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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 14, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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so choose the brand more dentists use -- oral-b. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use, oral-b. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> caught in the act, a thief removes equipment from a truck bed. one of three dozen thefts from vehicles now under investigation. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie haener. lock your cars and protect your valuables. there have been 36 break-ins, including one in which a
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shotgun went missing. amber lee is live in san carlos where police tell her this crime wave has them frustrated. amber? >> reporter: heather, police told us this break-in happened here sometime overnight. victims are making a common mistake such as leaving their window cracked open or leaving their doors unlocked with valuables in plain sight. >> getting into the back of the pick-up and picking up the compressor hose. >> theresa played for surveillance cameras that clearly shows a compressor and a hose from the back of their pick-up truck parked in their driveway. it shows two other young men wearing gloves methodically trying all of the doors to see what else they can steal. >> it is frustrating and upsetting and sad. >> reporter: her husband jerry told us on the same night thieves broke into two other vehicles in their neighborhood. >> and they were literally
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walking back and forth across the street as if this was a shopping market. >> most of these are from unlocked vehicles. >> reporter: the sheriff says this pile of police reports document the 36 break-ins that have taken place in various residential neighborhoods in and around san carlos during the last six weeks. we had no trouble finding vehicles with items in plain sight, this one with the doors unlocked. >> we have had some stuff stolen such as coins and cash and some things as serious as a shotgun stolen from a car. >> investigators don't believe a crime ring is responsible. but people looking for valuables unattended. as for buoyton this break-in was the second in less than a year. >> i don't know how to explain it. i feel sick to my stomach that my neighborhood is not protected. >> reporter: they told us it is very different than 20 years ago when they first moved here. now they make sure that everything is locked up tight. reporting live here in san carlos, amber lee, ktvu,
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channel 2 news. >> we have developing news tonight from the san leandro area. alameda sheriff's deputies are searching right now for a gunman following a shooting after 7 p.m. that left a man in critical condition. the search is concentrated at an apartment complex on 115th avenue and east 13th. we are told a number of people are seen leaving the area so investigators have a lot of people to track down. the victim is at eden hospital tonight. >> at the state capitol in sacramento today, democratic members of the legislature pledged they will meet tomorrow's deadline to pass a balanced budget. there are two proposals, one includes tax extensions and one does not. >> i think the most important thing today is that we are going to respect the people's deadline. >> if the legislature does not pass a budget by the constitutional deadline, lawmakers won't get paid. the state senate has one plan to make cuts to education and other state programs.
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the assembly plan raises some taxes, for example, taxing online retailers and charging homeowners for fire protection. a new field poll released exclusively to ktvu today shows californians have little faith in the state's ability to balance the budget. maureen naylor has the results of that poll and talks to people about why there is such a lack of confidence in sacramento. [ music ] >> more than 100 dementia patients come to the san jose care facility every week. they play music and games. >> i get nervous every year. if you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: with the june 15th state budget deadline here, those who run this non- profit feel they are the ones who get played because when no budget is passed it is a check mate situation for the $100,000 they rely on from the state each year. >> with no state budget the state won't issue those checks. we are expected to still meet our contracts and deliverables with no payments. >> reporter: the new field poll showed 35% surveyed have little confidence in the governor's
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ability to fix the budget. 56% don't have much confidence in the legislature and don't want to pay higher taxes to pass the budget. >> we really don't get out of this recession without paying some taxes. i for one am willing to go there. >> as far as being confident coming to an agreement and having the budget passed, i have no confidence in it at all. >> been going on it seems like every year. they can't agree on a budget. and it drags out and crass out and drags out. >> reporter: the al tsunamier's center has -- appears heimer always heimer's center has two options. >> those here at the center say the state budget must be reached within 30 days before they have to make that tough decision. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. one man is dead tonight after a crash on the down barton bridge. that accident happened just
