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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 23, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> this downpour tonight at dusk, it is just a taste of the deluge expected here in the bay area in the next few hours. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we are back on storm watch tonight with the national weather service posting a number of warnings and advisories as another strong storm moves ashore. the most serious situation is in mendosino county where there is a flood warning on the
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navaro river. there is a flood watch right now for salano county. all bay areas except for santa clara are under a flood advisory. we also have a wind advisory for san francisco, the bay shoreline, coast and hilltop locations. we are bringing you team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist will tell us the approach of the storm but we begin with ken wayne. >> reporter: julie, in just ten minutes ago the rain started coming down here. at times it comes straight down but then the wind will pick up and swirl the rain around. at times it has even turned sideways. the water is calm and the boats appear to be secure. but some boat owners learned the hard way that they have to take precautions as this next storm rolls into the bay area. this was how it looked monday after more than a dozen boats broke free and blown across
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richardson bay. with 45 miles per hour winds for wind they should check their vessels. we talked to one during the rain showers. >> every-bodies making sure that their boats are tied uptightly and check their moorings. typically boats breaking free from their mooring is the biggest item we would have to deal with. >> yes, i was worried that water was going to come in. >> reporter: she says her 62- foot long sailboat is secure. ron was tending to his 82-foot boat. his biggest worry is the giant cover offer his deck. >> the wind just grabs everything, you know. >> reporter: yes. >> and it's so violent, so very strong and violent. >> reporter: we also checked on what is traditionally the wettest town in marin county. it was raining, of course, with 47 inches so far this season and no end insight. it is enough to give almost anyone a taste of rain fatigue. >> i am from seattle, washington so you would think i would be used to it.
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but, no, i have become california eyed so i am ready to take off and go for some blue skies and some warm weather. >> reporter: we spotted this rainbow over san francisco bay after one of this evening's rain showers. a reminder that as bad as it may get in the coming hours, it will all have to come to an end sometime. live in the rain, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] and something we don't always see, the national weather service has issued an urban and small stream flood advisory in advance for tomorrow morning's commute. this thing will hit right when you head to work in the early morning hours. what you see outside right now on live stormtracker 2 just some scattered showers. it is heavy at times out towards hayward. but take a look out on the satellite. and you will see that system from today and see the one right behind it to the left. that's the system right there coming into the screen right there. that's the one coming in tomorrow morning. it is going to hit right on the
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morning commute. it is going to be wetter than the last storms that we have seen over the last few months. winds could gust to 35-45 miles per hour. it is going to be one nasty commute for your thursday morning. when i come back we will take a look at the latest computer models. a little bit more activity behind this as well. let you know when things start to clear out finally. there shouldn't be worries about drought this spring. all of the rain is filling up reservoirs to the part where party reservoir actually has too much water. east bay mud is releasing enough water to fill two tanker trucks every second. it is a delicate balancing act. water districts have to hold on to as much water as possible for customer demand while keeping an eye on in coming stores -- storms to prevent flood. >> snow pack 150% of average that is wet and that water will come down when it gets warm and you have to have room for it.
