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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 17, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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0 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. long lines now at san francisco airport as a computer outage brings united airlines to a standstill. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville, thousands of passengers unable to board their flights at united destinations across the
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country. the developing news now live from sfo where united is that airport's biggest carrier. >> reporter: it has been quite a night. not many people going through. we understand if you take a look down the hall of terminal 3 that they have in the past five or 10 minutes been able to get some of those computer systems back up and running, but it was a brutal evening here tonight. united says this wiped out their computers. ha means people would not check in -- that means people would not check in, would not get boarding passes or their bags. the computer glitch led to long lines that stretched through terminal 3 with a lot of confusion and passengers said very little information. >> i tried to log bit can't get on to -- on to, but i can't get on to --, but i can't get on to do anything. >> we're all just kind of hanging out waiting. >> reporter: some people got on their cell phones tonight and
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tried to make other arrangements. many were on hold 20 minutes or more. united staff brought out water bottles for people. some were sprawled out with their bags on the floor just waiting for hours to get information about their flights. we talked to some people due in las vegas for a conference such as one santa rosa woman. >> i'm nervous because mostly all of the other girls have already got there and they're already at the hotel. >> we started getting people into our center that were reporting to us that united told them they were not flying any time soon. any one else with a boarding pass? >> reporter: about an hour ago united started to let some people through but only those with a boarding pass or carry- on baggage or prechecked bags. we got a statement from united saying united airlines experienced a computer airlines interrupting the flight departures, airport processing and reservation systems. back here live you can see the line for continental. continental is a partner with
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united and they also had some problems both with computers and also with their printers. so not only was there a long line in united's terminal area, there was also a long line for couldn't negligence. i just spoke to passenger on -- continental. i just spoke to passenger on a flight for charlotte tonight. he said the screens are back up finally after about 2 1/2 hours and he is going to be able to get on his flight. there are still a lot of people who had quite a difficult time waiting here and certainly it's going to a while for all of them to get cleared. it is a similar picture at other united hubs. this is a picture at l.a.x. where you can see a long line outside the united terminal. it has been that way for hours and at o'hare in chicago united passengers were reportedly told to go home for the night. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll bring you any additional updates during this newscast and tomorrow on mornings on 2.
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controversial billboards about abortion are turning up in the east bay. we found one billboard on fruitvale avenue and foothill boulevard in oakland tonight. there are some 60 billboards in all titled black and beautiful. they're paid for by the radius foundation. the message is that too many african american women are having abortions, disproportionately more than white women and blame planned parenthood as the abortion provider, but others believe the campaign is racist. barbara lee said in a statement no woman's choice should be subjected to scrutiny based on her ethnic background. she was offended the billboards were in her district. also police say animal cruelty charges could be on the way for a man in concord suspected of killing his neighbor's dog with poisoned meatballs. erik rasmussen is live in concord and you just spoke with the victim. >> reporter: i spoke to her on the phone a few hours ago.
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she said she needed some space after everything that happened. the neighbor police arrested actually lives on another street but investigators think he specifically targeted the dogs at this house because of their barking. guy land tobark gave us these -- galan tobark gave us these pictures of her dogs. she came home one night to one of her dogs having sooners. >> reporter: d.j. died minutes later and cocoa did the next day. by phone she told us she soon discovered someone had given them meatballs laced with stricnin. >>oh the police came over and found a meat bale and then found another meatball. -- meatball and then found another meatball. >> reporter: these neighbors showed us how they believe the man threw the meatballs into the woman's backyard to.
