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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 15, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. >> an open window, a young child critically injured tonight after falling from a second story window. good evening, everyone, i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that 2-year-old boy suffered serious head injuries and was in surgery just a short time ago. the accident happened this afternoon at the family's home in antioch. ktvu's eric rasmussen was at the scene earlier this evening. now he is at childrens'
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hospital oakland where that little boy is being treated. eric? >> reporter: frank, i just got an update on my phone here from antioch police in about the last 30 minutes. they say that little boy was upstairs watching t.v. leaning in the screen in the window when he fell out. at last check his parents were with him at the emergency room but we now know they were not home when this accident happened. firefighters and paramedics rushed to this home in antioch. a 2-year-old boy was unconscious after falling on to the driveway. >> we were outside and we just heard this scream. >> this next door neighbor told us the boy's parents weren't home at the time. >> i think they are all home alone. so it happened and i think they called a relative to come over. >> who was they? who was home with the child? >> it was all of the siblings. i think it's a girl, she's 18. >> from our view on the street you can see the top of the couch against the window. it is not clear how the screen
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was removed but other parents in the neighborhood say they believe a young child could do it. >> my son is almost 2, sorry. and he's into everything. so i have to definitely kim my eye on him 24/7. >> reporter: firefighters say this is the second time a child has fallen out of a window in antioch in less than two weeks. they say these accidents become more common as the weather heats up. >> we all know the importance of keeping an eye on our kids. that's not to say that this is the case for this child. there was a lot of people there that clearly cared for him deeply. but, you know, it's just one of those things we have to keep a good eye on them. >> reporter: authorities have not released the name of the boy so we've been unable to get an update on his condition here. again, the firefighters said his injuries were major. and also in that update we just got from the police, they say they are still investigating but they believe this all was simply just a tragic accident. live in oakland, eric cass muscles -- eric rasmussen. >> a plea for help to find a
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suspected killer. the police revealed this surveillance video that shows him there before he shot and killed a man. they are looking for the man on the right seen lighting a cigarette in connection with a homicide here on june 4th. he appears to be wearing a bandanna as well as gloves. he killed the man as he worked on his car on hyde street. want to take you now and give you another look at the suspect. investigators say he is about five nine, 170 pounds and has long dreads with red tips. >> well, it has been almost three weeks since michelle lee went missing. now volunteers are planning a three-day search for the missing nursing student. the 26-year-old was last seen back on may 26th in hayward. the search is scheduled for this friday, saturday and sunday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. lee's family and the class kids' foundation are organizing that search. hayward police have classified the case as a homicide.
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but lee's family remains hopeful that she's alive. >> new at 10 tonight, a change at the top for muni. ford, the executive director of the nation's 7th largest transit agency is stepping down. ktvu's janna katsuyama is live in san francisco this evening and tells us the mta does not yet have a successor lined up. janna? >> reporter: that's right, frank, the word is still getting out to muni operators and riders. his last day will be june 30th. the board chairman told me tonight that it was a unanimous vote for a sizable pay-out. the announcement came late today that muni's chief executive will be parting ways with san francisco's transportation agency. >> we both mutually agreed that it was time to make a change. >> reporter: ford has been in the hot seat for five and a half years. he came under fire after he applied for a job with the washington airport authority a job that has nothing to do with
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his departure. >> no, i am not accepting a position with the airport authority. i will look at other opportunities. in the meantime i will spend time with my family and friends. >> reporter: it comes after a bitter battle with the transit union. they voted down the muni's contract proposal only to have them impose the terms on union members this week. >> we understand there is a lot of dissconsent among the drivers. the contract was turned down by a 2-1 vote. that is a problem and we need to address that. we think the change will help address that. >> reporter: the board chairman tom nolan wanted a change. instead of waiting for ford to resign or waiting out the next two and a half years of his contract they voted unanimously for a severance package after two weeks of closed-door meetings. >> it is the cost of doing business. and he has deserved it. >> reporter: muni will pay $308,000 plus another $76,000 including deferred bonuses and holiday pay. the total severance is
