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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> an emotional gathering this evening in sanbruno as people came together to mark the exact moment that disaster struck. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the scars have not healed. six months after the sanbruno pipeline explosion, the rebuilding and the healing are only just beginning. ktvu's amber lee is live now in sanbruno where people felt the need to gather with others at
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exactly 6:11 this evening. amber? >> reporter: julie, well- wishers have created this memorial along the fence here at claremont and glenview to remember the people who have lost their lives and those who are still recovering. many people told us it was important for them to be with neighbors tonight. sanbruno residents, red cross volunteers and firefighters gathered to remember the loss of life and property six months ago today. many had not seen each other since the horrific event of september 9th. the crowd marked the moment the pipeline ruptured and devastated their neighborhood at 11 minutes after 6. >> a moment of silence if we could, please. >> reporter: are you in a lot of pain? >> yes, i am. it's a process. >> reporter: joseph gomez was severely burned and spent five months in the hospital. the 20-year-old was released just a month ago.
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he told us more painful is the loss of his girlfriend jessica morals who died in the fire. he came this evening to pay his respects to her and his neighbors. >> things will be back to normal in six years. time will tell. i am not going to lie. every day is a struggle. just standing right now my legs are killing me. >> reporter: firefighter tom was the first to arrive at the scene of the explosion. >> i think not to think about it too hard because it would affect me personally. and if it would affect me personally, i wouldn't be able to do my job effectively. >> reporter: no homes have been rebuilt yet. but plans are underway for work on two homes to start in about many month. >> this is always going to be a very special place. our city and this neighborhood will never be the same again. >> thank you. >> reporter: tonight many neighbors found comfort in seeing familiar faces, having experienced a challenging success months on the road to recovery. reporting live here in sanbruno, amber lee, ktvu,
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channel 2 news. that is the sound of the natural gas explosion. this video broadcast today for the first time was taken by an individual who was dangerously close to the pipeline that fateful day. ktvu's washington, d.c. bureau obtained the video from the national transportation safety board. the ntsb is in charge of investigating what went wrong. the public utilities commission says it is ready to fine pg&e if the company doesn't meet tuesday's deadline to hand over pipeline safety records. they are sorting through more than one million documents as part of the probe. in preparation pg&e employees have been pouring over documents at its warehouse and at the cow palace in daly city. a pg&e spokesperson said today the company plans to meet the deadline. and has a special section on the sanbruno explosion, including slide shows and more video. just look for the sanbruno tab. uc berkeley police are looking for a man who exposed
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himself and assaulting a girl as she was walking across the campus. the incident happened last night in the grove ten minutes before 11. police say the girl turned around to see the man exposing himself. she tried to flee but that the man grabbed her shoulder and touched her inappropriately. she then screamed and he ran off. several people came to her aid. they described the sexual battery suspect as a male in his early 20s, five feet ten and weighing 165 pounds. wearing a red baseball cap, a black jacket and blue jeans at the time of the encounter. an update now to a story we have brought you last night. we have learned the identity now of a man shot to death in berkeley yesterday afternoon. police say he was 30-year-old eagle. his body was found at the backyard of a home on blake street one block from sacramento street. no arrests have been made and no word on a motive. two rewards totalling $7,000 are being offered in the case.