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>> to kill them, really? >> reporter: the 72-year-old man police suspect did not answer his door. officers arrested and released him after a search of his home but he has not been charged. police say they're still testing evidence. tovar said he left her three threatening letters, but she never knew who he was. >> it's sick to me. i don't know how he could do this. i can't even have my dogs in my own yard. i mean if he had a problem, all he had to do was come talk to me. >> reporter: tovar said this is especially heartbreaking because she named her dog d.j. after her 18-year-old daughter who died in a car crash about two years ago. investigators suspect the same man could also be involved in the death of foredog of another neighbor here -- another dog of another neighbor here back in 2003. a contra costa county judge today ordered convicted sex offender kerry verse to be
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freed without any restrictions. kerry verse had a history of sexual assaults but now at least two of four sexual psychologists determined he was no longer a danger. he lost his outpatient status when he befriended a man in a group therapy session. cal/osha is fining napa state hospital more than $16,000 related to the december attack of a therapist there. the agency faults the hospital for not having an adequate alarm system or escort procedures. the hospital has already been fined $100,000 for safety violations related to the killing of a nurse allegedly by a patient. on the economy watch tonight california's unemployment rate is down for the fifth month in a row. the state labor department report released today puts may's unemployment at 11.7%, but it's not all good news. a federal survey shows 2.1 million californians remain out of work. in the bay area unemployment fell in all nine counties except san mateo which had no change from april.
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solano county had the highest rate in the bay area at 11.3%. marin county has the lowest rate in the state at 7.4. jobs are certainly indicators of a healthy economy, but in the bay area this are other markers and very few are encouraging. ktvu's robert handa shows us the trouble signs. >> reporter: desperate home ors crowded into save the dream at -- owners crowded into the save the dream at the convention center today. this is where borrowers are matched with lenders for loans and the line was long. >> it really is a strong indicator that says we're in bad shape and not getting better. >> reporter: homeowners say crushing debt creates a domino effect on spending. >> you have to think about every penny you spend on food and stuff you buy, going to the movies with the kids. >> the price of gas has gone up tremendously, so we don't take the trips that we used to. >> reporter: johnny sumner, jr. is taking a double hit, a small housing market and new figures show california employers cut
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29,000 jobs in may. >> we're managing kind of on a shoestring budget, you know. the work has been kind of sporadic and we're having a hard time keep ago float. >> reporter: many hope silicon -- keeping afloat. >> reporter: many hope silicon valley will be the savior but some analysts say except appear and social networking companies -- apple and social networking companies investors shy away from hi-tech. at least today some homeowners trimmed thousands from their mortgage. >> absolutely. now you feel that you can actually go out and join society. >> reporter: another reflection of the economy, the save the dream event was supposed to go five days, but today organizers told me that the demand and needs are so high they have added a sixth day next wednesday to the schedule. in san jose, robert hanukkah, ktvu channel 2 news. the dow posted -- robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the dow posted its first increase since april and greece
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with its massive debt problems pushed the dow up gaping 42 points but the tech heavy nasdaq was -- gaining 42 points but the heavy nasdaq was down 16 points today. smartphones slashed its profit expectations by 1/3 sending shares of the canadian company down 21%. investors soured after the company announced it sold fewer phones than expected and only half a million playbook tablets last quarter. the question for california is what's next? the legislature passed a budget on time wednesday, but then governor brown vetoed it. today at the capitol no one was working on the budget. no one was scheduled. another question is should legislators get paid? a new law says no budget by the deadline means no pay. one assemblyman ktvu ran into said the paycheck wasn't a consideration. >> it was not any kind of significant factor in what action the legislature took on wednesday. >> it will be up to state
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controller jon chaffee inning next week if lawmakers will get -- jon chaffee young next week if lawmaker -- john cheung if lawmakers will get paid. there was a protest this afternoon against library cuts. >> hey, what are you being arrested for? >> nothing. >> police said they were arrested for blocking the street and failing to move as officers ordered. other protesters watched and took pictures. the group called bay of rage said oakland should cut police, not libraries. members are also opposed to school budget cuts. >> your weekend is here and the fog returned to the coast. it's going to be in many bay area neighborhoods tomorrow. i'll show you which cities will be the coolest. an intensive search for missing nursing student michelle le, what
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tonight volunteer searchers are gearing up for a second day of combing through a wilderness area in the east bay in hopes of finding any trace of a missing nursing student who disappeared three weeks ago. ktvu's lloyd fuentes is live in the search effort. >> reporter: this building near cypress street on hayward is where 120 volunteers showed up today for the first of three days of searches for michelle
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le. the 20 6-year-old nursing student disappeared a -- the 26- year-old nursing student disappeared three weeks ago tonight and while police are calling this a homicide, family is not giving up. volunteer search teams returned to the command center tonight. the search had centered in the niles canyon area in freemont where police say they detected signals from michelle's cell phone. at the end of the day there were debriefings. searchers were told what to keep their eyes out for. the family did not want to be specific. >> white clothing, white shoes, just different things. >> reporter: the searchers were also looking for signs of disturbed ground. >> if we did find something or if we didn't, we're still helping out the family and in the end we're helping out each other and isn't that how the world goes around? >> reporter: one of the search teams drove up from southern california. this group formed after a hiker friend was missing and on their own they found his body.