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$384,000. he has been a great asset to muni. the deputy director will likely become the acting interim director. reporting live janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. after months of anticipation, oakland based pandora finally made its big debut today on wall street. shares at the internet company opened at $16 and then immediately jumped higher before closing at $17.42. that's a begin of 8%. [ applause ] >> that's the pandora team ringing the opening bell on the new york stock exchange this morning. pandora raised $235 million with the initial public offering. >> there is a revolution in how people access music, how listeners will listen to their music and pandora is at the front of that revolution. >> pandora, though, has just turned a profit but thanks to the ipo the company has a
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market value of $2.5 billion. >> unrest in greece rattled the global markets sending stock prices substantially lower. take a look at this scene from athens. thousands of young demonstrators rallied today outside the parliament building to protest huge government cutbacks. some protestors threw rocks at police in riot gear. the police then responded with teargas. greece is in the midst of a financial crisis and is in danger of defaulting on its death. the fall-out reached wall street as u.s. stocks finished sharply lower. the dow industrials lost 178 points closing below $11,9 round. the nasdaq dropped 47 points. lawmakers have passed their budget on time. ken pritchett was at the state capitol for today's vote and explains how a new law and a new threat of financial penalties helped get a deal done. >> reporter: without a budget in place by midnight, lawmakers would not be paid.
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>> that is not what's motivating me and my colleagues today. >> reporter: the senator says voters gave lawmakers the responsibility to pass a budget on time with a simple majority vote, which meant republican votes were not needed as long as taxes were not raised. but were they? >> most californians will look at this and say how did my taxes get raised? by majority vote. and that's what's going to happen, members. >> reporter: to close the remaining $10 million gap democrats in part delayed $3 million for payments of k-12 education and an extra $3 million from higher education and eliminated a local tax cut that will now increase the local sales taxes by one quarter percent. the effect on the taxpayers softened by a one percent drop in the state sales tax in july. and lawmakers passed an increase in the vehicle registration fee by $12. democrats contend those increases do not need a two- thirds vote or republican
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support. senate president darryl steinburg said if the budget is kicking the can down the road, the can, or budget problem, is much smaller. >> we will be significantly less than where we started as that's progress. >> reporter: some say the budget passed today is a stop- gap to allow lawmakers to continue to get paid while negotiations between the republicans and the governor continue. the governor has until the end of the month to sign a budget. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. and we have more details now about the budget. some republican lawmakers question its validity. and while controller john chung to investigate. the state judicial system will see $150 million in cuts that the chief says says will cripple the courts. and homeowners living in rural areas will be charged $150 a year if they depend on cal fire for protection. a new ktvu news field poll shows that california voters are onboard with the u.s. supreme court ruling mandate
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the state reduce prison overcrowding. 15% of respondents say they consider overcrowding a very serious problem. another 29% said it is somewhat serious. that's almost 80% total. the same poll shows californians are having second thoughts about the three strikes law. 74% say they agree that the law should be modified to give judges more discretion. there are questions tonight about the future of a state program that uses inmates fight wildfires. governor brown wants to take low-level offenders and move them to county jails to save the state money. but it is those low-level offender who is make up most of the 3400 inmate firefighting force. in an average year the inmates perform about eight million hours of emergency and communicate work. fire officials say it's possible if inmates are moved to county facilities that they might still be able to work on the fire inmate program. some positive news tonight for san jose firefighters. the department says it is going
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to hire back 49 firefighters laid off due to budget cuts last august. now, the move comes after the city council voted to accept a $15 million federal grant. >> we are going to be able to fully staff the apparatus that were pulled out of service last year. also through this grant we will be able to continue firefighter protection at the airport. we will not have to close down an additional fire engine. those san jose firefighters are set to be retained and back on the job next month. [ music ] and it's pretty warm outside right now. i've got 70s in parts of the bay area. temperatures will cool tomorrow. i will show you how cool they will get in your neighborhood. >> san jose police are declaring open season on gangs. why and what citizens can do to help. >> but up first a violent scene in
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. fans rioted in vancouver, canada after the canucks lost the stanley cup finals. trucks, cars, trash all of it set on fire. at times police charged the crowds and the crowds, mostly young men, then fought back. thousands of fans had been in the streets watching large t.v.s. as soon as it was clear their hockey team was going to lose, well, that's when things got ugly. as of a half an hour ago people were still in the streets.
