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flying jet fighters flew over cairo, but not deterring thousands from taking to the streets. egyptian opposition leader elbaradei gathered in the main square, cheered by the crowd. >> i came today to join you on the happiest day in our lives. today i can look each one of you in the eyes and today you have taken back your right-to- life and freedom. what is begun cannot go back. >> reporter: the military taking over the role of keeping order in cairo, but the troops are doing nothing to disperse protesters or demonstrators. the army focused on stopping looting in the city. the government tries to stop protesters from oorganizing. the cell phone service is finally back up, but text
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messaging is widely disrupted. in cairo, dominic di-natale, fox news. secretary of state hillary clinton walked a fine line on the crisis of egypt. while she did not criticize president mubarak and did not call for him to step down, she supported the protest and urged the country to move towards a real democracy peacefully. >> what the people who are in egypt have protesting for is the right to participate in their government, to have economic opportunities for their human rights to be respected. >> clinton also said the mubarak government needs to open quickly a dialogue with activists on sweeping reform. many of the people gathered at religious service where's they reflected on the political turmoil going on in that country. >> at sunrise this morning, people came to the islamic center in oakland for early morning prayers. 5% of the 600 members who
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regularly pray here are either from egypt or have family in that country. >> i'm from egypt and you came here because there is no future back there. >> reporter: dr. eid is following the turmoil closely and says social media sites have given egyptians a window to the outside world, highlighting the lack of opportunities in the country. >> so they have an idea how is the life of a free man or free woman to live in a country, but they don't see that. >> reporter: in hayward, leaders of st. antonius coptic church included a prayer for egypt in their sunday morning service. >> we do a lot of special meetings for groups who support egypt and to pray for egypt. >> reporter: this east bay christian church has more than
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a thousand members and 90% are egyptians. he worries about his former nation and the future of the coptic christian minority in egypt. >> the current regime has been favorable to them, legalitying them keep their church and practice. will the new regime let them do that? >> reporter: political change, he says, comes with great uncertainty. in hayward, allie ras us in, ktvu, channel 2 news. ktvu talks to a citizen of moodi who says he hears gunshots ever fine to ten minutes and that the streets are deserted except for a few military tanks. >> everyone is afraid. there are no police in the streets. people have just -- the good citizens have taken matters into their own hands. >> he would like to see a larger military presence.
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he went on to say that tensions have been bubblies for had some time, but no one imagined it would come to this. i wet weather brought the end to a long january dry spell. although rainfall totals are at or above average for the bayer, the south bay is still falling behind. ktvu's maureen naylor is in los gatos and checks on water levels. >> reporter: the streets are still wet from the rain that moved through earlier today. a reminder that is it, indeed, january. along the los gatos creek trail, the ground was wet and puddles were big. >> we came last weekend and it was sunny and probably 65 degrees and warm weather, and today it's like a downpour. >> reporter: with flowers in bloom, wintry weather returned today. this texas woman was loving every step. >> yesterday in dallas, my husband said it was 80 degrees.
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but it's going to be 22 by tuesday. so that is not good. >> reporter: and in downtown los gatos the car wipers were on and find rain jackets on both children -- are you ready? and on canines. >> we just want to keep them nice and dry and my husband says it's just too embarrassing for a male poodle to wear little, red boots. >> reporter: boots are exactly what this worker is trying to sell at san josi sporting goods store. >> fact it was darn near 80 degrees last week mean i didn't sell any snow boots. i would like to to sell the snow boats. >> reporter: he says with the rain comes the customers. like this rainbow, the future looks bright. bay area rainfall totals vary by location. san francisco's currently at
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105% of normal for this time year and san josi is at 77%. and we'll tell you in detail shortly that it could be some time before the rain returns. in los gatos, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's find out know where the rainfall totals sand? the bay area. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo in the weather center with the latest. >> we're expecting rainfall totals between to the 25" and .75th. san francisco just over .33th and in oakland, nearly .5" of rainfall. concord, .5" and san josi .64th. rainfall has moved out of the bay area and it's down towards southern california. there is not a lot showing up on the radar, so for tonight fog developing and the extended forecast another dry weather
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pattern developing. coming up, we still have lingering moisture and with that fog forming first thing tomorrow morning, two areas where we could experience dense fog first thing tomorrow morning. a swarm of minor earthquakes in the east bay rattled people out of bed. the first a magnitude 3.2 struck at about 3:13 this morning. a 2.2 quake rumbled through the area five minutes later and then at 3:29 a.m., another 3.2 quake. in total, five small earthquakes rattled the area from 3:00 this morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. barely three weeks into office and governor jerry brown is set to deliver his state. the state address. the one thing you can expect the governor to talk about. also an oakland native and civil rights hero honored today and what he did that makes this day a state holiday. >> tomorrow is a big day for cal
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. we're get a glimpse tonight into governor jerry brown's state of the state address, scheduled for tomorrow. as ktvu's claudine wong reports, california's tire financial situation is expected to take center stage. >> reporter: expect governor brown to talk budget tomorrow, but for his budget to work, he needs to extend expired or expiring income, car and sales taxes.
