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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 22, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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hundreds turn out tonight to try to keep schools from closing and this time they liked what they heard. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. there's word of an 11th hour deal. healther holmes is live in concord now with what she's learned.
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>> reporter: there's guarded jubilation right now just ten minutes ago the school board voted 5-0 not to close any additional schools. that's what these parents and teachers had been hoping for. but they weren't sure this will be the outcome into tonight's meeting. melissa is lobbying hard to keep her school from closing. >> i don't know what i would do. i have a kid who's registered for kindergarten and i have another one and i don't know what i would do. >> reporter: silverwood elementary is slated for possible closure. but late tonight came this from the superintendent. >> staff recommending that we
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don't close any more schools. >> reporter: instead other options, like redrawing boundarys to save on transportation costs. ideas that can get them to their goal. >> i think at least for now we can potentially hold off and not do anything right now. >> reporter: but eberhart stresses this might only be a temporary solution. >> if the tax measures don't pass at the state level. we might be right back where we are right now and maybe even worse. >> reporter: these ladies and the rest of the people in the crowd. they actually did do that inside the meeting when the vote was announced that 5-0 vote. the mount diablo district voting that they would not have
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any cuts. before tonight's board meeting, dozens of workers from the school district's four labor unions held a rally to show the district they are united. the workers say they were -- union members say they've already accepted furlough days. hayward police tell us they are looking for a gunman who opened fire outside tennison high school. police say nine shots were fired near the school's entrance near whiteman street. the gunfire immediately forced the lock down of afterschool systems. there have been no reports of any injuries. news chopper 2 captured a dramatic scene. ktvu brought it to you live
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when the big rig stalled into a parked car. two women insides the vehicle got out. their vehicle was hurt. the truck driver received minor injuries. the accident happened on the eastbound lane and it took hours to clear up the wreckage. traffic stalled for miles until the accident was cleared. a short time ago authorities in christ church new zealand announced a nighttime curfew. the confirmed death toll now stands at 75, another 300 people are listed as missing. the quake hit 30 hours ago in christ church. one girl trapped inside of the school that collapsed talked to his father on the phone. >> people are doing everything
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to save you. >> and authorities say she's not alone, they've been getting text messages and calls from people trapped in at least a dozen buildings in some places there have been screaming for help. search teams scrambled over the where where wreckage and used everything available. un unfortunately it was too late for a woman who called her children to say goodbye. rescuers are focusing on a dozen buildings that had survived. there is limited water, power and phone service and authorities are urging people to stay home. the quake was centered about 3 miles from the heart of christ
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church, that plus the relevantly shallow quake made it worse. >> we lost my last -- one imagine we've seened from new zealand showers the power of the quake in a different way. a massive piece of ice was shattered into smaller iceburgs. the fallen ice created waves of up to 11 feet high. the first plane from san francisco to new zealand took off from sfo at 10:00 tonight. ken wayne is the only reporter who talk to people who boarded that plane. >> reporter: some of those passengers told us tonight they are not exactly sure what they
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are going to find when they get home. new zealand airlines flight seven roared down the runway tonight, the triple seven loaded with anxious new zealanders. >> the one thing i saw on tv was the street outside right where my son lived in rubble, but he was okay. >> new breaking, yeah, totally. we're just feeling horrified by the number of deaths. my daughter has a friend who's missing. it's tragic. everybody in the city will know somebody. >> reporter: we spoke to passengers at preboard.
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one man says he works in construction. he says he's already getting calls about repairs. >> we don't, it's not a good feeling with all those people killed. it sounds horrible but what can we do. we've booked and you know -- >> try to make the best of it. >> we have to make the best out of it. >> reporter: the city of christ church is a bit smaller than that of oakland. the passengers told us that when they get home they will almost certainly find out that they know someone who has either been injured or even killed in that massive earthquake. ken wayne, ktvu news. some other rescuers working got their training here in the bay area. meet firefighters in the same program learning to face similar
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similar disasters. richmond police say they learned a suspected gang member wanted for a shooting in richmond was inside a home on catalina way. officers evacuated the drive as a precaution. a negotiator was called in, and this evening about 8:00 the man finally surrendered peacefully. we have new information on the stand off in daily city. police identified 29-year-old jason camaleri and 25-year-old ana tostenaski. each is charged with shooting a gun in a inhabitable dwelling.
