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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 18, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. bolts of lightning tonight put an exclamation mark on a day of wild weather around the bay area. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a tornado touches down in sonoma county. a water spout forms on ocean beach and it is caught on camera. and i-880 closed tonight after a crash involving dozens of vehicles. we are on storm watch this evening as the waning days of
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winter produce storms. this is hail covering the cars in albany. and another picture shows hail from the system picture coating a deck. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the weather. and lloyd lacuesta has information about the release of water at local reservoirs. but we begin with ktvu's deborah villalon and the ea-1 tornado that touched down. >> reporter: frank, it sure left a mark. that big pile right there was a building, almost the same size as the one next to it. and we found this piece of metal hundreds of feet away. >> i couldn't believe it when you start seeing something flying through the area -- air. >> reporter: sue and her son at her family many business saw the skies darken and their storage unit disintegrated into the street and up into the
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trees. >> if i was standing there i could have been real hurt. i am glad i am still around. >> reporter: the 100 miles per hour wind bent their gate like a hairpin. >> i thought the lightning do it. >> reporter: no one thought tornado but at this home across the street a pillar shifted several inches. >> just to see this stuff barreling down the street just surreal, like the wizards of oz. >> reporter: the aerial buzz saw ripped up another roof with jagged edges and exposed nails, the debris sailing into surrounding yards could have been lethal. >> i feel like i'm in kansas. >> reporter: this piece of metal flew 600 feet slamming the duplex. >> my whole building shook like something just smacked the sides of it. i thought it was an earthquake. >> reporter: all day people came to stair while they cleaned up and made insurance calls they never expected. >> not your conventional claim. they probably had to look in the book for a tornado claim in
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sonoma county. >> reporter: tonight they pulled the bent gate out so they could leave for the evening. no damage estimate yet but the timing hurts with winter and the economy landscaping is slow. but mostly this family is glad no one was hurt. reporting live in santa rosa, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. today's tornado today is considered an ef-1. the enhanced fujita scale measures tornadoes on a scale of 0-5 depending on the damage they cause. an ef1 means wind speeds range from 86 to-110 miles per hour. california averages six tornadoes a year. the last time a tornado caused damage in the bay area was almost exactly six years ago. on march 20th, 2005 a twister hit south san francisco. officials said it lasted about ten minutes and caused quite a bit of damage, tearing the
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roofs off of homes. but despite that damage, no one was hurt. >> in san francisco a funnel- shaped water spout churned along the edge of ocean beach today. take a look at this picture. the weather service defines this as a water spout because the base of the funnel cloud is actually topping the water just a few hundred feet offshore. it is a sight not seen very often. a man in san francisco's sunset district captured the image on his cell phone camera. and we will talk with him in our 10:30 segment. and also tell you about a brief tornado warning issued for san mateo county. [ music ] >> we have been tracking more powerful thunderstorms since about the 7:00 hour this evening. right now on live stormtracker 2 you can see the could have ran stretching right from pacifica down to half moon bay, across the bay out towards oakland, danville, concord and right around fairfield. come in tighter and actually take a look at the imagery over the passed two hours. all of those yellows and reds are associated with the thunderstorms that moved across
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the bay responsible for the lightning strikes and the reports of hail across the bay area. as we come in a little bit closer, in fact take a look at that one yellow and red cell. show you the track on this as it scoots out to the north and the east. as you can see the track right now moving to the north and east at 25, 26 miles per hour could be a factor as we head towards danville and antioch. will be on the look-out for that in the short term with still some thunderstorms in the forecast possible for tonight. looking at the forecast model coming up and look at more showers and thunderstorms as we do head into your saturday. today's cold weather brought a bit of snow to the peak of mount hamilton. here is the view moving east from stephens creek boulevard in san jose. tonight we checked with the recording at grant county park. it says trails south of mt. hamilton road are closed. with more rain in the forecast, the decision was made to release millions of gallons of water from south bay's
