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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  March 19, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. here we go again. another major storm is bearing down on the bay area with high winds and heavy rain expected throughout the night. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello, again, everyone, i'm heather holmes. well, high win, relentless rain and flooding concerns on this night before spring as winter just refuses to say good-bye.
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as one storm moves out of the bay area another one moves in. mark tamayo is tracking the rain zest weather. we have reporters in the hardest hit areas including the santa cruz mountains. that's where christian is live tonight. christian? >> reporter: it heather the temperatures have dropped and the rain is driving and the wind is really picking up. taking a look at the conditions right now we are dealing right now with a high wind warning. that was issued about an hour ago. high profile vehicles like vans and trucks need to be aware of that. there is also warning the wind could topple trees into the power lines that could lead to isolated power outages. and the rain could lead to a flash food warning. that flash flood warning starting in the santa cruz mountains in an hour. >> wind and rain and i didn't think it was raining this much. >> reporter: he has lived here for two years now and has never seen the water level this high. >> usually you can walk down
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and walk along the area. but the river seems to be getting pretty high right now. >> reporter: he says the rainy weather will have him keeping a close eye on the water level and getting ready to evacuate in a hurry if the need arises. >> the horse you got to move him out. make sure that everything that is in the rain out of the rain that you don't want wet. pretty much your property you got to worry about. >> reporter: the steady rain has filled lexington reservoir in the mountains to capacity. he heard they were releasing water to prevent it from spilling over. >> it is high. we are expecting water all next week. tomorrow and all through next week. so, you know, that's why they are letting the water out. >> reporter: the rainy windy weather is making driving hazardous. we saw a number of accidents along the side of the road today like this one in santa clara. highway patrol officers are urging drivers to pay attention to the conditions. that's a piece of advice we can give is for drivers to slow
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down in these wet conditions and drive below the speed limit. >> reporter: that highway advisory is in effect now and runs all the way through tonight to 8:00 tomorrow morning. you can expect a very stormy night. we can tell you we are definitely seeing some pretty strong gust here. live along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. ktvu back to you. >> thanks, christian. well, take a look at this. this could be the sign of things to come. a crew of tree trimmers was at walnut creek today to cut apart and then remove a large tree that crashed on to a house. well, the homeowners say they heard a loud boom and then the house shook. it took out skylights and windows and punched several holes in the roof. >> all of this rain has saturated the ground in many parts of the bay area. want to show you video of a rock and mud slide on park boulevard this morning in the oakland hills. the slide, including a large boulder, was reported at about 7:30 this morning blocking the shoulder in the area above die manned canyon park.
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now diamond canyon park. a wind advisory is in effect and it has been raining hard and steady most of the day and night. deborah villalon is live. it is likely to get worse before it gets better. deborah? >> reporter: yes, ken we will show you how they are preparing. but first i can tell you we are experiencing some strong gusting winds just within the last hour. we are alongside 101. right there you can see the traffic. they are having to plow through some ponding water and of course keep a stern grip on the wheel with these high winds. so far no major complications but definitely some stories to tell. in sonoma county a rain-soaked hill finally had enough sliding down on to river road blocking cars headed. more soil and rock came tumbling down. gravity was helped by water. >> i got graves, flashlights, ponchos, first aid kit and also
