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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 24, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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you see the pictures -- another wallop, wait until you see the picture. another man takes the trial in the trial of two men accused of killing a bay area journalist. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is thursday, march 24. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> the pounding rain that drenched the bay area is finally starting to ease some budget remains vigilant on storm watch with the latest on today's gully washer. it it is our top story at seven. mark tamayo is tracking the latest conditions but we begin with john sasaki who is live in oakland. john? >> reporter: i have got good news and bad news be the good
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news is if you take a look over here that is blue sky. that is the sun poking up for a -- poking up for the first time. but 880, the northbound lanes, this traffic nightmare is still not over. those in the northbound lanes around fifth avenue, a sick alert is still in effect. the driver of this toyota have the right of a lifetime preachy hydroplaned into as much passport feet of water. >> inside the car the water went up, up, up. >> reporter: the nearest fire station was several hundred yards away on shepherd canyon.
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>> we rolled over there and so we did. we got up to the hatchback and i had them lower the shovel and i was able to open up the hatchback. >> reporter: just up the word signs of wear the water got stuck in -- he got stuck in came from. an example of the power of this rain could it took down a huge tree. speaking of clear the roadway, these workers have been running all day. this is another spot in oakland where a resident tried to clear storm drains prettier can see the water was clear up to his sides -- and you can see the water was clear to his sides. this sig alert should be cleared up in about a half-hour
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but i want to leave you with a parting shot once again, that is the sun poking out at the end of a long, stormy day. >> a flash flood warning is in effect in san mateo county and will remain in place until 730. about one hour ago, the flash flood warning on the san lorenzo river expired. the activity has been on the decrease at least on the radar. a flash flood warning until 7:30 to be will show you some activity and details closer to the immediate coastline. as we take a look at the radar there's not a lot to show you.
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there is a fairly good chance that this will expire. >> the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for the pescadero creek in san mateo county. the radar and rain gauges indicated continued moderate rainfall over the pescadero creek basin. the current stage has been hovering right around the flood stage of 12 feet with additional showers expected for about another hour. this flash flood warning is extended. the flash flood warning means that flooding is occurring or is imminent. >> be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the dangers of flooding. act quickly, move up to higher ground and do not stay in areas subject to flooding. this concludes the activation of the emergency alert system. >> this house suffered major
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damage in the storm. according to firefighters a woman barely missed being crushed. she was trapped inside but managed to get out. today's downpour caused flooding in martinez. the police department is providing sandbags. the rain nearly caused to the creeks to spill its banks. it got to within 1 inch at the top. high tide is expected at 7:13 and there may be more flooding tonight. now to marin county where the rain cascaded down hillsides and poured into homes and businesses. the water flooded a liquor store and forced shops to close their doors and pile up sandbags. saturated hillsides plan to send walls of mud sliding into some homes. the high winds also brought down trees and power lines. the treaty barely missed one of the homeowners and punch holes in the roof and ceiling of the
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house. comcast cable closed part of highway 101. a cable fell short just before 11:00. the cable came down because the utility pole and was attached to toppled over. the highway patrol says that crews cleared the road and opened to traffic shortly after 2:00. power outages range all over the bay area tonight. 3600 customers are without power and most of them are in san mateo county. a hundred more in sunnyvale, 400 in the east bay, and another 400 the north bay. in this year as the story is snow on top of snow on top of snow. ken pritchett made it to blue canyon and shows us the treacherous conditions on the road. >> reporter: this one shot tells the story. a semi truck had just exited
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interstate 80, his trailer twisted and he was stopped. it took several tries to dislodge him. the truck drivers were not alone. >> we will turn you around. >> reporter: the driver of this mercedes plowed into a snow bank, losing control on a downhill slope. >> i think he might have been going a little fast. >> reporter: there have been many spinouts accidents but that is not on. >> we had reports of a snow slide onto the freeway and hit a car up by cisco grove. >> reporter: heavy snow and strong winds caused blowing snow to the race visibility at times -- to erase visibility at times. it was a low snow, at around 2500 feet. this man is driving up and