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chicago elected a new major tonight, -- mayor tonight, and for the first time in four decades it's not someone with the last name of daley. >> we have not won anything until kids can go to school thinking of their studies and not their safety. >> reporter: rahm emanuel needed 60% to avoid a run off. chicago is facing similar choices. rahm emanuel will be chicago's first jewish mayor. right now i'm tracking one of the comest air masses we've seen in years. i'll show you how it will impact your bay area weekend. and the city council has a new decision tonight, it
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more than two dozen state employees converged to show
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their support. wisconsin's governor is trying to pass legislation that would strip some public employee unions of most of their bargaining rights. i am the union, you are the union. more than 100 people attended a rally sponsored by the oakland education administration. the wisconsin governor warned today that up to 1,500 state workers could start receiving lay off notices. a newly released usa today gallop poll shows that 1/3 of
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those survey support taking away bargaining rights. the santa clara city council is meeting with governor brown to preserve funding for the stadium for the 49ers. lloyd lacuesta is live where he learned the stadium is not a done deal, not yet. >> reporter: the city council voted 7-0 to approve this rest louis which makes council -- resolution which makes council members the authority of the stadium. but it did not happen without opposition. >> you are misusing our money. i think you need to stop. i think your run will be overrun by the government for. >> we knowjerry brown is going to take it from us. be ready for it. he's going to steal our money, and balance his budget off of
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our backs. voters approved the stadium project by a 68% vote and authorized a spending of up to $40 million in redevelopmentment agency money. but now governor jerry brown is proposing doing away with redevelopment agencies. >> that money has been committed by the community for the community. i'm not happy the fact that the state would want to help their financial problems. >> reporter: 49ers say they could look elsewhere for funding and they still have other options. >> if for some reason something would happen, we would continue to talk to san francisco and there's a meeting that has been discussed with the new mayor. you like it a time out before you continue to play the game? >> no we're at the longest yard at the end zone. the santa clara mayor says at this point there is no plan
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b to the redevelopment money be taken. lloyd lacuesta. a federal judge rejected a challenge to the obama health care reform administration. it's the third that has happened. a district judge dismissed the lawsuit which claims that -- the lawsuit was brought by a christian legal group founded by pat robertson. so far three democrat appointed judges have dismissed the law. three democratic judges have ruled all or part of the law is unconstitutional. the shut down of the federal government could have a powerful impact on the private- sector. >> there are plenty of people who are not going to be able to do their job who are in the private-sector because the federal government has always
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shut down. >> dwight boeman is with the organization of federal employees. right now there's a march 4th deadline for avoiding the first federal shut down since 1945. the state department announced it will evacuate americans from libya starting tomorrow morning. tripoli's airport has been jammed with people trying to escape. tomorrow a ferry will take as many americans as possible to the island of malta in the mediterranean. rita williams reports on gadahfi's message of bloodshed. >> reporter: his half hour speech on state run tv was
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shown live to these gadahfi reporters in tripoli's time square. he blamed the west out to destroy him. >> and we are not scared of any cats or rats or any cowards. we are going to stand strong. >> reporter: he made it clear after 42 years he's ready to be a martyr. to die rather than leave. >> if a clergy like him gives a factoid like that he instigates more killing and i disagree with that. >> reporter: cal state professor eunice himself a muslim who focuses on the
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middle east says that more bloodshed is to come. >> i think they are going to bake a new cookie for middle east. >> reporter: that new cookie he calls islamic democracy. with freedom of expression, press, gender equality but based on islamic principals. rita williams. the chaos in libya is pushing the price of oil higher an that possibility weighed on investors today. the dow was off 178 points as the price of oil jumped to its highest level since october of 2008. the nasdaq lost 78 points. as stocks go down the price of gold usually goes up. it was selling for more than $1,400 an ounce today on the new york mercantile exchange. since january 27th gold has gone up more than 5% but silver
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is up everyone more. almost 20%. cool one again tonight. santa rosa is 40. the rest of us mid-30s. a little bit of cloud cover out there. these will be your forecast overnight lows so when we get going tomorrow morning. it's a chilly one for when you get out on your wednesday. here's what's happening, out in the pacific, north in the pacific is this area up here. this very cold air, it's coming off the canadian plate basically. it's cold arctic air coming straight our way. it's going to be some of the coldestweather we've seen. maybe snow. we're going to try to time this weather. and possible new rules for the state's natural gas pipeline. the commission announced guide
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lines for the proceedings today. hearings will also be held in san francisco and los angeles. the dates have not been set yet. the commission is speaking input on many questions including how to improve pipeline safety. where is your car safest in the bay area? we're
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two bay area neighbors made a nationwide top ten list of the places where cars are most likely to be stolen. ktvu's maureen naylor reports on the number one reason police say cars are stolen, and it's something you might find surprising. >> reporter: if you park your car on this north western
