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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 2, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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protests take a bloody turn, as supporters of the embattled egyptian president riot in, and clash with demonstrators. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> a new day dawns in egypt, with concerns that violence may escalate. this is a live picture from cairo's tarir square.
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this day starts with tension after the unsettling eventing of the past several hours. that is the sound of gunfire for about an hour overnight. there were frequent bursts of automatic gunfire. at least three, perhaps four anti-government protesters were killed. one organizer said the military is positioned just off the square, but did not take action. >> reporter: it was a surreal scene, like a medieval movie. pro president mubarak demonstrators galloped into cairo's square. they toppled a rider, and pummeled him. state television said they were upset the rioters have hurt
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them financially. here you see what started as a rock throwing melee. people hurled chunks of bottles, molotov cocktails, and roughed up journalists. at least three killed. the number of pro-mubarak supporters grew during the day. >> the people here on a mission to disrupt the protest. >> reporter: it caused sara to leave the square and temporarily leave the country in cairo on a fellowship, she used the just restored internet to send me a video. >> i would like not to be here for the time being. >> reporter: even before she left, sara told me she's anxious to return to what she calls a front row seat to
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history. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> just a completely surreal experience. >> several cnn crews said they found themselves in dangerous situations. anderson cooper says he, his camera men, and producer were all attacked as they walked through a crowd of president mubarak supporters. cooper said all three were hit, or punched, and that the demonstrators tried to pull the clothes off the female producer. everyone ended up making it to safety. the white house condemned the violence in cairo today, responding to suggestions the pro-mubarak response was not spontaneous, but organized. >> obviously, if any of the violence is instigated by the government, it should stop immediately. that is, has been our message throughout this. >> meantime, egyptian officials complained that president obama seems to be trying to force out
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president mubarak, even as the obama administration stressing the importance of an orderly transition. stanford university researcher had a front row seat to the start of the unrest. she was in cairo attending a conference last week, when the demonstration started. now she is back in palo alto, and using email to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in egypt after the egyptian government restored service to some sites today. >> i was up at 5:00 a.m., and one of my friends in egypt said that this was the first email he is sending. >> her friend said she is physically safe, but the country is bleeding. later this hour, we will take you to a bay area museum that specializes in egyptian art. see artifacts, much like the priceless antiquities that are now threatened in cairo, coming up at 10:30. we will be monitoring the live pictures out of cairo
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throughout this news hour for any developments and you can go to for the very latest, including a slide show of pictures from there. we have new information about the death of giuliani calinas the little boy died from drowning. an autopsy shows the 4-year- old's cause of death was drowning. the body of the kidnapped boy was pulled from the delta mendota canal yesterday. authorities say his mother's ex- boyfriend kidnapped him two weeks ago. they suspect that rodriguez also died in that canal. from drunken brawls, to public urination. on game nights, thinks can get pretty rowdy outside at&t part in san francisco. the question, who should pay for it? this is a story knew at 10:00 tonight. heather holmes is live at the ballpark. the police union doesn't want officers pulled from their
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normal duties. >> reporter: that's right he says this is not only a staffing issue, this is a finance issue. $4,000 a game. at 81 games, that comes out to about $364,000. that's an estimate. the police union rep says it is time for the giants to start pitching in. when the crowd went wild after the giants won the world series, san francisco police helped control the chaos. but tonight, the president of the police officers association says outdoor security at 49er, and giants games is a drain on the department. >> there is no reason in the world why these two teams cannot fund the very small, allegation i say -- as i say, about the cost of a backup shortstop to supply or to pay for security. >> reporter: gary told the police commissioner tonight, that stations are already under staffed. >> in some districts, we've got maybe three radio cars on a shift, and we're taking one of
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those radio cars out of service, and sending them down to the giants. that's certainly going to effect officer response, and that's our number one job in this city, is to get there fast for people. the giants say they do pay for security inside the stadium, and say this is the first time they're hearing of the security flap. saying, it's inconsistent with the agreement they have with the city, that is tied to our financed ballpark. now production companies do pay for off-duty police officers for movie shoots here in san francisco. as do concert goers for their events. but frank and julie, as of now, that is not going to be the policy at joints games. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. telling ktvu news, three