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and he won't do it without voter approval. >> i do agree with that. we have to take care of the budget. >> taxes is really not that bad. >> reporter: a recent poll says there is support and if there is a guarantee that those dollars will go to things, like, education. >> if they could say that and keep their word, i would absolutely support it. >> reporter: what brown says he won't talk about tomorrow is what happens if he doesn't have support we caught up with state senator leno in san francisco to ask him about the state of the state. leno says even if we don't hear the worst-case scenario in tomorrow's speech, says we will hear a lot about it it in the coming months. leno says the governor wants to reason with voters. >> the governor may use the platform to talk about the importance of letting the voters have a say. >> reporter: between, what if voters say no. consider this math problem, says len yes, the chair of the budget committee, if we stop funding completely for the uc system, we save $5 billion and
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shut down the community college system, $4 billion and close down the department of education, we save $9 billion. >> we're talking about a $24 billion problem. >> again, we're just being real about the situation. >> reporter: in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. you can watch governor brown it's speech on channel 2, part of the ktvu's channel 2 news at 5:00 and streamed live at the reverend jesse jackson was the keynote speak honoring the late civil right leader fred korematsu. they screened a film about korematsu. oakland native rose to civil rights hero while during world war 22 he was arrested for refusing to go to an interment camp. governor schwarzenegger signed
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today, january 30th as fred korematsu day. >> we have a martin luther king day for african-american and we need someone in the asian community to recognize someone who spoke out during the injustices against japanese- americans during world war ii. >> fred korematsu day is a time for students to learn more about the activist and speak up when they see unfairness or discrimination. firefighters this afternoon responded to a leak at the conoco refinery on san pablo avenue. they were on the scene to monitor a leak reported by the company. fire officials couldn't specify what was leaking. no injuries were reported. fire crews left the refinery about two hours later. sanitary officials in marin city say a damaged pipe, not ecoterrorism may have caused the 842,000-gallon spill.
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the investigation reveals a sewage pipe is crushed in two spots. sanitary district officials say the damaged pipe was alongside a newly installed pipe and are now refusing to pay the contractor who did the work. district had originally reported that sabotage led to the spill. the epa is to determine next month while criminal activities were responsible. the proposal would only apply to workers who use medicinal pot with her not on the job. it exempts employees such as doctors, nurses, school bus drivers and heavy equipment operators. leno introduced a bill that was passed bit legislature, but vetoed by former governor schwarzenegger. fairfield police say they have to use a police dog to arrest a 1-year-old car thief suspect found hiding in a backyard doghouse. after a car chase involving the
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suspect ended when the car crashed into a fence and the driver fled on foot. after a search, a k-9 unit spotted the suspect hiding in a doghouse. the suspect won't come out, so officers sent in their police dog. the suspect was treated for bites before being booked into juvenile hall. a san leandro man says he has come up with a way to use the internet to fight crime. lets people log the numbers of cars that they think are suspicious. police say the information could be us useful, but urge you to report suspicious behavior to authorities before recording it on the internet. the website's creator says so far the website attracted 550 members. oakland police identified man shot dead yesterday by officers. they say 39-year-old kobuscewski pointed out what turned out to be a fake assault rifles at officers, who then
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opened fire. his death was the third fatal officer involved shooting in oakland in a week. meanwhile the san francisco police department is reviving its campaign to get officers tasers in the wake of three officer involved shootings in that city. the police commission rejected the proposality last week, but interim police chief wants to revisit the taser issue between and plans to ask permission next month to conduct a study. almost every major police department in the nation uses stun-guns. san francisco, detroit and memphis are among those that do not. some comcasts at a marin county bank has been victimized by an atm skimming scheme. chase bank verified that it was attached to the atm at terra linda branch and that the device siphoned money out of
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the customer's account. a spokesperson says the money will be put back in their account. some uc berkeley athletes are nervous as they wait to find out if the university shuts down five team sports program. a deadline is looming to decide if those sports will continue at cal. ktvu's janine de la vega reports. >> reporter: for these cal baseball players, it dobtheir last season playing at berkeley. >> i would have to transfer out to keep playing baseball. >> reporter: the school has imposed tomorrow as the deadline whether to reinstate the baseball, lacrosse and men and women's gymnastics team. the rugby team is at risk as well, reducing the number of intercollegiate teams will save cal an estimated $4 million a year. a group of alumni and supporters have been fundraising on the website save cal sports.