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reservoir. lloyd lacuesta is live there to tell us that it is a preventive measure to ease the danger of flooding. >> reporter: julie, some of the water goes into the guadalupe river in downtown san jose. the river as you can see is hardly raging, but it is full. we are learning tonight that so much rain fell today that the santa clara valley water district started releasing water from three reservoirs to ease flooding threats. this is lexington reservoir above los cados which is 93% full. the other reservoirs are at 90% capacity. >> we need the water and the rain. it's good for the plants. it's good for the planet. and it's good. >> reporter: officials don't want these reservoirs topping. the total amount of water released was 58 million- gallons. and most of that water will simply flow into the bay. the flow on the highway during the height of the storms wasn't as go ahead. there were many rain-caused accidents. this dual tanker fuel truck
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smashed into a highway sign anded up in the bushes on highway 101 near the 237 interchange in mountainview. the chp says the truck driver was not injured. he lost control on the wet pavement when a car in front of him braked unexpectedly. today we've had a lot of overturned vehicles. we have a lot of people just spinning out on the on and off ramps. people seem to be driving really slow today. >> reporter: up on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains tonight, no accidents during the evening commute. and for a time, the sun even came out. this is norcal weather. sunny one day and rainy the next, you know. we have all of this kind of weather all the way through may. >> reporter: officials told me tonight that if the storms continue, all ten reservoirs in the south bay may have to release water to avoid filling up. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. eight days after the earthquake in japan when most people had given up hope of
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finding survivors, a young man has been rescued alive. it happened about five hours ago. he was weak, unable to talk, but alive and is now in the hospital in stable condition. rescuers found the man in the rubble of a house in one of the hardest hit areas. how he survived isn't clear at this hour. in the past week there have been precious few people found alive. also today, the japanese government acknowledged that it was slow to respond to the earthquake and tsunami saying it never anticipated such a disaster. across the country today, people paused for a minute of silence at the exact moment that 9.0 quake hit. people lowered their heads and offered prayers for those who are lost and those who are now struggling to survive. u.s. marines arrived today at a military base in northern japan inland from the tsunami zone. they bought supplies for the people surviving with little food or water and cold temperatures. it has been difficult for
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relief workers to get to them because of the severe gas shortage and because so many roads were damaged. the police have put the number of confirmed dead at 7200. more than 110,000 others are missing. it is estimated 343 households don't have power and 262 after- shocks over magnitude 5. the japanese government today raised a clarification or classification of the nuclear crisis from a level 4 to level 5. that means what is happening at the plant is equivalent to the three mile island accident in pennsylvania in 1979. and the consequences go beyond the immediate area. today crews sprayed water on the troubled japanese plant and this weekend they hope to connect an electrical cable so the cooling systems can be restored. if that fails, there is track of burying the plant in sand and concrete, which was done at chernobyl. now, here is inanimation of what might be happening with those fuel rods.
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water is needed to keep them cool. but when water evaporates the rod explodes and melt spewing out radiation. at fukishima there are thousands of spent fuel rods. the department of energy is reporting radiation from japan's nuclear plants has reached california but it is so small there is no reason to be concerned. a different monitoring system is run by the epa. here is amber. >> reporter: we are in vanness one of 12 sites in california where the epa is monitoring radiation levels. the air quality officials took us up to the roof of this building to show us how it works. >> this is where the radiation measurements are made. >> reporter: this man is monitored by the epa24 hours a day, seven days a week. so far, the air quality district says the level of radiation is at background level, meaning it's normal. >> at this point there is no reason for concern. there is no reason to take any sort of action. >> reporter: and the agency says it does not expect
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radiation to rise to dangerous levels in the coming days. across the bay at uc berkeley, the nuclear engineering department is doing its own measurements of radiation. it sampled six gallons of rainwater. and then looked for tell tale spikes on this monitor. you can see, no tall spikes in the red area, where iodine isotopes would be. >> the first rain would be radioactive if there is any radioactivity. if the rain brings it down it can collect. >> reporter: at christie field we found people exercising and walking their dogs. many are watching the news closely and keeping up-to-date with the nuclear crisis. >> i am not concerned for san francisco but the people flying in from tokyo and chicago set setting off radiation alarms that's a bit scary. but not concerned with the air quality here in san francisco just yet. >> just watching and be concerned and try to live your every day life.