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>> all of the east bay reservoirs have plenty of level. the levels are between one and three feet from the top. >> a possible tornado ripped tiles from the roofs of at least homes. it happened along i-5 in the town of williams. fire officials say a funnel cloud touched down at 3:00 this afternoon. it is the second funnel cloud there this week. as you can see from the video, shingles were torn off of the roof tops. the national weather service says it is sending an investigator to that area to determine if, in fact, it was a tornado that did cause the damage. along with all of the bay area weather advisories there is a storm warning in effect for the sierra, nevada. a live picture from the caltrans camera on i-80 in truckie. heavy snow is expected tomorrow. in about 12 minutes we will have the report from the sierra and show you all of the snow that has piled up this week. there is the weather is
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forcing a brittney spears concert change. they try to get equipment and supplies passed a massive landslide that has cut off dozens of homes. a shooting left four people wounded. it happened at 6:30 outside a barber shop. all four victims were taken too highland hospital or he had end medical center. but as reports indicate none of them were seriously wounded. no word on suspects or what may have led that -- to that shooting. a teacher is in jail accused of abusing one of his players. michael hagan was arrested in south san jose. police booked him on seven felony counts of sexual acts with a 15-year-old. he coached in the oak grove youth football league. >> apparently he took advantage of that position to gain the trust of the victim and
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developed a relationship where he had inappropriate sexual contact with him. >> hagan remains in custody tonight at the santa clara county jail on $300,000 bail. new at 10, a major development in san jose's attempt to close $105 million budget deficit. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live now at city hall with late word of three additional unions agreeing to major concessions. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, three san jose labor unions just a few hours ago here at san jose city hall announced they have reached a tentative agreement to accept mayor chuck reid's request for a 10% cut for pay and benefits. >> cutting back on utilities, cutting back on, you know, vacations, anything that i can possibly find a means of cutting back on. >> reporter: san jose public works department engineer melanie salvador says she hasn't had a pay increase in several years. tonight the leadership of unions and architects and two
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other unions representing 623 workers stood with mayor reid to say that they will take the 10% cut. >> we feel that this sacrifice will help preserve jobs and maintain important city services. >> reporter: the membership of these unions still have to vote on this agreement. the firefighters union voted to accept the 10% reduction mining four unions have now agreed. san jose police have not agreed to concessions. they are among seven unions still negotiating. if all 11 agree, the city says it will mean a $38 million savings. if the others don't come in with these the council will have to decide whether or not to impose terms of employment for the next year. but with the police union we don't have the right to impose. they have the right to go to arbitration. >> reporter: engineer salvador says she will accept the cuts. >> we are trying to, you know, take one for the team. >> reporter: a source of the city manager's office told me tonight that even if all 11
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unions agree to the 10% cuts there will still be some layoffs. live in san jose lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2. >> supporters of gay rights are pleased by the 9th circuit appeals is reviewing a case that said the proposition was unconstitutional. the state attorney general kamala harris had asked the court to allow marriages to resume during the proceedings. supporters of prop significant 8 called it a victory. u.s. war missiles hit targets in libya tonight and anti-aircraft shots were heard in tripoli. the libyan aircraft have been destroyed and coalition aircraft can fly with near impunity. we are seeing our first protests of u.s. military
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intervention in libya. the protestors are criticizing the hundreds of millions of dollars spent. heather? >> reporter: frank, the chorus of concern could be heard just hours ago here outside the san francisco federal building. >> humanitarian war instead of lives. >> u.s. bombs peace full countries. >> a no-fly zone over libya doesn't fly with these demonstrators. >> there is a debate going on in congress now over how many billions of dollars to cut out of social programs but always have money for the next war. >> reporter: the anti-wore protestors are the latest to criticize president obama for being too aggressive in dealing with moammar gadhafi. >> the president has promised that nato forces would take over military leadership of the u.n. operation within days. but that's not good enough for some. as u.s. and applied war planes take aim at moammar gadhafi's forces, the bay area house
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democrats are chastising the president for not outlining america's role sooner and not consulting with congress. north bay congresswoman lynn woolsey and mike honda of san jose want an immediate end to the bombing, saying this. >> he did the right thing. >> reporter: but california democratic senator barbara boxer defends the president's handling of the crisis. >> anyone who says he should have waited doesn't feel the sense of urgency that many of us feel that this man was about to destroy his own people. >> reporter: republicans, too, want clarity tonight. house speaker wants further explanation on both the purpose and goals of the mission in libya. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ]
