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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 7, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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area news at 7:00. coming up, it is winter all over again. phillip garrido enters a plea and a surprise twist in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. a landmark deal for one bay area city that could bring jobs and hundreds of new homes. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is thursday, april 7. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. wild weather in parts of the bay area asked storm cells moved across the region dumping rain and a lots of hail. in solano county, a severe thunderstorm warning was in effect until 5:15. in fairfield there was so much
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hail on the ground it looks like it has been snowing. so far there have been no reports of damage. stephanie sent us this picture of her car at the mall after hail covered it. we also received this picture where it looks like winter in a viewers's front yard. >> still quite a lot of activity on radar. you can see the coverage is pretty widespread. we still have pockets of yellows and reds showing up to the north of livermore and right around the danville area. we will gradually scaled back on the severity of the systems.
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coming up we will take a look at the shower forecast for tomorrow and changes for your weekend. a surprise today in the case of phillip garrido. there was word that he would enter a guilty plea but that did not happen. >> reporter: as usual phillip guido and his wife nancy sat in different rows accompanied by their attorneys. the conflict was between those attorney. >> who does that? who says those kinds of things. >> reporter: she took issue with nancy garridos attorney by said a guilty plea would happen today. gellman says there was no plan to plead guilty. the garridos are accused in the 1991 kidnapping of 11-year-old jaycee dugard, allegedly held captive for 18 years during
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which time phillip guido fathered jaycee's two children. >> he is disappointed, yes, that it has not been resolved. he is disappointed about that. he does not want jaycee to go through this stuff. >> reporter: attorney state jaycee dugard would be required to testify. avoiding trial is up to the defendants. >> the two of them should take responsibility into moveon. >> reporter: the judge said in august 1st trial date for the garridos and is expected to last about three weeks. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. now to the barry bonds trial with a cases in the hands of the jury. they began deliberations today after attorneys entered the
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closing arguments. prosecutors claim that bonds lied. defense says that the prosecution failed to prove their case. the jury will resume deliberation in the morning. caltrans will close several lanes of the dunbar bridge tomorrow. crews will begin installing steel plates, part of a seismic retrofit project that began last year. lane closures will be in effect until 6:00 a.m. at least one lane of traffic will remain open. muni officials say they are taking steps to fire a bus driver. the man who took the cellphone video says the driver was texting while driving the bus. the man told us he confronted the driver and warned him -- she warned him that she would
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never pick him up again. >> it is unfortunate. but honestly she should have been fired immediately after i filed the report with muni. >> officials tell us they already suspended the driver for three days but she said she'd pulled the bus over to text because of a family emergency. santa cisco police hope a surveillance video will help identify a group of teenagers accused of shooting a young man. the suspects described as boys between 13-15 years old got off the bus around 8:00 a.m. someone pulled a gun and shot an 18 year olds. he was hit in the tour so multiple times. a pivotal moment for the
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city of dublin. john sasaki is live. >> reporter: there will be a sparkly new development. the deal was done. the u.s. army traded 180 acres to the suncal development firm. >> it is a great opportunity for a. >> the development is called dublin crossing. >> there is hardly any other sites like this in the bay area. >> reporter: it will have about 1500 housing units, hotel, outdoor shopping mall, and big central park all of which will
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be in walking distance of bart. >> this will create thousands of jobs with the amount of office and square footage. >> reporter: at a shopping center comes dublin were lukewarm on the development. >> i think that particular area seems to be more of a residential area. >> i think we have enough shopping centers. >> reporter: among the projects will be a new main gate and a huge training facility, virtually guaranteeing the future for camp parks. >> we want to make these world- class training facilities for members of service. >> reporter: the groundbreaking will happen likely in the next two years or so. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama emerged from meetings and said differences remained but some
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progress was made today to appoint a government shutdown. if no deal is reached, federal government would shut down at midnight on friday. they passed a bill that would keep the government operating for one more week but it's unclear if democrats will call a vote on it. the president now says he is open to signing a short-term measure to a negotiation. >> if the federal government a shutdown, social security recipients should not have to worry about paying their bills. printed checks and direct deposit payments will continue. the status of other functions such as processing applications is uncertain because only central government employees would be allowed to show up at work. >> that decision is up to our commissioner to decide on which services if any they think are essential. >> essential employees include air traffic controllers, prison guards, and law enforcement
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officer. officials at yosemite are preparing to close the national park. a spokesman says closing all the camp grounds and trails is a complicated process. businesses outside the gates are bracing for the possibility of time without tourists. two representatives are in protest of the proposal to cut the federal budget. they say they unfairly target america's fair and unemployed -- poor and unemployed. you can stay updated on the looming shutdown. click the tab on our homepage at in oakland firefighter is hospitalized after suffering severe injuries to his head and faced. it happened yesterday afternoon. the 36 to a firefighter was
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struck by exploding debris and his injuries are not life- threatening. a woman known as simply as "mom" was laid to rest in oakland. she collected food and clothing for the needy and volunteered at schools. her casket was adorned with a black bunting to signify mourning. the radio system used by oakland firefighters and police apparently crashed today. it was just before 8:00 a.m. when the radio system went down for 90 minutes. police say they implemented a backup system, but officers say that requires them to meet at rallying points. >> it is the lifeline for us. it is critically important that
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it is operational. we are trying to be patient, but we want to make sure it is fixed. >> mayor jean quan says oakland is in the process of installing a new digital system which should be up and running sometime this summer. mc hammer let his star power to california's community colleges. on april 17 students and supporters pledge to form a human chain to raise awareness about the fiscal crisis. parents respond after the verdict is read in a case involving the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl. is a sign of the times. what we learned about the new threat level alert plan and how
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it will move from disc. severe weather across parts of the bay area. i will tell you about some changes as we go into friday.
