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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 3, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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the windshield of a police car is popped mark with bullet holes after a man opens fire in contra costa county. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. just moments ago, a man was arrested. the shooting followed a short chase this evening near atlantic and railroad avenue.
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incredibly the officer wasn't hurt. amber lee live at the scene telling us what she learned and what's happening right now, amber. >> reporter: at the atlantic strip mall where there's a strong sense of relief. several officers have pulled up telling us it's been a peaceful surrender. and behind me there is still a very active scene. police tell us they tried to stop the driver of this sedan. a brief char chase followed -- a brief car chase followed ending behind a chase bank. we're told the officer was not hit, people in the area describe a chaotic scene. >> reporter: what was going through your mind when you saw it? >> i was just shocked. >> why was that.
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>> all i saw was police cars flying. >> reporter: and intense man hunt followed. police conducted an aerial search using both an airplane and a helicopter. at the same time, officers brought in dogs to comb the area. neighbors say someone shooting at a police officer is disturbing. one says police has a good relationship with young people in the area. >> it surprised me, because police as far as i know they try to talk to the younger people and get them off the street and find things for them to do. >> reporter: again just a few minutes ago, the suspected gunman surrendered to police peacefully after information led police to a home just a few blocks from here. that's the latest from here reporting live in pittsburg, amber lee. in this case the car collided with a car carrying a woman and two children. it happened about 3:45 this afternoon. the woman driving the second
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car was taken to the hospital. police say her injuries are not life threatening. the two children were shaken but not hurt. the search came up empty but police tell us they do know who they're looking for. the white house has revised one part of its official response of the killing of osama bin laden. the white house says that osama bin laden was unarmed when he was shot and killed. osama bin laden did make some threatening moves. with a fire fight under way. navy seals made a split second decision to open fire. today it was a tourist attraction. some pakistani officials said the million dollars compound where osama bin laden was killed might be torn down. for now it's padlocked and sealed, local police keeping forward. but where were they since the complex was built six years ago. >> reporter: are you happy that
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he's been killed. >> yes i am happy because the peace is very important for us. >> reporter: neighbors say expensive cars sometimes arrived late at night. causing them to think drug dealers, smugglers or gold merchants might have lived there. but time and speculation stopped here at 2:20 a.m. pakistani time yesterday morning. that's when u.s. officials say, navy seals helicoptered in and in a fire fight killed osama bin laden and two others. then seals came face to face with the al-qaida leaders and one of his wives. >> he did resist. osama bin laden's wife rushed the u.s. assaulter and was shot in the leg but not killed. osama bin laden was then shot and killed. he was not armed. >> reporter: the seals left with osama bin laden's body, computers and files. they left behind 23 children, nine women and a helicopter they detonated after it
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reportedly malfunctioned. today as marijuana grew outside the compound walls. pakistani children proudly collected chopper parts as souvenirs. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 channel 2 news. today officials warned that a website claiming to have photos photos of a dead osama bin laden is being used to spread a virus. the u.s. says it is debating whether it will release photos of osama bin laden's corpse. it may inflame anti u.s. sentiment. ktvu's ken wayne is live in oakland tonight with the debate, ken. >> reporter: the pictures are said to be very graphic. perhaps showing part of osama bin laden's head blown off. the white house is debating the ramifications of having those kind of gruesome images transmitted around the world. a fake picture of a osama
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bin laden made its way into some oversea newspapers and online before it was determined to be a hoax. there's no doubt strong demand for a picture but there's questions about it being made public. >> i'm sure the concern of the photos themselves, it could in fact, be used to try to develop the revengeful nature of what al-qaida is all about. >> they are within a rock and a hard place. >> reporter: tom wayne teaches photography. >> i am one who believes in openness. >> reporter: photos are described with images of his face with a massive open wound between both eyes. some say the picture will provide proof osama bin laden is dead. >> like those conspiracy theorists in any kind of
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situation like this, but i think it would help. >> reporter: ken light has faced that controversy. a picture he took of john kerry was altered with john fonda added in. it became a campaign controversy. >> they still want to see the picture, even if they say we have dna. >> if they say it's a graphic picture. i don't have a problem with that, you have the option to turn away. >> reporter: the white house says a picture will be released, but when has not been determined. former president george w. bush will not accompany president obama to ground zero. president obama plans to meet