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>> this story broke last week when the public defender released the first of surveillance videos. he says the tape shows seven undercover narcotics officers and the sergeant conducting illegal searches and later misrepresenting the facts on police reports and in court. today the district attorney dismissed 42 criminal cases. a total of 57 have been dismissed in the passed week. most involved drug sales and possession. the department announced today all plain clothes officers will undergo additional training on search and seizures starting next week. now, all of this as san francisco looks to hire a police chief. new at 10:00, how the events of the passed week may affect the search. ktvu's christian kaftan is live now in the city where a public safety commission just wrapped up a hearing to assess and improve the relationship between the police and the
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community. christian? >> reporter: exactly right. that meeting wrapped up just 20 minutes ago here at city hall. upstairs on the second floor where that meeting was taking place. i can tell you firsthand that opinions are running hot about the next police -- chief of police. >> reporter: san francisco's board of supervisors is looking for opinions about the police department. and hunter has one. he brought paperwork documenting his three arrests and documentation that each of those cases was dismissed, along with documentation of his official complaints, including illegal searches. he says the incidents captured on video in december and january are nothing new. >> it's a widespread situation here of police corruption in certain communities. not all. it doesn't happen in the marina. it only happens in low economic, locations. >> reporter: hunter lives notice western edition and came tonight to urge for them to look for a new chief outside the department. >> they definitely do not need
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someone from the inside because it would be the same old song. >> reporter: the latest scandal follows accusations that a lab technician stoled cocaine from the crime lab. before tonight's meeting he said the alleged illegal searches are not a bigger problem. they are looking inside and outside the department as it whittles the two dozen remaining candidates for police chief down to just three. >> we have listened to what the community has said. the community is vocal about wanting an internal candidate. obviously that's something we are taking that consideration. we do have some very strong external candidates. >> reporter: police commission is looking for a chief with street experience, on the street experience and strong community relation skills. live in san francisco, christian kaftan, ktvu, channel 2 news. call entrance today received the go ahead to speed up completion of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. want to show you live pictures of the bridge right now. earlier today the bay area toll
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authority oversight committee approved $106 million in additional expenses to finish the new bridge ahead of schedule. the goal is to have both directions of the new span open in 2013. the money approved today comes from a contingency fund set aside for cost overruns and unexpected expenses. hundreds of bay area teachers are getting ready for what's become and an newly riot of springs. notices sent their jobs might gone come fall. the oakland school board sent off hundreds of lay-off notice. in all 538 employees the majority of them teachers will get notice. the state law requires that the notices be given by march 15th. but the district says they won't decide how many pink slips to send out until mid- may. in contra costa county 108 employees will receive preliminary lay-off notice. the district is facing a $22 million budget deficit. >> governor brown's self- imposed deadline for a budget
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vote may come and go tomorrow. coming up in about eight minutes, why he asked legislative leaders late today to delay a vote on his budget plan. how many medical marijuana clubs does one city need. that's essentially the question being asked tonight in san jose. lloyd lacuesta is live now with why some city leaders want to eliminate 100 clubs that are currently operating in that city. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, medical marijuana dispensaries are finding their way to san jose. this newspaper has nine pages of ads where you can purchase medical marijuana in san jose. there are 110 pot clubs here. and more are planning to open. the medix collective has been open for a year and has 3,000 card carrying members. >> i have chronic arthritis. >> yes. >> so i want to go to spots that are actually paying their taxes and everything is running straight up and down just like the laws are implemented. >> reporter: at san jose city hall tonight a hearing on proposals to limit the number
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of pot clubs. >> the proliferation of medical marijuana establishments is not something that we can ignore. >> reporter: the city says all of the clubs are in violation of zoning laws and some are selling marijuana to people who are not legitimately sick. >> we have never contemplated the idea of having marijuana being sold sort of like a stop and go kind of situation where people can get a card and purchase marijuana. >> reporter: now there is a call to limit the dispensaries in san jose to just ten. >> certainly an option is one approach. -- auction is one approach. certainly we can consider a franchise agreement like we do with garbage or with tow yards. >> reporter: pot club operators are wary. >> anybody who is not on that list, they are going to have to take legal actions to shut them down. so that could easily be a lawsuit against 90 or more collectives. >> it needs to be a number that fits the actual demographics of san jose. i mean one million and you are going to have ten collectives, it doesn't make sense.