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recent officer involved shootings, re enforced his interest in tasers. >> in some instances, i think that the tasers can be used in replace of the firearm. >> the interim chief plans to give a demonstration. last year, the police commissioner voted 4-3 against the proposal, since then, some have changed their minds. there is word our police officers have quietly began new patrols on trains. they're paying special attention to the transbay tube, and the tunnel. a transportation security administration grant is making those extra patrols possible. last year, we told you about the short amount of time that bart officers actually spend on trains. bart then explained most bart related crimes occur off the trains. the principal of a northern california elementary school was fatally shot on campus today. tonight, he is being remembered
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as a dough voted family -- devoted family man and loving father. principal sam carl was shot and killed at his elementary office. the police arrested the school janitor at his home after the shooting, police are looking into whether he may have been laid off recently. school was in session when the shooting occurred, but many children leaving the campus didn't know what happened. >> it's hard to explain why it happened to my child, when i don't know why it happened. >> this evening, the lacara family released this photo, and a statement, saying lacara loved his job, and that the school children meant the world to him. sam lacara was 50 years old. it is a drastic plan, turning around a school. teachers are fighting to stay in their classrooms, and she joins us now with a live report. >> reporter: starting next
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week, every teacher here at helms middle school will have to reapply for their jobs. tonight, some fought back at a school board meeting. >> we are willing to do the work to take on transformation. we're willing to stay later with the students. >> reporter: the state has identified helms middle school has a low achieving school. as such, the west contra costa school district is require today choose how it will fix the achievement problems. last month, the school board voted for what is called the turn around model, which requires hill ams to re-- helms to replace up to 50% of its teachers. >> after you put in so much, you know, time, effort, energy and love into you know the school, it hurts a bit. >> reporter: this history teacher says he has taught at helms for 20 years. the district tells us, seniority will not factor into its decision, of which of the teachers will be transferred to other schools. officials say who stays and goes depends in part on student achievement.
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one parent told us, her daughter was on the honor roll, but her grades fell when a new teacher was brought in. >> they like the teachers. >> reporter: while the turn around is drastic, it's necessary. >> we can't continue to see a school that has 22% efficiency in math and english continue to be at that level. we believe we have to make a difference. >> reporter: teachers who oppose the turn around plan told us, they want the district to use what is called the transportational model. it will change instruction time, instead of changing teachers. now the teachers will be reinterviewed for their jobs, starting next week. he swore to serve and protect. the serious charges a san francisco police officer is now facing. youtube video of what appears to be someone smoking
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crack on a muni train. also ahead, a sea of snow for thousands of miles. the impact it's having and the struggle to dig out, coming up in a live
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new at 10:00, what would you do, if you were riding on a
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bus, and saw a passenger smoking crack right in front of everyone? kent wayne is live in san francisco tonight with pictures of someone doing just that, and how the passengers reacted. >> reporter: you would think it would be an unpleasant experience to be riding a muni train with someone apparently smoking crack, but doesn't appear to be bothering the riders on this youtube video. the youtube website says the clip was shot yesterday, and shows a passenger sprawled on the train, lighting up what appears to be a crack pipe. there are dozens of passengers around, doing nothing. >> whoa, is that guy smoking crack? >> i think it's just san francisco. no one comments. >> i don't know if i would really get that involved myself, to be honest. it's kind of difficult to say what the ramifications might be. >> reporter: this passenger
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says he saw someone smoking crack on a 38 geary bus recently, and admits, he didn't alert anyone. >> i don't want to get lashed out on by some crazy crack head. >> reporter: muni says if this indeed happened yesterday, the agency has no report of anyone calling it in. >> it's an unfortunate situation. a rider shouldn't have to deal with this, but sometimes it does occur on our system. >> reporter: a muni spokesperson says passengers can get involved without revealing themselves. train and bus operators alert dispatch, and police can be waiting at the next stop. >> let the operator know this is going on. if they're uncomfortable doing that. they can always get off the train, and call the police, or have the operator call the police. >> reporter: there are 700,000 riders on muni each day. muni says, it also wants to keep it safe, and relies on riders to let them know when there's any illegal activity.
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live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. a san francisco police officer who faces criminal theft charges is free tonight. the san francisco jail tell us, officer gregory hui posted bond. the department is not releasing any specifics. patrol officer wases suspended without pay in december. a san jose daycare worker who is accused of abusing five girls is in jail tonight. keith woodhouse seen here in his booking photo is being held without bail. woodhouse faces 14 counts of committing lewd acts with a minor. police say five girls at an after school program at trace elementary report inappropriate touching. that is the same school torched by an arsonist last july. the man convicted of murdererring chandra levy is asking for a new trial.
