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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 18, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the "ktvu channel ktvu channel 2. >> big delays on bart. it is a friday night they want to forget. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm in for julie haener. the location was bad, timing made it worse. bart commuters endured delays because of debris on the tracks just east of the trans bay tube. pictures of the metal strip
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that stopped the trains. jana? >> reporter: to make matters worse, it was raining and windy like it is right now, but bart officials tell me it was up there on those tracks heading into san francisco, just past this west oakland bart station where they found the debris, just a small bit of metal that caused quite a bit of disruption. passengers were left confused and waiting on platforms as bart trains came to a complete halt. service was shut down between san francisco and the west oakland bart stations, the reason, a train operator spotted metal debris on the tracks. >> the train passed through, we decided we needed to inspect and we were not comfortable enough in continuing surface, which is why we shut down the track in both directions. >> reporter: passengers were packed on to buses, many scrambled for cell phones to
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make arrangements or alert family and friends about delays. >> they mentioned track problems, then they mentioned there was some debris and they had guys on the ground working on it. >> reporter: our cameras got video of the debris after it was pulled off the tracks. two long, thin pieces of metal which investigators are still trying to identify. once the tracks reopen, passengers were relieved to finally get home. >> because of the weather and everything, cold and trying to get home. >> i was stuck in a tunnel for probably like 15 minutes. yeah. >> it's bad, especially with the rain, i feel bad. it's friday and for me it's a 4- day weekend. it's like i want to get out of here and go back home. >> reporter: ten passengers tell me they had delays of more than an hour. bart officials are trying to figure out where the metal piece came from but are relieved no one was hurt. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2.
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>> a new station opens tomorrow in the east bay, it's the 44th station of the system located along interstate 580 and includes a pedestrian bridge over the freeway. bart expects 4300 people will use the station each weekday. it comes with a price tag of $106 million. a big win for call trans. they received a green light from a bay area judge. a union had sued hoping to block the public/private partnership with the european group. but today, an alameda court judge ruled the construction project can move forward. it's the first contract awarded under a new state law allowing such partnerships. phase two of the construction is scheduled to begin later on this year. there is word tonight san francisco's long-time sheriff will not run for reelection this year after more than 30 years on the job.
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sheriff michael hennessy does not expect a 9th turn. he was first elected back in 1979. ktvu obtained a copy of his home moe. hennessy was a finalist for san francisco's one-year mayor appointment that ultimately went to ed lee. it's a holiday weekend, and a lot of people are hoping to spend it skiing or snowboarding. the snow is plentiful, the trick is navigating the drive. our team coverage begins with ken prithet showing us the conditions right now, ken? >> reporter: you can see the lights are still on above the lifts but the skiers have gone home. the resort is closed after a day of almost constant snow. we arrived here about 4:00. you can see the dish is covered in snow. that's just since 4:00.
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it's really amazing. we even have a signal coming out of here. our spare tire on the front of the truck, 4 or 5 inches of snow here. boyle over the past three days reports more than 5 feet of snow from this storm. under the lights at the ski resort, there were plenty of night skiiers and snowboarders who could not get enough. >> we've seen more snow here than a long time. >> reporter: they are skiing on several feet of fresh powder. boyle says 26 inches fell in the past 24 hours. a perfect set-up for a hollywood weekend. this afternoon, it was clear many people were heading up despite a slow drive on interstate 80. >> we are headed to de sota springs. >> reporter: we talked to david brown as he was chaining up his car. the interstate at the time was not in bad shape. chains were not required, but
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he was doing it just in case. >> well, we are just trying to be cautious. we don't have super-great traction, and we want to make sure that we're safe. >> reporter: most of the drivers who pulled over to the side to chain up or those slowly driving by had dented a traffic jam. it took us 2 and a half hours to travel just 40 miles. >> we didn't believe the 3-hour delay. >> reporter: were they telling the truth? >> yeah, pretty much. >> reporter: chain controls went into effect early this evening. you are required to put on chains starting in kingsdale and over the submit over to the -- summit over to the nevada state line. ktvu channel 2. closer to home there's a dusting of snow in the bay area hills. the director of the observatory sent ktvu channel 2 news these pictures. the top of the mountain received more than 1 inch of snow and tonight the road to
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the top is closed and could be closed tomorrow as well depending on conditions. around the bay area, wet weather created treacherous driving at times. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live where he's seen the problems firsthand but also discovered a silver lining, lloyd? >> reporter: we are between storms here in the santa cruz mountains. a light rain is falling and the roadway is still very, very slick. away from here, a driver is lucky to be alive. >> it was a freak accident, you know. it was raining really hard. not really freak, but just -- for me it's freak, you know. just because it scared the heck out of me. >> reporter: chip was driving this truck when the car in front of him suddenly slowed down. >> i went to put my brakes down and hydroplained. it's a -- hydroplaned.