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a radio. >> reporter: people stocked up, worried about homes and yards flooding. >> and that's why we have a pump and drainage. but even then, when it just, you know, fills up it's like being in a swimming pool. >> once in a while we have people who have their whole roof comes off. >> reporter: tarps, roof patch, rain boots, hardware stores are hopping right now. >> we have had such nice weather you know for a while. everybody thought that was the end of winter. but it wasn't the end of winter. >> reporter: not by a long shot, no matter what the calendar says. not with a pounding hailstorm waking folks up. >> we immediately came out and took a bag of the hail and put it in the freezer for him. >> reporter: but the hail was serious stuff if it caught you on the road. >> i could get no traction. it would not move. people were pulling over on the side of the freeway and lining up and waiting for it to clear. >> reporter: and for everyone chased inside by the cold wet weather, others are drawn to
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it. >> it chases us outside. any time. i grew up in canada. and so this is nothing. >> it's wonderful wild blustery weather. yes, i love it. >> reporter: even the hardware store we visited had sandbags on the property because the combination of heavy rain and a high tide has pushed the water through their doors before. but the big concern, of course, tonight is the high winds for the big rig high profile vehicles on the richmond san raphael bridge. and the possibility of the winds bringing down trees and power lines which is likely to occur overnight. reporting live this is deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] right now we are dealing with the heart of the storm between now and about 3:00 tomorrow morning. right now on the live stormtracker 22 we have noticed an increase in the yellows and reds resurfacing over the passed two hours. we notice wind comes in tighter
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winds speeds from 20-25 miles per hour with gusts around 35 miles per hour. put this into motion here. this is the loop over the passed two hours. you get an idea with the progression coming in from the south and still covering a portion of the south bay and extending up towards the peninsula as well. looks like we could have some thunderstorms closer with those bright yellows and bright reds. move around the maps in the south bay and some action right around the allan rock area that has scooted around south bay. it is right around fremont as well with still some heavy rain down and the possibility of thunderstorms at least in the short term. the northern ex tent of this will slide closer to south africa right around pacifica. some excessive rainfall rates. that will be a factor that will be the fact over the next 3-4 areas. the big change expected as we
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do head into your sunday. >> the heavy rain is slowing cleanup efforts in the north bay after a rare tornado touched down. a tornado with winds up to 110 miles per hour struck yesterday morning on pacific avenue in king streets there in santa rosa. it for the roof off a landscaping company and scattered debris over several blocks. meteorologists say california averages six tornadoes a year. more on the weather a little later on. now to the latest from libya. the united states and its allies launched their first wave of attacks against libya today. and tonight there is still gunfire over the libyan capitol. >> reporter: these are anti- aircraft guns in tripoli apparently trying to shoot down incoming missiles and fighter jets. this was the scene aboard the uss stout a guided missile destroyer as it lauren -- launched a missile. the u.s. and british navies launched 112 cruise missiles to take out libyan iads or integrated air device sites.
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moammar gadhafi predominantly lives in tripoli and that's where the most robust iads are. but the no-fly zone that we want to enforce encompasses east and west so we went after that first wave. >> a spokesman claims the missile attacks killed civilians. >> those killed mostly martyrs, women, children and older people. >> libya will try to defend itself according to section 1 of the united nations charter. >> reporter: president obama, who authorized the attacks, said the u.s. was acting with european and arab allies to stop moammar gadhafi's assault on his own people. >> make no mistake, today we are part of a broad coalition. we are answering the calls of a threatened people. and we are acting in the interests of the united states and the world.
