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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 4, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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[ music ] >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> a fears a pierce firefighter as a south market apartment building goes up in flames. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. almost 100 people forced from their homes as a four alarm fire started at a residential hotel on folsom street between 6th and 7th. the flames also damaged others
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buildings nearby at the corner of russ street. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's patty lee is checking on those displaced residents but we begin with ken wayne on the firefight and the possible cause. ken? >> reporter: julie, the fire was contained at 7:30 tonight but still an awful lot of activity here. if you look on the ground floor of this commercial building the power has been restored and some of the people have been allowed to return inside. then if you look at the upper floors you can see people inside as well as arson investigators going through the building looking for the cause of this fire. there are also firefighters on stand by in case there are hot spots. >> the flames erupted in a 48 unit apartment building at 1040 folsom a block away from the hall of justice. from news chopper 2 you can see how it quickly spread to two adjacent one commercial and another six unit apartment building. >> it is a densely populated building. both rescue squads which is usually not the case.
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both rescue squads there are experts in search and rescue to make sure they swept the building over and over to make sure there were no other residents inside. >> for a time, dense smoke billowed on to folsom making visibility next to impossible. one firefighter and a civilian were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. another firefighter suffered a shoulder injury. and four more were treated on the scene for breathing difficulties. >> my main objective is to make sure that everyone goes home to their families. they do a great job dedicating their lives to protecting people. it's my job to protect them as much as possible. >> the most tense moments came from burning timbers fell from the face of the building to the street. during a potential collapse, the chief ordered the firefighters to evacuate over the radios and with horn blasts. >> there were more anxious moments when one firefighter was unaccounted for. others went into the burning building to try to find him. >> it is a friends of mine. and for me what i thought was
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if i went down, i don't want them to come look for me. i was tired, no joke. >> we got these pictures about 20 minutes ago showing activity on the roof of one of the damaged buildings here. some of theresidents are saying that they heard that the fire started by somebody barbecuing some chickens in that 48 unit building and pouring some bush on on top of the chicken. but arson investigators say they still do not know the cause of the fire. and they are investigating tonight. maybe they will have an answer tomorrow. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. all right. thank you, ken. now we go to ktvu's patty lee and the more than 100 people forced from that building tonight. she is live now with that part of our team coverage. patty? >> well, right now the red cross is getting ready to bring these displaced residents on this bus over to the shelter which should be open in the next ten minutes. now, right now the volunteers are trying to determine just how many people have lost their homes today. and how they can help.
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desperate, shocked, terrified. >> we didn't know where to go. >> reporter: words residents used how they felt trying to escape the burning park hotel. >> i walked out with my shoes and trying to find the other pair but it got so smoky. i couldn't see. one of the firemen grabbed me and said you got to go. >> evacuees tell us by the time the fire alarms went off the halls were already filled with black smoke. >> i couldn't go out i grabbed a rag and when i was going down the stairs i kept jumping down the stairs trying to get out of the building. >> reporter: red cross tell us 72 people have come forward asking for help. some speak limited english. most lost everything that they own except for what they take with them. >> i was so scared and i had a bag packed for just such emergencies but i forgot to grab the bag. >> the red cross is trying to
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meet immediate needs like shelter for the night and missing medications. >> these are not people that have insurance or great resources in the community, maybe, family resources or things like that, any great savings. so people have, in general, much higher needs. >> reporter: now, the shelter is around the corner at the jean friend rec center at 6th and folsom. volunteers tell me that once that opened, it will become the main staging area for this tragedy. reporting live in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. has more fire coverage. we posted raw video taken from news chopper 2. you will find it under the bay area news tab. >> san francisco police say seven suspected gang members are in jail tonight facing charges in connection with the killing of a german tourist last summer. 50-year-old tourist was visiting san francisco when she was struck by gunfire. the police say she was caught in the cross-fire of a shoot- out between rival gangs. just last week, her husband returned to san francisco to honor his wife's memory.