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>> our basic concern is that the family wouldn't have to see her in, you know, the worst possible condition that she could be in. >> reporter: the le family took time to personally thank the volunteers. >> we couldn't keep it together without the help of the public and community. it means a lot to us. >> reporter: the search resumes from here at 8:00 tomorrow morning. the family says more volunteers are needed. meanwhile police are actively continuing their search for suspects. live in haywood, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the college football player and bay area native arrested in sfo after wearing saggy pants on a u.s. air flight apologized and said he's embarrassed. u.s. new mexico university deshawn marmon was arrested for battery of a police officer after refusing to get off the plane. he claims the flight crew kept harassing him after he pulled
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up his pants and said it was never his intention to interrupt the plate. he also said in a statement he's embarrassed -- the flight. he also said in a statement he's embarrassed and said the negative attention is not representative of himself or the new mexico football program. police say they arrested 44- year-old joseph dowd and 36- year-old jeannette azayan tuesday after conducting surveillance on their car. the thefts were reported on back in march when we aired this surveillance footage of a suspect running through a closed gate. a man arrested in fairfax for taking lewd pictures of women has pleaded guilty. 26-year-old nicholas springer of san rafael faces 20 days in jail. he pleaded guilty to a loitering charge. springer was picked up after the manager of a farmers market told police he was taking pictures under women's skirts. a camera was found in his shoe.
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san francisco police say they can't recall an incident where a department of traffic worker was shot on the job but it happened this morning. ktvu's john sasaki tells us why authorities think it stemmed from a u-turn. >> reporter: the damage tells us how deadly this shooting could have been, one window behind the driver shot out, another shattered with two bullet holes. >> the suspect opened fire multiple times striking the drive one time. >> reporter: this morning a two- man painting crew was working and they pulled a u-turn somehow upsetting another driver. >> someone had a fit of road rage and took shot at our employee. >> reporter: the driver was hit in the shoulder blade. >> our driver did the right thing by trying to drive away and avoid altercation, but in this case it was unfortunate this that suspect opened fire on the truck. >> reporter: the truck came to a stop just outside a neighborhood daycare facility.
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>> yeah. it's really scary. >> reporter: there were season children in the facility at the time. >> i was feed -- seven children in the facility at the time. >> i was feeding them breakfast and we were just calming down. didn't tell the children what was going on outside. >> reporter: the victim was treated for his injury and released. >> they are a new employee, less than a year here on staff. they love what they do and they were excited to go out and do the work they do every day and they'll continue to do that. >> reporter: although it's unclear when he'll be back on the job, the gunman is described as medium size, 30 years old with a baseball cap driving a medium to dark colored car. some residents in oakland say they're considering hiring private security firms to help protect themselves and their homes. people in the oak moore neighborhood in oakland hills dell ktvu after being hit by 1
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-- tell ktvu after being hit by 100 burglaries they're willing to pay for security. some residents estimate it will cost about $30 per household, but they want the city to chip in. one suggests city council members cut their own salary to find the money. some tourists visiting san francisco apparently don't have high opinions of the city by the bay when it comes to cleanliness. leaders of travel and -- readers of travel and leash magazine mark san francisco as -- leisure magazine mark san francisco as the 12th dirtiest city. new orleans was considered the worst in terms of dirt. >> the fog is coming back. if you're watching the giant and the a's tonight you saw how cool it was in the stadium as the fog shot across the bay. there's a lot of fog in the bay area forecast as the key mechanism for the cooling we experienced today and the further cooling we'll experience tomorrow.