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>> reporter: back here live looking at the website for the american nuclear society. air quality officials say you can find out how much radiation you are exposed to on a daily basis by answering a questionnaire on this site. reporting in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have posted a link to that questionnaire at just look for the japan quake tab on the front page. the crisis in japan is galvanizing opponents of nuclear power here in the bay area. >> what do we want? >> clean power. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> activists that want to see the nuclear power plants shut down held a rally at oakland city hall this evening. it is part of the healthy communities conference. they want the federal government to denial the renewal of the nuclear plant's licences. they favor green energy. >> solar panels don't explode. wind mills don't explode. so much safer in many ways.
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>> activists we spoke with expressed solidarity with the people of japan. they say what occurred there must never happen in california. [ music ] >> san jose firefighters are shocked and upset over one councilman's proposal. hear why some call it a slap in the face. >> an international ultimate item today what the u.s. and its allies are calling for in libya as the u.s. prepares to use military muscle. >> and a mess in the seer yeah at
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. firefighters in san jose are reeling tonight after agreeing to give up 10% of their wages and benefit. they are now learning that at least one city councilman has decided that's not enough. ktvu joins us with a live report from san jose where she talked with that councilman. janine? >> reporter: julie, firefighters spent months negotiating with the city. and they agreed to everything that the city asked for. but this latest development has the firefighters confused and upset. at fire station 6 in willow glen they are wondering why one city councilman wants to squash the negotiations. >> while i was be wildered taken by the council member to i am employed the good deal we have going with the city and the contract concessions that
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our members are going to be putting forward to save jobs. >> reporter: the city faces a $105 million deficit and asking all of the unions to take a 10% reduction in wages and benefits. the firefighters union was the first of the 11 bargaining units to agree. they are set to agree to the deal. but a councilman sent a letter out to the mayor and council asking them not to approve the agreement. >> the challenge is that it is not enough. what we know now is the budget problem is a lot worse than when the council negotiated 10% across the board cuts. >> while he commends the firefighters for agreeing to the cuts they want to go back to the bargaining table to discuss pensions. >> we can't go on where people are retiring with six figure pensions for the rest of their lives. >> the city will still have a $67 million budget shortfall. but firefighters say a deal is
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a deal and they are hopeful the city will honor what they agreed on. >> the retirement reform is something we are willing to discuss and meet at the table and come to positive creative solutions that work for both the firefighters and the city. >> reporter: record the mayor's smokesperson said he agrees that 10% isn't enough. but he wants to honor the agreement. we will see what the rest of the council decides this coming tuesday. reporting live from san jose, janine delavega, ktvu, channel 2 news. we are posting the councilman's memo today to you will find it on the bay area news tab. borders says it is closing 28 more stores including three here in the bay area. the financially troubled company is closing three stores here. they are expected to close in may. borders announced last month they were filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. seven other stores in the south bay were already scheduled to be closed sometime over the next few weeks. netflix has sealed a deal to exclusively own and debut a new
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t.v. series. the wall street journal has reported that netflix will begin streaming house of cards next year. the drama stars kevin spacey. the paper reports the two season deal is worth more than $100 million. the san francisco coroner today released the identity of the man found off fort mason last week. he was identified as 64-year-old metipahari. the coroner says the cause of death hasn't been determined. they are waiting for the results of toxicology tests. police are not saying if an officer will be disciplined after his dog killed another dog while off-duty. we first brought you this story in january, days after the police dog named arago attacked a 6-year-old dog in a of timewood park. the department announced todays the investigation is over but says disciplinary actions are confidential. the department concluded the officer didn't follow proper procedures in supervising his dog. with the threat of u.n.