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it spun around uncontrollably. >> reporter: miraculously all the cars behind missed hitting the truck. it took an hour before photographic was restored. this was one of several actions today. this driver was injured when he lost control on a curb and the car rolled over. >> the rain contributes to the accidents and, you know, the slower you go, obviously, the safer it is. >> reporter: down in the santa clara valley, the rain fell loud enough to tap a drum beat on windshields. after three days of rain, people are longing for the sunny skies that started this week. >> we are tired of being cooped up. this is kind of teasing us, that nice weather, then all of a sudden we're getting stormed on here. >> reporter: silver lining is water supplies are rising.
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the river through downtown san jose has actually overflowed its banks in spots. live in the santa cruz mountains, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. we contacted the santa clara valley water district and learned its reservoirs are at 93% of capacity. 1.5million-gallons have flowed in the last three days. it was just over a week ago we had record-high temperatures. it hadn't rained in a few weeks, and here we are in the heart of winter. showers are occurring out there. out in the peninsula is the heaviest stuff. a lot of this stuff in oakland and hayward, light, consistent, moderate to light rainfall. over here by mission peak is the freezing layer, the radar is overestimating the rain. that's more moderate rain.
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showers continue, we have rain falling tonight and a good shot at showers as we move into the rest of your bay area weekend. your saturday forecast, and sunday forecast, monday is a holiday too. back in a few minutes. a reminder, you can get the latest weather information any time on, you'll also find road conditions and ski information. a late arrest today. the suspect is the victim's roommate, waheed. he was arrested yesterday on unrelated charges. the body of jeff baker was found one week ago today in his home. police say he was killed well before then. >> we believe it was around a week prior to the location of his body, maybe a little less than that. >> police wouldn't discuss the motive but said baker was stabbed and strangled. the suspect needs to be extradited to san francisco.
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stanford nurses stand closer to walking off the job after their union voted overwhelmingly of a strike. 90% of the voters voted to strike. the union represents nurses at stanford and packard children's hospitals, it says the major sticking point is a new system for promotions. they are hoping the vote will bring the hospital back to the bargaining table. a major twist tonight in a case against barry bonds. >> the judge told both sides to try to go back to the table and settle this case short of a trial, but barry bonds' attorney said go ahead. the drug unit commander accused of selling drugs. how what happened to his daughter may have caused him to do it. and
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a new development in the barry bonds case. today a judge made a request that may come as a surprise. >> reporter: the judge asked both sides to try again to reach a plea bargain and avoid trial all together. bond's attorneys made it clear they've talked to federal prosecutors before and are far apart. >> mr. bonds will not plea
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guilty to anything. >> well, mr. bonds will decide what mr. bonds does, but i believe as i told you from day one, we're going to have a trial. >> reporter: the two sides are still haggling over evidence the judge won't allow. bonds' attorney allen ruby searched through his briefcase to show me a series of photos of bonds that prosecutors want to show the jury. prosecutors argue it will show the knowledge of the ambience and obvious changes in his appearance. >> this is what they say the years are. >> reporter: this is arizona state? >> this is 2002. >> reporter: bonds' attorneys question who made each photo and when.
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1999, 2004. they are saying he bulks up during certain time periods? still to come march 1st, greg anderson is expected to be sent to jail for refusing to testify. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. the attorney representing an anti-drug unit says his client admitted to some accusations against him. prosecutors charged commander norman wielsch and christopher butler with felonies today. they allege they stole drugs from an evidence room and sold them. he has financial problems. >> in talking with the police, he did talk to a certain extent about what happened and was remorseful about certain things. >> reporter: the contra costa district attorney says the crimes happened during a 4-
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month period and no other law enforcement officers are involved. last week we reported a homicide suspect from oakland landed on the u.s. marshall's 15 most wanted list. tomorrow, shaun michael sullivan's mug shot will be on a bigger stage, "america's most wanted." police say he shot two men over a gambling debt. joshua was killed on november 4th on the 7800 block of outlook avenue. if you want to watch that episode, it airs tomorrow night at 9 here on ktvu. internal documents are shedding light on why one tucson firefighter refused to respond to last month's mass shooting that left congresswoman gabrielle giffords shot. he declined to go on the call because of political bantering amongst his colleagues. his unit was delivering supplies 90 minutes to the
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location. the bands are described with a peace and heart symbol and go for $1. proceeds will go to a scholarship fund. similar bumper stickers also for sale. the white house released photos at the private dinner president obama attended last night in woodside. apple ceo steve jobs, google gary smith were also guests. in a second photo, the president is talking to mark zuckerburg, the 26 year old founder of facebook. the president continued his west coast visit today with a tour of the intel manufacturing facility outside of portland, oregon. afterwards, he said intel proves that education and worker training is a good investment, even when the economy is in trouble. last year intel unveiled a 10- year, $200 million commitment to promote math and science.