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expects a long day. >> probably up to four or five hours at least. >> reporter: that is if the he made it before the interstate was closed. interstate 80 was shut down and remains closed. it is covered in snow with whiteout conditions. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. it is a different story at yosemite where highways are back open tonight. access was cut off due to rock slides and snow. servers should continue tomorrow and electricity restored on the weekends. you can find much more coverage including vibrator images online at click the tab on our homepage at the man accused of firing a shot that killed chauncey bailey took the witness stand today. devaughndre broussard said that he asked for a job at the now defunct your black muslim
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bakery. the prosecution is attempting to convince the jury it was because of an article that bailey was writing about the greek finances and cause bouchard a liar. >> -- about bakery finance. >> you see this as someone who says anything people want him to say if it benefits him. >> he agreed to testify against bey in exchange for a lesser sentence. across the bay in san francisco, chief scientist at the anti-doping agency took the stand today. they testified about the side effects of steroid use. the prosecution will use bowers testimony when kimberly bell testifies about changes. bond is accused of perjury for lying to a grand jury about knowingly using steroids. police are asking for the
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public's help. they say kevin henderson is out of compliance with his sex offender registration requirement and cannot locate him. henderson gave him a fake address and suggest that he may be in vallejo, napa, or the central california area. now to oakland where police arrested an engineer after he destroyed property using a baseball bat speed they say that's the man worked there and let himself in and took a bat to equipment, dressing rooms, and other items. you'll she's tell us they are open as usual -- yoshi's tell us they are open as usual. pgd has failed to hand over all documents requested by them relating to pipeline safety. regulators are conceded in
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order that would find pg&e $3 million upfront and as much as $3 million more if it does not meet the next deadline. jerry brown signed parts of the budget bill today including $14 billion in spending cuts but he signed the so-called trailer bills while the main budget bill remains on hold. the legislature passed the cuts last week to help reduce the $26 -- $26 billion deficits. it still needs to act on the two remaining pieces of the governor's plan including a special election asking voters to extend some taxes. >> i will do everything i can to get the vote before the people. if i cannot do that, i will try to make that $1 billion in cuts as gently as i can. but it will be quite disruptive and painful to most. >> the trailer bill signed today includes cuts to programs for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill, an increase of community college fees, and the deferral of $2 billion in payments for k-12
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schools. he was a family man with a successful career guns down. a new reward to crack the cold face as crack a cold case. >> still tracking some rain showers on live stormtracker 2 radar. we will highway shower chances for tomorrow and also a big wet leather pattern change developing in the five day forecast.
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>> legendary actress elizabeth taylor was laid to rest today in southern california. a private funeral service was held at forest lawn memorial
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park. the cemetery is also the final resting place for michael jackson, clark gable, and nat king cole. a public memorial service will be announced at a later date. new census numbers are out showing latino populations growing the fastest. the latino and asian populations both grew by 42%. latinos are up from just over 35 million to over 50 million in 2010. the asian population grew from 10 million to more than 14.5 million. the african-american population totaled nearly 39 million while the white population decreased by a little more than 2% to 197 million. fake driver's licenses, passports, and social security cards were found during a raid
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in san francisco that included the secret service. david stevenson learned more about the investigation into charges against those arrested. >> reporter: ktvu learned new details about the makeup -- about the rate of this theater. a secret service spokesman told us that they were under surveillance. they went inside to purchase fake driver's licenses, social security cards, and passport. >> if you have the money they did not care what purpose you have for buying these identification documents. >> reporter: a spokesman told ktvu the operation was pretty sophisticated. they california drivers licenses and social security cards were pretty good. they also seized camera equipment and money from the studio across the street that specializes in glamour shots but makes most of its money from taking id photos. >> that studio was heavily involved in the sense that it was the place where all the other covers were directed for the taking of photographs. >> reporter: no one has been