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>> the wet weather force as venue change for brittney spear's free concert in san francisco. why that's being met with both disappointment and relief. and tomorrow morning's commute will be as bad as they come. i will be back in about ten minutes with the latest computer models that take you right through
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. it was supposed to be a
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nationally televised concert with castro street blocked off for brittney spears. but tonight ktvu's amber lee is live in the city with a major change of plans because of the weather. amber? >> reporter: frank, here in the castro tonight there are mixed emotions about moving the concert out of this neighborhood and into bill graham civic auditorium this sunday. the awe announcement came this afternoon. the popular hot cookie shop makes no secret that its owner is sweet on brittney spears. there is a poster out front. to accommodate the expected crowds, dan told us he was going to open the store three hours early and bring in extra employees. we are really disappointed. a lot of people in the castro were very bite -- excited about it. >> reporter: the disappointment is shared by orphan an any's restaurant. they prepared by having extra food and help. >> we are hoping people will show up that don't get the word so we are playing it by ear now. >> we are in the middle of the recession and we are going to showcase our neighborhood. [ music ]
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>> reporter: since brittney spears free outdoor concert in the castro was announced three weeks ago there is apprehension amongst some merchants who now say they are relieved. the owner of cliff's variety show was concerned about security. >> we were not sure what the day would be like as far as business was concerned. we were prepared to have to man the doors and let just a few people in at a time. >> reporter: the castro theater has been working with event organizers and planning the concert. technical director bill longon says on monday organizers wanted to move the concert inside the theater in case it rains. but the theater only seats 1400. longon says ultimately the castro was not the ideal venue for a crowd that could reach 40,000 plus. >> as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there is a rumor that brittney spears will visit the castro on friday. reporting live in the castro, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the the internet gaming
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company zinga is reportedly threatening to leave san francisco. like twitter it wants a deal from the city. they are reportedly asking for an exemption to the city's tax on employee's stock options. the maker of the war games is expected to go public. the stock options could be enormous. a break to give twitter a break passed the committee today and goes to the full board late next month. >> there is concern that a controversial app alerting drivers to drunk driving checkpoint. it would allow people to avoid the checkpoint and put people at risk. defense attorneys have asked a federal judge to stop a mental examination of tucson shooting suspect jared loughner. a judge issued the order monday requiring jared loughner to undergo the exam in missouri.
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defense attorneys instead want a court-appointed examiner to perform it in tucson. jared loughner pleaded not guilty to federal charges stemming from the tucson shooting that killed six people and left arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords critically wounded. >> in alameda a coastguard petty officer was sentenced to three months in military jail for his role in iraq that killed an 8-year-old boy. paul ramos was piloting a coastguard patrol boat in san diego bay when it collided with another boat. he was convicted of dereliction of duty. the 22-year-old was acquitted of involuntarily manslaughter. new information emerged today about the cause of the massive gulf oil spill nearly one year ago. the reports said the blow-out preventor on the oil rig failed and pointed to a faulty design and bent piece of pipe. it takes some of the blame away from bp and to the companies that maintained the blow-out
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preventor. state regulators are considering imposing a $1 million a day fine against pg&e. the public utilities commission meets today to consider the phone in the after math of the sanbruno explosion. they failed to provide the regulators with all of the requested pipeline safety documents earlier this month. commission officials say it would be the biggest fine they have ever issued against pg&e for a safety violation. back now to the storm that we're tracking, it is going to mean heavy rain here and heavy snow up in the sierra. at this hour, chains are required along i-80 from baxter to truckee. they are also required on highway 50 from kivers to myers in el dorado county. we see just how difficult the conditions were today for drivers. >> reporter: caltrans kept the inter at that i state real -- interstate relatively clear but the snow was so heavy, the chain installers were busy and the chain patrols were up. >> pretty much every day on and
