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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 21, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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o was with the a's in '09, the solo shot the games only run. and the a's with a whole lot of nothing tonight. 1-0 the loss in seattle. what would you do if you went into the bank to open a money market account and buster posey strolls in handing out tickets. >> i would not scream, but i'd be delighted and i'd take the tickets. >> would you get an autograph? >> i'm not a big autograph gal, maybe a picture. >> what's better than coming across an atm in the tender loin? seeing buster in the bank. this before the giants faced the team he grew up watching. >> i think they've been excited. they were pretty excited when we had our home opener a week or so ago, but we're playing pretty good ball right now, everybody's getting into the groove of the season. >> don't forget, tomorrow night, it's right here on nbc bay area the giants hosting those braves
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for the first time since last postseason. our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. join us. >> i bank at wells beemp mhirs membephiasas h hts i privileges.
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all.
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i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. ts here you go, your warning from you go to bed. the line at starbucks tomorrow will be long, most likely.
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two words. free coffee. >> that will do it. >> that will get a lot of people in. starbucks will serve free coffee or tea, to anyone who brings in a travel mug. it's all part of their earth day celebration. tomorrow is earth day? >> it certainly is. last year starbucks held a similar promotion, more than 1 million people showed up. if you don't have your own reuseable mug, starbucks is willing to sell you one at 20% off. >> and for equal time i believe pete's is doak a similar promotion. i'm not sure of the exact details, i'm not sure if it's free or discounted. >> in the morning or all day. >> don't skugs those questions.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the number one movie "limitless," bradley cooper, 13-year-old internet sensation rebecca black, the music of duran duran
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and jim norton at spring break. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you, gentlemen. welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. [ cheers and applause ] well, folks, here is an unbelievable story. you may have seen this on the news. in las vegas, the deputy
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district attorney -- the district attorney -- the one who prosecuted paris hilton and bruno mars for possession of cocaine -- you remember that? yeah? -- has been arrested for buying cocaine as much as four times a a week from a crack dealer. [ laughter ] the d.a.! unbelievable. but see, the law is very clear. i mean, if you're gonna do massive amounts of coke and flaunt the law and try to get away with it, you better have a a hit tv show, buddy. [ laughter ] that's right. you better have a hit tv show. oh, and speaking of that -- [ cheers and applause ] cbs which now stands for "come back sheen!" [ laughter ] cbs now talking -- [ cheers and applause ] they're reportedly in talks to bring charlie sheen back to "two and a half men." they want to get him back and do it. see that? finally, good behavior gets rewarded. [ laughter ] you see? there you go. >> rickey: yeah. [ applause ] >> jay: let me ask you something.
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how do you think this makes lindsay lohan feel? [ laughter ] she can't get high for anything. apparently, her problem was she just wasn't partying hard enough. that's the thing. [ laughter ] more coke, that's the trick. [ applause ] anyway, so charlie is now talking to the network. isn't that unbelievable? but see, charlie knows how to negotiate with tv executives. as you know, he's had a lot of experience dealing with whores. [ audience oohs ] [ laughter and applause ] [ rim shot ] so he knows. he knows. he knows. he knows how they think. well, according to a test in the new issue of "newsweek," 73% of americans can't say why we fought the cold war. which sounds bad, until you realize no one in the white house can't explain why we're fighting the libyan war. okay? so, i think -- i wouldn't blame the american people. [ applause ] we know more about president obama's basketball picks than we do about his libya plan right now. [ laughter ] you know, i noticed something.