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after 3:00 this afternoon. news chopper 2 was above as the highway patrol investigated the crash involving at least two vehicles. the accident blocked two westbound lanes and caused a traffic jam that lasted about two hours. so far no word on the man's identity. no other injuries were reported. >> a new twist to the smart meter debate tonight. an oakland homeowner tells us a pg&e installer threatened to discontinue his power when he told him he didn't want a smart meter installed. and he recorded the exchange on his cell phone. >> what they will do is put you on a refusal of installation list. and they are going to call you and discuss with you either cutting you off at the line or allowing us to put it in. >> what do you mean cutting you off at the line? >> they are going to discontinue your service. >> the tape was made public by stop smart the group says the metres pose a health risk. it doesn't know if the installer is actually a pg&e employee, but regardless he
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gave incorrect information. pg&e does not turn off service and the utilities' customers can delay the installation of smart metres while the opt out program is finalized. new at 10 tonight, the clock is ticking tonight for five san francisco smoke shops to adhere to new rules. it's all part of a legal settlement with the city attorney. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live now in the city where authorities say these shops were encouraging the use of crack cocaine. eric? >> reporter: they say there is no legal use for certain glass pipes like this one. but we were able to walk right into one of those five stores and buy it today for $10. now, we are handing this over to the police tonight. the city says those five stores have 24 hours to do the same. but we've found one store owner tonight who seemed ready for a fight. >> is there a reason you don't want us to shoot on the sidewalk? >> yes. turn off your camera, please. >> we got this angry reaction from the owner of the rock on smoke shop on mission street when we tried to ask him about what he was selling inside. >> i don't want to talk to you,
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okay? please turn off your camera and leave. >> reporter: he said he didn't know about a settlement just reached with the san francisco city's attorney's office. it says five smoke shops that were being sued agreed to stop selling illegal paraphernalia like crack pipes and pay fines between $5 and $11,000. some places say they have already started making changes. this smoke shop just added a second door a month ago to keep these pipes out of reach and out of view of children. this store on the corner of 16th and mission stopped selling all pipes completely. but the owner says the new rules should apply to all smoke shops in san francisco. >> everyone, you know, everybody gets it. i mean what do we got? >> you feel like you are being singled out? >> i feel that. >> reporter: the city attorney says all of the city's shops should be paying close attention. >> this should be a message loud and clear that we're going to seriously enforce the laws on the books to make sure that no one is taking advantage of
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law-abiding citizens in neighborhood. >> reporter: part of this settlement also requires stores to keep 80% of therapy windows clear so the police can see what they have inside from the street. this injunction goes for five years. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. lay-offs -- [ music ] >> lay-offs are coming to workers at lockheed martin's sunnyvale facilitator. the defense contractor announced it is eliminating 8% of the employees in the space divisions, that's about 800 jobs. the cuts will most heavily affect. they will give lay-offs to minimize the job cuts. the retail sales boosted hopes for the economy. the dow jones industrial average gained 123 points to close back above 12,000. the nasdaq closed up 39 points.
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oakland based pandora media priced its shares today at $16 raising almost $235 million for the company. the public will get a chance to bid the stock up or down tomorrow when the i. o begins trading on the new york stock exchange. pandora offers a streaming music service customized for the individual. the 11-year-old company has yet to make a profit, though. the landmark fair month hotel in san francisco is up for sale tonight. the news comes after city officials rejected a proposal to convert part of the property for condos. the hotel union opposed the condo plan fearing it would mean fewer union jobs. the hotel is being marketed without an asking price. [ music ] it warmed up quite a bit today. day-time highs up into the low 90s. warmer in your neighborhood tomorrow. i will tell you how much warmer. we will see you back here. >> a big decision today in the debate over same-sex marriage. what the ruling means plus the plans to appeal it. plans to appeal it. >> but firs
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. union city police tonight are investigating that city's third homicide of the year. police say a man was shot and killed this evening on venus place. he was found on the ground in front of a home there just after 5:00. police have not released the man's name but neighbors say he was married and had children. at this point no arrests have been made and no suspect
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information is available. the chief u.s. district court judge in san francisco took just one day to hand down his decision in the same-sex marriage ban case. the judge rejected the challenge that claimed judge vaughn walker was biased. ktvu's david stevenson has the ruling, the reasoning and the reaction. >> it's a good day not just for the lgbt community, it's a good day for california. it's a good day for people who believe in fairness. >> reporter: same-sex marriage supporters are applauding today's federal court ruling that focused on the judge that overturned the marriage ban. am same sex proponents said that judge vaughn walker stood to gain by revealing the law because he was in a same sex relationship while hearing the case last year. but chief judge james ware disagreed. he said this today.