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with families of 9/11 victims on thursday. the navy seals and cia operatives are similar to but not exactly like this black hawk helicopter. today a national guard helicopter pilot showed us similar features. the helicopters have high tech instruments and are souped up aircrafts. >> the team is probably just sitting back there getting ready to go. >> reporter: one of the choppers used sunday had a mechanical failure, so the team destroyed it from letting any sensitive equipment from getting into the wrong hands. and we'll have continuing coverage throughout the hour. the big bounce president obama has received in his approval rating. experts weigh in on how long it will last. plus relations with pakistan, lawmakers wonder how its government could not have
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known where osama bin laden was hiding. those stories at 10:30. the prosecution of the chauncey bailey trial rested its case today. the defense will begin tomorrow. attorneys representing yusuf bey iv and mackey say they plan to call a few witnesses in the morning. bey and mackey are accused of murdering bailey. closing arguments could begin as soon as next week. it appears california is unlikely to resume executions any time this year. according to the los angeles times, the state corrections department is seeking to delay a review of new lethal injection procedures until next january. the warden at san quentin replaced the execution team. a new team must be hired. and this week harris filed a brief with the state supreme
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court. she's arguing that prop eight supporters do not have legal standing to defend the marriage ban in court. the supporters stepped in after former attorney general jerry brown and former governor arnold schwarzenegger refused to defend it in court. a judge ruled down the argument calling it unconstitutional. where temperatures will reach the 90s tomorrow. bill's forecast in just a few minutes. clearing brush with fire season in mine. why fire crews say this year could be especially hard. the theft of a
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we have an update tonight on a fire that was burning in southern california. we just got off the phone with the los angeles fire department, about 8:30 tonight they have completely contained the fire on santa catalina island. in all that fire burned 117 acres. it was first reported yesterday afternoon. there is no word on how it started. here in the bay area our wet winter provided plenty of fuel for fire season. with the weather heating up tomorrow, fire officials have sounded a warning. jana katsuyama reports now on why this could be a troublesome summer. >> reporter: nicoleta and her husband live on the mountains with great views. but high winds, high temperatures and dry grass also means it's a perfect place for
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fires. >> this, they just cut this. >> reporter: their homeowners association already is preparing for fire season by clearing areas between homes today. >> our hill is pretty sparse. and the reason its sparse is the fire department doesn't want any fuel for the fire. so they limited the number of trees. >> reporter: tomorrow temperatures could creep into the 90s. >> as you drive around here in the next few weeks you will start to see all the southern exposures turn brown. >> reporter: calfire director says this year could be tough. heavy rains have left thick layers of fuel on the ground. and fire fighting funds are drying up with cuts. calfire plans to keep all stations open but with fewer staff. >> we went to a -- from a four to a three firefighters unit. >> so we are seeing a 20 to 25%
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potential decrease of firefighter resources to move up and down the state. >> reporter: firefighters urge people to take precautions such as clearing space around their house and having an evacuation plan. they say only 30 to 40% of households are ready for fire season. meaning there's a lot of room for improvement. in dublin, i'm jana katsuyama, ktvu news. pg & e started releases gas in preparation for a major test. that's the sound of gas escaping. the section of pipeline in mountain view is the first in the bay area to undergo special pressurizization tests in the wake of san bruno explosion. on monday, crews will pump water at different pressures to see if it meets testing. pg & e says state
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regulators are creating roadblocks. advocates for customers say pg & e should pay the coast itself since the explosion was pg & e's fault. two senior citizens are being held in the jail on drug chargings. aline lamb and virginia were arrested on monday. officers say they found a pot growth in their home. the board of supervisors approved new regulations on medical marijuana clubs. they determined not to limit the amount of clubs. but the board did mandate that clubs must be 800 feet apart from each other. the new regulations also call for labeling that says whether the marijuana was grown inside or outside and whether pesticides were used. the santa cruz sheriff's department is still looking for
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the man who fire bombed the capitola growing club. the fire caused $50,000 worth of damage. today volunteers and patients helped with repairs including painting the walls and ceilings. hundreds of -- the tests may not be reliable. the model has a manufacturers defect. the mercury news reports 865 cases could be affected. the same model is used by palo alto police. news tonight that the financially troubled city of oakland has decided to pay $1 million to settle two police misconduct suits. police shot a 15-year-old in the back in 2007.
