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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 2, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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stars and stripes flying above highway 24. just one example of how this nation is taking note of an enemy defeated. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we are following a new flurry of details about a commando raid. we've learned 79 members of
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navy seals team six carries out the raid. besides killing osama bin laden they seized dvds. documents that could give an inside. >> i think we can all agree, this is a good day. >> reporter: and a good day for america. mr.obama's decision to launch this supersecret operation was a gutsy call and it was a nail biter. the president and advisors watched audio and video of the 40 minute mission in realtime. one helicopter failed, a fire fight. officials say they tracked one of osama bin laden's trusted couriers to this walled
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compound. take a look at the photo to the left in 2004. there was no compound. now take a look at this in 2005. the compound's located 30 miles north of islamabad and less than a mile from the pakistani equivalent of west point. navy seals found osama bin laden in this bedroom shot him once in the head and once in the chest. someone shouted gkya, code forgeronimo taken down. dna test later confirmed osama bin laden finally was dead. rita williams, ktvu channel 2
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news. the president and others have noted the bravery of the navy seals credited with taken out osama bin laden. we spoke to a former seal, he told us the team built a mock up of the target in a secret compound and practiced for two weeks. we also talked with a retired army come they are who colonel who says osama bin laden likely had very little warning. >> probably some what surprised by the time he figured out what would happen. i would guess we had people on the ground before they became aware there was a raid. >> reporter: so who are those military member who is get the call to carry out a secretive black ops mission. the. american officials stress they made every effort to treat osama bin laden's body in accordance with islamic beliefs. osama bin laden's body was washed, wrapped in a white sheet and put into a weighted
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bag. an islamic speaker then read remarks and was placed into the islamic sea. here in the u.s. and oversea, there are questions, those are people who are questioning whether osama bin laden was really killed. skeptics say the burial at sea heightens their concerns there there are no remains to verify the claims. tonight the white house says its weighing the pros and cons of releasing photos of osama bin laden's body. any photos could be gruesome, there are fears such photos could inflamejihadists. and lloyd lacuesta is at
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the memorial at union city, where family members of soldiers lost told them that never goes away. >> reporter: someone has left this piece of paper with a message justice is served. >> reporter: this is a place of reflection. each stone has a mirror. and tonight there was a reflection of the face of a family member. >> if i could say anything to jason right now. i would say, tell them how much we miss him. >> reporter: hidrech was a nephew of doll. doll died because of osama bin laden. >> i came here to reflect and, and i'm glad you know i'm glad that he's just not out there anymore. >> reporter: jason doll grew up in san jose, he went to grade school and high school there and graduated from san jose state. >> we really miss him.
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our whole family misses him. his son got married about a year and a half ago and he wasn't there for that. and that was hard. it was really hard. >> reporter: this memorial honors heros who fought back and prevented a fourth airplane from crashing into the white house and u.s. capital. hilta marsa was a passenger. >> i think it was better, because for a trial we would be sitting here nine years from now for a trial. so at least it's closure. >> as much as i want to see osama bin laden captured, it's not going to bring back all of these people, all of these brave people. >> reporter: in september, family members will gather in the pennsylvania field where their loved ones died to observe the tenth anniversary of a day they wish never happened.