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>> the thousands of moammar gadhafi supporters gathered for a rally outside the leader's military camp in tripoli. it is believed they are trying to form a human shield to protect the libyan leader from attack. >> and the strong hold of the opposition movement comes word that moammar gadhafi's forces have moved back out of that city following an intense assault on the ground and in the air. here you see a fighter jet on fire and plummeting towards the ground. opposition leaders tell cnn that was one of their jets that they had hoped to use to stop moammar gadhafi's bombers. knew you can see it hitting the ground and blowing up. >> egyptians voted today on constitutional amendment but the most prominent opposition leader did not make it to the polls. crowds gathered around pro democracy leader mohamad albarhay claiming we don't want you and claiming he is-american
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agent. he gave up and turned back. it set the stage for elections later this year. some are concerned that rushed elections could backfire and allow ousted leader mubarak to return to power. >> in japan workers at the crippled nuke lawyer power plant are close to restoring the cooling system for those overheated fuel rods. they sprayed damage on -- water on the damaged rods. they announce that had radioactive particles were found in milk and spinach at farms up to 90 miles away from the plant. japanese officials say the level of radioactivity found in the spinach would, if consumed for a year, equal the radiation received in a single catscan. but for farmers, it's just one more worry. >> i grow things and i am worried about whether i can make it in the future. >> japanese officials say the
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death toll from the quake and tsunami now stands at about 7700 people. 12,000 people are missing and half a million are staying in shelters. governor brown has declared tomorrow a day of remembrance for victims in japan. the governor's office released an official proclamation today acknowledging the special lifor and japan and the courage of the japanese people. he called for californians to keep the earthquake and tsunami victims in our thoughts and our prayers. from uc berkeley tonight comes word that tests there show an cow in radioactive isotopes found in collected rainwater. however the nuclear engineer overseeing the monitoring says it is not a public health threat. he says the rainwater from the last couple of days show increased radioactive isotopes. but those are far less than used in medical procedures. if you drink the rainwater exclusively for one week it
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would be equivalent to 20 percent of the radiation exposure from one chest x-ray. he adds he does not believe animals who drink the rainwater for a day or two will become ill. coming up a little bit later, the last major nuclear disaster here in the united states. three mile island. how that incident compares to what's taking place right now in japan. and hear from some of those who were there. that story is coming up in about ten minutes. [ music ] >> eight years of war, how hundreds of people marked the start of the war in iraq today in san francisco and why one teacher brought her student. >> an alert to stay indoors. what had officials warning residents of a south bay neighborhood not to go outside. >> and why hundreds of studen
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11:45 pm, complete bay area news coverage. >> you have no control over me. >> more than 100 anti-war protestors were arrested in washington today when they refused to move away from the gates of the white house. those arrested included pentagon papers author daniel elsburg who is about to turn 80- year-old. many veterans participated in the otherwise peaceful demonstration which marked eight years of war in iraq. this is the eighth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of iraq. with troops still there, and in afghanistan, hundreds of people braved the cold wet weather in san francisco to protest continued u.s. involvement in foreign lands, including today's action in libya.
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ktvu's jim vargas reports. >> reporter: on the eighth anniversary of the american invasion of iraq 500 people from several dozen war and political groups rallied at san francisco's u.n. plaza. >> thank you for your solidarity and support for the people of iraq. >> reporter: they were demanding that troops be brought home from countries such as iraq and afghanistan. the umbrella group is called answer or act now to stop war and racism. >> peace does not begin outside of ourselves. peace begins within our own hearts. >> reporter: like many in the crowd, san francisco teacher who brought some of her students to the rally, says money should be diverted from war to schools. >> teachers are getting laid off. we are not getting school supplies. more students in the classroom. if we end the wars we will have more money for our schools. >> well, if we keep giving all of the money to the wars the kids can't get a good education and have a good future. >> reporter: an answer spokesman says they have grave doubts about u.n. actions today
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against libyan strongman moammar gadhafi even though insurgents have asked for support. >> it is our opinion that it cannot be a positive thing. it will result in a lot of killing. and it will result in the loss of sovereignty of libya. >> reporter: the crowd grew to about 800 by the time they marched to union square where they joined workers protesting a lack of progress in union negotiations with local hotels. in san francisco, jim vargoes, ktvu, channel 2 news. officials say the threat has passed from an ammonia leak at a san jose water treatment plant. it triggered a shelter in place for a short time today for one neighborhood. we are told there is no contamination to the water supply. >> reporter: about 50 firefighters in a hazardous material team surrounded the water treatment plant shortly after 11 a.m. this morning. their concern was this 5,000- gallon tank holding ammonia.