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this morning, the officers told him about the arrests. >> i spoke with stephane this morning when we made the arrests. he was extremely emotional. and very, very grateful to the men and women of this police department, to the citizens of this city and to the men and women that make up our district attorney's office. >> police say they are still searching for an 8th suspect. she was in san francisco with her husband celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. tonight the german consul general in san francisco told ktvu news he is pleased to hear about the arrests. >> the german government, as well as stephane definitely got the impression that the police are working hard to solve that case. >> the consul general says initially people in germany were surprised to hear of a killing in downtown san francisco. but he says the city's reputation is not permanently scarred in the minds of the german people.
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the defense rested today in the chauncy bailey murder trial. closing arguments are now set for next tuesday. attorneys for yousef bay the 4th and antoine macky only called a few witnesses and were done in one day because they say they don't believe the prosecution proved its case. they are accused of killing chauncy bailey and two other men. [ music ] now to the latest on the death of osama bin laden. president obama is scheduled to visit ground zero in new york tomorrow and lay a wreath at the world trade center site. tonight ktvu's rita williams has new details on osama bin laden's final moments and the controversial death photos. >> we don't need to spike the football. that's why president obama said he decided not to release photos of a dead osama bin laden. >> there is no doubt that we skilled osama bin laden. it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the
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head are not floating around as an end citement to additional violence as a propaganda tool. you know, that's not who we are. >> these demonstrators in pakistan don't agree with the president that osama bin laden deserved the justice he got, calling the killing of an unarmed man an assassination. >> there were arms directly near the door. and my understanding is he was right there and going to get those arms. so, you know, you really can't take a chance. >> this compound that escaped attention for six years now is crawling with curiosity seekers. osama bin laden was prepared to escape according to the head of the cia. sewn inside his clothing were two phone numbers and $750. neighbors say they thought the firefight they heard was a pakistani training mission. >> i didn't take much notice. after that i heard a big bang.
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>> reporter: navy seals reportedly found this false door with a brick wall behind it. pakistani officials say they are questioning his yemeni wife shot during the raid. and that his 12-year-old daughter was traumatized watching americans killing her father. >> osama bin laden was not a muslim leader, he was a mass murderer. >> rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. not everyone agrees with the president's decision to withhold release of the osama bin laden death photo. 56% of americans surveyed by cnn said it should be released. 39% said they do not need to see the photos. here is what some people in san francisco told us today. >> unless there is some serious dispute over his death, i think it's been pretty well established. i don't see any reason to dispute that at this point. it's a little great to you gratuitous i think. >> they want proof and if people are asking for it so be
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it. >> they are outraged that geronimo was used as a code name. he was an apache chief to fought to protect his people and land from u.s. and mexican armies in the 19th century. he was a hero to native americans. they are now asking president obama for an apology for using that name during the operation. the chief of police in san ramone said today one of his officers has been arrested in a growing bay area law enforcement scandal. lombardi faces drug and weapons charges. he is a member of the con extra costa narcotics team. he is currently being held on $760,000 bail. ktvu news has been told more people may be charged. >> the word that we have is there will yet be at least one more arrest in this investigation of the district attorney. >> michael cardosa is the defense attorney for norman welsh. he is the former narcotics commander arrested for
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allegedly stealing and selling drugs seized in raids. a private investigator and a danville police officer have also been arrested on related charges. tomorrow is cinco de mayo a time to celebrate. but in downtown san jose the festivities have been cancelled. police are hoping to keep it in check but they still expect some large crowds. >> by and large most of the people who go downtown and east san jose are good family people. they are there to have a good time and law abiding citizens. >> this is video from the last year's celebrations. the san jose police expect a lot of foot traffic and car traffic tomorrow night. parking will be temporarily banned downtown. you probably noticed the bay area warmed up today. we even saw a couple of records. san francisco's ocean beach was more crowded than a typical weekday. and people weren't bundled up. some even went into the water. chief meteorologist bill martin says two records were set
