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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 16, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a transit systems failure in san francisco. muni estimates 150,000 communitiers face delays. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> major delays for muni. five of seven light rail lines were knocked out of service today. two of those lines are still down right now. amber lee is live in the city
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at the entrance of an underground tunnel where those repairs were underway. >> reporter: behind me, you can see there is still a lot of activity. there is above ground surface. let me show you that do not enter sign. beyond that is the tunnel. inside the tunnel, a crew is repairing the damage. shortly before 11:30 this morning, underground service for five lines k, l, m, j, and n came to a halt, causing confusion. muni says a piece of metal damaged what is called the pentagraph. it continued into the tunnel. >> went inside, and pulled down some 500 feet of wire. knocked out the power source and pulled some of the supports down.
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>> reporter: muni responded with shuttle buses. one 79-year-old passenger told us he spent two hours trying to get home. >> don't know which place to go. which spot to go. >> reporter: in chinese, this 82-year-old woman told me she can't find the train she needs. a fare inspector later lent her a helping hand. muni said it effected 150,000 passengers. >> it's bad for me, because i'm so tired. i've been on my feet since 8:30 this morning. >> may i have a cash refund? >> reporter: by 5:30, muni restored service to three of the five lines, but not the m judah, and j-church. the trains on the other lines were packed. passengers described a miserable experience. >> slow, hot, stuck, cramped. >> reporter: muni says crews will work all night. they hope to have the n and j
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lines fully restored in time for the friday commute. back here live, we can see a muni connector on stand by waiting to help confused passengers. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with channel 2 for continual coverage. starting with our morning news at 4:30 a.m. a plea for help tonight and what could be a new clue in the case of an east bay nursing student who has been gone for three weeks. a new piece of evidence in this case. >> reporter: hayward police are telling me tonight that just today they received new surveillance video from the garage of kaiser hospital, where the car of missing newsing stewart, michelle le was parked. police aren't saying what is on the tape, but they're sending it onto the fbi for further enhancement. it has now been 26 days since
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michelle le disappeared without a trace. police say they're treating the case as a homicide. >> if it was your daughter, your sister, your cousin, your friend, you wouldn't give up hope until she's out. so of course not, we have not accepted that she is, that she has passed on yet. >> reporter: the family asked for volunteers to help in a search that will begin tomorrow, and continue through the weekend. they will reveal tomorrow what areas will be searched. hayward police say last week they searched the niles canyon area of fremont, but found nothing. police say they have yet to work up any suspect profile. >> i don't recall anything like this in the bay area. to say it fits a profile, i think would be reaching. >> reporter: there is still a $65,000 reward for information that would bring a resolution. the family says they wake up every day thinking of new ways
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to find michelle. >> we will do everything, and anything to get her back home. if it were a message to whoever has anything to do with it, it would just be please bring her back, and please bring her back safely. >> reporter: searchers must be 18 years old, and can report to the search command center in hayward at 8:00 tomorrow morning. live in hayward, ktvu channel 2 news. police in morgan hill have released surveillance video, in hopes of someone watching tonight will lead them to two people suspected of stealing a car with a baby in the backseat. take a look at this video from a wal-mart store, showing a woman, a man, and a young child. police say the woman used a credit card that belonged to the woman who owned the car with the baby inside. morgan hill police have identified her as 33-year-old maribel mejia, and issued an arrest warrant for her.
