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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  March 6, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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president obama may step in to help your ease at the pump. as gas prices in the bay area soar another 15-cent in the last week. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken pritchett. with gas prices threatening to hit record highs, president obama's top aid says that president oe be ma may tap into
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the neigh -- president obama may tap into the oil reserves. >> i think the sense this recovery is real and strong and growing. but there are prices like the price of energy that can add a real problem to it. there's real pain as this recovery is going on. it's unclear exactly how much oil production has been affected by the turmoil in north africa and the middle east. there are reports most of libya's oil exports have been halted but saudi arabia says they would peak prices. maureen naylor has found a couple of people who have been hit hard and what this might mean to you. >> reporter: the rain is coming down, the cost of farming is going up. we talked to the man who farms
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this small operation here in san jose. he says the cost of diesel alone went up $5 in the last week alone. a coast that will likely have to be passed on to the consumer. an oe oasis of agriculture, where the white orchids -- white cherry blossoms means winnings. across town tonight fresh fruit was on display for the kick off
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of the california small farm conference. >> i would say the biggest impact on us is delivery. >> reporter: this farmer says delivering will cost 15% more this year. >> i think it's going to drive invasion for learning how to farm with no till methods, organically and using less chemical into it. >> reporter: the wheels are turning for jerry jordano to come up with a solution. >> we're looking at farming a little less land. we're almost at a break even now with fuel. >> reporter: reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu. well gas is highest right here in california with drivers in san francisco paying the most to fill up. the new average price in the
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city according to aaa is a nationwide high of $3.94 a gallon. that's up 15-cents from just a week ago. and 47-cents from a month ago. that's when the average price in san francisco was $3.47 a gallon. this time a year ago, a gallon went for $3.14. now to richmond tonight where there have been two homicides in the last 24 hours. the violence comes as a decrease in crime was announced for this year. patti lee has the story. >> reporter: the number of homicides in richmond tripled over the weekend. police are trying to keep this spike in violence from becoming a trend. fontano was remembered by his family. >> my son was a good boy, he
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never bothered anybody. it hurts. >> reporter: fontano was hit several times in a drive by shooting. >> i think we need -- something is going on to stop what's going on. people shooting for nothing. >> reporter: less than a mile away, mario holister was shot to death in a parked car. >> two in two days is, that's something to think about. >> reporter: the spike in violence hits as richmond police tout a 26% drop in violent crimes, like rape, robbery and homicide so far this year. >> we're still hoping to continue on with this downward trend in violence, but it is alarming and you know it's certainly something that we need to go through to make sure that we stop this before it takes off. >> reporter: it's a goal shared by the community and the families grieving their loved one tonight. >> it was getting better, it was getting quiet. like i said i don't know where all the anger is coming from. >> reporter: i spoke with
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richmond officers they say they have increased patrols around the city. they say the spike in homicides is discouraging but it is still less than eight homicides in investigation degrees the same time last year. an update tonight on a story we first brought you last night on the news. the angels say it was quiet overnight in the mission district following two weeks of violence. the guardian angels began the patrols this weekend following a spike in violence which police say is due to a war between two rival gangs. the patrols ended this evening but say they will continue monday through thursday. and one fatal crash and another accident that blocked the lower deck of the bay bridge. these are pictures of the big big that jackknifed just about
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8:00 this morning. the crash blocked three lanes of traffic, spilling diesel fuel on to to roadways. it took crews until noon to remove the truck to clean up the fuel and for traffic to return to normal. and a wet road in contra costa county was the scene of a fatal multi car accident. the chp say a 22-year-old woman from fremont died after swerving into oncoming traffic. she was broadsided by another vehicle. it happened just as the rain in that area was picking up. >> just because a speed limit is set at a certain speed. if the weather is bad, you need to slow down and drive to the conditions on the roadway at that time. >> the chp is trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol were a factor. this is a look at the truck scales along interstate 80 in