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today. 85 degrees in downtown oakland and 84 at the san francisco airport. [ music ] i'll be right back here in less than ten minutes. have tomorrow's complete forecast. i will look at the heat. it will be warm again in some inland locations. >> it looked like just another greenhouse in morgan hill but inside the crop was marijuana. wait until you hear how they busted it. [ music ] before a packed house we go live to santa cr
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. only on 2 tonight a multimillion dollars marijuana bust in the south bay. sheriff's deputies say it only happened because of sheer luck. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live in morgan hill. he will show us now how authorities discovered all of that marijuana. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, i'm in an area of morgan hill dotted with grown houses growing various crops. but inside this green house the santa clara county sheriff's department harvested a crop. they say it was the largest marijuana grow house that they stumbled upon. >> we were looking at some marijuana plants found inside the green house. >> reporter: the sergeant showed us the pictures they took of the marijuana. 2800 plants. some were drying in a walk-in
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fridge. and there was 80 pounds of processed pot ready for market. a marijuana nursery with an estimated street value of more than $8 million of product. all of it was con if i indicate -- confiscated and burned. this all happened yesterday morning when the special operations unit was in the neighborhood looking for suspects in a totally different case. suddenly an asian man in his 50s began running from what turned out to be a marijuana grow house. >> we believe that the suspect might have been scared that that possibly our deputies and detectives were on scene because they were trying to raid his residence. >> a neighbor told us most of the green houses are growing flowers or bok choy. and he had no idea that marijuana was also being grown. >> i'm just shocked. [ laughter ] >> i mean, i don't know, you know, what's going on around here. all of a sudden i just came home and heard about it. >> deputies say they were
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plenty surprised by stumbling across this find. but then again they are seeing an increase in marijuana grow houses. the man seen running is still at large. live in morgan hill, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. california lawmakers today took steps towards laying the groundwork for a special tax on medical marijuana. the senate government and finance committee voted for a bill that would permit the state board of equalization to device ways for the state to license and tax the sale of the medicinal drug. right now dispensaries funnel a reported $100 million each year into california's tax rolls through regular sales tax. >> renewal notices from the department of motor vehicles will be delayed a month. governor jerry brown wants to buy time to negotiate a budget package that includes hiking the vehicle registration fees. right now fees are based on 1.15% of a car's value. without the delay, the fee would have dropped to the old rate of three quarters of a
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percent. san francisco police today announced an arrest in a cold case that dates back to 1984. officers arrested dwight colton, a 57-year-old parolee yesterday. he was charged with killing 43- year-old joan baldwin on april 6 of 1986. dna testing linked blood found on her body to colton. he has an extensive criminal record and is being held without bail. bay area law enforcement have dealt a major blow to a drug trafficking ring that could be involved in a number of shootings and homicides. they are credited with spearheading this two year operation. over the passed two weeks, officers say they have confiscated $7 million worth of meth along with two assault weapons and a variety of other guns and ballistic vests. 16 people were arrested including joseph bay who police say is a gang leader. >> extremely dangerous and ruthless network of individuals that were operating within
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contra costa county and within the bay area. >> the u.s. attorney's office says they are still looking for a woman in connection with the case. sarah shore said today she will not go back to iran to stand trial with two other americans charged with espionage. she makes register public appearances calling for the release of her fiancee and her friend. she is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and returning to iran would be far too traumatic. she was freed on bail last september. the others remain in iran. nasa postponed the final launch of the space shuttle endeavor again today. nasa is now looking at next tuesday, may 10th, at the earliest for a possible launch. crews have replaced a faulty power distribution box and now they have to test the electrical system that caused the circuit to short out. when the shuttle does lift-off, it will be endeavor's 25th and final trip into space. bay area activists are disappointed that nasa won't preserve more than 4600 windows
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at move fat field's famous hangar one. nasa says those windows are just too damaged to be saved. they are stripping the hangar down to the steel frame because of concerns about the comtaminants in the site. nasa has requested nearly $33 million to restore the hangar but that funding has not been approved. stocks were down today following a disappointing reports on jobs. economic data showed the private sector added 179,000 jobs last month down from 207,000 jobs the month before. dow jones ended up losing almost 84 points today. the nasdaq was off more than 13 points. pg&e reported a big drop in first quarter profits today. pg&e blamed the drop on the costs incurred from last september's explosion in sanbruno. the company said it has earned 50 cents a share during the first three months of the year. last the same quarter the utility earned 67 cents. >> and santa clara based intel