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>> we trust our judges to be fair and impartial and that's what chief judge ware found here. >> reporter: in a statement this afternoon attorneys for proposition will backers said. our legal team will appeal that decision and continue our tireless efforts to defend the will of the people of california to preserve marriage as a union of a man and a woman." same-sex marriage supporters are happy. >> i've been in a same-sex marriage with my partner for ten years. we've talked about it and we are not necessarily, you know, on the band wagon to get married, but everyone should have the right to. >> the stay on same-sex marriage remains in in effect and is set for a federal court hearing sometime this fall. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. another legal blow tonight to the defense of marriage act, the nation's largest bankruptcy court has found a controversial law banning federal recognition of same-sex marriage unconstitutional.
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the decision was prompted by a joint bankruptcy filing by illegal a legally married same sex couple in la. the judge was asked to dismiss the chapter 13 filing because the defense of marriage act restricts joint filings. the judge said the law violated the constitution's equal protection guarantee. a british gossip magazine says it has the first interview with a woman who had a child with former governor arnold schwarzenegger. the magazine hello says when mill dread's now 13-year-old son found out one year ago that his father was arnold schwarzenegger he said: "cool." and he is eager to form a relationship with his father. the magazine also quotes maria schriver if arnold schwarzenegger was the boy's father. and the two women held each other and cried. the financial campaign got a financial boost thanks to the bay area visit. the first lady headlined two fundraiserrings at the
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claremont hotel on the berkeley oakland border. staff of famed chef alice waters prepared the meal. cameras were not allowed inside so we along with supporters caught only the motorcade. however, these photos are from those who did attend. tickets to the breakfast ranged from 1,000 to $25,000. >> i believe in what her husband is doing. i think he's an amazing president. he is an amazing person. and she's part of the package. a big part of the package. her speech today inside was amazing. >> ms. obama left the claremont before noon and went to san francisco where she attended a luncheon at the merchant's exchange building. and we did spot her leaving that $2500 a plate fundraiser. >> while the first lady was in the bay area, the president was in puerto rico today. president obama is the first president since john f. kennedy to make an official visit there. he addressed the question of the island's political status. puerto rico is a u.s. territory. some residents want statehood while others are seeking
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independence. >> and when the people of puerto rico make a clear decision, my administration will stand by you. [ applause ] >> the president also made an unannounced stop at deli for lunch. they can only vote in presidential primaries but the four million others on the mainland can vote for the president and the latino vote helped elect him in 2008. a follow-up story that we brought you two weeks ago. the morgan hill whose mom was stolen with her baby inside will not face charges for leaving her baby unattended. she said she left her baby in the car while she went to get groceries at a church food bank and that's when the car was stolen. the vehicle was recovered three hours later at a park. as we first railroad tracked at 6:00 the city council approved mayor reid's council.
