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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a south bay family is asking for help after a young woman is struck by a hit and run driver and critically injured. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that family wants the suspect brought to trial.
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they say the victim was dragged for the length of two football fields. >> reporter: this neighborhood is plastered with these fliers looking for information. police are looking for surveillance camera videos from near by buildings. we have these markings to tell us where that 18-year-old was the struck. and then dragged 700 feet, a whole block. >> it breaks my heart that my sister had to go through that. i wouldn't want anybody to have to go through this, to have to be hit by a car and be dragged so far. >> reporter: the brother of erica luna was out with friends and family giving out fliers and offering a reward to catch a hit and run driver. the woman and her boyfriend had just left his apartment and were walking across the street. >> they hit her right here on this corner then just drove all the way down to the next block.
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drags her the whole way. at regional medical center tonight. this evening she underwent surgery to repair a broken pelvis and displaced hip. >> the doctor told us maybe she cannot work in the future. but we just pray for god. hope god help us and help her. >> reporter: the vehicle being sought is a light gray or silver mini van or suv. perhaps a dodge caravan. no one got a good look at the driver. her brother says he just wants justice. >> they know they hit somebody, there's no way that you can hit somebody, drag a person so far, possibly hear her screaming. >> reporter: we checked with the hospital tonight and erica luna is still in critical but stable condition. anyone with information is
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asked to call san jose police. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san francisco is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man who collapsed yesterday after running a half marathon in golden state park. peter hass of orinda he was president of pet sport usa. according to the san francisco chronicle, runners and spectators suspected hass had suffered a heart attack. witnesses say paramedics did not arrive for 20 minutes. while there were reports of the lack of a qualified attendants at the marathon that is not true. a dubious distinction for
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a small city in california. sebastapool has the smallest amount of officers for their population. >> reporter: it's busy tonight and even worse on weekends as thousands flock to the sonoma coast. many of those out of towners can get messed up by one way streets and lane changes as they travel through sebasta pool. >> murphy saw the aftermath of a crash right outside her
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business. the police department has just 14 officers and only two or three on duty at any given time. >> i would say the majority of the time no officer is exclusively working traffic enforcement. they are going to a call, from a call, at a call, doing investigations. >> reporter: the santa rosa office has offered to patrol the area, while the officers do their investigations. >> in a two hour period we issued over 27 citations. >> reporter: chp will be out here again next thursday for another saturation enforcement period. and hopes to be out here through the summer to take that sebastapol off that most dangerous cities to drive
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through. while we were out here, our photographer almost got hit by a truck while crossing the street. the santa rosa office at the highway patrol says its officers made 20 drunk driving arrests. at least four had prior convictions and at least four were also on probation at the time of their arrest. former supervisor alioto was a mayor. as of now, five other san franciscans isless also running for mayor -- are also running for mayor. the liberal leading blog
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first went online in 2005 and has grown to the point where an estimated 25 million people visit the huffington post every day. ariana huffington calls it calls -- that reverses 27 consecutive months of declines. the federal reserve reports americans borrowed a combined $6.1 billion in the month of december. president obama reach out to business leaders today as sales men in chief. he says he will go any where to be a booster for american business, american workers and american products. >> ask yourself what you can do to hire more american workers.