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lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama plans to go to new york city on thursday and visit ground zero. he will also meet with family members of the victims. people like chundra epps who felt need to visit ground zero. >> she says as a christian she cannot celebrate osama bin laden's death. others at ground zero say the news was bittersweet because it doesn't bring back their loved ones. news of osama bin laden's death sparked a wave of celebration that traveled coast to coast. one of >> reporter: the demonstrators and american flags are gone now. but earlier, dozens of east bay commuters had a chance to express their feelings over the death of osama bin laden. motorists sounded their approval tonight over the
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evening commute. over a thousand people said they felt compelled to be here including a former new york firefighters. >> i lost so many days that day and i have so many friends who have died since that it's hard for me to put it into perspective. >> reporter: while some had a more sedate reaction. others were joyful. boisterous demonstrators gathered outside the white house. >> this is one of the greatest days of my life. >> reporter: in iowa university students flooded the streets to show their jubilation. at ohio state university, students plunged into mirror lake, something usually held out for championship celebrations. during the phillies game, people got the news on their
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cell phones. people gather near the home of president george w. bush to get support for the man who pledged osama bin laden would eventually be brought to justice. in a flight at north carolina, passengers got the word from the pilots. >> it was an air strike by u.s. forces. >> i'm happy that we are safer because of it. but then you look to the future, this is chapter one and there's going to be a lot of chapters in this story. >> that is what government officials and terrorism experts are telling us, the long ordeal to eliminate the threat posed by osama bin laden is over but the threat of terrorism has not gone away. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. after last night's celebrations in new york, and washington reaction today seemed more subdued. one vietnam veteran we talked to today says experiencing war firsthand he saw no reason to cheer. >> i don't think i would be involved in a celebration. having taken a human life.
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i think he got what he had coming. >> reporter: that vet said he wished there was an alternative to as he said taking a life but sometimes there's no choice. u.s. intelligence officials say they believe a new osama bin laden propaganda tape may be about to surface. it is not clear tonight whether officials believe the proported tape was in the works when osama bin laden was killed or whether it was made specifically to air after his death. there are some concerns that if a tape is released it could be a powerful call from the grave to his followers for attacks against the west. has much more on the deaths of osama bin laden. including a special section with more illustrations of that compound in pakistan. just look for the osama bin laden tab. our coverage continues throughout the hour at 10:30 the elite team responsible for the raid and how it happened. plus reaction from bay area muslims, why some say killing osama bin laden accomplished little. also stepped up security in the bay area, what's being done
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should there be any al-qaida retaliation. and temperatures dropped off about 10 degrees today in some areas. as we go into the next 24 to 36 hours, a bill warm up. i'll show you which cities could reach 80 degrees and even 90 degrees. working for the church and tonight charged with ripping off
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tonight oakland police say they arrested a man in connection with a shooting in the city. you can see with their handguns drawn, they were able to search homes one by one. tonight charges have been filed against three people for embezzling more than half a million dollars from a church in danville. heather holmes live in danville with details on this scam, heather. >> reporter: frank for more than eight months now, police have been trying to connect the dots between hundreds of thousands of missing church
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dollars and late today this announcement. detailing those three arrests including the arrest of two church employees. as parishners preyed and gave, a devious scheme was being put together from the office. kathleen dake is accused of writing checks to the tune of $250,000. >> there's no excuse for it. particularly when they are put in the position of trust and honor. and trust and honor was violated and that's sad. >> reporter: the investigation began when the pastor noticed financial irregularities and brought in an outside accounting firm. >> that is when it became clear
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that it was a bigger problem than they had suspected. >> reporter: diocese officials say the thefts had been going or for year. the three used the money to support their upscale lifestyles, such as expenses associated with dake's two story house with a pool in black hawk now up for sale. >> lower income and higher lifestyle the two don't go together. >> reporter: i just checked and both dake and luke and martinez remain in jail. all of them facing embezzlement charges and a scandal that has rocked this church. i'm heather holmes, ktv you u channel 2 news. a pleasanton woman was arrested involving a student visa fraud scheme. officials raided tri valley university. prosecutors say the university was basically a scam to get visas for foreign students. officials say 90% of the students are indian nationals.