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police say at the time the teen had a gun and drugs. the city will pay out $550,000. in a second case the city agreed to pay $350,000 to settle accusations of an unlawful search of a home where police say marijuana was growing. tonight there's still no sign of a violin worth more than 20,000 $20,000 stolen from a student in san francisco. david stevenson tonight with a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: san francisco conservatory of music student emily cox says this red violin dates back to the early 20th century and is valued at $23,000. >> it was bought using my grandma's estate. so it had a lot of meaning to me, yeah. >> reporter: but it's gone now and police suspect this red haired man seen carrying a violin case aboard a nummi
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train. cox says she left the violin unattended for 10 minutes on tuesday in this conservatory rehearsal room. when she came back, the traouplt and all of her sheet music was gone -- the instrument and all of her sheet music was gone. >> at first i thought somebody was playing a trick on me but then it became clear someone had taken it out of the building. >> reporter: a witness saw the man walking out with the violin and followed him to the nummi station. >> he looks like a music student. he's a smoker. >> reporter: the instrument was -- >> the instrument was a part of me. >> reporter: anyone with any information about the suspect or the stolen instrument should call the san francisco police.
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in san francisco, david stevenson. san francisco taxi cab drivers who are upset about a new made their feelings loud and clear today. dozens of taxi drivers drove by city hall honking their homes while others cheered them. in two weeks the mta is scheduled to consider raising fares. parking in the wrong spot in san francisco could soon cost a lot of money. the mta today raised the fine for illegally parking in a disabled spot to $850. and the fee for residential parking permit is going up to $100 but that is only a $2 increase. a first of its kind bill to prohibit minors from using tanning beds is making its way through the state senate.
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this week the bill passed the economic committee. the bill will protect young people from the health dangers of ultraviolet radiation including skin cancer. current state law requires parental permission for tanning bed use for minors 14 through 17. and it's warm outside right now. that's how you know it's going to be warm tomorrow. check out the peninsula, 62 in san jose. these were the highs from today. warmer than yesterday and these highs will be eclipsed by tomorrow's forecast highs. so we're going to see lots of upper 80s tomorrow. maybe some low 90s. so a good 10 degrees on top of these temperatures. how do we know that. right now i'm picking up a wind shift outside. they're starting to come from an offshore direction. tomorrow at lunchtime, you're going to see lots of 70s and 80s. tomorrow afternoon lots of 80s and even 90s. we'll talk about that when we
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come back in just about 10:45. we will also look at the five day forecast and show you when things could cool down soon. children will still be able to use the water slides at shadows cliff park to cool off this summer. the district's board voted today to keep these slides for at least five more years. however the board decided the slides will eventually be removed to restore the park to a more natural setting. one year later, but very few clues. >> we know there are witnesses, we know there are people out there who saw what happened. >> the emotional vigil tonight for an east bay teenager shot and killed while riding in a ca
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new video just into our newsroom. this is the suspect we told you about in tonight's top story.
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he's accused of opening fire on a police officer in pittsburg earlier this evening. police tracked him to a home where he surrendered. incredibly the officer was not hurt in that shoot out. a vigil was held in hayward to remember the killing of a 16- year-old a year ago. >> reporter: today marks the sad anniversary for family and friends of sammy nava iii. a memorial is being held where sammy was killed a year ago tonight. >> i want the shooter to say to me and apologize saying mrs. nava, it wasn't nava. sammy was a great person, it
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wasn't nava who was supposed to be shot. >> reporter: and someone got into an argument with someone in the car and fired shots. >> we know there are witnesses, we know there's people out there that saw what happened and can provide some information that's going to be able to help us close this case out. but we haven't located those folks just yet. >> reporter: one year later those who love the popular and athletic hayward high senior say they still grieve for him every day. a wound time has not healed. sammy's sister wears a t-shirt with his picture on it, she says it keeps him close. it's a $150,000 reward for the individual with information on finding the killer of sammy nava. and police are asking for
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help to find the man who inappropriate touched a female student. the incident happened last night on durant avenue. the man is described as east indian in his early 20s. about 6'3" and 150 pounds with black eyes and black hair. he was wearing a blue turban and a blue uniform shirt. we are learning tonight that a handgun found in the backpack of a first grader at an oakland elementary school today was loaded. a spokesman for the oakland school district says a teacher at prescott elementary school discovered the gun as the child removed items from the backpack. the district says the child denied knowing about the gun. it's unclear how that gun ended up there or who it belongs to. the district spokesman said he does not believe the district will punish the child. >> they very subtly walked both sides of the street.