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they are going to go with a significant amount of money to the chancellor to show him demonstrating that we're moving the needle in the direction of the numbers that it's going to take to get reinstatement into the athletic department. >> reporter: according to the cal sports website, over $16 million has been raised. tomorrow the group will tell the university the exact amount and discuss setting up an endowment to pay for operating costs for the teams. >> we have been doing a bunch of different things to get pledges and to get donations and we really would like to know if our hard work has paid off? because this is everything to us. this sour lives. >> reporter: these gymnasts along with other athletes will know their fate soon. university officials expect to make a final decision by the end of this coming week. reporting from berkeley, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. right now take a look at this. why a plane crashed into a house and what happens to to the woman inside that home?
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an update on the story of a missing east bay teenager we first told you about last december and the meagher family posted on her facebook page. with th
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. the saying goes any landing you can walk away from is agood one and by that standard these are pictures of an almost good landing. this happened in big bear city, east of lake arrowhead. the twin-engine plane crashed just after takeoff and authorities say weather may have played a role in the accident. rescuers helped the pilot from the wreckage, who suffered moderate to minor injuries. the woman who lived inside the house was only slightly injured. two people were killed when
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an amtrak train crash inside pickup truck near watsonville. the highway patrol says the unidentified man and woman in the truck died instantly and say the driver of the pickup truck drove in front of the train's panel. there is no railroad cross at that location, just a stop sign. >> the car didn't stop and obey the stop sign. they didn't is it stop and went to the tracks and got hit. >> the highway patrol says it's not clear if the driver was trying to beat the train or just didn't see it in time. no one on the train was hur. in news of the world tonight, tensions are running high along the border of thailand and cambodia as the fight over an ancient temple escalates. newspapers are reporting that tanks and troops are moving toward the border. in venezuela, one person dead and 40 others injured in a
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series of explosions and fires at a military ammunition depot. an estimated 10,000 people have been forced from their homes. authorities fear those blasts could have thrown unexploding munitions far into nearby neighborhoods, putting civilians atrific. this is no word on what start started the fires. in japan, almost 6,000 people returned home a day after a volcano sent clouds of debris thousands of feet into the air. it's the first major eruption in 52 years. there have been no injuries or reports of any deaths. police in north bay didn't have trouble locating two burglary suspects accused of braking into the house of a person sleeping. officers in cotatta cotita arrested the two. the resident woke up, chased the pair out and in a panic,
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one of the suspects left his shoes and keys to the get away car in the home. that gave police a huge lead to their whereabouts and the two were found a short time later. the family of a missing 15- year-old girl who disappeared late in november has been found safe. stephanie cudd left home on november 29th. a facebook page was set up to allow people to help with her search. her family posted on the site that a private investigator that they hired located the teenager. the message said, "stephanie is not home yet, but she is safe and nearby." . new dietary guidelines for americans are distinctly different and may affect how you decide to stock your refrigerator. hevno homes, but
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. if trimming down in 2011 was one of your resolutions you might want to look at uncle sam's new diet book. as ktvu's patti look explains new dietary guidelines are set to be released tomorrow. >> reporter: peter alison works out regularly and pay as tense to nutrition, like the national dietary guideline, updated every five years. >> it's a good starting benchmark for people, i think, especially, if they are not into nutrition and diet. >> reporter: a preview indicates the new guidelines are distinctly different, focused on strategies to reduce obesity and other diseases. >> five years ago the committee rolled out this pyramid, as a model to represent the dietary guidelines. as of tomorrow, it may look
12:02 am