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>> we did find that there was roughly a 250-gallon leak of ammonia that had leaked out of its tank and into its secondary containment area. >> reporter: the ammonia appeared to be contained by the concrete walls surrounding the tank. but firefighters were concerned it may get into the air. they issued a shelter in place at noon for neighborhoods north to northwest of the plant. word spread fast among the neighbors. >> she just called me and she said stay inside. don't let the dog out. turn your heater off. and so i was kind of concerned. >> it can cause other types of medical problems such as spasms and things like that, having difficulty breathing. we have not received any 911 calls of any complaints of the smell. >> reporter: firefighters were also concerned about ammonia leaking into the water supply. but that was ruled out quickly. >> we have been offline at this plant since early march. we have a construction project which you can see in the background where we have been doing a lot of work. none of the tanks have water in them. >> reporter: after two and a
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half hours firefighters determined the leak had been contained and they lifted the shelter in place. >> i think they should tell us, yeah. because if it had been have a nice day we would have all been outside. >> reporter: a hazardous materials crew spent the afternoon cleaning up the ammonia spill. they don't know the cause of the leak but they are investigating it. reporting from san jose, janine, ktvu, channel 2 news. two east bay parks police cars were destroyed and a truck damaged following a fire in tillden park in berkeley. the two alarm fire broke out in a maintenance building around 3:45 this morning. firefighters say they decided to let that fire burn out of concern that gas and other combustibles inside the building might explode. the cause is under investigation. park rangers say power was knocked out to that building and then restored shortly before the fire. >> housing lobbyists are lobbying for state homeowners
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to rally for support. 700,000 california homes are in some state of foreclosure with a third of borrowers owing more money than their homes are worth. >> these bills are to hold the banks accountable to make sure that they own notes of the homes they are foreclosing on. it will really help out people going through foreclosures and are, you, know, going through the process of that. >> they need to provide specific reasons why they are denying any loan modifications. and prove the bank actually owns the mortgage. in san francisco today, students rolled up their sleeves in an effort to ward off whooping cough. they lined up for a free vaccination clinic at roosevelt middle school. a new state law says every 7th through 12th grader must get a whooping cough booster shot beginning this fall. students without it, or an exemption, will not be allowed in school. >> it is important to protect from whooping cough because
11:51 pm
california is still in the midst of a whooping cough epidemic. last year in california there were over 8,000 cases of whooping cough and 10 infant deaths. the clinic organizers said about 200 students showed up for today's event. another clinic is set for may 14th at o'connell high school in san francisco. the cry advice in japan and three mile island. how the current nuclear crisis compares with the latest incident in the united states. >> bars storm -- police officers storm
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. the nuclear crisis in japan brings back vivid memories for those who lived through the nuclear crisis at three mile
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island. we talk to people who were there during what became a touchstone moment in u.s. history. >> reporter: the accident at the three mile island nuclear site in 1979 caused great fear across the nation. >> when you got to the scene on that morning, i was simply overall intimidated, totally left with the feeling of being lost because we had never been involved in anything like this before. >> reporter: but the nuclear crisis unfold not guilty japan gives neighbors reasons to reflect. >> you realize back in those days we didn't have cell phones. we didn't have the internet. we debits have video conferencing, all of the things that you would use now in an emergency. we had to rely on landlines and they frequently were jammed and went down. even though hot lines and i had connected myself with president carter, went down a couple of times. so it was a terribly frustrating. >> reporter: historians can't help but compare the two. 32 years ago a relief valve failed to close, spill radioactive coolant from around
11:55 pm
the core of a reactor. the reactor partially melted down. officials blamed the faulty valve and human error which followed. at three mile island, there was just one troubled reactor and workers had access to it. no deaths were ever attributed directly to the partial meltdown. studies indicated an increase of cancer and infant mortalities in levels down-wind in years immediately after the accident. in japan, several troubled reactors, two workers are missing while dozens risk high radiation levels. >> we have never seen anything like this before. we are in uncharted territory. >> reporter: no reactors have been commissioned in the united states since the three mile island disaster. four new ones are scheduled to come online by the year 2013 in georgia. in news of the world tonight, in yemen opposition leaders joined a protest demonstration one day after they say 45 demonstrators were killed by the state. three senior government officials quit today to
11:56 pm
distance themselves from the ruling party following yesterday's deadly violence. the president declared a state of emergency yesterday as an estimated 1.5 million people protested for his resignation. the president denied government forces shot on the crowds, saying it was demonstrators who turned on themselves. in acapulco tonight mexican authorities say warring drug lords are blamed for a shooting at a bar that left ten people dead. a group of armed men burst into the bar early saturday morning and opened fire. the victims were between 25-35- year-old most shot in the back of their heads. three warring drug gangs are said to be battling for control of the popular tourist town. and from berlin comes sad news that newt, the world famous polar bear has died. newt rose to fame after zoo keepers stepped in to raise him after his mother rejected him. he was found floating in a pool in his enclosure. he was just 4-year-old.