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what you can do to support the american economy and invest in this nation. >> reporter: the president acknowledged his past prickly relationship with the business district. many of the nation's unemployed have had trouble finding work. google tonight or rather tonight we are learning more about the google executive just released in egypt and the role he is playing in organizing the protest there. while he cried during his tv interview today. he said he uptwo
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days after the protests started. he said that he was blindfolded much of the time he was detained but not mistreated. he did acknowledge that he had set up a facebook page that was instrumental in organizing the demonstrations. a family member from the south bay said after he was released he immediately went back to join the protesters. >> he did not go to the family building, he went to the square after that to protest because that's what he's good for. and yeah he's just really involved in egypt and he wants to stay true to his message. gonam has become some what of a hero for his organizer work. but today he said he's not a hero just someone using a keyboard. and that the real heros are those at the square. banked reopened today as did many stores. and cairo's infamous traffic jams are back. the country's enbattled
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president announced a raise for government workers. rita williams reports. >> reporter: these are not the typical egyptian protesters. more privileged than most they want a better life for all. >> i feel ashamed i didn't do something way back. >> reporter: they live in this upscale apartment building with their two children. their dad is an engineer, mom a homemaker. it's a cause they will keep fighting for. >> till we get what we want. >> reporter: they are not alone. although most protesters are male, young and poor. 50% of the population are under 30 years old. which means they've only lived under the rule of the president they now want to topple and
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who's estimate worth is $25 billion. for the first time since the protests began, mubarak met with their cabinet. they want the president to stay in office until september. >> it's going to be bumpy. >> reporter: as this home video from a bay area man shows, bumpy and deadly. human rights said today almost 300 people have died so far in the two weeks of protests. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. we're looking for clouds, and cooler conditions tomorrow. coyote sightings are common in one east bay neighborhood. i'll show you where and what you should do if you encounter one. dozens of guns stolen.
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their owner
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only on 2 tonight, a bay area neighborhood where residents say packs of coyotes are getting too close to comfort. increased sightings have residents concerned. ktvu's amber lee talks to a man
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who describes what he saw earlier. >> reporter: one homeowner showed us video and photos of coyotes he saw just this morning. >> see here's the first one. >> reporter: when was this? >> this morning around 7:00. >> reporter: homeowner steve chen says he saw three coyotes walking on a ridge just beyond his backyard. he says he sees coyotes once a week but never three tall together at once until today. >> i just want to make sure we live here safe and we walk on the trail every day. >> reporter: regional park district oversees this park. this open space became a park just last summer. wildlife biologist bob sisco says that coyotes are 30 to 40- pound and are native to california. >> whatever you do don't feed them. >> reporter: experts are also advising residents to keep
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their pets close to them while walking in the area, preferably on a leash. >> we're surrounded by a park system which is really nice, so i expect to have wild animals here. >> i won't go there up by myself alone. you know i need to go with somebody. >> reporter: we're actually invading their territory, so yeah. we just have to live together i guess. >> reporter: the fish and game department offers information on coyotes in these pamphlet. if you encounter one they say you can yell and you will usually scare them away. amber lee, ktvu. future student fee increases at cal state and uc schools could depend on what california regents decide. they don't plan to increase
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this year to make up for their budget deficit. but that could change if they don't extend temporary tax cuts. today the federal department of education sent san jose evergreen community college a warning and placed san jose city college on probation. the feds say the two schools need the fix financial, planning, and governance issues within two years or lose accreditation. it is a story we have been following for months. tomorrow night the school board is set to decide on a combination of schools to close or whether to look at other options. the meeting is scheduled for the mount diablo high school gymnasium. some pint sized protesters took to the streets of phoenix that would limit who would become a u.s. citizen.
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the children all chanting yes it can be done in spanish as they protested outside a senate building. the 14th amendment says that anyone born in the u.s. automatically becomes a u.s. citizen. but arizona is trying to circumvent that law with children born in arizona from becoming a citizen if they're parents are illegal immigrants. the bill is held up because right now it doesn't have the votes in the state senate. a marine was sentenced to six years after pleading guilty of skimming $6.6 million. the scheme kept arrest aid kits and explosive devices from reaching troops. his wife is also facing three years in prison for tax fraud. police are searching for three men tonight who are accused of stealing guns from a gilroy home.