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>> the city of san jose is taking a hard-line on gangs and gang violence as it deals with a soaring homicide rate. new at 10 tonight ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live at city hall where a community meeting was live tonight. >> the deputy police chief said half of the city's homicides this year are gang related. that's what prompted a community meeting here at city hall tonight to figure out what to do. [ applause ] >> we have your back like you have ours. >> reporter: there was a standing ovation tonight for the police in the same city council chambers where yesterday city leaders decided to lay-off 100 cops because of a budget shortfall. citizens want to know how to cope with that. >> well, when there is violent crime, that's not the -- something that private citizens ought to repel. it takes a skilled police force. >> san jose's 25th homicide
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happened yesterday. and the victim was a 19-year- old man. police say in 58% of gang related killings, the victims were 19 or younger. >> and it's scary. >> reporter: yes. >> so i came here to find out what are we going to do about it? >> reporter: representatives from the mayor's gang task force says there are some 6500 gang members and 102 known gangs in the south bay. the call went out tonight for people to take back their neighborhoods. call the police when the crime happens. and for parents to work with children to keep them out of gangs and safe. the police say they are adopting a new policy. >> we have declared essentially open season on gangs. i mean, it's going to be all gangs all the time. and so we want to send a message to those who would do crime in our city that, you know, despite the fact that we have less staff, we are going to do our very best to really put a damper on those activities. >> reporter: last year there were six gang related homicides
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in san jose. now in a half year's time, that number has doubled with a possible explosive summer yet to start. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> oakland police say they have arrested the man who was videotaped by his victim. it's a story we first told you about last week. 47-year-old mcdaniel of oakland was arrested last night. police say an oakland woman taped the suspect after he broke into her home last week. they say the man sexually assaulted the woman after she took the video. mcdaniel is set to be arraigned now on four felony counts tomorrow. bay area real estate prices continue to tumble. mda data quick found the median home price in the bay area last month dropped $372,000. now, that's down more than 9% compared to a year ago. experts say the decline is due to the expiration of federal tax credit and that many sales- involved properties in foreclosure. looking at each of the nine bay area counties they found
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that only san francisco found a year-to-year price gain of 3.7%. alameda and contra costa all experienced a double digit drop in the prices. data quick also found about 27% of bay area sales last month involved foreclosures. nationally the number of homeowners behind on their mortgage payments fell in may to the lowest level since 2006, about 215 properties. it seems the number of homes entering foreclosure started to drop last fall after allegations of banks relied on faulty documents when foreclosing on thousands of homes. a patient in napa state hospital pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to strangling a nurse worker. the judge in the case ordered that he undergo a psychiatric examination. he admitted to killing 54-year- old donna gross when they questioned him just hours after her body was discovered last year. attorneys for barry bonds this year asked for another chance to overturn his
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conviction. back in april bonds was found guilty of obstruction of justice for evading a grand jury's questions on steroid use. his defense team asked the judge to overturn that conviction or order a new trial. jurors acquitted bonds on three perjury could you wants. a hearing on this latest request is scheduled for july 1st. a san jose teacher appeared before judge today to face charges that they sexually assaulted one of her students. her attorney cited a medical problem as a defense. >> reporter: 38-year-old colorado let phelps is accused of molesting a student, a 14- year-old boy who attended the school where she taught for the last five years. she has been charged with 12 counts of lewd acts. >> you have a right to make a plea within the first 14 days