11:57 pm
polar bears often lived in captivity until about 30. a postmortem examination is scheduled to determine how the polar bear died. a u.s. diplomat who helped bring peace to bosnia is being remembered tonight. former secretary of state warren christopher died last night in la of cancer. the 85-year-old christopher served as secretary of state during the bill clinton administration helping to end the war in bosnia. he also brokered the release of 52 u.s. hostages held during the iranian revolution in 1981. he called christopher a resolute pursueer of peace. a high wind warning and a flood patch. tell you what people living in the south bay can expect from tonight's big storm. >> if the weather had been clear the
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[ music ] i'm christian kaftan along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. you can see the winds now driving that rain pretty much horizontally. now under a high wind warning. take a look. you can see the vehicles here. that high wind warning means that high profile vehicles like vans and trucks definitely need to be aware they will be rocked back and forth. this is our live truck we have been working out of tonight. this truck has definitely been rocking back and forth. so definitely started feeling some of that high wind. you can see more effects of that high wind. this big tree right here. we have been watching this tree whip back and forth. you can see that there are some power lines up there in that area. that again one of the major concerns here in the santa cruz mountains that the high winds could possibly knock some trees into power lines. and that could lead to some
12:01 am
spotty power outages. another big concern a flood watch said to start here in the mountains about a half an hour from here. we talked to some people living on the banks of the river. they are keeping a very close eye on that river tonight. if it gets too high, they will be ready to leave very, very quickly. again, this big storm is not just affecting us here in the south bay. it is affecting the entire bay from top to bottom. we are going to go now to my colleague deborah villalon with the very latest on conditions up there. deborah, how is it looking? [ music ] >> reporter: it looks a lot here like it does where christian is. the north bay is already hit by thunderstorms and hail storms and street flooding today. and now, of course, we are being buffeted by these very heavy winds. i want you to take a look at the view from our camera. this is 50 feet above our news van at the very top of the micro wave mast. i show this to you while you can see 101 and the traffic
12:02 am
getting by. but also you can see how this metal mast is really rocking and rolling and moving in the wind. every time the winds gust it catches it. so wind a real problem tonight. increasing concerns for the chp. they are ramp the richmond san raphael bridge for high profile vehicles. big rugs have been known to topple on their side with that big bridge. the winds may tom cars and bring with them power lines and cause power outages. i did check on the two rivers up here that traditionally do have flood problems the russian river out here and the napa river in napa. both of them have risen about four feet in the last day. they are both expected to raise another two feet by morning. but fortunately, in the near are within nip range now of flood stage. both have been 7--10 feet away from that. so that is not a concern.
12:03 am
we also took a look at the creek here today and it, too, was not in any danger of sending water out which of course has been hit by flooding in the past. so this is the situation. heavy wind and we are going to just try to batton down the hatches and get through the night. reporting live this is deborah villalon. >> all right. both deborah and christian out there in the elements with the wind and rain. go now to meteorologist mark tamayo. mark, it is going to get even worse tonight, isn't it? >> that's right, ken. at least in the short term. this is the main event between now and 3:00 sunday morning. right now on live stormtracker 2 noticed an increase in the coverage in the last hour or so with the yellows and the reds showing up here. you can see some of the action. focus in on the south bay closer to the santa cruz mountains. this area will pick up the most rainfall with rainfall rates on the order of an inch an hour in the santa cruz mountains. that's why we do have the flash
12:04 am
flood watch posted for this area into early sunday morning. move the maps and show you the wider perspective for right around san jose. the yellows and reds correspond to intense thunderstorms. closer to patrol road and summit springs road as well. so this rainfall will continue to spread to the north. this looks like the bulk of the action moves out after 3:00 tomorrow morning. take a look at the timing and also let you know the changes in the five day forecast. more rain clouds showing up on that. have that in your full forecast. thanks, mark. all of the rain here, of course, means fresh snow in the sierra. i want to give you now a live look along i-80 in truckee where it actually looks pretty deserted there. people are heeding the warnings and staying away because of all of the snow that is falling. a couple of cars are passing by there now. snow totals in the sierra have easily topped three feet since these storms began. chains are required in both placer and nevada counties.