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today unveiled a new computer chip that could revolutionize the high-tech industry. it is smaller and faster and has 3d tran sister. the ships will be in full production sometime this year and in computers by next year. caltrans announced plan today to temporarily close highway 50 at echo summit. detours will be set up a week from today. the closure is expected to take two weeks. after that, traffic will be restricted to one lane for six weeks. caltrans says they are going to remove the damaged and unstable rock walls and then replace them with a safety barrier. the work is expected to create long delays. [ music ] >> and the warmest day of the week so far and it looks like it will be because tomorrow will cool off. 89 in santa rosa. 88 in napa. highs tomorrow slightly coolerment the coast about the same as in land. still very warm inland.
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san francisco and oakland records. i don't think we will see records tomorrow. but we will see temperatures definitely as warm inland. cooler along the coast as those winds go from offshore the warm direction to more of an onshore cooler correction -- direction. so tomorrow still mostly sunny but temperatures threatening down. the big weather headline a major cool down as we move into the mother's day weekend. when i come back at 10:45 i will have that long range forecast. get the five day forecast and look at mother's day. i will see you back here. >> contra costa county is on alert for the early outbreak of nile -- west nile virus. there are more sources of water where mosquitoes can bread and they go through a faster lifecycle when it is warmer outside. last year the first case of west nile virus in contra costa county didn't turn up until late july. >> hundreds of case are now in question. the problem with one kind of breathalyzer that could blow it
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for hundreds of dui convictions. dozens of bay area "american idol" fans show their
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. >> they are in question tonight in the south bay. the reason a field sobriety tool is found to be faulty and now the focus of a recall. ktvu's maureen naylor talk to the public defender who is now questioning the accuracy of all breathalyzers. >> we will insert that in there. >> reporter: san jose police this week are using the breathalyzers saying a manufacturer glitch in the five models can cause condensation to buildup in the tube and produce inaccurate readings. >> they have a repair made already or for that defect. we expect ours to return this friday with the repairs having
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been made. >> really the only fair thing to do is look at all of these cases with new eyes. >> reporter: the district attorney's office is now reviewing more than 800dui cases since san jose and palo alto police began using the new models last fall. though the field test is rarely used as the sole evidence in court. >> we want to make sure we are prosecuting people fairly. there could be a case where this was a main piece of evidence and we won't be sure unless we look. >> reporter: the public defender's office has already begun its own case review and questions using field breathalyzers at all. >> i think the fact that one of them isn't working right is something that should make you question all of them. >> it blew one point over. >> reporter: this san jose bottom was pulled over last year before the new models were used but still questions the results. >> i had to blow four times before it was actually reading. and then on the fourth try they said, okay, we got it let's take her in. >> reporter: the da's office says people convicted of drunk
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driving will be able to withdraw their plea and have it erased from the record. others expect lawsuits against the manufacturer. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. $1 million, that was the bail set today for a 28-year- old woman accused of a deadly hit and run in san jose last sunday. martinez appeared in court today but did not enter a plea. she is facing five felony charges, including having a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or higher. police say martinez was driving a chevy suburban that jumped a curb and killed an elderly woman. 79-year-old diana was gardening in her front yard when the car pinned her against the side of her home. hundreds of nurses at childrens' hospital oakland planned to walk off the job at 7:00 tomorrow morning. the nurses plan to go on strike for the next five days. contract negotiations have broken down between the hospital and the california nurse's association. 750 nurses work at childrens. the hospital hired replacement
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nurses and also cancelled some elective surgery yous but will keep the er open during the strike. >> former child star jacky cooper has died at the age of 88. as a boy in the 1930s he was one of the most popular child actors. he received an oscar nomination at the age of nine, the youngest ever. cooper appeared in eight of the our gang comedies and later as an adult, he played the role of the editor of the daily planet in superman movies. much of cooper's career was spent behind the scenes as a studio executive and director. [ music ] signs like this are popping up all over the bay area. some people are calling it a bill board battle for your soul. >> plus