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pakistan may not be a plan to the sight of terrorism. the reason why this pakistani restaurant says washington has got it wrong. and it
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the death of osama bin laden is making a big impact on president obama's approval ratings. and now both republicans and democrats are wondering if this boost will make a difference in the 2012 presidential race. ktvu's maureen naylor talked with political analysts who say the bounds could be short lived. >> reporter: president obama
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got a standing ovation at yesterday's dinner in washington. >> i think we experienced the same type of unity that prevailed in 9/11. >> reporter: even mitt romney applauded him today. >> i congratulate the president, the intelligence community on this extraordinary -- >> reporter: wayland says republicans lost one key talking point sunday. >> in the last 24 hours, the perception of president obama was changed. he was necessarily tough, that department necessarily have a very hard spine to him. >> we got osama bin laden, that's going to certainly make it better in presidential debates. it's going to be hard to claim that he's soft on terrorism. he's got a really good story to tell there.
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but elections typically are not won or lost on foreign policy issues. >> reporter: the president's approval rating on the economy dropped two points since last month. >> those experts say the bump in the polls will be short lived. and while the president's imagine on international issues have improved. problems such as the budget will remain. maureen naylor, ktvu news. the same washington postcenter poll shows president obama gets a boost. with 60% now approving. and the president's approval is now at a career high at 69%. friend or foe, that's the question being raised about pakistan's which is osama bin laden's country of choice to hide out in. maureen naylor with the suspicions and reaction from a pakistani immigrant. >> reporter: frank the cia director pineta told lawmakers
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today that pakistan was either quote involved or incompetent. but the man who manages this pakistani restaurant chutney on jones street says yes there was an intelligence failure but that his homeland was not protecting the wanted terrorist. as he was greeting customers this evening, aziz was thinking about the dramatic developments in the pakistani city where he wednesday to boarding school and he just visited last year. >> it's very beautiful. a lot of people, tourists come there. >> reporter: aziz says he was shocked that osama bin laden used the city as his final hide out. and tonight he dismissed claims that pakistan was helping al- qaida's founder. and says he views osama bin laden just as dangerous as americans do. >> maybe we hid more than american people or osama bin laden, because they destroyed all our country. >> reporter: but senator feinstein has concerns.
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>> was this just benign and different or was it indifference with a motive. >> reporter: the chair of the senate intelligence committee expressed alarm at the fact that osama bin laden was able to hide in a sprawling compound at the home of many pakistani officials. >> if they didn't know why department they know. why didn't they pay more attention to it? >> reporter: aziz agrees questions remain but the answers won't change the fact that the terrorist master mind is dead. >> and i want to congratulate all the officers that got him. they got him. everybody has been waiting for that in a long time. >> reporter: reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. some americans are already cashing in on the death of osama bin laden. the san francisco company
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called zazzel is selling t- shirts, mugs, buttons basically anything the customer commands. zazzel's president says he knew after listening to president obama that they would be busy monday morning. and zazzle is not the only company making profits off osama bin laden's death. and the nasdaq finished down 22 points. tesla motors is expected to release its second quarter earnings. the electric car maker issued it's ipo last june. last month they opened their store, a showcase with flashy cars for upscale shoppers. -- it's only about a mile to
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the pacific research center. the swiss based tech company employs about 1,000 people here in the bay area. the company spokesperson told us the move should happen next year. as gas prices continue to go up, more americans are buying small cars. over all sales rose 18% last month compared to last year. general motors, hyundai and ford lead the sales. toyota sales were up slightly as that company struggles with the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. honda is increasing the recall. this is a recall that started in 2008 and has been expanded several times. you can find information on the particular models on our
12:06 am