12:05 am
an auburn man in his late 60s was killed in that 45 vehicle pileup on i-80 we first told you about last night. authorities say douglas swazy was struck and killed when he got out of his check -- truck to check on his tires. 20 people were hospitalized with injuries. it backed up traffic there for hours in both directions. that highway finally re-opened at about 1 a.m. for the latest on this wet weather, including live radar where you live, be sure to visit us on live at and click on the storm watch tab. >> if you find a break in the clouds which seems unlikely right now you may notice a re phenomenon in the key tonight. have you haven't been that lucky then this is what a super full moon looks like. here in the bay area you would have to visit the plan tear yam planetarium to see the event.
12:06 am
it makes the moon appear 30% larger than normal. >> what is special about this one is that we have a full moon during a paragy which is when the moon is the closest to the earth. the last super moon took place in 1993. it won't happen again until november 14, 2016. >> well, we are on storm watch. as we have been telling you our meteorologist mark
12:07 am
12:08 am
[ music ] >> a powerful storm moving into the bay area right now. it is all reflected on the radar with the yellows and reds. increase in coverage over the passed two hours. here is look right now at live
12:09 am
stormtracker 2 radar. you can see all of the coverage. the focus in the south bay but still some reports up in the north bay. see all of the yellows and reds showing up. as we come in tighter there, we could be talking about scattered thunderstorms imbedded in this fairly unstable flow. close to union city tracking some heavy downpours closer to 880. move the maps around to show you this as we do approach san francisco and oakland. still some heavy downpours. and up in the north bay, mostly in the green here. but those yellows and reds will be spreading to the north over the next 1-2 hours. as a result, the moderate to heavy rain right now will continue to pick up in the north bay. a look outside. we have been talking about the gusty winds. this is our camera in san francisco shaking around. the winds in san francisco and oakland at last check we had a wind gust of up to around 39 miles per hour. the satellite and radar you can see this very impressive store center racing across our coastline. this is the main event up to 3:00 tomorrow morning.
12:10 am
some of the storm details right here heaviest totals like we said between now and 3:00 tomorrow morning. rainfall expectations 1-3 inches. the hot spot will be in the santa cruz mountains where a flash flood watch is in place for tonight into sunday morning. as far as the winds, a wind advisory in place until 8:00 sunday morning for a good portion of the region. as we do head to the south we have the more serious advisories and warnings to talk about. that high wind warning until 8:00 tomorrow morning. gusts approaching 60 miles per hour. and that flash flood watch until 12:00 tomorrow morning. rainfall rates on the order of one inc. per hour. still showing you some heavy downpours between now and 12 -- 2:00 sunday morning. look what happens. we did put this into motion. the heaviest downpours moving out to the east. still some scattered rain showers at 7:00. at 12:00 notice not widespread activity but still some occasional showers out there. there is the possibility we could have a scattered thunderstorm. but not a lot of coverage to
12:11 am
show you at least for tomorrow afternoon at 12:00. the main event is happening right now. tomorrow morning at 7:00, showers likely. 45-50 degrees. a scattered shower at 12:00. and, remember, we could have a scattered thunderstorm out there as well. chance of a shower at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the readings mainly in the mid to upper 50s. around 55-58 degrees. showers likely near monday. tuesday probably the best day with mostly cloudy skies. there is the chance of a sprinkle or a light shower. but heather and ken, for wednesday and thursday and possibly beyond that point, we could be talking about some more rain clouds approaching the bay area. >> and chp is saying if you don'thave to drive don't do it because the roads are a mess. stay inside if you can and be ready for those power outages because the wind is still a factor out there tonight. >> thank you, mark. >> a key player for the san francisco giants is injured. he may miss the start of the season. >> also talk about march madness.