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of your court date. do you understand that? >> yes. >> i will say she's deeply embarrassed to be in this situation. it is a matter out of the privacy for the people listed in the police report. >> reporter: they say she was involved in inappropriate sexual conduct with the boy on two occasions but did not release any other details. phelps was arrested june 1st. the founder says the school is taking the matter very seriously and has terminated her employment. and that the school will continue to do everything possible ensure the school is a safe haven for learning. the deputy district attorney says it's important to prosecute. >> it doesn't matter the gender of the teacher. we need to protect the kids that go to school. parents need to have a comfort level that this type of conduct will not occur to their children while at school. >> reporter: her attorney plans to meet with the prosecutor including her prior arrests for dui and driving with a suspended license. she's scheduled to enter a plea july 8th. if convicted she faces a max of
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three years and eight months in fridays on. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. alameda police today arrested a 9-year-old boy in connection with the killing of 11 chickens with a shovel. the chickens were found dead sunday morning inside a coop operated by the alameda point collaborative. police arrested the young boy at his home in hayward this morning. a second suspect a 12-year-old boy was arrested in oakland yesterday. police say both were cited and released pending an appearance in juvenile court. [ music ] and today was a warm one. the warmest day we are going to see all week. temperatures trending down. these are the current temperatures outside right now. 75 in concord. that is warm for this hour. oakland is 73. so kind of mild. the sea breeze has kicked n but the fog is not back yet. and without the fog overnight lows will be mild. temperatures tomorrow though will be trending down. these are am so of the basic regional highs from today. 81 around the bay. 95 inland. watch what happens as we go through your wednesday and
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thursday afternoon. temperatures come up about 8-10 degrees in many places. around the bay temperatures in the 70s. inland, the warmest spot in the mid-80s. cool down. how cool as we go through the day i will have the forecast for the city where you live. see you back here at 10:45. >> well, the san francisco bicycle coalition is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an ambitious plan to connect the city with bikeways. [ inaudible ] . >> the coalition held its 19th annual golden wheel awards tonight. and at the event, the executive director unveiled the advocacy group's vision of connecting the city with 100 miles of continuous crosstown bikeways. she says the idea is to make shower that -- sure that everyone from 8-80 could ride their bikes safely anywhere in the city. it is a story you will see only on 2.
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>> a bay area surgeon shares what happened to her mother when she went to a peninsula hospital for emergency care. we have her story. >> plus a warm welcome
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. the aircraft carrier carl vincent arrived home today after playing a role in the death of osama bin laden. family members greeted the crew. back in may a navy seal team flew osama bin laden's body to the vincent. its crew put the body of the al qaeda leader in a weighted bag and oversaw his burial at sea. the white house today assisted that president obama does not need the approval of congress for its ongoing military action in libya. some say the president must seek their consent under the war powers act to carry out the
11:55 pm
bombing runs. ten members of congress have now filed a lawsuit they did so today, a gesture to get the president to halt the air war. >> why did the president come to the congress and ask the congress to be supportive and try to justice the action that was taken? >> white house president secretary jake harny says the president does not need congressional authority because the action in libya does not amount to hostility. the cost for the air campaign in libya is $715 million so far. a group of seniors in san francisco may be slow, but they are not silent. they are calling attention to an intersection that they say is a death race to cross. ktvu's rob roth tonight shows us why they say this particular intersection is so dangerous. >> these elderly folks were settling into lunch today at the davis senior center in the bay view district. but for many just getting here, they say, is a daily dangerous venture. >> there is not enough time
11:56 pm
there for one to cross. >> reporter: this they say is the problem to get to the center they often have to cross busy third street. many walk slowly and often see the countdown clock go from 20- 0 before they have made it all the way to safety. add to that the trains come cruising through in both directions. >> i'm 79-year-old and i can't be ripping and running. but i do because the lighting is just not safe for senior people. >> reporter: the concerns are growing so they drew attention to the problem they call death race 2011. >> when you can't get all the way across you are stuck between two active streetcar tracks and there is no signal to push there to get extra time. >> reporter: seniors say there is one other problem. where i'm standing used to be a bus shelter. the shelter has since been removed but what remains is this curb. and seniors complain they are constantly tripping over it.