website a strong fungi is causing a amphibian species to decline around the world. the scientists say the deadly and contagious fungal disease first struck mexico salamanders in the 1970s. we'll show you sketches of two people police are looking for. and we have a warm up in store. i'll be back here in less than 10 minutes. i'm going to show you what the forecast high for your city is. plus
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news chopper two is overhead this afternoon following a multicar crash. a toyota crossed into oncoming traffic, sideswiped a mercedes. san mateo police are circulating sketches of two men who took part in a home invasion. both are described as latino in their late 20s or early 30s. one of them was wearing a yellow hard hat. the men went to the front door of a woman's home yesterday afternoon. they forced their way in, physically assaulted her then took off with her jewelry. in news of the world tonight, in new zealand a
12:10 am
tornado tore across the major city of auckland. the tornado cut a path of destruction three miles long. tornadoes are common in new zealand but they are usually smaller than the one seen here in the u.s. this is the cockpit voice recorder, the flight data recorder was recovered on sunday. investigators hope they may finally know what caused the crash that killed all 228 people on board. the jet was flying from brazil to paris when it ran into a thunderstorm. and at the vatican the remains of the late pope john ii were moved today to his find resting place. the coffin was removed from his too many for his beatification. today's ceremony was closed to the public. six boy scouts and two
12:11 am
troop leaders are back home in louisiana after the national guard rescued them this morning in a forest in arkansas. the guard spotted the scouts before sunrise using an infrared detector. the scouts had been stranded since sunday when a river swelled after they crossed it to get to a camp site. the guards dropped the scouts supplies and a walki talkie. >> we were just waiting for them to -- the boy scouts were camping in an area where 20 people died during a flash flood last summer. nasa is making amazing pictures of the solar system and planet earth available on a website. it's called from earth to the solar system. the collection is being released to mark nasa's year of the solar system. nasa says the idea is to help
12:12 am
understand the evolution of the planet and the suns. you can find a link to these images on our website, just go to an election in san mateo county where voters went to mailboxes instead of
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hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the corporate officers of wells fargo in san francisco this afternoon. police say eight people were sited for blocking an entrance to the building. the protesters accused the banks of profits off taxpayers bail offs and not doing enough to prevent customers to go into
12:15 am
foreclosure. a spokeswoman said foreclosure is a last resort. the ballots have been counted tonight in san mateo county special election. this election was difficult than most. that's because there were no polling places in schools or garages. in a money saving move. this was a vote by mail elections. lloyd lacuesta is live in san mateo with how it works and the turn out. lloyd. >> reporter: that's right it was an election first for san mateo county for the first time more voters went to mailboxes instead of polling places to cast their ballots. at the san mateo county election office, people did show up looking to cast a ballot. but even more just drove up to a ball lot box outside the office. >> i know people who like to go to the poll, but myself i -- this is perfect. >> reporter: today was a historic election. the first mail only election for san mateo county. it was a special election with
12:16 am
essentially only one issue. filling a vacancy in the board of supervisors. >> our city is cash strapped, so it's a perfect way to save money. >> reporter: the city saved money on this election because it didn't have to hire some 2,000 poll workers. ball lots were mailed last month to all -- ballots were mailed last month to all registered voters. but if people didn't want to vote by mail, five polling centers were available in the county. >> the voting place is the second place you know you can go to. you know you can go till 8:00 p.m. >> reporter: san mateo becomes the second county to conduct what was basically a mail only election. >> this is the future, it's going to save a lot of money. i think it's only a matter of time before it happens. >> reporter: a mail only election makes for faster
12:17 am
counting and we can tell you school trustee and business in dave pine beat out five of the c andidates to win a seat on the council. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. california is inching toward allowing voter registration online. county elections offices may offer online registration. online registration could be ready in time for the 2012 presidential primary if approved. and welcome back, things are warming up around here. how do i know that? it's warmer outside right now than it was last night at this time. and the winds have shifted. let me show you what i mean. winds are beginning to come out of the north-northeast outside. that's basically our flow. that certainly means that basically the air is sinking. when the air sinks it warms.