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>> the city counciheduled to de how many pot clubs will stay in business. some clubs are already considering litigation. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ applause ] and i will be back here in ten minutes to show you this computer model that shows rain for your forecast tomorrow and part of the weekend. good old-fashioned glue, atm and the new crime hitting the streets of sa
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. within the past hour and a half a monday was shot to death in oakland. it happened on the lakeside district at 6th avenue and international boulevard. police say they performed c.p.r. on the victim who was then rushed too highland hospital where he was pronounced dead. police telephone ktvu the suspected gunman fled and they are searching for that person tonight. a warning this evening from a san francisco police captain about a sticky new scam to trick people and steal their cash. ktvu's mike mibach reports on how thieves are using glue to sabotage atm keyboards and then walk away with your money. >> reporter: bank of america 19th and geary, home to three atms and hundreds of customers. >> i can use the touch screen more than i even use the key pad. >> reporter: the key pad is getting customers in trouble.
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richmond district police captain says the criminal activity is underway long before you even get there. >> we have a crime where a suspect will come out, glue the mechanical keys, the enter key, the cancel key and the clear key. >> reporter: with the glue in place, the suspect lingers and waits. >> a victim will come up, enter the card. a pin number and hit enter. that key sticks. >> reporter: frustrated that the buttons were stuck and the card wouldn't pop out, police say the customers actually left the atm, went inside the branch to complain. but by the time they came out, it was too late. they had been watched and ripped off. >> when the suspect comes up using the touch screen and withdraws money from the account. >> reporter: with 22 victims in the city in nine weeks he logged on to the computer and sent out a tweet warning residents about the sticky crime. >> criminals are innovative. >> times are hard, the economy is rough and people are doing a lot of different stuff. >> reporter: police arrested 60- year-old san francisco resident william boyle who faces a
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number of charges including felony vandalism and theft. investigators did not say what led them to boyle but the captain said more suspects could be out there. >> if your card doesn't come out of the machine. don't walk away from the machine. call us or call the bank. >> reporter: in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. in arizona, the man accused of trying to kill congresswoman gabrielle giffords faced some of his other victims today. three survivors attended his arraignment. jared loughner is accused of killing six people and wounding 13 others. in court today, he pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges. search warrants revealed he had two shot guns, ammunition and a copy of the constitution in his home. >> the reward for information about who shot and killed the seek man and wounded another now stands at $42,000. the shootings in elk grove last friday claimed the live of 65- year-old singh and left 78-year- old atwal in critical
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condition. they added $10,000 to the reward fund which has also received money from muslim and sikh organizations. >> an insult to farm workers the teenager died from heat stroke. the plea bargain keeps the teen's supervisors out of jail. there were protests in sacramento following a san joachim's judge's approval of the teen today. in 200817-year-old isabel hernandez died following a nine hour shift working in a central valley vineyard. the pregnant teen was denied access to both shade and water. the supervisors were first charged with involuntary manslaughter but agreed to plead guilty to lesser crimes and today both were ordered to perform community service. >> we think that's not an appropriate way to send a message to the rest of agriculture considering that 15 farm workers in total since
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2004 have died of the same reasons, heat stroke. >> labor advocates say heat regulation rules designed to protect workers are routinely violated. the gaming director of one of the two bay area gambling clubs raided has been charged with millions -- moving millions of dollars. he made 400 deposits totalling close to $3 million. etches one of 14 people arrested when agents raided the oaks card club in sanbruno. he did not enter a plea during a court appearance today. >> the proposed mega casino project for richmond cleared a major hurdle. after hours of debate the richmond city council voted to certify an environmental impact report. the council is scheduled to vote next month on whether it will support the casino project. developers say the project will bring jobs to the economically
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depressed area. opponents worry it will bring crime and traffic congestion. >> governor brown voted to request that the vote be temporarily put off. >> reporter: another day, another budget re will lated protest at the capitol. the red tent says this is what affordable housing will look like after the budget cuts. the self imposed deadline to pass the budget was tomorrow but today the senator asked for an extension. >> this is a tiny amount of flexibility always within those dates. i think we may be talking about the difference here of a matter of days. >> reporter: steinburg says democrats are ready to vote on $12.5 billion in cuts. the hold-up is between the governor and five senate republicans whose support he needs to get the votes. >> we need to make sure that the voters have all of the right choices on the ballot if we get to that point.