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. new at ten now down to the top five on "american idol." one of the last contestants standing is james durbin from santa cruz. the theme from tonight's performance is then and now. and that's fitting because amber lee is live with some stories from his past and present. amber? >> reporter: frank we are at pizza my heart restaurant right now devoted to james durbin and voting for their favorite finalist hoping that their favorite idol will be the "american idol." many fans in the audience have a personal connection with the 22-year-old idol from santa cruz. >> i watched him since he was a kid. you know he was a good singer back then. but now i am just watching him get better and better. now he is like a superstar. >> reporter: scott simon showed his support by having his image hand painted on the back of his jacket. >> a really good rendition and he made the face really well.
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>> reporter: other fans are inspired about durbin's openness about living with autism and tourettes. he is out there and not afraid of it. and that's not keeping him from realizing his dream. >> the community t.v. downtown santa cruz. >> reporter: and you film that had in? >> yes. >> reporter: this 19-year-old college student showed us this music video show shot featuring him last year. >> what was it like when you shoot him? >> i was really nervous. >> reporter: we also visited the music school in downtown santa cruz where he honed his musical talents with the guidance -- guidance. photos and posters are proudly displayed. he was invited to attend the live show last week and it was a thrill. [ music ] >> and then to be in the room with it and feel the power, he's improving every second,
12:02 am
every nano second he's getting better. this is youtube video of durbin performing with him a few years ago. he tells us "american idol" has invited him to perform with him at the santa cruz boardwalk may 15th as part of his homecoming. back here live we want to show you what one fan did. made these cupcake and chocolate with his face on it. reporting live amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. they look almost too good to eat. if you want to do something unique for mother's day how about a special mother's day greeting from the "american idol" finalists. >> happy mother's day. you're the best mom. >> that was santa cruz resident james durbin. he and the other four finals are sending out personalized video ecards to fans to create your own personalized ecard go to ktvu, and click on
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the "american idol" tab. >> cryptic messages and ominous warnings on billboards throughout the bay area. ktvu's paul chambers tells us who is behind the messages and the campaign to dispel them. >> reporter: take a ride around the bay area and you are destined to run into one of these signs saying judgment day is may 21st. >> not a day that we came up with or some vision. it's always been there. >> reporter: michael garcia works for family radio. they sponsored these billboards. he says it's a worldwide campaign to warn people that when jesus returns a natural disaster like no other will rock the planet. >> when he went to the cross there was an earthquake. when he rose from the grave there was an earthquake. and also it's predicting that when he returns there will be a great earthquake that this world has never seen before. >> ever since the authors of the bible put the bible together, people have been waiting for the end time. >> reporter: the american
12:04 am
athests group put up their own billboards. >> doomsday calls have been predicted in the past and yet to come true so i don't put much stock in it. >> reporter: in 1984 they had a similar campaign saying judgment day would happen then. but as history has shown that wasn't true. now the group says this date is guaranteed by the bible. >> could this be also another wrong date? >> no. because all of the data is proven from the bible. it's not guesswork. >> reporter: as the billboard war continues yet another one popped up. this sign is sponsored by a group that says jesus is here now. so the debate continues. >> family radio will not disclose how much they paid for the billboards. but if you are around on may 22nd they are scheduled to come down. in oakland paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. muni is making inroads with the anti graffiti campaign but the cost of the cleanup is
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still astronomical. muni says in the first three months of this year it has seen a number of reported graffiti incidents drop to half the number it was last year during the same period. the agency has installed onboard video cameras and a passenger hotline so people can text transit officials about graffiti incidents as they occur. still muni says it pace nearly $13 million a year to clean up graffiti. >> there is word that workers have entered a reactor building at the damaged japanese nuclear power plant for the first time since the earthquake and tsunami. the tokyo electric company has released new images of the damage to unit one. it says the workers are installing ventilation machines to absorb the radiation from the air. they can then bring in new cooling systems. japanese people who live away from the tsunami zone are getting the chance to see the destruction up close. bus tours take them through what used to be towns and cities. at one location a guide points outs the banner indicating the spot of a tsunami in 1896.