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intervention libyan leader moammar gadhafi declared a ceasefire against opposition forces today. but rebels called it a lie. ktvu's rita williams tells us why there are signs now that the international community is on the verge of taking military action to remove moammar gadhafi from power. (gunfire). >> reporter: on the eve of the anniversary of the u.s. attack on iraq, the united states again has committed to using military muscle against an arab dictator. >> the international community will impose consequences and the resolution will be enforced through military action. >> reporter: the leader is libya's moammar gadhafi. but president obama made it clear this time the united states is not going it alone. an enforcement of a u.n. no-fly zone over libya is to save civilians. >> the change in the region will not and cannot be imposed by the united states or any foreign power. >> reporter: after a full month of fighting, rebels trying to overthrow moammar gadhafi could
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not do it alone. unlike european leaders, the u.s. secretary of state today said regime change is a goal. >> we do believe that a final result of any negotiations would have to be the decision by colonel moammar gadhafi to leave. >> the problem is with moammar gadhafi you can't protect the civilians and leave moammar gadhafi in power. >> reporter: uc berkeley steve fish a regime change expert calls him a meglamaniac. >> could this be the extent that leads to change? it is possible but unlikely. >> reporter: the u.s. war ships could strike this north african country are moving into place. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. we still have an active
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weather pattern showing up on live stormtracker 2 down towards hayward and union city. the red and yellow stretching out there. as far as the rain and forecast level we will take this into your saturday morning. some scattered rain showers out there. but plenty of breaks in the action. we take it into the overnight hours by 12:00. and by 4:00 and 5:00 increase the coverage. once again we could be talking about some more thunderstorms as we do head into your saturday. things begin to really change late saturday and sunday as the next storm approaches our coastline. coming up i will take a look at the impressive rainfall totals for this weekend and when a high wind watch kicks in for the bay area. >> if the wind looks a little bigger and brighter it is not your imagination. saturday's full moon will be a super paraging moon the biggest in almost 20 years. the rare event happens when the moon reaches the closest possible point of its orbit around the earth. it will appear 30% larger and
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40% brighter than usual. however the stormy weather this weekend might complicate indicate your view. >> divers go down looking for survivors from that accident. >> she went on a ran
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oh are are are. we are getting a new look tonight at some of the damage in the santa cruz harbor from last week's tsunami. a diver who shot video today gave it to ktvu's robert handa who shows us the recovery effort underway. >> reporter: this underwater video shot by california fish and game divers this afternoon shows the ongoing search for sunken boats and wreckage beneath santa cruz's harbor. ten boats sank and 100 others damaged during the tsunami
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surge one week ago. eight boats have been pulled out. and today diver patrick foy told us he discovered one of the two remaining boats that, until now, had been missing. >> it was a sailboat. the mast was on its side. >> reporter: what kind of condition did this sailboat seem to be in to you? >> yes, it's down there. it's on the bottom. it is not coming out with a great amount of effort. >> reporter: the fish and game divers saw damage to the hull and searched for any signs of pollution. >> we also did take a look to make sure there was no motor attached. i did my best to look inside the boat to see if there is any kind of gasoline or fuel tank or something like that. >> reporter: a crew from the national ocean inning and atmospheric association showed us this sonar where they found a large object not a boat but a locked storage box. the divers went down to shoot pictures of it up close. >> the box would be an impediment to boat traffic because it is 10-15 feet high
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so we have to remove it. >> reporter: it is too dangerous to well them out but divers may be able to resume their searches this weekend. but for now this harbor remains closed. robert handa. >> there is news tonight a ucla student who made a rant against asian students is leaving the school. alexander wallace says she has received threats and has been harassed. her video complaining about asian students talking too loudly on their cell phones went viral. she has since apologized. ucla decided not to discipline her saying her conduct was free speech not hate speech. >> a legal battle is on in washington, d.c. it involves information about roger clemson and his alleged use of steroid enhancing drugs. he wants to see the material against him to defend himself in a criminal trial and has filed iss to get access. the house committee and the law firm involved in the baseball
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steroid information are asking to quash those is. the case against barry bonds goes to trail next week in san francisco with jury selection set to begin on monday morning. we will have the complete coverage beginning with ktvu morning news at 4:30. [ music ] >> a 45 car pileup kills one, injures more than 20 and shuts down an interstate. live report is coming up. >> something you don't see
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[ music ] we are still monitoring some moderate rain might here in the bay area. mark what are you trafficking? >> not much in the way of thunderstorm activity across the bay area.