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included in that budget was a last-minute agreement with the police department. ktvu's robert handa tells us what they agreed to do in order to save more than 150 jobs. >> reporter: some san jose police officers didn't have much time today to think about the contract vote. they were preoccupied with the city's latest homicide this morning when a gunman opened fire on a group of young men on oxton drive killing one, wounding three others. so even though the officers voted to take a 10% pay cut to save 156 jobs, it's hard for many not to focus on the 100 or so officers still scheduled to be laid off next month. homicide rate is escalating at a fast rate. violent crime is up. burglaries are up. property crime is up. i mean, they can't afford to lose one officer. >> reporter: detective jeff nicholls agrees but still relieved. it means he remains on the sexual assault unit and gets rid of the nagging labor distractions. >> today's case was the molest of a 10-year-old girl we were
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walk working on. to be able to go out and know that i have a job for the next year is a relief and i can 100% concentrate on the job. >> reporter: he told us he is almost afraid to be happy about it. >> it is on and off every week. one moment you think you are getting laid off and one moment there is some hope. >> steer -- here at city hall we heard why some officers may not be laid off as planned is because so many other officers are retiring early or taking new jobs. they are worried because even though the it solved the departures problem they worry about the long-term quality of the police force. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. tonight the san francisco police chief met with community members to discuss last week's fatal officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of a suspected bank robber. chief greg sir said the shooting was not taped by his officers. and as far as he knows, no one else taped the shooting either. a week ago today police shot and killed 25-year-old joshua
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smith. they say they atimed to run over the officers when they tried to pull him over on suspicion of driving a stolen car. the fbi says smith is suspected of robbing two banks in irvine last month. barry bonds' former personal trainer is out of a job as a baseball coach for his son's team. greg anderson has been convicted of distributing steroids. and a parent complained about him coaching. the president of the burlinggame youth baseball association says anderson is not a registered coach, but that he can coach next year if he applies and passes a background check. [ music ] it's getting pretty warm out there. these are the current temperatures right now. i am showing you the central part of the state because look how hot it is. right now in sacramento it is 92 degrees. cool in san francisco about 59. but look at the warmth in the valley. that looks like summertime. we've got more of a summer-like pattern. current temperatures around the bay, more specifically in your neighborhood, it's warm in the concord, 76.
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75 in livermore and 60 in san raphael. so there is no fog out there. going to wake up mostly sunny. some places are going to start off at 61 degrees. so we got nowhere to go but up. it will be warmer tomorrow. forecast highs tomorrow. the oranges are 80s. reds are your 90s. here you go lots of oranges. lots of reds. they will pop up in the bay area as well. but you get the idea, cooler along the coast. a slightly warmer day tomorrow and then some changes as we go down the road. back at 10:45 with the five day forecast. see you then. boxing legend sugar ray leonard was in oakland this evening signing copies of his new book. he has written a book about his life and career called the big fight. my life in and out of the ring. he writes about some painful experiences revealing that he was sexually abused as a young boxer by an older man who was one of his trainers. leonard also says it has helped him to talk about that painful chapter of his life. >> my revelations about some of the things that i have dealt with, i've gotten so much more
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love, additional love. >> sugar ray leonard has the distinction of being the first boxer to win world titles in five different weight classes. more recently, he has been pursuing other careers, including broadcasting. well, fire tears through an east bay elementary school. >> as if a fire weren't bad enough, school board members in one district are worried that a recent fire may have been set intentionally. >> also new details tonight about an accident that injured former
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. dark smoke poured out of a louisiana plant. no one was hurt. people living near the plant were told to stay indoors and turn off the airconditioner.