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dennis kucinich, he is all upset about this, congressman dennis kucinich. he is very mad at president obama. and he looks mad. but he looks like somebody when he's mad. here, show that -- show that tape. >> in fact, ohio congressman dennis kucinich suggests it's an impeachable offense. and congressman kucinich -- [ laughter ] >> jay: see how mad he looks? i'm thinking, you know who he looks like? show that picture. yes! [ laughter ] the angry elf. yes! hey, do you see the footage of france's jet fighters bombing tanks in libya? god, those planes look brand new. it's like they've almost never been used before. [ laughter ] all that french stuff, so shiny. anyway, the u.n. coalition troops are doing a great job in libya, but there are some countries like colombia last night -- remember, colombia's not in the coalition, germany is not in the coalition. see, i don't think their army
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was good enough to get in. you know? i guess they sent in their army demo tape -- their audition tape. [ light laughter ] here's the tape they sent to the u.n. watch this guy. this guy's going to throw a a smoke grenade. he is going to throw a smoke grenade at the enemy. here we go. throw the smoke grenade bomb. [ laughter ] okay. there you go. all right. thank you. thank you. yeah. good. and house minority leader nancy pelosi is recovering after fainting while on a trip to italy. she's fine. she's fine. the good news, there is no tightness in her chest, just tightness in her face, forehead -- [ laughter ] other than that, she's okay. [ cheers and applause ] and sarah palin visiting israel. how about that? as if the jews have not suffered enough. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] sarah palin.
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and to make her feel at home, she went up in a helicopter and shot a camel. so, it was kind of -- [ laughter ] in fact, someone asked sarah palin what she thought about the west bank, and she said "you know, i use wells fargo. i don't know anything about them." [ laughter ] in fact, when she saw the wailing wall she asked the israelis "wow, you have trouble with people from mexico sneaking into your country, too?" [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] well, here's the interesting part. you know, sarah palin canceled her scheduled trip to bethlehem, which of course is the birthplace of jesus. see, at the last minute, she realized there was no proof jesus was actually born there, because he never produced a a birth certificate. [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's what it was. no birth certificate. anyway, the beautiful actress julianne moore will portray sarah palin in an hbo movie about the 2008 election. you know, julianne, she's fantastic. she's one of these method
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actors. you know? to get ready for the part to play sarah, she is going to get a lobotomy. [ laughter ] that will help her get into the role a little bit better. [ cheers and applause ] and president obama is in chile, to which congresswoman michele bachmann said, "try their baby back ribs. they're unbelievable." ♪ my baby back, baby back ♪ anyway, president obama receiving harsh criticism for touring south america while our country is facing difficult times. he's getting a lot of grief about this. "inside edition" did a -- did you see the president? does he look like he's having too much fun down there? here. you be the judge. take a look. >> reporter: president obama is facing some tough criticism today for heading to rio de janeiro. >> reporter: president obama shows off his soccer skills, but the commander-in-chief is now coming under fire for his fun and games in south america. [ laughter ] >> jay: that's crazy.
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that's crazy. what is that? too much. that was too much fun. and gadhafi, gadhafi also being criticized by his people for being distracted in the middle of a war. did you see what gadhafi was doing today? show that footage from that -- ♪ friday, friday partying, partying partying, partying fun, fun, fun, fun ♪ ♪ looking forward to the weekend ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: well, here's a happy story. it's being reported that house speaker john boehner's daughter got married over the weekend. huh? john boehner giving away his daughter. how much crying went on at that?! [ laughter ] oh, my god. there's a first. a republican giving something away. does that ever -- [ laughter ] well, fox news is now reporting
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that north korea is advising its citizens to use their pets as early warning systems for earthquakes. in fact, north korea's new slogan -- "poodles. they're not just for dinner anymore." [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] north korea! north korea! our enemy! not the lovely people of south korea. that would be north korea. well, did you all enjoy the super moon we had this past weekend? [ cheers and applause ] it was unbelievable. >> rickey: yeah. >> jay: the moon was actually closer to earth this weekend than gary busey's been since 1994. [ laughter ] amazing. ah. and police in sweden raided a a home full of guns and found a a guitar that was made out of a a working shotgun. a shotgun that was also a a guitar. that's a country music fan. okay? that is a country music fan. [ laughter ] even more frightening, they found a semiautomatic ukulele. that is even more dangerous. [ laughter ]