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off it seems like. >> reporter: a week-long stretch of snow in the sierras, more than six feet in some cases. >> did you know you were driving into this today? >> not this bad. but that's okay. >> reporter: steve was prepared with proper chains, but that's not true for everyone. >> my chains got swished on me. somebody swished them. >> reporter: rod was headed to reno but his chains are too small for his tires. >> do you know what you are going to do now? >> ask somebody for some bailing wire, i guess. >> reporter: despite slow travel and a constant snowfall this morning chp said there were no significant accidents as of this afternoon and they hope it takes that way. >> folks take their time and keep it under 30 and they will be fine. come up here with the chains and be prepared. to show you just how much snow there is here at blue canyon i dug a hole. i stand six foot one. you can see the snow is just about to the top of my head. i am standing on snow. i am not standing on the ground. and there is more of this snow to come. at blue canyon, this is ktvu,
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channel 2 news. [ music ] >> talked about it last night. this morning's commute a mess. tomorrow morning's commute going to be worse. here is the rain right now in hayward and fremont. and not a big deal. the story will be tomorrow morning here is the latest computer model. at 6 a.m. the front is just getting here. the winds are just kicking up. the rainfall rates are heavy, especially in the north bay. starting to rain pretty strong right along the peninsula right right in the heart of the commute at 7 a.m. it's going off wet and windy. wind advisories on the bridge. urban and small flood extreme advise stream advisory in effect. we move into 8:00 it intensifies. here is what i am thinking. if you can commute and take bart or go in a little bit later you may want to avoid these hours between 6, 7 and 8:00. here at 9:00 and it still goes. tapers off. into the afternoon it is all good. but that chunk in the morning
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is going to be nasty. when i come back at 10:45 i will have the complete long range forecast. it does show some more rain out there. but tomorrow morning may be one of the worst commutes of the year just strictly for weather. a bart extension project in the east bay is set to receive an infusion of $19 million. the ten mile extension would run from the pittsburgh baypoint station to hill crest avenue in antioch with one station in between at railroad avenue in pittsburgh. the metropolitan transportation commission approved the $19 million which will come from bridge tolls. the extension is scheduled to open in 2015. a new warning about tap water in tokyo. also a show of support for japan in san francisco tonight. the common link among these concerned folks. >> the ground is really soggy. and the rains last night and this morning haven't helped it at all. >> a massive rock slide. and the conditio
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. a null warning tonight about tap water in tokyo due to radiation from the crippled nuclear power plant 140 miles away. people are being told not to give tap water to infants. that led to a run on bottled water, despite pleas asking japanese residents to refrain from hoarding water because some tsunami victims had none. test at the water treatment plants showed 10% higher than iodine recommended for infants but safe for adults. >> at the power plant smoke came from one of the reactors today and the employees had to evacuate again. there is no worry and they are using a robotic arm to drop seawater on the reactor. it appears to be working because the heat dropped to 107 degrees. >> toyota has announced that the quake in japan will force
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it to islands some power plants here in the united states united states. after the tsunami the company had to shut down its japanese assembly plants due to problems with transportation and the energy problem. in japan the police agency now says 9700 people have died. 16500 are still missing. ktvu's janna katsuyama tells us a bay area english teacher who survived the earthquake and tsunami returned home today. >> reporter: when the tsunami tore through japan, she just arrived from san jose. she was visiting the school where she formerly taught english through the jet program and watched the water destroy the town. >> it was probably the most devastating thing i have ever seen. >> reporter: today she returned home to the bay area. that comes as a relief not just for her family but the japanese consulate in san francisco. another alumni from the japan exchange and teaching program
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which first took her to japan. >> it was a huge relief when we found out. i believe it was on last tuesday, that she had been found. >> reporter: the disaster in japan has dealt an emotional blow to people tied to the program. 0 two days ago the body of taylor anderson, a 24-year-old jet program teacher from virginia was found, the first confirmed u.s. casualty. >> so saddened by it. i mean, i feel like this could have happened to anyone anywhere. >> reporter: tonight more than 100 alumni of the jet program gathered in san francisco's japan town for a fundraiser. donations have been pouring in. across the bay area many people's thoughts are with the quake and tsunami victims. >> it was really heartbreaking. and obviously, like many people i was lost for words. >> reporter: organizers say that the proceeds from tonight's benefits will go directly to grassroots organizations in the disaster areas. a show of support for people right here in san francisco. reporting from japan town in san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. another fundraiser is underway tonight in the city.