completely different. >> reporter: register dietitian anita kobuscewski expects cutting sodium intake from 2300 milligrams to 1500 milligrams. >> it's a beautiful thing to see the focus of a nation go to hey, these are the issues and we're looking at those issues or addressing them. >> reporter: personal trainer alison brewer says she is weary of the government guidelines. >> with all the government stuff, there is every special interest group who wants to put their two cents in there. >> reporter: she not alone in their credittism. in 20910 edition of newtion, critics say the declines don't go far enough to reduce obates, but says that the gay and lesbians have impact. >> now we're saying let's decrease the sodium in the food. so what we're probably going to find is products made with less salt. in 2005 it led to the required listing of transfats on labels, meaning that even if individuals don't pay attention to the guidelines, the food industry and manufacturers must and that indirectly leads to
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healthier choices. patti lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a central coast grow ser recalling fresh cilantro due to concerns it's contaminated with salmonella. it's sold under the following names between january 14th and the 2th. there are no reports of anyone becoming ill from the cilantro, but sabor farms says the contamination was detected in a routine sample at its salinas facility. a congressman councilman canepa wants to propose an ordinance banning plastic bags at supermarkets and storeses with more than 10,000 square feet, forcing shoppers to pay at least $0.10 for a paper grocery bag. plastic industry groups say they will file a lawsuit to try
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to block such a regulation. during the building of ucsf hospital in mission bay, demonstrators hit the streets to demand a place on the workforce. well, this weekend, university officials say they will hire at least 20% of the construction crews from within san francisco. the 300-bed hospital is set to be finished in 2014. a movie based on the experiences each and every bay area priest and vatican- certified exorcist took the top spot at the movie box-office. "the right" with sir anthony hopkins is based on the story of father gary thomas, a catholic priest in saratoga. he traveled to rome to learn how to practice exorcism and thomas says is he happy with the film and that the exorcisms depicted are accurate. the stars out in hollywood for the screen actors guildard awards "the king's speech" won
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for best movie. natalie portman won best actress for "the swan." and "modern family" won for best comedy series. the four of the san francisco giants 2010 world series trophy continues with a stop in the east bay. the trophia has been traveling the country, making stops as far away as new york city. it's back in the bay area tomorrow with a public showing. the trophy will be on display starting at noon at the lesher center for the arts in walnut creek. listen to this, a homeless couple in green bay, wisconsin has won the chance to go to the super bowl. the dallas convention and visitors bureau held a contest asking people to log opponent their facebook page to find a secret phase. the goal was to find a mystery man, sent bit convention bureau and say the secret phase "have
12:06 am
you been to dallas lately. >> i said have you been to dallas lately and he said why yes, i have and i said are you the contest guy and he said, why yes, i am. can you believe a homeless person who can't afford to go to a movie can go spott super bowl? >> she and her boyfriend not om won tickets to the game, but hotel and airfare, accommodations and you can catch super bowl xlv from your live room here on ktvu channel 2. the warriors face the utah jazz, looking to snap their four-game losing skid. would they be left sing the blues once ag
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. well, the rain clouds from today have moved out of town and it looks like another dry weather streak as we head into the month of february. rebate now on maps i can show you this on live stormtracker 2, the enhanced clouds to the south and also to our east with the clearing skies in the bay area. temperatures have been cooling off quite a bit and, in fact, here is a look at some of the current observations and especially in the north bay. santa rosa and napa already dropping into the lower 40s. eventually backdown to the 30s as we head into the overnight hours. four tonight we do this, the rainfall is gone with the fog vedeveloping, mostly patchy in nature. tomorrow morning, skies becoming partly cloudy, a few multi-sunny observations as well. the extended forecast, no rain clouds showing up on the five- day. first thing tomorrow morning, on the cool side, santa rosa, 35 degrees to start out monday
12:10 am
