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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 26, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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hazmat teams were called in, workers evacuated. a dark day for san jose, hundreds of jobs being illuminated. a warning for millions of video gamers. a security breach puts millions of credit card numbers at risk. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, april 26. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. bosporus gas is being blamed for an explosion today that forced the evacuation of a high-tech company in sonoma county. the accident happened at agilent technologies. it is our top story at 7:00. jana katsuyama is live with continuing coverage. >> reporter: gasia, we now know
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the name of the worker who was injured. this is the building he was injured, building one. the building was evacuated and workers tell me it was scary. a chemical explosion set off fire alarms around 10:30 a.m. hazmat crews were called in and they evacuated the building. many heard the blast. >> it was really loud to we felt on the floor. >> reporter: were you scared? >> yeah. >> reporter: the explosion happened when two maintenance workers were cleaning lab equipment. >> the equipment is used for production of integrated circuits. that equipment needs to be maintained and cleaned.
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>> reporter: one worker received severe burns on his face and torso. fire crews had to rescue him and the other had at mild injuries. >> i am kind of shocked that something happened really. >> reporter: some workers say maintenance crews to clean machines that have dangerous materials. >> they go in in oxygen suits. >> reporter: employers were sent home and about 20% were said to kaiser for medical checkups. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. rohnert park police are asking for help identifying two
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people on surveillance tape. this surveillance video is from a convenience store. the video was taken last friday morning. a few hours later the body of kevin crass was found in the parking lot of the best western hotel. police say the woman is kimberly mornay christian. police say christian was seen driving a car that left the hotel parking lot. oakland police are trying to track down a gunman who shot and killed two people. officials identified the two men. they are 27-year-old bill jenkins and 22-year-old adam williams of san leandro. williams worked for after school enrichment program. >> he was always smiling. he had a general love for kids. i cannot think of a number of times he put his arm around a kid or found some way to pump
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them up instead of tear them down. >> for other people were injured, two of them critically. the gunman opened fire after trying to rob him of the victims in front of the crowd. continuing coverage of a story we brought to you in the morning news. a victim was killed last night . they say 262 of david johnson was shot trying to protect his girlfriend. another man was arrested and remains in custody tonight. he has been in the hospital for two weeks and no one knows his name. san francisco general has released its photo, hoping someone will recognize the man.
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a man is latino, five -- 5-4" and 154 pounds. san jose is cutting 104 positions. 230 workers will be demoted or bump other people out of jobs due to seniority. they layoffs will take effect july 1st. >> i do not know how i am going to explain to them. how am i going to pay my mortgage? how are we going to happen on the table? >> if workers agree to a pay cut some jobs may be saved. the state comptroller published payroll records today. the data comes from more than 500 districts including parks, water, and fire protection.
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it all stems from the celery scandal. the fourth and final phase will be published online in june. first it was cell phones and vehicles. now governor jerry brown says stopped taking work-related trips. it is the latest in a series of cash leaving moves. trips considered essential will have to be reviewed and approved. a bay area projects as they may run out of funds. they tell supporters they have shut down its field of radio transmitters due to budget cuts. city managers say they need by million dollars to operate the facility for the next two years. a legislative committee has approved a bill to take over state parks threatened
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foreclosure. if the bill passes local governments or private contractors would get a chance to run individual parks. a democratic congressman is visiting a south a church to talk about immigration and the power of the latino votes. it is an increasingly important voting bloc. >> reporter: he began his tour in the bay area to he demanded the obama administration stop deporting immigrants. >> we have a broken immigration system and it has a destructive effect on our families. >> reporter: the group handed out fliers encouraging children of immigrants registered to vote. 6.6 million voted, up from the 5.6 million in 20006. researchers attribute the growth to young latinos.
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>> we are still underrepresented in the boating community that we should put our boats out there so we can get our community covered. >> reporter: the director says while latino voter turnout has increased, they still lag behind. >> they are more than one third of the population but less than 20% of voters. >> reporter: the republican stance on immigration has latinos leaning democratic and that is why our reach and other key party issues is key. >> reporter: congressman gutierrez plans visits in several cities over the next two days. a water main break has
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flooded streets near the oakland coliseum at this hour. it is just east of the coliseum bart station. the water has come up to the vendors of parked cars. a 12-inch water main is leaking. the utility says they will take to the pipe and make repairs. right now the san francisco board of supervisors is discussing a controversial plan to install hundreds of new communication boxes about the city. they want to install 786 boxes that would provide a service upgrade and give residents an option for telephone service and high-speed internet. neighborhood groups complained that it could result in a major eyesore. we should find out in 30 days if the decision to ban circumcision in san francisco will be on the november ballot. the city department of elections says signatures were submitted that need to be
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verified. he says he has more than 12,000 signatures, 7100 are needed to put the proposal on about. the bay area professional football team remains in limbo tonight. no players were in sight today at 49er headquarters in santa clara and the same was true at the raiders training camp. the nfl has banned all workouts until the court rules on an appeal. the league has asked for a stay, ending the lockout. >> nobody knows quite what to do. are they breaking any laws? also they do not want to get anybody angry. >> they are preparing for the college draft. they may select players but may not hold practices. it is a massive security breach. sony is sounded an alert
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tonight that affects playstation network users. the compromised information includes names, birth dates, addresses, usernames, passwords, and more. sony said so far there is no evidence that credit card information was taken but it cannot rule out that possibility. a small earthquake jolted people in sonoma today. the earthquake registered at 3.9 and was centered 25 miles northwest of santa rosa. record high coffee prices are getting coffee drinkers a jolt at cash register. is anybody changing there had a? >> find out how one city is trying to rig drivers of dangerous road conditions. >> outside our doors, mostly blue and a little brisk. we'll take a look at your current conditions and a slight cool down expected for your
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wednesday, coming up.