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san francisco's supervisors are holding an auction for the relief efforts in japan. supervisor rossmere is inspired to see san franciscoans coming to the relief. they raised $300,000 last week through fundraising. there are three queen towns with japan and san francisco is home to the oldest. dozens of towns cut off. reaching them is almost impossible. what the homeowners in scot
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. tonight a neighborhood in scott valley is still cut off
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and getting more rain than they need there. ktvu's robert handa shows us how difficult it is to provide access to those stranded homeowners. >> reporter: this shows you just how important it was today to scott valley firefighters to try to get this truck filled with medical supplies and firefighting equipment to the 33 homes cut off from the main road by the landslide. but despite several valiant attempts, the truck just seemed to sink deeper in the foot path that was just cut for residents yesterday. >> the ground is really soggy. the rains last night and this morning haven't helped at all. >> reporter: the foot path is still usable for people to walk in and out. but some told us it is difficult to bring in a lot of supplies on foot. >> we are running a little low on propane. and depending on how long it takes to clear the slide, it may be an issue. >> reporter: at a community meeting with homeowners this afternoon scott valley officials say they expect to dump crushed objecting on the footpath to make a temporary road suitable for vehicles. >> we want to get that road in
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so you guys can have pro contain -- propane. >> reporter: even if the landslide seems to be relatively stable right now the ongoing rain still has homeowners concerned but many told us they have gotten passed the worst of this ordeal. >> we are all safe and we are all sound. and things are looking up a little bit. >> reporter: some people aren't as certain. >> i am not sure it is done sliding. >> reporter: firefighters pulled the supply vehicle out and got into the area. pg&e crews were also able to get through. work on the foot path could start as early as tomorrow. in scott valley, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. in santa clara county there is a blanket of snow on top of mount hamilton. it has forced the enclosure of the road leading to the lick observatory. the director of the observatory says the traffic causes too many headaches for local law enforcement so the road is often shut down when the snow falls. the top seven miles of mount hamilton are private property and that parking alongside the
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road is pro libertied and that violent violators will be ticketed. stay with us with stormwatch continuing coverage we will show you how this affection our area. two u.s. senators barbara boxer and diane finestein both are democrats. 48% of those asked said they approve of the job senator finestein is doing. 33% disapprove. 19% said they had no opinion. for senator boxer 42% approved of her performance, while 40% said they disapproved. 18% had no opinion. that's about the same ratings as last year when she won reelection repeating the republican. an alameda prosecutor told jurors that professional poker player arnold sheerer the third is guilty of killing his parents. he researched places to buy guns a month before his parents
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were killed in their home in pleasant ton. he also looked up foreign countries that would not extradite suspects to the united states. the bodies of earnest sheerer jr. and charleen avonroth were found in march of 2008. closing arguments also began today in the san mateo county trial of alexander youshock. he is accused of bringing ten homemade bombs to hillsdeal high school. he planned to kill three of his former teachers in august of 2009. the prosecution today said youshock is a truly dangerous man whose aim was to end lives that day. the defense has argued he has schizophrenia. >> in the barry bonds case prosecutors called a witness who testified that he has first- hand knowledge of barry bonds using steroids. as ktvu's rita williams reports, prosecutors played an audiotape that they say is true. >> reporter: for the first time since a bitter break-up in 2003 barry bonds came face-to-face
12:04 am
to a childhood friend and business partner in sports memorabilia who testified against him in court today. steve hoskins says he secretly taped bonds' trainer james anderson in the locker-room in 2003 so he could prove to bonds' father bonds was taking steroids, that he was worried about barry's health. the recording is hard to hear as anderson talks about cysts forming as steroids are injecting into the same spot. listen and read it now. (audiotape playing). >> hoskins testified he saw anderson leave bonds' bedroom during spring 2000 with a syringe and assumed anderson had injected bonds with steroids. and h oskins said in 1999 bonds asked him to research the steroid winstrong.
