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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 30, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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a medical emergency in a neighborhood. what homeowners need to know tuesday prepared. it looks like game over for cal team. how they went into extra innings to come to a possible comeback. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, march 30. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. developing news in the south bay tonight. a daring rescue. within the past hour or so a 97- year-old woman had to be evacuated from behind a landslide that lets dozens of people trapped in their homes about morgan hill. about three hours ago one of
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those residents suffered a stroke. they used a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the woman and then had to carry her 100 yards through the mud to get to a waiting ambulance. at this hour we are awaiting word on her condition. in other landslide in mountain view has forced three families out of their mobile home. they are at the sahara mobile village on the edge of stevens creek. they say that mobile homes are at risk of sliding into the creek. there are two meetings plan to help the people affected by a landslide. one meeting is taking place with another set tomorrow at noon. six homes have been yellow tagged since the coast i started movie last week. they will address questions about who will pay for the damage and the request for emergency assistance from the state. i hillside began sliding seven days ago. take a look at how different the area looked last week. many of the trees you see here
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have been removed and a lot more mud and debris has slid down the hill. they may see even more landslides, perhaps even months out. as maureen naylor reports it leaves homeowners in difficult predicaments. >> i do not know when it will stop. >> reporter: this home is lighting and a retaining wall is coming down. >> i have no land. everything is going down. >> reporter: the slides have been shallow and expected deeper slides will happen. >> we can expect bigger landslides to start moving over the next few months. if you know you are on or near existing landslides you may want to be on the lookout for unusual ground movements or strange noises and things like that. >> that is what happened on mission peak. you can see this dark area
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where it's led 3500 feet. the city is monitoring the slide but those residents have no reason to be concerned. they are worried they are living below an active landslide. >> we have not been able to give them warnings because we cannot predict when such a landslide would start moving. >> her home is located in this map we showed you earlier. where the areas represent past slides. >> this is the home that my hammer he grew up, and i may have to walk away. >> reporter: they will put out a detailed map for areas most susceptible of landslides. the maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >> these are live pictures in mountain view at the very edge
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of stevens creek. a map of landslides has forced three families out of their mobile homes and leaders say that the mobile homes themselves are risk of sliding into a creek. >> for much more coverage, you can go to a website on the homepage, -- to our website on our homepage, >> randy velarde testified that greg anderson inch injected -- injected him with steroids. eight witnesses testified about the handling of a sample that tested positive for steroids. >> it is a case in which the defense is fighting tooth and nail. they are putting on those witnesses. >> bonds is on trial for lying when he told a grand jury in 20003 he never knowingly took steroids. prosecutors will call three more witnesses before the case
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goes to the defense. cal baseball players are waiting down the hours for decision on whether they can play next season. alumni are hoping to raise enough money before tomorrow's deadline. >> reporter: we are here at the stadium. you can see that cal it baseball has posted their scheduled preview chancellor -- the chancellor says they need about 10 more million dollars and they are fighting to finish. they were practicing today and what would be there last season but behind the scenes a group of alumni, parents, and supporters are stepping up to the play and trying to raise enough money to save the baseball program. >> i have played baseball for four years at cal. >> reporter: steve gordon is one of the alumni going to bat for the team. >> we are really close to where
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the chancellor wants us to be which is $10 million. we argue thousand dollars short of that and we are trying to raise additional money. >> reporter: they are nationally ranked. >> if you look at all of the guys that have come out of there, just a bunch of phenomenal baseball players and it would be a shame if that program is gone. >> we are doing all they can to raise as much money as we can to gain reinstatement. >> reporter: he is one of the players rallying for support. >> it is like, well, could we get cut next year? >> reporter: the chancellor will take another look at the baseball team state tomorrow or friday. at the same time the men's
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gymnastic team is fighting deadlines to make more money. as for the giants and oakland ace, they have concluded. the giants won the game 2-1 and will head to los angeles to play against the dodgers. a san francisco judge dropped evidence today. a surveillance tape shows officers and treating an apartment. they claimed they were investigating the smell of marijuana. the police report claims the defendant gave verbal consent. the judge found the sequence of events does not match police
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testimony. a search ended with the arrested two robbery suspects. the woman barricaded herself in her house and when officers arrived they took off running. the search lasted for hours and police arrested two other men. a third suspect is still at large. we are getting were tonight at a possible weapon sighting at berkeley high school. berkeley police in a pair reported seeing a young man with a possible gun in his waistband on the edge of campus preserve the students were questioned by no gun was found. police have confiscated by the guns this year with the most recent incident last week. >> i wish they would have some type of security like metal detectors or something so the kids were more safe. >> there is concern over allegations that some are trying to persuade witnesses
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not to testify. the meeting begins at 7:30 at berkeley city hall. a public awareness campaign is making its debut on the silver screen. >> it is part of a 62nd spot that will be airing at more than one dozen movie theater starting tomorrow. california is considered a hub of trafficking of people for prostitution and labor. affects an estimated 12 million people. the new campaign is sponsored by san jose police, the das office, and the u.s. department of justice. a lunchtime fire gutted a boat at the marina today. it broke out just before noon. smoke bellowed from the burning boat. no one was on board the vessel at the time. no other buildings were damaged. what caused the fire is still
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under investigation. now to the san francisco sunset district where police evacuated an apartment building. the fire started around 3:30 a.m. when somebody left a stove on. people had to be treated for smoke and elation. residents were allowed back in the building just before 5:00 a.m. california's three year drought is over. hydrologists conducted their final snow survey of the year. it is at a robust 154% of average for this time of year. >> the most recent time that we had this much snow on the ground would have been 1995. >> as for the reservoirs and lakes, lake shasta is at 91%. they would contain even more water but officials have made releases to ease flood danger.