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he claimed there was juror misconduct and a closing argument. last november, he was convicted of killing chandra levy. california prison officials say they've caught convicted murderer charles manson with a smuggled cell phone for the second time. he's been calling and texting people in florida, new jersey, and british columbia. he is serving a life sentence for the murder of sharon tate and six others. right now from oklahoma, all the way to the east coast, people are preparing for another day of snow removal. live in boston with how people are coping. >> reporter: after two days,
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boston has ended up with more than 10-inches of snow and has been hit with everything from snow, to freezing rain, to sleet, to plain old rain. at this point, because the temperature is falling below freezing, now boston is dealing with ice. so it sure has been a heck of a storm. a massive winter storm has left its mark on dozens of states from the midwest to the northeast. even in places where the snow has stopped, and the digout is underway, concerns about frigid temperatures, and how to clear roadways. >> we have a lot of snow out there, that still has to be cleared and moved out of the way, it will be some time before it's all gone. >> reporter: the snow slowed travel, or just brought it to a halt, whether you were trying to move by car, by air, or by foot. >> some of the sidewalks, nobody had salted.
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i was literally sliding backwards as i was trying to go up hills. >> reporter: chicago was hit with windchill temperatures of 20 to 40 degrees below zero, even after the last flakes fell. >> we continued doing everything we can to protect the safety of the residents of this city as we deal with the impact of this historic storm. the likes of which we really haven't seen for 20, 30 years in this city. >> reporter: a big concern across new england. snow that's been piling up, and freezing over, as storm after storm has pounded the region over the last month. frank and julia, that snow that i mentioned is piling up, you can see a pill behind me, it's at least 6 feet high, and that's after about a month of storm after storm. here is just a piece of it. i cannot break this with my hand, it's almost pure ice. this is what the road crews and safety officials have been dealing with. overall, boston just hit hard like so many cities. it has nearly blown through, if
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it hasn't already blown through, its $16 million budget through the winter season, and we're only halfway through. that's the latest from boston. back to you. when that massive storm hit, it came in with a fury. this is what happened to one driver in new hampshire after his car hit a snow bank, and ended up upright on its front bumper. san francisco international airport is warning that travel problems related to the weather could linger for days. today all flights from sfo to chicago were canceled, along with many other flights to the east coast and dallas. we found some travelers who were pretty upset, and others were taking it in stride. >> it's frustrating, but there's nothing you can do about it. you end up frustrating yourself. >> we checked sfo's website for flights and found many are
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still on time. across the u.s., more than 13,000 flights were canceled in the last two days. find out about your weather on, just click on airport weather under the weather tab. it was a breezy in the hills. no fog to speak of. your highs tomorrow, maybe a little warmer than these. we're going to see numbers going back into the mid- and upper 60s. overnight lows, it's going to be cold tonight. overnight lows could easily get down to freezing in santa rosa, napa, vallejo looking at upper 30s. that could get you some frost. very cool temperatures to start off your morning. the forecast as we go through the next couple of days is for this high pressure to stay put. not a lot of fog in the forecast, but some above average temperatures. possibly into the mid-70s by the weekend. i'll have all the specifics. back here in just a minute. federal law enforcement
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officials said today there is no specific terror threat against the sunday super bowl in dallas. given the tight security at the stadium, an attack seems less likely. but they caution there are less secured sites, such as hotels. two pit bulls being returned to their owners even though they killed a small dog. tonight, the unusual explanation for how the pit bulls got out of their house
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some residents of oakland's montclair neighborhood are a bit uneasy tonight. two pit balls that killed a small dog are supposed to be
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returned to their owners. last week, we told you about camilla hill, and how the pit bulls killed her shih tzu named dudley. a woman who witnessed that attack says the security of the neighborhood has been compromised. >> their vanity and ego of wanting to own pit bulls and have this killing machine on the end of a leash. >> oakland animal control took the dogs and then determined the owners have taken the necessary steps to keep them in their yard. the owners say it was burglars that let them out in the first place. today, ktvu obtained a letter from the department of justice it says anyone who operating an industrial marijuana growing or manufacturing if a sill could be -- facility could be prosecuted under federal law. they're working permanent guidelines in an effort to address local concerns raised by the federal government.