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well, a south carolina legislator has introduced a a bill that would make it illegal for prison inmates to use facebook. i guess they figure they're supposed to be doing time, not wasting it. and sammy hagar. you know sammy. >> rickey: yeah. >> jay: sammy now claims -- you hear about this? sammy claims in his new book he was once abducted by aliens from another planet. turns out, whole mix-up. it was a big mistake. the aliens thought they were getting david lee roth. [ laughter ] and they realized -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and what happened with chris brown this morning? you hear about this? you guys hear about this? >> rickey: yeah. >> jay: smashing a window? i don't know what this was. chris brown smashed a window in his dressing room on "good morning america" today. yes, smashed a window. you know, usually, when you see something smashed on morning tv, it's kathie lee and hoda. [ laughter ] i'm surprised. i was stunned. i was stunned by that. oh, i love this story. these are the kind of stories --
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the fbi now says they are investigating major porn sites on the internet. investigating. oh, please. every guy says that. [ laughter ] "honey, i'm investigating here!" [ laughter ] "i'm not looking at porn." [ laughter ] "i'm investigating! sweetie, i'm on the computer." [ cheers and applause ] i am very excited. from the number one movie -- bradley cooper, on the show tonight. bradley cooper. [ cheers and applause ] have you seen this -- yes. have you seen "limitless?" how many have seen the film? it's really, really good. it's about a guy who takes a a pill that enables him to do anything. he can play concert piano. he learns languages, speaks italian, he beats wall street, makes money. just by taking this pill. and today, charlie sheen called bradley and said, "try snorting it. it's even better." [ audience ohs ] [ laughter and applause ] folks, we'll be right back with
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jim norton at spring break and bradley cooper. [ cheers and applause ] say hello to rickey and "the tonight show" band. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ this felt like the smartest car. when ford swaps your ride, you tend to talk about it. mallory, you were driving a what? honda accord. now you're in a...? ford fusion. my gas mileage is awesome. cuz i'm always in the car and driving everywhere. mallory, mallory... bit of a hugger. i really like finding things along my route. find shoe stores. sync: 'destination shoe store.' you guys must be fun to ride around with. swap your ride and get a fuel-efficient ford fusion with 0% financing plus $500 cash back. we're going shoe shopping today.
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darker side of green. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you, guys. nice job. thank you, gentlemen. folks we have terrific show tonight. he stars in the movie "limitless" bradley cooper is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and we'll meet the 8th grader from orange county, california, who has become the most talked about person on the internet. she sang a song "friday" which has been viewed over 35 million times. rebecca black will join us, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] and a special performance from duran duran. [ cheers and applause ] and tomorrow night, we got a a good show tomorrow night. a true television legend, carol -- carol burnett will be here tomorrow night. i'm so excited about that. also this week, academy award-winner jennifer hudson
12:03 am
and from "dancing with the stars" kirstie alley. [ cheers and applause ] did you see her last night? wasn't she unbelievable? she did a great job. [ applause ] all right. now, we love having the next guy on the show. i just got his new cd. it's called "despicable." ladies and gentleman, please welcome the delightfully whimsical jim norton. jim, come on out. ♪ [ applause ] >> jay: it's an honor. good to see you. guess you buy them a little long. when you wash them they shrink up. >> i'm a short guy. >> jay: yeah. yeah. so tell me, what's going on? what have you been up to? >> honestly, with the world in such disarray, i've been a a little depressed. >> jay: really. really? why -- why? this is the comedy segment. you're supposed to do comedy. [ laughter ] >> i know, i know. but, you know i know but i kind of wanted to talk to america's young people to see what we could do to straighten out this great country. i think they're our greatest resource. >> all right, jay. we're here at panama city, florida, at spring break!