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but still some rain and the bulk of the rain is focused on the east bay. still some lingering showers in the south bay as well. we could still have some isolated thunderstorms out there. especially with this yellow cell closing in on danville with some heavier pockets of rain moving into danville and right around the alamo area. widen out the view not only have the rain in the bay area but the snow up in the sierra. winter storm warnings in place until 5:00 tomorrow morning. another storm coming up. coming up the timing of the heaviest winds and the rain. >> i-80 is still closed because of an accident involving more than 40 people. it happened near uba gap this afternoon. 80 has been shut down ever since. reporter richard sharp is in placer county with when he found out when that might re- open. richard? >> reporter: that's all dependent on the weather, frank. take a look behind me. i-80 one of the busiest
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interstates in the state. no one is on this interstate. several inches of snow has fallen. pan around you can see the interstate behind me it stretches for miles. almost no one is on the interstate. keep in mind it has been this way since, well, 1:30 this afternoon. 45 cars, suvs, even big rigs crushed and twisted. the accident killed one person and injured more than 20. victims were rushed to the hospitals in sacramento and reno. over the phone we spoke with one of the survivors who rushed to help other victims. >> the hydrogen truck was hit and i checked his vital and he was already gone. >> were you surprised more people weren't hurt? >> actually, yeah, the car next to it that was there when we got there, and what followed, yeah. >> reporter: this accident and dozens of other spin-outs coupled with a heavy snowstorm paralyzed the sierras. >> it has shut this place down. >> we have called in every available officer today that
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can come in and work. >> reporter: i-80 was completely shut down. traffic backed up for miles before people could be turned around and sent back down off the mountain. >> because we're stuck. the conditions are not good. >> reporter: many travelers were caught off guard. dozens were stuck with no snow chains and couldn't continue and couldn't turn around. >> we are running out of chocolate. send chocolate. >> others tried to wait it out. >> we will give it about another hour. >> reporter: caltrans says the earliest this interstate will open is about an hour. that's if the snow let's up and they can stay ahead of it. keep in mind, it was just within the last two hours we saw many of the tow trucks that pulled that accident apart heading up the interstate. only in the last hour we have seen some of them come down with all of those damaged cars. live in the sierra richard sharp, ktvu, channel 2 news. the stormy weather also caused problems across the bay area. during the mid-day rain an suv and sedan collided on the mccar thursday maize in oakland.