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and the wreckage above it from the march 11th disaster. sony has responded to lawmakers about its security breach of its playstation network. sony september a -- sent a letter to lawmakers detailing the april 19th breach. it was presented during a hearing today in washington, d.c. the letter said the attack was carefully planned and very professional. sony turned down a request to attend the hearing. apple says it's updating the iphone to reduce how much data it stores. the company released software today through itunes to help address privacy concerns. apple says location data won't be kept for more than a week once the software is installed. the company faced backlash after researchers showed how some iphones were tracking user's whereabouts. it was a bringing surprise. >> the insurance said they would pay for it. but when it came time to pay for it they didn't. >> ktvu investigates why more and more families are having their medical claims denied. >> and i am back here in less than ten minutes.
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look at tomorrow's forecast in your neighborhoods. temperatures renning it down -- are trending down
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. traffic came to a halt in la today after a big rig carrying a load of bananas overturned on a freeway ramp. the driver of the freightliner apparently lost control on that ramp from i-5 to state route 14. no one was hurt but the ramp was closed for more than four hours while crews cleared the scene. finding a place to smoke just a little more difficult. coopertino is prohibiting smoking in city parks and on
12:10 am
streets and sidewalks adjacent to recreation areas. the new restrictions mean no smoke not guilty picnic areas, skateboard parks, swimming pools, hiking trails and bike paths. in news of the world tonight, in cairo the leaders of rival pakistani factions signed a landmark reconciliation agreement. for the last four years fatah has ruled the west strip and hamas the others. hamas has called for an end to the jewish state. at the united nations the prosecutor for the international criminal court said he will seek arrest warrants against three libyans for crimes against humanity. he did not name them. prosecutor campo also said he is investigating allegations of war crimes against civilians allegedly by forces loyal to colonel moammar gadhafi. and in britain, firefighters are struggling to control brush and forest fires.
12:11 am
the fires are burning in search different locations. two teenagers have been arrested in connection with one of the fires. arson is subpoenaed suspected in the others. april was britain's hottest on record. some places have seen only 20 percent of normal rainfall. a determined young man has a successful campaign to get a turn lane at an intersection. highway 1 at chessly lane. it is something he can attest to. he was riding his bike last year when his car missed him by inches. he lobbied for a turn lane there. it took a year but charlie finally got caltrans to put in a lane. >> you have to make yourself want to go forward and do it. and it takes a while. but you just got to stay with it and get it done. >> charlie told ktvu he is not done yet. he says he would like to see a countdown for pedestrians as well as an overpass to the beach. >> work to transform a portion of san francisco's metrion into
12:12 am
a new target store is set to begin tomorrow morning. the project was delayed for a year because of the recession. now it is back on track. work isn't expected to be completed until sometime next year. >> they thought they had insurance. coming up next, ktvu investigates the growing number of families saddled with huge medical bills. how you can protect yourself. >> plus some summer-like weather today but it's not go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms,
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you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. can i have the ball? are you ready?