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sue is accused of money laundering totaling more than $3 million. tri-valley university closed in march. a napa state hospital patient accused of killing an employee will file a murder charge. charges against massey was filed in court. massey strangled 50-year-old gross in october of last year. as we reported several times recently, the number of attacks of patients on employees has increased. pg & e says they have to replace meters because they run too fast and inflate electric bills. pg & e started calling customers today. there are about 2 million of the meters you see in this video. a reminder tonight for
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those who drive big riggs. now there are multi axel vehicle, get ready to pay more. tolls for three axel vehicles will go up to $10.50. the amount goes up with vehicles with higher axels. on the north gate the increase will be higher. the authority the considering a proposal to retool existing caltrain tracks to make them appropriate for high speed trains. in doing so on two tracks from san francisco to san jose would cost about $2 million. building new tracks to run the same distance would cost $6 million. as a cost saving measure,
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chief greg suhr has made two assistant chiefs into deputy chiefs. that means their pay will be cut by $35,000. the chief refused a cost of living increase. thousands of law enforcement officers went to sacramento today for the 35th annual california peace officers memorial. they came together to honor the 14 officers who lost their lives last year. 11 of them died in the line of duty. the ceremony also honors their families. >> and we join you not just in remembering these 14 men but in celebrating them and their lives. they represent the best of california. a flag was laid at the peace officers memorial. governor jerry brown signed the bill that created it during his
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first term in 1976. it's designed to honor all the officers who have died in the line of duty since california became a state back in 1850. from the sierra comes some promising news about the state's water supply. the water resources department took its final measurements today in south lake tahoe. and across the state the snow pack stands at 144% of average. this year's snow pack measurements signal the wettest winter since 1955. a clear reminder today for california's to repair for wildfire season. this fire started off the coast of los angeles. when we last checked it had burned at least 30 acres and briefly threatened a yacht club. homeowners should clear brush and make sure they have an evacuation plan. it was cooler today, we had
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strong winds out there. right now i've got live buoy reading. this is the golden gate bridge. here is the richmond district in the beach of san francisco. earlier today those winds were blowing 10 miles per hour. the winds are dying down. it's going to be very cool overnight in the north bay. 43 in santa rosa. 4r5 in vallejo. -- 45 in vallejo. but cool in the next few days. we're going to see warmer daytime highs tomorrow and wednesday. tomorrow temperature forecast for the noontime you're going to see lots of 70s. right along the coast you're looking for 50. some 80s start to pop up. it's going to be warmer still as we head into the weekend. i'll give you specific numbers for your neighborhood. we'll see you back here. the last of the cal sports team slated to be eliminated has been saved. the school announced today the men's gymnastic team's program
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has the necessary funding. it's one of four sports that the school plans to eliminate. women's gymnastics, lacrosse were all saverred. the baseball team came up with the money it needed. thick black smoke that could be seen for miles. the investigation into a powerful explosion today and the truck driver who
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calosha investigators are expected to visit an asphalt plant following an explosion and fire this afternoon. the explosion happened about 2:30 at granite rock just off of highway 101. the explosion prompted a ship shelter in place in the surrounding area for nearly an
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hour and a half. the fire sent up a thick plume of heavy black smoke. the fire marshal says that smoke is potentially hazardous. a truck driver who was waiting for his rig to be loaded when that blast happened. >> flames all over my truck. >> i had my window up. that's why the flames didn't get me. because i had my window all the way up. so i saw flames around my truck. >> reporter: the truck driver says he was able to gun his engine and get out of harms way before he was hurt. new at 10:00 tonight, a series of armed robberies and break-ins all happening in san francisco's upscale marina neighborhood. and tonight people are saying enough is enough. amber lee live in the city where there was a commercial community meeting. >> reporter: on webster and lombart, this is a sign that asks for information that took place in this property. it's about a dozen of so break- ins in this neighborhood over