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>> people who live in southern and central, arkansas, are bracing for another round of severe weather tonight. the governor toured the area yesterday. officials say 10 people died in the storm. your morning cup of joe could be more expensive. the wholesale price of coffee beans has more than doubled over the past year. >> reporter: the price of wholesale coffee is the highest it has been for decades. >> we are in a precarious supply and demand position. there is plenty of coffee out there but it is pretty tight.
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>> reporter: demand for higher quality coffee is catching up to demand here. couple that with the weakening dollar and you have record high prices. >> this row right here is probably valued at about $200,000. >> reporter: as prices go up, the cost is passed along to clients. retailers say while most customers do notice price increases, some are willing to pay whatever it takes. >> i had raise my prices twice in about four years, and they still come back every day. >> reporter: most say they have no plans to stop drinking it. >> what i am going to do, i am going to have to redo my budget so i can afford it. >> it is a necessity for me. >> i can deal with it. doesn't impact me? not really. >> reporter: prices can go up
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anywhere from $0.25 to $1 per pound. parents will be spending more to keep their babies clean and dry. procter and gamble announced a price increase for diverse and baby -- diapers and baby wipes. the world's largest online retailer posted quarterly profits at $201 million, a 33% drop. amazon says the decline was due to spending in technology. overall revenue grew for the quarter. the company expects that trend to continue. now to wall street.
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the dow industrials gained 115 points. the nasdaq gained 21. bay area facebook users, you probably noticed a new offering on the website today. the social networking site is offering discounts for local businesses on friends that -- things that friends can do tomorrow. you can find more, click the tab on our homepage at a new android smartphone app is coming under fire. this dog wars app allows users to train, raise, and fight dogs pay michael vick calls for android to drop the app. the company says that the proceeds will go to an animal
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rescue group. the city is going after property owners holding them accountable. they say that the properties become crime magnets be they say that the bank needs to be responsible for blighted homes. there will be a thousand dollar a day fine for every day goes untapped. with the rainy season behind it, there is an assault on potholes which are in some cases dangerous to drivers. >> which street does not have pot holes on a? >> reporter: this area of the city is on pot hole blitz throughout may.
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>> they are working hard. >> reporter: it leads to erosion of safety and handling not to mention it is costly for everybody and even more so for high-profile brands and tires. >> if you call them and notify them, they try to get somebody out there. >> reporter: today a consul woman begs residents to be a pothole patrol. >> this is the worst rainy season that we have had in my memory and the potholes are significant. >> i noticed that it has been getting better. i think it is going to take some time. the public works agency dance for million dollars -- gets $4 million a year. >> we have to repair 4000-5000 potholes a year.
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>> to or a pothole call 615- 5566. priority goes to the worst street crater. police are cutting down on distracted driving. people on the peninsula found that out today. officers were out in force all day. this happened in belmonts. as of 5:00 police had written 25 tickets. a new law would bump the price up to more than $300. carl lewis was ruled not eligible to run for state senate in new jersey today. he failed to meet a four year residency requirements. she ordered was his name removed from the democratic primary ballots. his attorneys say he will
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appeal the decision. you might say flower power is returning to the bay area. why in this case it is taking some serious human power. meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us which parts of the bay area will be the warmest tomorrow. >> do not forget you can watch all of our newscasts on your computer, including bay area news at 7:00. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> rainbow flag that flies in san francisco's castro district is becoming something of a lightning rod for controversy. the castro merchants groups said that they could not fly the flag at half staff. meteorologist rosemary orozco joins us now. we liked warm and we will get even more than that. >> are weekend looking pretty fabulous. we are cooling down and we are a little bit breezy out there. giving you a live look at the oakland estuary. take a look at all of those boats there. the wind is blowing to 20 miles
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per hour. concord at 60 degrees. checking in right about 55-59 in oakland. a look at your satellite view here, this ridge of high pressure now impacting us in a good way, of course. this is storm track will spill a few high clouds into our area. tomorrow will be similar to what we felt like today. we couldn't see breezy conditions at times. high clouds. widespread 60s in the forecast. especially along the coast it could be a tad cooler. overnight lows are going to be similar to what we had last night. it will be chilly in santa
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rosa. san jose looking at 45. your afternoon highs, back into the 60s. 69 in concord. sliding into the areas right around fremont. 67 degrees expected around san jose. midweek wednesday is going to be nice and breezy. thursday, very similar. boy do we he rebounds nicely into the weekend. 72 degrees expected. if you have plans for the outdoors, we are shaping up nicely. upper 70s expected saturday into sunday. >> thank you, rosemary. it took a train and some workers in hard hats to set up a flower sculpture made of
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steel going up on market street. the exhibit was paid for by a grant from the national endowment for the arts. installation should be complete by tomorrow and the sculpture will be on display until november. >> that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. keep in mind our coverage continues online at and we have our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv36.
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