12:05 am
on cross-examination bonds' lead attorney accused hoskins of taping anderson to extort money from bonds. hoskins denied that. the attorney then accused hoskins of what we first reported in 2006, an allegation from bonds' previous attorney that he was forging bonds' name on contracts and baseballs and that bonds asked the fbi to investigate. >> it is not a bad likeness of barry's signature. he turned his back on his best friend and started forging things and started pocketing money. >> reporter: there was no obvious reaction from barry bonds during the testimony today. the cross-examination of steve hoskins continues here tomorrow. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have posted more of the audio recordings presented as evidence at listen to them yourself by clicking the bonds trial tab. now to the high profile murder trial of two men accused
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of killing oakland journalist chauncy bailey. in court today a police officer testified that during this 2007 raid on your black muslim bakery in oakland, he found two loaded sawed off shot guns. they are accused of plotting to murder bailey to keep him from reporting on the finances of the bakery. bressard says one of the shot guns used in that will killing. >> a line-drive much like what happened to a high school baseball player in the north bay. here in less than ten minutes with a long range computer model which shows the rain for the morning commute which will be heavy. and then the potential for rain as we move towards the weekend. >> and late word for few things to keep in mind.
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know the name of your medicine, how much you should take and when, and how it can affect the other medicines you're taking, including your birth control. ask your doctor to explain any side effects like headache, upset stomach, weight gain, or dizziness.
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work with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to make a plan to use your medicines safely. for more information on diabetes medicines go to f-d-a dot gov slash womens diabetes. . a spring training accident in arizona today is reminiscent of the incident that seriously injured a marin county high school pitcher last year. philadelphia pitcher's roy oswald was struck behind the ear by a line-drive. luckily he was able to get up after being struck by that ball. an x-ray showed there was no injury. patrick was hit by a line-drive last year. he was seriously injured but has since recovered. >> ntsb took action after an air traffic controller fell
12:10 am
asleep on duty. two planes landed at washington, d.c. without clearance from the tower late last night. the pilots say they repeatedly tried to radio the controller, but apparently that western was asleep. secretary ray lahood ordered that from now on two air traffic controllers be on duty at night. >> we have an update on a story we first brought you last night on the 10:00 news. philippine airlines said today a phoned-in bomb threat at sfo last night was a hoax. the flight arrived from manila at 7:20. the jet was moved to a remote area of san francisco international. all 357 people onboard were searched and bomb-sniffing dogs inspected every inch of the cargo area. no threat was found. in news of the world tonight. in jerusalem a bomb exploded in a crowded bus stop today covering one woman and injuring two dozen people. this was the first such attack in jerusalem in seven years. so far no claims of responsibility.