11:57 pm
the city's municipal transportation agency says there has been no pedestrian fatalities at that intersection in more than four years. >> we will take a look at whether or not we need to adjust the signal timing but they are right now set to federal standards. but we will listen to their concerns. >> reporter: but studies say time and some say time is running out. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] >> she has admitted the condition. >> but his mother died just hours later. a doctor speaking out tonight about a pervasive problem he sees in hospitals when every minute counts. plus we [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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. only on 2 tonight, a bay area surgeon with a personal
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story of loss. and a call for change. he says hospitals need to put patients before profits, especially in cases when time is critical. ktvu's amber lee is live in san francisco now with a story that will appear tomorrow in the new england journal of medicine. amber? >> heather, we spoke with a doctor who wrote this article the weight that matters. he said hospitals need to improve their emergency care. here at sf general, doctors tell us changes are already underway. every day san francisco general takes in up to 200 patients in the emergency room. how long someone waits depends on the person's condition. >> it can range anywhere from as low as less than an hour to as great as 10-12 hours. >> reporter: to reduce wait times the hospital is building a new facility which will create an emergency department three times larger than the current one. >> the new er will actually be over there in the right to far right corner. >> reporter: doctors say er closures are increasing the burden on hospitals such as sf
12:01 am
general which has seen 30% more er patients in the passed ten years. >> every moment we have is a moment that we can save somebody's life. >> reporter: ucsf surgeon john moss says his mother died after her treatment was delayed at a highly regarded bay area hospital not sf general. >> it was initially devastating. it was such a surprise because she was admitted for such a routine condition. >> reporter: dr. mah told us his mother went to the er for irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath. but because no in patient bed was available her treatment was delayed. she suffered a fatal stroke and was dead 50 hours after entering the hospital. >> i think that hospitals are currently financially instance
12:02 am
sense -- lucrative elective surgeries. >> he says they focus on elective surgeries because they are often more profitable. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a milestein for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she was released from a hospital in houston. her physical strength and cognitive abilities improved to the point she will no longer need to the on the. she will continue intensive outpatient therapy. gabrielle giffords was one of 13 people shot in january in tucson, arizona. six of them, including a little girl, ended up dying. federal fire investigators are questioning two people tonight about the huge wildfire in arizona. officials are calling the pair persons of interest. investigators say an unattended campfire was the likely source of that fire that has already burned more than 469,000-acres. it has destroyed 32 homes and four commercial buildings. thousands of people there have
12:03 am
been evacuated and tonight that blaze is only 20 percent contained. an angry congressman lashed out at a federal program designed to hunt down mexican drug lords today calling it felony stupid during a congressional hearing. according to a whistle blower, the program's final 2500 guns from the u.s. to mexican drug cart he wills. the idea was to follow the guns so the authorities could identify, locate and capture drug kingpins and gun smugglers. >> we weren't giving guns to people who are hunting bear. we were giving guns to people who were killing other humans. >> the program ended six months ago when a border patrol agent was gunned down with a gun that was allegedly part of that program. the whistle blower, agent john dotson says so far about 800 of the guns have been recovered at crime scenes. the rest are still missing. police are searching for two suspects tonight who shot a man right in front of his wife as they were walking home from a bart station. ktvu's patty lee tells us why
12:04 am
the police say the couple was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: back alleys, backyards, side streets, you name it. hayward police say they have searched here carefully looking for two young men armed robbery suspects who targeted four victims around 11:15 last night. two of them walking home from bart. >> this is a target-rich environment. >> reporter: they were unharmed but the robber shot them at close range even though he and his wife gave them everything he wanted. he will survive. >> i was surprised in this area. >> reporter: residents say they are no stranger to crime on this street because it is well traveled by pedestrians and bart commuters at all hours. >> it is worse further down tenison than it is here. but it's really sad. this is a sad situation.