morning. >> and san josi right around 40 degrees. you can see the passage of today's storm moving to the south and to the east. right now though the rain is down towards southern california and high pressure will gradually build in over the next few day. now with the stable air mass and we still have leftover moisture from the recent rainfall, we'll have pasty fog to deal with tomorrow morning and also for tuesday morning. this will be targeting the north bay valleys and east bay valleys. as high pressure rebuilds, it looks like another dry week ahead. this will increase the wind speeds, especially for the higher eains, especially by tuesday night into wednesday morning. here is the plan. your bay area forecast for tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., 38-43 freezing at 7:00 a.m. 12:00, partly cloudy skies, low to mid 50s and into the afternoon hours, hazy sunshine. here is a look at numbers and
12:11 am
as you can see santa rosa, 61 degrees, san francisco,57, brentwood in the mid-50s. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, so tuesday, clearing skies as we burn up the wind speeds, especially for the north bay and east bay hills. there is a possibility that the national weather service is considering a wind advisory for tuesday night. more sunshine into wednesday and temperatures actually warm back up, thinking thursday and friday, back up into the low to mid-60s and heather and ken, our next rain chance could be mid-february. >> wow. >> right noul no significant storms on horizon. >> in february, we're looking at the end of your rainy period. >> we definitely need to get more rainfall in the buckets just today was a nice change, but we need more. >> thank you, mark. coming up, the warriors try to snap a four-game losing streak.
12:12 am
this time against the jazz. and the stars of the nfl shine in
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12:14 am
. good evening everyone and welcome to this sunday night he hads of sportswrap. through the years we have come to almost automatically associate a warrior-jazz game a golden state loss. that was not case tonight and the warriors were and to win despite a 1-9, 22-point night formonta ellis. the rest of the team picks up the slack. curry for 26 his 27 points and warriors with a 4-point lead at halftime. curry in traffic in theself. he negotiates the tall trees
12:15 am
for two more inside. the warriors would love to see more of that, back-to-back double-doubles. he hadn't done what used to be a staple for him in more than two years and how about reggie williams off the bench? williams 3 for 3 from beyond the ark and 6-6 from the floor in all. utah slightly undermanned, but the warriors have been there, too and they end their losing streak at 4. they win 96-81. next up, milwaukee at home on thursday. the staples center in l.a., what is scary a close-up of jack nisholson or the gash on kevin garnett's head? kobe bryant with 3 of his 41 as the lakeez led by 4 at halftime. the celtic held l.a. to 18 points. garnett came back to get 1 and rajon rondo with the assist. big second half to give the celtics the 109-96 win. and there was a casualty
12:16 am
among the nba coaching ranks. pacers team president larry bird announced he is firing coach ojim o'brien. pacers have failed to make the playoffs each of the last three years. >> well, the extent to which the provo pro bowl has become an honor for the players, but just an exhibition on the field was never more evident than today. at least it's back in honolulu. matt ryan to tony gonzalez for the nfc touchdown in the 2nd quarter. then just a few minutes laters pateoun manning connects with wes welker for the afc. washington assists deangleo hall wrestles the ball away and welker coughs it up and hall takes it back to the end zone. hall is named the game's mvp. the nfc built a 42-0 lead. >> it was all decided this
12:17 am
game. matt cassel to duane bow to owens. owens is still on his feet andly have to time to pistto center, alex mack of cal and the cleveland browns. mack gets to leak a make he will talk breast of his life, when he scored a touchdown in the pro bowl. nfc was 55-41 winner. by the way, super bowl is next sunday. nothing will happen as far as player moment is concerned until the nfl has their new collective bargaining agreement, but a report tonight says the realize put the pricetag on michael vick and entertain talk about kevin kolb. he began the year as the eagle's starter. the pro bowl not the only
12:18 am
major game. first time nhl all-star game with nicklas lidstrom's team. fiscal year's claude giroux beats marc-andre fleury. the staals with a 4-0 lead less than minutes in. the lidstroms score the next four and cox's matt duchene goes high on cam ward. it was 4-4 after a period. and so it went, the lidstroms led 7-6 after 2. staal takes matters into his own hands with one of his two goals, that made the hometown folks in raleigh happy. lidstrom's team scored 4 of the next 6. blackhawk's player with the spin move to put his team in front for did. patrick sharp was the mvp of the game and lidstroms won 11- 10 and sharks re-sume play on thursday against phoenix. andy murray trying to end
12:19 am
50 years of british frustration , sea ro f t t.. ro fn-opooal..ko gr. i'a n !