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truckee just over an hour ago. as much as a foot of new snow is supposed to fall. including the tahoe basin. tahoe has chain requirements on interstate 80 expect for four wheel drive vehicle. closer to home it was certainly a soggier sunday. chief meteorologist bill -- meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with how much snow fell. >> reporter: nothing too extreme but still light to moderate cells. we'll come in a little tighter here, you see the distribution moving across the bay and closer to oakland. in fact, those closer shades of green do correspond to cells of rain. these are all headed to the south, to the east and toward this area as you can see closer to hayward, union stay and
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fremont. that's after a pretty wet day. santa rosa over a half an inch of rain. you can see most of these totals hovering over half an inch. with the rainfall amounts quickly tapering off as a system moved to the south. the showers will be on the decrease for the night. but the winds will be on the increase. we could have gusts topping 30 miles per hour. you can find live storm tracker updates by going to our website and click on the the weather tab on top of the home page. now the race is on to save -- in additional to erosion. some fear global warming will cause the sea to rise claiming even more of the sea and highway. the san francisco planning and urban research association known as spur is developing a plan to deal with mother nature and have it complete by the end
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of year. today, ktvu's paul chambers learned confidence is high the party will go on. >> reporter: the flags are flying high over the castro today, in pride we trust the theme for this year's pride celebration. current and former san francisco supervisors asked the city controllers's office to access the organization's assets. >> they pointed out they had a $200,000 debt. >> reporter: last year the group claims that the board did not give them appropriate returns. >> i know that people are concerned but i don't think people need to be concerned about pride not going on this year. we will make sure it happens. >> we have a financial plan in
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place, we are stabilized and moving forward. you have to give nikki calls for a calm -- nikki calm a lot of credit. we repaid a lot of our sponsors. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. some tense moments in san rafael tonight. what two little items caused firefighters to shut down an entire bar. caltrans riders tell us they will take a pretty big hit if a station in near their home closes. now some say
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new at 10:00 tonight, firefighters in san rafael shut down a one block radius this weekend after someone showed up in a station fire house with two tear gas grenades. firefighters say a little after 4:00, a man showed up carrying the grenades he says he found
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at his grandfather's basement. the lesson here is if you find something suspicious, leave it where it is and call 911. >> handling is a bad idea if you have something that you don't know what it is. we can come out and try to identify for you. >> reporter: traffic around that fire house was back to normal after 10:30. and a bomb squad was called to look at a device found near the pebble beach golf course. the bomb squad determined the device was safe but no one is saying if it was an explosive. the contra costa times reports evidence experts have matched dna from a burned male torso found near a wrecking yard in 1985 with a human head found a year later in the oakland hills. police artists created these
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rendings of what the victim could have looked like. if someone may identify him they may be able to make an arrest in the case. security in a caltrain station has been increased after a 47-year-old man was brutally attacked on the platform friday evening. investigators are asking for the public's help of finding 10 to 15 men who attacked the man. the san mateo county transit unit is hoping someone will come forward and help them find new clues in the case. and peninsula riders are anxiously awaiting a decision that could come next month. jim vargas talks to those who are hoping for a last minute deal. >> reporter: we met chris small just before he boarded the caltrans in san bruno only two blocks from his home. he says its his only mode of
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transportation to and from work. >> what would you do if this closed? >> i would have spending a lot of money on taxis. >> going how far? >> to 72. >> can you afford that? >> no. >> reporter: for years it's been a growing policy to people living and working around the train. driving and parking are a lot more expensive than the train. >> it's definitely conservative more. that's why i want to keep this station here and as many stations as we can for the people. >> reporter: we heard pup heard much of the same comments in south san francisco. >> sometimes people have to quit their jobs. >> reporter: besides the money at the fair box, caltrain has been subsidized by riders. but that's been voluntary and the local governments are