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she may be traveling with enrique roacha. an arrest warrant has not been issued for him. police say the two may be driving a 1988 toyota camry. it may have black duct tape on the rear window. the couple that kidnapped and raped jaycee dugard were moved to prison. phillip garrido arrived today. nancy arrived at the women's prison yesterday. both will likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars. prison officials expect phillip will be housed in protective custody away from the general population. nine of the leading candidates participated in a
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mayoral debate. there were questions about cutting costs. the debate at pier 38 was sponsored by several pet companies. current mayor ed lee insists he's not running. less than 24 hours after the state department lawmakers passed a budget on time, the state department governor turned around and vetoed it. jerry brown thinks his own party forced a deal full of gimmicks. >> reporter: in an online video, governor jerry brown said he was reluctantly vetoing the budget passed by democrats yesterday. >> we had asked him what's your alternative plan, he didn't have one, so we came up with one. >> reporter: lawmakers say the cuts they proposed were deep and difficult. >> we did so by making painful, difficult cuts to higher education, to the courts, to
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public safety, to public education and to the needy. >> the main problem that the budget doesn't contain the necessary reforms to fix the budget and to put californians back to work. >> reporter: lawmakers say they need the governor to provide specific proposals for a budget he would sign. republicans are blocking his way. >> he seems to want a confrontation. that's okay if you know who your desired plan is. but you also have to know what your back up plan here is. and we haven't heard it. >> reporter: the budget passed by democrats was a series of bills that included deferring education payments and increasing the vehicle registration fee. >> my question is, governor what is your plan? >> reporter: the current budget expires two weeks from today. in sacramento, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. people working in the
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state's superior court system are bracing for the next version of the state budget. the spending plan that the governor just vetoed would have cut $150 million from trial court. in san francisco that would have meant closing 25 courtrooms and laying off 41% of the workforce. the preceding judge of the superior court told ktvu news she is heartbroken on the prospects. >> they're are many different levels, circumstances that can only be peacefully resolved by a court. >> the judge feinstein says she's concerned that lawmakers are looking past all of the issues that courts resolved. everything from child support to landlord tenant issues, to restraining orders. the california department of justice today showed off some of the 1200 firearms it seized from people who legally can't possess them. state law requires people to
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turn over any firearms they own, if they've been convicted of felonies, certain misdemeanors, or judged mentally ill. the sweep took place over six weeks and it's not done yet. >> we have a backlog in california. we know the backlog remains. even after the sweep there are 17,000 individuals in the state of california who remain on the list. >> the state general is pushing legislation that would expand the use of a $25 fee collected by gun dealers for enforcement of gun law. >> an exclusive field poll shows arnold schwartzenegger's favorability has dropped drastically.
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temperatures did cool off today, it's going to be cooler for your friday and then again for your weekend. i'll have the forecast for your neighborhood. we're getting our first look at some evidence against a serial killer.
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dna photos, and a handwritten list of women could be used in the case against joseph maceo. the new information tonight from eric rasmussen, and how prosecutors are linking him to at least four killings. >> reporter: gasia, investigators say investigators tested panty hose around the neck of one victim back in 1977, and the dna was a match for joseph's wife who was still living with him. that was one of several stunning revolutions. it they are the documents the accused serial killer had in front of him on his first day in court. now the judge has released the probable cause statements used to charge him with four murders. when authorities raided his house, they said they found a hand written list, referencing
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ten women. a marin county detective wrote dap testing was done durr -- dna testing was done, during which the wife of judith naso was found on the panty house around her neck. we contacted judith at her apartment building in oakland, but she did not want to talk. investigators say joseph's only dna also connects him to the murder of carmen cologne found in 1978. a partial foreign dna profile was obtained from her fingernail clippings. joseph was included as a possible contributor of this profile. pamela's body was found in 1993, number 9 on the list was the girl from linda. tracy was a perfect match for naso's last entry on the list, which made reference to a girl from marysville with cemetery written next to it.
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so far joseph nsao is only charge -- naso is only charged with the four murders. he is representing himself, so tonight we sent him an email, asking him to talk. we're still waiting for a response. the sexting scandal proved to be too much, and anthony weiner announced his resignation. >> unfortunately, the distraction had a i have created has made that impossible. so today, i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> some people booed, others cheered. one heckler shouted pervert. weiner's wife was noticeably absent today. weiner did not get any support from his fellow democrats. weiner had been considered a front runner to become the next mayor of new york city.
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in about 15 minutes, a reminder about the serious risks of sharing personal information over social media, and how this unreal world can lead to very real consequences. al-qaeda named a new leader today, it's osama bin laden's long time deputy, ayman al- zawahri. al-zawahri helped plan the 9/11 attacks and many others. he also has a deep hatred of the unite. after an american bombing in afghanistan killed his wife and at least two children. robert gates noted a difference between bin laden and al- zawahri. >> bin laden has been the leader of al-qaeda essentially since its inception. in that particular context, he had a peculiar charisma, that i think al-zawahri does not have. >> there is a $25 million bounty on his head. a college football player from san francisco remains
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behind bars tonight, following his arrest at san francisco international airport. desean marman faces several charges, after police say he refused to pull up his pants at the request of the flight crew. he was boarding a u.s. airways flight to albuquerque. he was asked to pull down his pants. when he sat down in his seat, he pulled them all the way down. marman was in the bay area to attend a funeral for a close friend. the san francisco archdiocese has placed a priest under investigation at a private location in the city. father milers was put on -- father william meyers was accused of following a boy into a dressing room, which is against church rules. in many communities when children go to school, they also get a meal.