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ro fe ysexdo..ko gr. llev wt emo?
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. it's one of the longest- running speaks going in sports, no male british singles players has won a grand slam tennis event in nearly 57 years. andu murray the latest to try to break that streak against novak djokovic of serbia. djokovic with a cross cort forehand on the way to winning first set, 6-4 and that would prove to be the most peteive set. djokovic with another cross cut forehand and he won the second
12:23 am
set, 6-2 and that is a perfect example of how dominant djokovic was in the match. he turns it into a winner of his own. match point now, djokovic will wrap it up as murray hits into the net, 6-3 in the third set and djokovic does it in three. his second grand slam title, both in australia. fred perry, the 1936 us open winner still the last brit to win a major. djokovic winning the tournament that left rafael nadel and roger federer on the outside. >> it means so much to me. it's a huge achievement, but it's hard work you put into. i'm playing great. i have been working very hard to be able to play this way. >> a couple of lefties were among those dualing in the
12:24 am
farmers tournament in torrey pines. phil mickelson we hear about a lot, but bubba watson, not so much. tiger woods is on the par-3, 8th hole with nearly a hole-in- one. tiger went 74/75 his final two rounds to leave him 15 shots behinded winner. >> you might remember last week's win jhonattan vegas? rather that is bubba watson with the putt. and now it's phil mickelson with a longer putt that was in. at this point mickelson within a stroke. mickelson started out tied for the lead. this is vegas as he got himself into contention and tried to become just the third rookie ever to win back-to-back for his first tournaments. after a long rain delay, we go
12:25 am
back and here is vegas with a tough chip, and getting that close, setting up a birdie, tap- in birdie and mickelson with a chance to tie, but that putt lifts out and they head to 18, where there is more drama. here it's watson with the birdie attempt that just goes. that puts him up by 2 and now it's up to mickelson, and he needs to hold it out here to force a tie and playoff, but it doesn't happen. and watson has a win. his second career win. >> you have got all of these guys on the leaderboard who won before. so any bad step they are going to catch you. all i thought about today was keeping my head down and playing my game and trying to get every par-are 5 and i did that and it helped me out today. everyone is special, because you don't know if you are going
12:26 am
it have them or not. i'm probably going to cry all day, like i did last time. my dad is not here, so mom i love you. >> another remind that they are hawai'i was the place to be for the senior golfers as well as the pro bowlers. that is 71-year-old jack nicklaus at ka'anapali in the championship skins game. this hole was worth five skins. nicklaus' one-time rival and now his partner, 61-year-old tom watson with the putt for $250,000. nicklaus and watson won $310,000 and mark omare and bernhard langer won some big money. the spectacle of the winter x- games tonight in aspen, covcolorado. gold medals something that the flying totalla, shaun white knows tomato shaun white knows
12:27 am
all about. a double mctwist and next up, a mcflurry with mcfries and if that is not enough, the flying snowmobiles. a pair of brothers, colton and caleb moore were already out of medals and figured, what the heck? let's try something different. the pro bowlers back to their roots at earl anthony's dublin bowl. can ciminelli against patrick sharp and ciminelli wins 235-21 and the legendary pete weber, 3rd. that is going to do it for this late edition of sportswrap. have a good super bowl week everybody. >> before we go we're getting late word of a double-homicide in san francisco. a man and woman were shot and killed on jefferson street near fisherman's wharf. >> we have learned that one person has been arrested and be
12:28 am
sure to join the ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m. for all of the developments on this double-homicide taking place this evening in san francisco. >> our coverage continues online all the time at thanks for
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