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suffering financially too. local assemblyman jerry hill says that private business may also help. a long term solution for caltrain may be some sort of a tax increase in the three caltrain counties. in san bruno, jim vargas. drivers may soon be able to jump on to the hov lanes but for a charge. that meeting gets gets under way at vta headquarters. dog owners say they expect hundreds of people to show up in a protest scheduled for
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tomorrow. officials want to limit off leash access on san francisco ocean beach, chrisi field and snowy flower. the peninsula humane society is looking for people to rescue their home for 130 cats. neighbors complained about the spell, the cats were living in cramped conditions. the city of tracy will honor murder victim sandra cantu this week, in an event
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called celebrating tracy children. sandra cantu was killed in 2009 by her neighbor huckaby. new video, actually captures them in the act. the clue officials have as they track town those who routinely dump rubbish in one bay area neighborhood. and take a look at this, the reason why thousands of gallons of water came raining down last night in san francisco. and the rain showers continue to move into the bay
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it has long been known as a problem area for illegal
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dumpling. the bay view hunters point neighborhood. now claudine wong has obtained surveillance video that shows the problem goes on. it is a story you will see only on two. >> look closely at this video, it's tough to see what's happening and that's the problem. >> it's extremely difficult, mostly it's most difficult in the bay view hunters point neighborhood of san francisco, because it's a vast area with a lot of industrial properties. >> reporter: ktvu obtained this surveillance videos which gives us four different views of illegal dumping on bay viewpoint. this is january 18 around 11:30 in the morning. we're going to show you this video several times because it is difficult to see. you can see a truck pull up. the lights go off and the gate opens then a large amount of
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debris falls out. >> someone can get in, it's very dark. industrial area it's difficult to see and get witnesses. >> reporter: three new cameras can help. one shows the truck approaching the scene, and the back, that shows one light is off. claudine wong, ktvu news. the deadline is closing on pg & e to collect the data it needs to prove it's gas lines are safe. the california public utilities commission ordered the utility to come up with detailed records of its pipeline by march 15 or do additional
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testing. the requirement came after records found that the utility's records were inaccurate. >> today, i don't have enough time. skits today dramatized the difficult working conditions facing domestic workers. those gathering for the event support a bill of workers rights. booker hires home care workers and wants to make sure all such attendants are properly compensated for their work. >> many of them will workdays on end without a day off. they will work long long hours without a break. many of them don't get paid vacation. >> reporter: tom amiano introduced if bill of rights at the assembly last night. a drunk san francisco man
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caused a huge water leak earlier this morning. police say the man's car sheered off the top of a fire hydrant just after 1:00 a.m. at first and notomas street. the broken hydrant sent a gush of water as you can see there. no one was injured but took -- but crews took several hours to repair the leak. two men were shot while walking in elk grove friday afternoon. sing died there at the scene. atwalt is recovering in the hospital. >> this is a community where
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we're raising our children and to see these type of attack, every time i look at my baby daughter, i always think what kind of future is she going to have. >> reporter: tomorrow the organization will hold an interfaith gathering to stand up against hate crime. 34-year-old miguel sanchez died friday from an unknown ailment. sanchez was running for a former councilman's seat. the election was called after allegations that city officials misappropriated city funds.
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desmond tutu received a standing ovation after delivering a sermon at grace cathedral. more than a thousand people filled the pews to hear the south african apartide speak. >> gives way to an infant democracy. >> this was his third visit to
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grace cathedral in the past five years. a day of intense fighting in libya as forces loyal to gadhafi tried to regain portions of libya where they fell to rebel control. rebel forces say they are ready to fight. but as ben weederman reports for many their enthusiasm outweighs their experience. >> reporter: the prognosis for 20-year-old ismael wounded in battle sunday morning isn't good. he was shot by the libyan army. intensive care unit, 20 kilometers to the east usually doesn't deal with gunshot
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wounds. neurosurgeon adu traveled from south carolina to try to help his people. ismael is one of the many the young people who swarmed to fight the government, his only experience, on video games. >> reporter: a handful of professional soldiers are struggling to teach them the basics. >> now they are retired people with experience who are beginning to lead these guys to organize themselves says captain muhammad, formally in the libyan special forces because it's impossible to attack artillery. it's a mission these men, young and not so young are learning