12:18 am
what we're seeing the pressure radiants. higher pressure over the basin so we're going to start to see these winds shift. that puts us into an increased temperature pattern. with highs usually mid-80s. 15-degree temperature increase than today. treasure still warm to hot. but not quite as warm. tomorrow will be the warmest day of this week. the high pressure ridge is doing this. as it builds in over head, as the pressure the air moves in and shifts like this. i'm seeing pressure changes like this. that tells us the air is flowing this way that's how you know the air is going to warm up. tomorrow warmer with upper 80s to low 90s. thursday still a nice day as this pattern weakens a bit and so temperatures will come down a bit. i always say this, but the high
12:19 am
in the atmosphere it presses the air down. opposite of when it rises and cools. 87 tomorrow in napa. 88 in fairfield. 91 in antioch. 85 out in hayward. forget the fog out at the cost. pacifica you're going to make 75 degrees for a daytime high. 90 in los gatos. 86 in fremont to definitely a warmer tomorrow. warmest day of the week. temperatures are going to trend town as we go into the weekend. the weekend has clouds coming in. it's mother's day. there's some models suggesting a chance of a sprinkle maybe in the north bay. you notice the temperatures stay mild. and we'll have a better look at it. right now look for tomorrow one of the warmest days we've seen. it'll actually be hot in your houses tomorrow. >> i like that, good stuff. >> thank you, bill. developing news in oakland. police action is taking place
12:20 am
right now in a residential hotel near lake merit. here are live pictures from the scene at 27th and harrison street. you can see the yellow police tape. the road is blocked off. this is what we know, that we've been able to piece together. the manager of the hotel was confronted by a man with a gun and that man fired a shot. now it doesn't appear anyone was wounded. police are putting together a team to go through that building to try to locate and arrest the gunman. her name is martha, and she's from omaha and she is moving now to the san francisco zoo. martha is a 10-year-old siberian tiger and said to be quiet playful. she's moving because the omaha zoo is downgrading its tiger exhibit. the san francisco zoo has not
12:21 am
had a siberian tiger since tatiana escaped and killed a teenager in 2007. martha was chosen by a donor who won naming rights. okay, up next what happened today in major league baseball for the first time this season. plus the monster
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it is the biggest field ever deal every for a pac conference. the pac-10 has reached a deal. that will translate to $20 million a year for all of the schools including cal and stanford. it is also way up from what the universities were getting under the previous television deal. mark ibanez joins us now. the giants finally making things happen tonight. >> more runs tonight than they had in the whole series against the washington. you could draw the names in the hat and draw them out and it had to produce something better
12:25 am
than last week. he had mike fontano pitching first of all three. the guy who usually bats third winds up hitting fifth and it's a game homer. you want to see karma, -- gets hit in the face. the giants four runs in one inning. unbelievable. later however, they need nate shurholtz going deep. just the second run of this road trip, his second of the year. giants lead briefly. bottom of the sixth, jose rewhere he has a man -- jose
12:26 am
reyez a guy the giants are said to covet. every season there's a couple of surprise teams. on paper, they don't look like much. but put them out on the green grass and the chemistry works. first glimpse up 1-1. bryan fuentes for the a's hit hard. gives up four hit, three runs and a walk. cabr era that put the indians up front 2-1. and cabrera follows up shortly with a two run single. a's on the short end. basically a few years ago they gave francisco loriano away. all he needed was cujols home run. here's the final out after 123 pitches he's got the no hitter.
12:27 am
remember the giants sent loriano. a forgottable trade. and lebron and miami seem to have melded nicely. dwayne wade blowing by k. g. that's some move. let's see that again. now you see me now you don't. and lebron of course had a little something to do with it. he's up on the offensive board. 24-35 coming in the second half. 14-0 run in the fourth quarter did it for the heat. and they are now up 2-0 over the celtics. out west the thunder looking more like themselves tonight as they even up their series with upstart memphis kevin durant goes for 26 and they are one game a piece. and rose is the mvp in the mba. youngest player at 22 to ever
12:28 am
win that award. that is the sporting life for a tuesday night. >> 22 years old, wow. >> and the mvp. >> all right. >> where do you go from there. >> mark, thank you. >> the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30. they will be following the bay
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