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it is a job builder. the reopening of a huge dry dock in the east bay. it means some dismantling and recycling will no longer be done out of the state. >> reporter: as tourist attractions go, a dry dock may not top anyone's list. >> i just have a love for ships. >> reporter: the ship is anchored in the reserve fleet. >> myself, i just really personally didn't think it would happen. >> reporter: the bear island dry dogs were closed for decades. it took a lot of red tape to reopen so ships could be recycled on the west coast for
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the first time. jay is with allied defense recycling. he says the operation will ultimately employ as many as 120 people. dave is one of the 3,000 applicants. >> it will be nice to have a job where i live, instead of driving to south city or something like that. >> reporter: the project will bring millions of dollars to the local economy. barring additional delays, the ship will arrive here at the dry docks at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and workers will begin taking that ship apart. on wall street, it was a day of watchful waiting. traders kept an eye on television screens showing the unrest in egypt. stocks ended the day mixed, and little changed. they are fierce rivals, ray
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more live pictures from cairo, where it is now 8:30, thursday morning. thousands of protesters remain there. you can see smoke in the distance there from several small fires. so far though, no evidence of violence since the sun came up a couple of hours ago. other areas of cairo are said to be calm. the largest museum of egyptian antiquities in north america is located in the bay area's silicon valley. concerns about looters in cairo, targeting some priceless treasures. >> reporter: the situation in egypt brings attention to
12:01 am
anything egyptian. this has been here for 84 years. inside, houses the types of treasures some fear are now at risk in egypt. >> well, it's nearly impossible to purchase a mummy and museums take our responsibility very seriously, that we make sure that the mummies are taken care of, and that they are presented in a dignified manner. >> reporter: this museum's collection includes eight mummies, 4,000 artifacts, and a replica of a tomb. >> the tomb robbers would have taken the sarcophagus out of the mummy shaft. they have cut the edge off, took the mummy, and all the treasures. >> reporter: violence from the streets, resulted in the vandalizing of two mummies, and a wooden statue of king tut. >> the egyptian people themselves created a human
12:02 am
chain around the museum in order to protect the artifacts. certainly, we all need to send them our very best thoughts. it's a very dangerous situation for them. >> reporter: there was a fascination about the ancient egyptians, and what they left behind. threatened now by 21st century politics. >> i don't know why they would necessarily vandalize their own heritage and birth right. >> they're part of every human being's heritage. all of us have a connection with this extraordinary collection. >> reporter: the museum has close ties with friends in egypt, and are equally concerned about their well- being. live in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. a reminder you can get up to the minute information on developments in cairoly going to just click the u.s. and world news tab. wikileaks reportedly was
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nominated today for the 2011 nobel peace prize. that norwegian lawmaker said he made the nomination, adding that the release of the documents promotes peace because it holds governments accountable. one expert said he doesn't think wikileaks stands a chance of winning. a discovery of a man's body as a suspicious death. the body was spotted in alhambra creek under a pedestrian bridge near the amtrak station. at this point, neither the man's identity or cause of death is known. police say they treat every death as suspicious until they know otherwise. a man tentatively found dead on monday has been identified as kenneth belle. his body had been partially burned. the cause of his death hasn't
12:04 am
yet been determined. police said they haven't found any next of kin. we have an exclusive look inside a huge san francisco structure that is normally off limits for go ahead reason. it's a reservoir south of 280, and west of 101. it's empty so some very important work can be done. it's a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: it looks like a massive parking garage, but its san francisco's second largest reservoir, and dry as a bone. >> you're going to be some of the last people to see this. >> reporter: channel 2 got an exclusive tour of the reservoir. it hasn't been emptied in at least 60 years. >> we're fortunate. we have two basins. so the south basin is active, and functional, and serves
12:05 am
water. >> reporter: engineers added pillars and a roof in 1937, it survived all the big bay area earthquakes. public utility officials say it's long overdue for an upgrade. >> we've done patching, but the concrete wasn't in good shape. >> reporter: engineers added these enormous concrete pillars, and joints. it means it should bend without collapsing in a earthquake. the new columns will be underwater for decades. >> it's a quite different structure in itself. it's very calm, and serene. >> reporter: it will take two months to test for leaks and purity before the water is ready to drink again. it may go against their