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but what happens in summer? ktvu's paul chambers reports in oakland, there is a program that tries to ensure every youngster gets fed. >> reporter: it's that time of year. summer is here, and children are out of school. but for some, not having class means they may not eat. >> so many of our students rely on the free meal program during the school year. >> reporter: with that in mind, the district wants to make sure no kids go hungry this summer. that's why it's working with the city to provide free breakfast and lunch to anyone 18 and under. >> it's a basic need that everybody has. we want them to eat well. >> reporter: they won't get it otherwise. they'll -- >> they'll be home eating popsicles. >> reporter: according to california food policy advocates that gap is in about
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2 million low income children in our state. last summer, the city of oakland and the school district bridged that gap and served more than 193,000 free meals to studentsment with tough economic times ahead, they expect to serve at least that amount this summer. >> we encourage all of our families to come early, have breakfast, sit down, and eat, and have some food that they may not have a warm meal at home. >> reporter: there are many plaits -- places throughout oakland that are providing it. if you would like to fund one, just go to and click on web links. ktvu channel 2 news. ♪ [ music ] temperatures dropped off today about 5 or 10 degrees. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow are going to be cooler still. a little bit of fog trying to reform at the coast right now, and the winds are coming in our direction. right now, temperatures outside are on the cool side in the north bay they're still pretty warm.
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66 in concord. 66 in fairfield. temperatures overnight are going to get town into the upper 40s, low 50s. here we go into thursday, or tonight. the fog or low cloud try to show up late tonight, early tomorrow morning. that's the fog footprint. friday at 6:00 a.m. not a lot of fog, but a little bit of fog. then it burns back to the coast by noon, and tries to push back in tomorrow night. more fog in the next couple of days. that will further this cooling trend. back here at 10:45, i'm going to have your complete bay area forecast, i'm going to look at your five-day forecast as well. the winds are blamed for toppling two big rigs. one driver said he only had seconds to react as the wind lifted his trailer up. fortunately, no one was hurt. drews -- crews didn't even bother trying to upright the trucks until the winds died down. the senate approved to eliminate ethanol tax credits.
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they 45 cents a gallon to oil providers. the white house doesn't like it. but it does signal a willingness in washington to tackle special interest tax breaks. smuggled like drugs. the check point set up today to find a valuable delicacy, and what else officers found, that
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a head on crash left hundreds of drivers stuck in traffic on the golden gate bridge this afternoon. the highway patrol says the crash involved three vehicles. it happened about 3:30 near the toll plaza. all southbound traffic was stopped and the back up stretched well beyond the bridge. ambulances were called in to
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help the injured. fortunately, the chp says none of the injuries were serious. two juveniles are in custody tonight, following a brawl on an ac transit bus. it happened in alameda. the fight took place while the bus was on park street. the juveniles ran away, but police tracked them down. two adults were injured in the fight. one was taken to the hospital, the other refused prison. transit is checking to see if it has surveillance video of that fight. over fishing of the delicacy has become a problem. how wildlife officials are protecting the pricey mollusks from poachers. it's a story you'll see only on 2. >> reporter: about ten miles inland on highway 128, the net was set. this is fish and games first abalone checkpoint of the season on a major point used by
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many an lopey fishermen. most hear this. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: but some who take too many abalone, or have no license, or take the wrong size will hear this. >> that abalone is legal size? >> yeah. >> his was not. he's going to get a citation. >> reporter: right now, low tides make this an ideal time for abalone fishing. the odd looking mollusk is a prized delicacy. strict limits, three a day, and at least seven inches across, because scientists fear overfishing. >> she's sniffing for abalone. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for poachers to have dozens of abalone, and they're smuggled like drugs. >> anywhere you can think of, they hide it. >> reporter: poachers can face stiff fines or even have
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equipment confiscated. the illegal poaching hurts the species. >> they keep lowering the limits. it used to be four a day. >> reporter: these fishermen say they do not mind the checkpoint, if it keeps their sport alive. ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. the department of fish and game says today's sting insteaded 13 citations and 13 warnings. five abalone were confiscated. officers also seized 40 marijuana plants from a person who happened to be driving through the check pointed. oakland police have arrested the person responsible for killing two people in a knife fight. prosecutors fielded two murder charges and five attempted murder charges against klemm thompkins. he was arrested yesterday in
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richmond. he's due in court tomorrow. the two people killed were both fathers of young children. four other people were wounded. yeah i send nude photos. >> sexting and the risks some [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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new york is one vote away
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from becoming the sixth state to allow gay marriage. 31 of the state's 62 senators are slowing to support the bill and need a majority to pass the chamber. governor cuomo says he will sign the bill if it passes. a new center in santa rosa is making history. janet tired the site and is live. >> reporter: this site is about four miles just north outside downtown santa rosa. developers tell me they are just responding to a need among lgbt seniors. there was music, and wine. and more than 100 people. couples and singles came out for tourists of the santa rosa property. >> we're located on 10 acres.