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the suv ended up on its side. the emergency crew tended to passengers. medics took one person to a nearby hospital. strong winds created a close call for an at&t technician in san francisco today. a large tree fell on the front of his van while he drove near 24th and truro avenue. the tree cracked the windshield and dented the van's hood. the driver was not hurt. and this car in fremont wasn't so lucky. a tree landed right on top of it this morning. it happened near american high school on fremont boulevard. the crews worked in the pouring rain to remove the tree and cut it up. also no injuries here. the national weather service says a water spout just a couple of hundred feet off the shoreline in ocean beach happened at 9:30 this morning. a san francisco man just happened to be in the right place at the right time and he captured this waterspout on video. ktvu's allie rasmus spoke to him about what he saw. >> hitting the water right now. >> reporter: rich had his blackberry in hand and pressed record when he spotted strange
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clouds outside his back window. >> i looked out the window and opened the curtain and looked like a huge funnel thing and said oh, maybe i can take a picture of it. >> in the video you can see a clark cloud over ocean beach. 30 seconds later a funnel stretches out between it. you can see from the splash where it makes contact with the ocean. >> i was really worried it was going to hit the beach and the houses. but i was just watching for it and also getting ready to call 911. >> reporter: the water spout disappeared back into the cloud. there were no reports of damage. >> in effect it is a mini tornado in the ocean. >> reporter: the waterspout and the storms around it triggered an unusual warning for san mateo county. >> those factors, all in combination, triggered noah to create the alert to advise us that there was a potential tornado. >> reporter: san mateo county office of emergency management workers got notice of the tornado warning shortly after 11. >> that is very unusual. the last time we had a tornado in san mateo county was up in south san francisco. and that was about eight years ago. >> reporter: the office of
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emergency management sent out the alert about that tornado warning at 11:19 this morning. by noon, it was all over with no reports of damage. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. tornadoes are so rare in san mateo county and the bay area that the warning caught many people by surprise. folks we spoke to today in downtown san mateo took precautions, including one woman whose school went into lockdown. >> just warned everyone to stay indoors, there is a tornado warning. and we just weren't to go outside until they heard otherwise. >> it was pretty stormy. heard about some tornado warnings. i have a sales partner who was out in the rain. when i heard those warnings on the radio, i gave her a call and told her she had better get back indoors because it is getting pretty nasty out there. >> as we mentioned the tornado warning lasted for about an hour. there were no reports of any funnels touching down in san mateo county. crews working to repair a section of highway 1 stopped early today because of all of the rain. as we first told you wednesday,
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the highway is closed near hurricane point between carmel and big surr where a huge section of the roadway there slid down the cliff. before stopping today crews installed a pipeline to funnel rainfall away from the damaged area. engineers surveying the damage said the roads will be closed for at least a month. track the weather and traffic conditions any time at just look for the weather tab on the front page. federal regulators today issued a warning to pool owners saying drain covers could pose a risk to young swimmers. the consumer product safety commission says the protective covers can trap the swimmers. some covers may not have been properly tested. right now they are reviewing 17,000 pages of documents regarding testing procedures. the agency is also scheduling a public meeting for next month. >> dozens killed, hundreds injured. how a demonstration in the middle east took a tragic turn. [ music ] and showers still a bit part of our forecast for this
12:07 am
evening. in the short term, coming up i will highlight the shower chances for tomorrow. the timing of our next system and the win part of the bay area that has taken up four inches of rain this weekend. >> damage founded in two
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. the 2011 bay to breakers race has a new sponsor just nine weeks before the annual event. redwood city based zazil today has announced they have signed on as the company's sponsor. they publish things like it. shirts and ipad covers. they have been hit with safety and sanitation and property damage. the 100th bay to breakers is set for may 15th. the green light today in san francisco. i can the international route
12:10 am