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but it is not clear that we are at that point. >> reporter: republicans are asking for concessions such as cutting certain regulations for businesses. without voter approved tax extensions the spending cuts will be $25, not $12.5 billion. >> we are prepared to do the cuts, period. now, we are dead-set against additional cuts. in requesting lawmakers put off their vote, governor brown cited progress in the negotiations with the republicans to put tax extensions before voters in a june special election. in sacramento, this is ktvu, channel 2 news. in wisconsin, angry protests greet add senate vote late today to strip almost all collective bargaining rights from public workers. the issue is at the center of a budget battle between republicans and democrats. in fact, all 14 democrats in the state senate left wisconsin to prevent the vote. but republicans found a way to bypass them by stripping any mention of money out of the
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measure. wisconsin still faces a $137 billion budget shortfall. [ music ] it looks like some showers for your thursday. about mid-morning for most of us, the extended forecasts, we have got more showers towards the weekend. overnight lows tonight kind of mild because of the cloud cover. there will be some patchy fog. most of us will be dry in the early morning hours of the commute. but as we get closer to the commute in the north, as we get closer to the early morning hours the north bay showers possible. the computer model 7 a.m. showers in santa rose is a part of the morning commute. here at 10 a.m. most of it close to the golden gate bridge. maybe a half an inch up here. watch what happens south. not a heck of a lot. 11 a.m. scattered showers for everybody. and then it kind of clears out really quickly after that. afternoon commute should be dry. when i come back i have got the five day forecast. we will also look at the longer
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range model all at 10:45. see you back here. >> nasa's space shuttle discovery ended a successful mission today the last of its 39 space flights. >> now on final approach to the kennedy space center. just more than 30 seconds to go. >> the last 30 seconds went flawlessly. discovery returned from a 13- day mission to the international space station. commander he steve lindsay marveled at the durability of nasa's most durable shuttle. >> discovery launched and came back on a flight just like my previous two flights on discovery with absolutely no single system with any problems whatsoever. >> next discovery will be decommissioned and then head to the sithsonian in washington, d.c. probably sometime this fall. more details now on discovery's remarkable run. since its debut in 1984, it spent 365 days in space.
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discovery traveled 148 million miles and made 5830 orbits of the earth. in 1998 it gave john glen, the first american to orbit the earth another ride in space. it has been on hold since last summer. what we are hearing now about the release of an iphone in white. and why the timing may be a bit peculiar. the plan for this former
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. >> on this ash wednesday pope benedict 16th walked to an ancient basil can a in rome for the traditional service. he received a sprinkling of ash on his head from a cardinal. and then pope benedict performed the same. it is the symbol of mortality. this is the tart of lent when the faithful are supposed to engage in fasting and abstinence. and some that's social meet
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yeah such as twitter or facebook. >> and i tried to think of something that i truly over indulged in over the time the only thing that really came to mind was facebook. i spend an awful lot of time on there. >> so some facebook users are deactivating their accounts but not deleting them completely. his girlfriend appreciates face time and not facebook. 40 days isn't really that long. it might be good to disconnect from the internet at least for a while. the way for an iphone in white may be almost over. apple will begin producing iphone 4s in white this month and ship them out next month. the white iphone was supposed to come outlast june but the release was delayed because it was harder to manufacture than black models. if the analysts are white the white iphone 4 debut just a couple of months after apple is expected to announce the next generation iphone. the price of crude oil fell a bit today. investors are still concerned about the impact from the trouble in libya and the middle
