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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a thieftargetss a bay area church and makes off with a man's ashes just minutes before his funeral. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. new at 10:00, jana katsuyama is
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live, the man's family wants his ashes back but they don't want revenge. >> reporter: the theft took place here inside the christ episcopal church less than half an hour before services were about to start for a 70-year- old man. a thief walked up to the huckabaw. >> and hackabaw's widow says that her husband's ashes were split into three urns and put into a backpack that he used to
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use on his trips. the family decided to go ahead with the memorial service. >> whether it's the body or the ashes was not the person, it was a symbol. >> reporter: still huckabow wants her husband's remains back so she can go on on what she calls a pilgramage to spread her husband's ashes at his favorite places. >> i want to know what made them think they should go into a church. >> reporter: elenore hucbabow says she doesn't want the person responsible prosecuted. amber lee. alameda county prosecutors charged 14 people toad for refusing to leave uc berkeley wheeler hall. the charges stem from the day
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of action budget protest. the eight who chained themselves to an eighth story ledge have not been charged yet. a woman run over by a uc shuttle bus suffered serious injuries. video from news chopper 2 shows the interception of center street late this afternoon. police say the 54-year-old woman suffered broken bones and other injuries but it appears she will survive. she and a friend were crossing shadox at about 12:30. her friend said she had to bang on the bus to get the driver's attention. police say the women were in the crosswalk at the time. now to contra costa county where five children escaped injuries this afternoon when the mini van they were in collided. the crash happened in pittsburgh. fire crews had to cut the mini van open to rescue two women. the women were both taken to
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the hospital. the children were in car seats and firefighters say that's why they were not hurt. the new devices popping into san francisco neighborhood. some say they are big and unsightly. others say they provide better cell phone reception. jana katsuyama is here to tell us why they are causing controversy. >> reporter: the cell phone service might be better out here in the richmond district now, but residents on 27th avenue say they want those new wireless antenna boxes removed. >> unmarked trucks came starting, this is like late november early december. >> reporter: collins says when she asked the crews what they were doing, they told her they were with the company next chi installing antennas for at&t. >> they were definitely rushing, they were trying to get the work done.
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>> reporter: residents say the boxes are unsightly and they are upset the company never gave them advance notice. >> if they would like to put an antenna on the street we should all receive notification so that we have a chance to make our voices heard in the formal appeal process. >> reporter: john avalos now requires cell phone companies to notify the council. >> we are in 21st century, we can make 21st century boxes. there are other places that have boxes that are much smaller that do not intrude. >> reporter: by city laws, streets with scenic views need additional approval. the department approved 150 antennas city wide and according to their record, the department acted within its policy. >> basically in this case, a map that we had at this time
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showed that we did not have to elicit further review by another agency. >> reporter: as for the permit appeal, a hearing is set for march 16 at city hall. live in san francisco, jana katsuyama. a federal judge ruled today that former baseball league players may be called to testify in the trial of barry bonds. the other ballplayers are expected to testify that bonds personal trainer greg anderson provided them with performance enhancement drugs. one of the biggest names mentioned is jason giambi. and the trial of antwon macki is expected to begin next week. attorneys today finished months of pretrial motions, opening statements are expected the week of march 21st. gay marriage opponents filed a court motion today
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arguing the obama administration decision to no longer defend the defensive marriage act should have no bearing on the case involving california's ban on same-sex marriage. the motion was filed as a request made by same-sex marriage supporters. they are asking the court to lift the same-sex marriage ban. a soldier from the bay area who's wife is eight months pregnant died over the weekend. >> i got a message from his sister. >> reporter: dorothy bower is getting important but painful messages today about wells. the 31-year-old demolition expert was killed saturday in the helmen province of afghanistan. >> i just got an e-mail from the parents and i was shocked.