that over seas top level internet domains approved dot xxx. adult websites won't be forced to convert to xxx. triple xx domain say it unfairly places a target on adult site operators. not clear when new domain sales are go on sale. wall street closed with a flourish that they plan to increase dividends. dow industrial posted its second straight gain picking up more than 83 points. the nasdaq finished up a little more than seven and a half. $200,000 in prescribes ended up costing ibm $10 million. that's how much the company has agreed to pay to settle a lawsuit brought by the security and exchange commission. the fec says managers paid for illegal trips and other gifts to south korean and government officials. ibm stock finished up about one percent. coffee drinkers can expect to pay more for starbucks packaged coffee. the company said today that the rising cost of coffee beans in
12:11 am
the commodities market is forcing them to mark-up their bagged coffee sold in super markets by 12%. it also applies to seattle's best brand. coffee futures are at a 14-year high. in news of the world ton in yemen roof-top snipers opened fire on anti-government protestors in a dramatic escalation of violence. at least 46 people were killed. many of them were shot in the head or neck. several were children. medical workers said hundreds were wounded. the protestors have been demanding the end of the president's 32 years in power. and he is refusing to step down. in haiti, former president arastide returned to his homeland after seven years in exile. supporters celebrated his homecoming. he was elected president twice and twice tossed out. he was phrased as an advocate of the core. but others said his government was corrupt. there are concerns about the impact his return may have on
12:12 am
sunday's elections. and in beijing, the president of china, tao went to the japanese embassy today to offer condolences and sympathies to the japanese victims. president hu said china will continue to provide assistance. china and japan have been enemies in the past. beijing has sentmillions of dollars over the last week to japan. the wife of mohamad ali says the former boxing champ is willing to go to iran if it will help win the release of those two american detainees. but it depends on his health. he suffers from park innson's disease. he has sent letters as a fellow muslim asking for josh and shane to be freed. they have stood for francisco are showing signs of stress. what one expert tells us about their seismic safety. a look outside as san jose as meteorologist mark
12:13 am
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. a fire crew from california has arrived to help find a lava- sparked wildfire in hawaii. the crew is from whiskey town rescue area near redding. the fire was sparked on march 13th because of the volcano. as of yesterday it had spread to 1700-acres of the park. muni recently discovered cracks in two very old items but that could be the least of the problems. as ktvu jim vargas tells us now seismic studies have never been done on how they would hold up in an earthquake. >> reporter: visual inspections of the twin peaks and sunset tunnels as far as the eye goes is as far as muni officials need to go. the cracks will be fixed and
12:16 am
they declared the tunnel serviceable and safe. >> what we found is that our structure is sound. you know, it is safe for our passengers. >> reporter: muni inspected the two peeks early couple of years and issues a report. >> this is not the report that has been made with calculations. just a visual inspection. >> reporter: the state university inspector have consulted on many tunnels and bridges and says checking for chips and cracks isn't enough. >> for seismic and earthquake, we don't know. and this doesn't tell us if when an earthquake happens what will happen. >> reporter: the professor does say the tunnels seem to be very well built and obviously have been tested sometimes in distant quakes. but there have never been seismic studies and no plans for any concerns the riders we spoke with. >> i would think the city would be a little more proactive in actually checking all of the tunnels. >> nowadays it is dangerous especially with what happened over in japan. >> reporter: it is not clear how much seismic studies would
12:17 am
cost but retrofit would runs into the hundreds of millions. and muni is having a difficult time to do the repairs their visual inspections found. in san francisco, jim vargas, san francisco news. >> a road rage killing of a man on the freeway accused has pleaded not guilty. he is charged in the march 9th killing of rich ricky after the two got out of their cars in a parking lot in livermoore. his attorney says it was self- defense. he is being held without bail in jail. a series of power outages from a blast of winter weather in the bay area. in the passed 90 minutes. pg&e says a power outage is affected 5900 homes in hercules and rodeo. 3800 are without power in
12:18 am
kensington. and 1900 in berkeley. and when you add it all up that's 12,000 people without electricity. the winter storm coverage decreasing over the last hour or so. hold on to the thunderstorm chances as we do head into your saturday. right now the bulk of the coverage is focused in the east bay. in fact there is a closer inspection right now from concord to danville. and also right around fremont show those yellows showing up. possibly some heavier downpours and widen out the maps once again tomorrow actually closer to mountain view and right around coopertino. the overall weather story is rain for your bay weekend. the expectations for the entire weekend for the coast and the valley talking 1-2 inches. coastal hills 2-4 inches and possibly more for the santa cruz mountains. the heaviest rain episode that is set early sunday morning. really early sunday morning
12:19 am