12:05 am
>> do we have gang issues there, yes, we do. but do we have up standing citizens just there to live and raise their families, of course we have that, too. >> residents like this young couple who were simply trying to get home from the airport last night when they were targeted, victims of bad timing. >> again that was patty lee reporting. hayward police say their resources are stretched thin because most of their investigators are focusing on the michelle lee case. but now they say they are signing two officers to the neighborhood where last night's shooting occurred. a follow-up now on two fatal shootings we first told you about last night on the 10:00 news. union city police identified 44- year-old keith havenot of union city as the man shot and killed on venus place shortly after 5 p.m. yesterday. investigators say a group of men was seen running from the area before the officers arrived. but so far, no arrests have been made. >> last night we also told you about a shooting near san
12:06 am
leandro. we have learned the man danny andrew died. the alameda detectives say they have leads, but so far no suspect, no weapon and no motive. a high-speed chase caught on tape. how it ended and how the driver and passenger are tonight. >> a very warm day today. today was the warmest day of the week. these numbers and temperatures in the 90s coming off tomorrow by 10 degrees. which cities will cool
12:07 am
12:08 am
. two men are in the anaheim county jail after they led
12:09 am
officers on a high-speed chase to petalum where the driver of the van lost control crashed through a fence. there you see what happened. he ended up rolling the vehicle in a field near the east washington street exit from 101 in petaluma. highway patrol says the two men inside were weren'ted on suspicion of robbery and hit and run. a man was injured after flying off his skateboard right in the middle of traffic in san francisco. police tell ktvu news the skate border was going down 20th when he ran a stop sign. the motorists stopped when they saw the skate border but he lost control, went airborne and then landed right in the middle of the street. he was taken to the hospital with a head injury. in san mateo county a head on-collision when a slide closed traffic in both directions. the crash happened at 1:25 this afternoon. both drivers were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. both are suspected to survive. the road re-opened just before 3:00 this afternoon. a former x rated movie star
12:10 am
came forward today and said congressman anthony weiner asked her to lie about their online communications. and for that reason she says he cannot be trusted. >> i think that anthony weiner should resign because he lied to the public and to the press for more than a week. >> weiner's seat and house committee position is vacant. he wants to talk to his wife before making a decision about whether to resign. she returned home after an overseas trip with her boss secretary of state hillary clinton. they released the mug shots of john edwards. they signed a freedom of information act to get the pictures. edwards has been indicted on charges of illegally using campaign funds to hide his mistress and their baby during the 2008 campaign. he has pleaded not guilty. >> in news of the world tonight in pakistan, officials reportedly arrested five people who helped the cia track down
12:11 am
osama bin laden. but denied it arrested an army major who is said to have copied the license plate numbers of cars entering osama bin laden's compound. pakistan considers the u.s. raid a violation of his sovereignty and is upset that the united states kept its plan secret. in iran the government today launched a satellite into orbit. iranian t.v. says the satellite is designed to create high resolution maps from 160 miles above the earth. that's raising concerns in the u.s. and israel, the same technology that launches satellites can be used to fire warheads. iran denies it is building nuclear weapons. and in london wikileaks is auctions off a fundraising auction with the founder. the top bid now is $500. eight seats are available at what wikileaks calls one of london's finest restaurants. he is currently on bail as he fights extradition to sweden to face sexual misconduct charges.
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new information tonight about where radiation has been found following that nuclear disaster in japan. and how concerned we should be. >> and warm weather today but if you've -- what's up? oh, what's wrong with your hair? oh. i was cruising the world-wide-web. found this do. what are you wearing? dope, right? it's got a hood. want one? boom. done. [ ding! ] [ boy ] lookin' good mr. g. thanks, bro-seph. are you video chatting? with my boyfriend? yeah! hey, tessa! mom! [ mocking tone ] mom. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities. at&t.