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congress today passed a series of amendments to president obama's spending plan, one which shifts money from planned parenthood clinics. the debate generated a stunning first-hand story from jackie spear. mike webak went to her office, where the action was immediate. >> reporter: the phones rang, the e-mails filtered in. constituents thanking her for her words. congresswoman spear revealed her personal story during a debate on an amendment to eliminate funding for planned parenthood after one woman said nothing passionate about abortion, spear spoke up. >> i lost a baby, but for you to stand on this floor and suggest as you have that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done
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cavalierly or done without any thought is propesterous. >> reporter: federal law already prevents planned parenthood from using federal funds abortions. but this funding is cut for many more services. >> the whole planned parenthood -- whether it's abortion or, you know, pre-marital guidance on sexual activity i disagree with. >> reporter: today some people disagreed with the congresswoman's vote. they say they do respect her story. >> she put the secret out there. she didn't want to, she didn't have to do that, but she did. >> reporter: the bill is expected to be taken up by the u.s. senate at the end of the month. mike webak, ktvu channel 2 news. the president of planned parenthood responded to today's passage saying health professionals will lose their jobs as a result and it takes health care away from american
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women who cannot afford to pay for it on their own. and the showers have continued in the bay area. they are light at times and little more heavy out towards shark's park and at the airport in san francisco. it is a cold rain right now, daytime highs in the upper 40s and low 50s. there goes the system, hung up in the mountains, you saw ken up there earlier talking about the conditions driving, not easy, and not easy tomorrow morning. overnight lows, cool. clearing in the morning, you're going to see snow on bay area peaks. you knew that. we are looking for freezing temperatures in the north bay. your weekend looks good, but on saturday, i have some showers in your forecast. i'm going to break that down hour by hour so you can plan for your bay area weekend. i'll see you back here. going back to its roots and creating new jobs at the same
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time. beginning next week, they plan to start recycling and refurbishing old ships. leaders join representatives for a ribbon cutting on-site today. the company expects to bring 100 jobs. ships from the moth ball fleet will be taken there for work. not uncommon to smell the stench of a sewer in san francisco, what is behind the problem and the plan to tackle it with a household cleaner. >> reporter: we have a sneak preview of
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atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho, security forces opened fire again today on protestors in bahrain in the persian gulf. at least 50 people were wounded. an associated press photographer said he saw
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soldiers firing in the air, then into the crowd. this evening, president obama called the king of bahrain to condemn the violence and said bahrain must embrace reform. the protests were inspired about what happened in egypt one week ago today. hundreds of thousands poured into tahrir square to celebrate the ousting of hosni mubarak. they called to the government to remove mubarak allies in office. a judge in new york today delayed the enforcement of an $8.6 billion ruling against chevron for damage to the rain forest from oil drilling operations years ago. because of today's ruling, the country cannot get the money. chevron has said it will repeal. the city of san francisco
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is facing a massive budget deficit, so why is it preparing to spend millions of dollars on bleach? it all has to do with a smell the city is trying to eliminate. >> reporter: people in san francisco said they could still smell it, the stench of city sewers. >> i think of it as the sea smell, but it's something else. >> reporter: that familiar rotten egg smell, the city is preparing to spend $14 million to buy three year's worth of bleach. the san francisco public utilities commission is set to release 27 million pounds of bleach from tanks such as this one into the city's sewage system. >> metering pump depending on the flow. the flow gets higher if needed. we can put more in if needed too. >> reporter: how much bleach is