12:04 am
[ cheers ] ♪ what are your names ladies. >> aviana. >> hi aviana. >> i'm lamaria. >> hi lamaria, where are you from? >> mt. olivia, georgia. >> and how would you fix the housing crisis? >> the housing crisis, in panama? >> what housing crisis? >> anywhere. >> build more. >> build more houses. make them more expensive. >> yeah. >> and build up. >> make them more expensive. that's right. so the people that can't afford them now can really not afford them. [ laughter ] i like the way you look at things. what's your name, buddy? >> chris gouch. >> hey chris, where you from? >> minnesota. >> minnesota. now, is this your first spring break? >> this is my first spring break. >> you enjoying it? >> oh, loving it. >> what are we going to do about gadhafi? >> gadhafi. i don't even know who that is. [ laughter ] >> it's an venereal disease. >> oh, you get tested for that at planned parenthood. [ laughter ] >> i've had syphilis once and gadhafi twice. >> how do you think your generation can help us in the future? we're kind of in a mess right
12:05 am
now. the state of the world is not good. >> well, you know, just go to school and keep it real. >> you hear keep it real, jay. [ laughter ] keep it real and you can save the world. what do you think we can do as a country to avert disasters in the fman" the musical? [ laughter ] >> i would honestly have to say first off it's all about "batman." >> i think the message is, keep it real, and it's all about batman. [ laughter ] ♪ hi, jay. we're standing here with -- >> rachel. >> hi, rachel. what happened to your voice? >> i've been screaming a lot. >> you've been screaming a lot? >> yes, i have. >> well, everybody knows we weren't hooking up. why were you screaming so much? >> anything basically just going woo! the whole [ bleep ] time. so -- >> oh, we can't -- >> am i not allowed to say that on tv? >> yeah, they have a weird thing about that language on nbc. >> i won't say that anymore then. >> okay. scream for jay leno. >> woo! >> scream for jim norton. that's me. >> woo!
12:06 am
>> scream as if i just walked into your apartment. >> ah! [ laughter ] >> decidedly different. how would you broker peace in the middle east? >> how would i what? >> broker peace in the middle east. >> broke or peace in the middle -- >> how would you help fix the middle east? >> i don't know what's wrong with the middle -- where's the middle east? >> the middle east is kind of -- you go to jersey and you make a a right and you go about 8,000 miles. we're standing here with what's your name? >> tony. >> you know the country's in trouble so we're kind of talking to guys in your generation. what do you think you could possibly do to help us get back on our feet? >> man, it's all about education really. stay focused. go to school. >> how would you broker peace in the middle east? >> i feel the problem in the middle east, they don't have enough women. [ laughter ] >> not enough women. >> not enough women. i see like a hella-dudes, if you can say that on camera. >> yeah. they've got a hella-dudes. they need more women. you know?
12:07 am
take the turbans off and all that stuff. expose the, you know, let the women be seen. >> the way women are here. >> yes. >> you think we should ship some of these chicks over there? >> we got -- we got plenty. they need some. >> we're here with, what is your name? >> macy matthew. >> your generation is the future. we are going to rely on you. what qualifies do you think, you, macy, as a person, to help us out in the future. >> well, i'm going to go into occupational therapy, maybe physical therapy. >> and how would you take care of me when i got older? >> you know, i'd make you breakfast in bed. give you massages that are satisfying, and i don't know. [ laughter ] anything you want me to do, but -- >> nothing inappropriate. >> right. exactly. >> anything, but exactly what i would want. [ laughter ] what would you do to make sure housing is taken care of for anybody? >> you know what? there are homeless people out there but then there's fake homeless people you know? >> i hate the fake homeless people! [ laughter ] >> i know. that is so wrong. >> nothing i dislike more than
12:08 am
a fake homeless guy. i'm in love with you. >> the real homeless people, i do feel bad for them. they deserve -- because most of them they are good people. they deserve a good home. >> please don't ignore the fact that i just said i was in love with you. that really was hurtful. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> no, nbc! >> nbc! nbc! nbc! nbc! >> now, std! std! std! ♪ >> oh, i think his hand went in. so where are you ladies from? >> alabama. >> alabama. what brings you to spring break? >> just to have a good time. >> that's why i'm here, too. what do you like about spring break? >> i like coming here dancing.
12:09 am
>> are you a good dancer? >> i am. i'm an exotic dancer. >> what's that? >> an exotic dancer. >> oh, she's an exotic dancer. i'm surprised you don't recognize me. i probably paid for your house. would you show me some moves? i'll be the pole. >> sure. ♪ >> all and all jay, i think these spring breakers are just good kids blowing off a little steam. and as far as the future is concerned, i'm terrified. ♪ >> all righty. jim norton. thank you, buddy. be right back with bradley cooper right after this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you, gentlemen. all righty, my first guest is a a very popular and talented actor starring "limitless," the number one movie in the country. i thought it was really good. i really enjoyed this film. before he comes out, take a a look at some of his past work. he's been in some great movies.