12:12 am
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a network ever possibilities, creating and integrating solutions. helping business and the world work. re-think possible. [ music ] good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. saturday night edition of sports wrap. the sharks made short work of st. louis tonight. hats were flying all over the place. and while one of san jose's bright stars had a career night, another limped off in pain. now the sharks trent yawny filled in for head coach todd tonight. he was attending a family funeral. sharks led 1-0 and scored another 32 seconds later. patrick marleau took a big shot from the point. looks like he scores. but wait a minute the replays show that it was joe perform pavel ski who redirected the puck and gives him credit to make it 2-0 for the powerplay goal. later in the first period the sharks have another powerplay.
12:15 am
dan boyle tees it up for pavelski. and ty konklin and it is 3-0 in the first eight minutes of the game. but here comes the reality check. star rookie takes a bad fall into the boards in the second period. he injures his right leg. the two had to be helped off the ice. he did not return. his status is still not clear at this point. but they will need this kid. the sharks keep scoring, though. this time dan boyle takes a shot. it goes in. but once again, it is joe pavelski with the re-direct. pavelski with some great stick work tonight. he earned joe his first nfl career hattrick. he added an assist for a four point night and the sharks win 5-3 over the blues. it was also pavelski's 100th of the career. the good news for couture is the sharks are off until wednesday when they host calgary. they are the only team to win in the ncaa so go ahead and
12:16 am
jump on the band wagon. there is wigins and current star. cheering for the cardinals. and pac 10 player of the year janet polar with the long range shot. cardinals led at half time. they figured out davis' defense. stanford a season high 13 three pointers. stanford wins its 62nd straight home game. 86-89 is your final for stanford. they will next host st. john's monday night in the second round. aggies finish 24-9 under head coach sand at this simpson who coached her last game today. the bulldogs came within a whisker of winning the men's championship. today they became the biggest bracket buster for this 2011 tournament. butler came in the as 8th seed of the region. they take on the pittsburgh
12:17 am
panthers in dc. andrew smith getsed go ahead basket. less than three seconds left pittsburgh has the ball but has no time-outs left. so watch what happens. butlers star guard max scores 30 points for butler. that was just boneheaded play with 1.4 seconds left. gilbert brown then goes on to make one free throw to tie it. but brown misses the sec. but hold on, folks, pittsburgh follows butler. now, nobody wants the referees to decide the final outcome. but both of those fouls seem pretty obvious. make this last one was a makeup. whatever happened robinson is all over the back of butler's man howard. with the game tied at 70 howard makes the free throw. time runs out the upset is in the book. pittsburgh the first number one seed to bite the dust. and brad stephens is pumped don't you? butler now heads to new orleans for the sweet 16. bulldogs will face wisconsin
12:18 am
after the badgers hold off k state 70-65. irving walker and the florida gators showed ucla the door today in tamayo. irving runs into the bruins missed it big. joshua smith and walker gets the job done. they finish the game with a 7-0 run. irving walker stays in control here. and then cans the three pointer. second seed florida beats 7th seed ucla75-65. the cougars just blasted the bulldogs by 22 points tonight. san diego state is the only team from california left in the men's ncaa tournament. to think the aztecs never won a game in this tournament until just two days ago. aztecs in the white jerseys the west region's second seed. but temple ton took them to double overtime. they outscore them 10-3. san diego state has a super sophomore in quiet leonard.