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he was tied up in his house for nine hours overnight. maureen naylor spoke to the neighbors who says the victims might have been targeted. >> reporter: all day and into this evening, police worked together to gather evidence. three young men wearing ski masks and gloves came into his home, tied him up and assaulted him. >> they managed to get the pass code to the safe where they stole multiple guns from the victim's safe as well as the victim's pickup truck. >> reporter: that truck was found burned 40 miles away this morning on highway 35 and highway 9 in santa cruz county. investigators say when the man regained consciousness this morning he escaped to a neighbor's house. this man spoke to the neighbor who helped the victim. >> he couldn't see. he was pretty beat up. he said his jaw, he thought his jaw was broken. >> reporter: the home is located in gilroy not far from
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the 101. neighbors say if man is well off, got divorced recently and talked about his extensive collection of roughly 75 guns. the police were still combing the property to see how many guns were taken. >> you see where the house is. it's down a quarter mile entrance, somebody had to know he had a gun collection. >> reporter: the homeowner is being treated at the hospital. and after a warm weekend with record high temperatures, numbers dropped off today by as much as 13 degrees. there's cooler air coming from the north. a cooler weather system will drop in here within the next 24 hours. it's going to give us cooler
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temperatures tomorrow and very cold overnight lows as you head into tuesday night. we're going to cool off. tomorrow's numbers low 60s maybe a few mid-60s. we're looking for plenty of clear skies in the morning. fog not an issue, it's breezy out there. winds are gusting 25 to 40 in the rooftops. tuesday is going to be sunny and cool. the extended forecast, we're staying dry but there's something out there. we're going to show it to you when we come back. we also take a look at your five day forecast for the week ahead. and help is under way for grape growers. the u.s. department of agriculture is giving the state $17 million to use for outreach, survey and quarantine of the moss. the moth is considered a
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serious threat to california's $18 billion wine industry. wrong way on interstate 5. the incredible video caught by another driver and what happened next. bay area
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a terrifying situation in southern california all captured on video. a truck going the wrong way evades head on traffic until crashing into a concrete barrier. fortunately no one was seriously hurt in the crash. it happened friday on interstate 5 north of oceanside in san diego county. the highway patrol says the truck was driven by an 83-year- old man. he was cited for driving the wrong way and driving on a suspended license. two men are recovering tonight after being pulled from the wreckage of a plane crash.
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the twin engine plane crashed at about 11:45 this morning at a storage lot. it hit an awning then came to rest near the building. and ktvu's john sasaki has an up close look at the aftermath. >> reporter: the neighbors of north walnut creek were rocked by an explosion and fire at the east bay mud facility. >> the whole house was shaking and it just kept going [noise ] >> i thought our house was going to burn down. i really did. >> reporter: fire crews responded quickly but could not
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stop putting out the fire until they knew that the fire was being cut to the area. >> if you looked at it you could see that a switch in the box was mostly destroyed and damage was to the surrounding parts including the gate. >> reporter: the fire department and pg & e do not know what caused the blaze but they add that it was clearly some kind of mechanical failure. >> experienced a power failure, they tried to transfer power back into the, p g & e system. something failed that caused the fire to start. >> reporter: you can tell equipment that was singed by the fire. but no one lost power or was hurt. workers at a walnut creek restaurant sp√°epbt this evening cleaning up -- restaurant spent this evening cleaning up after a fire. the contra costa fire department says the fire
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started when juices from a tritip fired up this afternoon. tonight we reached the restaurant on the phone and they said they would be
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it comes with a steep price tag but the pay off could be worth millions of the dollars for the bay area. christien kafton talked with the organizers behind the push to bring the 2020 world's fair to moffet's field. >> reporter: when bay area business leaders see moffet field they see a perfect venue for the 2020 world's fair.