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i was speechless, i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the family says wells was killed when he stepped on a hidden bomb when he was trying to dismantle an explosive device. >> i know his parents were telling me he wanted to be on the bomb squad and he was going to go for special training. he was smart, intuitive and i think he was just really interested. >> reporter: as we talked with bowely she shared some messages she was still getting from the family. >> they write, we loved them very, very much. please keep the family in their minds, especially for his wife who are now eight months pregnant and his son. >> the sacrifice his family and he has made, his immediate family has made is the ultimate price of freedom. >> reporter: a military funeral
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for mark c. wells is planned in arizona. mike campbell,ktvu news. police hope that a $30,000 reward will help bring suspects of who killed two zeke's. singh died at the scene. atwall is in the hospital in critical condition. >> these were neighbors of mine. i used to see them in a regular basis walking through the community. very innocent, it sadness me greatly. >> police and members of the zeke community fear the men
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were targeted because of their appearance. both men had very long beards and were wearing turbans in their traditional manner. last move, harbinger singh was badly beaten after he picked up two men. now the man in custody admitted his attack on singh was a hate crime. if you see showers out there right now, but it's real light. we have more rain coming our way. the latest computer model when we come back. the bitter labor wars are over here in san francisco's hilton hotel. but that may not be good news for the city's other big hotels. changes are in store for one of the
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a new push is on the way to allow drivers to avoid back ups in one of the city's biggest bottlenecks. drivers will soon be able to pay a toll to use the car pool lane there. >> reporter: that's right frank, fast track tresponders are being used for more than just paying the toll. drivers will be able to enter the car pool lanes by using the
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fast track and paying a price. >> the traffic is just so bad. you know. i mean it takes me at least 40 minutes just to get from campbell to here. caltrain estimates 250,000 cars and trucks use this interchange every day. so in an effort to ease congestion and generate revenue, caltrans and the valley transportation authority are converting the car pool lane on 237 into a pay express lane. solo drivers can enter the lane and be charged through their fast track. any where from a dollar on up depending on the congestion. >> i wouldn't do it. i don't see anybody paying extra money with the gas prices being so high. >> enter and then you exit. so it's pretty straightforward. >> reporter: few people came tonight to an informational hearing about the pay express plan. it will cost $2 million for the
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equipment and signage. >> we do need additional funds and this is a great way to alleviate congestion and at the same time bring that funding back into the area. >> reporter: but enforcement of this pay lane could be hit and miss. >> you're not going to get your photo taken. >> so? >> it's still sort of on trust and honor that you use the lane and pay for it. >> that's a fair assessment, yeah. >> reporter: car poolers in the pay lane will have to remove their fast track to avoid being charged. officials hope to have the pay lane up and running by the end of this year. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. and more details now, lloyd says the toll would range from a minimum of $1 to as much as $5 once the price structure for the toll lane are set. and more are coming. caltrans plans to build a toll
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lane along the length of highway 85. last year the city's first toll lane opened over the sonora grade. munni said today that the line is going to be down for the last four days of the month for maintenance and repairs. starting on march 28, buses will fill in and carry commuters and tourists. the palo hide line is due for similar repairs at the end of april. the investigation of alleged misconduct by plain clothed san francisco narcotics officers continues to grow. jeff adachi said the surveillance tapes prove perjury and corruption within the department. in this latest case, a man who's name was not released walks into the henry hotel in the tenderloin wearing a black jacket. a few moments later, he's under arrest but in the police report, officers said they found crack cocaine in a different jacket. a white and gold jacket. the man's attorney says he was
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framed. >> so what -p had here is -- so what happened here, the officers made a false accusation. they jailed an innocent man. he was in jail for three weeks before the case was dismissed. >> reporter: six narcotics officers are now on administrative assignment. you can get a better look at that video on we posted it under the section called ktvu right now. in a redwood city courtroom, a san mateo prosecutor said a teenager planned to kill and terrorize when he brought guns and weapons to his former school. yuchaut is now 18 years old. two pipe bombs exploded but no one was hurt. the defense countered with its own opening statement saying
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that he suffering of schizophrenia and was terrorized. the sheriff's department says it believes alcala was the photographer that lured pamela jackson to death in 1977. alcala appeared on the dating game in the midst of his killing spree. in sa sacramento tonight, governor brown met with lawmakers. the governor had set thursday at a self-imposed deadline. a group of republican senator issued a statement saying -- the oakland city council approved a ballot measure tonight on a proposed temporary parcel tax to help deal with
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its financial troubles. the measure will only go before voters if the governor ultimately succeeds with his call for a special election in june. the oakland measure would ask voters to add a five year, $80 parcel tax. it would need 2/3 approval to pass. it is thought the tax would add $11 million to a rainy day fund. for 18 months now, hotel workers have been without a contract. but now the hilton and the union have struck a deal. as rita williams reports, the contract could be a model for all of the other hotels. >> reporter: there were a lot of smiles people here today at the hilton hotel in san francisco. >> the boycott of the hilton hotel is over. >> reporter: the announcement
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at the end of the year of a contentious protest is over. >> we know our families take care of the health care. >> reporter: to housekeeper guadalupe chavez here 30 years, it means she has to clean fewer rooms a day. >> oh yeah, i'm happy today. >> reporter: and general manager michael dunn he hopes it means more business. after a 10% loss in the economy in boycott. >> we haven't seen the rates come back yet, that's what we're looking for. >> every penny is helpful here in this expensive bay area. >> reporter: this deal sets a -- the hilton's 800 local two