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the past month. >> there's a cash reward. i know we've been broken into a couple of times in the last month. >> reporter: wendy wilbanck tells us she lives and works in the neighborhood. >> what did they take? >> computer, keys to homes which is superscary. >> reporter: the series of break-ins include susy bakery and williams sonoma. both incidents occurred during broad daylight and during work hours. troy organized today's meeting to stop what she calls a crime wave. >> trying to get everybody aware to start taking care of each other, getting alert. watching out the windows. >> reporter: alex feldman told us his business has been broken into twice. in response he has installed surveillance cameras both inside and outside his shop. he advises other merchants to
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do the same. >> in most of these cases they've been breaking in through back doors or a small window. you know going in for cash. >> reporter: police are urging merchants and residents to be alert and keep valuables out of sight. >> if you're doing something to protect yourself, your business, your property better than the next guy, the person is going to keep walking and go on to an easier mark. >> reporter: investigators think it's a different person responsible for the armed robbery. so far there's been no arrests. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the family of injured giant fan bryan stow is reporting a positive sign tonight, he's snoring. and they say the snoring is like music to their ears. if he remains stable, doctors say stow could be moved from the los angeles hospital to one closer to his home in santa cruz. meantime police are still
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searching for the two men who attacked stow outside of dodger stadium. they are especially trained and considered the elite of the elite. inside the commando group that killed osama bin laden. she wants open fire on
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osama bin laden is dead but who fired the fatal shot. the public may never know as jana katsuyama discovered navy seal team six is an elite and secret group that operates in the shadows. >> reporter: as the nation celebrates the end of osama bin laden, the names of team six
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remains secret. part of an elite group that hardly comes out of the shadows. navy seals have to pass the military's most grueling training with physical exertion that pushes the body and mind to its limits. >> we ran a four hour day, most of that you were freezing cold. >> reporter: there are an estimated 2,400 seals that often operates in teams throughout the world and are on stand by through the most dangerous missions. >> it's the black ops when someone goes in on a particular mission to kill someone, body snatch them on blow them up. >> reporter: team six is the elite of the elite. it is this group that raided osama bin laden's compound with
12:01 am
precision. even though one helicopter malfunctioned and had to be -- >> you don't want other people to know who's part of team seal six. >> men who have done their job with courage and who will never likely be named or receive glory in public. jana katsuyama, channel two news. and the reaction varied at a mosque in san francisco. mostly say the world is better off without osama bin laden. some question whether the u.s. should have killed him and suggested he should have been capture and put on trial. several people also said osama bin laden was not considered a muslim leader by most members of their faith. >> justice has been done. you know so many innocent people got killed with also the bad name that he is giving to islam. >> reporter: link tv also in san francisco monitors
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broadcast in the arab world. most of the coverage welcomed the news of osama bin laden's death. one man noted osama bin laden killed more muslims than westerners. robert honda spoke to several bay area parents -- >> reporter: barber put balloons up and celebrated the work of osama bin laden's death. her son is in the navy. >> i know he's safer but i don't know how long. i'm being optimistic. >> our men and women that are out in afghanistan, in iraq in other countries they are at risk. they've got a bigger target on their back now. >> reporter: karen is also glad osama bin laden is gone but she says she and other military
12:03 am
families can't rejoice. her son was killed seven years ago. >> i remember when they found hussein and he said, we got him. >> reporter: diane thinks travis is celebrating a mission established. >> travis believed they needed to help to settle this and get some democracy and things in the countries across the seas. and i believe that he is really rejoying. i do. >> reporter: the end of osama bin laden comes at the start of military appreciate month with many bay area events planned to honor military families and their loved ones. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the fall out from osama bin laden's death can be seen at bay area airports and public transportation systems. our crew found a very visible police presence at san
12:04 am
francisco international airport today. a deputy police chief told us extra officers are being brought in to provide a sense of security to travelers. what we're doing is making sure all our officers are out in uniform. out in more of the public area here. just to let them know it's a safe area to travel and a safe area to be in. >> the fbi said today there are no specific threats related to the death of osama bin laden. fans attended tonight's lakers second round play off game in los angeles also saw increased security. police dogs and more officers were present. fans were screened with metal detector wands and bags and purses checks. the nba ordered the security changes for the rest of the season. newspapers may have summed