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the hard way. ben weederman. since the fighting began in libya tens of thousands of migrant workers have fled the country. nearly 50 workers from bangladesh jumped off a ship to escape from being sent back. mr. carzite refused to accept an apology. the boys were gathering wood last tuesday when gunners had a helicopter apparently mistook them for insurgents who had fired on an american base just hours earlier. soldiers fired into the air and used stun guns to try to
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disperse protesters. the protests were triggered by reports that were holding documents under president mubarack. and in rio de janeiro the streets are truly carnaval. the vast majority of these outfits are made in china. and groups rallied today in new york city on both sides of the question, of weather hearings should be held into the
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so called radicalization of -- >> i don't want them to be able to stand up and claim, see we told you, america is at war with islam. that's one of the main recruiting arguments. i think that's why we need to be careful about how we use the instrumentality of the government in investigative hearings. h e a rings. >> he objects to its singling out a particular community. a wide earthquake hit this morning. there are no reports of any injuries of damage. meanwhile a strong magnitude 6.2 quake hit parts of chile
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this morning. it caused a rock slide on the border with bolivia. several quakes have rattled northern chile recently. most of them a magnitude five or less. but last year a magnitude quake killed 800 people. people had to be rescued when an oil rig caught fire today. this coast guard video shows the rig burning about 50 miles south of grand isle on the louisiana coast. the men were picked up but a good samaritan. the rig's owner said the facility had been shut down two weeks ago and was not producing oil during the time of the fire. there are no reports of any leaks from the fire. nearing the end, what the astronauts aboard the space shuttle discovery will be doing
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tomorrow for one last time. a few sprinkles tonight and it may not be over yet. mark tamayo tracking another storm in
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well we are wrapping up a split weekend. yesterday we had the sunshine, warm temperatures, today that persistent light rain, drizzle. we still have a few showers to talk about on live storm tracker two radar. there's the sweep right now. the coverage right now concentrated in the east bay and also in the south bay. we'll come in a bit tighter and take a look at system of the
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activity right now. those darking shades of green link up with the more moderate cells right around the concord area. move the maps to the south closer to fremont, milpedas and san jose. again we're tracking some activity closer to mountain view with the 101 picking up moderate downpours at last check. we still have light rain, a chance of a few more showers at least overnight. for tomorrow, sun-cloud mix. the temperatures will be cooling down. here we go on the satellite. the bulk of it moved through. the over all set up for tonight, we have the clouds all being produced by this area of low pressure. that will set the stage for the most part for a dry monday. but high pressure rebuilds and
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generate northwesterly flow. as a result the wind will be on the increase. we still have to keep an eye on the possibilities of rain. but still a sun-cloud mix expected. as far as the winds they will be on the increase for your monday. stronger near the hills. we could have a gust of up to three # 33 miles per hour up above 2,000 feet for your monday. still a few linger clouds out there and patchy fog. we'll take this into the afternoon hours by 5:00. there's some activity to the north. by this time tomorrow, we could have a few light showers and the highest chance would be up in the north bay neighborhoods but not a big deal. forecast for your monday, 7:00, fog and clouds, by 3:00, partly cloudy skies and temperatures back into the 50s.
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mid- to upper 50s. we're going to cool things off for your monday. here is a look ahead for your five day forecast. a possibility of a few light showers first thing tuesday morning. we're going to clear out those clouds rapidly. wednesday looks like a beautiful day. looking ahead for your weekend, a chance of a shower for your sunday. no major storms showing up this week. >> thanks, mark. the astronauts aboard the space shuttle discovery are set to get a wake up call. after which they will aboard the discovery and head for home. it's the last trip for the discovery. while the manned space shuttle fleet will soon be retired, an unmanned craft which resembles a mini shuttle
12:12 am
is also in orbit tonight. the air force says the 14-foot long spacecraft will remain in orbit for nine months acting as a test bed for new space technology. well, it is a big day in arizona as tim lincecum wracks up seven strike outs. the west coast conference tournament is down to two teams.