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union workers are expected to ratify the contract on friday. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now on that labor agreement. the four year deal is retroactive to august of 2009. it provides more money for pension, and includes some workload reductions. as for pay, there is an incremental $2 an hour raise for nontipped workers over the length of the contract. and a $1 raise for tipped workers by the end of the year. and live storm tracker 2. the live radar sweep is gone but you don't see any lain -- you don't see any rain. the radar right now dry. so things outside trying out as we go through time. we are looking for conditions to begin to change as we go into thursday, we're looking for rain back in the bay area
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forecast. so when i come back at 10:45, i'm going to show you a computer model. then we're going to have the five day forecast so we can take a look at that weekend early. we'll see you back here at 10:45. powerful winds have been causing problems all day. a truck overturned in palm springs. some flights at the palm springs airport were delayed or cancelled. the winds also knocked down power lines, causing scattered power outages. from a serious sports injury to a bay area teenager comes invasion. it's been tested and a marin county family says this device will prevent tragedies. so why will
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libyan leader gadhafi sent his car planes on repeated bombing missions against rebels today. so far opposition fighters are not backing down. they said they will keep advancing toward tripoli until libya is rid of mr. gadhafi. the rebels along with several arab gulf states are calling for no fly zones. nato is now considering the idea. >> we have nato as we speak converging in brussels. sending troops into libya is not at the top of the the list of those options, says the president. even the rebels say they oppose
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any western forces on the ground. and the search is on for a college student from san diego who has been missing for a week now in spain. he's an exchange student from san diego state university. his father right now is in madrid working with volunteers and police to try and locate his son. vices mother is still in san diego where she's trying to stay hopeful. >> we can't stop thinking about him. it's hard to sleep. you just want him to be okay. you want him to come home. vice grew up in northern california near fulsome lake before moving to southern california as a high school student. we are getting our first look tonight at a new helmet that can protect young baseball pitchers from being injured by a line drive. as ktvu's heather holmes explains a bay area company is designing it.
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and a marin teen who was almost killed by a batted ball is endorsing it. >> reporter: there's little time to react. >> this is the new prototype helmet. >> reporter: to come up with a new device that provides more safety for pitchers. >> it hit around here. this hard shell would have protected that. >> reporter: gunner san dburg spent a month in a coma. and underwent several surgeries to reduce swelling in his brain. >> after this, it doesn't need to happen anymore. >> we need it to be comfortable. which this is. >> reporter: others support the protective head gear. >> this type of product needs to be introduced at the very youngest level of youth baseball. >> reporter: and while there has been lots of testing, it is
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still in the prototype phase and maybe years before it is required equipment. the sandburgs who successfully fought for new bat standards won't stop until that happens. >> will i ever ski without a helmet? no, would i ever get in my car without a seat belt? no, would i ever ride a bike without a helmet? no. it's just a part of life. >> reporter: as for gunner, he has returned to the game he loves, not as a pitcher but as a designated hitter. and he's getting ready for his first game next week. an unusual situation at fort mason in san francisco. hundreds of people show up with their dogs. the proposed new restriction that have them so upset. the south bay is about to
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a war of words is being waged in antioch. the head of the city's public works union is accusing the city of offering a sweetheart deal. patti lee has the story. >> reporter: this so called sweetheart deal is a recently amendment contract. it's become an issue and rallying point for other union workers. >> i'm doing a survey, nighttime survey. >> reporter: in order to save off the possibility of lay off, union workers are working to get a concession. >> we told them we will do whatever you want close to whatever you want so we can get a concession in the city. >> reporter: while making a
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deal with the police union, that only covers the next nine months. >> we probably make bigger sacrifices than anybody. >> reporter: the police department which is down 50 members has sacrificed quietly for years, says the police department. >> the officers are continuing more and more and they're doing it for less. >> it's not a sweetheart deal for the police. >> reporter: antioch city manager says the short term deal is addressed to address an immediate need. save jobs. >> i would have had to lay off another 30 or 40 employees. >> reporter: jim jackel says the nine month police officer contract is just temporary and he expects to broker a long term deal with police demanding the same type of concessions before the start of 2012. patti lee. the results are in and members of the san jose firefighters union have agreed to take substantial pay cuts to
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help their city close its $100 million budget deficit. over the weekend, the firefighters voted to accept a 10% pay cut to pay and benefits to try and prevent lay offs. san jose city council will talk about the case tomorrow and make a decision. michael nudow says the reference to god is unconstitutional and infringes on his religious relief. the ninth circumstance quit court of appeals ruled that the saying had nothing to do with religion. nudow is both a doctor and attorney. inside the national park service explained it's plan to
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limit the areas in the golden gate recreation area where dogs run off leash. some people have complained about aggressive dogs. >> like me, for example, i got run down by three pit bulls, from the back. i had to two to the hospital. >> reporter: the park service says it has to protect sensitive habitats for wildlife. another meeting is planned for wednesday in pacifica. on wall street, stock prices tumbles. the dow was down almost $80. the nasdaq down 39. rising fuel costs are forcing united airlines to scale back it's growth plans.