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east. crude was down 64 cents but remained above $104 a barrel on the new york mercantile exchange. stocks were flat today in part because of oil. the dow lost a point and the nasdaq was off 14. still stocks are in the midst of the fastest running bull market since the 1950s. ktvu's consumer editor tom vakar looks at the remarkable run and why many investors remain cautious. >> reporter: today despite a spectacular two year rise on the stock markets individual investors remain a little leery. >> it is a little scary. definitely we pay more attention. and are a little bit more cautious. >> reporter: folks we met say the crash changed the way they invested. >> i changed around my -- the way it was mixed up and put a few more here and there. >> reporter: and since the market bottomed out the dow joins industrial average is up 87%. the broader s & p index is up
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95%. the nasdaq up a whopping 117%. nonetheless. >> haven't lost a great deal. but it stayed about the same, i think. i which i guess is all right. >> reporter: well, an average 401k is worth $40,000. if you had that only in dow industrials at the peak you had just $32,000 by the time it hit bottom two years ago. today you are still about $10,000 behind. the same money in the better performing nasdaq market saw you lose about the same. but even today, you are still more than $1,000 behind. but on main streets and other streets around the nation, folks who once had 401ks before the downturn no longer do. and any increase in the market is meaningless to them. and consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu, channel 2 news. you could call it a high- end bowling alley. why plans for san francisco's
11:58 pm
lucky strike lanes aren't sitting well with everyone. adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm.
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and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night.
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. new at 10, a developer's plan to create an upscale bowling alley and lounge in san francisco's south beach is drawing mixed reactions from neighborhood residents. it is called lucky strike and occupy a giant building at third and king. patty lee joins us live from the site vacated by a border's bookstore. >> this intersection of king and 3rd is quiet because most of the buildings on this street are closed for the evening. but this former borders when it becomes a bowling alley and a light night lounge is expected to change the character of this corner and not everyone is sure
12:01 am
that's a good thing. before lucky strikes lanes officially rolls into san francisco, the company's ceo met with residents of the beacon to address their concerns about parking, noise and safety. >> especially concerns for smoking and, you know, fights. we have a couple of late night establishments already down here where crowd control is an issue. >> reporter: nine stories of the beacon will fit atop lucky strikes which has the capacity to entertain hundreds of people every night open until 2 a.m. in the morning. >> the neighborhood needs more night life and we are excited. >> i do bowl. just bowled a 168 last week. >> the manager of nearby restaurant paragon says the opening of the bowling alley may help keep the area energized by the giant world series win hopping night and day. >> it is a fun thing for everybody, for the teenagers, the kids to senior citizens to do. i think it would be a great thing. >> south beach resident monty says it is possible crowds of
12:02 am
people who have been drinking and bowling may cause problems. but it is not that different from crowds watching baseball games. >> it will be an older crowd here. and i think it will bring some riff raff but i don't see it being a problem. >> reporter: the founder of lucky strikes told us tonight that having opened 20 bowling alleys so far he knows how to head off problems. offered on site security for residents of the beacon and not allow loitering outside this building. reporting live patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. another business is running into opposition in the avenues where a newly proposed ban would stop petco from opening a store in the richmond district. last month petco applied for a permit to open in a vacant story front wherewithal greens used to be. now supervisor eric mars introduced a measure that would ban all chain pet supply stores along geary between 14th and 29th avenues. he says the goal is to protect mom and pop pet supply stores in the neighborhood.