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is.
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[ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. . new video tonight of two caltrans engineers being rescued from choppy bay water. the engineers were doing routine from a small boat when their outboard engine stopped work. fremont firefighters responded and towed them to shore. no one was injured. a new proposal to ban the sale of tropical fish in san francisco is whipping up a wave of disbelief. >> i think it's kind of ridiculous. >> that was one pet lover's response to the new proposal. the county's animal control and welfare commission says their proposal is part of a larger
12:15 am
plan to discourage impulse purchases of small easily abandoned pets. political leaders tell ktvu news that it is unlikely the proposal would be approved by supervisors. we have new information from japan tonight about new evidence that radiation from the damaged fukishima nuclear power plant is spreading. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler reports the radiation may have entered our food chain. japanese fisheries officials announced finding trace amounts of radioactive 137 in at least two mask minky whales harpooned for food. the radiation almost certainly came from the crippled reactor. >> marine mammals are often times looked at as the canaries in the coalmine, so to speak. >> reporter: they are 39 feet scooper bottom feeders scooping the contamination from the water. it could have come from the
12:16 am
water or. >> it could come from animals they are eating so it could be making its way up into the food chain so to speak. >> reporter: the radiation are 20 times below its government food limit. >> so these are tiny amounts that we should not be alerted. again, our instrumentation is very, very sensitive. >> reporter: uc berkeley engineer professor tells me natural radiation in fish bodies are seven times higher than the radiation they found today. >> they are constantly radio ated at levels much higher than what is found in the whales. >> reporter: still it has a half life of about 30 years and chemically similar to calcium so easily taken up in living things. >> even though the radiation might be in small doses it could have longer term impacts over the life history of the animal. >> reporter: scientists today say they expect this discovery in whales to be the first of many. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. a group of hackers targeted
12:17 am
another government website today. they claimed responsibility for hacking the cia's website. it was the cia's public website which does not contain classified information. problems began about 3:00 this afternoon. the same group said it hacked the senate website on monday. the hackers said they did it for kicks too high light cyber security weaknesses. san francisco based dolby laboratories is suing research in motion, the maker of the blackberry phone. research in motion infringed on a patent by using dolby digital compression technologies. they are seeking financial damages and the halt of sales of certain research in motion production. bankrupt bookstore chain border today said they are close to reaching a deal with lenders. it would stop the closure of dozens of stores. they also cancelled an auction scheduled for tomorrow to help repay the creditors. borders said today the agreement is close to being finalized.
12:18 am
they closed a third of its store since filing for bankruptcy protection. parts -- the largest lunar eclipse in a decade today. this is what it looked like africa. also visible from europe, asia, the middle east and australia and it lasted for more than an hour and a half. unfortunately, here in north america, we did not get a chance to see it. [ music ] and today was the warmest day we are going to see this week. the temperatures got into the mid-90s in the warmest spots. we go outside and the thing i'm picking up on right now are the live bouy readings these are offshore and real-time weather. it says winds nw22 that's northwest at 22. so what we are seeing is nor -- more of a westerly component in these winds. what does that mean? with more west than last night we will see more of that sea breeze into the bay area. last night the winds were more northerly. tonight they are more westerly. that's the change. with the westerly component in
12:19 am
the wind we will look for wind temperatures to be a good 5-8, maybe even, heck, 10-degree cooler than they were today. so cooler tomorrow. the forecast then will be for some very light patchy fog right around pigeon park at most. fog is not a player t comes back tomorrow night. temperatures are trending down the next few days as we go into the bay area weekend. the 90s are a inning this of the past. today was the warmest day of the week. we go into a mellow pattern. today the high pressure was doing its thing. but things change as this low pressure system drops down. this is the same pattern that we are seeing right now this series of the high end and the low end. this is what we are going through all spring and all winter. that's why it's been wet. not getting rain from these, they are not that strong. we are seeing the temperature trend down as this comes in it just pushes in a bunch of cool air. it kicks the wind out of the west a little more. so as this low gets closer we will see more westerly winds