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the world's largest airline announces it will -- a spokeswoman for mcdonalds seem unconcerned saying mcdonalds is committed to being better not just bigger. some camped out overnight, others bigger. food vendors lined up in san francisco to take advantage of a change in city policy that could save them thousands of dollars. >> reporter: about 20 people camped out in the cold and rain, some for the past three nights. all this to get a permit to operate a food truck. >> why get here on saturday if the line forms on friday and miss out on all that. >> it's a lot of work but it can be lucrative if you put the
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work in. >> this is our list for our california permit. >> reporter: under revamped rules, the city lowered the price for getting a permit. opening the door for established chefs to enter a business. these three people are submitting an application to have their trucks operate in seven different places, their plan is to serve comfort food from early morning until late at night. >> we thought about where are we going to be able to get the best traffic, where are we going to serve people food. >> reporter: the city says it will make sure that trucks serving the same type of food aren't too close to each other and that a truck serving tacos won't be in front of a mexican restaurant. established business can also appeal to the city to have a truck moved. >> now we have a much more
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sophisticated food facilities. fusion foods. >> reporter: customers say they look forward to having more choices. >> they have a little bit of character and the food is really good. >> thank you,. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: if all goes well with their permit process, they should be out here in about a month serving food day and night. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. it is official the outside lands music festival in san francisco will be three days this summer. last year it was just two days and once again it'll be held in golden gate park. the dates are august 12, 13, and 14. early bird tickets are already on sale for $149 for all three days. it has not been announced who will be performing. and still coming up, the death of a 5-year-old boy, the
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one question about his death that still has to be answered. and we have rain in our forecast, i'll tell you
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the united farm workers held a vigil today with the family of a pregnant teen who died from heat stroke after working on a san joaquin wine vineyard. 17-year-old maria isabel
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vasquezjimenez died in 2008. when she did go to the hospital, her core temperature was 108 degrees. she died two days later. two people were charged with involuntary manslaughter. but the district attorney's office says both defendants have agreed to plead to -- agreed to plea guilty to lesser charges that would spare them jail time. it is unknown tonight what caused the death of a 5-year- old millvalely boy following what health officials call a flu related virus. he attended class on thursday, then was taken to the hospital on thursday night with flu like symptoms. he died the next morning. health officials say the boy tested positive for the influenza virus. >> you know that the death was flu related. we don't know whether flu caused the death. the child's name is not being released. an autopsy was performed today. the results are not expected for several week.
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in news of the world, in peru, the attorney represents van der sloot says his client will plead guilty to killing a woman whom he was gambling with. but plans to say he was insane at the time. it could and in mexico, the woman who took the challenge to be
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the police chief in a town with high the -- was fired today. she was fired for leaving her post. she took the job when she was only 20 years old and is said to be in the united states asking for asylum. new york based kkr is taking over del monte and the deal could be done by the end of the week. a bill to force out of state online retailers to pay california sales taxes on hold. the chairman of the taxation committee announced the decision after tonight's
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meeting. some business are threatening to pull out of the state if the bill passes. people say their area code is plan of who they are. plans to add another area code to the bay area. to the bay area. and th go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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it hasn't happened in while but the south bay is going to be getting a new area code. as ktvu maureen naylor tells us, the 408 area code is running out of phone numbers. >> reporter: for some 408 is part of their identity. >> my phone number is a 408 area code. that's me, that's my phone number. >> reporter: for others it's part of their business. posted on personalized note pads, mugs, even the side of
12:16 am
trucks. but with santa clara running out of numbers, the utilities commission will decide whether to lit the current 408 and install a new area code, 669 for the other half. it may decide to use 669 for new numbers. >> would you want a 669 number? >> no i'm a 408 person. >> the owner hopes he and his customers can keep their 408 numbers. >> the impact on a small business to have to change their number phone is huge. >> reporter: something the owner of this restaurant next door knows firsthand. he says his business took a hit the last time there was an area code change. >> people couldn't get ahold of us. >> reporter: the cdc will have
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public hearings. they say public input will have an impact on their decision. while the idea of having a different area code from here to there isn't popular, one person says, well at least it's not 666. in campbell, maureen naylor, ktvu news. more details now on the evolution of the area codes. it all started with 415 which covered most of the bay area. that's when 408 was added. then the number of cell phones and cell phones was exploded, they created the 341 area code. the latest area code 669 is expected to be in place sometime next year. and the census bureau is expected to release their report tomorrow. the report will tell us if people are still moving away from the coast to inland communities. census information is also used to determine government spending. we're learning of another
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example of cell phones causing distractions. the ntsb has released their report that shows that the thug boat and barge accident was caused because the sailor was distracted. in a blog posting on the palo alto company's website, says the base model will cost about $60,000 after federal tax credit. a model with a 300-mile monitor should should be available next year. and we go to live storm tracker two. there's no rain out there just a little bit of drizzle reported.