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needed? the bleach used in the county sewers is 12%. the puc says sewage stink is particularly bad during dry and warm months. increase use of low-flow toilets means there's less water in the sewers to die lute the waste. -- dillute the waste. >> it has an effect. >> reporter: the puc uses chlorine on sewage water. >> we neutralize the chlorine because it's harmful to fish and life in the bay. >> reporter: the county's board of supervisors are set to make a final decision on the bleach buy on march 1st. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. wet weather now falling temperatures, a warning about the road and what to do when you hit black ice. up first, stunning and
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colorful performances
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the largest chinese new year parade is now less than 24 hours away. amber lee live in san francisco where she met the miss china town tonight and got a look at the dragon, the star of the show. >> reporter: first we want to show you what's going on right now. workers are setting up the viewing stand here at union square where ktvu will be broadcasting the parade live. we also want to show you some participants that will be apart of tomorrow's parade. at the san francisco hilton tonight, performers from china displayed their talents. this is part of the coronation
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ball for miss china town usa and her court. a san francisco native and usf law school student. >> as a goodwill ambassador i hope to engage the youth. >> reporter: the director gave us an up-close look at the golden dragon that symbolizes strength and wealth. tomorrow, 120 men and women will hoist up the drag bonn and carry -- dragon. the dragon was made specifically to be 268 long. in chinese, the numbers 2, 6, and 8 sound like the phrase "easy to prosper." >> the celebrations are full of symbolism. >> reporter: he said he never thought he would become the first chinese-american mayor for the city and serve as the
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parade's grand marshall tomorrow. >> i'm at a point now where i can do my job in opening doors for other people, women of different color, for more asians, for the sub-groups of asians and for african americans and latinos. >> reporter: these performers travel to san francisco from china specifically for the parade. organizers estimate up to 800,000 people may line the parade routes. we're all keeping our fingers crossed that it won't be raining tomorrow night. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'll hear more about that from bill later on. as always, watch saturday's parade live on ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage begins at 6:00 tomorrow night. >> students and parents in concord made a final plea to save their school. the rain didn't stop dozens of
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people from marching in support of the almostry school. next week the school district is expected to vote on whether the school will close. two other schools are on the chopping block. the march is to help drum up support and raise moral. >> we've been here for a couple of years, it's a small community, we've grown to learn the parents and kids. >> the legislature says the closure is needed for budget cuts. a final decision is expected tuesday. an jew date we first brought you earlier this month. a recall effort appears to be headed to the ballot. election officials certified recall petitions. the petitions to recall joe wan ward and city councilman john keene knee each have -- keeney have enough signatures. they hope the issue 1 on the june 7th ballot.
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governor brown ruled to stop buying and handing out flag. california spends $7.5 million on key chains, bags, and other items. the move follows measures to recall thousands of state- issued cell phones and reduce the state's vehicle fleet. the order is part of his effort to close a $27 billion budget deficit. the governor said he's hopeful he can meet a budget deal by march 10. that will allow him to put tax extensions on the june ballot. they won't put tax extensions before voters. governor brown is waiting for a list of budget-related proposals. . the state of wisconsin is in the middle of a budget battle that has paralyzed the government. tens of thousands of union members and supporters rallied at the state capitol in madison. at issue is the governor's plan to cut pay and benefits and their collective bargaining rights to reduce the budget.