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microclimates in the bay area. we got the big ones, the coast and the bay and inland. here's tomorrow out at the beach, could see 57 degrees. you get into san francisco downtown low 60s. out in the oakland hills mid- and low 60s. pop over the hill and it warms up to the upper 60s, low 70s. you see numbers starting to climb but definitely a very mild day compared to yesterday and the day before when we had 90s. so daytime highs tomorrow in the hotspots just in the very low 80s. back here at 10:45 we'll get specific with the temperature for square neighborhood. we'll look at the five-day forecast, which includes a big heat-up moving into next week. father's day is this coming sunday and this year will be a bit different. people are spending more and more money on their dads. the national federation of retailers expects spending to be the highest in agency years. the average spent is $106. for some, though, the holiday is more about being together. >> mom cooks. we eat and we tell him how much
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we love him. >> it's nice to spend some time with my daughter. >> father figures are also being honored. one man told ktvu that his father is not in his life, but he's going to be giving his uncle a present. falling prices at the pump, where we found gas for 3.71 a gallon. also take a look at what happened to a driver trying to escape from authorities in southern california. actually we'll show you that video right after the break. i want to crush more cars.
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♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. like the at&t all for less package, starting at just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. take a look at this. in southern california scary moments caught on tape. authorities say a driver was trying to escape a sheriff's deputy after running a red light. his car smashed right into a
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gas pump in santa clarita parking a fireball. the car apparently tore the pump from its cement base. those outside as you can see ran off and were able to escape but the driver and his passenger were hospitalized with leg injuries. two children were injured in a car accident this evening in oakland. two cars collided at the entrance to a kentucky fried chicken restaurant at 27th and telegraph about 6:30 this evening. we've learned a 4-year-old child suffered cuts to the head and a 2-month-old infant was also injured, both taken to the hospital and the good news is their injuries are not believed to be life threatening. welcome news for drivers. gas prices are dropping. ktvu's christian kasten tells us lower oil prices and decrease in demand are driving those prices down. >> reporter: prices at the pump are dropping and drivers are noticing. >> i'm just happy to see it going down. that's all. i'm just happy to see it going down. >> reporter: the price for regular unleaded at this redwood city shell station,
11:55 pm
just 3.71 a gallon. >> it's going down a lot. i'm used to paying 4 or 4.25 off marsh road. >> reporter: david larr is a student and has a job. that means a lot of driving around the peninsula. he says a drop of 54 cents per gallon in the last month has helped his and a lot of other drivers' bottom lines. >> people are happy that they're going down. i am especially. >> reporter: aaa of northern california says a number of factors have come into play including a strengthening dollar which has speculators buying less oil. the price of oil per barrel hovers around $93. drivers are exerting their force driving less sending a message to speculators and sending prices down. to that their buying behavior is perceived impacts on supply and demand. >> reporter: the good news should continue the next few
11:56 pm
weeks. aaa is predicting gas prices should continue to creep down at least in the near term. even though drivers are getting some relief at the pump we are still paying about 80 cents more per gallon than this time last year. the alameda city council is scheduled to vote next tuesday on a new firefighters contract that makes some big changes in benefit. firefighters agreed to pay -- benefit. firefighters agreed to pay more for their pensions. there are no wage increases in the deal. some alameda residents want the city council to put off the vote until residents can review it. congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned home to tucson today. she plans to spend father's day at home with her family. the arizona representative was released from a hospital in houston this week, but her doctors say she's healthy enough to make the trip and that the visit will help with her recovery. gifford was shot in the head in tucson if january during an informal meet -- in january during an informal meeting
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with constituents. we just need to come together so this doesn't happen to any more parents. >> killed before they could receive their diplomas, a family and friends are
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing
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in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. by now their castles are turned and the celebration is well underway, but -- their tassels are turned and the celebration is well underway, but this high school has mixed emotion on part of some students and their families. ktvu's amber lee live with more. >> reporter: we're at castlemont high school where 157 names of new graduates fill this commencement program, but a handful of those students did not live to receive their diplomas.