12:06 am
traditional rivalry, but some stanford rivals are trying to keep a program alive. some are raising money for cal in memory of an old marine buddy who was a cal rugby coach. >> for them to understand the rugby program was at a crucial junction in its history and to step up the way they did is really heart warming. >> uc berkely is expected to make a decision on whether or not to reinstate rugby, baseball, and lacrosse by this friday at the earliest. a daring shooting right at midday. the clues police hope will lead them to the shooter. it's cool outside right now. no fog, but temperatures in the mid-30s. i'll tell you how cool it will get in your
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hayward police are searching for a gunman tonight who shot a man several times in a parking lot. the shooting happened around 12:40 this afternoon on the 200 block of jackson street. the victim was hit by several bullets. police say his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. investigators say the victim is not being cooperative, and they're asking for the public's help to find the gunman. police say they're looking for a white lexus, with a california license plate, beginning with the number 6 in connection with today's shooting. investigators say the gunman may have been wearing a gray, or black hooded sweatshirt. in oakland, a short police chase led to the crash and the arrest of three burglary suspects. it all started shortly before 1:00 today when officers went
12:10 am
to investigate a burglary. a helicopter spotted what was believed to be the suspect's car, and police on the ground, and gave chase. the driver lost control of the car and crashed. police say three people took off running, but officers caught them. investigators said they found items reportedly stolen from the home. sausalito is getting a new police chief, and she comes from nearby nevada. she says she is very happy about starting her new job. she is scheduled to be sworn in later on this month. in news of the world tonight, in australia, the most powerful cyclone in over a century. winds ripped off roofs and turned trees into sticks. more than 170,000 people lost power. the cyclone's front was estimated to be 300 miles across. so far, there are no reports of
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deaths or serious injuries. in pakistan, a car bomb exploded today, killing nine people, including three children. this was the third bombing in and around the area in a week. it comes as pakistani officials claim progress against militants in the area. taliban fighters frequently attack government targets there. in china, the sound of a gong, the year of the rabbit was ushered in at midnight. beijing has experienced the worst drought in decades with no significant rain since october. here in the bay area, preparations were underway for the chinese new year's parade. this weekend, they were busy getting parade floats ready. it will take place february 19, starting at 6:00 p.m. if you can't attend, you can always watch it live right here
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on ktvu, channel 2. could they support life? what astronomers are telling us
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12:14 am
bay area scientists have announced a historic discovery about planets. they have found five earth like planets in our galaxy. they could possibly harbor life. >> reporter: they measured blips of a sun like star called keplar11. they discovered another six neptune like planets. 54 with possibly the right
12:15 am
temperature for water. scientists said this is a giant step toward answering the big if. >> a common inhabitant zone of stars. it's very likely, that means life is common around these stars. >> reporter: nasa aim scientists say today's discovery aims one word. >> supercalifragilisticexpiali- docious. >> reporter: results are from just the first four months of a mission. scanning 100th of the visible sky. 54 planets could mean thousands. the team found planet candidates from bigger than jupiter, to smaller than mars. in decades to come, experiments will have to determine their atmospheres, and ultimately, if life can be supported. >> our grandchildren will have to decide what's the next step. do they want to go there? send a robotic system there? this is only one step. >> reporter: scientists say from telescopes near earth,
12:16 am
that subtle, but telltale dimming of stars is only visible in the narrow plane around the star. for that reason, there are likely many, many more planets we cannot see. in washington, d.c., the republican effort to repeal the health care reform law failed today. the senate voted down an amendment to overturn the reform package along party lines. last month, the republican controlled party house passed a law to repeal it. president obama said he would veto a total repeal anyway. there are still legal challenges which are expected to wind up in the supreme court. pg and e is expected to lower the pressure in areas. they found they ran the pipelines at pressure greater than is allowed under law. the order covers about 30 miles of pipeline outside of san jose, and modesto. it should not affect service to
12:17 am