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neighborhood there's a one in seven chance it will be stolen according to the research group neighborhood scout. the area ranks third in the nation for car thefts. >> i've been living here for 19 or 20 years and none of my cars have been stolen. >> if they're not stolen, the window is broke in or somebody has broke in. >> reporter: another bay area is also in the top ten. that technology based neighborhood is around zanker road and tasman drive. neighborhood scout stays you have a one in 11 chance to get stolen. >> not very surprising, my car got broken into over thanksgiving break. they stole a huge amount of different small things. i don't see it as too surprising. >> reporter: two other residents tell us their car was broken into inside their apartment garage. >> i had my car broken into once, they stole my i pod. >> we all work at tech companies, there's a little bit of money here so it's an easy
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place to come pick off cars because everybody is working during the day and nobody is here to protect their cars. >> reporter: they say >> reporter: police say that car alarms and steering wheel locks are a deterrent. but the number one reason for car thefts is because people leave their cars running and unattended. big name political players seem to be playing a game of musical chairs. the supervisor served nine years in a district attorney's office, and he says although he's known an as progressing, he's a law and order man and he believes officials can do more to provide to public safety in
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the city. and adachi has announced he has hired gonzalez to be his chief. some at city hall speculate he may be considering another run for the job. san francisco police tell us that a dog named gizmo was hit by a vehicle last friday. that's about a block from the market where his owner was wounded after accusing an employee of kicking gizmo. the employee has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges including attempted murder. emergency workers are rushing to save lives. we tell you how they might have learned those skills right here in the bay area. rapid run off and rising water levels, we
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it's an odd situation, video rental company block buster is closing bay area stores, employees will lose their jobs but the company won't talk about it. amber lee is live in san francisco where she discovered some of what's going on. amber-- >> reporter: julie, we're at the block buster on gary near 17th avenue. this block buster is closing april 15th. but there's no sign indicating that and a manager told us the last day for rentals is this thursday. we learned this location is one of three stores in san francisco scheduled to close in the next two months. we contacted block buster at its texas headquarters but officials refused to discuss store closures. we found out by calling all five san francisco stores. >> really too bad. i was just in here the other night and they told me they
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were closing and i feel terrible it. >> reporter: this customer tells us, another empty store front is not good for the neighbor. >> i just think it's sad, what's going to happen to this big space. >> reporter: block buster filed for bankruptcy protection. it closed 60 stores last year and plans to shut another 180 stores during the first quarter of this year. one former employee told us he's saddened by the news because block buster stores is a gathering place for neighbors. >> it's some where you can come in and let the kids run around and look at all the neat little trinkets. >> reporter: several employees told me they hope to be transferred to other stores but they have not been told if they will have jobs. customers we talked to said they rather come to stores
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rather than order online. >> if you don't have something on thursday, you don't have anything for the weekend. so if you don't have a store to go get it at, you don't have movies for the weekend. >> reporter: block buster will be closing it's church streets and slope boulevard locations. all stores told us everything will go on sale saturday. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now on other bay area stores closing. workers tell us locations in san ramon, san leandro and clayton will soon close. again block buster will not comment. today the napa county sheriff's office reports that the man who was shot and killed was killed in sense defense.
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poccia was shot after he reached for a folding knife in his waistband. poccia's wife and daughter have filed a lawsuit claim saying that officers over reacted. patrick joseph mccabe was living in alameda. since then he has filed for extra diction and claims h e has never abused anybody. and charges that he attacked a -- williams lynch claims the priest, lindner assaulted him when he was a child. in 1998 the lynch brothers
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settled for $625,000 after alleging lindner had abused them during weekend camping trips. today cal osha fined oakland children's hospital for safety violations including not having safety procedures in an emergency room. today a nurse told us there was chaos after a shooting victim was dropped off. they were not allowed to go back inside the hospital for several minutes because there were fears other gunmen might be in the area. smith said she was concerned that her patient would die. >> there were other gunshot victims being brought across the street to us. there were a number of other people involved in the incident that were running across the street towards us and it was terrifying. i feared for my life. >> reporter: hospital officials say since october they've instituted new safety measures and they intend to appeal the
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cal osha fine. the hospital says that the nurses are overstating the issue because they are amidst a strike. >> rescuers in christ church found a woman alived and pulled her from a collapsed building with only minor injuries. her husband said he couldn't describe the feeling of seeing her alive. onlookers cheered. the mayor of christ church says they're calling it a moment of hope. as christien kafton discovered, there's a place in the peninsula that rescuers receive training. >> reporter: some two dozen rescuers from around the state spent the day here. they won't be going to new
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zealand but are preparing to face similar disasters. >> it was almost getting scary. you don't want to go further than that. >> reporter: the new zealand emergency teams trained in the same facilities and learned the same skills their american counter parts were learning today. now, the team will be keeping in contact with their new zealand counter parts to learn what worked and what did not. >> our advise might be as simple as okay, if you go it this way your chances are 10% better or whatever, significantly better than if you go that way.