12:05 am
it up best. the daily news quoted rot in hell in its front page. the san francisco examiner proclaimed the butcher of 9/11 is dead. and stocks sent higher at the opening bell, those claims evaporated by midday. the nasdaq was off nine, the dow closed down three. the airline completed a billion dollars purchase of air tran today. southwest gets air tran's hub in atlanta and establishes itself at washington reagan's national airport. no word whether southwest will drop bag fees. the security breech of its play station network has led to sony taking down it's online pc gaming service. the company found the undisclosed problem while investigating the breech and took down it site. it was not due to a second
12:06 am
attack. the play station network breach compromised the personal data of 77 million users. they are built in america, but are still in short supply. when a shortage could effect some of the most popular cars on the road. we have a chance for some 90 degrees readings in the bay area. i'll show you which day and which cities. ♪
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illinois governor got under way today. he faces 20 charges involving corruption and bribery. in his previous trial rod blagojevich was convicted on just one count of 24. observers said jurors may have found the case too complicated. this time prosecutors plan to keep it simple. the controversy over president obama's birthplace isn't over yet. some southern californians went to court today, they are suing to have him removed from officer. the opponents contend the president has a lifelong pattern of covering up his foreign origins. today they went to an appeal court to see if if the judge would overturn a previous file. gadhafi more his wife was
12:10 am
seen at the funeral of his son and grandchildren. today is holocaust memorial day and israelis paid tribute to the 6 million jews who died in the holocaust. families told stories about relatives lost during world war ii. and in china, smokers are trying to get accustomed to a new smoking ban that bans smoking indoors. about 20% of the population or 300 million people in china smoke. some medical experts are not sure how effective this ban will be. smoking is linked to at least a million deaths in china per year. for the first time in five years, chrysler is making a profit again. the auto maker reported today it earned $116 million.
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the ceo is call cautious saying it's just one quarter and there's many more to go. honda is warning people to expect shortages this summer. honda builds the civic and crv in north america but computer chips and sensors come from japan. the shortages will also affect other models. the federal government is offering money to sonoma county to clear the river. today several were out on the water assessing what needs to be removed. they found abandoned boats, barges, and assorted debris. >> it's a source of navigational hazard for the
12:12 am
boaters who go up and down the petaluma river. some of it is just ugly. >> reporter: the clean up is set to stretch up the river from highway 37 to the city of petaluma. if woman she was caring for
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12:14 am
no license, no permit. ktvu investigates why just anyone can work as a care giver in california. as allie rasmus shows us it
12:15 am
cost one woman her life. >> reporter: the family of carlin walked out of court avenue watching the jury convict this woman, 57-year-old diane waruck of second degree murder. waruck was the woman they hired to take care of their loved one without knowing their past. diane warick bent through hospital demanding prescription drugs and firing a gun. the victim was 70-year-old mary scanlin found stabbed to death. warick was scanlin's home care giver. >> she was telling neighbors about her living situation. she referred to the victim as her roommate. >> reporter: after the stand off at national state hospital, warick was deemed not guilty and released in 2002. >> she was released out on the
12:16 am
street after two years. >> reporter: warick then went to work as a care giver. >> the family she was working with had no idea what her background was. >> reporter: agencies will screen candidates but many people are going online to find care givers without agency help. an experts warn there are risks. >> one of the fastest growing industries for years has been home health care and in fact, we have even heard of parolees being told before parol, this is a good business to get into because you don't have to disclose your background. >> reporter: investigators looked at hundreds of adds on craigslist. they found five of the people had criminal records. if you are hiring a care giver on your own, by right you have
12:17 am
a right to request a background check. the california department of justice will run a check on prints. >> anyone that has had an arrest in the state of california in ten plus years would come back as a hit on this. >> reporter: they cost under $100. but very few californians request those checks from the state. so far this year no one has. when we asked contra costa sheriff they didn't even know about it. in napa county they take care of the background check for you. it's the only city in the state that requires a background check. >> it's very unlikely that the victim in this case would have suffered you know losing her life. >> in 99.9% of the people you hire are absolutely wonderful. if you've done your home work. >> she says there are things you can do to vet candidates on