between 2 and 5:00. will be on the look-out for that. as far as today you can see all of the activity and the frontal system moves across the bay area earlier this morning. the source of the thunderstorms and even the tornadoes out there. still have some scattered rain showers. tracking some more action out here in the pacific. for your saturday, we will have this unsettled flow out there. so with that some more showers and a chance of some scattered thunderstorms out there. we will take this into your sunday. here is our next storm. you will notice the location of this area of low pressure just to the west. and whenever this happens, winds, strong winds a big concern. as a result we decrease -- increase the rainfall rate but also really bump up the high speeds. a wind watch kicks in late saturday night on lasts for sunday afternoon for actually the entire bay area. gusts from 65-75 miles per hour. strong potentially damaging winds will increase the power outage here in the region especially for the higher
12:20 am
terrain. the rain forecast model at 7:00 tomorrow morning some scattered showers out there. the model increases the coverage tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night out to the south and west here is evidence of our next system. it will be moving onshore very early sunday morning. extreme rainfall rates. and also the strong gusting winds. and then it moves out of town at least the overall tendency scale back on the intensity by late sunday afternoon and sunday evening. temperatures for tomorrow the cool down has arrived. afternoon readings only in the low to mid-50s. san jose 57. fremont 56 degrees. snow levels coming down to 2500 feet. here is a look ahead at your weekend always in the view. there is our next storm for sunday, especially for the morning hours. could be talking about some more rain for monday morning. a slight chance of a shower on tuesday. maybe some more rain chances on wednesday. but a good idea to stock up on the batteries and the flashlights because the winds will really be kicking up by this time tomorrow. >> going to get creamed. >> yeah. >> another one coming. >> thank you, mark. >> california republicans are meeting in san francisco in
12:21 am
weekend and it could be contentious. they are scheduled to brand any republican a traitor if they make a deal with jerry brown on a tax extension vote. the governor is pushing for such a vote to close the $126 billion budget deficit. the resolution would also call for those republicans to resign from office. environmental activists say they will appeal a judge's ruling that will allow the expansion of the state's largest toxic waste dump. the king county board of supervisors approved the application for expansion of the dump owned by waste management incorporated. the dump site is located in kettleman city. several environmental organizations and a group of kettleman city residents sued saying the expansion violated the state laws. but in january, a judge ruled in favor of the county. residents have blamed the dump site on a number of unexplained birth defects in recent
12:22 am
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mark is off tonight. fred is here. thank god the warriors have some passionate fans because tonight's game was a rough one. >> yes. >> and god bless them for sticking around. you know, maybe the warriors were just too busy checking on their ncaa tournament brackets or something because they didn't look ready to play the suns tonight in phoenix except maybe for one player. golden state committed 15 turn- overs in the first half tonight. suns them -- suns made them pay for that. grant hill finds vince carter. suns win 108-97. durell i hope you get more help sunday in dallas. the cal men rolled into boulder today to face a future pack 12 conference opponent in colorado. tonight the bears and buffaloes were in the second round of the nit. the cal bears are on the run
12:26 am
here. their spark bluing is from denver had nearly 50 friends and family at this game in boulder. he scores all 15 in the first half. but colorado led by three at the break. he injured his knee in the second half while buffalo's cory higgins caught fire. he is from danville and the son of former warrior rod. but you want to see this colorado's shannon sharp. shannon, you're so vicious. shannon sharp and the buffaloes win 89-72. cal finishes the season 18-15. also tonight santa clara stayed alive in the less impressive college insider better known as cit. broncos beat air force 88-75. two pac 10 teams survived in the dramatic ncaa. charlotte and 7th seeded washington. runs right through the georgia defenders. wilcox could have put the game
12:27 am
away by making this free-throw. but no georgia gets the rebound one last chance for a three pointer. he can't convert. number 10 georgia is beat 68- 65. in cleveland today the 8th seeded georgia mason in the white injuries veries take on villanova. pats take it at 28 seconds left. what kind of shot is that? that's not even close. george mason hands develop in a nova the 6th straight loss. mike morrison a nasty final nail. 61-57 is your final. also baseball in arizona as get smacked around 18-1 by the white sox. and the dodgers beat the giants in scottsdale 6-3. and that is sports as we see it in friday night, julie and frank. by the way, president obama is 29-3 in the bracket so far. >> is he really? >> yeah. >> that's not bad.
12:28 am
>> well, his brother-in-law is a coach. >> thanks, fred. >> be sure to join mornings
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