12:11 am
but israel is blaming palestinian militants and said it would respond aggressively. and several hours after that israeli air strikes hit the gaza strip. in yemen the legislature passed a 30 day state of emergency. the president is struggling to hold on to power in the face of discontent. thousands of people held a protest. the law also gives security forces far-reaching powers of arrest and suspends the constitution. and in egypt, the stock market opened today in the first day of trading in almost two months. and in the first 16 seconds, the market fell five percent. trading was stopped for 30 minutes when it resumed, the market fell again down nine percent. analysts say there are still a lot of concerns about egypt's stability following the ouster of former president mubarak. the president of cal state east bay is changing jobs. mohamed has been selected as the new president of san jose state university. he was born in afghanistan and has made a career in higher
12:12 am
education in this country. he is expected to take over at san jose state this summer. the university is familiar to him. he served as an associate vice- president for nine years starting in 1986. she earned two academy awards for her onscreen work. but it's her work off-screen that has lot of people fondly remembering elizabeth taylor tonight. >> and we are
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12:14 am
. >> i guess all i can do is say thank you. thank you with all my heart. >> elizabeth taylor died early this morning from con guest stiff heart failure. her career spanned seven decades and 50 films. but taylor was as well known for her love life as her film work. she was married eight times
12:15 am
including twice to richard burton. she died surrounded by her family. she was 79-year-old. elizabeth taylor was also well known for her work to fight aids. paul chambers tells us what she did back in the 80s was something very few others would do. and the gay community in san francisco has never forgotten. >> reporter: she is considered hollywood royalty by many. but if the attention that she brought to hiv aids is touching many in the gay community in san francisco. >> someone like elizabeth taylor was an incredible advocate and raised hundreds of millions of dollars. and we're going to miss her. >> reporter: it may be hard for the new generation to understand the impact elizabeth taylor had on the fight against hiv/aids. she brought millions of dollars here to san francisco and also spoke at a time when no one else would. taylor began her campaign to educate the world about hiv/aids in 1985 when her good friend rock hudson was ostracized when the word got out he had the virus. >> she helped reduce the
12:16 am
discrimination. >> reporter: from 1985 to 1996 he served as the american foundation for aids research or amfar working hand-in-hand with taylor raising money for the cause. what she did back then has made a huge difference for those now living with hiv/aids. >> helping us to raise the necessary funds for basic research which, by the way, has been the basis for a number of the discoveries that have since happened. >> she used her celebrity in that very important cause at a very important moment in history. and she will be missed. >> reporter: in her later years taylor wasn't able to get out and fundraise as much as she wanted. still, her foundation provided much-needed funding for more than 25 different bay area organization many in fight against hiv/aids. paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. has a complete section on the life and work of elizabeth taylor. you will find a video, a slide show and more right there on the front page. >> developing news at this
12:17 am
hour, at miami international airport where a major fire is burning. the fire started at a fuel tank barn a good distance from the runways or terminals. one official says it is an extremely dangerous situation. firefighters are letting the tanks burn while they try to protect the other tanks nearby from catching fire. so far it appears no flights are affected. >> about 200 students, teachers and parents all marched through the district voicing opposition for cuts in education. school districts statewide face $4.5 billion in funding cuts next year if tax exemptions are not extended. they are taking part in the march and discuss their concerns. >> it is not good enough for them to fund education for all
12:18 am
of our state's children. >> they walked four blocks to mail a letter asking for the governor to keep education funding at its current level. live stormtracker 2 right now is picking up showers in the bay area. it is widely scattered. you may have had showers on your afternoon commute. but they cleared out pretty rapidly this evening. but we are loading up again. there is one teeing up offshore that is going to be wet. that is why the national weather service has issued a flood advisory starting just about the time your morning commute gets going. an urban and small stream advisories. not worried about big rivers or the big creeks even. worried about the small streams where the tide comes in a little bit see a lot of rain and see it fast. we will get pooling on the highways. urban and small stream flood advisories. not catastrophic but something you want to pay attention to, especially for your morning commute. wind advisory goes in effect at the same time. the winds coming outs of the south. of course you have the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge
12:19 am