12:01 am
>> reporter: this is the future site of the nation's first lgbt retirement community. >> it will have 22 units that we will provide alzheimer and dementia care. >> reporter: it opened to the public. the community can house up to 100lgbt seniors and they've already reserved up to 5 50á% of the market. according to the task force, there are an estimated 3 million lgbt seniors. >> they're more likely than their heterosexual peers to be single, and to not have children to take care of them. >> reporter: there's a need for these centers because many have faced discrimination. >> we signed up for this early on, because it appealed to us as a gay and lesbian community. >> i just feel if a there is a
12:02 am
discrimination -- feel that there is discrimination all the way, it just would be nice to be able to relax a little bit and not have that be part of the last third of my life. >> reporter: these units are not cheap. starting around $300,000 with monthly fees. construction is set to start in the fall, with the first residents moving in in 2013. ktvu channel 2 news. stronger than expected reports on unemployment and home building push the dow industrials higher today. it picked up 64 points and is now slightly higher for the week. the nasdaq was off about 8 points. wall street has gone through six consecutive losing weeks. pandora's stock took a real hit. it won't down almost 24%. during trading yesterday, it topped the $26 mark, before settling at $17.42 per share. the oakland company is a streaming audio service. while it has growing revenue,
12:03 am
it has never made a profit. the latest surprised even the people used to seeing it. pg and e said this morning, someone sawed down a pole in antioch and took the transformer from the top of it, apparently for the copper. this is not only illegal, it is also extremely dangerous. >> it can lead to fatalities, electrocution. serious injuries. it certainly causes problems for the community in terms of outages. >> the utility says there were more than 300 incidents of copper theft from power poles this year. compared to just 10 last year. the price of copper has more than doubled in the last few years. in today's incident, the thieves left behind their tools. police dusted them for prints. we've learned tonight that a legal battle between two tech giants could carry a heavy price tag. oracle claims its java code was
12:04 am
used in google's software. google has denied the claims. the case could have implications across the tech world. the internet is very unforgiving. what you put out there stays out there. ktvu tonight with a remilder about just -- reminder about just how careful we all need to be with our personal information. >> reporter: matthew richardson is never too far away from his phone. he says he checks his facebook page two times a day. >> yeah, i've sent nude photos, and i've received nude photos. i usually send more than i get back, it's just part of being a guy i guess. >> reporter: he doesn't think what weiner did is all that
12:05 am
bad. but technology analysts say users need to be aware of the consequences. >> people just seem to not realize that whatever they put on the web and they put to social media, in essence is broadcastable to anyone. >> reporter: he says they get a false sense of trust with who they befriend on social media sites. >> you have to trust that your friends are going to keep whatever you tweet to them private. the fact is you can't control that. >> it's an unreal world with real consequences. >> reporter: some folks we spoke to said their careful. >> i don't post anything inappropriate, because jobs can find you. >> i'm not a political figure around here. i'm just a person from day-to- day, if they really were to see me, how long would that last? >> reporter: the bottom line, social media was designed for sharing. be careful what you post.