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>> 1-year-old riley is the cutes curveball life has ever thrown his parents. >> it was a wonderful surprise. the fact that it was a boy it wasn't part of the plan but a wonderful, wonderful surprise so we were thrilled. >> but the surprise that followed riley's birth was ugly. a $30,000 hospital bill. >> you don't think about it. you just had a baby. you will just take care of the baby. you don't want to worry about health insurance. >> michelle klein spent hours pouring over her family's benefits, considered herself flute in the language of health insurance. >> i knew i wasn't on the hook but to figure out what would have gone wrong took me forever. >> josh greenburg is a medical billing expert in san mateo. he said more and more people are having their claims denied. and he says it may have to do with healthcare reform. >> i think that some of the insurance companies are taking a closer look at claims and being proactively a little bit more careful about what they are willing to permit and what they are not. >> president obama signed
12:16 am
legislation last year to overhaul the nation's healthcare system. greenburg says now insurers are going through every claim with a fine-toothed comb. >> and the unfortunate reality is that more often than not they will default to denying a claim and pushing it back to the doctor's office. and then as the consumer you are stuck in the middle. >> just about everyone we spoke with had a story of a claim denied. >> the insurance said they would pay for it but when it came time to pay for it they didn't. >> how much was your bill? >> it was i think $600. >> some filed an appeal. judy said she felt like she was fighting two battles. deal with the cancer as well as try to figure out where the extra funds were going to come from to cover my payments. >> but others say they don't always appeal. >> in some cases just too busy and i haven't had time. >> so what happens when you are too busy? >> at the make money and i lose. >> i am not going to deal with it. >> so what has happened since? >> nothing really. the bill comes and i just trash it. >> the industry group america's
12:17 am
health insurance plan says insurers are not pulling back. >> it would be penny-wise and pound foolish to deny treatment to a patient that the patient needs. >> adding that fine-toothed comb approach is in everyone's best interests. >> we need to do more to ensure that patients are getting the right healthcare at the right place at the right time based on the best and most recent medical evidence that's available. >> in fact, the group representing insurers and the company representing patients have the same advice for everyone. they say pick the right healthcare plan from the start. look beyond premiums and deductibles to see if the find of care you need is covered. and then manage that plan. read everything your insurer sends you so know ahead of time what to expect. don't ignore the bills you don't agree with. instead appeal every denial. some are simple billing code errors. others may require more involvement either from your doctor or a third party panel. now, the appeal doesn't always
12:18 am
work. but for klein it did. she had greenburg's company health cpa fight her billing battles for her and ended up paying just $2,000 of that $30,000 bill. financial crisis averted. but no telling what surprises little riley may have in store. gasia mac alberta mikaelian, ktvu, channel 2 news. we had record high temperatures today. we talked about those specifically in downtown observing. and also parts of the bay area in the 70s and 80s and even some 90s. go outside to show you what we have right now. concord is 70 degrees. that is indicative of how very warm it is out there right now. temperatures overnight in the 50s. daytime highs tomorrow are going to be very warm again. but cooler coastside. here is that record in oakland. 85 degrees today. that's pretty warm for this time of year. we will see more mid-80s tomorrow but shunted inland.