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the snow is so deep into sierras they had to pull out a rarely used piece of equipment. it is a steam driven snow plow that has not been used in the last 13 years. ace drudge of road was shut down for five days until the cloud cleared the snow -- the plow clear the snow. now that california's drought is over what does that mean for the public? do we still need to conserve? that story coming up. a landmark theater facing a wobbly future. dark days at the castro. more record warm tomorrow. it is going to be a hot one. i will tell you which areas will be the warmest.
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>> it took told truck drivers and caltrans more than three hours to clear an accident from interstate 80 today. a truck carrying oxygen tanks collided with a passenger car at around 1030 this morning. the chp says no one was injured in this crash. governor jerry brown made it official today, the drought is over. will that change the way we use water? for some water conservation is a way of life. >> reporter: he is happy that the drought is officially over and enjoys shopping. in terms of taking care of his new plants, the dry weather made it rusty. >> i did not do any laundry or any planting or anything during the end of last summer. >> reporter: how about now? >> i will have to start watering. >> reporter: some say they are
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still drawn to plants to save water and money. >> the knowledge of people being more aware of what is going on with the waters sections, it made them more aware of what they were purchasing. >> reporter: the water district is still concerned people will stop conserving so the agency launched a rebate program against homeowners up to $125 to put in water efficient washers and toilets. the same for businesses including up to $50,000 to install water saving technologies. >> broussard changes that will benefit us in the future when we do not have enough water. >> reporter: many say they will keep conserving. >> i plan to reduce my water usage another 5% this year. >> reporter: even though the drought is over? >> yes. >> reporter: the first test is when the water district will be examined the water limit --
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will reexamine the water limit. water managers gathered to launch the $320 million project that includes upgrades to the dam, a water treatment plant, and a 19-mile water pipeline. the project is expected to take four years to complete. now to the crisis in japan where new tests show radiation spreading from the damaged fukushima nuclear reactor. iodine in the seawater near that plant is more than 3000 times higher than the legal limit and the readings outside the exclusion zone are substantially higher than the levels we have seen the united nations recommend evacuation but so far they have not expanded the evacuation zone. testing at uc berkeley showed a small amount of radioactive particles have settled in the bay area. they did some tests on milk
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that showed it contained radioactive iodine. the scientists insist the amount is so small it is a risk to health. a bay area county times the list of the hottest county in the state according to the healthiness of residents by the university of, wisconsin that ranked counties nationwide and burning county is the healthiest -- and marin county is the healthiest. kansas city is a test site for the new high-speed internet service. more than 1000 cities tried out a global said that kansas city, kansas offered the opportunity to build more efficiently. company leaders say the new service called "fiber for
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communties" will be 100 times faster than broadband access. the adp employment report said 200,000 private sector jobs were created this month. analysts pointed to strong gains in small business in manufacturing as more evidence of an economic turnaround. that news helped wall street as every section in the snp 500 finish higher. the dow gained 71 points, the nasdaq rose 17. david stevenson reports on some cutbacks in the san francisco's iconic castro theatre. >> reporter: people come from thousands of miles away to enjoy the castro theater before the month of april the 89-year- old theater is cutting back. the silver screen went dark three days this month and next month it will close every monday and tuesday.
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>> in terms of the program, ticket sales are definitely declining because people can rent movies and they do not have to come to the theater. >> reporter: the owners say is in the black but the schedule change is a money-saving move aimed at managing vintage fixtures along with the need to go hundreds of seats. >> it is a large theater. there is not that much product for us to be able to maintain seven days a week. >> reporter: other single screen theaters are struggling. the movie house is hosting fundraisers and cutting back on coming attraction buyers to keep its doors open. >> obviously the economics are easier when you're working with multiple screens. at the same time, you know, their is a real value to being able to see films and neighborhoods. >> reporter: it is a handful of
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singlescreen movie theaters. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. there is a heated discussion about a new doll for little girls called breastmilk baby that comes with a halter top for girls to wear to simulate feeding a baby. the dell sells for about $120. talk about a turnaround. an effort launched today aims to benefit the community. grab the sunscreen, bill martin is warming up his forecast. >> if their is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> began today to clean up a toxic site in richmond and transform it into a community of affordable housing. it used to be home to greenhouses and industry. over the years toxic pesticides
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were dumped on plants there, contaminating the site's greatest city of richmond owns the land and a cleanup project is funded by the environmental protection agency and includes plans to build more than 200 residential units. we have our chief meteorologist bill martin here to talk about a warming trend. >> we had some records out there. we have temperatures right now in the 70s. it is currently 79 in santa rosa. lots of 60s and 70s. a beautiful day, as gasia mentioned. santa rosa got up to 85. tomorrow there will be some records as well. we may see a 90-degree reading in places like napa in santa rosa. the tree pollen is very high. tomorrow morning around 10:00
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a.m., you will notice it. the winds have started to turn around out of the north, northeast. mild overnight lows. the air will come this way and will keep temperatures in the 70s or '80s. we could see low 90s a chance for sprinkles on saturday. tomorrow will be the warmest day and then temperatures trends down because of this friday, saturday, and sunday as well. 86 out there. i have a lot of warm temperatures, we will see more records tomorrow.
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along the coast, no fog to speak of and very warm. the san francisco downtown easily into the upper 70s, low 80s. a really nice day again tomorrow. the five-day forecast, a little bit of wet in there with a slight chance of showers. temperatures start to trends down friday, saturday, and sunday. >> when it comes to purring, you might call him the cat's meow. his name is smoky and he lives in england. he is getting worldwide acclaim for his purr and is looking into whether he is a recordholder, it measures at 79
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decibels, 15 times higher than your average feline. that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues on line at and with the k2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. >> -- and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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