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the bay area council commissioned the report and says it would generate $440 million in tax revenue and pay for itself nearly six times over through tourist dollars and job creation. >> about 42,000 jobs would come out of holding this expo. so it goes directly into the economy. >> reporter: the bay area has hosted expos in the past. the last time was the world expo on treasure island 71 years ago. the bay area council began working on bringing the world's fair back to the world fair last year after attending the world fair in shanghai. >> not only is there great economic benefits but it's an opportunity to put the bay area in the in the center of attention of the whole world. >> maybe it is a good idea. >> it depends if the money is
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being raised by private foundations or private groups that's something. if the city has to cough up the money, then i have more of an issue with it. >> reporter: they have to get their preliminary in by may of this year. at moffet field, christien kafton, channel 2 news. we have an update on a story we reported on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. those popular fun houses for kids are now banned at walnut creek. they voted on a resolution to ban bounce houses immediately. the houses damage the grass and create too much work for the understaffed agency. the problem is there is not much time to make sure people have the proper insurance once
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they get a permit. we now know what caused the illnesses through walker creek camp. about 50 people all fell ill. officials say tests show it was nora virus and it was spread from person to person rather than through contaminated food or water. the most common symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting. a federal judge is expected to inspect a newly built gas chamber tomorrow. heather holmes has the story. >> reporter: this is the state's answer to u.s. district
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judge german fogel's 2006 criticism. a new lethal injection facility. tomorrow's inspection is the final step into making sure california can move forward on the death penalty. >> the law is very clear. certain individuals because of the crimes they commit deserve to be executed. >> reporter: mark class has been carefully watching davis' slow march toward execution. he is hopeful some of the judge vogel's questions will be answered. vogel named several deficiency. sloppy recording keeping and antiquated facilities. he also suggested that it
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risked an inhuman and unconstitutional death. but death penalty supporters protested today. >> it's cheaper, it's better for california and it just makes sense. >> reporter: legal analysts say it would be a very small step toward resuming executions. reporting live tonight outside san quentin, i'm heather holmes. has a piece on death row. look on the death penalty tab on the front page. and attorneys for frank susa are trying to strike a special circumstances of lying in wait following the killing
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of robert shaver. souza has not yet entered a plea. souza is serving a life sentence for killing a 9-year- old. and results of hundreds of autopsy done are now being called into question. a medical examiner in yolo county was fired after authorities learned he had a criminal past in another state. the yolo sheriff said they will review the autopsies where the man thomas skill determined the cause of death but only five were considered homicides. >> looking through all the cases making sure they were all reported correctly. the victim has been
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identified as 35-year-old brian matthew hays of san jose. he was found on january 28th. hays was taken to regional medical center and died of his injuries yesterday. his death is now considered a homicide. a south san francisco man is facing manslaughter charges following a deadly accident this weekend that claimed the life of a teenage girl. 18-year-old shana quintero was driving early saturday morning when he crashed into another vehicle. a passenger margaret of san jose was killed in that accident she was only 17 years old. investigators say quintero was driving drunk. they owe millions of the dollars. why police confiscated hundredsover iphones and ipods today and where they are from. and it's raining in the hilltops tonight. cooler also, we'll show you which cities will be the
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the san francisco fire department says the spontaneous combustion of rugs and chemicals are to blame for a fire that damaged three homes in the castro this morning. we've been following this fire since our first newscast this morning when there was concern that it might have been tied to a string of fires. no one was hurt, three residents were displaced.
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a body was found in a burning car, at this point investigators say they think they know who he was but need dna testing. americans were looking at cars at a dealership when they were shot in mexico. juarez is one of the deadliest cities in the world. wikileaks's julian asange insisted he's innocent. his attorney argued the swedish case is a way to have him --
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poor brazilians work year round creating outfits and -- in southern california millions of the dollars of phony iphones, ipods and other e lek. >> e l ectronics have been seized. they say they arrive in parts from asian and then are assembled in plants. >> they do a tremendous job of looking for counter fit and trademark violations, then the locals are not doing their job. >> reporter: the operation has taken in about $7 million. two men are have been arrested but there may be more involved. a government investigation into run away toyotas is to be released tomorrow.
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toyota has recalled more than 11 million vehicles since 2009 after reports of sticking gas pedals. in some cases floor mats might have been used and forced sticky pedals. the trial for michael jackson's doctor could be coming to your tv. the judge announced today he will allow cameras inside the courtroom as long as they are not intrusive. dr.conrad murray has pled not guilty to a manslaughter charge in jackson's death. san francisco becomes the backdrop for a new police show. why the police and even gunfire is a welcome
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san francisco may feel a lot more like hollywood in the next few weeks. a new pilot is filming in the city today. >> reporter: russian hill hosted hollywood today with the filming of alcatraz. it's one of a dozen tv projects set to be shot in san francisco over the next few weeks. the pilot is projected to bring in $3 million into if city. >> i like working out really. just coming over to check it out. >> reporter: fliers warning that the scenes involved officers playing police officers being shot at. >> we're >> when we have projects
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simulating fun gunfire, we let all the public officers know so they are not alarmed. >> they told us there would be gunshots, i thought i should stay home and make sure everything was okay. >> reporter: the production moves to alcatraz island for a two day shoot. the majority won't be shot in san francisco but in canada which offers deeper discounts for film makers. the numbers are in and it turns out yesterday's super bowl set a record. the neilson rating company says the super bowl set a record with 111 million people watching the super bowl. and it helped that the game went right to the final second. the nfl was scrambling today to try to make up for the
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situation that kept about 400 fans out of the super bowl even though they had tickets. the nfl and the owner of the dallas cowboys were trying to set an attendance record by adding some temporary seats but they weren't finished in time leaving some people without a place to sit. as an exchange, they're offering the ticketholders tickets for next year's super bowl plus $2,700. and supporters point to a study that shows enterprise zones create jobs. the governor has set a deadline for lawmakers to make a decision.