12:14 am
♪ >> here we go! hit me! hit me! >> booyah! >> big tree fall hard, right? >> you want to bet on it? >> three -- i'll bet you a bag of pretzels. >> okay. >> five, four, three, two -- oh, there it is. >> okay. all right, that was a a coincidence. >> she's so hot -- and we both hate you. so that just sort of helps, huh? [ screaming ] >> good morning! >> hey! >> now's the party. >> hey, you, pretty boy. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, now it's real simple. all you got to do is point, aim, and shoot. all right? >> okay. you don't really want to do this. >> you can do this. just focus. >> don't listen to this maniac. let's think this thing through. >> finish him! >> oh! [ screaming ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: please welcome bradley cooper! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:15 am
>> jay: congratulations on having a number one movie. that's pretty cool. >> it is cool, yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: yeah, yeah. let me ask you something. >> yeah. >> jay: are you on these -- are you on pins and needles? do you pay attention to the box office? do you get updates every like four minutes? >> you know, i try not to, but with the internet, it's almost impossible not to. there's this website i'm sure you guys know called rotten tomatoes? >> jay: oh, sure. >> see, though -- yeah. >> jay: yeah, yeah. >> yeah and they're -- they just make it even worse. because how they rank -- they basically -- it is a collective of all the reviews and they put a little -- beautiful little fresh tomato next to the movie if it's -- if it's freshly reviewed. >> jay: right. >> and then a squashed tomato. >> jay: oh. >> so, i spent the weekend talking to my buddy tucker. he's like, "are we squashed?" see? [ laughter ] >> jay: so you don't look at it yourself.
12:16 am
>> no, i do. he's calling me. >> jay: oh, he's calling you. oh, okay. >> i'm the one looking at it and every couple hours i'm on i'm going -- and all i'm wanting is this beautiful little beautiful fresh tomato next to the -- [ laughter ] it's just very pathetic. fresh tomatoes. >> we did. we got a lot of -- >> jay: you got a lot of fresh tomatoes. >> but actually it was on this -- that if it's 60% -- >> jay: yeah. >> -- favorable then your tomato is ripe and it becomes fresh. >> jay: oh, i see. rotten. so we were hovering. we were like 58. and i -- i said, "i think it's going to be fresh." >> jay: right. >> i have a good feeling about it. >> jay: so, do you read reviews? you one of those guys? do you underline? >> jay: no. >> but again, this -- i'm like harping on this website. they give little blurbs of each -- of each article luring >> just a line or two. >> jay: yeah. >> and just wanting you to go full article. >> jay: now, tell me, what affects you more, a good review i swear. >> jay: you don't read the good ones? >> no, no. it's all about the -- >> jay: why?
12:17 am
>> 'cause, i'm sick jay. >> jay: well, i know. [ laughter ] is that like -- >> -- problem. >> jay: -- an actor disease? why do you -- >> jay: so if someone says, "this is the most wonderful movie and most terrific actor," that's nothing? but someone that said, you know, "i don't understand even -- forget reviews. like people that you think that they think maybe they're giving you a compliment but they're not really.- he was like, "hey, man, it was so good to see you in this movie." he was like, "you're an actor, actually." i was like, "oh. on to say, like he was like -- it was so good because, "hey, man, remember that show 'alias' you did? you mumbled all the time. [ laughter ] >> so wow, thanks, man. >> jay: i know -- you know, i've got boxes full of those. my favorite is still mr. leno's head looks like a piece of urban folk art. and i went -- [ laughter ] i mean, how can i -- ? >> kind of wonderful, i think. >> jay: i mean, you can't change the shape of your head. you know? when i go out. >> folk art -- >> jay: yeah. i mean, it's not like -- >> that guy's thought about this a lot actually.