12:18 am
your own. >> we check whether people have a driver's license. you also want to google a person. you know you have no idea you know what you might find just by using the internet. >> reporter: a google search would have turned up news articles on warick's troubled past. but this time there's very little chance she will ever work as a care giver again. warick was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for the murder of scanlin. the supreme court rejury excusedded an appeal -- rejected an appeal today by catholics and supervisors. a suit by catholics say their religious rights were violated. labeda is now a cardinal at the
12:19 am
vatican. a federal appeals court up held alameda's ban on gun shows. their attorney said they hasn't decided how they will proceed. and welcome back, the winds have died down a bit tonight and they are shifting direction. that means a warm up. temperatures today were cooler because of a strong westerly wind. we'll go out to the alameda valley. you have gusts to 11 and you have push to the island to 9 miles per hour. so cut in half from where they were earlier. the direction is changing. that's the key to the forecast the next 48 hours. that directional change in the wind. the last few days the wind has been straight on shore. temperatures came down. that's right off the water, the cooler water is running 55 degrees right now. temperatures in san francisco down 10 to 13 degrees. tomorrow with the wind shift,
12:20 am
temperatures are going to come up a good five to 10 degrees in some places. the jet stream is north. that's where the storm track stays. the flow around the high is like this. look at where we are. here we are. there's the flow, that's the optional flow. we have a high in this position. the winds are going to go that way. that takes the cool air, pushes it away from the coast and warms us up. we could see 70s as we head into the weekend. today was cooler, tomorrow warmer and wednesday will be the warmest day of the week with those offshore winds. temperatures along the coast as i mentioned the 70s. mid-70s in se the avenues of san francisco and 90 degrees out in livermore and morgan hill. one of the warmest days we've seen this year. with that in mind early spring or late middle spring the you will, the tree pollens are trending very high. these are trends, these aren't
12:21 am
really forecasts. so mullberry, elm and sycamore high. forecast highs tomorrow for your tuesday, warmer than today. but they'll be encouraged by temperatures on wednesday. so lots of 70s tomorrowment gilroy 79. take these temperatures and add 7 degrees for your forecasts on wednesday. good garden weather. no rain in that forecast. patchy coastal fog late tonight early tomorrow. then your weekend looks like it's going to be pretty nice. >> just a great week all along. >> thank you, bill. concerns over salmonella led to a recall of grape tomatoes today. the cherry tomatoes were lot code dw-h. they were
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it's not yet 11:00, but you've already missed last call at the eagle tavern.
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the leather bar shut its doors after 30 years in busyness. in the past two weeks, supporters tried to rally support and save the bar. no luck. the property owner is said to have other plans. all right mark is here now with sports. a's have a little winning streak. >> the giants are no longer the automatic lead at this point. and the so called over stock coliseum over populated on game days. if the a's go at it as they did this past weekends against the defending champs they will come. they will see a good brand of baseball being played. based loaded, conner jackson with a beautiful diving catch. but it is a sacrifice fly that puts the rangers in front. beautiful grab there by jackson. 8th inning, rangers led 8-3 when josh willingham, hit the sweet part of the bat right
12:26 am
there. we're tied at four out of the 10th inning. and the bases loaded but come through mcclutch, down on strikes to end it. then on the first pitch of the bottom of the tenth by darren oliver it is gone. and daisuke matsuzaka 5-4 and plenty of a crowd to greet him at the plate. at this point it's hard to figure out if the giants are facing masterful pitching at the mound. back in the nation's capital it is a somber occasion. military night at the military park. madison baumgartner looked very good. but he gets jerry harrison on strike. he pitched beautifully until the seventh when ramos
12:27 am
groundered to third. miguel tejada well they call that a base hit. i don't know. that's an e or in a lot of people's book. with two outs it all came unglued. and washington adds another. giants with only three hits all night. they lose again 2-0. man you can go a long time before you see the lakers blow one like they did tonight. they led by as many as 16 in the second half, kobe had it going on most of the night. 36 points for him. but the mavs finished with a 10- 2 run. nowitzki hits the free throw. with three seconds left, the lakers have a great shot. watch kobe get a good look at it for the win. he misses. and there it is. the mavs win it 96-94 back east the bulls better know atlanta is for real. joe jackson is 3-4. and that is
12:28 am
the sporting life for a monday night. giants with some major issues right now. but it's early. as they always say. >> a's over .500. all right. >> be sure to join the ktvu mortgage news. it begins at 4:30. they will be follow
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