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and detectives in the -- democrats have left the state to postpone a vote on that plan. >> they get paid to do the job. they don't get paid to hide out in another state. the bottom line is they should come here, they should defend their position. >> reporter: the democrats are believed to be hiding, if you will, in neighboring illinois. union workers believe they are allowed to take cuts and pay more for benefits but not lose collective bargaining rights. ten days left before the window closes on the surf contest. robert handa talked to organizers and participants about the chances the event could be wiped out this year. >> reporter: the storm is churning up mavericks today, but nothing rezymeableing the waves -- resembling the waves needed for the surf contest. the contest window is open until february 28th, but contest surfers have been
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watching conditions and though an official announcement could be made next week, some told us today they already know. >> the contest isn't going to happen. unfortunately, you know, mother nature is not sending us a big swell in the next week to two weeks. kind of a disappointment for sure. >> another major obstacle in play. in the past the window was extended an extra month. but ktvu learned in march, harbor construction projects will prevent any surf contest time extension. so for the surf contest, it's next week or not at all. >> we will stay in 100% ready mode in case a freak of nature comes through and something happens and we can have an event. >> i've seen the surf forecast, it's not going to happen. i was pretty much, that's it right there. >> reporter: some surfers say if conditions change after the deadline, they plan to come out anyway for fun and could stage
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the world's best unofficial surf contest most surfing fans will never get to see. at maverickings, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a bay area man that helped build the golden gate bridge and bay bridge has died and maybe the last survivor. harry fogle came to california in 1935 and was paid $11 a day to work on the towers and cables, then he went to work on the towers on the golden gate bridge. he felt lucky to have a job during the depression. she says she's the target of harassment. what's made her take on the dmv. latest computer model up and ready to go. some incredible pictures
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the san francisco transgender woman filed suit for what she considers offensive actions taken by a worker. last december amber told ktvu about a letter saying her gender change was a "evil decision." she filed the suit asking for damages for an invasion of privacy and emotional distress. the high school student accused of setting off pipe bombs on campus could start next week. a judge will hear from doctors if the 18 year old was sane at the time of the august 2009 incident. he has pleaded not guilty by insanity. jury selection could start the next day if ruled sane. nobody was injured when two of
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the bombs exploded. >> the high school teacher found dead last month killed herself. 53 year old debra smith vanished. her body was found later in a creek bed near her home. the coroner said she died of alcohol poisoning and prescription drug intoxication. she was in the process of getting a divorce and had lost three close relatives in the past year. in news of the world tonight, at the united nations today, suzanne rice killed a resolution entices really- palestinian conflict. 14 members voted in favor of it. bryce said the administration does not believe the resolution would help the con flick. people lined up to vote in presidential elections and results are expected on sunday. the president has ruled the central african nation for 25 years and is asking for another
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5-year term. he's facing several opposition, one candidate offered protests if he loses. in usa -- no remains of a diver attacked by great white sharks. the captain saw two great whites drag him away. 19 people have been killed and 53 others survived shark attacks in south australian waters. delta airlines has been hit with a $2 million fine for not adequately helping handicapped passengers. it's the biggest non-safety related penalty ever imposed by an airline. in a statement, delta said it takes the responsibility of serving customers seriously and has now made changes. southwest airlines today said it is racing fares by $10. the company needs the money to
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offset higher fuel costs. jet fuel prices have risen about 50% in the past year. southwest spent more than $3 billion on fuel last year. the move was the latest in a series of price increases from major u.s. airlines. united airlines says its economy plus section is staying. united is in the process of merging with continental and had not said until tonight whether it would keep the economy-plus seating. the section will be added to continental's fleet beginning next year. >> what you can't see can hurt you. why the chp is warning about black ice tonight. and rain across the bay area right now, but will it rain on the
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the fdic closed a bay area bank today. charter oak has two branches in napa. it's the 21st institution to fail this year and the second in california. bank of marine will assume all the deposits and the charter oak banks will reopen tuesday as branches of bank of marine. charges can access their money by writing checks or using atm or debit cards. loan customers should continue to make payments as usual. a strong finish to the week on wall street. dow rose 27 points buoyed by strong earnings reports from dell and mcdonalds. markets will be closed on monday in observance of president's day. a nationwide movement today to save the radio station kusf. radio stations across the
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country carried a 3-our simulcast. last year they stole the spot on the dial. since then, community members raised money to fight the deal. >> as a community, we've gotten amazing support from board the super visors and state leaders to keep it alive. >> organizers want the chance to buy back the transmitter. we are expecting a break in the rain this weekend, but you're out on the roads don't let your guard down. live in the north bay where the highway patrol is warning about the dangerous threat of black ice. debra? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of runoff on the streets and wherever it dips below freezing, ice can form. impossible to see, unmistakable when you hit it. >> it's pretty slippery, yes. >> reporter: santa rosa road is
12:17 am
a known trouble spot for black ice. the highway patrol has been clearing crashes in this area since temperatures plummeted. >> they do go fast down this road. >> reporter: speed is often a factor as cars fly past over the posted limit. as these drivers can attest, speed makes it tough to recover when you lose traction and fish tail or start to flip. this is no way to see the wine country. roads up here where black ice is common are well-marked with warnings. areas with heavy runoff are susceptible and bridges are especially ice-proned too. >> bridges allow the cold air all around the road so it cools the road faster, road is warmer so less likely to form there. >> reporter: if you start to slide on black ice, don't overreact. steer straight or in the same direction as the skid and don't slam the brakes or gas, ride it
12:18 am
out. >> gradually slow down and try to stay on the road. >> reporter: they all have icy spots locals know about, but as we watch the rainy get away to the north tonight, it's a warning every driver might keep in mind. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. dove tailing on to debra's story there, we have reports in the last half hour of snow falling near wood slide about 1,000 feet. snow levels down in parts of the day area but there are possibilities of cool air. look for snow on skyline boulevard and highway 17 we saw some this morning. it's cool out there and we have widely-scattered light showers. this is not a dynamic pattern, this is a lot of clouds and moisture, just kind of sitting over us. not like last night, that was dynamics. there was lift and a lot of occurrences that created a bunch of rain.