12:18 am
was a big movie guy, right? >> huge. >> jay: yeah. >> yeah, huge. but -- but and again, oddly, the choo cf1 o he -- that he you know, exposed me to -- you know, when i was like -- 10, i remember when we went to see "e.t." and i was like, that's all because i was so obsessed with these adult films. >> jay: oh, he would take you to that. not adult-adult. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> no, of course. [ laughter ] >> jay: no, that's -- very creepy. like what kind? >> well, visit him in jail. >> jay: like what kind of movies would you go to? >> well, like, you know, "deer hunter." >> jay: "deer hunter." how old were you when he took was like videotape or something. but it was like, you know, i was like 12, 13. >> jay: right, okay. >> he's like this wedding >> and "the deer hunter" -- nothing happens, but i was like completely enthralled with it 'cause i think i wi. >> it was like i couldn't wait to be an adult. >> jay: see i was the same way. to me, i never bought -- >> really? >> jay: -- yeah. >> oh, forget it. >> jay: and all my friends are going by in cars, this was like a nightmare.
12:19 am
>> yeah. >> jay: i just want to get rid >> jay: yeah, exactly. exactly. my dad had no -- when i was in high school, my father had no conception of anything. as a gif you know, i meant dad, my mother -- you know, well dad -- >> great. >> jay: i'll take this every day. >> the women will love it. >> jay: oh, my dad -- i'll take this every day. now i got to ask you. i know you did "failure to launch" and i know you worhat's right. >> jay: -- in bangkok. right? >> yeah, yeah. i've worked with crystal. >> jay: crystal -- is that the monkey's name? yeah. i've worked with her twice now. >> jay: okay. >> yeah, she plays a drug dealing monkey in "the hangover part two." >> which uh -- >> jay: a drug dealing monkey. >> a drug dealing monkey. yeah, yeah, yeah. very versatile. she's very versatile. and now, she's a drug dealing monkey. >> jay: do you sense that the animal knows you when you go back on set? >> i like to think so. but, everybody actually fell in love with her. >> jay: yeah. >> i mean everybody felt like they had a little bit of an ownersh actually. >> jay: who was harder to
12:20 am
train? >> that sounded weird, didn't it? >> jay: yes. [ laughter ] >> that was a little cree o which was -- [ laughter ] >> don't bring up terry bradshaw. >> jay: which was more difficult? >> i fell in love with te- he's the greatest -- although i grew up hating him because i'm an eagles fan -- >> jay: oh, okay. >> -- and he's steelers. pyeah, but i just found him to be so infectious. he's a great guy. and we -- we used to hang out. i got to say, terry doesn't call me back. [ audience aws ] well, you know. >> i don't know what i did. so, terry, if you're -- if you're out there, terry, call me mack, me back, man. infected a lot of people. that's terry bradshaw. more with bradley when we come back right after this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: welcome back. we're talking with bradley cooper. "limitless" is the number one film in the country. >> fans are amazing. >> jay: huh? yeah, they're good. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] they do a great job. tell people what the film is about. >> the film is about -- well, it poses the question what would you do if you could take a drug that could open up all of your brain?
12:25 am
so, basically, i play this guy eddie morra who is a writer, who has a book contract. it was cool when he was 25 and he had it. he was living in the east village, but now he's 35 and he hasn't written a word. and we meet him on the day when his girlfriend breaks up with him, and he's about to get evicted from his apartment and he runs into his wife's -- ex-wife's brother who says, "how you doing?" "i'm not doing so great." he goes, "i have this drug. it's fda approved. it'll help you focus." he takes it -- "oh, what the hell. let me take it." takes it. and then, all of a sudden, he can remember anything he's ever seen, heard, tasted, touched, for whatever he wants. he writes the book in four days and then he's like, "what am i going to do?" >> jay: right. >> and so -- and you don't doing all this stuff. and then he meets robert de niro's character, carl van loon, and then everything gets crazy. >> jay: so would you in real f1 thing? >> yes, absolutely. >> jay: really? wow? [ applause ] you may have already taken it. >> i'm on it, jay. >> jay: wow. it. >> jay: really? >> i would take it. well, you wouldn't take it?