12:00 am
under beautiful blue skies the class of 2011 embarked on the passage into adulthood beaming with the pride of accomplishment brimming with hope for the future. >> i will be attending uc berkeley this fall. >> reporter: the joy of the day was tempered by the absence of three graduating students who lost their lives to street violence. detane franklin will live on in the year book voted best smile. less than a month ago the 17- year-old was shot to death riding his bicycle home from school. >> just like tank and all our friends who passed away would have wanted to us do, we must continue to pursue our dreams and let nothing stop us from accomplishing it. >> reporter: one new graduate told us it has been a difficult journey beating the odds of growing up in east oakland and heading to college while remembering friends who will never have the same
12:01 am
opportunity. >> everything i'm doing right now for everybody that said i'm not going to do. so class of 2011. >> reporter: school officials honored the memory of the slain students by having their family members dress in cap and gown to accept their diplomas. the parents of 17-year-old christopher jones who was shot and killed new year's eve told us it was difficult to attend his graduation, but they couldn't bear to miss it. >> we just need to come together so this doesn't happen to any more parents. >> i don't want to see another young person leave this world for senselessness, just something that is just senseless. >> reporter: these graduates told us their classmates inspired them to fight for a better future. live from east oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the united states postal service is planning to stop accepting virtually all mail headed for kantha as of tomorrow night. employees -- canada as of
12:02 am
tomorrow night. employees of canada's mail system have been on strike for two weeks and the u.s. postal service says it doesn't appear that labor situation will improve next week. starting tomorrow it will stop accepting most mail that is bound for canada. ups says it has gone to a contingency plan to ship items to britain. the british government is not allowing the company to move air cargo due to security concerns through its facilities there. no specific details were given. ups said operations should be back to normal by next week. ups has been under more scrutiny ever since a bomb disguised as a printer cartridge was found in one of its facilities in england last year. from an update now on yesterday's muni incident that stranded thousands of commuters. a spokesman tells ktvu channel 2 news investigators ruled out operator error. five rail lines were brought to a halt late thursday morning after an eastbound n judah dragged down wires as it entered a tunnel and cut power to other trains throughout the system. crews worked through the night to fully restore service this
12:03 am
morning. transportation officials delay a vote whether to increase taxi fares in the city. the municipal transportation agency board was supposed to vote on the increase tuesday but today it was pulled from the agenda. officials still need to conduct a review on what effect an increase would have on the environment. it's been eight years since the last rate increase in san francisco. we have some remarkable video of what happened to a 62- year-old sheriff's deputy in florida. look at this. deputy mike musso is clinging for his life on the back of a motorcycle as he pulled over. he was dragged 200 feet before losing his grip. then he gets back up, runs to his cruiser and takes off to try and pursue the speeder. deputies tracked the motorcyclist down and arrested him. the california highway patrol arrested a santa cruz man in connection with the hit and run death of a bicyclist. last week another cyclist found a 25-year-old victim jeffrey park -- zachary parke and his
12:04 am
damaged bicycle. the investigation let the officers to 21-year-old elliott dess. he faces charges including felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter. prosecutors said today's april shooting spree at an oakland restaurant left two people dead and five wounded started as an argument between rival gangs. the suspected shooter made his first court appearance today but did not enter a plea. he randomly fired an assault rifle into sweet jimmy's, but the rival gang members had already left. some strong word today from senator barbara boxer to an audience in bay area. ktvu's david stevenson tells us what she is saying about our troops in afghanistan and when they should be brought home. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer today told a san francisco audience the 10-year- old war in afghanistan has killed more than 1,600 u.s. troops and wounded thousands of others. >> this is the longest war in history. it's time to bring it to an end. >> reporter: boxer said intelligence reports estimate