12:20 am
and even southwesterly perhaps. temperatures on the cool down. the yellows tomorrow are your 70s. not as many 80s or 90s tomorrow. you will see lots of 70s right along the coast. temperatures just in the 50s and 60s. 80 tomorrow in napa. 84 in fairfield those temperatures down 6 degrees from today. 44 temperatures or 44 cities for temperatures where you live or near where you live. 83 in livermore. down a good 10 degrees. 83 in morganton. a nice day tomorrow but just not that hot. don't sweat the fog. a cool impact tomorrow morning or afternoon. but i suspect by tomorrow night that will make a play. the winds shift and get into a milder weather pattern. good news for firefighters. i know it is hard to believe it was raining a week ago and talking about fire danger but nice to cool things off. also in the lake tahoe worrying about the quick snow melt it will cool off and help them out a bit. >> thanks, billing. a scientific mystery is burning bright in the east bay. this lightbulb was first turned
12:21 am
on 110 years ago in livermore. with only a few interruptions it has been shining ever since. in the guinness book of world records as the longest burning light in history and serves as a night light in a fire station. the handblown globe is never turned off and folks come from all over to take a look at this. livermore is actually holding a birthday party for the bulb this saturday. >> wow, that is really something. their first official visit as a royal
12:22 am
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. . we now know details of prince william's and his wife kate mild ton's trip to san
12:25 am
francisco. they will attend a black tie dinner and meet with military families and visit an inner city youth art program here in san francisco. they are set to arrive on july 8th. we showed viewers the unhappiness in canada. but, boy, they are celebrating in boston, huh? >> the other end of the stick. at the risk of dating myself even more, not since the days of bobby orr, phil esposito back in 1972 have the bruins won the stanley cup. even though it went seven games it seemed completely lopsided. they scored 24-4 in the final five games after they dropped the first two. the holy grail of hockey was there for the taking tonight in vancouver. boston's goalie tim thomas said not on my watch. 37 saves as the sedin brothers are denied right there. thomas wins the con smythe award as the mvp. all of the offense he would need brad marchand scored a couple wrapping it around right there and they are on their
12:26 am
way. now, watch this one, boston is actually short-handnded and they turned that one hand. patrice hustles to score one of his two goals and it is 4-0. that's the final. boston with their third game seven victory in this post season, a well-deserved stanley cup celebration. in a -- you know more often than not for the giants the little things they do. no leaning on superstars to carry the load on this team. multiple contributors every night it seems. no exception this evening down in the desert. when is the last time you saw pat burrel get a triple. just reaches out and golf one off the screen out there and takes a nice roll for the giants. one run in and they lead it 2- 1. burrel gets the triple and now it is 2-2 in the 6th inning. another new contributor, bill hall. just about a week ago they signed him. his first hit also brings his first rbi. the giants take the lead for good 3-2. but this is the play of the night. talk about the little things,
12:27 am
beautiful baseball right here. chris young so left field. down the line aaron rowan plays him perfectly and hits it to whiteside and an easy out at the plate. watch the perfection of this true baseball play right here. can't do it any more beautiful than that. look at the lady in the red she's bummed. arizona fan. giants win it wilson with the 20th save. the as need a little infusion of life and may have it in the person of rookie jamal weeks. let the kid play or more specifically let him run. look at the bunt just trying to sacrifice. he will beat it out. he starts a rally. if you want to call it that. as he will score on the base hit by cliff pennington in the 6th inning. the as hadn't even had a hit until that 6th inning. they lead it 1-0. weeks is in. and derek barton added an rbi single later 2-1 the final. as are doing a few little
12:28 am
things right themselves. that's the sporting night for a wednesday night. heather and frank? >> all right. thanks. ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow. following any change in the condition of that little boy who fell from a window in antioch. >> and you can always find our coverage online at ktvu, channel 2 news. thanks so much for joining us, everyone.
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