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>> we are bringing you live pictures here. you are looking at is happening in dublin. mark tamayo will tell us about what we're seeing in the bay area. a lot of rain and clouds right now in dublin. a judge ruled that two baseball players were not liable in a lawsuit accusing them of raping a teenage girl.
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>> reporter: the woman cried outside the courthouse. her attorney made a quick statement. >> we a very proud of our client. >> reporter: it stems from an incident when this 17-year-old jane doe claims that she was gang raped. the judge and attorney general says there was not evidence for a criminal trial. one apparent blame to the media and jane doe. >> the truth prevailed in the courthouse by her actions appreciate about this all on herself. >> reporter: the jury foreperson says jurors looked at evidence from the incident not risqui pictures she posted on facebook but one said -- >> they took advantage of a
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very young girl. in that case, no, justice was not served. >> reporter: the family needed this verdict. >> we always knew he was completely innocent and waited for the day he would be exonerated. >> reporter: the district attorney lacked a legal door open saying he would review the case and make his own decision within six months. robber honda, ktvu channel 2 news. a strong earthquake shook mexico today. the 6.5 quake was centered around mexico city. it's weighed buildings for several seconds, near the epicenter an elementary school was evacuated. less than 20 minutes ago we learned two people have died as a result of another powerful
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earthquake in japan peevey 7.1 temblor was centered off the coast of the miyagi prefecture. 132 people were injured and at the usgs says this was the strongest aftershock since the 9.0 earthquake. there was a tsunami warning but it was lifted. that news initially shook up wall street but stocks did manage to recover by the end of the day. nasdaq was off by three. to top pg&e executives are resigning -- two top pg&e executives are resigning. they will step down at the end of the month with more than $3 million in severance. san jose is getting a new
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grocery store. it will open a supermarket on south bascom avenue. the market closed in february after being in business for 63 years. after the new store opens in large ago a remodel and expansion. today we learned more about the new alert system that will include two major social media outlets. maureen naylor learned about when it will start and how it's going to work. >> reporter: inside this internet cafe, 29-year-old carrie arnold prefers fashion blog to facebook. >> i am not on facebook or twitter but my friends or family are. >> reporter: a few tables away -- >> i think it is a bunch of crap. >> this woman hates the idea.
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>> it makes people more afraid. >> reporter: the online alerts are part of the new plan to replace the color-coded alert system with two threat levels: elevated and emanates. the government will use facebook and twitter accounts where users can opt to receive the alerts. facebook says it has more than 500 active users, half of whom whole -- who log on daily. >> if they have my phone number they can text me or something. >> reporter: the homeland security department released a statement saying in part the plan is not final as they finalize the plan that meets everyone's needs but remain on track to implement the system later this month career told
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this old system will change april 26. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland trailed 1-0 going into the eighth inning but they beat the blue jays 2-1. there road trip takes them to minnesota tomorrow to play the twins. there's a buzz in the air around san francisco's at&t park tonight. businesses are getting ready for the home opener. the world series championship flag will be race tomorrow. the cardinals provide the opposition and fans are being told to arrive early. the latest spring snowfall makes it look more like the middle of winter. what is 22 traffic and the latest conditions. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the storms and he will tell us which places expect rain tonight.
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>> i am sure you heard that april showers bring may flowers.
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the sprinkles did not seem too big of a problem for these people. we also took some pictures for you up in the sierra's were snow hit the lower elevations. they were spinouts and other problems on interstate 80. it prompted emergency crews to stop traffic for about one hour. meteorologist mark tamayo has been tracking this pretty wild weather. >> in april you can see some strange weather pattern showing up. the clouds begin up and some pretty strong thunderstorms right now. we still have quite a bit of activity out there. especially right around the livermore area as they come in really close here out towards portola avenue. we still have some showers and
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a pretty impressive thunderstorm in the livermore area right now. here's the plan for tonight and tomorrow morning. i will show you the forecast model coming up in a little bit. but for tomorrow morning get ready for a cold start. san francisco, 45 and san jose right around 40 degrees. here is a winter like storm that dropped into northern california and this will be heading to the south. an area of low pressure heading to the south of the bay area. chilly overnight lows. we will have to hold onto the chance of a few showers. the highest chance will be in the south bay. still some what unsettled for the weekend. here is your forecast. we will hold onto a
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thunderstorm chance between now and 10:00. at 10:00, some scattered clouds out there. not a lot of rainfall to show you. tomorrow, the giants home opener you can see partly cloudy skies with temperatures on the cool side. the warmest locations, right around the 60-degree mark. a look ahead at your five-day forecast, it looks pretty good. saturday morning off to a cold start with increasing clouds by sunday and a slight chance for sprinkles sunday morning. san francisco's popular bison herd may be expanding. they were a 1984 gets to the city by a dianne feinstein's
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husband. they want to double the herd and diagrams to buy seven more bison -- a grant to buy seven more bison. >> that is a report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelain. our coverage continues online at and with 10: >> "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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