12:05 am
as few as 50 al-qaeda members remain in afghanistan and that the time is right for the president to bring home at least 30,000 of the 100,000 u.s. troops there by year's end. >> we have a huge debt and deficit to deal with. ending the war in iraq and afghanistan would save $1 trillion over 10 years. >> reporter: bocker suggests keeping 10,000 troops overseas to train -- boxer suggests keeping 10,000 troops overseas to train coalition forces, protect personnel and run counterterrorism operations. >> i am not suggesting we walk away from afghanistan tomorrow. rather what i am recommending is a very different mission. >> reporter: conservative members of congress warn against a rapid withdrawal even as military officials move tore route 800 troops bound for afghanistan -- to reroute 800 troops bound for afghanistan to iraq instead. >> i believe no further reduction should be considered without an honest and thorough assessment of the risks involved to include the missions we may need to shed in
12:06 am
the future. >> reporter: barbara boxer and 26 other u.s. senators sent this letter to the president on wednesday. it says the nation's goals in afghanistan have been successfully met and it's time for most of the troops there to come home. code pink boasted today it was behind the confetti attack on a republican presidential candidate in san francisco. >> where's your purse? >> amateur video shows two code pink activists showering pink confetti on tim pawlenty yesterday. he was signing books at a health insurance industry conference at the time. the activists criticize pawlenty for his conservative stand on gay rights and abortion. police escorted the activists away. antioch firefighters are asking for a neighbor's help in tracking down an arsonist who set five fires in the past 10 years. its bay area weekend and the fog is back. it looks like a big cooldown tomorrow with a warm-up sunday.
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the governor of arizona declared an emergency today because of a fast moving fire in the southern part of that state. the man you'll fire nearly doubled in size -- monument fire nearly doubled in size since yesterday. that fire and the larger wallow fire have now burned a combined 735,000 acres and both fires are still completely out of control. conditions are also making it very difficult for firefighters. it is hot and dry and the winds were gusting today to 35 miles an hour. dozens of homes have been lost. in antioch firefighters are dealing with a rash of suspicious fires. fire investigators went door to
12:10 am
door handing out leaflets asking residents if they've seen anything suspicious. the latest fire happened last night in country manor park. that's the fifth fire in the past 10 days all in close proximity and in some cases the flames came within feet of homes. that's why there is real concern that the next time it could be more than just grass that burns. san jose police just released the picture of an armed robbery suspect they say has struck at least 20 times in the bay area. police describe him as an african american man in his mid- 30s, about 5' 8 to 9 inches tall weighing 200 pounds. he robbed the store at lincoln avenue and willow street in san jose's willow glenn neighborhood. he's also robbed people in nine other cities including san francisco and freemont. in libya nato warplanes carried out daylight bombings on the capital city of tripoli. usually nato attacks are at night. in a phone message to supporters moammar gadhafi dared nato to keep up the
12:11 am
attacks. east of tripoli there was more intense fighting between rebels and gadhafi forces. the uprising against his regime began four months ago. in chile the ash that has been pouring out of a volcano for nearly two weeks has now circled the globe and is back over chile. about 500 miles from the volcano. the cloud has disrupted flights from several south american countries all the way to australia and new zealand. chile's government is warning the eruption could go on longer at different levels of intensity. in saudi arabia about 40 women got behind the wheel and drove today in the capital of rhea. that is almost unheard of. it's not exactly against the law for saudi women to drive, but they can't get driver's licenses either. an online campaign urged women to defy the ban. one woman was reportedly arrested. saudi arabia is a male dominated society and women there have few rights. a new report find significant difference in cancer deaths between those who graduated college and those who