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>> reporter: hammond and ben marr says the disaster in new zealand is like a real life experiment, highlights what might happen in the bay area if the big one strikes. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will have all the overnight developments beginning with the ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m. they were shot and killed at sea on a missionary trip. four americans sailing through very dangerous waters. and changes coming our way. tomorrow we'll see stronger winds and cooler temperatures, then of course that very cold air. i'll show you the latest computer model solution. and he won the daytona 500. why a nascar driver was in the
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this is a room where an army vet put his life back together, where a family lived when they were displaced by a flood. but it's more than a room. it's a room at volunteers of america, and the pathway to stronger communities. because when lives are improved, communities are, too. to help strengthen your community, visit
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we're getting our first glimpse tonight of the two booking photos of arizona shooting suspect jared loughner. the photo show bruises on the side of loughner's head and his eye. authorities say they were caused after people tackled him to take hem down. the shooting happened during a meet and greet organized by congresswoman giffords. there are new questions tonight about four americans who were killed by somali pirates. the two couples had been sailing around the world passing out bibles. the four left the relative safety of an armada of yachts. >> why they were in that area
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we don't know. but she was not half hazardly out in the ocean. >> reporter: the u.s. navy was negotiating with the pirates when officials say a rocket propelled grenade was fired at the ship and gunfire was heard on the yacht. by the time navy seals reached the yacht, the four americans were dead or mortally wounded. 14 pirates were taken into custody. in bahrain, 14,000 people marched to the capital in one of the largest anti government protests so far. also today the king offered another concession ordering the release of an unspecified number of political prisoners. in china, workers at an apple plant that makes screens for the i pad have filed a lawsuit. saying they have been sickened
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by a chemical that is used to clean the screen. and in egypt, two iranian warships sailed through the suez canal and into the mediterranean sea today. it's the first time iranian ships have gone through the canal since 1979. israel and the united states had objected. iran and israel are bitter enemies. iran may be testing israel's new ruler. mubarak was prowestern. holding a cell phone close to your ear increasing the brain activity. researchers say it's not clear yet if there are any negative health implications from cell
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phones. millions spent on california's levees. >> they only put bandages on the system. >> why some say the system is still at risk and what may need to be done to keep the community safe. plus, bill martin is tracking an
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tonight's special report investigates california's levy system. >> reporter: this was per happens the most recent threat to bay area levies. it took a herculean effort to
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save it. that was in 2006, since then years of drought have followed, but this winter high in the sierra, an above average delta waits. >> the high spring run off is just another event that raises the water level in the delta and gives us another place to be vigilant. >> reporter: dave marass is the delta levy chief. he says says the levy system is tested every day by rising and fallen tides. as for run off not seen in recent years. >> the levy system is in better shape this year because of all the work that's been done on them in the past cup of years. dozens of critical erosion sites were repaired using huge bolders. we talked to marass as standing
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over one of those levies now overgrown with vegetation. it sits across from larry hamilton's home. >> i've lived on one of the islands' down here for more than 20 years. do we worry about it or concerned about it? at times. when the water gets to a certain point. >> reporter: the repairs patched up levees in areas that could be devastated. >> they only put bandages on the system. they didn't repair the system by any stretch of the imagine face. >> reporter: patches to the delta levy system are not enough but fixing autoof the levees would be an enormous if not impossible task. one reason for the difficult is the sheer size of the delta levy system. right now i'm driving south on interstate 680s if i were to keep going and make my way to los angeles, i would have to drive there, back to the bay area and back to l.a.