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what we have now is some wet ground. we're starting to see fog formation out here toward san helena downtown napa. picking up some fog here and down to the alexandra valley. nothing to see just some light drizzle. tonight we look for patchy fog, mostly cloudy. not that cold, just no clouds and fog. the overnight center will be in the mid-40s. clearing and mild tomorrow. tomorrow we start out with clouds and clearing. daytime highs tomorrow in the mid-60s. the extended forecast right now, clouds come in on thursday, and a chance of showers come into your bay area forecast. these are your forecast overnight lows. the kids head off to school. you head off to work, it's really not that cold. so you may want to go light on the jackets tomorrow. 49 in oakland, 46 in hayward. highs tomorrow easily into the low 60s. i mentioned. not just tomorrow but wednesday as we go into a second day of dry weather, stronger high pressure. and highs on wednesday could
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easily tap into the 70s. wednesday is your day. partly cloudy. the best day for weather looking to be wednesday. i showed you the showered north. this is 3:00 a.m. your morning commute should be dry maybe just a few clouds. tomorrow morning showers north. here comes your wednesday. a few clouds coming in with the warmth. now we roll into thursday and it's a clearly designed map. thursday at 5:00 a.m. looks dry, and then bang it wants to get wet around your thursday at 10:00 a.m. and then gone. it's basically a nonevent. it should be no rain at all if it occurs. let's wait for tomorrow night to get the timing of this in, the size of it down. forecast highs tomorrow then warmer than today by a good
12:21 am
four or five degrees. mid-60s in many places. a little bit of fog. there are changes coming. i'm seeing more westerly flows. the thing on thursday we have a chance of showers out there. could get bigger but could get smaller too. right now let's wait to see what we get. but thursday looks like an unsettled day. >> wednesday looks great. >> wednesday is great. an existing cancer drug may be able to treat alzheimer's disease. alzheimer could be dramatically reduced by a drug called
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space shuttle discovery is on its way back to earth for the final time. discovery undocked from the international space station and flew around with a victory lap
12:25 am
with the earth as a backdrop. discovery is nasa's oldest shuttle after being decommissioned, discovery will be on display at the smithsonian. and the a's promised reality today. >> it all depends on when you peak. gonzaga peaking at the right time as usual. not about to let go of their acc grip. gonzaga up three. carter with the runner and the bounce. the bucket gonzaga up by five at halftime. st.mary's won't go away easy. player of the year in their tournament, mickey mcconnel. gonzaga key shots. david stockton and his father,
12:26 am
john stockton looking on. that's a clutch bucket. bulldogs up seven. stockton it's robert suckray. yeah gonzaga clenching the bid to the ncaa tournament. gails a long shot for the bid. the giants can clearly handle texas. balmy night down at the dessert and that's our old sports producer in channel 2, mark barnetts who gave up television to watch baseball all the time. the and pat burrell starting to slam out of his his funk a little bit. jonathan sanchez in that one struck out five in four innings. allowed four runs in a 4 inning
12:27 am
cruise. and the mariners put the a's down 6-3. hot time in the big city tonight, bay area sports hall of fame, a who's who of athletic luminaries. with some sort of local connection. four new inductees. dwight clark of course, and the walsh. winning a couple of super bowls. and remaining ever modest. >> we had great players, we had great quarterbacking, we had great ownership and helped with custom ownership. everything was there and it's like my wife told me, just don't screw it up. and time to get a more in-
12:28 am
depth look. our half hour special to be aired three times this weekend all right here on channel 2. four fascinating character all the in the bay area sports hall of fame. all
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