12:12 am
just went to high school. the biggest gap we see is among men. the death rate of the least educated is more than 2 1/2 times higher than that for men with college degrees. for women the numbers also point to a widening gap. many studies found more educated people are less likely to have unhealthy habits. a new report from the centers for disease control says most high school students don't get enough exercise. they found just 15% got the recommended minimum of 60 minutes of aerobic activity seven days a week, but overall boys it better than girls in getting some exercise. the cdc said too many students didn't have confidence in their physical ables. we are continuing to follow developing --abilities. we are continuing to follow developing news on the asian situation at
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an update on the developing news we're following as we reported at the top of the hour. united's computers appear to be coming back online. these are pictures just 70 in by our crew at sfo have, sent in by our crews at sfo. after hours of delays passengers are checking in for some flights and beginning to make their way through security. display monitors that were blank all night now are also operating. it's unclear how many flights united and continental plan to operate at this late hour and how tonight's problems will affect tomorrow's schedules, but again the good news at least, united's computers are now come back online and there is home at least some passengers will get out of sfo tonight. it's a rare sighting not seen in monterey bay in more than 50 years. a pod of killer whales was seen swimming in the harbor area and
12:16 am
as we'll hear, some people wonder if they'll stick around. >> reporter: this home video shows a pod of orcas, a male, two females and a juvenile swimming in monterey bay on wednesday. >> this is the first time seeing these orcas. >> reporter: kevin sandler saw the whales and started shooting video. he said a swarm of startled sea lions swam away rapidly and kayakers in the water froze not knowing whether they were safe. >> the kayakers were all standing still. there was a pontoon boat next to us trying to get some videos. >> reporter: after a short time the whales swam away. the killer whales frequent monterey bay and are seen once or twice a week by fishermen and those on whale watching tours, but they're found 10 miles out in the middle of the day, not near the harbor. >> as far as my records indicate there, has not been a sighting that close since the
12:17 am
1950s. >> reporter: marine biologists think the pod could have been hunting for prey. >> they eat sea lions, baby gray whales, elephant seals. >> reporter: the unusual sighting has been great for business here. people want to see if the orcas will come back, but marine biologists say it's doubtful they will come that close again. the international body that oversees internet addresses, the sufficient fixes such as dot-com is scheduled to vote on sunday whether to allow organizations to buy their own -- suffixes. there are many new ones being discussed. don't man on watching sony films on net -- plan on watching sony films on netflix the next few days. they have been pulled from the online streaming service. there is a temporary contract
12:18 am
issue between sony and starz. all involved are working to resolve the issue. netflix said said sony movies are available through the mail on dvds. microsoft passed a major hurdle in its takeover of skype. today the ftc approved the $8.5 billion deal. skype software allows people to talk over computers and smartphones for free including video calls. some 170 million people use the service. the merger will be one of the biggest in years for tech companies. >> a nice week as fred pointed out earlier in the 6:00 broadcast, one of the nicest weeks in a while, only temperatures in the mid-90s a couple days ago, today we hit 80s. tomorrow a little cooler because of the fog and low clouds. these are realtime buoy readings and give you a wind direction and water temperature, but the golden gate bridge a southwest wind at 6. the winds are bringing in some fog off the coast.