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they make chemicals used in oil field production. firefighters are letting that fire burn itself out. >> that massive wildfire burning in arizona set a record as the largest fire in that state's history. there are now reports that firefighters are looking for two people of interest who may have started the fire. the authorities say an unattended campfire is thought to have sparked that blaze back on may 29th. to date, the fire has burned 469,000-acres and destroyed two dozen homes. new information tonight points to arson as the cause of a devastating fire at an elementary school in richmond. authorities told us today there were three separator begins for the fire at k element -- separate origins for the fire at k elementary. and why despite all of the damage why they are counting their blessings. >> reporter: this morning ktvu toured the k school. neighbors investigated when they smelled smoke at about 8:00 last night. >> my mom is like something is
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on fire around the corner. it's a lot of smoke. i'm like what's going on? i came outside and came to the corner on florida and i looked and seen a lot of smoke and a lot of firemen. >> reporter: no one is hurt and school is out for the summer break. the crews worked to clean the school building today. school officials are counting their blessings. as it turned out these school buildings have recently closed and most of the supplies have been moved to the new school buildings nearby. fans blew smoke out of the new building today. the flames didn't travel from the old buildings to the new. most of the classroom materials have already been moved to the new school building, but school board president charles ramsay says the older supplies could have been used elsewhere in this cash-strapped school district. >> i wouldn't want to see any of that disappear. we have needy kids. it's a low-income community. a low-income school 100% reduced or free lunch. >> ramsay says this is the third apparent arson in the last two years. >> those are problems that we
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have to try to address. >> reporter: there are no surveillance cameras at the old school building. this afternoon the school board president told me at the facility operations for west contra costa schools that there appeared to be three separate origins to last night's fire. at this time there are no suspects in this investigation. in richmond this is ktvu, channel 2 news. we have learned new details about the injuries suffered by joe montana at his ranch last weekend. his attorneys said montana was driving a small week and -- vehicle and when he swerved to avoid hitting his daughter he hit a tree. he needed stitches for an eye injury and had chest pain and hurt his leg. he had been to present a proposal to a new hotel in santa clara tonight but had to postpone. it took two years of painstaking work to restore that plane. but today there was an ill- fated accident. we will tell you what set the project back. and coming up at 10:45, a and coming up at 10:45, a warnin fee court is now in session.
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. an unusual accident in alameda today, news chopper 2 was there right after it happened. a crane trying to lift a newly restored plane back into place toppled over. that plane had greeted visitors to the alameda naval station since back in 1969. ktvu's janna katsuyama talked to the team that restored the plane but what they think went wrong. >> reporter: well, this is a perfect example, frank. take a look right behind me. can you see the sprinkler system that is went on about half an hour ago. they have just been making the ground soggy. take a look over here. can you see how wet it is. right here these are the tracks where the crane sank into the ground and crashed. news chopper 2 flew over the alameda naval base to see how
12:01 am
the grand installation of the restored a-4 skyhawk jet wenthorribly wrong. >> we panicked. >> reporter: an 84,000-pound yellow crane had been lifting the 5500-pound aircraft on to its pile on when suddenly the crane tilted and fell to the crash with the plane to the ground. >> i didn't know what to think. i hope nobody is there. >> we dropped to our knees when it happened and threw our heads down. >> another crane was brought in to clear the crash. heartbreaking said one alameda city official because volunteers had spent two years restoring the aircraft. mark bird helped lead the restoration. >> the airplane itself was built in 1957. and it is the first version of the type. >> reporter: for baird and other volunteers it was a labor of love and the city of alameda had invested some $50,000 taxpayer dollars to restore the aircraft. the contractor nrc
12:02 am
environmental services would not comment. baird says the ground today was wet and soft and the crash appears to be an accident. >> it's disappointing. it's a setback. >> now, they had hoped to have the plane up here by july 4th for the independence day. but obviously that won't happen. baird says that it could take up to two years to fix this jet. they do say that any donations or volunteers are welcome. you can contact alameda city hall. reporting live in alameda tonight, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a percent cyst he went fire presented -- persistent fire presented a challenge. a fire in a garbage truck turned out to be a stubborn one to put out. they were called to the scene at 7:30 tonight. firefighters had to use hatchets to get at the flames before they could finally put them out. no word yet on what caused the fire. >> trace elements of a
12:03 am
suspected cancer-causing chemical turned up in recycled water. they studied recycled water as part of a plan to push for the use of more recycled water. but small amounts of ndma a suspected cancer-causing chemical is a byproduct of disinfecting chlorine. it should be noted no drinking water comes from shallow groundwater. a special education teacher accused of raping a mentally challenged student aide made his first appearance. we showed you last night of 56- year-old jerry johnson in the custody of police. he is accused of raping an 18- year-old woman who has the mental ability of a 7-year-old. the alleged rape happened in february. the police say her parents apparently didn't know until recently. >> it took sometime for the information to come out. they weren't aware of it. and i think it came out a little bit in pieces. they did some calling around themselves. >> johnson did not enter a plea today but he denied the
12:04 am
charges. he is currently being held on $750,000 bail. police in alameda have arrested a 12-year-old boy from oakland for allegedly using a shovel to beat 1 chickens to death. investigators say over the weekend the boy broke into a chicken coop at a community farm and garden located at the former naval air station. police say another juvenile was also involved. the boy has been ordered to appear in juvenile court on animal cruelty charges. new at 10:00 tonight, a christian college in scotts valley has suddenly shut down. bethany university cites diminishing enrollment and revenues. as ktvu's lloyd lacuesta reports tonight, hundreds of students will now need to transfer or finish their studies online. >> bethany university is shutting its doors after 91 years. school officials weren't talking tonight but we found a woman who says she earned a degree here 10 years ago. >> you know, it's just sad that i won't be able to say, oh, i graduated from my school and it still exists because it won't be there anymore.