12:26 am
>> jay: no, i don't think i would. personality. if i start doing something, then i would take it every day. >> but if you have an addictive personality, you can lie to [ laughter ] >> i know, but you can lie to yourself. >> jay: i know, but i eat potato chips. i know that doesn't work, you a second. if i said to you that you could -- anything you've ever seen you can access like that in a a second. you're telling me : i -- i don't know. >> i'm like a drug dealer. i'm like "jay -- jay listen to me." [ laughter ] >> jay: i mean, is the -- okay. is t yes. >> jay: the first one is free? >> yeah, i'll give it to you. >> jay: this seems like a hell of a -- i would be a fool not to take it. i'll do that. now, tell me about working with de niro. did you know him before? did you have any relationship with him? >> jay: 'cause you had taken the drug. >> he came to the school i was at and i asked him a question. when i was in grad school. and then i put myself on tape for a movie -- to play his son. he met me for that. all of these things he never remembered. >> jay: right, right. >> and then -- and then when we were trying to get him to do
12:27 am
the movie, i met him, and i actually -- you know, it was like i was studying for oral exam. i mean, i like i read the book and i pitched him this idea of >> but being on set with him was a different story. >> jay: yeah. >> and the oddest thing is all i cared about was -- we were shooting in philadelphia, and -- which is my hometown. and he would -- like the first day, i remember he said, "bradley, what's the -- they have mozzarella here?" and i was like, "yeah, bob. do you need mozzarella?" okay, okay. so, i just -- it was like my mission to get him the best balled mozzarella -- >> -- every day, and he found the best and he would send it back to me. so like i'd send him one, and have to eat all the food that's given to you. so i would just eat the whole thing. i thought i'd eat the whole thi so i ate so much mozzarella. i can never see a ball of mozzarella again in my life. i was like, "bob, it was great. it was great. please tell him not to bring any more mozzarella." >> jay: at least you don't get bound up for the film. that's good. [ laughter ] >> exactly. great thing to do before a
12:28 am
a scene. just eat a bunch of you know -- >> jay: you know, when you meet him, you wind up -- you have to do him all the time. >> well, i mean, i -- [ laughter ] >> jay: you just do that. >> you're right. >> jay: yeah. >> you're right. you're right. but, but, i did it unconsciously. that's worse. i wouldn't know i was doing it and i did it for months afterwards actually. but -- but i tried not to. >> jay: yeah. >> i tried not to. but it is. it's infectious. >> jay: yeah -- no, no. >> yeah. it's more like -- yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jay: now -- now, i'm told you do a good owen wilson. is that correct? could you do owen? [ imitates owen wilson ] >> "well, you know, jay, it's like, i really love the movie." [ laughter ] >> jay: wow, wow. wow, that's very good. [ cheers and applause ] i think you took the pill. i think you took the pill let's -- show a scene from "limitless." i loved it. i thought it was -- >> oh, thank you. >> jay: -- it's a great thriller. >> jay: it's a lot of fun. and you don't know where it's going. what is this scene we're going to see? >> i think this is when he
12:29 am
he's about to get yelled at by his landlord's wife and the drug is coming on. >> jay: oh, yeah, yeah. he is a deadbeat before this. >> yeah, and this is, >> jay: take a look. "limitless." ♪ >> in the end, how much worse could it get? ♪ [ radio static ] i was blind, but now i see. something wrong with law school? >> how do you know i'm in law school? >> people who aren't usually don't carry around dry academically constipated books about a dead supreme court justice. >> you're a creep, aren't you? >> no, i just noticed the book. >> you just saw the corner of it. how do you know that? >> i've seen it before 12 years ago in college. if you're writing a paper, that's not the book i'd use. >> who asked you? >> hastings has his oral history. i'd start there. interesting point, grammatically, this guy was an idiot, which sort of gives credence to the theory that of the clerks he had fired actually wrote most of this guy's major opinions. if you google the clerk's sons, they'd love to talk to you, exonerate their dad. that gives you something that no one else has. information from the a


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