12:19 am
leonard him watch him make the steal and take it home. leonard and the aztecs win. 76-74. they may be new to this tournament but they are learning to love it. double overtime victory. so one of the most dramatic dynamic players is walker. husky played another big east team cincinnati. he kept running and gets a clean shot from the corner. campbell walker 33 points tonight. connecticut worked hard just to get into the tournament. this time it is the husky's seventh win in the last 11 days. smith takes it in. the third seeded yukon beats 16 in cincinnati 69-58. yukon may be tired but they keep on winning. now go to anaheim thursday to play san diego state and that should be a good one. >> brandon knight scores a big one. and they beat 71-63. castro valley boys basketball team played in its first ever northern california
12:20 am
title game tonight. however this was dale south's 11th trip. thanks to an 11th and make that 18-0 run the spartans beat the trojans 49-43 to win the fifth norcal tournament. they play next saturday for the division one state title. but it's a jungle out there, folks. afternoon bishop with san jose making a run to beat roseville. gordon gets the reverse slam. they face montana after a 67-44 victory. gordon hats off, you the man, buddy. ore norcal results bishop wins the second championship and faces lutheran saturday in the division three state title. on the girl's side berkeley wins the 7th norcal title. and they take division three
12:21 am
opponent sacramento 57-46. >> one of the giant' mvp on opening day. plus danika
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12:24 am
. opening day for the giants is still 12 days away. but the ball club learned today that closer brian wilson's sprain is oblique. he may not be ready for the march 31st opener. brian led the majors last year with 48 saves. giants had a great starting pitching performance from barry zito who allowed one run through six. cody ross starts it off in the second inning. then in the fourth inning buster takes the same pitcher
12:25 am
chin deep for his third homerun this spring. aubrey huff added another solo homerun and the giants win 3-1. they are 18-6 in cactus league action so far. oakland also won today. well, we go on to the -- yes, this is the opening of the real salt lake and san jose, mls starting. and that's your only goal of the game. it is real salt lake in a very wet and windy buckshaw stadium. that's it, 1-0. >> earthquake still scoreless this year. all right, first match of the year but we move on. >> now we move on to golf. lake harbor, florida. this is justin rose already birdied 4, 5 and 6. and the shot of the day goes to scott stallings has the par 3 eight hole figured out. a six iron from 213 yards. great scott. and scott stallings shot a fire under 66. just two shots back.
12:26 am
south african brendan dejong is just one stroke bat. he shot a bogie five under 66. one back. web simpson is tied at second one back. simpson sinking his birdie. a four under 67 for simpson. he sits at minus 12. but justin rose shot his straight under six under 65 today. had it all working. his five iron from 142 yards out. he was a few feet from the pin. justin rose started two shots off the lead. on top of the transition championship by one shot. nascar in bristol, tennessee leading the nationwide series is cruising along with 63 and danika patrick in the number 7 car. and ryan turex later took the blame. but danika really wasn't ready to forgive and forget just yet. she finished 31st today. the nationwide series was one
12:27 am
by kyle edwards. congratulations to the cal women's swimming and diving team. win their second ncaa championship in the last three years. go cal. that's sports. >> thanks, fred. >> that is our report for tonight. i'm ken wayne. >> or we are going to mark. >> one last time. >> okay. >> sorry about that. >> we have been tracking that heavy rain and the strong wind. this is pretty much the main event right now over the next few hours. in fact have live stormtracker 2 all cued up. the yellows and reds really flairing up into the santa cruz mountains. also closer to san francisco and oakland. the yellows increasing in coverage. still reports of heavy rain up in the north bay. this is mostly an overnight deal. so tomorrow still some scattered showers. but this right now is the most intense part of the storm. >> a lot of wind and trees and power lines to be aware of. >> already winds gusting to 41, 41 miles per hour. just be extra careful for tonight into early tomorrow morning. >> thank you, mark. >> thanks, mark. that is our report for tonight, everyone. >> i'm ken wayne.
12:28 am
be sure to join morning time at 2 starting at 7:00 a.m. the latest on the stormy weather. >> and i'm heather holmes. thank you so much for watching, everyone. our coverage continues online at
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