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ktvu channel 2 news. broussard had a message today for the families of journalist chauncey bailey and the other men he killed. in a jail house interview, he said he wants them to know he is sorry, but doesn't expect their forgiveness. broussard was the gun who gunned down bailey and roberson in 2007. he said at the time, he didn't think of them as people. he plans to make a statement of remorse, when he is sentenced in august. he will serve 25 years in prison as a result of a plea deal. up next, the cleanup in vancouver and the toll in damage, arrests, and injuries from last night's fire. temperatures have cooled off today. they're going to cool further as we move into your friday. i'll tell you how cool they'll
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a small fire damaged a vacant drugstore. firefighters traced the fire to some roofing material, and put it out. investigators think the fire was accidental. security guards reported seeing a contractor on the roof about 45 minutes before that fire started. a mountain view woman is behind bars tonight after police found 29 pounds of marijuana in her apartment. 36-year-old honey margoles faces possession with the intent to sell, it is a felony charge. she was arrested yesterday. investigators found scales and bags inside the apartment and say she them she had just bought 20 pounds of marijuana. a judge convicted the
12:10 am
murder of an antioch woman and her niece. jasmine davis was found dead in their home in 2008. her twin brother had also been beaten and tortured, but he survived. davis was given custody because their mother was addicted to crack cocaine. the two-year-old boy who fell has been upgrated to stable condition. the child fractured his skill. antioch police say they have no plans to file charges. in news of the world told, in chan, heavy flooding -- tonight, in china, at least 170 are dead or missing. in one town, two people were lucky to be rescued. in canada, shop keepers in canada started cleaning up the
12:11 am
huge mess left from last night's riot in the main shopping district. hockey fans turned violent after the vancouver canucks lost game 7 of the stanley cup finals. at least 15 cars were burned, and nearly 100 suspected rioters were arrested. three people were stabbed. in mexico city, federal police raided a former police officer known as eel brad pitt and several others before cameras today. marco antonio guzman is expected of leading a group of enforcers for the juarez drug cartel. his accomplices gave him the nick name of el brad pitt presumably because they thought he looked like the actor. the american life project took into can account factors including age, education, and race. it found facebook users are 43% more likely to say that most people can be trusted.
12:12 am
facebook users also have 9% more close personal ties and are more likely to vote and be engaged in local politics. ibm turned 100 years old today. the company executives celebrated by ringing the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. in 1924, it was renamed international business machines. today, big blue is valued at $197 billion. a lawsuit suggests you may be getting a lot less
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are some products labeled organic actually fakes? 26 companies were sued today for violating california's organic labeling law. ktvu consumer editor shows us how to tell if a product is actual organic. >> reporter: what do folks
12:16 am
think on the street organic means? >> healthy. >> not necessarily worth better, but less chemicals in it. >> we found dozens of shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, and other personal care products labeled as organic. yet they contain, few, or no organic products. unfortunately, they're taking advantage of lax enforcement. >> i would say that i put a lot of trust on a label. that's where i look for information and everything like that. >> reporter: the proof says the center is in the packaging itself, which these products do not show the required amount of organic ingredients. >> the ingredient list shows the ingredients by the order of predominance. the ingredients are lesser as they get farther down on the list. >> reporter: certified nutritionist saying she worries about other words, such as pure, healthful, and especially natural. >> there are companies advertising all the time that claim to be natural that have a
12:17 am
bunch of crap in them, quite frankly. >> there's plenty of stuff that's organic. >> reporter: proveably so. all you have to know is what to look for. a certifying organization. if the package bears the usda logo, uncle sam already has. ktvu channel 2 news. the full details of the lawsuit and exactly which products are named were not available for us to review today. none of the companies we contacted for comment returned our calls. opponents of a target store say they're ready to take the battle directly to the voters. the city council approved a plan to build the big box store on this land on shore line parkway. today the group, keep it local san rafael submitted 3300 signatures to the city clerk's office to get a measure on the november ballot to reverse that
12:18 am
decision. if 2100 of those signatures are determined to be valid, the city council could decide to overturn its own ruling in july. the way san jose fire crews respond to an emergency could soon change, following a scathing grand jury report. the fire department routinely sends a fire truck along with an ambulance which make up about 70% of the calls. only 4% of calls involve fires. the fire chief says a new system will be put in place soon. >> that i think provides a lot of opportunity for us to send the right kind of equipment to the right kind of call. >> the grand jury report says san jose can no longer afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of spending most fire and medical crews on every emergency run. there was yet another suspicious grass fire in antioch tonight. this one in the same neighborhood as others.