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good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday
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night edition of sports wrap. gonzaga was the top of the scale. st.mary's got a bonus, 17 points from freshman mitchell young off the bench. young with a little jump hook as the gails go to the locker room up by two. st.mary's stretch it out in the second half. jones will convert in traffic despite the foul. and three guards were in double figures for the gails. matthew delavedoga to mcconnel. gails and broncos meet three times this season and the gails win all three. 73-60 the four the final in this one. st.mary's may have wrapped up a spot in the tournament no matter what happens tomorrow in
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the wcc finals. one way to be sure, win tomorrow night. usf and gonzaga in the late game to see who the gails opponent will be. part of a 10-2 run by the bulldogs to put them ahead by nine. dugins wild shot won't go but paris dawns with two with 30 seconds left. then inside 10 seconds it's gonzaga by three. but calls a time out the dawns don't have. that is a technical foul. other wise known as a chris weber moment. it put the bulldogs on the free throw line for a pair. and they make two, that was enough to put the zags on the lead. an upbeat year for the usf
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comes to a close after this 71- 67 loss. the warriors today heading into their second week on the road playing the fifth of seven straight away from home. today's stop in philadelphia, another reminder that golden state is better than last year but still a seriously flawed team. here's a look at the newest warrior al thornton with a baseline move. he came off the bench with six first half points. they made a move in the third quarter. golden state takes it away. white will take the break. and he will feed curry. it's 78-76 warriors. keith smart at times didn't want to look. but this turned out all right. warriors down three in the final seconds. monte ellis with the tough three and it'll go with less than four seconds left. ellis made 18 of his 27 points in the fourth quarter. they head to overtime, tied it 106 but the sixers eight points better. and that puts philadelphia up
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front by five. the sixers have moved into the number seven play off spot in the east. they win this one 125-117. the warriors finish the road trip in cleveland and new jersey. opening day just 3.5 weeks away and the giants have to be happen with the progress. and barry zito strikes up for hoops. in the third the bases were full of seattle mariners when lincecum struck out seven in his 3-2/2-1/3 shutout inning. the beard made his first spring appearance. one of two strike outs in one inning of work. lincecum says nobody on his team thinks a world series
12:19 am
championship makes them anything special. >> the way that people look at us is you know, with an exception of a couple of things we're just a bunch of guys that like to have fun. we have the same chemistry last year that we liked to have fun. the áf we just make that connection in that relationship that much better. the a's split up the team and played a pair of games. second inning here, george catarus and eric almonte all retired on strike. cocoa crisp had a pair of drives for the a's. but the time they track the ball down, crisp is the at
12:20 am
third for the triple. and the other half the a's played the padres in peorio. they got to matt ladiol in the first. tied in the fifth. the di
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in his last season as a giant they came oh so close to what they established in 2010. after two years in houston, he was a dodger for four years, but as fred inglis reports, jeff kent found his way back to san francisco. >> reporter: it's been 10 years since jeff kent was a san francisco giant, but guess
12:24 am
what, he's back. >> my muscles hurt. >> my wife says i need to lose a few pound too. so this is an opportunity to come out and sweat it off too. >> kent hit 175 home runs and averaged more than 110 rbi in his six years with the giants. he played for six different major league teams in 17 seasons, before hanging it up with the dodgers in 2008. >> i miss it but i'm watching these kids over the last couple of days i've been here already and i don't miss the routines that they have to go through to be ready for the game. if you can just ring the bell and play 9 innings, i think i would miss it more. other than that, i'm having fun forging relationships with these kids. >> reporter: kent can be a good teammate, but he can also be a real raspberry. jeff is just a cowboy dad now. >> that is it, mr. mom, mr. dad
12:25 am
and mr. i'm losing my rear end and all the business i've invested in texas too. i'm grateful that i had some type of meaning in people's lives whether it was a cheer or a boo. you know it really didn't matter to me. i'm the same guy though. i'm less competitive now. i don't have my game face now. i'm probably a little more friendlier. but you know i needed that when i played and i don't need it now because i don't play anymore. >> reporter: in a way it's too bad that jeff is retired because he might just fit in with the giant's current cast of characters. the time it took to get in and out of the pits was the difference in today's nascar race in las vegas. why tony stewart ended up looking at the back bumper of
12:26 am
carl edwards. busch finished 38. losing a tire at high speeds can also end your day. that's what happened to gordon. came down to this. stewart went into the pits ahead of edwards. four tires for stewart, two for edwards. edwards hung on for the wings. stewart led for roughly 2/3 of the race but finished second. edwards celebrated in his customary way but moved in points behind stewart. sabatini in front by five strokes as he played with nine homes but he three putted there. kelly from the fringe at 13, he
12:27 am
was on his way to a 67. at this point was within three. y.e. i yang made a move. 147 shots ended up in the water throughout the tournament. i can't think t shot on the par 15 was not one of them. yang made his birdie, that put the pressure on sabatin, putting for birdie. nailed it to move back in front by two. the broadcast then became storm tracker florida. some showers passed through delaying the finish by half an hour. when they resumed, sabatini completed a round of 70. sabatina i and his family celebrate a the win.
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>> thanks everyone for join
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the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum.


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