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a yellow lamborgini has been spotted touring marin county. a car like this one was stolen earlier this week from a san francisco car dealership. it disappeared from the car dealership early tuesday morning. they believe the thief repelled down from the roof. the surveillance footage has shown the car crossing into marin county early tuesday. the car was later seen travelling into and outside tiburon. >> a 19-year-old man arrested in arizona is being extradited tonight where he will face charges in a cold case killing. 22-year-old man was gunned down in november of 2009 while putting up christmas decorations outside his home in san raphael. investigators say it was a case of mistaken identity. last month the police in glendale, arizona arrested a suspect in the case. 19-year-old michael powell jr. he is expected to be arraigned in marin tomorrow. a second suspect, 20-year-old
12:04 am
nicky donald jr. of richmond is already behind bars in contra costa county. prosecutors say both face pimping and pandering charges in addition to homicide. amid controversy, the ceo of national public radio ian chiller resigned today. the move comes after npr's former senior vice-president for fundraising was seen in a video calling the tea party racist and scary. the shake-up comes as republicans in congress try to cut federal support of public broadcasting. we spoke with the chief correct who said he was appalled by the comments. his station depends on federal money for eight percent of its budget. >> we would either have to cut expenses or find other sources or look to the community to provide more support. but it is not something that would put kqed out of business. >> chiller was the head of npr for two years. the organization's board will set up a committee to look for a new leader. we have an update tonight
12:05 am
on a triple homicide in san jose and the new surveillance video. last night we showed you the video given to us by san jose police. it shows an unidentified man chasing the owner of the club. police hope that the video will prompt someone to step forward with information on the suspect. but the police tell ktvu so far no one has come forward because they might be afraid. police say just one call could help crack the case. also in san jose, police reported today that 26 people were arrested during mardi gras celebrations there, the same number as last year. the arrests started after our 10:00 newscast last night. most of the arrests were for probation or parole violations or illegal weapons. but so far no one has been arrested for an assault on a woman in a parking garage. it is one of san francisco's most beloved treasures. but it has been the target of vandals that has taken a toll. despite the damage golden gate park appears to be thriving.
12:06 am
>> reporter: it is one of the most picturesque places the dutch wind mill in the you will incompetent garden. vicky got married last october but came here today to take wedding photos when there was more colourful. >> it is very beautiful and not just because of the flowers but the wind mill. >> reporter: but some of that beauty was taken away from vandals struck in the park cutting down the trees. the vandals also targeted 36 rose plants in the famed rose garden. >> these probably will not bloom this year. but they will keep growing. >> reporter: the golf course has recovered from vandalism last october when someone drove doughnuts on the course, ripping up the turf. park officials say it has been frustrating dealing with all of the damage, but they are staying on top of it. >> well, the health of the park is excellent. we devote a lot of time and effort and resources to maintaining the park. >> reporter: something to look forward to in the park.
12:07 am
the polo fields have been in poor conditions for years but are undergoing a major renovation. seven sports fields including this one will open up in a couple of weeks. but with so much to enjoy in the park from water falls to wildlife, some locals say they hadn't noticed the damage. >> i live on a really busy road. and i feel, you know, a couple minutes away from my house i am in another world. >> reporter: this is ktvu, channel 2 news. a mother takes to the streets of oakland in search of her son who escaped from detention. what she did when she found him and why. >> and in less than ten minutes the long range forecast. i have got some rain to tell you about for your bay area weekend. i will see you back here.
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. firefighters were busy tonight putting out a fire in east oakland. the fire story in a so two story home. firefighters tell us no one was hurt. and so far they haven't pinpointed the cause of that fire. new at 10 a sharp-eyed determined mother who helped oakland police re-arrest her son about two hours ago after his escape from a juvenile detention. a month ago her son escaped from camp sweeney. since then she has had her ear to the ground trying to find him. tonight she got a tip he was in oakland. she found him at 73rd and hag anburger avenues and called the police. she says her son needs to do
12:11 am
his time and own up to what he did. >> i don't want him out here running the streets and losing his life. too many kids are losing their lives out here. and i am not going to cover for him if he is out here doing wrong. >> harris says the moment she and her friends spotted her son they called the police. and she has yet to talk with him. >> a judge today ordered a competency hearing for a patient from napa state hospital who is charged with the attempted rape and sexual assault of an employee at the facility. police say 30-year-old jesus tobar attacked the employee last tuesday. tobar's attorney says if his client is found competent, he could stand trial. otherwise it's likely he will be placed in a state hospital. a union representative said tonight the alleged victim was very shaken up by the incident and remains off work. >> in news of the world tonight, in libya, oil installation caught fire today in the eastern mostly rebel- held territory. in opposition leader blamed air strikes by government aircraft. rebels said there were heavy casualties in the fighting.