12:19 am
now we have a lot of moisture lingering. it's cool, we could see black ice, especially in the north bay and above 1,000 feet. overnight low, 33 degrees. i've seen it snowy, like i said, woodside, if we have snow down there, it's probably running 42 or 39 degrees. you can get snow. it won't stick, but it comes out as flakes. tonight might be one of those nights. when you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll see snow on bay area peaks. as you get going on saturday, scattered showers and into the chinese new year parade, looking for a few sprinkles. sunday is the best day as the low clears out. really a messy weather pattern. good rain, exactly what we needed, now it's lingering. winter storm warning extended. warning stays in effect through tomorrow and could extend beyond that.
12:20 am
snowfall totals two feet down to 2,000 or 3,000 feet. problem with that is you're hitting snow around auburn. if you're chaining up north of auburn, that's a long drive. latest computer model, see the mountains and us. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, still some showers in the mountains. it's been lingering all day. look at the activity offshore. 10:00 a.m., still showery down here. doesn't want to go away. parade is up here. tomorrow afternoon, showers up towards livermore, city still stays clear. showers in the area into sunday morning. what did i just show you? a widely-scattered shower plan tomorrow. forecast for sunday, looks like we're going to see a few lingering showers. forecast as you look at temperatures in the 5-day. you can see it's going to be cool tomorrow, scattered showers, sunday the best day, monday and tuesday, still a bit
12:21 am
unsettled. i think i'd rather go to the dentist than drive right now. >> exactly. next thursday, nasa plans to launch the space shuttle discover on its final mission. discovery will be carrying six astronauts, a robot, and full load of supplies to the international
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mark ibanez is here. >> should be a lot of fun throughout the weekend down in
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l.a. of course, tonight it didn't resemble a real basketball game. that doesn't mean the rookie challenge proceeding the all- star extravaganza didn't bring with it a certain entertainment quotient. then, in his second year, steph curry with your basic lay in there. he had 13 points. not a lot of defense as that continues. eric bledsoe on the other end of that play for the rookies who did control much of the second half. look at john wall, he had 22 assists tonight to blake griffin there of the clippers. and wall, we mentioned the 22 assists, but he also scored a bucket here. watch this one. and 148-140 is the final. rookies win it, ai testing to the -- attesting to the task not a lot of defense. they will boost darrelle wright in the 3-point shooting
12:26 am
contest, currently leading the league in 3-point shots made. great off-season acquisition, also has a nice approach of competing in l.a. >> i wouldn't say it's important to win it, i think it's important to compete. i'll be in front of my family and friends in l.a., being from l.a. it's going to be a big deal. i'm looking forward to it, you know, a lot of excitement and a lot of people excited to see me on the big stage. >> you have to get tickets? >> a lot of people watching it at home too. if you don't get your own ticket, they are charging $500 a ticket. i don't have that right now. >> a slant to the basketball hall of fame announcement of 12 finalists led by one of the classiest men ever in professional sports, al who led the warriors to a championship. heck of a player too, chris mullen following that up is one of the greatest shooters warriors have had and tara van
12:27 am
der beer. finalists must receive 18 votes from 24 members. those elected will be introduced on april 3. we leave you with this, jim harbaugh quoted today saying he really likes quarterback alex smith. people say "he needs a fresh new start, why can't that be with the 49ers." you can ruminate on that over the weekend. in the meantime, that's the sporting life for a friday night. >> that is interesting. >> yeah. he may not leave after all, but of course, you have to consider the fact maybe alex doesn't want to come back here where fans booed him every time he tushed the -- touched the ball. maybe it's not jim harbaugh wanting him. >> it's a former quarterback talking here. maybe jim harbaugh knows
12:28 am
morning singletary. >> maybe he sees something others don't. >> be sure to join ktvu beginning at 7:00 a.m. for the latest on the weather and the chinese new year parade. >> our coverage continues on thanks for joining us. have
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