12:05 am
so i'm bummed. >> reporter: bethany university's 500 students are being told the school will help them transfer to other institutions. there will will be no classes available this fall. in a written statement the school said this. >> reporter: bethany is owned by the assemblies of god church. last week it was announced a private group of investors would buy the school. but that deal fell through. >> well, it's a bible-based school so a lot of people, you know, major in biblical studies. but, again, i think one of the strongest things here is the teaching program. there is a lot of strong teacher that is come from this school. >> reporter: restaurants near the campus say losing school customers will hurt. >> it's sad, you know, to see that. i mean, every monday we get some students in here buying dollar slices. >> scott valley's mayor says
12:06 am
bethany never paid property taxes because of its religious status. >> you know, either it will be picked up by another educational institution and sometimes when things start anew they start fresh and can build on something. and/or it may get re developed in some other fashion. >> bethany university's board of trustees will vote next month on officially closing the school. in scotts valley, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. a destructive bug found on some crops. and back with the forecast for this week and how warm it will be for
12:07 am
12:08 am
12:09 am
. late today officials in santa cruz county announced the discovery of a european grapevine moth. the second moth found there in less than aer. now the county is set to implement quarantines and begin an eradication program. the santa cruz county commission says the moth was discovered last week. another moth was also found last september. the quarantine means growers will have to sign compliance agreements saying they are following certain protocols for handling and shipping grapes. the larvae of moths can feed on grapes destroying the crops. >> an eastbay neighborhood got a rude awakening today when a huge branch fell from an ancient tree. folks in alamo who live near the 400-year-old oak said it actually felt like a small earthquake at 3:30 this morning when a branch gave way. a car was destroyed but no one was hurt. they say a combination of the hot weather and the wet soil is to blame. thirsty trees draw the water up into their limbs.
12:10 am
the branches then get heavy and then collapse. in news of the world tonight in south america chile's erupting volcano caused a new round of flight cancellations. planes were cancelled from australia to south america because of the ash that might damage the engines. it might disrupt a soccer tournament next month. in nato they increased their air strikes in libya. but they did not say there was casualties. outside they dropped leaflets warning moammar gadhafi's is bombing runs but waited until advancing. and in nepal the united nations declared that county free of land mines. they were planted during a ten year battle with communist insurgents. that ended with a peace deal in 2007. nepal then began clearing the mines using military records of where they were planted.
12:11 am
oakland police are searching for two robbers who apparently got away with a major haul this evening. police were called to california check cashing on telegraph and 51st street at 7:20 tonight. police confirmed that the business was robbed but they are not releasing any further details. we have an unconfirmed report, though, indicating as much as $49,000 may have been stolen. a man accused of stealing $1.5 million in chips from a vegas casino pleaded guilty in court today. this is surveillance video of that highest last december. 29-year-old anthony michael carlao told the judge he went to the craps table, took the chips and then ran. he also pleaded guilty to robbing another casino five days before the bellagio robbery. he faces up to 54 years in prison. it may be t.v.'s next hit show and today dozens of people braved heat exhaustion in hopes of being discovered. [ applause ] >> auditions for the talent
12:12 am
show x factor were held in corral gables, florida where the temperature hit 94 degrees today. some fans actually needed medical attention because of the heat. still those waiting to audition appeared in good spirits. x factor is a simon cowell creation and it will air here on ktvu this fall. well, just in time for summer the fda orders sunscreen manufacturers to tell consumers more about what they put on their skin and just how well it works.