12:19 am
today we had strong offshore winds. saw those record high temperatures. not expecting any record highs tomorrow. these winds will slack off a little bit. still warm over the hill out in walnut creek and livermore and out towards santa rosa. but along the coast the winds have flipped around. watch what happens. go over to the coastal side. these winds are what you call an onshore winds. winds blowing from water to land onshore. a little bit of fog and moisture out there. that begins the cooling tomorrow. subtle cooling tomorrow. further cooling but subtle. again the next day. and then by the weekend the temperatures drop. sunday will be pretty chilly around here with daytime highs just in the mid and upper 60s. not bad. just not going to be like today with low 90s or upper 80s. forecast lows in the 40s and 50s. daytime highs tomorrow here we go some 90s showing off towards antioch and brentwood. lots of 70s and 80s. a little cooler along the coast. again you can see that sea breeze captain you. get blocked off by the coastal hills so further warming
12:20 am
inland. cooler right around the bay. this will be intermittent zone where temperatures begin to drop off. high pressure weakening. beginning the cooling trend. you can see temperatures drop off thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. sunday of course being mother's day you see the big drop-off. not freezing just in the upper 60s but cooler. no rain but a few clouds over the bay area weekend. been a nice run but you can see where the temperatures are going. forecast highs tomorrow will be about the same inland. a little cooler coastside. forecasts in the valley good air quality. the five day forecast with your weekend in view shows just that cooling trend. and a heck of a nice day today. tree pollen still in the high range. grasses are medium. weeds are medium. but really a heck of a day. tomorrow will be beautiful, too. it really is. we are splitting hairs here. >> just great stuff. >> much cooler on sunday that will be the most notable thing. >> thank you, bill. >> the san francisco board of supervisors took tent sieve steps today aimed at keeping
12:21 am
companies on the verge of going public from leaving the city. the supervisor's budget and finance committee proposed a six year time limit on a new stock option compensation tax. under the proposal the city tax on stock options would have a ceiling of $750,000. supervisors say san francisco is perhaps the only city in the country that taxes am stock compensation. >> according to chief executive magazine ceos say california is dead last in a of course are aing of states friendly to do business in. the magazine said it asked 550 ceos to rank states on a range of issues including regulations, tax policies and infrastructure. texas ranked number one. and north carolina
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. okay. mark is here with sports. the stanley cup playoffs. boy, things are sure going the sharks' way. >> yes, a long way to go. but i tell you what, to win the stanley cup got to have full-on heroes. guys just making the extraordinary happen. sharks just one win away from the western conference finals because of devon setaguchi. but the men in teal rock this. on a powerplay he gets the back hander off a rebound and the sharks are out in front 1-0 in the first. but 2-1 wings come the second. kind of a changeup here again he almost skipped it and it seemed to elude the goalie. powerplay 2-2. now 3-2 wings again in the third. only 4:08 left dan boyle scoots it home and we've got 3-3. and then it's the sharks in
12:26 am
overtime. 9:21 in devon from joe thorn torn the wrister with five overtime victories so far for the sharks in the post season. they lead detroit 3-0. next up friday again in detroit. new york city they always say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. somehow, though, tim lincecum has managed to make it pretty good without ever having won in the big apple. but that was before tonight. take it back east. the only run he would need 6th inning a scoreless game. pat burrel scalds one to left. mike in the number three batting order contributing to the score. tim runs into trouble bottom of the 6th the mets end with that big giant contingent on hand to look at it. first and third nobody out. check this play out from sanchez down the right-field line. he keeps not only the catch in the glove but keeps anybody from scoring.
12:27 am
a great play. lincecum just seems to get stronger. he got out of that inning. and then in the 7th he will strikeout the side. his last inning he went 7. gave up only five hits, 12ks now the giants' all-time single game double digit strike-out leader. he passed none other than christie matheson. lots of giants fans in new york. the as in oakland waited patiently for one of their key off-season acquisitions to start doing what they brought him here to do, hit. david dejesus the two homeruns of the year. both solo shots. they will take them. because trevor cahill as usual on his game seven strong innings. he is now 5-0 early. now, of course you thought the lakers would right all wrong. and even up their series with the mavericks down in the land of the stars. it didn't work out that way, though. jason kidd with the 9-0 run in the third for dallas. they stun the lakers.
12:28 am
and of course dirk is doing his work 24 points for him. the capper right there. the lakers are down 2-0. hit the road, jack. doesn't like like they are coming back. chicago evens their series with the hawks.
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