12:19 am
we've got a good dose of fog moving in off the bay tonight. redwood city, freemont, san rafael will have fog. oakland. these are the highs from today, cooler than yesterday. highs tomorrow, take a degree or two away from these. so i think concord tomorrow will be upper 70s, low 80s at best. slightly cooler tomorrow and then as we head towards sunday slightly warmer and then monday, tuesday, wednesday a lot warmer, temperatures starting to go up significantly. so next week looks like it's going to be kind of hot, but right now we're looking for slight cooling. 49 in napa. if you had to send the kids off to swim practice, you'll notice it's cool first thing in the morning. in the weekend we start off with some low clouds and cool, but warmer sunday and then next week the dominant feature will be this very strong high pressure center, the winds clock around northeast. that's the direction that will get you the high fire danger.
12:20 am
we're not in a high fire danger environment now, but it's going to go up quickly with these low humidities. this will be next week. we'll watch it, temperatures in the mid-90s. tomorrow morning there's that fog along the coast into oakland. we'll see a little bit more fog further south towards heyward and the fog stays at the coast most of the day come and comes back in tomorrow night no, surprise there. forecast highs for a lot of cities, not a bad day, not a bad saturday at all. get out and enjoy yourself. on the bay the winds will kick up and along the coast you'll want a jacket. this will be very little clearing. coastal natives and dwellers had a real nice week and you like the fog, too but it won't be sunny like last week. it will be foggy at the coast in places like pacifica and half moon bay. the temperature tweaks up sunday and really starts to move up heading into the middle part of next week. so the weekend looks really nice.
12:21 am
it's going to be beautiful. a fire in vallejo briefly threatened homes today. the names broke out before noon on a grassy ridge on tennessee street near columbus parkway. the fire burned right up to a backyard fence but firefighters worked quickly and stopped it before the flames could do any damage. people in northern sonoma county are getting a break from a smoky fire that has been burning in a railroad tunnel sense wednesday. this afternoon crews near cloverdale -- since wednesda [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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one of yosemite most famous sites will reopen next week. climbers will be able to scale
12:25 am
half dome once again. late snow delayed opening along with other parts of yosemite. rangers are installing cables with wooden planks to ease the climb to the summit. reservations are required but none are needed to hike at the base of half mountain. mark is off and fred is here. i grew up in berkeley, so i think i can say hey, how about those a's tonight. >> go ahead and say that. >> how about those a's. >> very good. this was the bay bridge series. giants pitcher tim lincecum was a perfect 5-0 while oakland pitcher graham godfrey was still looking for his first major league victory. so tonight the rook beat the freak. graham godfrey made his second major league saturday tonight. that's cody ross with a homer in the 2nd inning, the only earned run godfrey allowed in seven innings of work. lincecum gave up one run in the 3rd inning and completely forgets about the runner on
12:26 am
second. that's josh willingham. a's came in with american league worst 54 errors. let's make it 55. aubrey huff did it. hall scores it. 3-2 in the 6th a's. two more insurance runs in the 8th inning. there's a double down the line. scott sizemore scores. a's still win 5-2. godfrey wins his first career game. giants, they're just down to a half game lead in the nl west. 22-year-old golfer rory mcilroy finished his second round of the u.s. open early today. so he said he's going to relax, going to it a movie, see hangover 2. sunday night rory hopes to star in hangover 3. yes, rory mcilroy is the same kid from northern ireland who blew a big lead in the final round of this years masters, but roy is calm, cool and
12:27 am
collected here. he birdies the fourth hole. mcilroy becomes the first player in the 111 year history of the u.s. open to shoot 131 in 36 holes. this is his approach, 113 yards. rory plans on rolling it back and that's ridiculous, an eagle. rory's last birdie was on this 17 hole. despite a double bogey on no. 18 rory mcilroy is 11-under par, six strokes better than second place y.e. yang. it's major league soccer in kansas city. tonight the san jose earthquake lost for the first time in seven games, kansas city with a free kick. first loss since april 30th, now 5-5-4 overall. a's win over the giants. they're 43-41 in interleague against the giants. >> really? wow.
12:28 am
>> thank you, fred. be sure to join ktvu morning news tomorrow beginning at 7 a.m. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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