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members of the county fair alliance spent the day lobbying to preserve $30 million now in the shopping block of expos. the alliance says smaller county fairs could be in jeopardy if the money goes away including the solano county fair and santa clara county's youth fair. the ronald reagan presidential library and museum reopened to the public today. a $15 million renovation that took two years to complete is now finished. there are 17 new interactive experiences. the project was completed one day on what would have been ronald reagan's 100th birthday. cisco donated routers to
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the students at an oakland school to be used at their homes. the router has parental concerns so parents can monitor the students activities on the internet. 100% of its first graduating class got into college. and it's definitely cooling off out there. check out the live report, it's a live online buoy. i have gusts to 44 miles per hour. now that's a northwest wind. so it's coming like that. it's a different direction. all week it's been out of the northeast. with that northwest wind, things are going to start to cool down to overnight lows tonight will be cool because of the wind they stay below freezing. tomorrow morning, not that warm, but we get into wednesday morning, very cold. freezing temperatures probably in the north bay.
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frost maybe some below freezing temperatures up in the north bay. cooler weather headed our way. it was cooler today by a good 10. follow the yellow line it's not going to rain this week. but as we get into saturday, sunday clouds increase. check this out. the long range models are real consistent with this range. right through the 16th, significant rainfall. that would be a good thing wouldn't it. we've had plenty of dry so we can take some wet. all the creeks are down. the ground tables are down. so a will the of water would be okay at this time. high pressure is the reason for those strong winds we're seeing out there tonight. those strong winds will last probably through tomorrow. especially on the hilltops, but the big thing that's doing is sending everything to the north. the high establishes itself like it was last week. winds are going to come northeast again, not as strong. and we're going to warm up again. back into the upper 60s and low 70s for the remainder of the
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week. but tomorrow it changes, noon 60 degrees for most of us. late in the day 65 on the high end. most of us around 62, 61. but it's a far cry from the 70s, the 80s, the records of saturday and sunday. that's all done. if you go to santa rosa tomorrow, beautiful day. the it's going to be cool in the morning and daytime highs just in the low 60s. crystal clear. winds are going to die down tomorrow night and things are going to get really cold tomorrow morning. now these numbers solid 20, 15 to 20 degrees cooler than they were on sunday. so things have changed. but of course, it is february. last weekend we lost track of what day it was. everyone even today we had 70s. as things start to change enjoy it because this pattern looks looks significant and it looks
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like it could put us back to good levels. few of those vaccinated ended up with the flu. seasonal flu kills about 23,000 people each year according to federal authorities. researchers say it could take several more years before the universal vaccine is ready for commercial use. shark attacks are on the rise around the world according to the university of florida's international shark attack file. 79 people were attacked last year. that's up 25% from the year before and the most since 2008. six of last
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okay, so just in case anyone wasn't quite sure. turns out the sun is in fact, a sphere. nasa has released images of the
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front and back of the sun taken by two probes called stereo. nasa said with those probes, scientists can now see sun spots, flairs and solar storms before they can be seen from earth and cause atmospheric disturbances. and what happened with the warriors. >> they suck you in and then disappoint you. the warriors came out well with the suns. grant hill backed his way toward the basket then makes a nice move on the way to an 18 point game. six suns in double figures. perry with a floater to narrow
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