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to equal the 1,100 miles of levee in the delta. >> that would raise them about six inches. >> reporter: another strong run off provides drinking water to 25,000 californians. >> whether it's a shift, the risks are still very high. we can't paper this over. >> reporter: and the breech of the island in 2004, california still does not have a comprehensive plan to respond to an emergency in the delta. mound and many other experts agree that failure of the delta is inevitable. the system is unsustainable. a state sponsors council will unveil a plan next year outlying a delta fix intended to balance water supply and environmental concerns. >> solving the problem is very expensive. and failing to solve the problem is extremely expensive. >> reporter: but solving the
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problem likely won't happen before the delta levies are tested again and again. in walnut grove, ken pretty -- ken pritchett, ktvu news. cool temperatures are running on the cool side but not freezing. realtime data coming from point rays. a wind direction like that. increased wind which we're seeing throughout the area will help keep temperatures above freezing in many inland area. it's going to be freezing tonight but not as cold as other nights. you will still find your freezing temperatures and you know where they will be. look for frost, maybe a little patchy fog. but up toward heelsburg look for 33, 32-degree readings. everybody else, most of us are going to be in the upper 30s, low 40s. we're dry tomorrow, another cool day then everything changeless. that very cold arctic low
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center heads south with it. and as it heads south we're going to get very cool air with it. that last system, that's in southern california now moving out. for us it's very cold arctic air mass. you heard me mention polar air before. that's about a polar air mass. it's coming off the continent. the continent is much colder than the ocean. the continent gets colder than freezing. a very cold unusual air mass is coming our way. saturday morning could be one of those mornings where we see snow on twin peaks in san francisco. but mind that twin peaks is almost 1,000 feet. it's 900 feet or above 900 feet. it'll be interesting but we'll watch it. the rain starts thursday for the afternoon commute. low snow levels as i mentioned, we'll see snow in all the bay area peaks. the best bet if you want to see snow on saturday morning is going to be in these inland bay valleys. like san ramon, out toward walnut creek.
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any area that doesn't have access to the warner relatively warmer bay or ocean. i wanted you to see the inland valley and how it starts to intrude snow and ice south. 7:00a.m. thursday, thursday night and then we're going to go right into friday. you see the mountain going off and you see snow throughout the bay area as we head into friday. the five day forecast, an unusual one. you bet, we will probably see record lows and we will see snow in some funny places. downtown san francisco, that's a fun one. maybe twin peaks. >> i don't think i remember hearing you say, snow throughout the bay area. >> might have been 1976 the last time we saw this. the federal law protects pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits brought by parents who claim vaccines harm their children. the high court ruled parents
12:21 am
must go before a special tribunal set up by congress. the bill was brought about by the parents of a young girl who had seizures. clarence thomas was asked about the decision to remain silent and not ask questions. thomas told reporters, in the past he prefers to listen and think his decisions more quietly than the other justices. and beta paid $1,000 fine. still ahead, it's a popular still ahead, it's a popular cooling off spot in the south
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♪ still ahead, it's a popular cooling off spot in the south atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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a popular water slides in pleasantton could potentially be a thing of the past soon. the regional district is scheduled to hear from officials tomorrow. no timetable yet for removing the slides. >> those look like fun. mark ibanez joins us now to tell us what happened to the warriors tonight. it was brutal. >> not ready to play with the big boys. warrior fans don't start daydream ago little too much about the play offs or any such notion quite yet. harsh reality check courtesy of the boston celtics who say, don't even think about it. they put an end to the nonsense, late in the third quarter when they really start pouring it on. but it was tied at the half. steph curry to the rim.
12:26 am
and that's not going to get it. kevin garnett above it, on the offensive board. 24 points, 12 rebounds boston kind of breaks it away late as you will see darrell wright. paul pierce and an 18-2 celtic run late. 115-93 your final. might be the toughest ice in the league for the sharks to win on and in testimony to the top of the line hockey, they are playing these days they take care of their business in hockey town usa. detroit 7.4 second left in the first period. joe thorton on the offensive rebound. 300th goal of his career. 1-0. so we have 1-1 in the second period. chloe creates his own fast break and the back hander past jimmy howard and the sharks take a 2-1 lead. now 3-2 san jose in the third
12:27 am
period. devin setaguchi hot of late. seventeenthof the season for him, puts him up two. but that is your final. a week ago he could have passed through town without much notice. but after winning nascar's super bowl, he's more like the race car version of justin bebier. we're talking about trevor bayne who just one day after his 20th birthday wins daytona 500. today met for the ice cream social they had a promotional event. the kid quite surprised by his reception out west. >> i'm here at giradelli square to name an ice cream. and there's a red carpet, there's been so much support that i never expected. that's what's been so shocking how far nascar has gone with this. i love it. >> he has a big future ahead of
12:28 am
him. looks like it any way. that is the sporting life for tonight. >> quite a ride. >> i read that his favorite tv show is rugrats. seriously. that shows how young he is. >> i am sure he doesn't want that put on tv. >> the ktvu morning
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