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charged and the owner wants her money and camera equipment back. >> if anyone comes in here and wants a photograph taken, you know, it is not our job to know what they are doing with their pictures. >> reporter: they are set for trial next week in san francisco county court, facing federal charges including forgery and the sale of false documents. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. nato agrees today to take over enforcement of the no-fly zone in libya. it follows talks with nato allies and the development of a military plan for nato to take on a broader role. secretary of state hillary clinton says the united emirates will be joining the coalition and will send planes to help. a deadly earthquake shook parts of southeast asia today peevey 6.8 quake was centered
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in the northeastern parts of burma. police in thailand say a woman died when a brick wall collapsed on her. the earthquake was felt hundreds of miles away in bangkok and vietnam. the earthquake was too far inland to trigger a tsunami. according to the government reports, medical reports related to ecstasy use increases 75% between 2004 and 2008. er visits number 10,220 and in 2008, almost 18,000 people were treated for medical problems caused by ecstasy. most of the patients were between 18-29 years old. a new science layoffs may be slowing. the government reports that fewer jobless applications where filed last week. it is the lowest level since july 2008. that news combined with a series of strong earnings
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reports sent the markets higher. the nasdaq rose by 38, surging nearly 1.5%. a silicon valley company is offering a reward to help crack a case that took place in its parking lots. it was 17 years ago today an engineer was shot and killed outside of clyde materials in santa clara. >> reporter: this is not laura's showing off his 18 month old daughter danielle. it helps is local but the fact that he is gone. march 44, 1994, changed her life. florez pulled into a parking lot when someone shot him in the back of the head. >> he was such a wonderful man and person and did not have the enemy in the world. >> reporter: florez was knocked from the bay area and have come
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here to go through training. >> he had torn his life by apart piece by peace. we have found absolutely nothing that points to a motive in this case. >> reporter: investigators say surveillance video shows a ford explorer near the scene. denise florez says she needs closer and so is her daughter who has1 no memory of her dad. >> she's getting rdy graduate high school and go on to college. every positive step she is taken is bittersweet. >> the family is clean for anyone who might have information to call police. an incident at reagan national airport is raising concerns about air traffic
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safety. >> the tower is apparently unmanned. nobody is answering. >> and air traffic controller working alone fell asleep early wednesday morning forcing two jetliners to get landing instructions from another control tower. the controller was suspended today and the national air traffic controllers association is blasting the government for allowing single person shifts. the weather sparked an unusual morning of the san rafael bridge. why certain vehicles were advised to turn around. rain remains on the radar tonight. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the storm. find out when the wet weather may move out of.
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>> heavy rain and high winds on the richmond san rafael bridge prompted a special advisory. the highway patrol warned high- profile trucks and recreational vehicles to stay off of that bridge. they lifted the advisory about 3:30 p.m. at a spokesman tells us there were no major incidents. meteorologist mark tamayo is here again. we have seen a major change from a few hours ago. >> the heavy downpours have shifted out of the bay area. as we do take a look at the maps right now on live
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stormtracker 2 the coverage is on the decrease. that is why the national weather service will likely pull back on the flash flood warning. still some rain showers to talk about. you can see the bulk of the action focused on parts of the east bay and also the south bay. at last check they were reporting at least some light to moderate rainfall. here's a look at some of the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. san rafael had over 2 inches of rain. nearly 3 inches of rain over here. here's the setup for tomorrow. we will have some sun, clouds, and occasional showers. there is the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. here's the approach of our next
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weather system. this will likely generate some more rain mostly for saturday morning. it will scale back on the coverage and the probability but still some chances for the second half of the weekend. finally a warming trend in the five-day forecast. here we go tomorrow morning at 7: 7:00 behind the clouds out there and some pop-up showers across the bay area at 7:00 and still scattered in nature at 12:00. once again, the possibility of a scattered thunderstorm again. temperatures for the afternoon highs only in the 50s been san jose topping around -- topping out around 58. you will see the bulk of that rain is for saturday morning. finally clearing out and warming up on monday and tuesday. the circus is in town. crews are in town setting up
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for the newest cirque du soleil show. it is about a child who retreats into the elaborate world of magic and color. that is our report. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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