12:12 am
and near tripoli the government claims to have captured the city of zawia from rebels but there is no impending confirmation. in egypt rioting today between christians and muslims left at least 13 people dead and some 140 others wounded. during the chaos a fire destroyed a factory. the fire was reportedly sparked by a romance between a muslim woman and a christian man. the sectarian violence is a reminder of problems in egypt that remain even though president mubarak has stepped down. >> and in mexico, military officials uncovered an underground tunnel in mexicali today that they say was likely used to smuggle drugs. almost 100 feet long and two miles from the nearest border checkpoint. some 35 pounds of marijuana were found inside. there were also oxygen tanks and pumps to remove water. it is recognition beyond what they ever could have expected. >> kind of like beans with spice but it was good.
12:13 am
i like it. >> how a recipe got some bay area students noticed by the white house. >>
12:14 am
12:15 am
. crews were busy scooping, blasting and vacuuming tons of dead sardines from a marina. the cleanup came after an enormous school of sardines apparently suffocated near king harbor. a fire boat today experimented with possible ways of removing the dark casses, including blasting them with a fire hose. the city's mayor says the cleanup could potentially take weeks. a bay area school found out today it is a semi-finalist inside a nationalist competition. but in this case not a science, sports or mathematics competition. in this case as janna katsuyama tells us, it is a cooking
12:16 am
competition. >> this is our after-school cooking program. what do you think? >> it's good. >> at carmine high school today the after-school cooking class was saying bon. appetite. >> i didn't know i had all of these things at home i could make into one healthy meal. >> now they are getting top marks not only from their teachers but the fda says a recipe created by the skyline high school students is among 15 in a national school lunch competition. it made for cost and nutrition. >> actually made for a very good day up here. >> rusty hopewell along with a local chef worked with the students to create an original recipe for spanish chick pea stew. >> i tried several times. >> 17-year-old alex never tasted chick peas before the challenge. >> kind of like peas but with a little spice. it is good i like it. >> it is part of first lady
12:17 am
michelle obama's competition. they are in the running for the top prize $3,000 and many hope the dish will be a top with the judges. >> it's good and it should win. >> if it is named as one of the top three finalists the school will go to a national cookoff in new orleans where students get to cook side-by-side with chefs from the white house. in oakland, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. and you can also vote for the school of your choice in an online competition. we have posted a link at just look for the web links section. house republicans voted today to defend the defensive marriage act saying the courts and not the president should decide whether it is constitutional. last month the president said his administration would no longer disspenned that law. a house member voted along party lines to direct the house counsel to draft a defense of the law. it defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman. we have an update tonight
12:18 am
on a story we first told you about earlier this week. a widow from alameda has now recovered some of her husband's remains. on saturday, a thief entered alameda's christ episcopal church and walked off with a backpack with three urns that held the ashes of the man. this morning an oakland man caulked the church saying he found one of those urns. the man heard about the theft through the media. police are still looking for the other two urns. [ music ] and go to live stormtracker 2 to show you the rain that is anticipated for tomorrow mid- morning for most of us. here is the system. the main impact is north of the bay area. about santa rosa north could see a half an inch of rain. anything south of that line will be light scattered showers. a 10th of an inch of rain would be about what i would expect. as we pull out into the pacific i will show you why that is going to happen. see all of that motion, this
12:19 am
front or this layer of clouds? everything is heading that way. so they will get hit up in the pacific northwest. we just grabbed the tail end of this thing. which is very much what you would expect because we moved towards spring. system also get a little weaker and weaker. this is no different. thursday mid-morning showers for most of us. light showers. trace amounts at best at san jose. 5/100ths probably like redwood city fremont. winds will go about 15-20 miles per hour. the computer model for tomorrow at 9 a.m. i am coming in closer just so you can pick out your neighborhood. here we go light showers. heavier up towards forestville. and you will see it drop down. there you are mid-morning light scattered showers. not a big deal. the morning commute should be relatively dry. but there will be a glaze on the roadway. the afternoon commute by lunchtime you will see a few showers in san jose. but then the afternoon commute