its customers. apple, and news corporation debuted a new way to get the news today. the daily is a daily newspaper available exclusively on apple's ipads. subscribers can get it for $40 a year. the daily is one of the newest ventures involving new technology and print media, which are struggling with the decline in advertising dollars. google is giving android users a new place to get apps. they launched their market web store today, and it is available on computers. before customers could only purchase and download apps on their phone. once downloaded, the computer will send the app to the phone. ♪ [ music ] it is cool outside right now. 43degrees in santa rosa. 39 in napa. not looking for fog tonight. we've still got light north- northwest winds. that keeps the coastal fog, and
12:18 am
in this case, the valley fog away. temperatures overnight, definitely on the cool side. when you wake up tomorrow morning, places like san jose, and toward mountain view, you're going to be looking at temperatures in the upper 30s. that's the story. no fog. no rain. really not a lot of wind either. just clear, and cool tonight. one of the cooler nights we've seen, some freezing temperatures up in the napa valley, up towards forestville, san rafael. dry in the extended forecast. we've got no rain in this five day. it appears we're not going to see rain in the next five days. the long range models don't bring rain in here until around the 14th and 15th, around valentine's day. in temperatures, easily into the mid-60s for most of us upper 60s, low 70s for others. that's the forecast. high pressure is keeping everything to the north. it gives us the offshore winds. fog, beautiful in red bluff, and in sacramento. the forecast as the jet stream goes to the north will be for a
12:19 am
cool night, and cool nights to continue, right through the week. then sunny and warm, especially right along the bay area's coastline. cool start in livermore tomorrow morning as you wake up and get going, you're looking at temperatures just in the mid- 30s. mid-50s at lunchtime. the livermore valley, and towards concord, lower 60s there. 66 in napa. 62 in vallejo. 62 in berkely. really not much of anything going on, other than above average warmth. if you note, as we get into friday saturday, and even into sunday, temperatures possibly, i'm seeing some models suggesting we could see some upper 70s. that would not preclude, perhaps that low 80-degree reading in a place towards morgan hill, or south towards
12:20 am
those areas. >> an early blast of spring. thank you bill. a new green energy program got underway in oakland today. the goal of the oakland shines program is to reduce energy use for 80% of businesses in downtown oakland. the program offers companies free start to finish technical assistance, and cash rebates to help to fray the cost of energy efficient lighting, refrigeratation products. if you were an american teenager, or preteen living in 1976, you undoubtably remember that famous poster of farrah fawcett. for those of you who weren't around, here it is. today, her long time boyfriend ryan o'neal anooningsed he was donating that swimsuit to the -- announced
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there was no shadow around, so an early spring it will be! >> what must seem as encouragement to those suffering from a brutal winter. as the tradition goes, that means an early spring this year. >> cute little guy. mark joins us now, and sharks picking things up tonight. they've got to, if they want to make it to the postseason. a little time over the all-star break to contemplate a season
12:25 am
that would end with no playoff appearance. tonight, they go up 3-0. dany heatley, just a few seconds into the game make it is a 1-0 lead for san jose. still in the 1st period, the sharks still firing away. check out the one-timer off the post by ben eager. 2-0 san jose, lighting it up. 4:00later, it's ryan getting into the thick of things. the one timer will find the back of the net. there you go, 3-0 lead. but just like last night when the sharks came back, it's the ducks this time. the sharks defense doing a great job of shutting down anaheim, and the sharks hang on for their second consecutive win since the all-star break. here's a little something you don't see too often.
12:26 am
a goalie fight in pittsburgh tonight. goalies johnson of the penguins and rick di pietro throw down. they're going to take a little heat in the locker room for that not too poetic looking fight. the nfl's coach of the year award, not something anybody around here need be thinking about getting. and most pro football fans probably would agree, bill belichick is the year's top coach. he takes the honor for the third time in his career. don shula, the only coach with more. he took the award four times during his hall of fame career. the army national guard honoring de la sal high school out of concord. the second straight california open division championship. the number 1 position in the final rankings. the head coach and the team
12:27 am
captains receiving that award today. the legend grows. this was also national letter of intent day for high school players accepting college football scholarships. among the highlights, palo alto's kevin anderson, and james vaughters of georgia both headed to stanford. the ankinson twins are going to notre dame. marcus peters is headed to washington. concord quarterback rickey lloyd, a good prospect, heading to southern miss. and dylan winn will go to oregon state. a big day for a lot of collegiate athletes, not just
12:28 am
for football but all over sport. those goalies have to skate to the red line before they can scare off. >> i think they can learn from a couple of the rough and tumble guys. >> they want
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