here, the richmond and the dunbarton bridge all run east to west. the winds are coming out of the south. the bridges will be hit and a lot of issues. wind advisories from the get-go tomorrow morning especially the richmond, san raphael. i think that one will have the most trouble. you have seen this kinds of weather before but it will be a nasty commute. in the mountains the moisture is being pushed up and squeezing more rain out. in the coastal hills around scott valley where that slide and we have seen other slides, we could see three inches of rain. two and a half to with two and three quarters of inches of rain tomorrow during this evening. really wet especially in the morning hours. here comes the system i am tracking. at 7 a.m. it really gets going. from seven to noon. that's the heart of this thing. that's when the strongest winds are. that's when there is the most rain. rainfall accumulations for most of us a half an inch to an inch of rain in the heavier locations though more than
12:20 am
that. the computer model then as we go into tomorrow morning, there is the rain, wet for 7:00 a.m. wet again for 9 a.m. and then things rapidly clear out. the afternoon commute looks pretty dry. winter storm warnings stays in effect in the mountains. here is the deal, kind of the perfect storm for the morning commute. i mean that in the way you got big winds and big rain and it will hit right in the heart of it. we have seen this before, it happens. but just going to be one of those days i will tell you what bart wait a little while and go in at 10 or 10:30 if you can. just try to avoid the roadways not because you are going to get in any huge trouble. it is just going to be a slow, slow move out there around the bay area in the morning hours. it should get a lot better after lunchtime. but it is a big one. probably the most rain we have seen from any of the storms so far this month. >> this is the real deal? >> the real deal. but it should move through quick and no big flooding issues, just inconvenience on the commute. >> all right. thank you, bill. >> thank you, bill. on wall street today stocks moved modestly higher. the dow industrials gained 67
12:21 am
points. the nasdaq arrested -- added 14. a positive economic report showing strong demand for fuel, stocks out of the red and into the black. a grieving mother today called on state lawmakers to prevent other parents from losing their children the way she lost her two daughters. in 2004, 24-year-old rachel hook and her 20-year-old sister died in a crash while driving to santa cruz in a pt cruiser rented from enterprise. the car had been recalled for a defect that made it prone to fires. a witness said smoke was pouring from the engine before the girls crashed. now their mother says it is time to ban rental car companies from renting vehicles that are under a safety recall. >> companies know these defects, but continue to rent these cars to the unsuspecting public. it's criminal negligence at the highest. >> the family was awarded $15
12:22 am
million after he went prize enterprise admitted responsibility for the sister's death. another sign that solar panels are now mainstream. kb homes one of the largest home builders is adding solar palms in ten california commun
12:23 am
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12:25 am
. good evening, everybody. the calgary flames came into san jose tonight chasing a playoffs spot. and the sharks, well, they want to take over second place in the western conference. so both teams came out delivering haymakers. sharks in their home field sweaters. they got help from all four lines. scored four times in the first
12:26 am
minute. jamal myers towards the net. and mitchell scored his first two goal game. sharks rookie drew put the moves on kipersov. his first nfl goal and first nfl point. 2-2 in the first period when patrick marleau scores back-to- back goals. sharks beat calgary 6-3. san jose is just one point back of second place detroit in the western conference. they will now visit the la kings tomorrow night. not a great road trip for golden state. lost all four games but an average of 18 points. tonight in houston the warriors were victims to the rocket's red glare. didn't you used to be yao ming. rocket just two games outs of the playoffs. warriors start off with a little spurt. wright scored a career high 34 points. but golden state trailed by nine at half time and lose by 19. kevin martin makes a break. he scores 34 points. 131-112 is your final.
12:27 am
warriors have now lost six straight overall. giants open the regular season a week from tomorrow and it is very possible the closer brian wilson will not be available. wilson cut short his throwing session today after just eight minutes. he experienced what he calls recurring soreness from the side muscles that he first strained some six days ago. brian wilson said he wouldn't fight it if the giants decided to put him on the disabled list. one player said he strained his oblique because his beard is so heavy. not a scientific diagnosis. matt cane give up five runs to the angels in tempe today. bobby hits it out there. in the same first inning cody ross left the game with a strained right calf. further tested tomorrow. not a great spring when the giants are hurting like that. as also lose to the cubs. fred, thank you. >> you bet. >> our storm watch coverage
12:28 am
continues on the ktvu morning news that begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. the latest on how the windy wet conditions are affecting the morning commute. >> and our coverage also continues online at ktvu, channel 2 news. thanks so much for joining us. have a good evening, everyone. good night. >> good night. [ music ]
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