12:13 am
the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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. after decades of debate and research the fda today issued new rules for sunscreens. and as ktvu's health and science editor john fowler reports, the changes may surprise you. >> reporter: a perfect day to do what young people do at the
12:15 am
beach. >> i'm just trying to get a tan for the summer because i want to get darker. >> reporter: he used an spf8. under new rules spf less than 14 must carry a warning that it does not protect the skin. >> i am a sun worshiper, i love the sun. >> reporter: but they removed a spot from her leg. >> they took a biopsy and said it was malignant melanoma. >> reporter: they have to have uva and uvb protection because both can cause cancer. the fda wants new language about how long protection lasts. good-bye sunblock, no water waterproof or sweatproof. now water resistant will be in minutes. today's claims are misleading and confusing. >> it is unfair and you need to know what you are putting on your skin. >> reporter: the fda also proposed but did not make final
12:16 am
a ruling that would ban any advertisement of spf greater than 50. >> i am under the impression the higher the number the better the protection. >> reporter: the best is spf30 and the 8% spf50 and any bigger problems are just pretty much hype. >> it is terrible not to believe them. >> reporter: the new rules take effect in a year. until then the fda says buyer beware. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu ktvu. we have posted a complete run down on our new website at web. look for the right now section. a new study says people in the united states have a slightly higher chance of developing skin cancer on their left sides because steering wheels are on the left-hand side of cars. university of washington researchers said 52% of melanoma and cell caners are on the left side. scientists say people who drive
12:17 am
for a living like truck drivers should consider driving with the window up and wearing sunscreen. the price of gasoline is finally coming down significantly. in fact, since the beginning of may, gasoline is down about 30 cents. in oakland today, gas averaged $391 a gallon. san francisco was still above $4 but just barely. in san jose it was down to $3.92. analysts say the high gas prices definitely hurts spending which of course hurts the economy. an independent analysis puts pg&e's financial exposure from the sanbruno explosion at $3.3. the natural gas explosion killed eight people and destroyed three dozen homes. according to the financial analysis published by the san jose mercury news, the $3 billion figure is fines and testing guidelines and legal and regulatory expenses. it is unlikely regulators will allow the utilities will pass those costs on to consumers. a former white house aid
12:18 am
has a new job tonight with facebook. joe lockhart served as white house press secretary during president bill clinton's second term. starting next month he will become vice-president of global communications at facebook. the social network has been increasing its presence in washington as it faces scrutiny over privacy. apple today began sales of un looked versions of its iphone 4. it allows u.s. customers to buy the smart phone and use it without a contract on any compatible carrier. but there is a catch. unlocked iphones cost $649 for 16gigabyte model and $732 for a 14 model. models sold with verizon or at&t cost $300. >> a watchdog group today announced a new study saying that setboxes for televisions
12:19 am
waste energy. it looked at typical dvr, satellite converts and cable boxes t found turning them off saved hardly any power. people should ask for energy star four rated boxes and insist cable and satellite t.v. providers make more energy efficient boxes. [ music ] it is pretty warm outside right now. the fog is nowhere to be found. let's go to live stormtracker 2. i want to show you something that's interesting. out on the richmond san raphael bridge a rating in the water it's 62 degrees. in the delta the water temperature up near ant off is 65 -- antioch is 65. it is pretty warm bay waters. a few degrees above average for this time of year. interesting to see how warm the bay will get this summer. but those are warm temperatures. these are as well. these are the highs for today. so far the warmest of the week. tomorrow's highs will be a bit
12:20 am
warmer than these. and tomorrow will be the warmest day and temperatures start to trend down. these are the numbers we are waiting for a little above average. not a lot but a little above average. right now pretty mild. 67 in concord warm for it this time of night. the lows in the upper 50s and 60s. wake up tomorrow already in the 60s. not a far cry to get into the 70s by 10 or 11:00 so warm up rapidly and that will allow the temperatures to be a few degrees warmer than today. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer than they were last night at this time. move that forward and you can bet the temperatures tomorrow easily 5-6 degrees warmer just because you are starting off warmer. fog along the coast will be patchy at best. a little bit out there but really starting to form. a really strong pressure rating takes the fog and pushes it all the way south. that's where we are right now that northerly gradient is getting that fog and basically moving it out of here.