12:20 am
some scattered shower activity. there will be wet roadways. so with that in mind it might be a little bit slower in the afternoon commute. but in the near of the commutes should be getting hit hard with this. a very weak weather system. it is in and out of here. the forecast for highs tomorrow are 58 in napa. it will be cooler as you would expect. friday looks like a nice day. right now saturday there is clouds. one of the models had a chance for showers in there. but right now i pulled them out. go mostly cloudy on saturday. and then sunday as you can see here, we have got a shot at showers in there sunday night and into monday. and of course it is daylight savings already on saturday. so get a picture there. there is your weekend always in view. that saturday thing i am scratching my head on a little bit. the models have bounced back and forth twice with that. give it one more day. because they did have showers at the 5:00 broadcast. they pulled them out of here for the latest run. get into tomorrow. right now looks like mostly cloudy saturday. sunday night rain. >> thanks, bill.
12:21 am
thank you. >> three earthquakes registering more than 6.0 have hit japan in just the last 12 hours. all after-shocks from yesterday's 7.2 quake. that quake caused a small tsunami but no significant damage or injuries. it was centered off the coast. addition the quake there have been 14 over 5. just how rich are
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. the richest got richer according to forbes adding one trillion to their wealth. carlos slim tops the list worth $74 billion. microsoft's bill gates came in second with $56 billion.
12:25 am
number three was investor warren buffet worth $50 billion. and oracle's ceo is worth $40 billion. mark is here with sports. with the warriors almost seems like you are getting to the point where you will see, well, there is always next season. >> just about that tint. at the end of the day it is what it is. whatever. a few overused current expressions for people who can't really think of anything else to say with regard to a particular situation. that's the case with the warriors. what more can you say about the same old thing. ashley gave up for lent her habit of dating profession at these. she is dating someone on the net. >> the warriors take a two point lead. 15 tonight for currie. a little more than a minute left in the game. the warriors led by one. lopez makes the bucket and the foul. takes the two point lead. lopez has 26. not a rookie. comes down to this, less than ten seconds left warriors down
12:26 am
two. williams is no good. they lose 94-90 to conclude a less than mediocre road trip. the conference tournament can always be the great redeemer. make it happen at tournament time and everybody forgets a bad regular season. it can serve as a reminder, though, of how frustrating the entire year's events have been. the pack 10 tournament's payton is checking things out. look like the beavers were on their way to an easy win with plays like this. 19 for collier and beavers up. and jeremy green the three. stanford is down only one. green by the way was 25 point. 6.3 seconds left stanford down a couple. green with the ball. can he do it again? no. great defense and green can't even get a shot off. 69-67. oregon state wins.
12:27 am
stanford's season is over. and opening round of the whack and other college ball. the spartans in san jose state. they have had their moments this year. adrian oliver popped the jumper with five seconds left as they nip hawaii by one. spartans take on the vandals of idaho tomorrow. kind of scary to think how good the giants could be if barry zito ever wound up carrying his own weight. seems we only get it in glitches. we got a little today. a little peek at the good barry. walked only one. a nice defensive job right there to get the speedy juan pierre of the white sox. and aubrey huff has the swing. the first long ball of the spring the solo shop trying to make a comeback himself. but pablo sandoval continuing to show his nimble self. the swelt pablo sandoval. the giants wind up with another
12:28 am
victory. playing some good ball so far this spring. rangers however pick object the as. dallas brayden gives up six hits and three runs in two innings and 9-2 texas over the as. that is the sporting life for
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