12:19 am
it happened about 7:30. luckily firefighters got out there early and put out the flames. like the others, tonight's fire broke out off of yorkshire drive near a park. >> this is the fifth fire we've had in the last two weeks. all of them relatively strong, although a couple threatened structures. >> there have been reports of juveniles seen leaving the area. so far, there have been no good descriptions. one neighbor says she's thinking of packing up her valuables just in case there's another fire that gets out of control. we're waiting on that fog. it is cooler, or was cooler today. it will be cooler tomorrow. but that fog is lingering behind. i think it's going to get there patchy at the coast tonight. the wave heights are 7 feet. the water temp, 55. and the winds gusting to 20. still out of the northwest, which is this direction, which is a bit more onshore. that's why we cooled off today. onshore, really, all you're
12:20 am
doing is importing all of that cool, fresh sea breeze into the inland bay valleys. yesterday, we had temperatures in the mid-90s. certainly, the warmest day of this week, as temperatures trended downward, with that sea breeze. more fog forms at the coast. tonight, real patchy. but the sea breeze kicks in again tomorrow. and a little more fog each day as we go into the weekend, which is part of that cooling trend. not cold. don't cane your plans. just not as warm as yesterday, or even today. forecast overnight lows, the other day, in the mid-and low 60s. tonight, they're going to be in the upper 40s, low to mid-50s. fog was lingering around santa cruz today. going to draw north tonight and tomorrow. this weak low pressure system is going to usher that fog inland. this low pressure system gets the fog in. it pulls it up, and lifts it up. it pushes inland. that's why we're expecting cooling into tomorrow, into saturday as well with a little bit of warming on friday.
12:21 am
further warming early in the week. subtle, subtle changes. not a lot of fog, it's been nice at the coast. the fog will try to return tomorrow. 59degrees at ocean beach. san francisco, about 64 degrees. you get to the east bay hills in berkely, about 68. 70degrees,ing so like thavment we're going through the microclimates tomorrow. lafayette, mid-70s. where you would expect, low 90s, this time of year. where yesterday, we had mid- 90s, 83 degrees in the inland bay valley. a little cool compared to what we saw today. the forecast highs for friday, a little cooler than you might expect this time of year. santa cruz, 64. your forecast along the coast, a little cooler than it has been because of the fog. compared to what we've seen, this is a cake walk. beautiful weather. mild temperatures. a little fog. outstanding weekend ahead.
12:22 am
with just temperatures on the mild side. next week, it's going to get pretty warm around here, back into the 90s. love the bay area this time of year. so do you want a piece of las
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now you can own a piece of the historic sahara hotel. the sale is expected to take two months. the hotel opened back in 1952. it showcased a lot of iconic guests including the beatles. rough extra innings battle. it was not the put you in your place statement the giants were hoping to make against the diamondbacks. hard to quibble with two out of three on the road. no arguing in this guy. he's the find of the year. ryan vogelsong, another quality start. made one bad pitch, and chris young made him pay. into the seats. a two run shot. arizona up 2-0. just those two
12:26 am
runs and 6 k's. the giants get a break on an errant throw. the giants tie in the 9th, but in the 10th, justin upton. way out. off santiago casilla and the diamondbacks do salvage one of of the three, with the walkoff. 3-2 in 10. call it whatever you want, but to the a's, it's a two game winning streak going into the series with the giants. it's also a little momentum. a little positive thing starting to pop up here and there. gonzales gave up only five hits, two runs, and struck out ten. weeks adding the shot in the arm. the kid has shown a knack for hitting them in the gap. one run in, and daric barton running over the catcher at the
12:27 am
plate. weeks goes into 3rd. three more rbi, then a no doubt about her. hideki with a shot that happens to be the 499th international career home run for him. many were hit in japan, of course. the a's take two out of three from kansas city. nobody connected to the pro golf tour wants to say it outloud, but the sport in need of a charisma injection. phil mickelson, not what he had in mind here. his first shot of the day on 10 goes into the water. he would double bogey. end up 3 over with a 74. 9 shots back of the leader who is rory mcilroy. today takes the lead at 6 under par. plenty of golf left in that
12:28 am
biggy. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. should be a good weekend though, a's and giants at the coliseum. ktvu morning news beginning at 4:30 tomorrow. the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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