12:21 am
fog should be back tomorrow night and the next morning in a patchy form. but right now it is gone for the most part. cooler as we go into the extended forecast. so tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. so there is the warm air. the coast temperatures in the 60s. bay lots of 70s. inland in your warmest cities you will find temperatures like these in the 90s. 93 in brentwood and fairfield. the thursday temperatures will come down a few degrees. so nice weather. you know just a week ago it was raining and cold around here. remember? and then this weather is very desirable this time of year. it is what you would expect a little above average. temperatures sort of turn down a little bit for the weekend. but don't worry still a beautiful weekend. fog returns in earnest on thursday and friday. >> funny to see how it was raining last week. thanks, bill. >> power is almost fully restored to christ church, new zealand after two powerful earthquakes. an aerial view of the city shows how extensive the damage was. take a look.
12:22 am
some homes that fell came crashing down. others still perched on the
12:23 am
12:24 am
. boy, it just doesn't seem like anything comes easy for the giants, huh?
12:25 am
>> nothing changes. it doesn't matter the last couple of years. tonight 5-0 in arizona. matt cane and the mound and pablo montoya. they just don't conduct business. nerves must be like a wet rag before you get away with a win. and the giants keep winning. the first at bat back from the broken hand off the injured list and into right-field for an rbi hit, sandoval gets the giants off to a 1-0 lead. they improve in the 5th inning leading 2-0. cody ross hammers it to left. para can't get it over his head. it's a two run double. they present cane with the 4-0 lead. build it to 5-0. arizona closed 6-5 come the 9th. bring in brian wilson the usual two on, two out stephen drew looked for the call and strike three. that's your ball game 19 saves for wilson. giants win by a game and a
12:26 am
half. >> new manager, same problems for the as. but there are signs the brand of baseball they have rolled out here all year long might soon be a thing of the past. hasn't translated in victories yet but veterans of this team know, yeah, long-time fans it will turn around. it has got to. amounts with runners at first and third and one out at second. suzuki at right. frenchy one of the best arms in all of baseball a perfect throw to the plate. connor jackson a goneer at the plate. kansas city up 2-1 in the 5th. butler to left. josh willingham a bad break on the catch of the ball. it goes instead for the two run double and the royals build their lead to 4-1. later got to show you some as signs of life. they just called up this kid jamal weeks deep right center. haven't seen somebody circle the bases like this guy since ricky. that's his triple, the third since being called up. he has just been in the majors
12:27 am
about a week and a half. and that got the as another run but they fall shy at 7-4. bob melvin by the way is 1-0 as the a's new manager. now that the nba finals are over lebron james ring finger still bare must return to his ho hum life. along with that is being responsible for all of your actions verbal and otherwise. he stopped short of apologizing for his get back to the real world comments but he did reassess them. >> basically i was saying at the end of the day this season is over. and with all of the hatred, you know, not only myself, everyone else has to move on with their lives as well. they have to move on with their lives in day-to-day, good or bad. and i do, too, at the end of the day. i got to move on with my life. so i wasn't saying i'm superior or better than anyone else, any man or woman on this planet, i'm not. >> hopefully we all can move on and quit bugging the guy.
12:28 am
>> yes. >> and let him move on. >> all right. that's it for the sporting life. >> thanks. well, be sure to join the ktvu morning news be
12:29 am
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